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tv   Headline News  RT  October 7, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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olympic torch relay. m r r r. dozens killed and hundreds left injured after a national holiday in egypt turned into violent clashes between supporters and rivals of the country's president. with elimination of syria's chemical arsenal under way russia and the u.s. praised the move as the country's diplomats hold talks on the margins of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit from where we report. on the russian leg of the olympic torch relay kicks off here in moscow setting the flame on its epic journey across the world's biggest stage.
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hello very good afternoon chief you just joined us this is our international my name's kevin owen hear it r t h q just after three pm now first at least fifty three people have been killed and hundreds injured in egypt when celebration of a national holiday there turned to bloodshed opponents and supporters of deposed president mohamed morsi clashed in karo in across the country on sunday meanwhile at least three separate attacks have taken place today has left seven dead troops got the latest from the divided country. the families have gathered in front of cut the capitals main morgues and him to basically pick up the dead after a very bloody night in cairo and across the country leaving dozens dead and hundreds arrested is this all kicked off on sunday afternoon on the anniversary of the fortieth the fortieth anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy three arab israeli war this is largely regarded as an armed forces day a day that people celebrate the military victory. of the interim president had called for egyptians to come to the streets in particular in tahrir square right
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behind me on the presidential palace to basically congratulate the military what is regarded as one of the most proud moments in egyptian history however supporters of mohamed morsi had other ideas they wanted to protest against the military not the institution itself they said but the generals they attempted to march on to the square as well which was being heavily guarded by security forces security forces stopped them pretty sharply firing tear gas and bullets into the crowds there was reports of light on the mission i was there on the ground these chaotic street battles spilled over into the side downey's it was extremely bloody indeed howard this is not an unusual sight it's not sadly egypt this is one of many clashes that we're seeing doesn't start is no longer top news here in fact the local news stations were actually more focused on the celebrations and they were on the bloody assault on the most of brotherhoods and morsi supporters this comes up to two and a half years of to make turmoil after the two thousand levon uprising which has seen the country really become very divided between those who want to side with the
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military and those who want to go with them as a brotherhood another side effect of this is unfortunately a number of terrorist attacks already this morning we've heard of a massive explosion of security directorate in the sinai in south sinai magician's of five police officers shot later which is in the suez canal just the latest is there's been some kind of attack in maadi district of cairo as well so we're seeing here is a massive massive security crisis for meanwhile the supporters of mohamed morsi refused to back down especially if they've lost so many of their relatives and friends this time it's come back to the streets to expect to see further clashes on the horizon. syria's because of the destruction of its chemical weapons with international inspectors now overseeing the process the limitation of the talks are gosnell comes in accordance with a binding un resolution that was spearheaded by russia at the us middle east correspondent spotlessly has got the latest from damascus but united nations has come to that chemical weapons experts inside syria have begun the process of
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destroying the estimated one thousand ton chemical weapons stockpile inside this country there is a team of some thirteen international experts who have been inside syria since last tuesday they come from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague as well as the united nations and they are overseeing the whole. fire reports as well as opposite of what is happening but the actual destruction itself is taking place by syrian forces in a statement that was released by the international experts they said that on sunday these forces had begun destroying the solid warheads as well as aerial bombs and chemical mixing equipment the syrian forces are using cutting torches as well as angle the wind is to destroy missions and now the whole process is taking place at an undisclosed location but it will last until at least the middle aisle next year this one of those binding u.n.
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resolution that came into effect off to the involvement of russian diplomacy we're still hearing though from the united states that if both sides being damascus on the rebels don't get here today a commitment and actually destroy these stockpiles of chemical weapons force could still be an option the important point to make is that the observers have said that the syrian president bashar assad is at hearing to his commitments but as appeared there has been no indication no kind of comment at all confirmation from the rebel side that they will be doing the same and this is important because a number of these chemical weapons stockpiles are actually on the frontlines of a changing kind of sometimes i mean the sides forces sometimes they're not in the poses a number of problems firstly how will these international experts actually reach the frontline where they can observe the destruction of these chemical weapons and so a lot of problems a lot of possible. encounters further down the line that the international experts will have to deal with but certainly the process at least on the damascus side has
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begun. or at least correspondent there was of course an enormous about the work still ahead with the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal let's see what kind of scale we're looking at all unusual here western intelligence estimates the chemicals installed about forty five sites across the water country drasko servers to clearly knowing team. sites can tell toxic stockpiles seven of them according to the syrian government are located in combat zones so they could be there for difficult to access as for the production facilities there are believed to be four of them in the country all of them are near cities where fierce fighting is often reported holmes latakia aleppo and as you can see all chemical production sites have to be demolished of course by the first of november all in all serious estimated ever but a thousand tons of chemical agents they include mustard gas sarin a nerve agent believed to be deployed in the deadly assault near damascus in august as well as blistering agent and v x nerve agent well syria's compliance with the
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us russia brokered resolution meantime and progress in the destruction of those chemical weapons has been hailed by russia's foreign minister and also his american counterpart sergei lavrov and john kerry met on the sidelines of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in bali from where our correspondent paul scott reports next. confirmation that came that disarmament of syria's chemical weapons stockpile has already begun it was only ten days ago that the united nations as you know honestly passed a resolution on syria's chemical weapons stockpile and u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that it's a record breaking process to get to this stage side of soon and russian's foreign minister lavrov says that damascus is fully complying with the international community to see your new cd during all these weeks after syria join the chemical weapons convention this has been working jointly with the international inspectors we hope this will continue on in the future while u.s. secretary of state john kerry also says the syrian government deserves credit for
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the sly false move process now being hyped that u.s. president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin would have been able to have a one on one meeting on the fringes of this economic summit how about of course president obama was forced to cancel his trip to asia because of the ongoing financial problems in the united states and the continuing shutdown that his place has been taken by secretary of state john kerry who says that washington now believes there is no military solution to the conflict in syria. we agree again there is no military solution here we share. the. radical extremists on either side of any. assuming or greater. status or position in syria and that is why we recommitted today with very specific efforts to move the geneva process as rapidly as possible now it was
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undoubtedly a productive meeting between the two sides with kerry saying it's been the most productive meeting in recent months between lavrov and himself and attention now turns to the possibility of a geneva two peace conference where it's hoped the plight of the syrian governmental representatives of the syrian government on the syrian opposition will sit around the table for peace talks. says that he can get. delegation from the syrian government from damascus around the table in mid november that's the anticipated date for these talks and kerry says he's hopeful that he can do likewise with the syrian opposition. or scott but our top story now the ongoing violence. over the last twenty four hours the violence that has occurred in egypt let's talk to since the source is the ousting in july the president a number of those killed as exceeded a thousand people let's talk to political activists afterward not give after it either more of a thousand people have died since morsi was ousted and we've seen this surge of violence over the last twenty four hours what is it going to take at this point to
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stop this violence well first of all both sides of being very stubborn the current government backed by the military and the muslim brotherhood and the leaders or most of them are imprisoned or arrested and detained up to now now it's a knuckle breaking situation it's a bottleneck both sides are trying to put a lot of pressure on the other until the other reaches a certain point of. concessions that more or less puts the other party in a much stronger position now the military and the current current government wants the muslim brotherhood to simply give in and admit their mistakes and not. proceed with the protests and demonstrations and even. admit that the current government is a legitimate government and that they are part of the roadmap that general sisi had put forth now the muslim brotherhood. you know giving more and more into the
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you know scenario of victimizing themselves they're going on the streets now although they haven't recently used violence but violence has been. imposed on them and they have a lot of victims in the past couple of days and in the past month or two which i've been going first. playing abroad where you know we're hearing from our correspondents today the security situation is getting worse there what's going to happen in the near future do you think. well the economic situation it's actually a crisis is going to impose itself on both. conflicting parties egyptians are finding it very hard every day with the crazy inflation rates going up to make ends meet so the could be another wave of revolution and demonstrations widespread because the situation cannot continue to be there has to be political pressure on
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both parties to come to a solution. consolation process has to start by presenting those of wrong. on each side anyone who has any criminal charges has to be definitely put in front of the just court procedures however there has to be caught order against mubarak that is equal and as just as the one that would be imposed on morsi but however the leadership of the current muslim brotherhood has to be those who don't have any criminal charges against them has to be released and the use of the term war on terror has to cease to exist the continuing demonization of the muslim brotherhood in media is not helping either sign there has to be negotiations and a dialogue and inclusion in the future you cannot have a constitution that is being written without twenty five percent of the population or voters not being represented in that process so we will be falling in
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a vicious circle again like the muslim brotherhood's own constitution which was not inclusive the current process is also not inclusive so we will continue to be in some sort of turmoil until both parties come to a sort of an understanding and agree with the fault on the one. pleasure still ahead presidential race after afghanistan's first of a current transition of power or a turf war that's the question i'm putting out of next vote is fired up as the list of candidates turns into a. blend of warlords tribal leaders and former militants all hungry for power. after decades of prosecuting a covert ops the war against iran can watch them change its behavior many in washington have dismissed obama's all branch out of hand many in iran are just as
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mistrustful is this quest for peace a fool's errand. right to see. first street. and i think. reporters. on.
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the national torch relay for next year's winter olympics in sochi is kicked off a mosque on a fantastic journey across the world's largest country. and the record breaking relay which will take the olympic torch to cities across russia has already started in the heart of the nation's capital as you know if you're watching us yesterday election reports next them for where the first torch bearers set off. the olympic torch relay of the sochi twenty fourteen olympic games has officially kicked off the five time olympic champion in synchronized swimming and i see that we have a she was the first to carry the olympic torch certainly she'll be followed by many others this is the start of the journey for the olympic torch across russia for the next two days it will be in the russian capital and then it will move elsewhere across the country and this certainly follows a very exciting sunday we saw the olympic flame carried from greece the this
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special plane landing at the airport and the vice prime minister of the russian federation me there was a bring the flame to us i saw it literally driven past me in about fifteen minutes just from where i was standing then it was carried a scored by a motorcade of night wolf biker group to the red square where it culminated in. a ceremony attended by thousands of athletes. twenty four thousand volunteers and the country's leadership was the one lighting the torch and greeting the crowd with the start of the olympic torch relay is the word historic or the word extraordinary suits well with this particular olympic torch relay because for the first time in history the olympic flame will be taking out for a space walk it will find itself on the bottom of lake baikal the biggest lay the largest lake and in russia it will also be carried to the highest speak in russia the top of the mountain as well as being carried by a plane
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a train at troika and even the carriage of reindeer so this is something unprecedented for the olympic torch relay moreover it hasn't yet. set that record but we are expecting it to become the longest torch relay in the history of winter olympic games will cover more than sixty five thousand kilometers and more than fourteen thousand torchbearers will carry it across our large country we also know. that. at some point of time about one hundred thirty million people will be will be able to witness or participate in this store truly because ninety percent of the russian population will be within an hour's reach from the from the relay route and this makes it probably one of the most viewed and watched by torch relays in the history of the winter olympic games so certainly as this is something we're all looking forward to you can always follow the olympic torch relay on a special website we created. our t.
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dot com slash torch hyphen relay and our reporters will be pretty much everywhere where the olympic flame will be going one of us and the farmer has already had the luck of being on board the plane which carried the olympic flame from greece to russia and we can have a look at his report right now which is going to take you back a week because this flame started its life in a limpia this time last week and the reason it's been increased for the last seven days is just to remind us about the history of these olympics the birthplace of the olympic games two and a half thousand years ago two and a half thousand years ago and in a limpia there are still the remains of the great temples that were there then and you can also still see the original running track that the in pins used back in seven hundred b.c. so essentially what happened was they used the rays of the sun as they did back then to light the flame that flying is used to light the first torchbearer in olympia and then this torch went around greece the flame was handed over to the russian olympic committee it's
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a beautiful stadium it's called the palace and i call stadium in athens and that's where the first modern olympics were held at the end of the nineteenth century and the public were allowed to go in and watch and they did in the hundreds so it was well received there and then the question was well what happens to the flame now how will we get it to russia well i found it so the question is how do you take the flame from sunny athens all the way to moscow while it's quite simple you put it in a small lantern and then you put it on a plane but that's not just done. play that's a b. i pay play and i've got a ticket. we're now cruising at thirty thousand feet and tucked into the seat twenty five billion pick flame you might notice it has been nice to light a couple of other lanterns and that's because one of them might go out god forbid so they've got those extra ones just in case now they are in good company because on board among other people is the president of the sort she organizing committee dimitri tuna shanker he sat just over here dmitri you spent the last eight years of
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your life trying to bring this flame to russia you must be pretty excited yes very proud very much excited because it's once in a lifetime of eternity for the generations to showcase the new modern russia after the war with a global audience with this several billions of universe you're in the opening ceremony which will be held on in one hundred twenty four days in the very heart of my immediate city of sochi ok well you've got a busy time ahead so i will let you get some more rest we are g.'s to touch down in moscow in a bank two hours time. and we have just landed in moscow it is in the story moment and if you look out of the door you will see the olympic flame for sochi twenty fourteen is about to receive a very warm welcome. deliberate george is on a big journey to. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people.
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or sixty thousand. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others please. olympic torch relay. m r. i will be following its progress. more than twenty candidates have registered for next year's presidential race and afghanistan on the list is a mix of those currently in power including warlords militia leaders and tribal chiefs now that concoction is therefore marring optimism at the prospect of the first democratic transfer of power in afghanistan's history with incumbent president karzai out of the gate because of term limits radical islamic movements such as the taliban are now seeking their way back into the government table as matt was based on a major analysis that shows the scope of the taliban presence and their target regions and you can see there to discuss this further let's talk to journalist are
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said begg joining us on the line now said this school of thought that the taliban is now stepping up currently violence to grab political power head of nato exit next year what do you think about that school of thought. i think that you know we can see very clearly that we've seen an increase in attacks we've also seen a number of defections taking place just last month you saw causey of the hate defect of the taliban he was a representative of sorry paul afghan senate and there so we're seeing it increase of action on both sides no but i think that favors probably with the taliban and the americans leave because they're the ones that have control of laws of the countryside and receiving defections even from the police and military over to the taliban because this all started with a war on terror specifically against the taliban it's real kick in the teeth for america isn't it. definitely i think that you know that their policy of not engaging and not going in for talks with the taliban is really backfired i think
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now they're coming to realize only after ten years other they come to realize that they're going to have to actually talk to these people and maybe even accept the fact that once they leave the taliban will have a large influence in the government and the future of afghanistan will there be any last minute all of branches put forward any last minute talks to think to try to make steps forward there is as you put it i think that you know this stuff that's been going on behind the scenes look at the request of karzai popstar release the second in command of the highest ranking taliban officials in this sense to kind of facilitate peace but peace in afghanistan cannot be cannot be done without talking to the taliban and of course without talking to pakistan so america is going to have to engage in these two major players if it wants peace in the region we talked about that a regional governor who recently defectives the taliban earlier as well as
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a presidential candidate on this program telling us that people would rather defect to the taliban than support a corrupt government is that the general feeling. i think if you speech afghans on the ground what they really want is security and they currently don't have it the government doesn't have much credibility outside the major cities so people are already looking towards a taliban as a source of stability not that they agree with the ideology or the methodology but what they actually want to secure tend to be able to feel safe and not having to be searched or stopped and searched by foreign troops or anyone insultingly a culture so i think that you will see more people looking towards the taliban because that's the only option they really have and of course the real war in afghanistan is the ongoing production of drugs it rife there what happens when nato pulls out what if warlords in there are a member of the taliban for instance in charge what's it going to mean for drugs production if you look at drug production juror in the time of the taliban actually
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decreased. taliban because actually cut it out and they gave people alternatives alternative farming to do and other means of income actually since the war on terror the drug production has increased even for example now where i'm sitting in u.k. the majority of heroin in the in this country ninety percent or so actually comes in from afghanistan where to put that down to what you put that increase down to them i think a lack of security the lack of governance and and the war on terror so if you're actually concentrating on earth killing so-called militants all the taleban then it creates a vacuum for drug lords to come in so when the taliban rule and actually clamp down on the drug lords and clamp down and opium production but now that since the the west is gone in america. and tog the very people that were camping done the drug lords of the drug lords are allowed to resurface and continue their business and actually becoming very rich. because of it and some of them actually own government
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so another unfortunate consequence of the nato presence there final four cause i was many times accused was me of being an. can stooge when he leaves because he asked to because his time is up what for the future of of afghanistan its foreign policy in our get song with washington and vice versa. i think isaiah's tried to say again that he came in on the back of the americans but then he's also been very critical as well at times but i think that that's because he realizes realizes on his own reputation as a samaritan stooge oh that's why he's called anyway i think that what's going to happen is that washington's relationship with afghanistan will be dependent upon who is in power as in speaking about the increased influence and strength of the taliban i think washington may ultimately have to start talking to one journalist to get your thoughts thanks for taking the time to talk to us on r.t. today tripoli is demanding answers from washington regarding the abduction of
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a libyan national by u.s. special forces the alleged al qaeda member was captured on sunday during a raid in tripoli the libyan government says it was not informed about the operation in advance and has condemned washington for what it called a kidnapping. libby was wanted for his alleged role in the one nine hundred ninety eight u.s. embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania is now set to face trial in the united states. using briefer blast of the skirts of the pakistani city for showers claimed to six lives and left over fifteen injured the remote control device was detonated at a vaccination center empty polio medicine was being distributed this all comes a day after security sources revealed that taliban militants were planning to stage a terror attack. or a german embassy guards been shot dead in the yemeni capital sanaa the security stuff it was attacked by government when he left the supermarket the incident happened in a district where diplomatic missions are located reports suggested it was
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a botched kidnapping indeed in a separate attack to a unicef employee was seized by a lone gunman. in mexico the government's proposal of energy reforms has forced tens of thousands of people out of the streets the country's capital demonstrators called for a popular referendum on the plans of president pena nieto to privatise the state owned oil company pemex people fear though that could lead to higher energy bills former presidential candidate in opposition made a deal pledged further protests in the coming days will keep. the. thanks he company today review what she makes crosstalk with pay to live well.
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i recently read headlines all over the russian internet screaming in full paranoia mode that china has just bought five percent of ukraine now they're writing that china will lease five percent of ukraine over ukrainian officials themselves claim that china won't be getting either and that this is a deal about some drip irrigation system this situation didn't explode onto the internet to the fantasies of bloggers the south china morning post reported that one company does have a crop and pig farming plan design utilized nine percent of ukraine's territory also last year the ban on foreigners buying land ukraine ed could instantly been lifted although i am the distrustful pro sovereignty type getting the rich foreign country to pay to develop your nation's agriculture might not be too bad of a deal it would definitely take a lot of money to restore ukraine's farming to its former glory they see that ukraine used to be the bread basket of europe i'll give you that status back could really help the country but selling off or even just leasing nine percent of the nation's territory is absolutely unacceptable doing a large project with the chinese that is mutually beneficial is why.


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