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tv   Headline News  RT  October 7, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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life we are to new center and six security forces are targeted in a wave of deadly attacks across egypt just a day after more than fifty people died in violent clashes. the destruction of syria's vast chemical arsenal begins on time and according to plan earning damascus praise them from russia and even the united states although challenges await they say. torch to his moscow carried by athletes and celebrities before it heads off but it's unique relay across russia. twenty fourteen.
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very good evening for me kevin owen if you just joined us for of you watching around the world this is r.t. and our top story then a six a series of deadly attacks have struck security forces across egypt where violence has continued into a second day government killed four soldiers and an officer in a drive by shooting in a city hundred kilometers east of cairo then a massive truck bomb hit a security headquarters in the southern sinai peninsula that left five dead more than fifty injured his are egypt correspondent bill true. the families have gathered in front of cut the capitals main morgues and him to basically pick up the dead after a very bloody night in cairo and across the country leaving dozens dead and hundreds arrested is this all kicked off on sunday afternoon on the anniversary of the fortieth the fortieth anniversary of the nine hundred seventy three arab israeli war this is largely regarded as an armed forces day a day that people celebrate the military victory. of the interim president had called for egyptians to come to the streets in particular to his credit behind me
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and the presidential palace to basically congratulate the military and what is regarded as one of the most proud moments in egyptian history however supporters of mohamed morsi had other ideas they wanted to protest against the military not the institution itself they said but the generals they attempted to march on to the square as well which was being heavily guarded by security forces security forces stopped them pretty sharply firing tear gas and bullets into the crowds there was reports of light on the mission i was fairly ground things chaotic street battles spilled over into the side downey's it was extremely bloody indeed howard this is not an unusual sight it's not sadly egypt this is one of many countries that we're seeing doesn't start is no longer top news here in fact local news stations were actually more focused on the celebrations and they were on the bloody assault on the most of brotherhood and morsi supporters this comes up to two and a half years of torment turmoil after the two thousand seven uprising which has seen the country really become very divided between those who want to side with the
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military and those who want to go with them as a brotherhood the other side effect of this is unfortunately a number of a terrorist attacks already this morning we've heard of a massive explosion of security directorate in sinai in south sinai magician's of five police officers shot dead in its malaya which is in the suez canal so we're seeing here is a massive massive security crisis for meanwhile the supporters of mohamed morsi refused to back down especially if they've lost so many of their relatives and friends those turbans come back to the streets so expect to see further clashes on the horizon. true there were political activists i. told the supporters of the muslim brotherhood and the interim government trying to stare each other down now it's a knuckle breaking situation it's a bottleneck both sides are trying to put a lot of pressure on the other until the other reaches a certain point of. concessions that it's more or less puts the other party in a much stronger position now the muslim brotherhood are giving more and more into
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the scenario of victimizing themselves they're going on this street although they haven't recently used violence but violence has been. imposed on them and they have a lot of victims in the past couple of days and in the past month or two they want to gain more sympathy locally and abroad. to be keeping up to date with events in egypt you can also follow beltran a twitter feed get late said dates from this divided country. the world's largest noticed all cartels taken sides in the british scottish independence you can't imagine edinburgh is future without london the organization has extensive ties with the u.k.'s biggest exporters a big fans of british weapons now london correspondent polly boycott told me why opec swaying in. the british government's got tight links to opec and in fact the british government sells arms export licenses to a number of its member states including saudi arabia so for critics it's hardly
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a surprise that opec is trying in along with westminster in dismissing the idea for scottish independence from the opec secretary general general abdalla salim el baradei who happens to be a former minister under colonel gadhafi he's firmly rejected the notion for scottish independence the head of the oil cartel said that there isn't much oil left in scotland anyway and he's dismissed the idea of an independent edinburgh ever coming under the umbrella of opec which controls one third of the world's oil supply he said that the interests of both london and edinburgh are both under the umbrella of the united kingdom which is all lightly to be a blow for the pro independence camp in scotland a big part of the scottish nationalist independence campaign hinges on the notion that oil reserves above the scottish border are going to be what makes the scottish independence campaign viable while the idea of scottish independence viable the
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scottish national party has even estimated that oil reserves could account for up to three hundred thousand pounds per every scot so the first minister of scotland alex salmond has told r.t. previously that if scotland worse again independence then it would be prepared to take on some of the you case national debts because it would then be in control of vast swathes of the u.k.'s oil reserves according to some estimates ninety percent of the u.k.'s oil is actually located in the north sea in scotland and in fact from all the european countries norway is the only country that is that has more oil than scotland so there's a real difference in opinions from between the two camps and even put. and those on the pro independent side of the argument have even accused westminster of playing down the amount of oil that scotland has in its oil reserves in order to quell separatist feelings the scottish referendum is now less than a year away and we've had the pro independence campaign in scotland really queues
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in westminster of waging a campaign called project fear to scare scots off taking the yes box when it comes to the scottish independence referendum even the newspaper where the interview with mr badgery appeared it's the telegraph which is closely aligned to the conservative party i spoke to a scot in london recently who told me that regardless of where you weigh in on which side of the independence camp you weigh in on the lengths to which westminster has been going to over the past six months even to fear or to scare scots into thinking about the consequences if they vote for independence is almost humorous with politicians in westminster saying that scotland would have to reapply for its new membership if it broke away from the united kingdom that they might not afford to have a postal service or that they wouldn't have enough money to create a proper armed forces so both camps are engaged in
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a real propaganda battle at the moment we're seeing some different facts figures and statistics it's very about from both sides and at the moment it's difficult to tell where the truth lies. now online today californians have come out in force demanding mercy for my goods thousands of march to get a pathway to citizenship for eleven million or so with a group with a message that. is illegal to tell you about one more good looks like and also. this switzerland's post war two postal service you heard me right. more serious tone now the destruction of syria's vast chemical arsenal has begun it's been confirmed by international inspectors post in the country under the plan brokered by russia in the u.s. warheads chemical mix the equipment rockets will be destroyed first know so for far
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paralegals going to plan a middle east correspondent paula slayer has the latest for you from damascus. united nations has come to that chemical weapons experts inside syria have begun the process of destroying the estimated one thousand ton chemical weapons stockpile inside this country they were is a team of some thirteen international experts who have been inside syria since last tuesday they come from the organization for the purpose of chemical weapons in the hague is what is the united nations and they are overseeing the whole pearse's they've role is to verify a report as well as observe what is happening but the actual destruction itself is taking place by syrian forces in a statement that was released by the international experts they said that on sunday these forces had begun destroying the warheads as well as aerial bombs and chemical mixing equipment the syrian forces using cutting torches as well as angle the wind
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is to destroy missions the whole process is taking place at an undisclosed location but it will last until at least the middle of the next year that's one of those u.n. resolution that came in to fade off to the involvement of russian diplomacy we're still hearing though from the united states that if both sides being damascus and the rebels don't adhere to their commitment and actually destroy these stockpiles of chemical weapons force could still be an option the important point to make is that the observers have said that the syrian president bashar assad is at hearing to his commitments but as a period there has been no indication no kind of comment confirmation from the rebel side that they will be doing the same and this is important because a number of these chemical weapons stockpiles are actually on the frontlines are they changing hands sometimes they're in assad's forces sometimes they're not in the poses a number of problems firstly how will these international experts actually reach
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the frontline where they can observe the destruction of these chemical weapons and so a lot of problems. there's a lot of possible. encounters further down the line that the international experts will have to deal with but certainly the process at least on the damascus side has begun. was paula was saying there the international spector's they got a colossal task ahead of them they're going to oversee the dismantling of hundreds of tons of chemical agents and rockets within really tight time frame while in the middle of a war zone to let the news western intelligence estimates there are forty five chemical weapons depots around the country though damascus disputes that it says the numbers half that of the confusion stems from the operation to hide their weapons from a u.s. strike seven of them according to the government are located in those combat zones that's making it all the more difficult to get access as for the production facilities there are believed to be four of them in the country all of them so near cities where fierce fighting is often reported aleppo hama homes there to name
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a few now inspectors are under orders to verify the destruction of those sites by that tight time frame november the first all in all serious estimated of about thousand tons of chemical agents they include mustard gas blister agent sarin v.x. of course focusing on sarin there that was allegedly used in that deadly assault near damascus back in august or syria's cooperation in giving up its chemical arms and it preys not just from russia but even tacit applause too from the united states now the foreign ministers of the two world powers met on the sidelines of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in bali from where our correspondent paul scott my reports. confirmation that came that disarmament of syria's chemical weapons stockpile has already begun it was only ten days ago that the united nations you know honestly passed a resolution on syria's chemical weapons stockpile and u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that it's a record breaking process to get to this stage so i assume the russian's foreign minister lavrov says that damascus is fully complying with the international
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community. during all these weeks after syria joined the chemical weapons convention damascus has been working jointly with the international inspectors we hope this will continue on in the future while u.s. secretary of state john kerry also says the syrian government deserves credit for the smooth process now it had been hoped that u.s. president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin would have been able to have a one on one meeting on the fringes of this economic summit of course president obama was forced to counsel his trip to asia because of the ongoing financial problems in the united states and the continuing shutdown that his place has been taken by secretary of state john kerry who says that washington now believes there is no military solution to the conflict in syria. we agree again is no military solution here we should. not have. radical extremists on either side of any. assuming or greater.
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status or position in syria and that is why we recommitted today with very specific efforts to move the geneva process as rapidly as possible now it was undoubtedly a productive meeting between the two sides with kerry saying it's been the most productive meeting in recent months between lavrov and himself and attention now turns to the possibility of a geneva two peace conference where it's hoped that the syrian government or representatives of the syrian government on the syrian opposition will sit around the table for peace talks. says that he can get. delegation from the syrian government from damascus around the table in mid november that's the anticipated date for these talks and kerry says he's hopeful that he can do likewise with the syrian opposition. libyan is demanding an explanation from the united states why its forces kidnapped one of their citizens that so tripoli describes sunday's capture of a suspect in the one thousand nine hundred american embassy bombings in kenya and
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tanzania the libyan government says they see the operation as a clear violation of sovereignty let's talk to defense consultant more in roof is on the line live now from birmingham imo infancy of time why didn't the us work together with libya here why was it done in secret without their knowledge what's the plan this is the very government indirectly helped bring the power in it yes exactly they can't have carried out this operation without the knowledge of. the hard who is the leader of the libyan islamic fighting group which are now libby is a member of so they couldn't have carried out this operation without the direct knowledge of this. tripoli so that's that's sounds pretty false to me ok well for his part secular state kerry has defended capturing a libya's quote legal and appropriate target what puts him in that category.
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well they claim that under a two thousand and one us law they can capture anyone anywhere in the world they can enter any sovereign territory and arrest anyone but what's what's amazing about this story really is that this individual lived in the u.k. in the ninety's he was also involved with the attempted assassination of hosni mubarak the then president of egypt but he was also aided allegedly aided by m i six britain's security services to assassinate the revolutionary guard daffyd the den head of a leader off for libya and during all this time he was given asylum political asylum in the u.k. and he also found time to plan the bombings of the embassies in tanzania and truly was on their side if all that's true news on this side why the turn around now than
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. well it seems that probably they're getting rid of far individuals that are not no longer useful to remember abdulhakim battle hard the militant leader of. the terrorist group who is in control of most of the tripoli now is. has been lauded as far as a great politician but there is no sovereign government in libya currently and most of the cities are being run by the tribal heads or terrorist leaders like or better hard so they're probably getting rid of people that need he's probably linked to the attempted bombing of the russian embassy last week so they're getting rid of falls who were friends earlier you mentioned it just may touch so anyway america's been talking lately but exceptionalism has got the power to go and do what it likes
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when it likes when it thinks fit what's happened here again yeah it turns out well remember that they had two operations simultaneously one in somalia which apparently failed on a grand scale and also here in tripoli so they could have operated in tripoli without. shall we say involvement remember. has been sending personnel to syria to fight against assad and the sovereign government of syria and supplying arms as well so they have been cooperating with the americans for the for since the fall of gadhafi in twenty twelve. they are there obviously they feel their exceptionalism. can take place anywhere which it does because that they've tried this in somalia and libya now thanks for your thoughts one row for live from burma defense consultant you appreciate it. thank you right coming up afghanistan's
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gearing up for his first democratic transition of power we talk about that dubious warlords and militia leaders among those vying for the presidency it's fear the taliban could get a head start. holding their own homes hostage to tell you about the desperate measures being taken by spying is these days facing eviction after losing their livelihoods. we know how to do banking it should be like infrastructure to support the economy it shouldn't be for the benefit of it leads to think they're above the law as we currently have. wealthy british style it's time to.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. drama. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world. to picture. from around the globe. and again the national torch relay for next year's winter olympics in sochi is kicked off here in moscow in a fantastic journey across the country. yes
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the twenty forty limpid torch is started that is a record breaking journey across russia from the very heart of the russian capital artie's lecturer jessica reports next from where the first torchbearers set off. the olympic torch relay of the sochi twenty fourteen olympic games has officially kicked off the five time olympic champion in synchronized swimming and i see that we have a she was the first to carry the olympic torch certainly she'll be followed by many others this is the start of the journey for the olympic torch across russia for the next two days it will be in the russian capital and then it will move elsewhere across the country and this certainly follows a very exciting sunday we saw the olympic flame carried from greece the this special plane landing at the airport and the vice prime minister of the russian federation me there was a bring the flame to us i saw it literally driven past me in about fifteen minutes
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just from where i was standing then it was carried a score to buy more to kate of a night wolf biker group to the rest square where it culminated in. a ceremony attended by thousands of athletes. twenty fourteen volunteers and the country's leadership was the one lighting the torch and greeting the crowd with the start of the olympic torch relay is the word historic all the word extraordinary suits well with this particular olympic torch relay because for the first time in history the olympic flame will be taking out for a space walk it will find itself on the bottom of lake baikal the biggest sleigh the largest lake and in russia it will also be carried to the highest speak in russia the top of the mountain as well as being carried by a plane a train a troika and even the carriage of reindeer so the this is something unprecedented for the olympic torch relay moreover it hasn't yet. set that record but we are
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expecting it to become the longest torch relay in the history of winter olympic games will cover more than sixty five thousand kilometers and more than fourteen thousand torchbearers will carry it across our large country we also know. that. at some point of time about one hundred thirty million people will be where i will be able to witness or participate in this store to relay because ninety percent of the russian population will be within an hour's reach from the from the relay route and this makes it probably one of the most viewed and watched torch relays in the history of the winter olympic games so certainly as this is something we're all looking forward to you can always follow the olympic torch relay on a special website we created twenty four thousand dot r.t. dot com slash torch hyphen relay and our reporters will be pretty much everywhere where the olympic flame will be going deliberate george is on an epic journey to such a. one hundred and twenty three days. through two hundred two cities of
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russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others made. olympic torch relay. m r t r. and we'll continue to track its progress no change of tone again former warlords with a tainted past militia leaders and political outsiders will join a number of heavyweights to face each other off in afghanistan's presidential race in fact more than twenty candidates have registered since how to succeed how many second final term ends next year concerns over corruption and vote rigging are already costing a pall over the election but overshadowing it all is what made you fear the taliban making its way back into government if you take a look at the red zones here on this map you'll see the regions where there's an alarmingly high presence of the militant group germiston said berg has reported
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extensively from the region explain to me but earlier why people vote to the taliban. people are already looking towards a body by an assault of stability not that they agree with the ideology or the methodology but what they actually want to secure jen to be able to feel safe and not having to be searched or stopped and searched by foreign troops or anyone insultingly a culture so i think that you will see more people looking towards the taliban because that's the only option they really have their policy of not engaging and not going in for talks with the taliban is really backfired i think now they're coming to realize only after ten years other they come to realise that they're going to have to actually talk with these people and maybe even accept the fact that once they leave the taliban will have a larger government and the future of afghanistan. three we'll do stories in brief now health workers in pakistan have again been targeted by bombers this time
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killing two and wounding several more as ninety polio team arrived at a hospital near push our a second large of voice was discovered that was defused militants oppose the immunization program believing it's a cover for american spying it means their full polio is rife in pakistan because thousands of children simply aren't vaccinated. this year's nobel prize winners have been revealed in sweden the first award was medicine and psychology which is shared between two americans and a german scientists their work on discovering how hormones and enzymes move from cell to cell within human bodies is help research in diabetes epilepsy and immune system disorders and updating you now on that powerful typhoon it's hammer eastern china it's no force more than half a million people to flee to safety soldiers help an evacuation of building levees to try to keep it but the strong winds and flooding have disrupted travel abroad power lines down to so far two people being confirmed dead fitters the twenty third
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typhoon to hit china this year it follows a soggy which killed twenty five people in the south most recently. thanks for watching us international up next the repercussions of america's government shutdown. and joy. i recently read headlines all over the russian internet screaming in full paranoia mode that china has just bought five percent of ukraine now they're writing that china will lease five percent of ukraine over ukrainian officials themselves claim that china won't be getting either and that this is a deal about some drip irrigation system the situation didn't explode onto the internet to the fantasies of bloggers the south china morning post reported that
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one company does have a crop and pig farming plan design utilized nine percent of ukraine's territory also last year the ban on foreigners buying land ukraine that lead been lifted although i am the distrustful pro sovereignty type getting a rich foreign country to pay to develop your nation's agriculture might not be too bad of a deal it would definitely take a lot of money to restore ukraine's farming to its former glory they see that ukraine used to be the bread basket of europe i think that status back could really help the country but selling off or even just leasing nine percent of the nation's territory is absolutely unacceptable doing a large project with the chinese that is mutually beneficial is one thing but selling or leasing off your country is another and by another i mean treason but that's just my opinion.
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it's ok. so. expect some of the straight. hello welcome to sophie and komi sophie shevardnadze the u.s. governmental shutdown what is it a temper or does order of the symptom of a serious disease budget talks are tough in any state as economists struggle to stay afloat among the stronger waves of the global crisis but is there somebody who benefits from this troubled state of affairs or maybe even controls to win.


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