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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  October 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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suspect. they would like to do if you did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. that are you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying. rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america about ready to join the movement and walk with the big picture. blog in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. isis citizens united one hundred fifty million dollars was spent during the election two thousand and twelve
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and that's just the money away you know about that if you think that is bad as you can get just. a little bit longer than five right wing justices on the supreme court could soon give billionaires even more power and men clad in commando uniforms riding in heavily armored vehicles belong on the front lines of a war zone not on america's streets but that's exactly what's happening all across our country as more and more local police forces begin to look like small displays of military might is there any way to stop the militarization of our police. you need to know this ted cruz is the collegiate shaikh mohammad of the republican party david koch is osama bin laden and the government shutdown is there nine eleven let me explain the september eleventh two thousand and one attacks for the
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call nation of years of planning by al qaeda a group bankrolled by osama bin laden. the billionaire heir to a saudi construction family but while bin laden provided the funding for the nine eleven attacks he never got too involved in the day to day logistics of training hijackers or picking the right planes for it to take off he left that sort of stuff to a pakistani man named could lead shaikh muhammad muhammad the guy who actually came up with the idea of flying airplanes into american buildings in the first place so a bit is planned for a big hijacking plot to bin laden some time in the late one nine hundred ninety s. bin ladin to try to attack america on a big scale for a while it clear. plan was just the sort of thing he was looking for so in a meeting in kandahar afghanistan in one thousand nine hundred nine bin laden told muhammad that al qaeda would support his plane hijacking plot the end result was of course the worst terrorist attack in american history bin laden said he wanted to bring the government of the united states to its needs he's been dead for over two years but that sort of anti-american government extremism seems to be alive and
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well the shutdown is proof of that the tea party and its billionaire backers have closed our american government because some ways like bin laden they want to fundamentally change america they want to replace american democracy with a kind of modern day feudal system where rich minority controls everything where labor unions are dead and where health insurance is only for people like them who can afford it is the new york times reported this week of the shutdown is just the latest part of a billionaire plot that has been in the works for months and president obama started his second term back in january the tea party's oligarchy financier's started looking for a way to sabotage his presidency and his health care law just like osama bin laden was looking for a way to bring america to her knees back in the late one nine hundred ninety s. so like bin laden these billionaires got their very own collene shaikh muhammad they got someone who could handle the day to day details of attacking american democracy they've got someone who carry out their darkest wishes to get someone who
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would do everything he could to stop. for a working class americans from getting affordable health insurance we got senators texas senator ted cruz and about thirty or forty s. republicans in the house of representatives cruz has served his backers well leading the campaign to hold the government hostage in exchange for delaying or defunded defunding obamacare and taking every opportunity he can to push the billionaire party line on t.v. ignore all the talk about how the now weeklong shutdown is just another symptom of our divided political system it's more than that it's the culmination of the all out war that a variety of billionaires including the koch brothers americans for prosperity the heritage foundation and all the other tea party billionaires and their front groups have declared obamacare and most importantly everything it represents the idea that government can actually provide real solutions to real problems and here's the scary thing this war on traditional american values on things like social security
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medicare and obamacare is about to get a whole lot worse for more on this i'm joined by stephen spaulding legislative counsel for common cause stephen welcome to the show good to see you tom i'm guessing you would disassociate yourself from my hyperbolic association of david koch and some of the blood for the record i didn't consult you about it before i went off on that but there is something to be said for or about this issue of. people with massive amounts of money coordinating things that that end up in something well the case of the house of representatives it looks a little bit like suicide bombing and these guys are you know i could use a japanese analogy i suppose better but we have we have a supreme court case coming up that will make it either easier or harder for the this kind of money to influence politics tell you that's going to make it very easy i mean i think the set up tomorrow what we're seeing it ten am in the united
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states supreme court in a case mccutcheon the f.e.c. is really the sequel to citizens united citizens united unleash the floodgates to what unlimited corporate spending you know a seven billion dollar election a billion dollars to super pacs three hundred million dollars of you know work came from this case is about blowing the lids off contribution limits the overall contribution limit that's been in place for forty years hundred twenty three thousand two hundred dollars goes back to the nixon corruption and then right after watergate right and mr mccutcheon who's a wealthy conservative alabama businessman has teamed up with the republican national committee because he wants to spend more than one hundred twenty three thousand two hundred dollars in donations directly to political parties to candidates and for over forty years since buckley v vallejo the supreme court has upheld contribution limits because that's kind of the last wall between our democracy and a representative democracy and legalized bribery really that that's it and we're
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setting up a system where one donor if mr mccutcheon mr mccutcheon wins will be able to write a check for three point six million dollars that money will then be funneled to a bunch of state political parties laundered back to one political party account and spent on behalf of the candidate that solicited the contribution you know this is this should be a slam dunk case for american democracy and for the people but the. fact that the supreme court took this case is really problematic so we know the roberts court has been you know the most pro corporate court in the country but it's been systematically chipping away at our campaign finance laws tomorrow tomorrow we'll be watching it carefully he shouldn't win but will be listening carefully to what there's well in there with the decision is coming down there are the arguments are being made and that's one of the things i find most interesting first of all this isn't really just mccutcheon versus f.e.c. it's mccutcheon and the republican national committee that you are and see versus
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f.e.c. so you've got one of the two political parties saying we know this will benefit us clearly it's going to disadvantage the democrats democrats don't have anywhere near as many billionaires as the republicans do. you know for a whole variety of fairly obvious reasons and the second thing that i thought was amazing and i'd love to get your take on this is tell me if i my understanding of this is correct. we have three branches of government and they pretty much operate independent of each other they try not to influence each other or beat each other upside the head or whatever and yeah the leader of the republicans in the united states senate mitch mcconnell if my information is correct tomorrow is going to go to the united states supreme court and basically on bended knees say please would you rule so that billionaires can give me and my friends in the republican party more money with fewer restrictions is that actually what's that pretty much senator mcconnell tomorrow is going to make a extraordinary argument and the court's giving him ten minutes to make that case
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normally mr mccutcheon the republicans would have thirty minutes they only have twenty minutes the other ten minutes will be given to mr mcconnell in his capacities for the court and his argument is that he should that there should be no limits on contributions to political candidates he should be able to go out and solicit a check for as much as he needs and as much as he wants from one or two political donors from three or four political donors who. clearly have a vested interest in more than you know a rubber chicken dinner and a photo with senator mcconnell they have an agenda and that's why they're going to open their checkbook so it's really an extraordinary argument is he is he at the very least going to offer to wear a nascar coat with the logos of the people cannot be bought him into you know i mean kentucky i mean you know with the koch koch industries logo on it and just i mean i was on mobile go in there and ask the chief justice roberts i think he's really the swing justice in this case you know he is up held in case after case
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this distinction that we had buckley where you know campaign spending restrictions tend to fall but we've always upheld contribution limits the supreme court has never struck down a federal crime they had an opportunity to arguably in citizens united right chose not to and here they have a chance to mr mcconnell saying you know take it even a step farther you know this case is really about that overall limit so the twenty six hundred dollars limit that you can give to a candidate directly is a stance of the not at issue senator mcconnell's asking to make it an issue he's asking the court to revise forty years of precedent and throw that out the out the window to at that point you know it's game set match for our democracy if there are no contribution limits we have opened up the doors to a system of complete and utter legalized bribery it undermines representative democracy and we have a system where our elected officials are bought and paid for we've become an oligarchy exactly and now some will say to well what's the difference between this case and citizens united you know sheldon adelson you know he's already pumped tens of millions of dollars into the twenty twelve election what's the difference you
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know what the difference is you'll now have candidates i mean under the supreme court's logic that's independent spending and it's not corrupting you know i don't buy that i don't think very many people do but the court does now mr adelson will be able to go to a candidate directly and write a check for up to three point six million dollars that's the danger here it's that nexus that corruption that is inherent in a system where candidates are asking for checks of that sort of point six million dollars it's actually more than a spend some congressional district yeah exactly. but he says that it's not enough to buy a politician to go with the sole donor to a politician. that i own you to this this person can say to the politician i own you and you must do this exactly when you get your phone calls returned you'll set the agenda and it's based on the size your bank account. this is this is extraordinary is who who is opposing this who's opposing the interest groups i mean across the country there's going to be
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a big rally tomorrow on the steps of the supreme court starting about nine thirty am a common cause will certainly be there are partners that the brennan center at you know are there any conservative or libertarian groups that are opposing this or are they on the side of mccutcheon oh not that i'm aware of you know which is a new which is a new you know this was mr mccain it's his name that's on the mccain feingold i don't know the republicans have been frankly a wall on this at the federal level we've seen at the state level you know citizens went to the polls in montana and colorado in two thousand and twelve to vote about citizens united to instruct their representatives to pass constitutional moment that passed with seventy five percent of the vote the republicans the democrats get this for some reason it's not translating on capitol hill stephen thank you so much thanks so much to have your shit. coming up heavily armored commandos marching through the streets militarized vehicles running a problem down the road tear gas rockets flying through this guys like scenes out of a war zone that have put become the hallmarks of police seen in america today so what
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can be done to stop this disturbing militarization of the police in our country. i would rather as questions to people positions. the power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question for. us how does a new alert animation scripts scare me
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a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news please please alexander's family cry tears of the wife and great things other than their. render in a court of law found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. lisa. the world. series technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future of coverage.
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in screw news the investigation continues into the car chase and subsequent shooting played out in the heart of our nation's capital on thursday and thursday afternoon thirty four year old miriam carey of connecticut rammed a barricade outside the white house after exchanging words with the uniformed secret service officers then led police on a high speed chase from the white house to the east side of the capitol building in the process of that chase she rammed multiple police cars injuring one officer issue approach another barrier this time at the entrance to the capitol grounds she brought her vehicle to a stop and at that point according to multiple media reports kerry managed to get out of her vehicle and then without knowing if kerry was armed and apparently without realizing that kerry's infant daughter was in the back seat of the car
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police opened fire on her ultimately killing her over the past few days there's been increasing criticism over the way capitol police handled the situation and the shoot first ask questions later mentality that they seemed to employ now police in washington have announced that they're reviewing the use of deadly force in the case kerry's family has repeatedly called the shooting justified and her death has raised new questions about the increasing militarization of police forces in america joining me now for more on that from our new york studios is amy goodman just a gated journalist syndicated columnist and host of democracy now and joining me here in the studio is matthew feeney associate editor system editor with reason dot com and reason twenty four seven and thank you both for joining me it's. great to have you matthew great to see you i mean it's going to be really a time. first i'm curious for both of you your response amy your thoughts on what happened i understand this woman was shot so so aggressively that they were not
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able to identify her because not enough of her face was left in the it was unarmed i mean this is the point an outside her car i mean the idea that violence is now the first resort is very frightening and we see it both in foreign policy and we see it and policing at home it all has to be changed let's remember that police officers are actually peace officers and they're supposed to be keeping the peace and it is extremely difficult to wage peace as opposed to waging war to keep the peace at home and that's something that has to be trained and it's absolutely critical that the police of this country learn this skill. brilliantly said matthew your thoughts on that will i agree i think this is only the latest case of a tragic example of the military zation of the u.s. police and the same you pointed out the prioritization of violence and i think it absolutely needs to change i you know the footage you showed is really remarkable
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because it seems like the police will be. i think they were actually secret service at that point agents must have known it was a woman and presumably could have seen the baby in the car and still continued to fire their weapons at the moving vehicle something that is actually not recommended by a lot of security experts and police experts just shooting tires oh yeah i did a little bit of reading on this and it turns out that despite what hollywood might depict it's not safe to shoot a tire outside of a moving vehicle. ricochets and such things as shooting the ties of a stationary call might be different from the other car was stationary for a minute not a minute for a few seconds and there was a police officer less than three feet from a rear tire with the with his gun extended is absolutely right and you know they probably should've presumed at this point the woman was not mentally well and surrounding the car with all those gun laws or was. higher versus the cost of a light oh absolutely amy you you had an experience you've had an experience with hyper militarized police we've got a little clip of it i'd like to play for our viewers check this out. so i'm going
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to tell you. that right. here it's right there right there right there back. to. you. yet. this was a reporter being arrested by police who were dressed like storm troopers out of out of steven spielberg movie what was your experience what were your thoughts and. how do you think that we got here from. you know twenty thirty years ago when this this kind of thing was pretty much on heard of although you know chicago sixty eight was still pretty rough but it was nothing like this i mean it was completely unacceptable it was labor day two thousand and eight it was the first day of the republican convention in fact i saw you there afterwards tom as we were all
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covering the convention it was a beautiful blue sky day there were some mass protests peaceful protests from the st paul city hall to the convention center where the convention would begin later that day and we covered the ten thousand people marching interestingly led off at the beginning at the front of the crowd by soldiers many of them in uniform and they were protesting the war they were protesting the wars in iraq and afghanistan after that i went off to the convention floor to interview senators and congress members you know of the top security credentials that allow me to interview presidents and vice presidents and i was there with my colleague cameraman rec rally a fantastic filmmaker and i get a call that two of our colleagues of democracy now had been arrested this was later that day i thought they were in the t.v. studio digitizing tape preparing for the show the next day. and so when i heard this that they were arrested in the streets of st paul we raced out of the convention center and still had all those credentials on down the streets of st
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paul to seventh in jackson it was a particular corner that our senior producer mike burke told me to go to and there the police had surrounded the area there were many people arrested inside and you know i deal with this in new york a lot you have to deal with the police and two of our colleagues in the coal salazar a fantastic reporter and sure if we go could do so now reports from from egypt he's an egyptian american after the you know the. revolution the uprising he went home but they were there covering the conventions so i when i heard they were arrested a went up to the police they came running along the side of the police line there was no commotion or anything and i stopped and i said i wanted to find a commanding officer i needed to talk to them because two of our reporters were inside i said my name and i want to speak to a supervising officer at western seconds and you saw that i was completely taken aback that they refer me through the police line these were the police officers twisted my arms behind my back slap the handcuffs on against
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a car then push me up against a group brick wall on to the ground i was saying don't arrest me don't arrest me. and there i was desperately still looking for sharif and the coal olten that lay i saw sharif across the parking lot his hands behind his back i demanded to be brought to my finally was and we were standing there his arm was bleeding we had our credentials on we were demanding to be released saying you can see that we're reporters so the secret service came and ripped the credentials from around our necks and then put in the police and that's where nicole was her face bleeding and i just asked her quickly what happened she said they were in the t.v. studio they heard a commotion downstairs they would've been doing their jobs if they'd stayed in the t.v. studio nicole got her camera and had the microphone they raced downstairs and they saw a riot police they saw protesters in a coal. just started filming and you heard some of her screams there as she's filming the riot police are coming at her she didn't plan to film her own violent arrest the police were shouting move and on your face she had nowhere to go she was
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against park cars and so before she knew it they rammed her from behind and in front and they rammed her down her face pulling on her leg so they were dragging a face through the dirt her camera fell down and the first thing they did was to pull the battery out of her camera if you were wondering what they wanted to stop happening the filming sharif is a very cool reporter our senior producer for years and he told the police to come down they took him they slammed up against the wall kicked him twice in the chest blooding his arm and they took him down so sharif in a coal face felony riot charges and i was charged with a misdemeanor interfering with a peace officer you know if only there was a peace officer in the vicinity i was taken to the police garage where they directed cages for the protesters sharifa nicole were taken to jail because of the
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outcry of people all over the country hearing that. sted alternately after a number of hours first i was freed and then the colon sharif and i immediately was brought back to the convention center because various networks wanted to interview me you know asking what had happened and i was in the n.b.c. sky blue and the sky box overlooking the convention the convention was over for the night and after i was interviewed an n.b.c. reporter came over and he said you know why wasn't i arrested he was referring to himself and i said oh were you out covering the protests as well you know by the way more than forty were reporters who were arrested in those days at the convention and he said no i wasn't out there and so i said well you know i don't get arrested in the sky box either you know we're supposed to get out there and not only cover the convention floor and interview the politicians but also you know get into those corporate suites you were just talking about money and politics find out who is sponsoring the parties and then get out into the streets where the uninvited
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guests are there are thousands of them there are the protesters and they had something very important to say as well democracy is a messy thing and it's our job to capture it all and we shouldn't have to get a record when we put things on the record so we sue the police and ultimately we got a large settlement both the police and the secret service the secret service for ripping our credentials so often we made our announcement of the settlement it took a few years in the middle of occupy wall street and town that's really important because it was right before the two thousand and twelve convention and we couldn't think of a larger gathering of police and that was that occupy wall street surrounding the protesters who wanted to send a message to the police it's not acceptable to treat reporters like this or to treat peaceful protesters like this in occupy is a perfect example where you know you have these police officers going after thousands of peaceful protesters eviscerating the encampments t.
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. we're gassing pepper spraying beating people in the streets and this all has to be reimagined i mean police have to be challenge there are many good cops who don't feel that that's their role and it's our get up in the media to cover them i think so and matthew i'm curious in the minute we have left. at what point in time did america start militarizing our police well i don't think there's going to be anyone who can point to a specific absolute you know minute but i think a lot of how do we know the time the dirty harry movies why i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we started relating this crazy war on drugs that encourages the militarization of police it's really important to point out america is not the only country in the world where the police carry guns but it's one of the very few developed nations in the world where a policeman dress up like soldiers as was demonstrated by amy's video and that is to do with a whole range of things but the fact that police are actively encouraged to wage
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stupid rule stupid domestic was like the war on drugs called be helping me do you do you have thoughts in the half minute we have left here when this began and why and maybe what we can do about it well i mean that's a critical point you know we have a law in the united states. and this is passing comment that says soldiers can to march in the streets of the united states and i really think that the way they're getting around this is by militarizing the police and that is on acceptable it's not good for democracy people should not be afraid to express dissent and go into the streets they shouldn't be knocked around they shouldn't be imprisoned because i really do think that it's dissent that will save us that we live in a civilian society and we have to ensure that the police officers act as a peace officer you're absolutely right and that getting around posse comitatus that would never occur to me that is absolute and i think you're absolutely right.
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matthew thank you so much for being with us tonight. thanks tom. we'll be right back. soldiers you're in the military now no more joking any more. never been some time in my life. every day would be close to absolute limits. do you think it's going to be easy fire. that everyone's desperate. suspects to. sleep i don't know if i'm going to make it to the end look you still filming some
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i'm just up on the left i don't know what to do. but it wonderful sean harmon alive. face you know. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher.
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over by the. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which. they were going on. and on this show rubio the picture of what's actually going. to go beyond identifying the trans national debate real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement and welcome the big three. back to the big picture i'm tom foreman coming up in this half hour texas is one of five states in the country that have a majority minority population usually means good things for democrats but texas is rock solid red so what's it going to take turn the lone star blue in the state blue
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. and if you've ever been on a date to a fancy restaurant chances are you've sampled america's favorite aphrodesiac oysters between global warming make rob bars a thing of the past and two centuries ago our founding fathers kicked the british out and said goodbye to kings and royals and now a small group of billionaires are doing their best to destroy the legacy of the founding fathers and turn america into a modern day feudal empire tell you how we can stop the united states. in the best of the rest of the news texas state senator wendy davis first cause the attention of the rest is across the country back in june when she filibustered for nearly eleven hours against a restrictive new anti-abortion bill that governor rick perry and lieutenant governor david do verst were trying to force through the state legislature her
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heroic efforts stalled a final vote on the bill. and shine a spotlight on the lone star state's in battle the local liberal minority texas legislature has since passed that anti-abortion go but davis isn't given up yet on thursday she confirmed months of rumors and announced that she is indeed running for governor in two thousand and fourteen. it sure is friday when it by everyone star and that's why today i am proud to announce. my. forty eight governor and then. a democrat running in the home state of ted cruz as liberals are excited but it's important for the davis faces an uphill battle to get to the governor's mansion in austin texas hasn't had a democrat as its governor since one thousand nine hundred five and ann richards the last democrat to hold that post served only one term before losing to george w. bush in the ninety four group an authorial race this is likely opponent of the
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republican side of the aisle popular attorney general greg abbott as the backing of the state's powerful g.o.p. establishment and has already raised over twenty million dollars for his campaign at the same time davis' campaign is sure to draw the attention of nationally connected progressive groups who might be able to help or make up for any ground lost to abbott who's been prepping his run for years whatever happens when he davis's entrance into the twenty fourteen texas governor's race will make it the premiere race of the season for more on this theory is well as the future of progressive politics in texas i'm joined now from austin by jim hightower national radio commentator and author jim welcome back to the program great to be with you great to have you so are you as excited by wendy davis is announcement as i have only you know and we're all pumped and and it's because we haven't had a fighting candidate for governor somebody with a bit of the populist streak within them for years and that's what. really it's
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when you go snopt fact that she did more than eleven hours stand on her own feet and. filibuster but but the fact is she's of the people for the people and by that . it's she's facing an uphill battle current polls ever trailing abbott by eight points as twenty nine to twenty one which means that there's still a lot of undecided what what do you think about this do you think that her support do you think she has a chance that's not lead to. your lead and suggested is so popular in texas that it's only eight points ahead of a woman who was not well known just a few months ago so yes and she's got something else that can't be met even with money and that is wild enthusiasm grassroots folks who are sick and tired of this plutocratic craik theocratic government that we've got here in texas right now
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and ready to fight back and take power into the people's names you know i understand the greg abbott although the mainstream media and even my own intro sort of set him up as a regular republican who's fairly popular in the state that sort of like in some ways i suppose ken cuccinelli in virginia you know who is the who's following governor ultrasound. the greg abbott guy is actually pretty hard core right wing radical i mean planned parenthood filed a lawsuit in federal court against him. easton's most of his time spending taxpayer money. lawsuits to try to elevate himself as an opponent barack obama but his main opponent is its own the far right wing extremism on not only abortion but the anti worker
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positions that comes from the anti-consumer position as attorney general in its policies against the workaday people of this state. he may have it back yet but i think when you're going to allocate a lot more of them than there are facts it's a great line the texas is one of only five states in the union where a majority of the people are minorities how is that going to affect the dynamics of this race in a pinch on a turnout and that's that's up to the windows campaign we've we've had decent candidates in our past a very popular texas lobbyist in fact this is a populist state but what's happened is that the democratic party. over the last few decades quit being democrats they became. money seeking candidates seeking corporate funds to run against them thinking that they could compete on the money.
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and ignoring their grass roots but it's the result of that is that now that people turned right wing texas not red states it is the non-voting sed we had the lowest voter turnout in two thousand and ten when rick perry got it. sure about when he was reelected with the lowest voter turnout number thirty two percent of eligible voters turned out that means he's the choice of about eighty percent of the challenge of the democrats is to get ninety percent and to get that and more is going to require a overtly populist campaign or standing far or near a dirt farmers working stiffs environmentalist's consumers and challenging powers that be on behalf of ours and all of the ordinary working people jim in the manner we have left i'm curious your thoughts rick perry was in maryland just down the road from d.c. here a couple weeks ago i heard him on a radio and he was talking about texas has the fastest growing economy in the
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country were making more jobs than the rest of the nation combined what's the story behind that story. yes he's created jobs but it hasn't created any. how he has created more minimum wage then every other state union combined and his . dozen years or so in political office you know is one step at a cafe or tell you that it's not just about jobs you can save repairs created ten million jobs which he claims to. but a wait person to say yeah i know i've got three oh that's the problem with that little sis that he's trying to gain by. jim thanks so much for being with us to take care it's always great to see you.
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it's the good the bad and the very very. radically ugly very good actor marquez jr albuquerque new mexico police officer has received a special award for how he responded to a call in september and checking up on a call about a domestic dispute officer mark has learned that a woman whose house he was at was a grandmother raising six grandkids all on her own but he did the acts was truly remarkable figure well. i don't know how we got on to talk big about the welfare of the kids and if she needed any the shit told me something about that they had last eaten in the morning my grandma had made pancakes but she couldn't get her food stamps to the nineteen which was eight days away it was dinner time so what was there mark head used his own money and made a quick trip to the grocery store he got the milk bread egg sandwich meat and
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snacks for the kids just his way he said i'm looking out for them and. i think it's safe to say that off officer mark has actually is a good guy with a go so bad so called news during a weekend broadcast of fox and friends host anna kuhlmann brought up what seemed like a pretty explosive revelation the president obama had offered to pay out of his own pocket to keep the museum of muslim culture open during the shutdown while doing nothing to reopen the world war two memorial in washington d.c. check this out. it really doesn't seem fair especially we're going to talk a little bit later in the show too about you know some things that are continuing to be funded and president obama has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the museum of muslim culture out of his own pocket and it. is pretty bad. well here's the problem story kuhlmann was referencing was put out by the national report which is a joke website like the onion totally phony story you know the sad thing is that
10:41 pm
kuhlman is producers probably knew the story was a joke all along but didn't care because it fit in with fox's race baiting anti obama agenda. and the very very ugly the california republican party visitors to the golden state's g.o.p. convention this weekend had the opportunity to do all sorts of interesting things listen to the party's rising stars speak about their strategy for the upcoming year meet texas governor rick perry governor good hair and by buttons labelled k.f.c. hillary special too fat guys too small breasts left wing so much for attracting women voters right to its credit the california republican party did remove the buttons from the convention center but the disturbing part is that they were there in the first place no one would ever make such offensive jokes about any of the g.o.p.'s white male or female superstars and that is for you very a. coming up our founding fathers fought to the death for democracy free from
10:42 pm
tyrannical kings via warlords. or an overbearing theocracy unfortunately some two hundred thirty five years after the birth of our nation the king was the war lords of the theocrats are once again in the seats of power so how can we give them the boot once and for all tell you right still is it. plenty it was a. very hard to take
10:43 pm
a. long. life that he ever had sex with that there's no. point if the people. wealthy british. time to.
10:44 pm
market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cons a report on our. mission. couldn't take three days for chargers free. range month free. three stooges free. old free books videos for your media projects free media. dot com. so sometimes you know it's you know it's you know you don't know and sometimes as the firesign theater says everything you know is wrong and i don't think you're wrong you are you're right.
10:45 pm
to think that you're you're. really being you know it's wrong americans consume over one hundred million pounds of oysters every year but thanks to global warming a very nasty pathogen is pearl hatching mollusks may soon be a thing of the past so if you think that oysters will always be america's favorite aphrodesiac then everything you know is wrong joining me now from our new york studios peter. going to read a writer to modern farmer magazine peter welcome. great to have you with us so in your article a modern farmer title titled seasick why warmer waters in a sneaky pathogen may put you off oysters forever you talked about what happened to in a bad a doctor in two thousand and four tell us that story yes so this guy he went to alaska and he went. three or four day cruise on a small little cruise ship he probably ate some salmon he ate some raw oysters and flies home and he's realizes that he's got stomach cramps he's got diarrhea he's
10:46 pm
like what is this so he's a doctor he run some tests for normal food borne pathogens e-coli salmonella they will come back negative so he runs a another test for this pathogen called. and sure enough that's what he has vibrio is cholera is it not that is that is true so cholera is cholera and i mean it's a huge species and basically implied anywhere in the ocean and so this was a very very hemolytic or v.p. and what is. because were found and how is it spread. well i mean and how it spread is something of a matter of debate but it could it can basically be spread on ocean currents it can also be spread on ship ballasts there are some incidents in chile and they think it came there on ships so they discharge water and spread. but basically very
10:47 pm
apparent him a lot of his lives in warm brackish water basically the same place you find in oyster and is are they accumulating oysters because oysters are are by valves they're basically they feed by filtering enormous quantities of water through themselves and and pulling out nutrients and thus if there's bacteria in that water they pick it up and hang on to it is that the deal exactly oysters are filter feeders so anything that's in the water there's going to start accumulating inside inside the oyster so if you have. clean healthy water then you're going to have clean healthy oysters so is the presence of a pathogen that is typically associated with warm brackish water in someplace like alaska a symptom of global warming. or is it just a weird fluke that you know like you said some ship my discharge something out of the building. i mean that's sort of a matter of scientific debate but it seems like like when when when they first
10:48 pm
called in this report to the alaska health officials they were really surprised they had never even heard of perry because in alaska it just it wasn't on their radar at all so and so they went back and they they did some you know additional scientific studies and they said it looks like there was a. warm water currents that you know probably took this bacteria into the gulf will ask in two thousand and four and it's possible that was driven by climate change or sort of climate anomalies that are sort of more frequent now that we have climate change but this is sort of a matter of some great scientific debate well worst were seen you know a whole variety of diseases including malaria moving out of typically tropical regions and into semi tropical and temperate regions as as the planet warms so this doesn't seem to be
10:49 pm
a huge surprise what is the rule of are with regard to or easters. so the rule of are is this sort of mythical rule that says basically don't need a nicer in a month. or do you only eat oysters and months that have the water are so october we can eat and i stir but june you probably want to stay away from them so that largely has to do with oyster reproduction basically oysters spawn in the summer so there are generally a little bit milk here but it was also sort of a good rule of thumb to avoid this bacteria but you know it's not a failsafe rule by any by any shots of the magination desire is the f.d.a. igs examine oysters when they come into the united states or when they're caught is that what. of them or are checked out or i think they're i mean i really don't know what the f.d.a. how often they inspect them but i know that they they they did propose in two
10:50 pm
thousand and nine that all oysters be treated with either pasteurisation are radiation so basically any had to be cooked basically or treated in this other ways that failed because oysters in the gulf of mexico said you know they sort of they they didn't want those regulation ironically enough probably the biggest poisons coming out of the gulf of mexico are not exact area it's the oil products peter smith thank you so much peter thank you so much for being with us and thank you. crazy alert sex crazed spider back in one nine hundred sixty s. california was known across the country as the land of long hair and free long years of change to the summer of love but some of the golden state's creepier residents it still is a place where you can really turn yourself starting this week and continued over
10:51 pm
the next few months torrential it's like the one here get together in the hills around sonoma county california for what some people call are calling the great love fest of twenty thirty you know what. it's the stuff of science fiction movies are made. spiders mating season the males will be out in force looking for a little rock no romance this weekend weekend are going to be the biggest spider you know movements of all all the meals are going to be looking for the girls so it's going to be eight legged love or spider romance it's called the lady torrential is out there that are getting cited for the love fest but you know if you have eight legs it probably means you have more than the average or something else as well.
10:52 pm
we the people the first three words of the constitution of the united states we the people we're the ones who are supposed to have the power in the united states that was the idea the founders. but we've lost a lot since the reagan revolution we've become the land of kings warlords and theocrats. thomas jefferson pointed out from the founding of samarra seven thousand years ago until seven hundred seventy six one of these three types of people or groups ruled everyone else they were the other the hereditary kings the violent warlords or the theocrats. they justify these forms of tyranny by saying that people couldn't rule of so somebody has got to be in charge right humans are basically evil one of the biggest believers in this notion was thomas hobbes in sixteen thirty four hobbes in his book leviathan had said that humans were by nature evil and that life without the iron fist of the church or state would be war
10:53 pm
of every man against every man resulting in a society where life is poor nasty brutish and short king war lords of theocrats had the rights and they granted privileges to the people jefferson of the revolutionaries of seven hundred seventy six came along and flipped this power structure and it's at we the people they should be in charge of ruling and we don't need any kings at all. theocracy was a very dangerous and flawed system and so we have to be very vigilant about warlords as well about our we have to be in fact we have to be so vigilant about warlords that our constitution explicitly says that the army arre army u.s. army cannot exist any longer than two years without a renewed appropriation from congress. and taking the power from the kings the world lords of the theocrats a given to the people jefferson once said i know no safe depository of the old
10:54 pm
powers of the society but the people themselves and on the dangers of theocracy jefferson wrote alexander von humboldt history i believe furnishes no example of a priest ridden people maintaining a free civil government this marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which there are civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes. thanks to jefferson and our founding fathers the power structure that had existed for thousands of years was flipped upside down so that the people had the rights and they could decide which privileges might be passed along to hereditary kings or warlords or would be theocrats. this new power structure worked pretty well for two hundred years but beginning in one nine hundred eighty one with the reagan revolution the hereditary kings the violent warlords and the theocrats big can reclaim in the power that they had once had they made deals with each other to
10:55 pm
work together to suppress the power of we the people and take away our rights. today is hereditary kings of the wealthy elite the top one percent of americans who control a staggering forty three percent of our nation's wealth they continually fight inheritance taxes so their children can take over their wealth and maintain their dynasties meanwhile america's modern day hereditary kings are conspiring with today's theocrats mega churches particularly the south have become major power centers and organizing forces for their hereditary kings to spread their ideas and messages and to grow their dynasties prosperity theology teaches that you're rich because god made you that way the logical flip side of course is that if you're poor god made you that way using this justification the theocrats justify the existence of the plutocrats the kings but even with the help of the theocrats the hereditary kings couldn't continue to grow in power without the help of the violent warlords which we were for today is the military industrial complex the military
10:56 pm
industrial complex takes up nearly half of the entire us budget every year much of it being privatized so that its profits go to the billionaires aka the hereditary kings and their defense corporations the founding fathers never envisioned this return to the brutal and dictatorial power structure the dominated our globe for thousands of years and strip the rights from people more importantly it's fundamentally undemocratic. we need to return to the core values that this nation was built on break up the hereditary kingdoms as a rule in america by aggressively establishing and in foreseen inheritance taxes on great wealth next break up theocracy by taking away the tax exempt status of churches and doing away with the government subsidies provided to them and finally break up the out of control military industrial complex by increasing transparency shutting down washington's revolving door enforce the sherman antitrust act and
10:57 pm
bring an end to the privatization of traditional government functions once and for all. kings warlords and theocrats have no place in america today is time to give them the boot to take back our rights and once again put power in the hands of we the people if america is to survive as america we the people must stand up and restore the core values that jefferson and the founders put into place. and that's the way it is the night monday october seventh two thousand and thirteen day seven of the government shutdown and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active today you're.
10:58 pm
no c.n.n. the m s n b c fox news have taken some nuts lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because one politician in the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on you. ok. at our teen years we have a different approach. oh because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not like damnit i'm not. ok. you guys talk to the jokes while handling this stuff that i've.
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played. played. rostock rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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today i'll be i mean letting gina gershon take john dominic tell a verse in a new bio that when i read the book i thought it was such a great character i almost wish it hadn't been her because he has an onus of playing down to tell a plus it's the one project i would say in my career that actually really scared me when i read it did you know the troll girls would become a cult if i was thought it was funny but then i realized i don't think everyone was thinking it was funny so i decided to drag queens the laughing at the fellow that's all ahead on larry king now. welcome to larry king now a special treat today gina gershon is our guest the multi-talented actor musician and author and now you can find you know as you.


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