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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  October 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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think. the really go to do is go and you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. them you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying a problem we try rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america among them are you ready to join the movement and welcome to the big. book on tell him arbonne in washington d.c. it airs what's coming up tonight on the big picture. and c.e.o.'s of the u.s. chamber of commerce are abandoning republicans you know the party is going come off
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the deep in a loss of support from some of their top backers prompt republicans to stop holding our economy and nation hostage that and more tonight sloan liberal rubble and banks to citizens united our democracy has been corrupted our politicians have been bought off and our voices have been drowned out by billions in corporate cash there's a case before the supreme court right now you could do even more damage and what citizens united on steroids. it's wednesday are you ready or ready to rumble join me for tonight's lone liberal rumble are. actually horse cooper attorney and senior fellow at national center for public policy research will join us in just a moment right now you know mccabe conservative commentator editor of the guns and patriots newsletter is with us and neal thanks for showing up on time. to be here
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we're all very excited ok let's let's start with the shutdown yes if asked tag shutdown indeed here's what congressman peter king a republican a very stillman a republican i. fact i think he's speaking for a larger and larger part of his caucus here's what he had to say. i am committed to making this work that's why i've been against this government shutdown from the start i would disagree with tom as we are the ones who did shut the government down charles krauthammer called the suicide caucus i mean journal so they were kamikazes you don't take the dramatic step of shutting down the government unless you have a real strategy and there's a chance of working this never had a chance of working when i will not be pushing obamacare to the side and we're talking about other issues and people will start to work in the government is still shut down is in this nine eleven for the i am going to hear that peter king has been committed. listen tell me what's going on there i don't get this. peter king is running for president he recognizes that he won't be running
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against barack obama and he's just setting himself up to be sort of an independent an independent voice nobody thinks peter king has and any even remote chance to run for president like he got no back he thinks you know his party's ease he's representing the interests of probably three quarters of the republican caucus now . i mean we have to we have to control the spending we have to control the debt and we have to defund it all spend it we've cut the obama has cut the deficit in half no that was that's a fraud no it's not because it's got to have it because the more you know if you'll if you look at everything i know what you're talking about look at the seven trillion dollars that obama has run up virtually all of it eight more than eighty five percent of it is either the bush tax cuts the war in iraq or the war in afghanistan he got us out of the war in iraq he's cut back on federal spending republicans are just borrowed eight they just borrowed eight hundred billion dollars but they waited until after october first so it wouldn't be credited
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against the two thousand and thirteen deficit it was a fraud all these of these these that was a fraud ok i'll agree with that but that's that's not all that different from the games that george bush played where not we're not obama's games top of his of what imus game he's put none of his wars on the budget and that's why one of the reasons why so much of this debt seems to be as. with obama and can should lose his fight average back to nine hundred gang is supposed to be a republican this is the biggest fight of this session this is sort of the last stand of conservatives in congress against this monstrosity called obamacare and it has and the thing is a wrong years it's been the law for three years change laws you know have you seen horace yeah since the late horoscope or hey how's it going to see ok we were just talking about peter king saying hey we shut down the government i it looks to me like the republican party right now is like the dog that caught the car . absolutely not as i as i said before what are you going to do with as i said
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before we republicans and conservatives have never liked this program we think it's going to be harmful the economy with thing is going to be harmful what it will be and is dragging down the i am therefore we have tried every way possible to signal so the administration and to there are cracks that they're going to have to compromise and frankly letting unions get exemptions and letting corporations get a exemption why not just let regular people get a chance to get an exemption disses law this is established law it's employing citizens united the which is established law all the president doesn't like like this upright of this story and i have got him down the government over says don't you not tell the law which is the shut the president shutting down the government over don't ask he directs this justice department to ignore supreme court decisions as he directs is just that is not to defend the laws of the land that is now you know all within his rights and powers shuttled is dennis i know but this is this is
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suicide for the republican party this is this is crazy people are you offering since is how i see the public your party. here work no no so far to the republican majority you do what you were just are saying and i say please let me finish this sent this is the long liberal run believed to be finished. there are enough votes in the republican caucus that we don't there's twenty two republicans who are on record saying they will vote for a clean continuing resolution whistler carcases turn to turn the government back on again twenty am just one by one they're whining no they won't join democrats twenty two and then you've got peter king coming out saying there's probably fifty to one hundred actually if john boehner has a clean c.r. why will he not put it in c.r. includes obamacare i walk that's not really feel good and it is obamacare if a petition drive or discharge petition is filed by democrats which just started will he sign it to force and he said he would not and i predict not one
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republican will so for all you guys saying why doesn't banner just put the bill on the floor because that's not what strategy is why should they why should they have voted down why should they ever. because my way the way i did out of entire families you know your current control is assad is because you don't have already you know you think fair people are being hurt because kids are getting cancer trials and they're dying because veterans are not getting benefit these are taken over and said democrats voted against these yes this had only to do with that they voted rams as the democrats don't want to hold god saner is not willing to have that vote on shore is the live wires i wanted they made today what do you think they did yesterday what do you think they've been doing has no one. not the. c.e.o. are but will his own lawyer isn't it well the way democrats are going it the democrats could bring their own discharge petition where is this discharge petition that we are going to dish and can only be presented on the first and fourth monday
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ok so there it is and so that's the rules so if supposedly these republicans are going to sign it let's see what happens i don't know i said that they're not so it's not going away anywhere thank my child but here paul is either too drunk or too uncommon easygoing is the easy way out was at heart and that was this is what was said to me today by congress former congressman bob ney just wrote a book couldn't solve it will be trouncing draw he's going to say only he is the next alcoholic a reformed alcohol his also and he started out as a familiar with morning portieres and he wrote extensively about banner in his book sideswiped it's a pretty amazing book so here's the point every time the progressives raise a complaint about a particular program that's very important mr boehner and republicans bring the bill to the floor to address it you want d.c. government open here's a bill says no it's republicans but wait wait a second now it's twelve appropriations bills always if i do would they even if you had a stop the continuing resolution that harry reid the senate sent over to the house
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it contains the sequester these are the numbers the john boehner asked for these are the numbers that was published i know more and that we want more time and the other thing is harry reid you know i really am. our parents can tell me that's what you guys are generally one to dance i pleaded with ted today the answer is no i have friends who do if harry think mature on it and sit down and negotiate later carry on he does not bring bills on the floor that he doesn't like either and he does a thing called filling the tray it was absolutely this was passed by republicans into absolutely harry reid has been a tyrant when it comes to scheduling the floor you don't have to absolutely and you know it is you doing to also apply to where lab work doesn't need to be and why what we're shouting at each other here about right now yes is perhaps fun and those are violent love of america tom is is you know eight hundred thousand people being furloughed and the consequences of that which with the straw book and the president
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could address force the only book by him i was giving up his is signature. house as if you finish a sentence i'm trying to change subjects. we've been talking about here is the shutting down of the government but a week a week from no maybe a week and a half from now we will be talking about the government no longer pay its bills about true. not true you don't think the deficit not to examine the treasury career of career bureaucrats in the treasury department are working right now on a plan to pay our obligations out of current receipts it is ongoing right now and the treasury department will do more of that the treasury department has already communicated to wall street and other financial institutions and our international partners jack that there was there will be notice all ok back here is the set up the good news is that if republicans fail to raise the u.s.
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government's borrowing limit the treasury department still has the ability to avoid a default treasury secretary jack lew has said that extraordinary measures could be used in the event the congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling and we will balance the budget bad news is. that still wouldn't be enough to prevent a possible financial crisis recession according to michael frawley chief u.s. economist at j.p. morgan no bleeding heart liberal and former researcher with the federal reserve even if the treasury did avert a default we would almost certainly see a financial crisis and probably didn't take the tarp money time love to see that guy's f.e.c. report develop dates your point about him not being a bleeding heart liberal but i will add this point it is very likely that the house is going to present a debt ceiling bill something that includes a fifty to one hundred billion dollar this year cut along with its equivalent over a ten year period raise in the debt ceiling now we on the conservative side would love to see one day the american government spending less money in
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two thousand and fourteen than they did in two thousand never in the in the increase of the republic. two years ago when john boehner said he got ninety eight percent of what he wanted in the negotiation with obama which i think is why they're doing it again because they got away with it two years ago with the sequester john boehner got the sequester and out of the debt ceiling to obama's idea it was the sequester i had you know i was on boehner said he got ninety eight percent of what i had my way all of the people that were declared never in the history of they probably wake up because of that been has the debt ceiling has the full faith and credit of the united states been debated i mean. there are no doubt that the smiley face they've made as ceiling has been a mess we have bought as senator who said he was prepared to take us to that we spoke by over casting well there's no you have vote certainly now you know you have to to yes sir your story that way but well there were some measures a serious attempt there were some issues during the war until until two years ago
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the war of eighty two more of what i said when liberal western liberal. a. it was a. very hard to take on. once again long here. live happy ever had sex with a perfect hair looks. like
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. one of the people. talking about the same story doesn't make it news no softball no pocky says some tough questions. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.g.p. question for. what
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about just a nice long liberal rumble joining me tonight horace cooper and neal a cable to get back to it last night we debuted a new documentary titled the last hours of humanity warming the world to extinction take a look. the city really. could go extinct because of manmade climate change. it's hard to imagine earth without life we take life for granted but life has not always flourished here. earth has experienced dramatic loss of life or will we call mass extinction five times over the course of geologic history each one of these
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events as resulted in the loss of more than half of all life on earth today a sixth extinction is underway one that will test the survival of not just human civilization but possibly of the human species itself and it bears a horrifying resemblance to several previous global warming driven events. in mass extinction i think so back in one thousand nine hundred five they didn't even know for sure what caused the permian mass extinction they were still debating late eighty's they're still debating the k.t. extinction that killed off the dinosaurs now the science is in these every every single one of the five mass extinctions in the history the world was precipitated by global warming by massive amounts of carbon dioxide being put in the atmosphere in each case by the earth's crust being cracked open and the k.t. want to was being hit by the asteroid the other four were tectonic of volcanic activity but it was always and that six degree level of global warming gets hit and
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then the methane that's frozen in the oceans melts disperses into the air doubles global warming and you wipe out all half of all life on earth so the dinosaurs didn't have coal fired plants no the what the dinosaurs had was an asteroid that hit a home here but we have been punching holes in the earth's very efficiently we burn three hundred fifty billion tonnes of carbon from the day from eight hundred fifty through the day and it was about two hundred two trillion two thousand billion tonnes of the. been kicked off the permian the worst ninety five percent of all life there is that much carbon right now in the arctic in the permafrost and and under the melting arctic ice sheets isn't it time to start talking about extinctions well first i want to say that whoever narrated that sounded like he did overnight radio very sperry silver he said with employee system it's really something. i'll basically say what i used to tell all the progressive vironment
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fliss when i was living in cambridge even if there was such thing as global warming i'm not going to be your slave and i'm not going to pay crazy taxes and i'm not going to put you in charge of my life so you think that the fossil fuel industry should continue being the only business the only industry in the world that does not pay to dispose of its own waste well i don't know i don't know if that's an absolute fact as well as carbon dioxide they don't pay for we pay for. all the humans i don't believe that i was excited when you do a sale either the cows don't pay to excel but sit out of the temporary carbon that's cycling carbon what the fossil fuel industry is doing is taking six hundred million year old carbon yes out of the earth just like we had what happened with that asteroid hit it and i think they are smarter than that and use it and i think that you have been a partner in that we all are and so i mean discerning the loud and that's why we should be sort of electively paying the end for that energy our ministry has been the servant of civilization absolutely and so to treat them like they're somehow
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the masters is absurd absolutely i am saying that they're getting a free ride this time. if they want to tackle the referees are only interested in problems that you can identify that require us all to sacrifice for freedom there is still no there is still the same heightened i'll read what is for us free they have to do with the oil companies not evade the disposal of waste our when you say if you want read over it i'm so i was mild when i didn't suppose you know east but there is still a heightened level of risk from intro collisions. between asteroids or other asked and the others can see the decks for that right now is closed your eyes john we are not alone i guess i am johnny who wants an asteroid to kill on a crowd it is out of. the progressive effort to unite the world behind a vision to protect us from mad real risk because that can be scientifically calculated that actually the models work they predict how close they're coming and they actually come as close as they predict work they don't work that hard look.
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what you guys do with global warming i really like that line what you guys do with global warming is come up with a model it doesn't work for years go by you come up with a new model and you tell us we have the same exact solutions here take away everyone here tax us to death what we regulate i mean that's not a solution that is models over the last thirty years is that every single time they put a model forward they put worst case best best case where there is more ice and it's always the worst case there are last fall are they all right all but repudiated the last three updates before i do fifteen year pause and there's more i see yes and i see more signs that he is going into the ocean and you know there are ice in the arctic ocean there is no one yes maryland that's at this is that of course in the winter there's more than there are in summer of course the rebel held back in the winter even the most recent report itself acknowledges what we had predicted did
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not take place and so we're really just settling something worse happen now that went into the ocean and all that carbon dioxide is going to be all we know that you know he's a muslim or outside now you know as a member les is are melting and disappear they actually are at the polar bears weren't actually seen voting our yard was human there is about as go already been disputed they didn't really see it guys it's live in an alternative universe yes it's called ality earth yes ok let's talk about to tear voting dolly yes you know it's like we're talking past each other so. why why bother or washington officials in arizona and kansas are making preparations for elections with two different categories of voters one category where those people who provided proof of citizenship when they register to vote they will be able to register to vote in local state and federal elections and people who didn't provide proof of citizenship can only vote in federal elections although they will still be subject to going to prison for multiple years if they turn out not to be citizens so they'd be crazy to register to vote and vote right is why nobody does it isn't this this
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just the latest chapter the g.o.p.'s war on voting now you've got two states and figure out a way to suppress more of the vote in their states why is it always republicans driving the voter suppression republicans are concerned that and why have voters upside down on their logo easy their say stars i think that republicans want to preserve the integrity of legal valid votes. you preserve the integrity by that is i preventing tens of thousands of people from o.t. look at what i why does not go serving the integrity of a lifeboat that's ruining the mole stevens liberal or conservative i depend so much on the context of the issue john paul stevens is an activist progressive on the supreme court and when he was asked what his dead was and to the sorry what i've read. when he was given a chance to opine on the question of the constitutionality of voter id and whether it constituted suppression are not he all third the opinion saying that this was
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a valid concern and there were other states. who said oh yes my point here. is it is ranjana shiels manical it is not axial that is that republicans think this democrats think that if you look at the votes it is here and here is paul weyrich telling republicans roll taishan work yes. how many of our chris have what i call but goo goo syndrome good government they want everybody to vote. i don't want everybody to vote elections are not won by a majority of people they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now go matter of fact our leverage in the election is quite candid like go drop out of your voting populace go down so you know this is the guy who started the american legislative exchange council which has put out the legislation for voter suppression that's been passed in all these states. really think on how
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they're honestly i don't have a problem with requiring someone to show to present and valid id before they vote and i i don't understand why this is is even a controversy i mean here in d.c. because they really want to see who don't jams are. allowed to vote in a d.c. election for eric holder if he voted don't like punch line if he voted he committed a crime and if you commit that crime you go to prison and that's why people do that is not true that if you commit that crime you go to prison know that and you sell are always nonsense it is hard to prove that any individual did it because once the ballots are cast they don't put your name mc still a keeper you are in the way you have no way of knowing who voted in what election you actually do you have the sign if they showed up on that day you never know how to pull that how do you pull that ballot so you're saying that dallas not on the ballot in a city now is so now your argument now your logic is more of these who are going to
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show up they're going to sign it they're going to stand in line for six hours they're going to sign and they're going to walk over to the ballot now they're going to not vote so that they can be not prosecuted for not voting because they're there fraud to show your id you have to show an i.d. for cigarettes you have to show an id to get into the justice department or i work there are here as you know to show an american get on any and go rather have to show and i hope there are there are who do it well it depends on the state the kind of i don't want to buy cigarettes a lot you've got a lot of elderly people whose idea has long ago expired you've got people who have never owned or drove. have no other choice aisles and do have issued a directive for people receiving social security and other types of programs that ministered by the social security administration requiring them to have a valid i.d. so these very same people that the left hand said you have to have your idea to get these benefits the far left and wants to say no you don't have to do it to vote i don't know who these people even are i think their employer if it does shows who these people are they're in the dozen. i'm pretty sure we have
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a graphic that shows it was people rather than the hundreds hundreds of thousands of people of the evidence honestly tom it's very easy to get an idea and there are people who are willing to get an idea there of some you are actually have to be organized others are willing to help them certainly there are certainly there are there are governors who are working to provide people with cheap easily accessible idea why are republicans suddenly obsessed with trying to perfect it's the integrity of the vote i mean it used to be that democrats back in the old south you know in the thirty's who were who were obsessed with this here's who doesn't have i.d.'s twenty five percent of african-americans twenty percent of age and i do percent of those ratings are so he twenty four year old students say there's some people earning less than thirty five and the senator just and i think that twenty five percent of black americans have no idea but it's simply not true now if you say that that's because they're old black americans dials ten years sooner than the rest of the population so if you're talking about people in their eighty's and ninety's to say sure that twenty five percent be twenty three percent no it should
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be one what are you telling me eighteen year olds don't have id yeah of course you do this eighteen year old eighteen percent of eighteen year olds don't go to i don't you don't have the id that is necessary to vote in a song and say see how you could america we did it with this so we can get it was that i married a girl and i seen your old who lives and let's have a national id card you got a buddy you know that what you're doing this sort of thing that. the thing that when george the figure george bush campaigned against you could barely spit out your so i decided to take on your own who grew whose eyes are wisconsin id and who is going to school in alabama and you call that the doesn't have a valid id that's not true porous once again you get the last word horoscope or neil mccabe thanks for joining us good to be with them tom coming up thanks to the supreme court's disaster of citizens united decision billions of dollars were thrown around during the twenty twelve election cycle corrupting washington and our democracy but if you think that's bad just wait for what could be coming out of the
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supreme court next. talk about citizens united on steroids after the break. i know c.n.n. m.s.n. b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close enough for the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teen years we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how.
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you guys talk to the jokes well handled it makes sense that. i would rather i asked questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question or.
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in the best of the rest of the news in the wake of the supreme court's citizens united decision over seven billion dollars was spent by a combination of party's candidates and outside groups just during the two thousand and twelve election and depending on how the court rules in a new case mccutcheon v federal election commission that record spending number could climb even higher during the upcoming twenty sixteen presidential race at stake in the mccutcheon case is a fundamental rule of american campaign finance law that the supreme court affirmed back in one thousand and seventy six buckley versus fillet held
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a campaign contributions donations made by people like you me or wealthy donors like shelly adelson can be limited on tuesday the republican national committee joined alabama billionaire sean mccutcheon in arguing before supreme the. in court that the u.s. government should not limit the total amount of money any one person can donate over the course of want to lecture or to talk about the my caution case and its potential ramifications as derek crossman democratic candidate for secretary of state of california welcome hi tom great to be here great to have you with us you were there in the court for the yeah arguments i was there for the arguments yesterday is really a bit like going down the rabbit hole it's sort of a surreal experience and these justices are clearly living in a different world than the rest of us most of the arguments at the beginning where sean mccutcheon is a lawyer arguing with the justices about whether or not this really would allow one wealthy donor to put three point six million dollars into one candidate through funneling it through a bunch of committees and then senator mcconnell's attorney gets up there and says
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well so what if it does you guys have already ruled in citizens united that the donor could give three point six million dollars to an independent expenditure committee to karl rove to launch sure and even if that creates undue influence and even if that creates gratitude in a sense of indebtedness to that donor you guys said that's ok so you you've made one observe ruling you need to make another absurd ruling here well and i understand that scalia a refused to use the word corruption in the appropriate places and always replaced it with the word gratitude. she had so grateful i'm going to give you another oil depletion allowance and be there one point he said three a half million dollars isn't that much money or words to that effect yeah what kind of a reality are they living and when they think three point six million dollars isn't that much money and the greatest irony came when justice kagan suggested well we really think that we've created a problem and an absurd rule and we could go back and revisit it and rather than
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taking that seriously they all left because they know there's no chance that they would actually go back and do the right things are going to just keep plowing forward with this insanity. basically what they're saying in here is the challenge that it presents the american people is the court is saying we don't care if the legislative branch and the executive branch thinks that this corrupts our government we don't even care if the people themselves think that allowing these unlimited contributions to independent expenditure committees or allowing all this money directly to candidates creates gratitude and undue influence we don't think it does or five of us don't and so we're going to overrule the collective judgment of the legislature the executive and the people themselves and that's when we actually start losing sovereignty of our country well and without getting into an esoteric discussion of marbury vs madison judicial review which is what this is on
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steroids. a nowhere in the constitution of the given the power back to article three section two says that the supreme court should be regulated by congress but in any case you know we're on the but isn't this judicial activism on you to use your phrase on steroids i mean this is this is this is this case never should have gotten cert they're. there they started out debating. hypotheticals this is i mean it was it wasn't stephen brier saying how about some real details x. here there's no record for us to adjudicate this is way overstepping the bounds of judicial review you know the framers were a mix minds on that but even the framers that supported it said well this is to keep the legislature in check from doing something that the people haven't authorized in the constitution but the people have spoken here for forty years voters have consistently supported limits on campaign contributions congress has passed it twice to republican presidents have signed laws implementing these
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aggregate limits george w. bush and gerald ford and the people have ratified those elections so for the supreme court to come in and say you don't have the right as voters. to decide that your government is corrupt is way overstepping their are we had an energetic abraham lincoln f.d.r. moment where the executive and the legislative branches should get together and use that power given them an article three section two i think all options have to be on the table if the court said something like we're going to legalize bank robbery so long as the thieves take your money from your bank account and spend it on political speech we wouldn't tolerate that for a minute that the president would tell the f.b.i. not to enforce that law or there would be impeachment proceedings so there would be some serious and immediate action to deal with a court decision that extreme and given what's at stake with money and politics and the serious problems threatening our democracy i think we need as
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a country to take this threat very seriously well and at least two of these supreme court justices scalia and thomas. and salaries and things from the right from the very right wing billionaires who are making these arguments or yet were alive and justice thomas for thirteen years lied on his federal disclosure forms refusing to disclose the income that his wife jenny was getting from these very interests that they have unleashed with the spending in our political sense mind boggling thanks so much for being with us all right thank you john it's a pleasure to have you. in screwed news america's number one but not in the way you might think the united states incarcerates more of its citizens than any country in the world according to most recent statistics one million five hundred seventy one thousand and thirteen
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americans are in prison right now which amounts to about one point seven percent of the entire population for a country that likes to think of itself as a symbol of freedom and justice these are startling numbers for soem america's most powerful corporations they actually look like another way to measure what buck the private for profit prison business is a multibillion dollar a year industry and its lobbyists use their connections in washington and state capitals across the country to push for stricter laws that fill up prisons and add corporate wallets companies like geo group of the corrections corporation of america like to advertise themselves as good deals for taxpayers but more often than not they're just a big ripoff not to mention a raw deal for the inmates forced to live in facilities specifically designed to cut costs thankfully a growing number of americans are waking up to the danger of private prisons are taking action to expose that industry for what it is a scam and pushing for accountability throughout the justice system one of those
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people taking action against private prisons are shot robinson executive director of the color of change committee joins us now from our new york studio rashad welcome thanks for having me thanks for joining us your group has just. started a campaign to get people to divest from private prisons in other words if they own stock in those companies or in funds that are invested in those companies or even in some cases are suppose with brokerages that are most of those prisons to say no money someplace else can you tell us about that and why you're focusing on divestment absolutely you know this is a broad based campaign but right now we're focused on some of the biggest shareholders major corporations and entities that have been investing and giving lines of credit to ca in the geo group for a number of years now investing in them helping them grow helping them hire lobbyists to support things like mandatory minimums helping the industry promote laws like ninety percent of all beds need to be failed in order for that government
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for that contract to be valid so it ensures that we have to continue to incarcerate people for long periods of time in order to fail privatized prison companies because they need to make profits we're having behind the scenes conversations with many of these folks we just had a number today and we're also launched a petition on our website at color of change dot org to get tens of thousands of americans hopefully hundreds of thousands of americans engage in this campaign similar to efforts to get folks to divest from glenn beck and fox to get people to divest from the american legislative exchange council i saw paul why rick there founder on your clip from him earlier on the show when you were talking about voting and and civic participation. you know similar to those campaigns giving these corporations the ability to leave and if they don't then giving every day americans the ability to hold these folks accountable through all sorts of tactics
7:40 pm
in an effort to end what is really a real stain on our justice system so how does it work what are you suggesting that people do. what we're suggesting people do first is to go on. color of change org and sign the petition to join the campaign and we're going to give people a number of ways to act and respond right now we're having these private conversations but very soon we're going to be asking people to make phone calls go to shareholder meetings you know take over facebook pages do protest call out c.e.o. all sorts of tactics to ensure that these corporations many of them public facing can't have sort of a. relationship by day advertising sort of public facing in our community and by night making tens of thousands millions of dollars off of the incarceration of americans. to what extent.
7:41 pm
there's sort of a chicken and egg thing here with the war on drugs and i've seen numbers as high as about half of the people in our prisons there as a consequence directly or indirectly of nixon's war on drugs. to what extent are private prisons a symptom of that or and to what extent are they a cause of it not being resolved. you know they're sort of a cause of it not being resolved and in some ways they are there are sort of there they are a piece that has sort of come into play where where folks have found ways to make money off of this system right people have corporations have looked in in ca and geo group and have been really strict t.j. and looking at all sorts of ways that they can make money off of a system that is deeply unfair and does not make our communities any safer so for instance five billion dollars will be made by the private prison corporation this
7:42 pm
year they are going and their goal is to make more and the only way to make more money for these corporations is to incarcerate more people that's the. blood money i mean that's just i don't know how to describe it other than that were shot robinson is doing great work at color of change that org thanks so much for being with us thanks for having me. going up if we don't do something quick the united states government will become the kind of government the greek philosopher plato warned would tear itself apart in the eyes of daily take i'll tell you how we can make sure that doesn't.
7:43 pm
dramas the true. stories others live in the. cities changing the world. to picture. from around the globe. i suspect. the device. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy trade albus. in
7:44 pm
fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been a hydrogen client handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. look pretty in the law you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories you need this back to from top class tends to. be on the left or. when the obama supporter back to the phones on mr
7:45 pm
miller. for tonight's politically corrected correcting karl rove i was once o'reilly factor bill o'reilly had rove on to explain the big disability he believes explains the increase in social security disability recipients rove attributed the increase in social security disability recipients to a lack of fraud protection in programs like social security and medicare take a look at. private insurance companies have a financial necessity of making sure they stop fraud there are no fraud protections in medicare medicaid social security none in fact rove is just plain wrong medicare medicaid and social security all have fraud prevention programs in place to check prevent and recover money from any cases of fraud department of health and human services recently released a fact sheet about the medicare fraud program that details the variety of laws in
7:46 pm
place that punish medicare fraud which criminalizes the government being overcharged or knowingly defrauded by medicare recipients doctors or third parties for example between two thousand and two thousand and two florida governor rick scott's columbia h.c.a. private health care company pled guilty to fourteen felonies and paid a six hundred million dollars fine in the largest medicare fraud settlement in u.s. history and the h.h.s. office of the inspector general also has a program to reduce and respond to social security disability from the cooperative disability investigation program investigates disobey. claims under as so ses title to entitle sixteen programs that state disability examiners believe are suspicious despite what karl rove may tell you there are a variety of fraud control programs in place when it comes to medicare medicaid and social security and they work and that's why mr rove has been politically correct.
7:47 pm
crazy alert sexy socks new research suggests the couple struggling to spice up their love life don't need to look any farther than their dresser drawer for a little spark a bedroom manager that's because sox yes sox play an important role in increasing will be joe especially women is the real a recent study by scientists at the university of burning again in the netherlands has found that eighty percent of women who wore socks during their lovemaking to reach climax while only fifty percent of their four women reach a similar level of pleasure are you one of the study's author it all has to do with how comfortable someone feels when they're in the sack and body a room temperature and a lot to do with that that's right people are struggling to make love because they're getting pulled feet literally so the next time your friend says she met
7:48 pm
someone who really knocks her socks off remember that may not be such a good thing after. it's the good the bad and the very very kid hogle with kid holy ugly the. us strong on monday the new jersey nonprofit joined the chorus of lawmakers and activists calling for the fossil fuel industry to pay for destroying our planet in a report titled extreme weather extreme costs us strong estimated that the hurricanes. sandy superstorm caused over seventy billion dollars worth of damage and argue that the best way to raise the money necessary to cover the costs of future storm recovery efforts is to create a carbon tax the fossil fuel industry is the only industry in the world that doesn't have to pay for the cleanup of its waste time mystery doing so this isn't
7:49 pm
a partisan issue it's just it's the bad pat robertson during the monday broadcast of the seven hundred club the televangelist let loose on the evils and one of the evils of the modern world the low carb diet seriously. when your body burns this stuff with no carbohydrates what happens is you build up the clinkers and either get swollen joints you get to go out you get all kinds of problems but sooner or later it by the principles of. right america satan invented the adkins diet to tempt everyone from the path of the little and the very very oddly brenda barton arizona state representative finds herself in broiled controversy this week after she compared president obama to hitler on facebook and you know posted to her personal page on monday barton
7:50 pm
a republican complained about the effects of the government shutdown on the national park service writing someone is paying the national park service overtime for their efforts to carry out the orders of do furer where are our constitutional sheriffs who can revoke the park service rangers authority go arrest do we have any sheriffs who appear really national park service bugs i don't think i've heard that one before in all serious though seriousness though representative barton's facebook post is just another example of the boiling those on the extreme right feel toward our president and every day government workers and that it's very very .
7:51 pm
on tuesday the supreme court heard arguments in mccutcheon v federal election commission actually it's because of the r n c vs federal election which the single most important campaign finance case since citizens united sean mccutcheon a billionaire from alabama and the republican party are asking the supreme court to strike down some of our most effective campaign contribution limits limits that keep rich people from owning politicians mitch mcconnell the republican senate majority leader from kentucky is joining them and is asking the court to strike down even more campaign contribution it's pending on how the nine justices on the supreme court. side because for at least the five right winners our democracy could continue on as it is or fall even further down the path toward all out oligarchy but first a little background believe it or not most members of congress actually hate raising money sure they have to do it to run their campaigns every election cycle
7:52 pm
but it's a pretty boring time consuming process in fact it can be downright humiliated in fact a leaked power point presentation put together by the democratic congressional campaign committee for rookie congressman recommended that they block off around half of their ten hour work day for different fund raising activities so on tuesday while the supreme court was hearing arguments in the mccutcheon case senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sent over his and picked lawyer bobby burchfield to do something about it on behalf of mcconnell burchfield as the justices of course nine justices to scrap all limits on the amount of donations an individual can make to candidates during and the individual election cycle if the court accept the connell's argument any congressman could fund his campaign with the money for one single donor and avoid all the time spending spent attending dinners or making phone calls to rich people in his district similarly senators could run their campaigns with just a few big donors in fact mcconnell as the court threw burchfield to allow mega rich
7:53 pm
donors like you know the guy who spent one hundred fifty million bucks on behalf of republicans the last election to have the total and unrestricted freedom to own their own politicians mcconnell wants the court to take a more extreme position on campaign finance than is actually at stake in the mccutcheon case but thanks to the supreme court's doctrine of money is speech is actually a chance the court could take his side if that happens the supreme court would essentially legalize campaign bribery as a subset of free speech protected under the first amendment. this is stupid and unnecessary. when congress has had the chance to regulate campaign finance on its own without interference from an elected bodies like the supreme court it has almost always actually chosen to limit the kind of bribery that senator mitch mcconnell wants to unleash our elections the two thousand to mccain feingold act is
7:54 pm
the most recent example of this and there are other solutions for the problem of fundraising besides legalized bribery in maine and arizona for example campaigns are almost completely publicly funded campaigns until the supreme court stepped in and stop the practice or disrupted it badly it's striking down limits on individual campaign donations like mitch mcconnell wants this recent supreme court to do isn't just stupid unnecessary it's downright dangerous for the health of our democracy money unlike real speech is inherently unequal rich people like shelly adelson can spend a lot more on the candidate of their choice than average middle or working class americans can this creates a situation where wealthy donors are more important to campaigns and less to politics than regular donors at that point there's very little separating campaign donations in the kind of outright bribery used but mafia dons initial mcconnell's
7:55 pm
dream america candidates who receive big contributions from the show and from the sheldon adelson types would have a built in incentive an even bigger one than they have now into the citizens united system to push for policies that benefit their donors and when this happens the issues that affect average americans the people who can't afford to spend tens of millions of dollars on one candidate those issues are going to be ignored. things wouldn't be much different if the court takes the less extreme approach to campaign bribery proposed by sean mccutcheon and the r n c unlimited total donations if the court allows that wealthy donors could launder up to three point six million dollars through political parties and. committees basically turning their candidates into. personal property of the billionaires. when candidates are the property of the wealthy few and do only their bidding our nation stops being a democracy or a republic and starts to become something else
7:56 pm
a political system ultimately controlled by those at the very top ancient greeks had a word for that kind of system they called it oligarchy which literally means government by the few. if the supreme court sides with mitch mcconnell sean mccutcheon and the republican party and strikes down sensible limits on campaign donations we will be one more step down the road to a government controlled by the few the billionaire few and that's a pretty terrifying idea. in the republic the greek philosopher plato warned that all oligarchy eventually descend into violence and chaos because control of political institutions by the wealthy few breeds the kind of hatred that only comes from extreme any quality. any quality in america right now is the highest it's ever been and if the supreme court rules in favor of mccutcheon it will make things even
7:57 pm
worse luckily there is an alternative to oligarchy and the chaos that comes with it and that alternative is a constitutional amendment declaring once and for all that money is not speech if we want to take back our hijacked democracy from the billionaires the lackeys in congress and we need to take away their life blood the uncontrolled flow of money into our elections go to move to amend dot org and find out what you can do to say no to the billionaires and yes to democracy. and that's the way it is tonight wednesday october ninth two thousand and thirteen day nine the government shutdown and don't forget the fate of the world is in your hands get over the last hours dot org tag your it.
7:58 pm
activism politics in a cold place and a whole lot of media publicity what is greenpeace all about today is it is smug and self promoting boy or a brave environmentalist group opinions vary and at the very center of the debate surrounding organizations such as greenpeace is the question whether they have the right to operate outside the law. and. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t.
7:59 pm
question for. well if you're going to like these policies i think you know. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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coming up on our t.v. close scientist still out for the u.s. government both sides here in washington are playing the blame game some much needed services across the country remains shut down so who is really to blame we'll dive into that topic ahead and an offshoot of the occupy wall street movement plans to create its own debit card they're now seeking a million dollars to produce the card and even forging a connection with a visa we'll tell you more about the occupy debit card coming up. and finally the giant n.s.a. spy center in utah is quite literally melting down meanwhile here in d.c. the congressional scrutiny of the agency is heating up more on that later in the show.


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