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the party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests they deserve answers from. politics. to. the that. it's brought on guys i mean martin's this is breaking the sat remember member that i traveled to haiti last year to cover the cholera outbreak that killed eight thousand patients and made sixty six hundred fifty thousand people very sick now all the evidence has shown that the outbreak was clearly introduced to the country by u.n. troops from the home and naturally victims of this deadly disease are demanding compensation from the u.n. today an advocacy group filed a lawsuit against international body and are seeking billions of dollars in damages for the country but the u.n. has maintained that it is too big to sue and as cholera ridden haitians nothing
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book right now it cost the u.n. a half a billion dollars to maintain its troops in the country every year just to give you a little bit perspective it's projected that it would only cost two point two billion dollars to completely eliminate cholera and restore proper sanitation throughout haiti so far only one u.n. official is spoken out about the spectacle refusal to own up to this enormous human health disaster navy kelly high commissioner for human rights said quote i still stand by the call that victims of those who suffered as a result of that cholera be provided with compensation if you don't want pilatus stand alone and think that the u.n. should pay for the blood on its hands and join me and let's break the set. the going to lead the teams to take the lead very hard to take a while to get along well if you haven't had sex with that or make
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their way to. believe. the. education. the solo. oh. it'll be a weekly. q. six students will face charges next week after being arrested during a protest against general david petraeus the retired generals coming under fire for his teaching job at county but he's also reportedly making big bucks to mentor students at the university of southern california artie's among the lenos in los angeles but the reaction to trace has moved into academia. as the u.s.
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enters its thirteenth year of the afghanistan war one of the major protectionists general david petraeus is once again facing harsh criticism after retiring from the cia following a sex scandal betray us was given a high profile teaching gig here at the prestigious university of southern california iverson here in los angeles i don't think he deserves at all to murder thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians just to advance the interests of the united states criminal. and coming here to u.s.c. which is regarded as one of the pillars of education you know decent education here in the los angeles particularly in the part of town which kind of like the ridiculous many in the mainstream press hail general petraeus as a war hero however critics point out. many feel years in his administering of the iraq and afghanistan wars somehow in america we do have a history of violence but let's face it and i was part of that being in the vietnam war we have a history where we seem to celebrate violence we seem to think that violence is the
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answer it clearly is there are thousands of u.s. soldiers who lost legs or are dead because they were being sent on missions by patricius that had no other purpose but to advance betrays his own career and he should be tried and he should be in prison but instead of being sent to jail said of people like him and bush and cheney and rumsfeld all of these people that are guilty of really one of the greatest atrocities of this generation instead of being held accountable there are making millions of dollars on book tours and getting six figure honorariums to speaking universities and getting hired as guest lecturers at universities like this and. students at the city university of new york were arrested for protesting the arrival of the of the tree is here in southern california activists are calling for petraeus to face justice instead of facing the student body in los angeles. are key.
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the ongoing incompetence at the fukushima nuclear power plant is consistently making headlines the gross enough to turn is also happening at a nuclear facility right here in the u.s. see last week a government report show that the replacement of the facility housing a radioactive liquid waste in los alamos national laboratory is eleven years behind schedule according to report this treatment facility is fifty years old it's falling apart and is even failed on occasion which means the lab cannot process radioactive waste while repairs are being made. this disturbing report comes on the heels of a two thousand and eleven wildfire that came just within one mile of the new mexico desert facility and it's twenty thousand drums of plutonium waste so to discuss this dire state at the syllabi i was joined there by greg mellow executive director of the los alamos study group and i started by asking him how it got to this point
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. body. collisions between the contractors. and the federal changes direction. the political relationship because tractors are much too powerful so the federal government you know really. step in as clearly as it would as it needs to there is just not used to doing that in the case of styles what kind of contractors are we talking about here. we're talking about this case a toll of your us corporation b.m.w. and the university of california which have booked our ship to run los alamos national laboratory before that it was the university of go or. same with lawrence livermore lab so it's been essentially a privatized at this point. yes fully privatised. you know the lab has no
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way of processing radioactive liquid waste what's happening with this material. well it is being processed the facility is old it's been patched there is workarounds and when there is a problem there are storage tanks slowly build up and then look we says process goes. in a kind of a campaign or batch mode but it's not seismically sound and you know there are safety problems so and has to be something has to be done on a per more permanent basis. the question is what scale how grandiose. should the operating contractor which is supposedly a scientific organization be doing this nitty gritty waste management or whether somebody else should be brought in more competent right well what is a solution for this and go area incompetence i mean if there's been privatizing
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there just this utter lack of regulatory oversight on the facility what what next. will there needs to be a. real assessment of why missions should be given to be a management and operated contractor and what should be split off so construction almost certainly should be split up because or have a really bad record that. we think that nuclear weapons are inherently federal function of government and it should not be profit. privatized secret to communities or not but back to list not a pretty company even it's a privately held company so none of this none of this world war two hatter basically should still be existing at this point we'd rather see it run like it like the national institute of health or nasa oh more than equal research laboratory which are federal so there would be the profit. component would be
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taken oh you know you've said that los alamos is also the center for tony manufacturing and the country even though the area is prone to many natural disasters like wildfires and earthquakes is los alamos the potential fukushima waiting to happen. almost is a problem ridden so. for reasons of natural hazard as well as because it's it's a sociologically misfitting. so really it's different than the rest of the students on that you know. it's always had cultural problems it's eisel. so there's a potential to she know it's not a potential but it's still a place where serious accidents could have serious accidents some extent have already but hopefully. those could be minimised going forward and there is the
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question right now or a question you know as to what extent can the laboratory ground modern so you've argued actions they have. safety regulations like not zero. i grew up in livermore next to livermore the only other site in the country that develops and stockpiles nuclear weapons grade and their facility has had extraordinary problems in the past and been plutonium down the drains to lack of containment and a potential for a large scale environmental disaster in the bay area has anything else happened with the facility in los alamos over the years that should ring alarm bells. oh yeah. let's almost at the same thing there were only two thousand contaminated places that was solid moans they've been some of been cleaned up and consolidated some have. deemed worthy of no great interest but the fact remains are or about
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a dozen nuclear landfills nuclear chemical. and various roles going into the canyons so yes there is a problem there oh much more of them. and would you say that the nuclear arms race is still alive and well today. but you have said and say oh the obama administration in fact has put forward the largest most. oppose all or new warheads. but you have a two hundred seventy billion dollars plan to modernize or so bombs are going to explode but piers that doesn't include the plutonium and so on these that might be needed and it is widely considered to be an underestimate on capitol hill most people think it's kind of a fantasy a nuclear weapon scientists dream but it is the plan. gets results from the obama
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administration caving into the contractors keeping it republicans and having people in the administration who are looked over at who've been placed from the private contractors into the administration who she's got a plan it's very serious issue thank you so much for coming on breaking some of the downgrade mel executive director of the los alamos study group. thank you so much jeff. stick around after the break i'll talk to max and blumenthal about his new book a lie of life and love in a greater israel. wealthy british style. time to. time. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they cherry said they can the very strong position against them all and we think that. the genetic anymore the fight products are a priest tool tool there is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the most trap i don't believe that. for anybody free. enterprise is profit not.
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for social justice it's golden rice on our team. right on the scene. first trip to use a knife gripping pictures. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. here in the beltway washingtonians have been facing a very serious question should the n.f.l. team the washington redskins change its name after all when d.c. was the murder capital of the country its basketball team changed its name from the bolts to the wizards this it seems like political correctness is great fodder for
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superficial debate when it comes to pop culture it's easy to have an opinion on the p.c. and i fell for rather than focus on what an american football team does how we start paying attention to the real issue at hand the dire condition of native americans in this country that americans were the original inhabitants of the us but european descendants took their land and either killed them or corralled them into a corner and ever since they've been largely forgotten over the past centuries their sovereignty has been stripped and their culture has been destroyed ever had from practicing their religion in their children were taken to schools for reeducation the few survivors of this near genocide are often stuck on the remaining three hundred ten reservations in the us let's call them what they really are prison camps because the conditions they endure on these pieces of land are often abominable see native americans haven't just been victims of american indian wars and manifest destiny they've also been the victims of capitalism
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a railroad and mining corporations exploited the reservation lands and forced the people that had not yet been part of a wage economy into commodification and that commodification has manifested itself into the form of the no industrial complex and industry that's overtaken reservations and made its populations boldly reliant on the industry it's a trend that journalist chris hedges refers to. as capitalisms sacrifice zones voiceless parts of the country trapped in endless cycles of poverty powerlessness and despair and nothing exemplifies the stark reality more than pine ridge reservation in south dakota. it's appalling you know the average life expectancy for a male in pine ridge is forty eight that is the lowest in the western hemisphere outside of haiti at any one time sixty percent of the dwellings do not have electricity or water and employment rate at pine ridge fluctuates between seventy and eighty five
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percent infant mortality is three times higher than the national average and since the majority of the land on reservations is held communally indigenous people can't adapt to society by owning property making it difficult to establish credit or borrow money these unlimited opportunities are a sign of a disappearing culture and a country that's doing almost nothing to preserve it this fact combined with a constant outlet for toxic gambling could be why such a large percentage of native americans drown their sorrows in alcohol alcoholism is an epidemic in fact one in ten native americans die from alcohol related deaths were read times higher than the general population according to the centers for disease control. the only thing that's more prevalent on reservations than alcoholism is the alarming number of suicides according to c.d.c. suicide rates have increased by sixty five percent over the past decade amongst native american youth so what can we do to combat this problem won't we change the conversation because the government solution is to shroud this country's shameful
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treatment of native americans with alcohol and gambling the american people and they see the debate as nothing more than a name on a football jersey. back from an impassioned speech at the u.n. about. the threat iran poses to the world israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu spoke to an audience in israel at bar ilan university shockingly though the speech wasn't a bunch of fear mongering about iran you know bibi actually took the time to talk about palestine but maybe not the way you hope. so using references to palestinian leadership in the early twentieth century bibi actually tried to link today's palestinians to the nazis of the one nine hundred forty s. and despite this harsh rhetoric in the abysmal conditions of palestinians living under israeli occupation america's political support for israel remains strong so
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here to help me break down this issue further i'm joined by max blumenthal a journalist who's been exploring the cultural and political shifts within israel the author of the bestselling new book the lie of life in loathing and greater israel max thanks so much for coming on thanks and just to clarify the new book isn't a bestseller yet but it will be if you're viewers can help me. well max you talk about multiple forces that are driving this base of support for israel within the u.s. what are they. why obviously. there is the the israel lobby apac which is the key arm of the israel lobby as one of the most powerful forces driving support for israel in the united states but also there is sort of a curtain of silence around the facts on the ground what netanyahu seeks to obscure in his own backyard and what i want to do with my book life and loathing and in israel is break that curtain of silence and get behind the veneer of propaganda that's been erected in this country and now you mentioned netanyahu his speech at
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the u.n. in new york and then him going back to israel to borrow a line university which is the academic base of religious nationalism in israel and spending fifteen minutes ranting about how the palestinians are the heirs to the nazis and how the palestinian national movement was directly engaged in the final solution and the killing of jews in europe which is completely false but beyond that is pure incitement he delivered this speech in hebrew and meanwhile the u.s. is trying to conduct a peace process with netanyahu under netanyahu his terms this man is supposed to be a partner for peace who is calling palestinians nazis you see him speaking one language in the u.s. saying he wishes for a peaceful future for israelis and palestinians and another language in israel and in my book in my chapter about netanyahu i call him the salesman because i talk about his marketing efforts of israel in the u.s.
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i write about a little known quote that he delivered at the same university bari line university in one nine hundred eighty nine where he talks about how he urged then prime minister yitzhak shamir and he was a he was in government to begin conducting mass massive campaign of ethnic cleansing in the occupied territories because the world's attention was focused on tiananmen square and china and the protests there now netanyahu has the world's attention focused on iran and this is part of a. strategy to continue conducting human rights abuses and crimes in his own backyard away from the world's attention. and max as we know up until recently there was actually a eugenics program administering birth control forcibly to ethiopian jewish communities unbeknownst to them can you speak about the discrimination within israel against african jews and asylum seekers you mention something that is some disturbing story about the kind of abuses that are meted out to ethiopia and jews
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in this occurred in a transit camp run by the israeli foreign ministry where women were given depor provera shots without knowing which suggests that the government of israel wanted to limit the number of black babies even if they were jewish but what we see in israel increasingly and especially in tel aviv is a massive campaign of racist incitement and violence against the sixty thousand non jewish african refugees who have made these harrowing tracks across the sinai desert fleeing violence in regions like daraa for in places like eritrea freeing repression and they have they had heard that israel was a country that was honoring the legacy of the holocaust and cared about refugees and instead increasingly by the hundreds and thousands they're being placed in a camp in the negev desert in the south of israel called. entire families including
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women and children. for as long as three years a camp that the israeli architectural collective be crawling has called a concentration camp with harsh conditions and they're being placed there not only because they are migrants who aren't citizens of the state of israel but because they are non jews who cannot become citizens of the state of israel because the only path to citizenship is in israel right now is to be like me and to have jay positive blood. acts as a chapter in your. but it also talks about the institutionalized discrimination within the country can you just elaborate on some of the policies that exist that exemplify this kind of state sponsored discrimination. yeah i mean i could spend the rest of your show or the rest of the evening talking about that but one thing that's worth mentioning that has been ignored in the western media especially in the u.s. press is that a recent israeli supreme court decision ruling against petitioners calling for an israeli national identity in other words israel is probably the only country in the
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world that has no is a national identity instead identity is afforded according to your ethnicity dru's arab jewish and your rights and privileges are given to you based on your ethnicity and if you're jewish you have superior. you have superior citizenship privileges now since the foundation of the state of israel there has not been a single village town or city built for arab citizens of israel meanwhile in the negev desert right now where eighty thousand indigenous palestinian bedouins live in unrecognized villages where they're not allowed to hook up to the electricity grid even the electricity wires run over their villages they can't get any public services because they're not jews there is a plan called the proverb plan that will forcibly relocate forty thousand of those indigenous bedouins to state run indian reservations style towns which according to government linked website the or movement have been built to concentrate the
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bedouin population this will be the largest campaign of ethnic cleansing possibly since nine hundred forty eight and you have to wonder why aren't we hearing about this in our media what i'm trying to do with my book goliath is just simply educate people and get past this curtain of silence that obscures human rights crimes like the kind we're discussing now absolutely i want to get your opinion on this recently i was talking to norman finkelstein and he was saying that obama's kind of trying to reinvigorate the peace process. because he's failing politically. how much of the peace process do you think has been just completely co-opted in turn into a meaningless political tool. i think it's been kind of a meaningless political tool since the beginning and we have to note that there is never been a u.s. proposal for a palestinian state and i know that sounds kind of ridiculous because we're constantly talking about a palestinian state but a state means you're allowed to have a military a state means you're allowed to control your borders a state means you're allowed to control all that territory within your borders in
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a state you get air space you get to control your water resources and according to the u.s. plan there the palestinian authority is entitle to absolutely none of those especially control of its own borders and it will receive only a small portion. of the land that it was originally trusted with in the oslo accords twenty years ago since the oslo accords one hundred fifty thousand settlers have been moved into the west bank by the state of israel so it's basically a joke and what obama and john kerry are doing is buying more time so they don't have to make a decision and ringing the alarm on israeli apartheid. israel is using the peace process or the talks and netanyahu says he's committed to peace talks with the operative word being talks to continue building more settlement units while the palestinian authority is locked into this timetable and can't do anything so it's not only a charade it's a dangerous exercise which is leading to increasing human rights abuses and
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colonization beneath the rhetoric of peace right and of course i mean actions speak much louder than this meaningless rhetoric that we hear time and time again present after president israel's obviously the third rail in american politics you simply cannot question the israeli government's policies without being labeled a certain things how can we get anywhere with this issue of the world community one even push back against israel's violations of international law we have about a minute left i think we're seeing people talk about it more i think we're seeing the de. shifting and i think we're increasingly seeing the israel lobby exposed as a paper tiger the more people who are willing to challenge it i think the more we're going to see a tidal wave of resistance in favor of a humanitarian solution to the israel palestine crisis and the center of this at the bottom of this tidal wave is the palestinian led b.d.s. movement the boycott divestment and sanctions movement which i cover extensively in my book. absolutely journalist max blumenthal crucial issue we need to put the
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pressure on and get this story out of the book life and greater israel really appreciate your time thanks so much. thanks so much to everyone at home for tuning in tonight be sure to join me again to break a sweat all over again tomorrow. good lumber tour. was to build the world's most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't give
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a darn about anything mission to teach me the creation of why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only. the recent history knows quite a few examples humanitarian concerns were used as a song that's a partial political action when you hold a military intervention country a humanitarian intervention you participate in the descriptive taishan. in danger. i mean partially human terry and me since. i was convinced in all my interaction with iran that. iran was not. going to make nuclear weapons but it was important for them. and identity.
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of the sea and showing a sense of dignity. in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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i cannot speak for my son and really the legal issues. thankful that my son is safe and free edward snowden's father in law to see his son for the first time since the n.s.a. revelations the cia contract. from washington's prosecution. just minutes. what he said in just a few moments. ago pooled for intelligence from a group of fellow whistle blowers and activists. to them exclusively. the libyan prime minister appears on state television after a brief kidnapping by government contract and.


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