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whenever you see the president talk about exceptionalism what he's trying to say is there are rules of civil behavior. in the party leaks founder julian assange for talks exclusively to our d. about a u.s. exceptionalism and his vision for the future of the freedom of information. one hundred twenty million europeans live in though in the brink of poverty the red calls raises the alarm suggesting surgery policies are pushing the e.u. into deep decline. and u.k. activism seek to name all the victims of e.u. was drone strikes in pakistan to bring return the people seem well it's over to the point that people statistics we talk to activists from the bureau of investigative
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journalism who are looking beyond just the casual figures caused by what the u.s. calls precision strikes. live from moscow this is our to you with me to one would say it's good to have you company with us this afternoon. american exceptionalism is merely an excuse washington uses to break the law at home and abroad that's what julian assange has told r.t. evil goal in an exclusive interview we can expand also sketched out his a vision on the future of freedom of information and praise a russia for giving us time to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden. here at the embassy of ecuador in london he affirmed that the exceptionalism that barack obama president of united states is defending
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is merely an excuse to be involved the law something used by nations such as the united states with power to subordinate others assigned also alerted to the necessity of developing sovereign technology and sovereignty in general in order to defend nations against the mass surveillance and espionage programs of the united states that violate human rights in certain rights under international law that whenever you see the president talk about exceptionalism what he's trying to say is there are rules of civil behavior. doesn't apply to him. whether that's in invading another country or whether that's abusive lords. in relation to. the espionage act against alleged journalistic sources. and journalists. that's something you're saying it's very
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important that people understand that this is not just a bit more saying it's a radical shiite. cleric obama. has more people on the d.s.p. . more journalistic sources on the espionage act than all previous presidents combined going back to nine hundred seventeen in fact he's prosecuted them but this is a deliberate conscious decision by the white house to create a chilling effect using the espionage act as opposed to some other mechanism he also thanks to the russian government for giving asylum to edward snowden the whistleblower and former n.s.a. contractor and he thanked the countries of ecuador of venezuela bolivia for offering asylum to snowden and also giving support and asylum to a song. saying that they are the few nations amongst the few nations that have had the courage to stand up to u.s. power and aggression in terms of those nations that stepped forward it was like the
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america and russia and not all of latin america either but then that's where they believe you and they could or trying a keen interest. that it full interview will be available for you online so head to r.t. dot com at eleven thirty g.m.t. to hear more of what julian assange had to say. read all the whistleblower heavily in the spotlight right now edward snowden has been honored for his revelations about global u.s. surveillance received the same adams prize for integrity in intelligence it's given out and will be by former u.s. government officials for whistleblowers and activists who handed snowden the award stop by our studio and told r.t. as kevin know when the n.s.a. leaker is toy. he's convinced that people read it with rage he has no regrets and is willing to face whatever the future holds for him it's
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a dangerous time for whistleblowers in the united states but the fact the snowden effect has been the opposite we have more and more whistleblowers coming to the government accountability project that we have had before so i think if the u.s. is trying to clamp down and send a message by making an example courage is contagious. so what's it like to go against major government organizations to expose exactly what they're up to well this group of whistleblower was told us all about the experience and that full conversation is available for you on r.t. . so should everyone certain be considered a hero for revealing how you were surveillance programs operate one of the most prominent figures in the technology world thinks so artie's all the parts are done with apple co-founder steve wozniak who explained his views on the n.s.a. leaker and his revelations. i believe he's
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a hero i believe he's coming directly from his heart that he feels some goodness that he wants to be truthful to the american people that he believes in and loves his country america so strong with and that's all true and that he took a very drastic step and made a sacrifice and i wish that i look around the search engine in my life that i could do a quick call to his make the sacrifice i would do it i don't have knowledge information to expose you know on our. government bad activities that they do secretly because nobody would really think it's the right thing so i'm i'm very. i'm very glad that he exists among us ians a hero and i wish that somebody five in the same situation i hope that i have the courage to do the same thing. one hundred twenty million europeans are now living in on the brink of poverty twenty six million have no job or a cross
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a study concludes the problems triggered by the e.u. say tackling off the debt crisis will be felt for decades now it says of the pool are getting poorer soaring unemployment is fuelling extremism and depression and hopelessness is on the rise chris klug from the knotting him business school in the u.k. says governments don't realize the scale of the looming disaster. i think. at the moment what you're seeing is european financial leaders the commission the governments all telling us how they've solved the problems when they haven't actually done anything at all in the last couple of years to sort out any of their problems and you know i do agree with the red cross that they are facing a catastrophe in europe and i think back to ask if it will happen soon so what you're seeing is an economic crisis brought about by that ludicrous policy of trying to tie everything together me europe was functioning quite well until the single currency came along. so you know when you get masses of young people
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unemployed and when you get people in various countries feeling like they are continuously paying out to support other people in other countries. you know the problem the problem here is quite clearly. going to cause xenophobia. that was dead straight in european countries like portugal are pressing on with austerity in a struggle to please the international lenders they say the prospects of recovery are improving that doesn't make people's everyday lives any easier as i've seen so far it found out. since portugal signed a seventy eight billion euro bailout deal back in two thousand and eleven some have referred to it as the poster child of us thirty but with high unemployment and a surge in emigration we've come to take a look at the state of portugal's economy two years on like most mothers raquel wants the best possible future for her nine month old son but born in the midst of
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a deep recession this family hasn't had the easiest start when we decided we wanted to have a child who had no idea things would get this unstable then everything just broke down and we had to just make a decision was going to become one of those record the new children of europe when she takes him to join her husband george he's currently working as a nurse in the u.k. despite unemployment falling slightly to just under seventeen percent is still the fifth highest in the usa meaning work held george and was not the only long distance family with a chance in portugal are hard to come by emigration has soared and if estimated that more than one hundred thousand people each year leaving the country. it's not too bad knees portugal showing some glimmers of recovery a beast in exports has been complemented by strong tourism but the cost of the
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astaire it he has been high many workers are seeing tax rises equivalent to a month's wages and the age of retirement has gone up economist for rare is still calling for portugal to leave the eurozone and he has a word of warning. to difficult to do so he says. hopefully and there's another big question on everybody's lips as portugal another. risk for me time big i don't think there's a risk of. a difficult situation because we have three years ago but. before the beginning of this program where we are. going to markets
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probably something has to be that nobody can say what. all eyes will be on portugal what its current program with the troika comes to an end in june next year but off to two years of unprecedented i'll start see many portuguese still see little hope of a price. surface. portugal. more stories ahead for you including saying no to g.m. i don't see that senatorial to join them on center is expected to get a crowd that are able fifty countries across the plate. and putting a human face on the drug war in pakistan would take a look at how one british and has launched a project to list the names of all those killed unmanned aerial strikes just ahead .
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i think united states is in discussion with afghanistan for a bilateral security agreement which would. mandate and allow for a significant number of u.s. troops tamed in six to seven bases that are being prepared for them to to use your own two thousand and fourteen they would obviously have a very restricted. operation mandate but they would still be there for purposes of training and perhaps to some kind of. at and t. and ballast to the security forces well i'm astounded so. wealthy british style. but i'm glad. i can go to. the.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on our. welcome back rebel groups in syria killed at least one hundred ninety civilians in early august human rights watch revealed today the report also says over two hundred hostages were seized in a military offensive on a pro us alawite villages the study used on site investigations and interviews with ace of survive the assault it concludes that the operation was a coordinated and planned attack on the civilian population of the sixty seven of the victims are believed to have been executed the circumstances of the rest of the deaths are being investigated five extremist groups are believed to have played key
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role in the offensive including the al qaeda affiliated. and the son of state of iraq and a vast. protesters across the globe are preparing to rally against genetically modified food giant wants that hundreds of cities and over fifty countries i spoke to take part in saturday's march at the previous international protest last may gather around two million people together the motions are calling for a permanent boycott of genetically modified foods and harmful chemicals monsanto is also blamed for polluting the environment. and trying to improve its reputation by falsifying safe seat reports that the company insists it's playing a key role in feeding the world's weapons the growing population but every smith who has written extensively about the dangers of g.m. tends begs to differ. when you look at the annabelle feeding studies are genetically engineered just the american academy of environmental medicine they
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said there's gastrointestinal problems immune system problems excel aerated aging organ damage reproductive disorders there's massive infant mortality multiple massive tumors early death there are so many things that are all going wrong with the animals that are being fed g m o's and now we're seeing those things rising in the u.s. population since g. of those were introduced the current generation of g m o's has nothing to offer feeding the hungry world or about acute poverty so this is just been a public relations fish and they spent two hundred fifty billion dollars over five years trying to convince americans that they needed to accept because it would feed the world i ask farmers all the time what do you think about santa even those farmers that use monsanto seeds often hate monsanto or fear mike said to work so that's why monsanto has been continuously voted as the most evil company on the planet year after year with stiff competition. will be closely following the calls
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taking to the streets to protest against monsanto on saturday bringing in opinion and analysis all day and online. one is global business risk global doesn't interest versus millions or more he said that in some products versus global culture. march against monsanto a look at the drugs on r g r g dot com and i look at what a website r.t. dot com has for you today this one has a lot of people clicking on it intelligence reaction brazil is determined to act against n.s.a. snooping into houses sum it up all cross border spying and the laws of the internet that story and the background on why brazil is so upset is all online big. brother walking dead at a higher man tries to prove he's alive and well two decades after he was thought to
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have passed away but according to future declare him alive despite him being at the hearing this story is the subject of one of our many cartoons go and see the whole collection at r.t. dot com. right. first. and i think you're. on our reporters would. like to welcome back to our t.v. now the u.s. is reluctant to admit how many civilians have died in the cia led drone war in pakistan but one u.k. nonprofit group is digging for the truth the bureau of investigative journalism is
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seeking to name all the victims of u.s. strikes in the region in the hope they could put a human face on what's happening archie's point a boy has this report. i want to make sure that people understand actually drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties that for the most part they have been very precise precision strikes against al qaeda and their affiliates for the most part being the operative phrase one organization is taking american statements like these with a pinch of salt and looking at just how precise these so-called precision strikes are according to estimates u.s. drone strikes have killed over two and a half thousand people in pakistan's remote tribal region since two thousand and four but london's bureau of investigative journalism is going beyond those casualty figures and trying to name every single person killed by the cia's use of drones in waziristan we've been recording the strikes and recording the number of people
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killed and now we want to move on to a new phase of the project to start recording been millions of the bad this is to help bring transparency to the public debate about the use of drones in pakistan but also more generally to bring return the people see manatees to return to fight with their people what made the statistics already the project has the names of two hundred ninety five innocent victims among them ninety five children there's a fundamental problem with the whole strategy of of using drugs almost inevitably this kind of remote controlled killing is going to increase the number of civilian casualties it has a tendency to towards indiscriminate assassinations there's a kind of there's a kind of a gulf between you and your potential targets which i think inevitably leads towards a kind of trigger happy approach to killing in pakistan drones are deeply unpopular
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the countries un envoy recently even you'd calls for the strikes to end the continuing to violate pakistan's sovereignty international law and hume. right you read about the accounts of what the experience of drone attacks russian law i follow people in brazil is there in afghanistan or elsewhere you have these. and the coups just in the air have ring over communities for twelve eighteen hours. which creates a feeling of being an imminent strike across you know most of our attention and feel families have to leave the area the cia which runs the drone program has been accused of shielding it from being accountable to the american people as a civilian organization carrying a war across the border into the country essentially into a country as far as we're aware the united states government is the only country to use drones outside of that. and we believe that we should bring transparency to those actions so that the public face of america so the merits of humanizing the
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innocent dead could be the first step towards opening up that debate remembering that civilian victims are names not numbers. artsy. nobel committee the house decided that the nobel peace prize for to solve the uncertainty is to be awarded to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. this year nobel has given its top award to the international watchdog overseeing chemical weapons the group received the award for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons with its expertise currently in syria to hunt and destroy stockpiles the idea of disarming syria was proposed by russia and agreed with by the u.s. and is seen as a diplomatic breakthrough in resolving the conflict. workers led by democrats as sen lindsey lowe c.
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hit the streets of washington to share their anger over the ongoing governmental shutdown they demanded the senate to resolve the crisis by now a vote on a resolution to reopen the government the shutdown is now in a sea level today with less than a week left until a possible default with congress on able to agree on a botched. eight patients and two hospital workers died in a hospital fire in a southern province of japan where the blaze a broke out on the ground floor before spreading patients were exposed to smoke inhalation because fire doors there would have stemmed to the flow had been left open the exact cause is still being investigated. at the brandenburg gate in berlin a migrants from different african countries are staging a hunger strike at the refugees have been camping there for almost a year travelling from a government facility near munich to protest over the rules on play me asylum and
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the current regulations that immigrants must live in areas designated by the federal government and are forbidden from working. israeli's are serving in the army are facing some of their biggest battles on home soil ultra-orthodox jews enlisted in the army are coming under attack from their own city communities where most believe it's a sin to serve out his policy or reports. it's the basic mission of a soldier to fight for his or her country but for the few hundred ultra-orthodox israeli soldiers the fight is on two fronts they're also coming under fire from within their own hasidic communities for serving in the israeli defense forces in the hardcore religious neighborhoods the graffiti born villagers soldiers that if you made it here you are in the wrong place it was even a flyer distributed saying that to kill an ultra-orthodox soldier is a blessing the soldier wants his face blurred because he fears reprisals of course
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of experience and. discourages were. of twenty you can see them were surrounding reno shelter and not seen preparing grace for you and your friends in the toilets or. the harassment is gaining momentum is now even a phone hotline that's been set up so people can snitch on those they know are serving or they've seen uniform it's gotten so bad that ultra-orthodox soldiers say they now ship the uniforms before coming home in these religious neighborhoods there's room for only one type of uniform the traditional black and white god worn by hard line observers those of from the wife who was writing the score in uniform in jerusalem and they stopped us cards at their pizza. and then run away the problem is that most ultra orthodox jews believe the army is an unholy place many also refuse to recognize israel as they say they cannot be a jewish state until the messiah comes and so fighting for the one via the other
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oversteps the boundaries of what's acceptable so basically of her in a community in a conflict between how to relate. to the country and to the secular people in the country and they see those soldiers who are going through i mean and later integrating into the society itself in that pool and pulsing into their way of living for sixty five years the ultra orthodox who make up about eight percent of israel's eight million citizens have largely been now to skip compulsory military service to pursue their religious studies but the government's now decided enough is enough and the cabinet has approved a plan to gradually end automatic draft exemptions that limited leaders are warning if the law passes it will be a dick aeration of war because. the issue is very simple the state is trying to
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turn the ultra-orthodox into becoming more secular they say it openly they want to . incorporated into israeli society and remove us from what they call our ghettos we see that as a war on our way of life on our religion we feel persecuted for the small number who do serve in the army they've been branded as collaborators and sellouts but the assaults don't bother david he's encouraging other ultra religious soldiers to follow in his footsteps after already serving a year and a half in combat he's about to be enlisted to become a commander i feel every every just. in this role because it's for. but with every army will keep its walls trees together or tear them apart it is a battle that has yet to be fought pointlessly on our team in jerusalem. coming up out of the interview shay said.
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you know it's getting old trying to beat the war drums to invade iran i think the let's invade iran talk has been going on since i was in college to keep the saber rattling rolling israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu declared in front of the un that iran is building nuclear weapons that could hit new york in three to four years no he said new york obviously he is trying to spook a certain country with nuclear destruction the delegates from namibia were probably unmoved sadly this time netanyahu failed to bring a funny cartoon bomb picture with him like in his two thousand and twelve un speech in which he also warned the world about the threat of a nuclear iran you know i might be more optimistic about israel accusing other countries of being nuclear threats if they had a better track record themselves although israel is
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a bit candid with their arsenal according to a b.b.c. article the federation of american scientists believes that israel's arsenal has grown to about two hundred nukes based on their surveillance of ever expanding facilities inside the country also let's not forget that israel has plenty of ways to deliver those two hundred nuclear bombs if the need be so my question is why should we automatically trust israel with a lot of nuclear weapons but not iran is it because they're bureaucrats where european suits and shave i don't know it just seems to me that disarmed countries are better advocates for nuclear disarmament but that's just my opinion. soldiers you're in the military no more joking more. never been so my life. everyday would be the story slimming. do you think it's going to be easy. but everyone.
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i don't know if i'm going to make it to the end look you stop filming so i'm just going to the left i don't know what to do. hello and welcome to sophie and kill i'm sophie shevardnadze said in turbulent times in a turbulent wage in india has remained an oasis of stability but not without its own internal impulse like power to a corruption of the right way to react to syrian strife and it also took a.


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