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tv   Headline News  RT  October 11, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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bruce snowden has reunited with his father after months of being on the run from washington's prosecution for exposing the extent of america's global surveillance program also. whenever you see the president talk about exceptionalism. what he's trying to say is the rules of civil behavior. doesn't apply to the. we could leaks added so julian assange tells it as a tease as he talks about the future of the freedom of information in an exclusive interview with aussie. the red cross lashes out at austerity which is likely to great social unrest under its trim isn't as a one hundred twenty million europeans now live bell or on the brink of poverty
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aren't. bringing return the people she managed to return the fight the bad people mostly the statistics were told to british oxford sticking to name the many civilian victims a one big one is called rescission strikes in pakistan. international news live from moscow this is r.t. with me. thanks for joining us. snowden has had a good few days having been reunited with his father in russia and on and for blowing the lid off and i say surveillance operations the interest around the intelligence leaker has launched a new debate about whistle blowing and the role with plays game that each account has the details. edward snowden met with his father at an undisclosed location
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presumably here in moscow he said there is little hope that he son will ever go back to the u.s. because in the u.s. edward snowden is most certainly facing jail time and judging by the significance and the scope of his revelations it could be a lengthy one and also judging by the way the u.s. government treated other whistleblowers together with the law on snowden in moscow the group of whistleblowers who supported were they delivered to his sam adams award it's awarded to an intelligence professional who has in the view of the award julie taken a stand for integrity and ethics this thursday we were they were in our studio here in moscow discussing their meeting with edward snowden as well as what it's like to be a whistleblower in the u.s. now can listen here's a snippet of the panel we had here on what he has done is stirring the conversation to discussion not just the united states but around the world in terms of the direct threat to the sovereignty of individual citizens people need to realize that
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there's a greater issue of human rights that is brought up by asylum and the fact that a number of people involved in his case like sarah harrison glenn greenwald laura portress people are having trouble even moving around and getting where they're going i can speak personally and say we weren't worried about coming into your country we are worried about getting back into our own country and and that should not be that we are united states is a bit of the rule of law that's one change itself from its very own constitution the mechanism by which we govern ourselves so when you when you as in as a rule all use a secret law interpretations of law we're in a whole new ballgame spend or sparks. we also spoke with julian a solider the man who was at war with secrecy he is now holed up at the embassy of door in london he can't travel to ecuador even though there is he received the asylum there he is afraid that he will be extradited to the us in an exclusive and
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extensive interview with my colleague mr science talked about what in his opinion it's to abuse of power when you see the president talk about exceptionalism what he's trying to say is the rules of civil behavior. doesn't apply to him. whether that's in another country or whether that abuse of laws. mr went on to talk about what happens when whistleblowers are treated as spies and actually accused of espionage and the obama administration has charged more whistleblowers was espionage than all previous administrations combined. the full version of our exclusive interview with julian assange will be available for you online at r.t. dot com later today everett cross study has concluded in europe spiraling down to mass unemployment and inequality that while. immigrants and political and social
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unrest are ripening in the zone where one hundred twenty million people are now living in or very close to poverty the report also claims the toppling of the debt crisis will be felt for decades and says all these factors are combining to great a europe whose future is more shaky than at any time after world war two and one of the e.u. states that's been aggressively pressing on with the stars is portugal but that's not been making people's everyday lives any easier as i have found out. since portugal signed a seventy eight billion euro bailout deal back in two thousand and eleven some have referred to it as the poster child of us thirty but with high unemployment and a surge in emigration we've come to take a look at the state of portugal's economy two years on like most mothers for cal wants the best possible future for her nine month old son but born in the midst of
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a deep recession this family hasn't had the easiest start when we decided we wanted to have a child who had no idea things would get this unstable then everything just broke down and we have to just make a decision that's going to become one of. the new children of europe when she takes him to join her husband george he's currently working as a nurse in the u.k. despite unemployment falling slightly to just under seventeen percent is still the fifth highest in the eurozone meaning record held george and what's not the only long distance family dance in portugal hard to come by emigration has soared and if estimated that more than one hundred thousand people each year by leaving the country. it's not all bad news the portugal showing some glimmers of recovery beeston exports has been complemented by strong tourism but
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the cost of the a stereotype has been high many workers have seen tax rises equivalent to a month's wages and the age of retirement has gone up economist for rare is still calling for portugal to leave the eurozone and he has a word of warning. to. too difficult to. call for and there's another big question on everybody's lips as portugal got another. time we got there is a rescore for. a difficult situation because we have two years ago but. after this program. before. this program where we. are going to markets probably something has to be nobody can say exactly what.
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all eyes will be on portugal when its current program with the troika comes to an end in jean next year but after two years of unprecedented austerity many portuguese still see little hope of a price. surface r.t. portugal. nationalist and euro skeptics seem to be giving the french president a serious headache francoise all around has warned that europe could face regression and paralysis if far right and anti europe part is when in next year's parliamentary vote and to see what's driving his fear is that sound like here the national front party is literally breathing down his spine the group recently grabbed a stunning forty percent elections in southern france the austrian freedom party got over twenty percent and came in third in the country's legislative elections
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last month the u.k. independence party finished a runner up in three out of four local council by elections last week adding weight to the group's anti euro stance and norway now which is now tightening on immigration is forming a right wing minority government with the progress party that's not place in september's elections let's not discuss these trends with gerold anemones who is the leader of belgium's nationalist alarms about one party mr anyones welcome to r.t. so why are they right when our nationalist party is grabbing the upper hand in europe well i think it's because of the traditional parties which which are mainly parties in power don't listen to the people the way they handle the economic and financial crisis is in the way that they don't listen to what people have to pay for it the poor people get poorer and the way they handled this crisis is more
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integration more european union more generalized european policy for the whole territory of the european union and euro zone this is not the way it should be and people feel that this has to do and that's why this seeking alternative in part is like ours why do the e.u. leaders seem reluctant to give more voice to a nationalist. well of course this is threatening their positions and their way of handling things they are for what people see in the problem of immigration they are thorough for the way they see the economic crisis handled we cannot have a poll at an economic policy which is the same in portugal and germany and yet they want to do so because they are stubborn and want to do don't want to go back on this european policy which is not the solution for the crisis do the far right parties have a common goal regarding the future of the euro zone or they just want to get rid of
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the block altogether while generally we are talking about is behind when we meet each other and when we try to contact each other we talk about this and mainly we want to return to european cooperation as we saw that before one thousand nine hundred three the maastricht treaty that could be a solution turned the clock back it when we went too far in this european union my way too far and that's why we should we are not against european collaboration between member states or between countries. economic cooperation we are not against it but with what we are against the unified state that european leaders are making now that this is against the will of the people and we will try to combat that right are telling about the red cross it says that that poll that see in the euro
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could lead to future extremism plus save unemployment mufon employment happens. where europe's nationalists make the situation better or worse while it's saying that. the scenario will be in the future we are parties that are. kind of violence or any kind of extremism in the sense that we want to make solutions out of the parliamentary democratically elected system we want solutions for the people and solutions for the economy and that's why we have nothing to do with any kind of violence or extremism whatsoever we are politicians with a politic for the actual member of for the actually the actual way the european union is dealt with by the classical parties we are a political alternative and not a way to extremist right talking about greece's golden dawn ponce it
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leaves many immigrants in the nation scared of racism of racist beatings i want the difference between what they do and what t.t. while the parties are working within the democratic parliamentary system and we want to do so we want to change the system we want to change the way the european union is dealt with now but we do not want any violence any comparison with the critics the greek situation is of course a reference to what europe does with greece this at this moment empowering people putting people on the edge but we have nothing to do with this party this party is i have understood as a serious problem with violence and everything that's around it and we parties that want to change the system want to change the system in
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a parliamentary way mr animals thank you very much indeed for your time and care of animals from the belgian nationalist of the lands bell and ponce thank you. and this is also a sense of calm the sa over fifty countries across the globe are said to face an international run against the notorious food giant sun to take a closer look at what bangor about in just a couple of minutes. millions around the globe struggle with hunger. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can the very strong position against g.m.o. and we think that. these genetically modified products are priest.
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there is no. evidence that there is any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the most trying i don't believe that this water for and that free. enterprise is profit. for social justice golden rice barkeep. again this is seen as the chemical dissolve into syria continues so does the
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international blame game over this trade of the dead now gas attack may have damascus russia's been pointing the finger at the radical rebels and the foreign minister sergei lavrov says media reports indicate some of the militants are being trained abroad he will. according to the form not only afghanistan but iraq as well may be used as a training site for the use of chemical weapons mr lavrov said they have information that terrorists are taught how to do it again a standing territories not controlled by the government while the girl runs one of the most a radical syrian rebel groups is supplying according to him to deliver chemical weapons to iraq along with specialist for a possible future terror attack so basically their training in afghanistan well could start practicing in iraq. the foreign minister also said this is organized by third countries although he didn't specify which state exactly just to remind you the syrian government earlier signed up for the international convention on
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chemical weapons which bans their use in order to establish international control over their arms arsenal meanwhile human rights watch has revealed syrian rebels were responsible for a civilian massacre in august after the us based and drove carried out its own flag finding mission in the war zone according to the watchdog and opposition offensive killed nearly two hundred villagers living in pro assad communities the report calls the atrocity a coordinated attack suggesting it was premeditated based on the scale of the offensive the findings concluded the massacre was systematic and part of a journal policy the report strongly suggests that crimes against humanity were committed and calls on the international community to punish the perpetrators human rights watch also stressed that it is the most militants are sponsored by u.s. allies in the gulf monarchies. and starting with see where this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to the organization of hard work dismantling the
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country's chemical stockpiles experts from the intergovernmental body and see where falling international agreements which most help mediate russia unlist mccauley says the organization for the prohibiting of chemical weapons faces a tough and complex mission. but there was some of the chemical weapons maybe you'd rebel held territory. how do you access to rebels who say they don't have a. will have to run for that that would be very tricky because they have to be with rebels and how many rebel groups are all of the dozens of them and this is a very very difficult decision for them because previously globalization always operated if you like. peaceful this is the first time you really got involved in the middle of a civil war. challenge for them they may in fact put one hundred people in the. hopes that they are secure and that you actually get on with the business of living
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new weapons but it will be very very difficult for the first task is to eliminate the wherewithal which makes weapons. get the chemicals take them out of syria and destroy them and this is going to be a long process no one really expects one hundred percent of the weapons to be liberated by the middle of next year or even the end of next year. and on our website right now for you alone some strange planet say you know around stars but astronomers say they accidentally discovered a one first thing out there all alone find out more about it all. and also bad news for the apartment big oil pipeline project between counter ambiguous their efforts to the threat of a prom and go down the drain after you call decision details on that at. the u.s.
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reluctant to admit how many civilians have been killed in its ongoing trying war in pakistan a u.k. nonprofit group has been searching for the truth and they're looking beyond simple numbers as she is point to point. i want to make sure that people understand actually drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties that for the most part they have been very precise precision strikes against al qaeda and their affiliates for the most part being the operative phrase one organization is taking american statements like these with a pinch of salt and looking at just how precise the so-called precision strikes are according to estimates u.s. drone strikes have killed over two and a half thousand people in pakistan's remote tribal region since two thousand and four but london's bureau of investigative journalism is going beyond those casualty figures and trying to name every single person killed by the cia's use of drones in
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waziristan we've been recording the strikes and recording the number of people killed and now we want to move on to a new phase of the project to start recording the names of the bad this is to help bring transparency to the public debate about the use of drones in pakistan but also more generally to bring the return that people see manatees to return the fight with the people not merely statistics already the project has the names of two hundred ninety five innocent victims among them ninety five children is a fundamental problem with the whole strategy of of using drugs almost inevitably this kind of remote control killing is going to increase the number of civilian casualties it has a tendency to towards indiscriminate assassinations there's a kind of there's a kind of a gulf between you and your potential targets which i think inevitably leads towards a kind of trigger happy approach to killing in pakistan drones are deeply unpopular
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the country's u.n. envoy recently renewed calls for the strikes to end the continuing to violate pakistan's sovereignty international law and human. right you read about the accounts of what the experience of drona times were actually law i follow good people and was there was that in afghanistan and elsewhere you have these. and the coups just in the air bring over communities for twelve eighteen hours which creates a feeling of being an imminent strike approach enormous amount of tension and fear families have to leave the area the cia which runs the drone program has been accused of shielding it from being accountable to the american people as a civilian organization carrying a war across the border into a country essentially it's all countries are allowed as far as we're aware the united states government is the only country to use drones outside of a declared war and we believe that we should bring transparency to those actions so
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that the public debate the merits or demerits of humanizing the innocent dead could be the first step towards opening up that debate remembering that civilian victims on names not numbers. artsy. and time now for some other international news and brave the galleries of rome's iconic coliseum has been turned into a protest stage crowds have gathered inside and outside the ancient landmark to say no to the government's economic policies there really was organized by trade unions who are preparing for a mass general strike against austerity measures planned for next week rome's been tightening the budget screws to control it to me storing public debt which has grown to one hundred thirty percent of the country's annual economic output and also another protest. oh oh oh oh oh workers led by a democrat senator nancy pelosi had the streets of washington to show their anger
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over the growing governmental shutdown and they demanded the senate to resolve the crisis by allowing a vote on a resolution to reality from the government the shutdown is now and if eleven stay while there's less than a week left until a possible default with congress and they will to agree about yours. the retired as really army officer has been cold and his wife badly injured in the occupied was fined in order israel claims to have been a terrorist attack police say their sailors appeared to be our speakers wilting axes and clubs is the third violent death of an israeli in the occupied territories in recent weeks. some minister. benjamin netanyahu to react by pulling out of peace talks with the pakistani ministration they resumed in july after three years of deadlock. and us across the globe out preparing to run against genetically modified food giant monsanto
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hundreds of cities and more than fifty countries are expected to take part in saturday's knowledge calling for a permanent buy called or they call franklin foods and harmful chemicals previous international protests and they brought around two million people together they blamed the jam giant for policing the environment and falsifying safety records but the company insists states play a key role in feeding the world's rapidly growing population however jeffrey smith has written extensively about the dangers of jam feeds thanks to dave. when you look at the edible feeding studies of genetically engineered foods the american academy of environmental medicine they said there's gastrointestinal problems immune system problems excel aerated aging organ damage reproductive disorders there's massive infant mortality multiple massive tumors early death there are so many things that are going wrong with the animals that are being said g m o's and now we're seeing those things rising in the u.s.
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population seems geos were introduced the current generation of g m o's has nothing to offer feeding the hungry world eradicating poverty so this is just been a public relations fear and respect two hundred fifty million dollars over five years trying to convince americans that they needed to accept g m o's because it would feed the world i ask farmers all the time what do you think about santa even those farmers that use monsanto seeds often hate monsanto or fear might said workbook so that's why one standard has been continuously voted as the most evil company on the planet year after year with stiff competition. and will be closely following the crowd taking to the streets to protest against monsanto and some to say. dot com and then in time next he'll announce he will have the truth behind so-called frankenfish documentary gold and right that's coming up and if you love me.
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you know it's getting old trying to beat the war drums to invade iran i think the let's invade iran talk has been going on since i was in college to keep the saber rattling rolling israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu declared in front of the un that iran is building nuclear weapons that could hit new york in three to four years no he said new york obviously he was trying to spook a certain country with nuclear destruction the delegates from namibia were probably unmoved sadly this time netanyahu failed to bring a funny cartoon bomb picture with him like in his two thousand and twelve un speech in which he also warned the world about the threat of a nuclear iran you know i might be more optimistic about israel accusing other countries of being nuclear threats if they had a better track record themselves although israel is
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a bit candid with their arsenal according to a b.b.c. article the federation of american scientists believes that israel's arsenal has grown to about two hundred nukes based on their surveillance of ever expanding facilities inside the country also let's not forget that israel has plenty of ways to deliver those two hundred nuclear bombs if the need be so my question is why should we automatically trust israel with a lot of nuclear weapons but not iran is it because they're bureaucrats where european suits and shave i don't know it just seems to me that disarmed countries are better advocates for nuclear disarmament but that's just my opinion.
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and soldiers you're in the military now no more joking any more. never been so my life. every day would be so strong absolutely.


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