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tv   Larry King Now  RT  October 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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appropriation. kerry keep our eye james to baseball history at the sports museum of l.a. what do you remember the play gets up he was out all the heat by the way at the top of his the car plus greatest competitor. ten worst course then. it's all next on larry king now. i recently ventured to downtown l.a. for a tour of the sports museum of los angeles the museum's curator gary cypress shared with me his private collection of dodges and yankees memorabilia and frankly folks
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i have never experienced a day like that. what a day what we've got ahead we're going to love we're in downtown los angeles at the sports museum of los angeles i've never been there is that incredible a good place and guess what it's not open to the public i'm going to find out why i want to find out a lot about dodger memorabilia and other things to come along while. sports museum of los angeles gary cypress did you build this yes i did when i belted you came. to the first thing is an impressive place i've never i've driven to dodger stadium so many ties i drive all of this freeways only dies but i've never seen this building why does it all the better public cost risk insurance at all so what i do is i open up for charities so i have a lot of charity being vents here open for friends and the dodgers use it at the
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mattingly charities here in the dodgers so how are many dicey and you keep going on friday what once a month it depends on the charity of the rentier must be incredible well i own the building you own no rent is cheap no rent. how long an intellect of twenty five years i have brooklynite bronx we are at opposite side a minute you know from the bronx why did you choose a a mainly dodger collection but i have a big bank collection also but after i moved out here when my choices either are now you got to remember the we only meet occasionally in the world series we run through sheer yes so your heart is broken like my heart and you know my heart of hearts with the eighty's my heart was with but i love the dodgers because it except for that brief moment in time in fifty five they were wonderful adversaries they kept losing this didn't i was my best you know i'm not your only at that point that
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people are very highly but. this whole room is jackie the negro leagues campi and newcome you know sort of the very early entrance of the african-american players into baseball and how well they do so it's my individual tree you see forty to the mostly well not only that i see it help them with all of the stuff and then we had the press conference here for three days because this is. my life at the moment i bet yeah through fifty seven that was his fear was my home i was a jackie's first game forty seven seventy eight miles i was thirteen or of years old and then got to interview him twice ah that's wonderful so what i like to do is collect old newspapers because they put everything in the time for a proper time frame and you can see the actual you know news reporting for the times are so out the home museums have these old these papers that chronicle the
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events that took place in fifteen thousand nine hundred forty seven that is rookie year right fact he was the first rookie of the year and there was no rookie in the air ever before in one thousand nine hundred seventy that's not a name for him. i kept a journal of that year i knew was important and i cut out every new york daily news dick young story from the first day of the last game of the world series when we lost in seven games you know it's interesting i don't know one of the last you know lots that i have a lack scrapbooks was all that you know worth of complete scrap you're going in for is larry king's would be worth a lot for just somebody else that would be worth that much but the old scrapbooks are wonderful maybe you remember when you there for this famous fight do i notice play i tell you about this play is the world series fifty five and even by the year we won the world series and jackie's last year run as a dodger stealing home is very important thing here is this foot catches bear is
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that they're right the up by this when the murder is on barges to where the chest protector was jackie catches the corner of the play there there are swears the tag number for an argument ensues i try to mumble it was because later he would say thought jackie was out in an interview later i was at it they were there not out failure i don't give. you this that goes bad there is not touched him yet. well i wasn't but it's like no he hasn't he's looks like he's got a touch of the opinion is the jackie court the corner of the plate here and then slip that this is after the players if the are right there is eighty eight years old i saw him last year in yankee stadium he's in a wheelchair he's got his own museum in monkland now there's some talk you know my love use interview yogi yogi what do you remember about that play he gets up he was
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. never got that so that's why the great moments that is one of great moments of this credible as the hall of fame people been here now they've never seen a snow. now the whole thing they have robinson's you can't touch it good move for you yeah sure i get a weird like you know well they're they're different than i am. credible stuff we haven't been in brooklyn yet come going to go you know i love brooklyn but brooklyn never left me after the cyclon in the bronx the stereo bronx but no boulevard now in town parkway problem park with fordham road noise hit the well. first of all to get there for all of them you have to go to forty second street change a trip to the d.v.d. right bob but i always remember when i went to yankee stadium you know they hated buying saying it felt like they had
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a word honest to god and you pull up the train would elevate at one hundred and sixty first street and river avenue to suddenly you're going to this dark tunnel all the way in and something boom and you're up above the right field stand on. opening day it was this is out of habit when it opened and this is what it looked like where did you obtain this had it made. you don't obtain things like this without nobody knows i live up here ok center field bleachers sixty cents right up there see that's opening day you'd run into good first you know well i love about it is there's opening the see look at the neighborhood that just the figures you know the stadium on the old house is. it was an amazing for its time period you know it was one of the first early great stadiums ever built only heard thirty four thousand but that's you know that was done for get that standing room in the back in the outfield in those days so this really is the story of the dodgers as we go
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around here starts really here i'm going to show you a couple of things maybe you remember not the great return to the model return that's the construction of bronze that was there are two of them one's in the hall that's we've got that. from a private party who sold it you know when they when they tore it down you know auctioned everything off and everything was auctioned off i remember this. the old turn styles like that and they made him long like that so the kids can sneak in and i grabbed to go in there and we used to stand outside the gates open the gates just creeps over the gate my sandwich is a smiling obligations and then you drop the fifty's and sixty's as a run through run for right you know run ups as those are the silks those are leo's uniforms. and of you leo so there is some error here is some car over the best
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mud till a great legal story on a kid i started radio on the one nine hundred fifty seven from twenty two and a half years old twenty three years old. and i'm a disc jockey of dual sport saloons i got to carry a little portable tape machine and a sports director's they sions as the dogs are coming down the play the orioles are submission game today interview leo the roshan i got to understand he was my hero love them hate him when he went to the giants but loved him as a manager and leo's my hero so i call up the vero beach they're going to fly down as in the morning i call up the real beach he's out on the field i miss him i get on the air i go off the air and he's i got a message literature returned your call i can't i say that message for years i can't with i call back i miss him he calls back he misses me and we play phone tag and he don't know me phone dead all day long so far never reached him so the sports director says just take it tape recorder and go out to miami stadium and tape he
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was a coach with the dodgers all are also right the management was coaching there any came back and i walk out to miami stadium. and leo's out hidden grounds was before he managed the cubs. sitting around bowls as about two dozen people in the stands it's about an hour before the game and i walk a buy tape recorder this is my hero we missed each other all day long i go up to b.c. i love too much. i'm missed the door a dad but he walk so my name is larry king takes the bat throws it up in the air goes what. do you want. in my his stood on end the tape recorder fell on the ground the people start laughing in the stands my hero as shit and i said i want to do. you and i so why did you return my call he said could you have a name. that sounds like i should know. and then we sat in the dugout he did the
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interview and then i interviewed him maybe a year before he died and he was a character and that's when he told me the greatest competitor was jackie robinson as much as he disliked him he admired all who could not could not have but he also said jackie was the worst worse than stuff he ever really cursed he cursed leo directions wife's female parts i mean lorraine then adoring day from the dugout he was vicious the real jackie was not the jacket or average two years so this is the first ball throwing out it up it's. well my first game my father died june one thousand nine hundred forty three and my cousin mungo bernie bit a woman who was a bullpen catcher for the yankees he took we my father was that about a month to my first dodger game and we walked up the ramp let reserve seats and i walked it was a bright beautiful like maybe june third is joy i first play in the cincinnati reds
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and the field the green was read and the dirt was so brown and the white lines was so white and home plate so why. not just dug on that and i couldn't believe the number i thought the feel was a triangle i didn't know the guards around but we all have the memories of the only little everything is magnified i remember my first time in yankee stadium it was the biggest thing i ever saw are you hold a guy coming at fifty five thousand seater bother you at all as this big ball parks in the bronx yes and it was a legacy to him was it and it scared me as a kid it was like too big and i thought the people would have. who you are you know when it's not like you're not you know not not in the bleachers. next we visited an exhibit about the ever famous brooklyn bombs this is all about well it mullens the
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great well rate of mahler's cartoonists he created quote he called the bombs wedo next year but was interesting ok from your perspective having lived through it because i was on the winning side all those years except for the fifty five how did you look at the bomb character was he a beloved he was affectionate he was our mary sue lied to me it was always said was with we always had good deeds yes you know me bad team was forty four and that my friend herbie a lifeline and you think the only fistfight i have had my life about everything the fist fight was over we used to compare we'd have arguments you do this we stuck tap another version is there a cross and we'd argue for an hour because the baseball you could argue for now hodges versus scour og and we've got to set the place and i said robinson he said sternly nice and i said ok go robison that when we go to shortstop and he go a little minute i think sterilise was there i hit him he hit me bounced. you said stan one of his better problems think the same thing where you go and it's the
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cypress we go back to all this this is ballance cast that he did for the bunker. i have to explain to people the bunkers they don't understand the kind of units to get all the stuff on the money that's it it's just so you spend our money for the annual ending days one of the boys just to thank her at this yes maybe a stick. after the break gary and i followed the dodgers from brooklyn to sunny l.a. and i live in the dugout now about to. share. please
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. it was a. very hard to make a plan to get along here a lot happen that are back with senator rick perry please. please. please. please. please. please if the people. the fact that. they were going to do the job did you know the price is the only
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industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy trek albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been a hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once it's all just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate in a real discussion of critical issues facing america have on the front ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture.
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plus time of the new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news in the. alexander family cry tears of the war and great things out there that there had to be either read or get a quart of water found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. one of the wonderful strongarming a life should be a community college face and i think you're right you don't need both.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i'm wrong researcher. nineteen fifty five was one of my favorite years ever on the planet it's the year the dodgers beat the yankees for the first time in the world series take a look here's your seminal fifty five this is it here we want it all it's the clubhouse when the dodgers won the world series that so this is a tribute to those that was their fault that they. got a mold a thank god right. this is funny you know if this is your grandstand image of the dollar fairly enough do you remember what you paid leases with
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fifty cent that's what we paid and the stadium because i remember putting a dollar down. here we have this wonderful subway series dodge's versus yankees s. come come this way because this is very hard to get the worse is to us is oh i bought them all from the manufacturer the they had the contract with major league baseball from like seventy two to two thousand and they lost it to tiffany's so he the president kept one in his office of each of these and when i lost the contract he called a friend of mine said i want to get rid of it was looking for somebody to bio at once and they sort of knew who i was and what i was doing. completely remember the uniform now they never saw him in the bleachers there were no orders that are the best just say they were all around the grounds that as they were only in the grandstands then of boxes you gave the tickets in the villages then and i was there is a look at them that was the uniform i always thought that it captured the time period you know what i'm saying all the other words the from nowadays still baseball we
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got today what do we get we get t. shirts alone on you know whatever but that was the time period. and the newspapers you probably remember some of those headlines. i hated the indies. i thought you know what i thought i thought god was on the yankees he was i really thought i thought god would put little pebbles in the infield with the yankees was that the problem would bounce over the dinner i thought the only reason you wanted fifty five was because mickey got hurt you know he did give. him a newspaper was three cents brings back memories and boy does. she's this is one of my favorite pieces this is the demolition sign that was up at abbott's and also at the polo grounds of the same company not but them both down the road of the same yeah i was operating actually in one nine hundred fifty eight
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the dodgers played their first game here in los angeles and since my move to the city of angels in nineteen ninety seven they have given my sons and i ll lot to talk about when the dodgers went went west i wanted you miami to break in the broadcast not did you follow the dodgers and i think all of them remotely and then the but the orioles screamed in miami so they came in a real fan we didn't have a team we had a aaa team the phillies miami marlins and then i moved to washington to do my national radio show and then c.n.n. and the closest ballpark was memorial stadium and then i went to do all the orioles games and then when i opened i was the emcee of the opening of camden yards op uniforms the first of the new stadiums yeah and then i moved here ninety seven i had two young boys so bored odds against them became a dot now i live and die dodgers oh you thought of low now that's what your shirt is this is the l.a. dodgers current yeah that's your pal cofactor he retired in one thousand nine
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hundred sixty remember that course at that age thirty yeah it's amazing and he's so young and see i'm a lot of times and now he's working it's working for the. whole these cards and we're going to cots this hour that's how i started my cause whether i have a new york and i'm mostly them from you know my mother's from i know what i want to save first issue of sport magazine man june and some of the sports illustrated early matthews that moment and why didn't i say why the big question is why so what happened is you know eighty eight was the last you came in they have in one sense that maybe this year. they took my boys the dodger fully game but you know it's this two thousand and two. dozen two and they fell asleep in the second inning and i took them. next year when they were four and three so a cardinal game and they met pool holds. they never fall asleep again
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and they both wanted to do ball little league and now chances on the notre dame my school baseball team these fourteen freshman tin cans a senior just one yes they had a double with the been floated to win there they won two or older travel team they go to dodger games and not fans. shall larry a little bit of carney on here i live right one i was one of the train station away on its of my boys to the house i grew up and. all were very poor my father died and we were all released new york city bought my first bird was. when we run through the find ourselves and the m four now is i i fall or six days a week but he loves baseball salazar that is my father was a yankee fan and mine is you died and i got so mad that he left me and i became a dodger next scary and i did personal about the great bend beano.
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mr bailey right rights lawyer about cold cuts year after good deed toured to coney island gary removed some one of a kind of babe ruth artifacts just for. i think you have to go into the arcades upon your horse and play on your own triathlon. some of the carolina horses and. some of the arcade games there is the throw balls at these oh boy place. so the arcade games. used to be in there all the arcades and we were kids believe. oh you know it this is this is the real lyrics to take me out to the ballgame. so we are we on the sing you know the chorus says thoughts casey katie said she was a baseball mitt a fever and that it was true for the home to include rhys who plays and you blew.
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the saturday early on in both call to see if you'd like to go to see the show as kay said no i'll tell you what you can do take me out to the ballgame all right those are the real words i never knew that you never do that that got lost in time so this is baby it's called. one hundred twenty member the record codes if it is a very only thing this is my favorite picture here that's his father i remember seeing that somewhere yeah that's a very famous picture for this is father then him this is a great letter. that ruth wrote did give me two lines though you know clear non-final to you in the family the same it's raining on tell out the game names call of whoops i moved into the lots of double have his next trip a minus myself loose very good to me how is a redeemed garfield there is very hard to get out of is so is everything else. you know all men have some good all being called gods on those hot nights a modern is lazy surely i can use
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a typewriter i'm very good at it as often i'll see you real soon sincerely babe and clara that's the babe right what's the letter about cold cuts dear. let's look at it with. my people how it copes that dodge and yet there it is not with the whole paper they resign as is demand policy of united states and indian dirty a i was there ever is field and he was again he stated to say goodbye never in any more growth yet for in a broadcast or around every baseball park in the majors so in evansville i heard his lead his last speech when he was dying really imo what he said based on america has floyd right grace. was its own space it feels worse. it is terrible the great one. is very emotional.
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it's interesting because for me i come in here and sort of really of my childhood every day. and somebody says no way to put a value on it's not snuff meant to be valued something is all priceless this is priceless well they're going to come back and i'll bring the kids and he thought this is the best thanks for joining me on a very special edition of larry king now and thanks to the curator of the sports museum of l.a. gary cypress for taking me through his unmanned spy election of dodgers and yankee memorabilia and remember you could find me on twitter at kings things and go dodgers.
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live. live live. in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. to live. if. you.
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doubt he'll go home did you give consent for your child to eat golden rice. often because we didn't know it at the time they didn't tell us it was g.m. food. if i had known it at the time i wouldn't have allowed it and it. looks as though the out many of the parents now regret out whole thing. for the tanit they said the food was very healthy for the kids they said something about spirulina or something we didn't really understand they only said it was very good that's why we signed the consent form and let our children eat their meals. so they get i'm furious my daughter in law and i sung were naughty were cut out they left their child in my care well you dave.


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