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didn't. look to. build. the. first. or. the first vizio whistleblower edward snowden and merger is the same as his leaks about the n.s.a. it feels the pull of an intelligence analyst on the run from washington's prosecution. the world against so-called frankenfood accidents and hundreds of cities across the globe take to the streets in protest at the drowned giant oil sand. says u.s. politicians break out with the budget the government shutdown continues we'll speak with a council patient who is among hundreds being denied treatment because of the deadlock . the matter of life or death it's not a matter of inconvenience or the feared patient for us we need this treatment.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is all t was me. thanks for joining us the first videos have surfaced of washington's most wanted man at what snowden who was last spotted an organist walking out of moscow's sheremetyevo airport after being granted asylum in russia the images come days after the former n.s.a. contractor was presented with an award for integrity in intelligence given to him by a group of former u.s. officials confident has the details for us. the n.s.a. whistleblower was very passionate in talking about the problem of government surveillance in the united states now he said the issue wasn't with any specific spying program rather the relationship between the states and the american people
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a relationship which he described as increasingly coming into conflict with democratic values snowden also lashed out at the prosecution of whistleblowers accusing the government of what he called effectively misplaced priorities it's lettuce or you know relationship to god where we didn't exactly. just this on the last. night vision. to bombs. but this stuff the. person. holding the snowden made these remarks at a ceremony right here in moscow at an undisclosed location where he was given the sam adams award for integrity in intelligence now that award was presented to him by a group of prominent american whistleblowers and former government officials they joined our t.v. for an in-depth studio discussion on thursday this is of course the first time that the warden a world has been able to catch a glimpse of mr snowden since he got asylum here in russia the last time we saw him
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was at the sheremetyevo airport transit zone back in july and while snowden himself may be safe and sound there have been questions about the fate of those who have worked with them and of course that is a worry that's been expressed by wiki leaks founder julian assange on more concern in terms of prison people at risk. journalists sarah harrison as we know our guardian newspaper was raided greggory was part of the time for nine hours and the formal investigation before the terrorism investigation has started up so there you have it julian a sonnet describing a difficult political climate for whistleblowers and those who help them it's not only himself meanwhile we are told at least has no regrets about what he did and believes that it was the right decision. and it's been an eventful week for edward snowden between being a reuniting with his father and receiving this sum out of his award the hotel
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website on t.v. dot com to stay out dated on the latest developments in the life of the notorious whistleblower. x.-rays from across the globe have been taking to the streets in a worldwide ran against genetically modified food giant monsanto the protesters claim the jam crops it produces could be harmful to humans hundreds of cities across more than sixty countries are set to take part in the march on peace on of isenberg well preparations are underway in straight is all around the world not just here in germany coming out to say no to genetically modified foods people saying that they don't know the dangers that they could pose that they. they all right for human consumption can find out why people are demonstrating against g.m. foods i'm joined by a few guest right now first of all heidi also the man who's the founder of the true food foundation heidi thanks very much. sun so you said that they were pulling out
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of europe apparently that's not the case though is it well peter it does appear that they're pulling out but they're just regrouping in north america and i think they're going to sneak through the back door using the new european north america trade agreement there is going to be a low level presence that's introduced so in the past maybe one percent g.m.o. would be acceptable to your government to import our canadian crops or north american products it'll be raised to two percent and three percent and four percent as more and more crops become contaminated with g.m.o. foods it's very hard to contain so europe will be receiving these products and what's more frightening and most germans don't know is that there is a smart stocks corn that monsanto has made and this is the most evolved technology ever and it's not tested whatsoever it is a corn that resist a six different types of. aside so you can spray it with six different chemicals and it won't die and it also produces two insecticides in it's own kernels that you can wash that off so i don't even know if technically does food in my mind as
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a nutrition as that's no longer food well we just want those chemicals that doing to us is still something that we don't really know and i'm joined by another guest now to talk a little bit more on some joined by dr dietz. thank that's correct. what could be the potential hazards of g.m. foods genetically modified it's foods have been on the market for about fifteen years now and only last year we've seen the first long term animal study from france and i have the pictures here all of the scientific bring the camera down here a little bit what is it showing is that we're showing the rats that we're fed these are the corn that is genetically modified for their lifetime all animal studies until then have been for ninety days only and usually not much shows in those ninety days even though there are subtle signs of organ damage even in ninety days spike in two years. the life to a life time over a rat is shortened they have massive organ damage massive west to immerse in the
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female rats and humans see effects will only not show for another twenty years speakers have a much longer life span than iraq so if we are waiting for a cancer to show as a result of g.m. most we've got a way to thank you very much a huge issue and what we're seeing here in philly and as well as around the world is people coming out and saying no to genetically modified foods but while protesting the use of potentially harmful chemicals in fruit production one son to has been saying it's the only way to feed the global the globe's growing population . to to take a close and make. in the land of supersize approximately eighty five percent of all processed foods contain genetically modified organisms g.m.o. is an acronym that owns its notoriety largely to the agriculture giant monsanto a multinational billion dollar corporation generating global criticism revolving
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around the safety of its products and growing a monopoly over the world's food supply they are able to patent their genetically modified foods with a very strong patent for farmers can only be the seed from monsanto each year and they can save the sea researchers have documented dozens of health risks associated with the consumption of a modified foods and the majority of americans have campaigned for g.m.o. foods to be labeled just like these organic fruits are labeled but so far the will of the people has been silenced by the money of monsanto according to open secrets dot org the companies spent nearly six million dollars last year lobbying federal lawmakers and food regulators to payoff came this year with the passing of the so-called monsanto protection act a bill that gives the biotech companies immunity from lawsuits pertaining to the production and sale of genetically modified seeds the new reality of the world is
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that chemical companies are feeding us and our families now for the lack or you to table rather than farm to table and in an effort to widen its power and profit the agriculture giant has recently purchased a corporation which sells climate data to farmers the price tag of nine hundred thirty million dollars of wasn't a problem for monsanto which grossed a reported thirteen point five billion dollars in revenue last year but decades before g.m.o. has and fears about modified foods came along monsanto was already in the business it helped bring pesticides agent orange and terminator seeds to the market agent orange was used by the u. . it's military during the vietnam war where it's estimated to have killed hundreds of thousands of people its effects are still being felt today vietnam says some half a million children have suffered birth defects due to herbicide monsanto's current practices have ignited protests around the globe. millions are taking to the
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streets demanding that big food comes clean by either illegally genetically engineered products or not selling them at all. new york. and calling from the center for food safety in the u.s. claims giant corporations like monsanto pressured governments worldwide to get back products to market these marches are raising awareness about the issue and bring awareness not only about monsanto and its influence in agriculture but also other chemical companies that have become major agribusiness influences on capitol hill i think you we see an overwhelming influence in governments and that really has to do with money that these are major chemical companies the top i mean fifty three percent over fifty three percent of seeds are owned by just
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a handful of these major agribusiness chemical companies so they exert tremendous influence in politics and have millions upon millions of dollars to spend to ensure that their products spread through reviews and also to ensure that consumers are not informed about what the products they are eating so for instance not labeling genetically engineered foods. and of course we've got live updates on the global action against online as. there's also more opinion and analysis for you that. coming up later this hour it may have been home to the olympics but that's not making it a nice place to. london husband names they want to spoil a celebration for house prices snobs and name architecture in just a few minutes. as afghanistan prepares for a presidential election many in the political and media mainstream speak of the
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country's first democratic transition but it's less talked about is the dire security situation on the ground where the karzai is angling to succeed him self the powerful presence of the taliban and whether the u.s. will ever actually leave afghanistan. a gaza strip should not be a launching side for rocket attacks on israeli women children and civilians to the palestinian leadership is responsible for this but this is why israel is not willing to repeat this experiment that he in judea and samaria so israel is not willing to be the sucker of the middle east and to make long term concessions sacrificing the security of its own citizens music only to find out in the end of the conflict isn't a word that is going on as before except that israel is now in a much worse position.
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the interview. come again this is welcomed by the u.s. administration isn't deadlock with congress over raising the debt ceiling with just
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five days left to strike a deal and avoid a catastrophic default the republicans want the warring limit extended by six weeks but president obama is calling for a long term solution and he's the latest statement from the white house we cannot have a situation where we still use extended as part of a budget negotiation process for only six weeks which would put us right back in the same position that we're in now. meanwhile the government and key institutions remain in shutdown which has put hundreds of thousands of workers on paid leave the crisis was the republican lawmakers refused to sign the affordable health care program known as obamacare and the shutdown as now control of trying to lifeline to many constipation those who are being denied treatment while down michelle langdon summed up their grievances to arsinoe. what lives are at stake two
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hundred people are trying to get into trials at an age each week and each week passes that's another two hundred that are turned away at this time and it's a matter of life or death it's not a matter of inconvenience or just an irritation for us we need this treatment. michelle was diagnosed with some coma a rare form of cancer after nine months so chemotherapy shed light for additional treatment at the national institutes of health but she and hundreds of others were turned away when the government shutdown took effect and we asked michelle what should like to say to the politicians in washington there's a big settle for to. have heard a couple of entrances where they find that this is just the game between them and that it's a matter of winning and i'd like to say that it's not a matter of win or lose i mean it's a please listen to the people and know that it's affecting so many that are in need of help and as always we've got some stunning reviews for you online including base
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one. late. luckily the tribal betroth managed to guess how just minutes before a train smashed into it and drag it along the tracks the for the deer and find out exactly what happened on his you tube channel. and also called for you six hundred million skype users wild why it could have been snooped on by the n.s.a. and the one european country that stopped and willing to put up with it was to challenge the internet giant in court. first. and i think. there's going to.
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be. some may disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. let's we can. let's. look. it's made by those tower bridge buckingham palace and st paul's cathedral but they will be a little boasting about london's newest title as britain's town at least that's
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according to a tongue in cheek book identifying the u.k. sticks to least desirable locations on his lower smith asked the man behind the world why the capital fad so badly. it's interesting the dreary didn't use the day here in london typical for you the weather which may be the perfect day for me to tell you that london has been voted the worst area in the u.k. to live in despite the fact that within a mile radius from here it houses the parliament westminster abbey the london eye and other really famous landmarks it's called crap town return which named the fifty worst places to be in the u.k. as an adult to guns no i don't really understand the position of london being the what place but luckily i'm jordison here to explain that to me with an umbrella and his gopi across town to tell them you love it i mean i can think of ten worst
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places just off the top of my head what are your criteria there are all kinds of criteria i think one of things that people write in about a lot it's the daily grind it's so hard in london going on that the northern lights have your on but i mean you'll know you've jammed into someone else's house if you try the experiment the fact that it costs so much to to buy property or is in fact impossible for most people to buy property in the center of london to be hollowed out and you really you know it's going to stay there not even professionals like doctors can and there's also a lot of anger with london coming from the rest of the country you had the banking crisis which is all centered around london and we're told that subsequently the recession is very bad news broke but only london really seems to be getting the benefits and is sticking up another housing bubble it's primarily it's a book that people read in the toilet it's made to make them laugh but it does it doesn't appear. to mind. people thinking about the times and the way we treat. the way we live and hopefully start
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a conversation quite serious conversation it's certainly easy to see on a day like today why london might not be everyone's idea of paradise because because it's the capital city get inside and out space it is from the outside they think crazy expensive to visit the child support system isn't very reliable and people are very rude it might just be possible for london to pick up its behavior in the next ten years and become not quite so awful. and another wall news this hour three people including two police officers have been killed in a suicide car bombing in eastern afghanistan apparently targeted a police compound the blast struck its main entrance are going searches have been increasing that tox as foreign forces withdraw from the country. militias how washed through the streets of the libyan city of benghazi they were chanting and waving banners in support of suspected terrorist abu anas al libi it was seized
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last week by american forces for his alleged involvement in the bombings of two this is in africa is believed the u.s. led operation provoked the kidnapping of prime minister leaves a done earlier this week has been accused of collaborating with washington over the capture of a libi. thirty four people have so far been confirmed dead after a boat carrying african migrants assigned in the mediterranean the majority of the two hundred or so on board hospital rescued by thailand and. supported by helicopters in a similar incident last week more than three hundred fifty people mostly from eritrea and somalia drowned near the it's on an island of lampedusa. true mortar shells have hit serious competition damascus creating an eighty year old girl and wounding eleven other people one of the shells fell near a school where the other damage several cars and nearby shops the explosions also
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occurred just three hundred meters away from the hotel where chemical weapons inspectors are staying there hoping to dismantle dismantle about a thousand tons of toxins twenty four. meanwhile the international strikes against cigarette now on hold another battle is raging the one in the media talk of the country's humanitarian crisis has always been one of the main all good months for western states to intervene militarily also his policy or went to see for herself. now that we have been able to make progress on the chemical weapons issue we should not forget we also needed to make progress on the humanitarian issue a warning echoing through many corridors of power in the west's is on track to be. the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of the twenty first century and this is building into one of the great humanitarian crisis on the face of the planet you know this is not true we hardly know we're all liars we don't care what they see
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here as you can see we have no trouble in this bakery in downtown damascus tens of thousands of traditional floats are churned out. the machines work sixteen hours a day six days a week shorter we have extra quantities enough for another fifteen days. while in this public market and the thousands like it across syria shoppers and management tell us in two years they've never been any shortages in this growing rice and sugar there are always available you never have a shortage of them in our warehouses are always full. i submit dani recently arrived in the country and was shocked to find that local stores are full i thought that there would be nothing nothing at all everywhere in the supermarkets and nothing to eat and nothing i was really very agreeably surprised there is a lot of everything fruits bread. vegetables.
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ok the reality is that most people here are going about their daily routine far removed from the hardships depicted in the foreign press but when it comes to shortages there is one that is crippling the economy queues like this are commonplace at gas stations around the country caused by sanctions imposed by the united states and the european union ironically the very countries that are calling for humanitarian intervention. the syrian people need a solution not the governments or the media who are trying to use everything we have even the small things like bread to justify their own objectives the fight for syria is far from over and the psychological war the battle of perceptions over reality is likely to be fought for as long if not longer than the sides who have taken up arms against each other policy r t damascus since nine eleven america has done
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a lot to boost surveillance and increased security however they policies don't necessarily make people feel safe and risk fueling paranoia of terrorists around every corner of the matter luke said that a share in breaking the set later today but he is a pretty. and some light from d.c. to orlando hosted what can only be described as a terrorist dry run take a look at how they figured it out. crewmembers say that shortly after takeoff a group of four quote middle eastern men caused a commotion the witnesses claim one of the men ran from his seat in coach toward the flight deck door he made a hard left and entered the forward bathroom called for a considerable length of time you know the reason stories like this even gain traction in the first place is because of the fear of the other or by that i mean anyone who remotely looks brown and to prove my point it just so happens i have acquired some rare footage of what really went down on that flight. this is.
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yeah i think you get the idea. and i will bring you more news in about half an hour from now up next we'll look at how a noble cause of seizing the world could lead so horrific long runs occasions. deliberate
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torch is on its big journey to structure. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred two cities. russia. relayed by georgians own people for sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp a torch relay. on r t r two dot com. one is global business risk global help us in the interests versus millions of voices billions in profits versus global protest. march against monsanto today on r g r g dot com.
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child. rights. to the. pain of the young girls cam all for the future harder. between two and three hundred million guns united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the pass' out is a large you know i mean this teaches them a lot of for a responsibility and since we can debate through the eyes of children if we can't do it for our children for our future. we will.
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put it on your cultural comment watch any banking news college face i do so i feel alone. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm wrong researcher. i know c.n.n. m s n b c fox news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might think. it's because one fall attention and the mainstream.


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