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tv   Headline News  RT  October 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a moscow suburb turns into a battleground after the killing of a local man fuels massive anti immigrant riots with almost four hundred arrested. us government shutdown sparks angry scenes in washington as the world bank warns the deadlock is just days away from causing a global financial catastrophe. to blast ripped through damascus one targets a government t.v. channel the other one goes off near the hotel where the chemical weapons inspection team is staying we have the latest report from the city. and in more of the week's news whistleblower edward snowden raises his head above ground as he makes his first public appearance in months outlining the modern day threats to privacy.
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seven am in moscow i'm at treasure bring you today's top stories and a look back at the week's news here on r t massive riots have shaken a neighborhood in the south of moscow where crowds spilled onto the streets after the killing of a local man almost four hundred people placed under arrest as mobs went on a rampage protesters claim the uncontrolled flow of illegal immigrants has turned the area into one big crime scene. reports from the troubled neighborhood. all available moscow police crews have been called to this area to try to calm down the on the rest this was the scene of violent clashes between protesters and riot police following a demonstration over the murder of a young local man here they stormed a shopping center they also came here broke up
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a vegetable stand and what you're seeing right now massive damage to cars completely flipped over in a show of anger when this group of young men had come here clashing with riot police in what sparked all of this was again the murder of a young man by. a migrant worker not confirmed evidence on thursday he was stabbed to death after world over is broke friends by an unidentified male and two had fled the scene police have offered an award of up to thirty five thousand dollars for any information leading up to his arrest starting tomorrow i want you to intensify the work on bringing a least storage industrial areas to their constant source of tension. especially in the neighboring areas of murder did the spark a mass of tensions in a neighborhood that's already been seeing some problems between russians and some ethnic minorities over the past few months reporting from southern moscow for our
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team. to the u.s. now warnings have sounded out the country is in danger of dragging the global economy down and down going stand off on capitol hill the world bank chief calling the situation desperate saying there's an impending disaster if america doesn't raise its debt ceiling and avoid default that is unless lawmakers and two weeks of deadlock that's seen hundreds of thousands placed on unpaid leave in vast swathes of the government shutdown new well over the continuing standoff has led to protests in the u.s. capitol take a look. a. group of veterans accompanied by politicians converged on the world war two memorial in the heart of d.c. closed to visitors during the shutdown just like other national monuments and parks the crowd broke through the metal barricades around the landmark and carried pieces of the fence to the white house gates and obama protesters made a rallying point blaming the white house for continuing the impasse and budget negotiations the impact of
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a political crisis worsening with each passing day as are his more important i reports. u.s. president barack obama's signature health care legislation is supposed to provide millions of americans with a medical coverage they desperately need but the political debate over obamacare has also ironically created a life or death situation for hundreds of citizens for each week the shutdown continues roughly two hundred patients cannot be accepted for clinical treatment at the national institutes of health that's nearly four hundred sick americans desperately in need of medical treatment and the and i each says among the patients being turned away includes roughly thirty people with cancer and many of them being children about seventy five percent of and i his employees thousands of people have reportedly been furloughed because of washington's self-inflicted shutdown as a result michelle langbehn who is battling sarcoma
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a rare form of cancer was supposed to begin receiving medical treatments at the beginning of this month until the october first shutdown forced and to temporarily turn her away langbehn a new mothers started an online petition to put pressure on congress to reopen the government the movement has garnered more than one hundred thousand signatures in an interview with r.t. langbehn says she's been able to restart her treatments after receiving financial donations but says hundreds of other people in her position have been denied a chance to live because of washington's. political partisanship it's a matter of life or death it's not a matter of inconvenience or just an irritation for us i have heard a couple of instances where they find that this is just the game between them and it's a matter of winning and i'd like to say that it's not a matter of when or louis i mean it's a please listen to the people and know that it's affecting so many u.s. leaders who have the power to change this situation have so far failed to agree on
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a budget a political deadlock leaving the lives of cancer stricken adults and children in limbo reporting from new york marina artsy. we're now an american academic a left wing political commentator noam chomsky told us he thinks the u.s. are turning to a one party state ruled by big business. from in the history of entry democracy it's interesting to see which. there have been significant economic changes in the past generation we're. going through but one of the sort of the street specifically the neo liberal programs and they're having the same kind of. direct wealth to a very narrow so there's increasing inequality it doesn't mean you could call it. all of
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a democracy is harder because it's more concentrated political power goes as well. but now elections are almost boy it's so plutocracy. both political parties are to the right. of one party state the business forty. still ahead this hour on r t a global day of action against the modified crops and biotech for monsanto faces a major backlash from consumers who say they're scared for their health and that coming your way in about ten minutes. but first edward snowden is back in the media spotlight this week breaking silence for the first time since july we can leaks released a video where you seen getting an award for integrity and intelligence work by a group of fellow u.s. whistleblowers and moscow. reports. for over two months this footage of edward snowden leaving moscow's sheremetyevo airport was the only evidence he's alive well
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and in russia since after getting in that cab the only thing we're told about him is that he's somewhere in a safe place while this week america's most wanted man returned to the public eye snowden appeared on camera and meeting other former u.s. security service officials turned whistleblowers they flew into moscow toward him with the same atoms prize for intelligence and integrity the enemy of whistleblower awards. this time snowden leaks his personal view on the fate of those spilling official secrets this letter still you know relationship to god where we have an executive mark just on the last. night is lying to congress and they want it but they'll stop at the. first song all the courtly the whistle blowers who would have him paid a visit to our moscow studio as well but it was a long awaited family reunion that was likely to have been the highlight of his
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week i cannot speak for my son and really the legal issues i miss father mr snowden sr was finally able to make it to moscow after months of being separated from his son washing his feet played out in global headlines but i don't want to really share my opinions at this point in time i'm shipley thankful that my son is shaffer and free free in russia but wanted at home before arriving in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport the former n.s.a. contractor leaked thousands of documents with details of how u.s. security services spy on officials and ordinary people all across the world washington has been calling for his extradition accusing him of espionage but russia granted snowden temporary asylum lawyer see his father may not be the only family member heading over to visit since it's really unclear. whether the former n.s.a. contractor will ever be able to return to the u.s.
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again you know you've got to skim off the moscow public at the n.s.a. whistleblower as fate up for discussion in our studio this week we interviewed a group of former u.s. officials who exposed secrets in the past and who are in moscow to present snowden with the award they discussed how the u.s. fugitive is getting used to life in russia and what his main concerns were i think doing remarkably well under the circumstances in which he came here and we've we've obviously came to find out personally i was you know what are you looking at these days. i thought he looked great he seemed very centered and and. brilliant smart funny very engaged. i thought he looked very well considering the amount of pressure. do you think that's taking any toll on the psychological toll i think it would in ordinary circumstances but this is an extraordinary person he's made his peace with what he did he's convinced that he put he did was right he has no regrets and he's willing to face whatever the future holds for him is that the
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person you saw in front of you colin yes actually we discuss this intel integrity and intelligence issue quite extensively and we talked about prior examples of great people in history that had themselves been under this type of pressure and he's remarkably centered i found that continuing pattern the more secret the us became and the more we grew into a surveillance state the more people who were willing to just do their job and tell the truth and obey ethics rules were getting in trouble so while i suffered i was under criminal investigation and put on the no fly list things like that i thought were very draconian i could never have imagined in a million years that president obama would begin indicting and prosecuting people like thomas drake and edward snowden and bradley manning and john kiriakou and a number of other people under the espionage act which is the most serious charge
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you could level against an american what was the reaction from snowden last night when you told him that he'd won this civil war he already knew because we awarded to two months ago the problem was getting it to him and it is our tradition starting with colin that we physically present. it sort of like an emmy or a mask or what it is is a candlestick holder for someone who has shone bright light into the dark corners. so he knew he was he didn't know about the candlestick holder he knew that he had received the award and he knew we were coming and the reception we got was just so for the warming it was a person who now realizes that he has very senior people alumni you know some of the size and senior people who speak for a lot of people still within these organizations that admired greatly what it would snowden has done and hopefully will summon the courage to follow his example r.t.
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also discuss the snowden situation with julian a son of the wiki leaks co-founder and why he thinks that a journalist helping snowden could be in jeopardy full interview on our website or t dot com. twin bomb attacks tore through damascus one of them apparently targeting the hotel where chemical weapons inspection teams are staying are these policy clear reports from near the site of one of the explosions. two massive blasts have ripped the heart of the syrian capital damascus they happened just minutes apart at the square which is not far from the syrian state t.v. building as well as the hotel where foreign experts are staying now these experts have been in the country for a little more than two weeks they are investigating syria's chemical weapons stockpile we are some two hundred meters from the scene of these glass the ambulances have been hearing forward and backwards we can still smell this heavy explosiveness in the air and the this part of the city is in lockdown all
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checkpoints in and out have been closed this is a hotspot just hours ago there was a warning posted online by armed rebels warning that they're going to target the syrian state t.v. building and just yesterday they were mortar bombs that were fired at this hotel where the foreign experts are staying now all of this comes just hours after syria's top opposition group announced its refusal to take part in peace talks in geneva the mood in the syrian capital as you can well imagine is one of extreme nervousness confusion and trepidation. meanwhile the red cross around seven of its workers were kidnapped by gunmen sunday in northern syria earlier we heard from berlin based journalist an expert on the syrian crisis men well oxon a writer who thinks the rebels are interested in negotiations and would do everything they can to undermine international peace efforts. we have this already in the past we if we think we know that u.n.
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employees where were captured by rebels we had the u.n. inspector team which was investigating ngata a couple of weeks ago which we are attacked by sniper fire so it's not in the interest it's not at all in the interest of the so-called armed opposition that those teams can not proper weight it would mean that all the difference which gave the syrian government as well as the whole earth which was almost expecting a regional war or even overt war in that area would complete. the situation and this is in the interest of the rebels. on our website a new report revealing an apparent conflict of interest behind some public debate over military intervention in syria several major media would stand accused of talking to nearly two dozen guess about military action against failing to reveal
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the experts connection to the us defense industry for the details plus. the case of selling off the family jewels on a grand scale italy planning to put many historic castles in villas even of an asian island up for bid in a bid to plug holes for the country's budget that full story on our website r t does. activists around the world have held dozens of rallies as part of a global day of action against cynically modified foods with biotech giant monsanto
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bearing the brunt of their anger some four hundred cities across the world stretching from australia to the united states took part protesters say crops grown from seeds made by the company could be dangerous to human health peter all reports from berlin where hundreds turned out to put pressure on the g.m.o. food industry. well what we've seen is that demonstrates is all around the world not just here in germany coming out to say no to genetically modified foods people saying that they don't have the dangers that they could pose that they write for human consumption over two million people turned out on the streets across the globe in may of this year for a similar demonstration to find out why people are demonstrating against g.m. foods people are saying no to i'm joined by dr dietz. thank that's correct. what could be the potential hazards of g.m. foods genetically modified foods have been on the market for about fifteen years
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now and only last year we've seen the first long term animal study from france and i have the pictures here we're showing the rats that were fed these are the corn that is genetically modified for their lifetime all animal studies until then have been for ninety days only and usually not much shows in those ninety days even though there are subtle signs of organ damage even in ninety days but in two years . the lifetime a life time of a rat is shortened they have massive organ damage massive tumors in the female rats and that is really really frightening recently a study from australia has shown that pigs that are fed these products get massive stomach ulcers and in north america where a lot of people are life than in europe and the health care system is burdened by seventeen percent costs of g.d.p. . more and more people have chronic stomach upset which i have seen in my practice
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and it's probably in part to do with the genetically modified foods which are for the average consumer in about sixty to seventy percent of their food products from the supermarket how does not transfer to what we see in humans while in humans the effects will only not show for another twenty years speak. much longer lifes. and then a rot so if we are waiting for a cancer to show as a result of cheer most we've got to wait or we should just shut this stone has these things properly thank you very much a huge issue and what we're seeing here in berlin as well as around the world is people coming out and saying no to genetically modified foods monsanto itself says it makes disease resilient crops that need less water to grow the company also maintains many people already consume genetically modified food with no ill effects jeffrey smith though has written about the dangers of what he calls franken foods says this couldn't be further from the truth. when you look at the animal feeding studies of genetically engineered foods the american academy of environmental
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medicine they said there's gastrointestinal problems immune system problems think celebrated aging organ damage reproductive disorders there's massive infant mortality multiple massive tumors early death there are so many things that are going wrong with the animals that are being fed g m o's and now we're seeing those things rising in the u.s. population since g m o's were introduced the current generation of g m o's has nothing to offer feeding the hungry world or about a kid in poverty so this is just been a public relations band and they spent two hundred fifty million dollars over five years trying to convince americans that they needed to accept g m o's because it would feed the world i ask farmers all the time what do you think about santa even those farmers that use monsanto seeds often hate monsanto or fear might send or both so that's why monsanto has been continuously voted as the most evil company on
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the planet year after year with stiff competition. riot police dispersed to protests against the sunni ruling family in bahrain's capital manama the rally started at the funeral of a shia detainee who died in a prison hospital security forces reportedly was buckshot tear gas and sound grenades injuring several demonstrators doctor not to die a fair head of the bahrain rehabilitation antiviolence organization says the police often target shia funerals. it's up it's getting like a common practice by the security forces that act the funerals of the of the c.r. population especially the if the dead one is this is related to geopolitical reasons and that is comedy we don't use in this imageries the mass is joining the funerals there are many usually get attacked and it is
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happened as a common practice. turning now to some other stories making global headlines this hour a stampede at a bridge a hindu temple in northern india killed at least one hundred ten pilgrims more than one hundred others also injured in a huge crowds as they attended a religious festival there reports say police used to tom's to restore order but just cause more panic stampede allegedly started when a group of people started a rumor of at the bridge was about to collapse in order to speed up standing in line. in iraq at least forty two people killed dozens wounded in multiple bombings across the country most of the blasts happening in busy markets in bus stations not clear yet who was behind the attacks but militant groups including al qaeda have carried out similar strikes in the past according to the u.n. more than five thousand people dead in militant attacks this year alone. in egypt the family of toppled president mohamed morsi claims he'll never negotiate with the current military backed government that statement on the web page of the
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muslim brotherhood saying no compromise is possible after a deadly crackdown on the movement the message coming after another week of deadly battles i left more than fifty dead morsi has been attention since his ouster and is awaiting a november trial on charges of inciting violence. in the east china a day out almost ended in tragedy for dozens who plunged into water is when a wooden footbridge to a ferry boat gave way fortunately park employees nearby rescued those who fell throwing them lifelines in rings only ten people needed hospital treatment and investigation into way to why the bridge was only open in september collapsed having amassed a three trillion dollar war chest chinese firms have gone on a shopping offensive in europe over the weekend it was reported beijing's close to a multi-billion dollar deal to snap up shares in the u.k. his nuclear industry not even london's iconic black cabs have been spared the interest of cash or cash rich chinese businesses are poly boyko reports. this time
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last year it looked like the iconic london cap would be consigned to the history books after its maker the financially troubled london taxi company went into administration chinese manufacturer g.t. which already owns volvo has stepped in and bought the company for eleven million pounds the factory is now back in business this part of the assembly process is called the marriage of the carriage where the shape of the taxi. meets with the shafi of the taxi here but it's a marriage between the chinese manufacturer and she and the london taxi company that managed to save a british icon from going out of production g.-d's pledge to invest hundred and fifty million pounds into the coventry based business over the next five years promising to create jobs and develop new engines to future really previously when we were a company in the financial resources to continue to develop the product as we would
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like to now that we're part of the finances. and gives us the ability to develop. taxi i wish we could have only dreamed of financial analysts have called it a win win situation the london cab comes back from the brink of extinction while a major chinese manufacturer gets to invest in an exciting new project but what does it say about the state of british industry business secretary vince cable called the chinese buyout a clear demonstration of the strength of the british car industry but the london cap is just the latest in a raft of u.k. businesses being sold off to foreign companies cadres chocolate is now american. indian and the british airports authority spanish to some it represents a hollowing out of corporate britain and i'm happy that it's not going on that but it shows government policy for a long time now as encourage foreign companies to take over our british companies
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that means i would british companies are not competitive across the globe. so we're not putting in the right tax policies we're not dealing with regulation that hinders these companies welcome to have new investment it always is in the long term this takes away economic productivity from this country it means that stuff and job some are liable to go because there's allegiance between the companies that are owned by foreign entities and their country rover than brisson piece has been a cabbie for the forty years and has seen the london taxi company go through several british. i hopped in for a ride and asked him how he feels about turning chinese this is a shame that it's not owned by a british company but it's better to then go into the wall dynamic the companies that are still british they won't be faced with and you see. i see london. take a look at some of china's a recent investments has our report mentioned in two thousand and ten a chinese car maker flush with cash decided it would be easier to buy out sweden's
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troubled volvo than compete with it january last year one of germany's premier concrete pump makers fell to beijing's riches that same month italian yacht builder for ready snapped up by a company controlled by the regime a few weeks later french fashion house sonia rykiel taken over by a hong kong based firm in keeping with these growing fondness for luxury roger nightingale founder of an economic strategy consultancy says many european countries think chinese investment poses a threat. a lot of european countries are very nervous about except seeing chinese cash who they are many of them and i think you find this in southern europe you find it in france you find it to some modest degree in germany also some countries think that they are threatened if china buys into their industrial base my own view is that that is entirely wrong my own view is that the industrial base of these countries will fail if you don't get the investment into
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them that will allow them to raise their productivity and to raise raise the profile of their products it's something comparable to that which afflicted the africans earlier they think that by selling out their assets they actually somehow undermine their capacity to have an economy that is viable in the future i think they're wrong but time will tell. the olympic torch started its long journey to sochi in the two thousand and fourteen winter games after the lighting ceremony on red square last week the flame embarked on a four month relay to cover more than sixty five thousand kilometers across russia and even into space lit in greece it was taken to russia by plane last sunday it was escorted to red square by a two hundred for wrong escort of bikers president putin personally lit the cauldron kicking off the relay the torch and toward moscow for two more days before setting off on it's a quick trip across the world's largest country it will visit nearly three thousand
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cities and towns scale russia's tallest peak descend to the bottom of its deep is lake you can go for a space walk for the first time ever and on the seventh of february two thousand and fourteen finally ending up in the stadium in sochi to herald the start of the winter games you can see all the highlights and reports from the relay ceremony on our website our t. . and cross talk with peter lavelle coming your way next stay with us here on r.t. .


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