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they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the barker sea it's a step forward for the. carex it is toxic as it looked like spraying and. it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the age of. this you know. severing the server as major firms and governments make moves to get their data beyond the reach of the n.s.a. turning to localise connections to ensure greater privacy. washington wrangling to secure
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a budget busting deal keeps the world economy on edge with a little sign of a conclusion just two days before it could cause a catastrophic default. and tension in moscow as sounds of muslims mark want to visit lawns main holy days and the shadow of sunday's violent assoc of rest in the capital. this is r.t. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program now foreign governments and businesses affected by the n.s.a. surveillance that outward snowden revealed are taking decisive steps to prevent future spawning brazil is creating an encrypted e-mail service to shield official communications from u.s. snooping and germany's biggest telecoms firm is planning to switch to exclusively
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domestic connections to protect their users private data details from our correspondent peter all over. here inside one of the main offices of germany's largest telecommunications operates and they are coming up with a plan that they hope will protect their customers information from the prying eyes of security services telecom has announced that they will only be using german service for all communications inside germany in the future this is something they have said perhaps they would like to roll out to across europe but for now it's only going to be here in germany that information e-mails and phone calls and text messages will only travel on to them and so there's now this comes out following the revelations of just how much germany was spied on as sponsored by the n.s.a. and british secret services all of this coming out from the the leaks that edward snowden revealed to to various media outlets in fact just to sum up how much
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germany was spied on one leak that was revealed in beagle news magazine in june of this year showed it's around a billion e-mails phone calls and text messages were intercepted in germany in the average monthly announcement by telecom is actually probably prompted all the major operators to say that they want to follow suit vodafone among them as well. telefonica said they would also try to roll this out for their customers however there are some that are skeptical of whether it could work due to the the nature of the modern communications however telecom is saying that they're determined to protect their customers information from the prying eyes of the spice. and another way for businesses to ensure a confidentiality is to move away from the dot com domain and one company doing so is a major malaysian investment firm its chief explain to our correspondent why he now
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routes all data through a dot are you tell me. we hear. from proof the world got from mr snowden that certain organizations in the west are listening into medical records of their own citizens and the e-mail traffic of g. mail yahoo hotmail i do believe it's time to say goodbye to dot com and through has an excellent service that safe if i have a service which i pay for all i want is good customer service i want safety of my network or my server if appropriate for this reality congress over to lucian it's time to wake up. chris can't say whose company provides encrypted internet services is another entrepreneur has moved all of firms data to another country and he told us earlier how washington's approach to security only fuels users demands for more privacy. really what's happening here is that they have
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a different strategy instead of targeting the people who they know or suspect of being terrorists are causing bad things they're expecting everyone to be a terrorist and that of course is not true so really what we're doing is we're offering a service that allows people to to find the truth i mean really what's happening is people can't they're getting their e-mails blocked they're getting things censored and this is a way to get through that get around it and you know most ninety nine point nine percent of the usage on a service like ours is going to be i'd say substantially it's going to be innocent usage so should you shut down ninety nine point nine percent of the world just because point one percent are bad people i don't think so we're actually getting calls from friends of mine who run businesses that store data for large multinational companies consumers are demanding this this is what's driving it's not about just me thinking it's a good idea for marketing or that we're going to find all the fringe paranoid
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people everybody wants privacy for their data how in the latest revelations which we reported on our website the n.s.a. is apparently collecting hundreds of millions of e-mails and instant messages contacts from users address books plus check with us on twitter for instant updates on the constantly unfolding surveillance scandal. right to see. first street. and i would think that you're. on our reporters but. now the united states is only two days away from financial collapse unless
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lawmakers can strike a budget deal to avoid default rival democrats and republicans have been stuck in a loop for over two weeks with most government work cripple and he's now reports on the deadlock that could spark a domino effect around the world. this self-inflicted shutdown is causing panic around the world as washington scrambles to avoid default the global economy is at risk of being thrust back into recession well at home millions will have to cut their losses either way deal or no deal businesses that were unable to work at full capacity public sector contracts which will see delays and payment and unemployment which is already on the rise due to the shutdown but possibly the most ironic thing about this government shutdown now in its third week is that it's not saving money it's costing america at least one hundred sixty million dollars a day and given the crisis has entered its fifteenth day the overall cost could be as much as two and a half billion dollars and that number of course is expected to grow and the
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political debate is hampering a rise in the debt ceiling but also leaving sick americans out in the cold for each week of the shutdown hundreds of patients cannot be accepted for treatment at the national institutes of health including cancer patients seventy five percent of the staff is not working because of the shutdown and it's the patients in need of medical treatment that are suffering veterans are outraged at the closing of public parks and war monuments due to this shutdown the government has run out of cash to pay some eight hundred thousand federal workers during the deadlock over the weekend thousands came out in d.c. and stormed the barricades at a world war two memorial calling for the government to stop using veterans as political pawns in this battle for the budget while another group of retired military personnel are set to protest here in washington d.c. this week again starting their rally at that war memorial the department of veterans affairs is seeing the backlog
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a disability disability claims grow along with the frustration and uncertainty among the military community also prominent faith leaders are set to join locked out workers at republican offices to pray. and march for an end to the suck down they're expected to call attention to each representative stamp on the debt ceiling encouraging them to vote to end this standoff so as the sun down continues we are seeing more and more protests in the capital and more people in different groups demanding the government do their job and get a budget passed while the long lasting shutdown may be frightening for americans but it's the looming default the rest of the world is scared off and here's why while the six point eight trillion dollars in securities held by investors will go to waste undermining trust in the greenback banks would face tremendous losses and cash would once again become scarce for businesses around the world and they'd have
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course to let people go boosting unemployment problem that's threatening to paralyze the euro zone which has its own debt to service of more than fifteen trillion dollars economist and former british treasury official neil mccann and believes america's inconsistency has tarnished its reputation. i think that the one of the key problems that american policymakers face is that this ongoing fiscal dysfunction and periodic fiscal crises you'll recall that we were down this road back in two thousand and eleven when america was stripped of its aaa status by standard and poor's and then we had the fiscal cliff at the end of two thousand and twelve big was a real risk of america falling back into economic recession and here we go again with the shutdown and the debt ceiling crisis and i think these periodic crises undermine confidence in u.s. economic policy they undermine confidence in the u.s. dollar as the world's leading reserve currency and if this continues if this
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dysfunction continues then over time i think the more nervous investors will be more downside risks with the global financial system more of a chance that the u.s. economy falls into recession which would inevitably have a knock on effect elsewhere in the global economy. will be looking for a reform of the international monetary system and they'll be challenging the role of the dollar as the leading reserve currency. now reducing reliance on the u.s. dollar has been discussed ever since their credit crunch struck back in two thousand and eight later today on r t a kaiser report assesses china as a separation five years on. heaping criticism and caustic ridicule on washington the news agency called the u.s. civilian slayer prisoner torture and meddler and others affairs and said the pax americana was a failure on all fronts well i mean china should walk the walk instead of just talking the dogs kicked out mcdonald's kicked out kentucky fried chicken kicked out
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coca-cola they're making your citizens obese and you're getting diabetes so you know they talk the talk but will try to walk the walk simultaneously and they say they want to d.m. merican eyes the world here's a here's a country that has huge exposure to exports to america is the basis for their merc until this rise of the twenty first century why would they be cutting the nose off to spite their face unless they're ready to come out and say we've got enough gold at this time to cut the dollar loose. now there are security concerns in moscow where thousands of muslims are gathering for one of his most holy days it a lot marks the end of hodge which is the annual pilgrimage to the city of mecca well here in russia it's also known as kurbaan by rom but it comes in the wake of sunday's massive protests in the capital are just going to check out has more. assenting of moscow's main mosque right behind me thousands of muslims began the
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celebration of this holiday with a prayer and hear about byron literally means the feast of the sekret fires that commemorates abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son ishmael to show his face to all on this day muslims kill it cheap or go to and give the means to the poor and shared among family and neighbors as you can imagine many did not like the sight of animals being killed in their backyard so moscow's already have designated special locations farms where muslims could practice the ritual of a second feis russia is home to around twenty million muslims so a huge muslim community here the celebrations comes days after the riots in moscow's booted over district hundreds of people there took to the streets to express their outrage over the killing of a young man hugo show about politics as well as to stress their attitude towards migrants in general they caused havoc at a local shopping center and at a storage facility police have identified the suspect in divorce murder it's
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a thirty one year old citizen of us or by john he allegedly stabbed you bored to death in front of his girlfriend a c.c.t.v. camera captured his face the suspect is now at large the residents were outraged by a by the murder but along with the residents in a nationalistic group says some of them radical have also picked up on the tragedy and riots began more than twenty people were injured and sent us on sunday night a bit over at least eight of them in law enforcement but as nic tensions are still brewing in the city just tonight we learned that a group of young men attacked a random azerbaijani cafe they broke the windows and the door no luck luckily no one was injured there and then in a separate incident in moscow we heard a group of men from central asia attack someone's car and many fear there will be a series of mass nuclear motivated crimes. russia is not immune to hate crimes
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especially with tensions or really good immigration and other issues so you can imagine in the wake of the right its security has been very tight in moscow i could see it here at the mosque the city deployed police forces four thousand people to make sure that the celebrations are peaceful and safe for the public. well head to our web site to find out more about the violent clashes in moscow r.t. to kong has a timeline of what happened over the weekend and you can also check the invision section for dramatic pictures from the riot. and coming up here in our team the challenges ahead and destroying syria's chemical weapons we report i chemical weapons watchdog which says inspectors are struggling to access rebel controlled areas. putting a price on sunshine desperate for cash spain's planning to tax solar energy after
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the break we're reporting how that could cast a cloud over europe's renewable energy targets. really. good leverage or. was able to build on the most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything to nj mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care what you only. free. education free. free. free free.
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free. free. free book deal for your media. free media r t v dot com. now the nobel peace prize winning group in charge of destroying syria's chemical arsenal says damascus officials are cooperating and giving them access to whatever they want to see the same can be said about being allowed into some rebel held territories though the hand of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says the inspectors are being held back by ongoing fighting and has renewed calls for all sides to cooperate meanwhile a car bomb in the northwest has killed at least twenty seven people the powerful
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blast came a day after a twin car bomb struck the syrian capital the same day six red cross workers and a volunteer were abducted by gunmen four have since been released but the others remain in captivity the international effort in syria is being further complicated by the largest opposition groups refusal to take part in the geneva peace talks scheduled for november middle east conflict analyst morning rob believes the opposition will not negotiate this time just like before. they've. come to the talks in june which was scheduled for june this year that they don't have leadership they don't have a coherent strategy and they did not enjoy any popularity among the civilians or the syrians within syria so. secretary kerry can't get anyone from the syrian. so to attend because they haven't been able to thus far
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and. the americans have not been the honest broker in the whole process so the talks will be held in november as as a result. now online we're asking you today for your thoughts on awarding the nobel peace prize to the chemical watchdog tasked with destroying the country's toxic arms take a look at the figures so far so at this point thirty seven percent and have you believe it's no surprise given that president obama got one and almost the same amount as point saying the nobel committee actually meant to give it to president putin but came up with a way not to do sell out about a fifth at this point believe that committee have betrayed the nominees who are a fan of human rights and only a small fraction of people believe this was a right thing to do so how to our website are to come to let us know what you think on this issue. now while you're on the website see
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how bahrain is further tightening the screws an anti-government dissent i work in motion has dramatic video of a police crackdown which saw equality demonstrators tear gassed while trying to get their voices heard plus. we've got the story of an a tory a somali pirate leader who was captured after falling for a train by can a belgian police. welcome back now the number of people living in extreme poverty in spain is growing rapidly according to reports from charity groups there are around three million
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spaniards that's around seven percent of the population has to survive on around three hundred euros per month with prices jumping up every year now that's as the number of families where everyone is unemployed has increased since the start of crisis almost five fold reaching up to one point eight million households and soon a stair d.-wil effect something that has been free and available to everyone since the dawn of time the sun madrid is planning to tax it to how to plug its yawning and dad and miss sarah first now reports. there's an argument hotting up in spain right now the country still mired in financial difficulty the government's come up with a rather unusual proposal calling for attacks on solar energy with some spanish cities enjoying an average of three thousand hours of sun each year the nation's been one of the leading providers of solar energy the trouble is they're pretty
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thing so much of the production capacity now exceeds the market by fifty percent and that's when the government found itself in that produces to the cina twenty six billion euro so in a bid to go back the use of solar panels the government decided to attack those who use the you know their way of taxing the very behavior they spent the last decade trying to encourage critics of the proposal say this will damage things progress towards meeting european renewable energy goals and could set a dangerous precedent for other struggling e.u. countries like greece who are rumors to be contemplating a similar tax playings energy regulator agrees and has called the proposed toll economically viable and discriminatory those who have been most blindsided by the idea of people like pedro here invested his money in installing a solar panel in his home. and you taxes they're making it cheaper to buy your
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energy from the big companies rather than use the power from your. government target is that the taxes there as those using solar energy still require the use of the conventional energy grids and say this tax will contribute to the cost of maintenance but the solar lobby say the new tax will extend the time it takes for solar panels to pay for themselves from eight to twenty five years as for the fine that could be levied if people like don't pay up well that's being set at a mind boggling thirty million euro i already know people who are removing their solar panels protesters say that's simply to scare people into submission but as to whether it's working for padre. you know. the laws against your rights you have the right to refuse to do with the government tells you i'm going to continue with school or i'm not going to be the
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drugs with such strong resistance across the sunny state spain's government may have a fight on its hands and could be left wondering if the proposed tax is such a price i did. so if. spain and a possible sunshine tax isn't the only thing getting people in spain hot under the collar police near barcelona failed to break a picket of hundreds of workers at a large bakery strikers block the access to the facility who were protesting the layoff of almost two thousand workers and deep cuts to wages the blog started on sunday after unions denounced the company's moves. to bomb hidden in a microphone is killed the governor of ghana stanislaw gar province it went off as are so large amal gave a speech at a mosque to mark he had been targeted several times before including by suicide
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bombers in recent months the taliban is increasingly attacked afghan officials and nato personnel ahead of next year's military pullout. the number of people killed by the seven point two magnitude earthquake in the southern philippines has risen to eighty five according to local officials dozens of others were also injured as victims became buried in debris from collapsed buildings some of the major roads were ripped open and blog by landslides the epicenter was around sixty kilometers off the whole island but no tsunami warning has been issued. the first nuclear talks between world powers and iran since it elected a new president are taking place in geneva iran has already presented the group with fresh proposals on how to. and the deadlock over its atomic projects a song rouhani earlier expressed hope of a deal being reached within six months iran's president insists his country will
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never build a bomb his entire lives to peaceful nuclear energy. coming up and in doubt fluke at a u.s. exceptionalism and how it affects the world. think this leaves them with economic ups and downs in the final months day the london deal sank night and the rest of the life thing became ill be a briefly on a plane. to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the r.p.
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interviews intriguing stories for you to. control the arabic to find out more visit our big teeth though it's called. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through to some nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. olympic torch relay. on our t.v. our two dot com.
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this is. going to be. an exceptional american exceptionalism is a testimony to america's exceptionalism american exceptionalism the united states is indeed exception america is exceptional what makes us earth is accept. somebody disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. in part because we have shown a willingness through the sacrifice of blood and treasure to stand up not only for
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our own merits self-interest but for the interests of all. i agree america is exceptional but what's exceptional about my country is that. we did exceptionally bad things we do it well. we do it all. we do it and no one else can. taking action and doing things without accountability that other nations cannot get away with. this standard of international norms when we ourselves do not adhere to that same standards it's something many of us take pride in your self appointed right to dominate destroy. and take control. only that's not what it's called here it's called american exceptionalism and it's been around for a long time. the original meaning of it of course comes from.


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