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tv   Headline News  RT  October 15, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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tonight an r t the n.s.a. surveillance scandal sparks an exodus from a dot com domain and global push to shield sensitive data from government spies a report coming up also. the american people the theory of spirit is really raged in the world economy is held hostage but for lawmakers in washington it's career over country less than forty eight hours remain now for the united states to end the deadlock and avoid defaulting on its seventeen trillion dollar debt. and at least fifty people were detained here in moscow during disturbances of the nationalist rally it says the capitals was lim celebrate one of his lambs main festivals unfazed by the weekend's ethnic rioting.
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there are good even shooters joined as is nine pm they were moscow this tuesday evening my name's kevin and you're watching r.t. our top story america's national security agency could soon see its global surveillance powers stunted as foreign governments and firms move to bolster this cyber defenses brazil's leading the charge with an encrypted e-mail service while germany's biggest telecom companies playing to reroute users data away from the n.s.a.'s grasp parties paid all over as the latest. here inside one of the main offices of germany's largest telecommunications operates and they are coming up with a plan that they hope will protect their customers information from the prying eyes of security services telecom has announced that they will only be using german service for all communications inside germany in the future this is something they
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have said perhaps they would like to roll out the across europe but for now it's only going to be here in germany that information e-mails and phone calls and text messages will only travel on to them and so there's now this comes out following the revelations of just how much germany was spied on a sponsor by the n.s.a. and british secret service is all of this coming out from the the leaks that edward snowden revealed to you to various media outlets in fact just to sum up how much germany was spied on one leak that was revealed in beagle news magazine in june of this year showed it's around a million e-mails phone calls and text messages were intercepted in germany in the for each month the announcement by the telecoms actually prompted all the major operators to say that they want to follow suit vodafone among them as well.
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telefonica said they would also try to roll this out for their customers however there are some that are skeptical of whether it could work due to the nature of the modern communications however telecom is saying that they're determined to protect their customers information from the prying eyes of the spice. peed all over their list gets more lists from colace afonso if institute of technology and society of rio de janeiro is on the line live with us now hi good evening to you and you think this new e-mail system will actually do its job and shield brazil from the prying eyes and feelers of the the n.s.a. or no. well kevin that's the that's the main target up the government so the government is now establishing this new e-mail system in order to as events as a matter mentions should brazil from the prying eyes from from an i say so the main the main objective here in the government is to provide at first with the president
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and the governmental representatives with a more secure email so that means that will have. cryptography apply it's a de mayo but definitely disses much more large than simply improving email communications from the governmental representatives in brazil since the president has already announced that this new e-mail is going to be allow and check first for the government over present attempts but it will be used by the civil society and citizens as a whole so it's going to be a new national service rendered by the federal processing doubt the agency from brazil not only to government but to all citizens so how long before it's fully rolled out to the general public and is it just e-mail or is it other forms of electronic telecommunications as well mobile phone calls etc. yeah well it's starting with the mayo and it is specter that is going to be available for the general public by day of the year so this is something that is
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running pretty fast but at the same time brazil has a long history on developing and licensing on free software so the government's like for more than a decade now has been investing in free software and developing. their own national free software productions not only for the government but for the citizens as well and it was really interesting that when this whole n.s.a. scandal and the leaks that we have heard in brazil it was revealed that our president was using the outlook the software for reading e-mails so that was really surprising because people were. we're not thinking that that kind of software could pose some tryouts or some some risks for governmental representatives for the whole for the whole citizens as well so it's going to have a major push in security for e-mail sort of but what about the political aspects of this relationship between brazil and the u.s.
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they want the best anyway. well there is yet to see but there's a number of recent developments there are quite interesting last week the president of the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers came down to latin america to montevideo and to brasilia to meet with president and present to what has announced that. global conference on internet governance is going to be held in brazil in april next year and we have the internet the global internet forum from united nations happening in indonesia next week so it's going to be interesting to see how brazil was going to play out in those in those forums but it's clear that brazil wants to take a higher stance that scotians off internet governance and that will definitely needs difference and a more complex negotiation with the u.s. government down down the one we are used to have carlos mencia if those colors
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afonso the director lucy of technology in rio de janiero much appreciated. now at r.t. dot com reporting on how the n.s.a. gets its hands on your friends list some social networks along with the personal contact dangers world of gets when you get a minute check out our twitter feed for the latest updates on the story we're covering it extensively as you all know she's been watching us lately. next after two weeks of government paralysis u.s. senators say they're close to restoring state functions north rising more borrowing they've got two days left only to do so all risk a default that would likely trigger a global crisis and on top of that is not isn't this a no explains next the public mood is getting ugly. this self-inflicted shutdown is causing panic around the world as washington scrambles to avoid default the global economy is at risk of being thrust back into recession well at home millions will have to cut their losses either way deal or no deal businesses that were unable to
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work at full capacity public sector contracts which will see delays in payment and unemployment which is already on the rise due to the shutdown but possibly the most ironic thing about this government shutdown now in its third week is that it's not saving money it's costing america at least one hundred sixty million dollars a day and given the crisis has entered its fifteenth day the overall cost could be as much as two and a half billion dollars and that number of course is expected to grow and the political debate is hampering a rise in the debt ceiling but also leaving sick americans out in the cold for each week of the shutdown hundreds of patients cannot be accepted for treatment at the national institutes of health including cancer patients seventy five percent of the staff is not working because of the shutdown and it's the patients in need of medical treatment that are suffering veterans are outraged at the closing of public parks and war monuments due to the shutdown the government has run out of cash to
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pay some eight hundred thousand federal workers during the deadlock over the weekend thousands came out in d.c. and stormed the barricades at a world war two memorial calling for the government to stop using veterans as difficult in this battle for the budget well another group of retired military personnel are set to protest here in washington d.c. this week again starting their rally at that war memorial the department of veterans affairs is seeing the backlog a disability of disability claims grow along with the frustration and uncertainty among the military community also prominent faith leaders are set to join locked out workers at republican offices to pray. in march for an end to the shutdown they're expected to call attention to each representative down on the debt ceiling encouraging them to vote to end this standoff so as they sat down continues we are seeing more and more protests in the capital and more more people in different groups demanding the government do their job and get
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a budget passed. so there may be progress but it's not all good the deal being talked about wouldn't resolve the crisis but rather delay it setting the scene for another budget showdown early next year this is nothing new though according to jim rogers author of street smarts adventures on the road and in the markets. we've been kicking the can down the road print sixty years and america i do you think we . were the largest debtor nation in the history of the world we've got to do something about every year that goes by and we go deeper and deeper into debt you see what's happening in washington right now same old charade they will come out a few days and they will announce everything is ok no. problem two or three from now. and we'll be back at the same place we are now only worse because the world and countries that are lending to america really you know that russia china few other classes are starting to say we've got to do something else we
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cannot keep putting money into u.s. dollars and the u.s. government because this thing is going to i'm not the only one you know is there any other kind. we have to find an alternative to the u.s. dollar because these guys are not from. so kicking the can down the road why is the world so concerned about both the u.s. shut down on a possible default because of it well it's because america's debt so huge that almost every major nation holds some of that that say the biggest danger here is the knock on effect if the u.s. to fold bags take massive losses on their bonds which would pay for the pension is savers and investors that if a bank scopus is will be the next to fall they will begin the loans the need and after that the world's economy takes a massive hit starting with america's biggest trade partner the e.u. economist and a former british treasury official mackinnon says even before any of that on the fold america's already suffered a major loss. i think that the one of the key problems that american policymakers
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face is that this ongoing fiscal dysfunction and periodic fiscal crises you'll recall that we were down this road back in two thousand and eleven when america was stripped of its aaa status by standard and poor's and then we had the school cliff at the end of two thousand and twelve was a real risk of america falling back into an economic recession and here we go again with the shutdown and the debt ceiling crisis and i think these periodic crises undermine confidence in u.s. economic policy they undermine confidence in the u.s. dollar as the world's leading reserve currency and if this continues if this dysfunction continues then over time i think the more nervous investors will be more downside risks for the global financial system more of a chance that the u.s. economy falls into recession which would inevitably have a knock on effect elsewhere in the global economy international investors will be
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looking for a reform of the international monetary system and they'll be challenging the role of the dollar as the leading reserve currency use me and russia to not the right hand man of daku maher of russia's terrorist number one has been sentenced to life in jail known as mud gas was found guilty of numerous attacks from civilians and police in the north caucasus meantime counter-terror forces say they've thought it a long planned strike elsewhere in russia. two young men aged nineteen and twenty one were arrested in the chira region allegedly planning a terror attack on a chemical storage facility in their region are the two young men according to federal security service are followers all they were hobby islam and how been plenty of the taxes of timber off this year the chemical storage tank unit is actually a second largest such facility in the country the authorities are saying if the plans of the alleged terrorists were successful we would be talking about hundreds
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of victims. later in the program a plea for diplomacy a run comes up with proposals not a bad information but it seems many of them are unwilling to listen it's just ahead . will be. funny it's technology innovation believes developments from around russia we've got the future covered. there's a media leave us so we leave the media privacy potions she surely play your part of the musical. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics.
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right to see. first street. and i think the church. on our reporters with the. instrument. and as opposed to a man suspected in last week's killing of a twenty five year old russians being detained outside moscow the stabbing led to massive interethnic clashes in the capital on sunday several hundred people were arrested during the riots among them both locals and suspected illegal immigrants security was also tight in the capital for one of the main festivals eed it's known
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in russian as. it's the unrest though that didn't stop over one hundred thousand has been some celebrating it is up he's going to church you can. put a bomb by around literally means the feast of the sekret fires that commemorates abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son ishmael to show his face to all on this day muslims kill a sheep or go to and give the meat to the poor and shared among family and neighbors as you can imagine many did not like the sight of animals being killed in their backyard so moscow sorties have designated special locations farms where muslims could practice the ritual of sex the feis russia is home to around twenty million muslims so a huge muslim community here the celebrations comes days after the riots in moscow's booted over district hundreds of people there took to the streets to express their outrage over the killing of a young man you got showed up as well as to express their attitude towards migrants in general because. haven't had a local shopping center and at
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a storage facility police have identified the suspect in a burglary it's a thirty one year old citizen of hazzard by john he allegedly stabbed you bored to death in front of his girlfriend a c.c.t.v. camera captured his face that the residents were outraged by by the murder but along with the residents in a nationalistic group says some of them radical have also picked up on the tragedy and riots began more than twenty people were injured and sent us on sunday night. over at least eight of them in law enforcement but ethnic tensions are still brewing in the city just tonight we learned that a group of young men attacked a random azerbaijani cafe they broke the windows and the door no luck at luckily no one was injured there and then in a separate incident in moscow we heard a group of men from central asia attack someone's car and many fear there will be a series of mass nuclear motivated crimes russia is not immune to hate crimes
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especially with tensions over illegal immigration and other issues so you can imagine in the wake of the riots security has been very tight in moscow i could see it here at the mosque the city deployed police forces four thousand people to make sure that the celebrations are peaceful and safe for the public. and security paid off in southern moscow where a gathering of nationalists labeled and. took place at least fifty people were detained at the rally for disorderly behavior i would assume is reported some of them of on lies in cars and letting off fireworks and we've got more on the recent riots in moscow on our website go to dot com we invite you to head there for full timeline of the weekend's events you know the invision emotion sections for dramatic images and the footage of those clashes as well. iran's foreign minister has put forward his suggestions for ending tensions with
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the west over his country's nuclear. program statement came at a meeting with the p five plus one group that's made up of britain china france the u.s. and russia plus germany and it's seen as an attempt by to round to get cripple you know make sanctions lifted but comments before the conference put something of a damper on hopes for a breakthrough is really promise a pretty minute you know you said quote i think it would be an historic mistake to ease sanctions when they're so close to achieving their goals he said his thoughts record too by the top republican on the senate foreign relations committee who thinks congress should put in place tough conditions on the ground before easing and extensions on a slightly more upbeat note though the spokesman for the e.u. foreign policy chief catherine ashton said this morning that there's a quote sense of cautious optimism but that it's now time for results professor of political communication folders are these joining me on the line live from around let's talk to him now nice to see you tonight sir i mentioned some of the skeptics there in the critics they have been vocal but nonetheless there is a chance of a very real breakthrough here isn't there. yes i think
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so i think that you know on the other side is very much ready for some sort of settlement and the nuclear portfolio i think there are a good number of people within the u.s. administration that want the same thing what you have to worry about is there are the causes that are associated with the government both inside the u.s. government and outside the u.s. government people who are working for there's a lot of the in the united states and they don't want to see it the they want to threaten iran and sanction iranian people those are the people that you have to worry about what about back home president rouhani has been criticized by some quarters of the radical quarters for his overtures towards the west is he going to bow down to their many times. no i think the army and leadership is very much. speaking in the same tone in the same lines we have the country's leader that supported. rowhani administration's.
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activities in that front before history to new york when he came back to iran the country's leader repeated that support we do have some people who. are best intentions given the fact that for the last sixty years or so the u.s. government has been causing trouble for the iranian people so we do have that segment of society that look at history and not very optimistic but generally within the government the people who hold power they support the new initiatives that rouhani has i would call a phrase talks cheap actions concrete actions much harder and of the day to achieve what is to run willing to give regarding its nuclear program. i think the iranian government officials have said that actually willing to give a lot the only red line they have is. inside the
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country but in terms of how much they enrich in terms of. the ability for international spector's to visit iranian sites with regard to basically easing any concerns that the other side may have quite open what they want is they want to get the sanctions removed and to do that they're willing to actually put everything on the table except that enrichment ability inside the country exactly that's what's one of the key things that came out this week russia's wanted it to be taken outside to be rich but. saying no no way they're not going to move on. i think that the red line that they have i think countries like russia and china have been who are part of five plus one people as one have been basically arguing
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for. a change of policy toward iran they are saying that sanctioning iran has not worked country has been sanctioned for so many years the countries policy has not changed and they are asking for some sort of diplomatic breakthrough is a chance that some european countries will actually side with russia and china this time and i think the united states is a more difficult case given the fact a desire to lobby is quite powerful really brief idle thoughts is it why would it be wiser to a divided israel to these talks. well you know this is the five plus one is the five permanent member of the security council plus germany israel is not a permanent member of the security council. is not germany. is actually a country that has violated a lot of un sanction and u.n.
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resolutions so i don't think even the recent governments want to have presented from not only who they are given the fact that they have been so sabotaging any sort of settlement for many years thanks ever so much for your thoughts their professor of political communication had to run university for his r.t. thank you. now the number of people living in extreme poverty in spain has doubled in just five years according to a new report from charity groups there are around three million spaniards now have to survive on under three hundred seven euros per month while the cost of living continues to climb that says the number of families where not one single person is employed has gone up five fold since the start of the crisis that's now one point eight million households will now the spanish government set to become the first in europe and to tax something that's been free and available to everyone since the dawn of time we're talking sunlight madrid wants to impose
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a levy on solar power to help plug its yawning energy debt now sarah first reports . there's an argument hotting up in spain right now the country still mired in financial difficulty the government's come up with a rather unusual proposal calling for attacks all solar energy it's like. this is one of the sun. the sun is also. with some spanish cities enjoying an average of three thousand hours of sun each year the nations being one of the leading providers of energy the trouble is they're pretty thing so much that production capacity now exceeds the market by sixty percent and that's when the government found itself in debt and produces to the cina twenty six billion euro so in a bid to go back the yeas are solar panels the government decided to attack those who use the in other words taxing the very behavior they spent the last decade
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trying to encourage critics of the proposal say this will damage things progress towards meeting european when you pull energy goals and kids set a dangerous precedent for other struggling e.u. countries like greece who are remiss to be contemplating a similar tax playings energy regulator agrees and his cool the proposed toll economically viable and discriminatory been most blindsided by the idea of people like pedro he invested his money in installing a solar panel in his home. says they're making it cheaper to buy your energy from the big companies rather than use the power from your panels the government target is that the taxes there is there is using solar energy still require the use of the conventional energy grid and say this tax will contribute to the cost of maintenance but the solar lobby say the new tax will extend the time it takes for solar panels to pay for themselves from eight to twenty five years as the fine that
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could be levied if. people like don't pay up well that's being set it's a mind boggling thirty million year oh i already know people who are removing the. protesters say that simply to scare people into submission but as to whether it's working for perjury. no you look at where the laws against your rights you have the right to refuse to do with the government tells you i'm going to continue with and i'm not going to be the targets with such strong resistance across this sunny state spain's government may have a fight on its hands and could be left wondering if the pays tax is such a price i did. not see. on another item you spend tonight the post some trying to not the only thing getting people in spain called under the
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collar place in a bus alone a fail to break a picket are hundreds of workers at this large bakery strike has blocked access to the factory in protest and laying off almost two thousand workers and wage cuts through the blockade started on sunday after unions denounced the company's action the best of all the new twenty four seven that. coming up a special find out how america's seems to have given itself the right to do as it pleases and how that affects the wider world special reports say lined up on exceptionalism. switzerland will soon vote if they should start giving out thousands of dollars in cash to every adult citizen in the country you heard me right there's
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a grassroots campaign that is trying to get the government to give out to every adult says a two thousand five hundred swiss francs approximately two thousand eight hundred dollars per month the motivation for the project is that many in switzerland fear that the financial crisis has caused wealth inequality to skyrocket you know i'm not an expert at swiss culture so maybe people there are different but if they gave out thousands of free dollars per month anywhere i've lived you would see the majority of people going into early retirement and not working at all. ah it's sort of like how they tell people not to feed the bears at parks because then the bears lose their instincts and will go hunt because getting a sandwich thrown at them is a lot easier i mean why go through the effort of the odd thing when the sandwich just magically appears handouts often creates law according to reuters some people are proposing a much better law for switzerland limiting executive pay to being twelve times higher than that of the lowest paid employee although this point isn't making headlines it seems like a much better idea because it doesn't to motivate people to be productive and yet it would create almost utopia light.


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