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tv   Headline News  RT  October 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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you're watching our team tonight u.s. lawmakers reportedly strike a deal to stave off default and reopen government it could therefore end two weeks of brinkmanship but it still leaves the dollar more vulnerable than it's been decades. defending its image at all costs cut to tains two journalists investigating the how or when conditions faced by migrant workers preparing the nation for the twenty twenty two world cup one of those reporters tells us what he covered. and the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal gathers momentum with international exposed his monthly equipment at six sites but it's no easy task in the midst of a raging civil war. which
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is joined as a pm here in moscow mid day now in washington and with the deadline looming u.s. lawmakers have reportedly agreed on a deal to raise the country's debt limit and reboot the government if confirmed it will go to a vote between republicans and democrats in fighting between who have brought the world's richest nation to the brink of default let's go to washington artes and this is now he's standing by for us there and this judge of boulder currents we're expecting to hear an announcement where the times say within the next minute or two year. that's right but the one thing i think we've learned from this shutdown is you never know how far u.s. lawmakers will let it go we're coming pretty close to the wire here the deadline the seventeenth. but we are hearing reports that senate leaders have come to an agreement to ovoid default works back to hear from them any minute now from capitol
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hill the problem is whether or not this will pass in the house that's where you're going to see most of the more i should say aggressive opposition to this passing this deal would at least according to the reports that we're getting would fund the government allow it to reopen immediately entailed january fifteenth and then allow the u.s. to continue borrowing until february seventh so really it wouldn't even be a solution to the problem it would just be kicking the can further down the road and that's something that a lot of critics are talking about that this really isn't the solution yes it would avoid default why don't of a sudden be the change we're going into our sixth day here of a government shutdown but we have seen pressure from abroad we've seen credit rating agencies say that it was going to review the u.s. aaa rating super happy that perhaps that is having some effect on the main house was in here and. republicans they of course wanted to have amendments made to
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a new health care law also known as obamacare it looks like some of them are backing down on this because according to these reports this deal would only have very minor changes to that health care law also organizations like the chamber of congress which is normally a pro republican organization is putting pressure on them because it's big business is that see how devastating any kind of the fault would be to them so normally this is an organization that funds republican candidates these both in the senate and the house of representatives and they're really putting the pressure on these officials to get for. get it done as soon as possible but like i said ted we're waiting to hear officially from the senate leaders whether or not in factually and this is from the from the corner of the new dreamier i'm just hearing the monitor got the monitors on the corner here a lot of cheering stars be signaling you to go and take a look yourself and we come back to you very shortly ok bring our viewers the latest thanks and as well of course failure to raise the debt ceiling will not
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necessarily mean the media told the u.s. as some short term reserves it can also cut social military and government budgets to pay off creditors dr william wilson is an economist with a think tank in russia's high tech hub skolkovo he says he believes the default though to be unlikely is i guess we're probably going to find out in a few minutes time probability of the fall of his armor was never saying that but the fact is it but if i were her later this week the result would be catastrophic but you see the credit markets freeze up. we're talking about sixteen point seven trillion dollars worth of government debt this would be the largest of all history of the world and it would freeze up the financial system like we saw in two thousand and eight except this time it would be a lot worse the u.s. that market is poor and central the global financial system and under no conditions
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could be looked at shutdown well the debt the united states now stands at just under this was saying seventeen trillion dollars an astonishing sound that's growing by about a trillion a year economists not demick lou rockwell told me that excessive debt only empowers the elite. the idea that the whole world is sustained by growing american debt that there has to be more and more borrowing in order to you know make everybody prosperous it doesn't work by the way unemployment rates are horrific rates all over the world it was going to world none of us feel comfortable economically we're all worried about the future the government is is is harming us so the idea that you know less government is somehow harmful it's just the reverse this is a course keynesianism that we have to more government more spending more debt perpetually and that will make us all wealthy no it doesn't help the banks that helps the government helps the military industrial complex and you know all the big companies associated with the government it hurts regular people if they really are
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worried about you know they don't have enough money what are they shut down the n.s.a. and stop spying on everybody one of the you bring the troops home from afghanistan and iraq and yemen pakistan and all the rest of the places stop killing people that would save a could really in dollars that would solve all the budget problems that's my advice to mr obama. currency crisis. this is still the president of users to the goetia chapa told her that this is a joke to say. the longer this goes on the worse. destroy the american economy and the less they get it. so beautiful special coverage. causes promise in what's happening in the senate in washington as soon as any decision is announced there they think it will be at
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round about noon eastern time we will bring you the latest meantime let's continue look at some other news happening today taking a zero tolerance stance on any probing into its human rights record two german reporters investigating the slavish conditions facing workers at the twenty twenty two world cup construction sites would it take to the middle of their investigation one m.p. to gay so describe to me what happened. first we got arrested by the federal police in a hole tell rooms were taken to the headquarters which is in doha city and we were questioned and interrogated for a couple of hours and just after midnight we got cuffed our equipment cameras all the memory sticks we had everything was taken from us and we were taken to a state security prison right in the suburbs of doha where we had to spend the nights in separate cells my camera man and me. we were in there in that prison in
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those separate cells for a total of twenty one hours the bad thing about those twenty one hours was we weren't even allowed a single phone call not to our embassy you know to families no one was there to tell us what the charge was really so we were kind of desperate in there not having any contact with the outside world. both parties a glimpse at the heavy toll the world cup preparations are already taking in the gulf kingdom according to rights activists over the past summer one worker died every day on average and more than half of those cases involve heart attacks or workplace injuries temperatures of the construction sites caused big problem cuts are frequently above forty five celsius estimates suggest up to four thousand people may die before the first ball is kicked in the twenty twenty two tournament pretty gay so back to him again got a firsthand look at course at the workers' plight in qatar says more of what he had to say we were able to talk to some human rights workers down there locally on the ground as well as quite
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a number of workers as it turned out one gentleman there for twelve twelve years i think working as an air cover addition specialist's ironically his ark of education itself doesn't even have a vent fan but this guy told us he said i think thirty five about him not getting the salary in his bonuses for a number of. his main difficulty was to fight the case against his. against his boss and his firm he was working for as they see a specialist so the best thing is the boss took his passport from him so he has problems fighting the case and called us problems getting back he's not making the money he's supposed to make for the flight home back that's a that's a bad devil or circle he's in. and suddenly the bleak picture facing migrants doesn't end there are many of the laborers from the pole bangladesh india hoping to
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send money back home but don't see their paychecks for months on end but if they decide to cut their losses and quit they often find themselves unable to skate because their passports are being withheld so without any alternative form of identification they're effectively stranded and to add insult to injury construction stuff or even forced to work without basic necessities like drinking water again back to pay to he explained what he sees as the root of the problem another bunch of guys i'm just tell you that you'll be might be seeing in the pieces well four of them they haven't got paid for seven months in a room right now trying to file their cases well all of those workers have one major problem they have to work within the so-called system let me try and explain to you what that is it's a law basically stating that every migrant worker that comes into qatar has to find his own personal sponsor meaning his boss the firm is working for the corporation. and that sponsor has to take care of him legally legally medically but
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most of the sponsors obviously take the past posts away from the migrant workers and that put so numbers of them maybe tens of thousands in a miserable situation. because it's also the case to late edition a break in the set investigating in human conditions facing met police workers toiling away in qatar if you want to catch that program it's on a website street and get a call to a country of two million people there are currently three hundred forty thousand nepalese migrant workers many of which been assigned to world cup construction but according to several reports released by the guardian the workers face brutal working conditions long hours lack of pay and wretched living quarters and just yesterday it was confirmed that seventy napoli's laborers have already died while working on a world cup projects yet both the nepalese and qatari governments refuse to acknowledge this massive human rights problem so if you're sick of world powers treating migrant laborers like garbage and tell fifo to pressure qatar and put an
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end to this modern day slavery. switzerland is taking steps to lift the veil of it's the tories secretive banking system it's signed the convention allowing the sharing of financial data with dozens of other countries and what's been portrayed as an attempt to crack down on tax evasion but is this good news for the global economy more financial markets but doesn't think so. the situation in the euro zone much like the usa is the government is essential and alcoholic it drinks too much vodka it wants ever more vodka and new matter what happens it seems to always consume endless endless amounts more vodka in that sense it's government spending governments are spending too much through what western europe in the united states of america they simply cannot afford to go on with that sort of spending therefore we have this frankly
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ludicrous nervous approach with the belief that the ending of private banking anonymous private banking and switzerland is solely going to see us have a huge wall of money appear that will pay for government the truth is even if all of that money was repatriated it wouldn't be enough to save the government from having to go through more a stereotype cutting back on their spending the overall reality also is that no matter what you do in the circumstances money will tend to leave the countries that tax it too highly and therefore western europe has a huge crisis because let's face it it would be much easier for us all to go and live in say moscow and pay only twelve or thirteen percent flat rate tax compared to the sweden writs that are being charged in western europe at the moment. imagine a town largely abandoned by working age adults leaving children and the elderly
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behind well such a place exists in greece coming up in this program report on how a lack of works and forcing parents to leave their children behind in the search for a steady income they've got this story green shoots of compromises countries taking part in those negotiations iran's nuclear program set a date for more talks at the start of next month for you to. in a recently published united nations report it is found that about forty percent of the world's population soon will be can. to the internet at the same time there's a big one stay frozen power when we log on to the internet there are a boundless opportunities as well as the powers that be to watch every move we make even read our thoughts. do we speak your language of the will or not a day of. music programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news
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a little turn to tip angles the stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit eye to eye. an international team of experts and syria's destroyed equipment for chemical weapon production and six sites as well as some of the government's toxic arsenal to the deal to dismantle stockpiles is broke but russia the united states sees pulis lee is in damascus. experts from the organization for the prohibition of
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chemical weapons as well as the united nations have now visited eleven sites at six of those sites there oversaw the destruction of critical equipment and this is equipment that is classified as category three it includes an unloaded chemical weapon you nations a week ago the team had only visited some two sites so we rarely see an acceleration in the progress that they're doing and they do seem to be on track to meet the deadline of the first of november by which all produce to be quick and needs to have been destroyed the final deadline of course is the middle of next year by when syria has to have destroyed all its chemical weapons stockpiles one of the problems that the team is facing is the fact that some of these chemical weapons are you territory where the rebels are in control and there has been no word or any kind of indication from the rebels that they're prepared to halt the fighting for short ceasefire to allow the experts to actually gain access to these stockpiles for the last two days there has been fierce fighting in the north east
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of the country tween armed rebels aligned to al qaida groups and kurdish fighters some sort one people have been killed in the north east of the country and that is in addition to a bomb that exploded over night tuesday that bombing killed between twenty one and twenty three people all of them civilians that happening in the south of the country in daraa and they did earlier in the week there was another explosion in the northwest of the country and in that explosion some twenty seven people were killed so we really witnessing an exhilaration in violence all of this comes as the major group in the opposition bloc has said that it will not be party to the proposed peace talks in geneva later this year so they really does seem to be an acceleration in violence and very little progress being made on the diplomatic front. russia has expressed regret over turkey. todd akin to seoul to do this is part. it's just the latest in
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a series of incidents to the serious returns to relations between the two governments over the last few months from off. blitz an incredibly bizarre story the dutch diplomat is recovering this is after two men broke into his apartment and beat him up allegedly also scrawling a heart on a mirror in lipstick with the acronym l g b t for lesbian gay bisexual and transgender now the sixty six year old diplomat elden bosch is an assistant to the dutch ambassador according to reports he had returned home to find the lives not working two men and electricians uniforms were inspecting the fuse box when he opened his door according to reports he was allegedly attacked the motive for that attack unknown at this point is now the dutch foreign minister said the diplomat had been lightly wounded he added that he had summoned the russian ambassador over the incident and this of course follows the arrest earlier this month of a russian diplomat. on suspicion of mistreating two young children which prompted
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a massive diplomatic spat with president vladimir putin demanding an apology the government the dutch government did apologize for that incident although i should say that diplomatic relations between the two countries were already strained even before mr broadens arrests we have to keep in mind that the netherlands had launched legal action to about thirty people from several countries who were detained in russia after the dutch flagged ships belonging to the environmental group greenpeace was boarded over a process of protest on a russian oil rig in the arctic the activists and journalists on board had been charged with piracy this is something that the netherlands had been protesting over so a series of sort of diplomatic spats here between the two countries ironically twenty thirty and had been the year that the netherlands and russia had celebrated their good diplomatic relations so we'll have to certainly see how the events unfold but the assistant dutch diplomat is recovering and only slightly injured as far as we know so far. well all eyes on washington was probably let's go back to our top
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story looks as though we're about to hear an announcement that he had made it about what has all maybe has not still been agreed regarding raising the debt ceiling let's go to the senate now we're expecting announcement should occur within the last twenty minutes still nothing as of yet let's listen in. reconciliation. i look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of this great capitol to pass this remarkable agreement which will protect long term health work climbing and every story and avert a default our nation's debt and allow us to set a foundation for economic expansion. what we've done is send a message to americans from every one of our fifty states but it is sure that the citizens of every country in the world that the united states lives up to lives up to its obligations. now congress must return to its most important job fostering
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economic growth and protecting middle class families i appreciate through all this the steady hand of president obama helped guide us to this conclusion i'm optimistic that the spirit of compromise has taken root in the senate over the last two days but one door i do know this sentiment call and i have. sat and very very. serious discussions the last few days we're going to everything we can to change the atmosphere in the senate and accomplish things that need to be done for our country. the republican leader. but it's a bit challenging few weeks for congress and for the country. it's my hope that today we can put some of those most urgent issues but.
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after yesterday's events the majority leader now began a series of conversations about a way to get the government reopened. and to prevent default. i'm confident we'll be able to do both those things later today. crucially i'm also confident that we'll be able to announce that we're protecting the government spending reductions that both parties agreed to under the budget control act and that the president signed into law that's been a top priority for me and for my colleagues on the republican side of the aisle throughout this debate. and it's been worth the effort or some of suggested that we break that promise this part of this agreement. thomas said washer needs to spend more that we need to raise taxes that we need to just tax our way to prosperity. and balance but what the basically a showed is that washington actually can't cut spending. and because of this law
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that's just what we've done for the first time since the korean war for the first time since the korean war. government spending has declined for two years in a row the first time in fifty years. and we're not going back on this agreement there's a lot more we need to do to get our nation's fiscal house in order hopefully once we've gotten past the drama of the moment. we can get to work on it. but for now let's not understate the importance of the budget control act or the importance of the fight to preserve it this legislation is the largest spending reduction bill of the last quarter century and the largest deficit reduction bill since one thousand nine hundred eighty one that didn't include attacked by. preserving this law is critically important to the future of our country. throughout this debate the public is rightly focused on obamacare. for good reason because laws ravaging our
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economy killing jobs driving up premiums and driving people off the health care plans they have and like in droves. if it's just for a stroll out of the slot of even worse things to call and the refusal to delay it reflects a kind of stubborn ideological obsession that will do untold damage to our country and republicans remain determined to repeal this terrible law but put into. order to the relief we hope for is to reopen the government avoid default and protect the historic cuts we achieved under the budget control act this is far less than many of us would hope for. but it's far better than what some saw now for republicans to unite behind other crucial goal.
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for. mcconnell the the senate representatives will kentucky ok that was the scene lie in washington that the senate less cross never. fully that's been out near the last fifteen minutes or so we gathered a bipartisan compromise has been reached in the senate now to raise the debt ceiling limit details still partially on the. they are indeed there's still conflicting reports on whether or not the vote will actually go through the house of representatives first because it's expected that that's where there might be continuing opposition to this although it seems that over the past couple of days there's been a lot of meetings behind closed doors let's not forget that all of these senators and representatives in the house as well are in contact constantly and it seems that we won't have this kind of announcement especially from harry reid talking
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about how the world sees now that america is responsible that we've voided default speaking so confidently about this deal it is expected that this is going to pass and we're already seeing reports of people saying the shutdown is over let's just remind our audiences though especially around the world because the world has been watching very closely and read also mentioned that as well although he thinks that now the world sees that america is responsible i think critics are going to beg to differ on that that this has changed the reputation of the united states that it led it lets it get this far this close to the deadline to defaulting on its seventeen trillion or so dollars in borrowings this deal would allow for the government to stay open it would immediately reopen it and stay working until january fifteenth and allow the u.s. to continue borrowing till february seventh but let's not forget that essentially the initial problem is not is is not does not have
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a solution it's just basically kicking the can further down the road now really talked about it just allowing for more time to come up with a more long term solution to these budget problems these constant crises that we're seeing and partisan politics in the u.s. government he believes that these three months or so will allow the u.s. government to come up with a more long term solution although a lot of critics and experts are going to have to beg to differ that this isn't any kind of real solution yes it looks like a default. has been averted but like you said a lot of the details still coming out we don't know exactly what will happen in the house we'll be watching very closely lou we'll let you get back to it over there in washington thanks for that let's talk to a patrick henningsen now show he's on the line he's a geo political analyst and founder of twenty first century while he's on the line life father patrick didn't see it so looks like the states is out of the wood still no details yet though politicians the questions being asked by so many people have
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allowed the situation to get this far it's almost one of the better will to kind of pantomime isn't it. well that's a good choice of words coburn did this this really looks to me like a don't you go you have wrestling match in other words there was no way and we actually said this last week on our web site there was no way that the government was going to default on that simply because the u.s. government has approximately is not exact figure but two hundred. billion dollars a month in total recedes. maybe around ten percent interest on now as to the bankers so they pay on that it's one of the greatest those arrangements ever and there's no way that would ever come to an end the u.s. government and present form cannot exist. expanding just by. it is bloated for me needs to expand and therefore needs new lines of credit. last
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time was this purpose or not you know if i was me i mean this time what the public haven't really had the stomach for it if they were hearing was more and more acrimony about it as time has gone on what is the american general feeling about what the government's doing. well i think the political damage has already been done and although the g.o.p. or the republican opposition's going to be the first target of blame benchley either believe the american people will see this is a black mark on the white house in other words the political gamesmanship ultimately despite the blame game over obamacare or anything else is really up to the white house and to the executive why the american people elect the president to avoid situations like this not to exacerbate them and time will tell is how the epitaph will be written well which on the veterans last night the third.


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