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tv   Headline News  RT  October 16, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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breaking news this hour u.s. lawmakers strike a deal to stave off default and restart the government potentially then to fusing of crisis that spelled catastrophe for the global economy in just a few moments we'll hear from our washington bureau on congress' next move and try to gauge how much damage the crisis has brought. also headlining this hour defend its image at all costs cattle detains to journalists investigating the current conditions faced by my group workers preparing the nation for the twenty twenty two world cup one of those reporters tells me what he uncovered. and the destruction of syria's chemical arsenal gathers momentum with international experts dismantling equipment at six sites but it's no easy task in the midst of a raging civil war.
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hello it's eleven pm here in moscow through the afternoon in washington d.c. right now my name's kevin oh in a warm welcome this hour the main news tonight as i just mentioned with a deadline looming in the last few hours u.s. lawmakers have agreed on a deal to raise the country's debt limit and reboot the government will now have to be approved by both republicans and the democrats in fighting between who brought the world's richest nation to the brink of default let's pass the coverage over shall we to artie's washington bureau for the latest developments and some expert analysis lined up at the day's twists and turns so far. live from washington d.c. i mean he said now with special coverage of the government shutdown now the deadline to block will has possibly come to an end america just barely avoiding
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default and agreeing to raise the debt ceiling at the last minute so the u.s. can keep borrowing beyond its almost seventeen trillion dollars in debt well sixteen days of a government shutdown halted the capital to a standstill put hundreds of thousands of workers out of jobs and the world economy on the verge of recession this deal would reopen the government and fund it until january fifteenth allowing it to continue borrowing until february the seventh so really it's just a temporary fix well to discuss this joining me are gerald levin publisher of the journal and curtis ellis executive director of american jobs alliance in london we have mr keith boy field a researcher for the center for policy studies and here in ross washington with me is neil mccabe senior reporter at human events thank you all very much for joining me i want to begin with you neal is this good news well it's terrible news for americans and for for conservatives it's good news for those people who believe
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that the obama care in the federal government should continue to grow and that the government should take an increasingly more powerful role in our lives it's really horrific to defeat for conservatives who trusted republican leaders so you see this as the republicans giving in absolutely ok let's go to jerrold in gerald celente what do you think of this yesterday i read one of your tweets where you talked about the debt default and what it means in terms of the u.s. public being off the radar not speaking about it in bars and such why is that so and what do you think of this news. well as far as on the political animal political atheist so i don't look at it as who would help to who would hurt the american public by and large have no idea about the debt ceiling or default you know they're more interested in the sports at this point so monk the general public
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that fear and hysteria coming out from washington didn't really trickle down however when you really look at the world news and you hear what they're saying whether it's coming from the world bank whether the i.m.f. whether the leading bankers of the world or from china with now it's de americanization this was really a spectacle following a series of spectacles that has downgraded america's image worldwide to levels i've never seen so low do you agree with that in london mr keith boy field is the the world now going to remember this harry reid this morning saying well that is story bipartisan agreement has been so he's looking at it as a different way the rest of the world how are they going to see this is this going to be a lesson. well for those of us living outside america it's a wake up call i think particularly for investors you've got to remember that the
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chinese hold one point three trillion dollars worth of u.s. treasury bonds i think a lot of chinese didn't quite appreciate that you're going to see as a result of this latest piece of political theater a move to review the way in which a lot of countries hold their assets worldwide sixty percent of all foreign currency exchange reserves are currently held in u.s. dollars i think there's going to be an increasing move to drop the dollar in pursuit of safe currencies and you're going to see for example increased investment in places like london in the residential and commercial sector because it's seen as a hedge against uncertainty and markets hate uncertainty that's what we're getting as a result of this latest political drama in washington mr curtis as executive director of american jobs alliance obviously
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a lot of the american economy has already been affected by this shutdown day sixteen now what do you make of the news first of all then second of all what has america learned from this are we not going to see this problem dressed once again down the road of essentially the government has agreed to just push it further down the line no. that's exactly right now one of the one of the lessons and one of the prime considerations in political communications is that you repeat repeat and repeat the message again and again and again now if you believe the polls the republicans have taken quite a beating on this may have him in political theater now what we're going to get to do is remind voters again of just how disorganized this whole crowd in washington is come january or february or whenever we get to revisit the debt ceiling and shutdown stuff. so i don't think it's going to help them out how are republicans.
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how or how are the republicans going to pay for this i mean they are being blamed for this shutdown well first of all i think i don't have a problem with with democracy in action and the way the american system is sort of allowed to work its will figure ok with the fact of the government will exist for this so called it did work. eight hundred were you people the working the framers a stablished you know competing institutions co-equal branches it's not a dictatorship it's not a monarchy and so people in other parts of the world probably aren't used to the fact that the lead the head of state just can't dictate what the rest of the country does republicans are going to be hurt because conservatives gave republicans the majority in the house john boehner has his gavel because of the tea party and because of conservatives and if he betrayed her loses sponsibility at such as such an economy to not allow it to go this far to get to default where it
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would and you heard from the rest of her i guess i hate to interrupt you but there was going to be no default the way they were there was going to be no default treasury officials communicated to congress last week that they are working on plans to pay the debts as they come the federal government receives two hundred fifty billion dollars in revenues every month there was going to be no default this was just something very reaction to that from some of our other guests anyone who would like please jump in. here if there wasn't go on to. i don't know i don't this i'm. a little subtle gresham the accountability i'm not quite sure what the republicans got out of this campaign because for example on a bomb which the republicans are very skeptical about but one of the things that they were trying to do was to actually reduce the benefits given to members of
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congress and staff and as i understand it as part of the senate deal there's been absolutely nothing agreed on that i'm not quite sure what the republicans have got out of this last two weeks apart from a diminution in the poll ratings well you know i'd like to add to that and say that a lot of this is not to mock most of your good work this was watching the incompetence and the inept a gang of republicans and democrats five hundred thirty five people making decisions for three hundred fifteen million people and and and you can say with all your confidence that there wasn't going to be a default you should have said that to look god you should have said that to the world bank you should have said that to jamie diamond and so many others who feared that you know that that steps from the treasury but the trainer said it was arranged. by the u.s. or government credit rating reduced the whole let me finish i didn't interrupt
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anyone when they were speaking don't interrupt me when i had. gotten finish what you were saying what i'm saying is that this is just a novel another level of incompetence whether it's going to war against syria whether it's starting wars in iraq or afghanistan whether it's the war on drugs whether it's sequester ation whether it's going over the physical cliff you have a bunch of incompetent and inept people hiding behind this barrier that we are congressmen and senators and everything is under control the whole world is laughing at america. can i say i though i would make the observation in a certain way because there are probably in the last year we used to. be the americans saying that this was going to have any effect on their economic reputation i think they're going to be in for
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a big big surprise particularly when the credit rating agencies start to review u.s. government credit i think it's going to lead to a as it may agency and it's going to lead to demean you shown in the strength of the dollar so basically i just want to say or doing our case of excluding are paying more attention to the patient scores than to the diminishing of credit ratings on the world market but what they see coming out of washington is a clown show by everybody so there you go i. think even without washington i just don't go to work every day. i just want to hear what mr mccabe has to say about republicans and you get this idea that you're kind of saying well it doesn't really matter what the rest of the world thinks and i am i correct in that it but you're here because i mean when the games gave in but
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if you matter what the rest of the world will listen the rest of the world economy will see what happens in recess and that's a big deal where there can be a gallon and eight there could be talk and speculation but my guess is that when the treasury has its next auction people still line up to buy treasuries people still want to do business in the united states people still be using the dollar immigrants will still want to come here people still want to buy our goods and all this scary talk was just scary talk the fact of the matter is that the federal government has seventeen trillion dollars of debt and this obamacare is a train wreck and i didn't say train wreck the man who designed obamacare said it's a train wreck and people stood up to stop it there are forces who make money off of this debt there are forces who live off of government spending and there are people who are vested both financially and politically in obamacare who rose up to stop it i did not happy with the result but i'm glad this battle was had i just want to go to curtis ellis in new york and ask you if you think there is very well established
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if you agreed by the supremes colt's and as far as i can see the republicans have made no other impact whatsoever on this. legislation so the whole thing is behind side to assert negative. that's that's an ignorant statements or because the supreme court does not does not mean i want to stay focused on today's news and the republicans who obviously a majority of them at least in the senate we don't have. any kind of to fall even if you just call it scary talk would have been devastating and perhaps that's why they gave him i think that there is there's always been a split well at least two there's been a sweep in the republican party twinkly servitors and more and republicans and this is what's playing out. well that's that's wonderful but the fact remains that people are going to do business with the united states i think a lot of people might disagree with you gerald celente what do you have to say
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about how many times can this happen before the world says batson i think we're going to be. nice if i answer the question i was asked me i just want to hear from jerrold right to here's would have read said the compromise we reached will provide our economy with the stability it desperately needs it set the country on a path to fiscal sustain a billet it has done no such thing we also have the tapering issue in front of us interest rates are set to rise and when they go up the economy goes down all of that has been shown in washington is to complete in apt ints and capability of both parties to effectively run a government to take the nation to the eleventh hour and the world at this level is the height of irresponsibility and it shows in the polls what is that some eighty
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percent of the people have lost faith in congress of sad fact there is we have no choice it's what john adams warned us about and the other founding fathers not to have two major parties control the country because it's no different than the bloods of the crips the bananas to the can be a nose for the democrats or the republicans their gang and they dress differently and talk differently by doing different it's murder pillage and rape. we have. been wronged and london is going to become a london has become a subsidiary of the chinese central bank they're taking steps to trade their currency the we're seeing move by move a move away from the dollar as the reserve currency and the corporate all the goods business on it will sail are more than happy to push america aside so the more uncertainty we have like we just saw it's only going to accelerate the process
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through moves like the trans-pacific partnership agreement setting up global governance structure then they're going to have an influence on. the clown show we're seeing in congress is only accelerating the process the only problem to all of that is you think there is no other reserve currencies that's the problem because the chinese have their problems too you know they're pumping money into their system to keeping it going you see what's going on in the eurozone so again i'm not taking a stand on this i'm merely saying that the united states is still in a better position than the rest of them because we still are the reserve currencies and shyness look china's exports were down three point six percent this last quarter the last month you also see seven percent decline in taiwan of one point five percent decline in korea you're seeing to klein's around the world so there
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aren't a lot of options so china although they're going into other markets they're still quartered because as was pointed out holding one point five trillion dollars of u.s. debt. well knowing what a great. deal goes through i want to thank you al a question if this deal goes through affectively the us government will continue to discuss a possible long term solution to this budget i just want to go through to all four of you quickly as we wrap up here and ask what you think is next is this going to be another three months of by partisan wrangling are we going to see a solution or we just going to see another shutdown the next time the deadline comes let's start with you in the studio neil and move on to our guest i think what we're going to see is this may be the last attempt to conservatives try to cut spending in the debt through the republican party where people are really saying
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now is that you know for the last sixty years conservatives have found a home in the republican party maybe maybe the republicans don't want them there and so there's going to civil war inside the republican party will continue but the american people want the debt cut in the american people don't like obamacare and that's what the conservatives were trying to do all right gerald celente what's next more of the same but worse the incompetence in ineptness they made we may get diverted by another issue like les look look how quickly they went to war wanted to go to war with syria they could do that like that so we may get diverted when the next crisis comes a geo political issue but will be more of the same but worse right curtis tell us what do you think what can we expect i think on this issue and will we see a solution to the budget. we will. we will be we will be three months closer to the midterm elections and the republican party leadership are going to have to
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think do they want to remind the american people again of just how disorganized the whole situation in washington is when you have congress with an eighty percent disapproval rating i don't think we're going to see a solution to the budget the long term budget problems that we haven't been able to come up with that solution for two years we're not going to get it in three months . ok and keep boy field in london i want to ask you a more global question i guess that's what i'm saying i think there's going to see the world go god how are we going to see the world do what react to we'll get you have this you know i'm sorry or default how are we going to see the world react to this near and to fault oh i see i think there's going to be i think they're going to be increasingly
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looking to other currencies and i think there will probably be an increase in the price of gold is the traditional hedge against uncertainty and i think that you're going to see countries and investors increasingly invest in other places besides the u.s. because they think it's a safer more certain bet so as i was saying earlier on you're seeing a surge of investment into residential and commercial space here in london it's a boomtown at the moment and i think you're going to be saying is seeing the same thing in other parts of the world switzerland is one of arms and had to cut you off there it was a pleasure to speak to all of you very different opinions very heated debate we're going to continue to keep our eye on the situation in the capitol for now many say now way and washington. currency crisis could change the system the president refuses to negotiate on capitol hill takes a bitter medicine doctorate to say. the longer this goes all the worse it will be.
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here when you destroy the american economy and must be getting. live to back here in moscow on the way with me kevin can't crack down on efforts to check its human rights record and a huge chunk of asteroids dragged from a lake in central russia covering those stories rather. where's the trust element here because even if they even if these internet groups break themselves away or attempt to break away from the n.s.a. they have other ways of finding getting into data anyway. and i think one of the things that's really surprising about what we're trying to do is that they try to
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find every possible way of getting data but we all know that the governments have surveillance and that actually working with them so it's not just the united states it's governments you know if you're among what is what do we think the all those kind of things that stuff happened way before the internet so i agree with you completely but great the difference is that the u.s. government says we don't do these things and we keep finding out that they do these things and even more. technology innovation all the leads developments from around russia we've. covered. hello again cutters taking
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a zero tolerance stance on any probe into its human rights record two german reporters investigating the slavish conditions facing workers at the twenty twenty two world cup construction sites were detained in the middle of their investigation one of them paid to go to school describe to me what happened first we got arrested by the federal police in the whole tell rooms were taken to the headquarters which is in doha city and we were questioned and interrogated for a couple of hours and just after midnight we got cuffed our equipment cameras all the memory sticks we had everything was taken from us and we were taken to a state security prison right in the suburbs of doha where we had to spend the nights in separate cells my camera man and me. we were in there in that prison in those separate cells for a total of twenty one hours the bad thing about those twenty one hours was we weren't even allowed
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a single phone call not to our embassy not to our families no one was there to tell us what the charge was really so we were kind of desperate in there not having any contact with the outside world well fight is a glimpse of a heavy toll the world cup preparations already taking in the gold king and according to rights activists over the past summer one worker died on average every day more than half of those cases involve heart attacks or accidents in the workplace temperatures at the construction site in cattle another problem frequently soaring above forty five degrees that's the other issue have to work in all that heat in fact estimates suggest up to four thousand people may die before that first ball is kicked off in twenty twenty two in that tournament just be to castell again he got a firsthand look at the workers plight their encounter. able to talk to some human rights workers down there locally on the ground as well as quite a number of workers as it turned out one gentleman there for twelve twelve years i
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think working as an air cover specialists ironically his archive edition that sells doesn't even have a vent fan but this guy told us he so i think thirty five about him not getting the salary and his bonuses for a number of years now and his main difficulty was to fight the case against his. against his boss and his firm he was working for as they see a specialist so the best thing is the boss took his passport from him so he has problems fighting the case and called us problems getting back he's not making the money he's supposed to make for the flight home back that's a that's a bad devil or circle he's in yemen the bleak picture facing migrants doesn't end there either many of these labors from the pole from bangladesh india hoping to send money back home that's the reason they're doing it but they don't see their paychecks for months on end and if they decide to cut their losses and quit even
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worse they often find themselves unable to escape because their passports and their idea of being withheld without any alternative for the id they can't travel are fit to be stranded and to add insult to injury as well as construction staff or even forced to work without basic necessities like basic drinking water now the other end of the scale too it's affecting a lot of people here balloonist french football player in qatar who's complained about his treatment not only is he not being paid for two years he's also at the plate for his family to be allowed to leave the gulf monarchy. i tried negotiating with them for a year and a half and i understood that it was not working i decided to file a claim against them and because of this they refused to let my wife and my kids leave the country this is why i complained i went to a tribunal for when you are not paid at work i didn't think they would block me now the local government said that by the end of the month i will be able to leave the country but to do that i have to sign a paper that i agree with the conditions i was fired under and there are no
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guarantees i will be able to leave at the end of the month. an international team of experts in syria have destroyed equipment for chemical weapon production of six sites now as well as some of the government's toxic arsenal as well the deal to dismantle the stockpiles was brokered by russia and the us is paula slayer's in damascus. experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons as well as the united nations have now visited eleven science at six of those sites there oversaw the destruction of critical equipment and this is equipment that is classified as category three it includes an unloaded chemical weapon you nations a week ago the team had only visited some two sites so we rarely see an acceleration in the progress that they're doing and they do seem to be on track to meet the deadline of the first of november by which all producing equipment needs to have been destroyed the final deadline of course is the middle of next year by when syria has to have destroyed all its chemical weapons stockpiles one of the
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problems that the team is facing is the fact that some of these chemical weapons are used to work with the rebels are in control and there has been no word or any kind of indication from the rebels that they're prepared to halt the fighting for short ceasefire to allow the experts to actually gain access to these stockpiles for the last two days there has been fierce fighting in the north east of the country between armed rebels aligned to al qaida groups and kurdish fighters some sort one people have been killed in the north east of the country that is in addition to a bomb that exploded over night tuesday that bomb killed between twenty one and twenty three people all of them civilians that happening in the south of the country in daraa and then the earlier in the week there was another explosion in the northwest of the country and in that explosion some twenty seven people were killed so we really witnessing an exhilaration in violence all of this comes as the
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major group in the opposition bloc has said that it will not be party to the proposed peace talks in geneva later this year so they really does seem to be an acceleration in violence and very little progress being made on the diplomatic front. coming up people are always going to slow the global. government surveillance good song. program it crosstalk. silence on a. little bites or else to. eat the food you. paid for the young girl's camel for the future hunter.


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