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the three. d. fault averted but only just us congress passes a deal to kick the can down the road to further respond comperes that catastrophe has simply been postponed. the qatar control to see the plight of migrant workers get in the nation's world cup together shines a light on the suffering of other foreign employees and the wealthy gulf states. and a look behind the barbed wire r t gets rare access inside the notorious one tunnel prison. we've heard about it like several movies but you don't really this is a place that people forget about we don't ever think about it we're talking sergeant or rebecca wood from the guantanamo media team of all the why she actually loves her job.
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ever warm welcome to you if you're just joining us here on araa to we're live from moscow you with me to mom would say to our top story right now. the united states has avoided a potentially catastrophic economic default by the skin of its teeth with just hours to go the house of representatives approved a deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen government services which have been paralyzed for over a fortnight live to washington d.c. and artie's and he said now with as. america's d. faulting would have bludgeoned other countries' economies what the politicians when they really going to let this happen or do you sense that it was just some kind of dramatic posturing. well just hours before the deadline the
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so-called eleventh hour really coming down to the wire here the house of representatives passed the senate bill to raise the debt ceiling and restore government funding after a sixteen day shutdown barely avoiding a default on their almost seventeen trillion dollars in borrowings after the vote some bloggers jokes see you back here in three months now that's referring to the fact that this is really not a long term solution to the budget crisis the u.s. government is now funded through january fifteenth and keyboards are entering until february seventh but really they just kick the can down the wrote something congress couldn't agree on a budget for the last two years which makes it unlikely three months will be enough for a solution not to mention the damage that's already been done by letting it go this far this shutdown didn't save money it cost money according to standard and poor's twenty four billion dollars the world of course watched washington very closely this week as senator harry reid mentioned wednesday but many might disagree
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overseas that this last minute agreement shows how responsible america is quite the contrary china already announced the need to de americanised the dollar is not the currency the world wants to bet on anymore the i.m.f. the world bank the global economy can't afford to come this close to recession due to internal hardison politics in washington now another interesting point is that republican leaders probably could have mustered this support we've song shutdown day sixteen back on september thirtieth and the self-inflicted halt on capitol hill would have been avoided altogether and he says the self-inflicted hold to that has had the entire world on standby just a nail biting for the last fortnight and it's in a way they in washington with the latest on this story. by the broad good budget brinkmanship has cost the world's largest economy billions of dollars as well as the trust of investors around the globe let's get opinion on that from francis on the sea of hong kong base a g.e. securities mr long the u.s.
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debt ceiling has been bumped up i mean is the good news for you. well. delaying the problem might be for the problem four and three or four months so actually there is no final solution this is something stopgap measure and i think frankly the globally the financial worries really street america should never goes for something as simple as that they had to hold a small group of republican congressman. to hold the national budget ransom for so long and actually the world bank the global financial markets so i think china is right that is calling for the american isolation of the global financial order are very the world can depend on america and you know what i
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haven't said that china is still the largest foreign investor in america's debt will still want to remain that way also calling now for that a d. americanization of the. well the problem is that right now you have no choice the u.s. dollar is the global reserve currency every cent com for over sixty percent of global weaker reserve currency so. the chinese government has to hold more than one trillion dollars of u.s. treasuries and i think it is about time that the i.m.f. and the bank for international start to but try to devise a international currency like special drawing rights where of. us are like comprising no more than a twenty or twenty five per cent component i think that will be that will bring
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financial stability to the global financial market with this release is it's going to tempered by the reality that america's massive debt must now grow even further at some point this dad needs to start being paid out how is that going to happen. well herd care is really growing their way of. southern europe in that it is spending more care and. or you can tank and it is moving is just shy of four. every year or two would be a true one trillion us dollars a year this simply cannot go on for it is in the same situation as spain which is already in financial trouble so. if you look very objectively. the us is like. italy so i think sooner
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or later the government has to. spread the more that it be sieved cut the budget deficit to zero. or the avoid of war in long term prices so having said that do you think that investors and some nations are thinking of alternatives and contingency currencies that may sort of take them away from the reliance on the u.s. dollar. but there is no choice right now for china if you want to switch one trillion us dollars in u.s. treasury into something else. you will disrupt the global financial markets. it's just not enough euro or japanese to to convert to or you print gold so we're stuck with the us dollar for for the moment but i think.
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globally worldwide everybody has to vary of trade. starting to americanize the financial order the us dollar has all been an. influence on the financial market it is time to diminish the role of the us dollar international said to francis land. of geo securities ltd and hong kong speaking to us live here on that news that have just come in about america finally deciding to do something about their stall mate that has been happening in the house are senators and governments thank you. why don't we have more reaction on the last minute debt deal after the break also we've got a reg inside one tunnel. been given access to the infamous facility that's
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caused a decade off and. the misery for migraines in qatar we hear firsthand what it's like for workers and human rights groups intent on kicking the country's controversial world cup and into the long grass it's all in the in a couple of minutes. is on a journey to. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred two cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand. in a record setting trip. their. fate. torch relay. on r t r g. react to situations i have read the reports from. the state
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department to comment on your point. there. are no more or. when you question the prepared for a change when you run you should be ready for a. pretty speeches and a little down the freedom to crush. choose your language. make it know if they feel some of.
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the concerns get. to the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that in life choose access to your office or. thanks for staying with us a break to the main news at this hour that the u.s. congress has a reach of the long anticipated budget agreement on congress may have a virtue debt disaster for now but the fact that it's just a temporary fix is still sending shivers across america and the rest of the world artes and the somali discuss that with a panel of quick gulf guests in washington. well it's terrible nose for americans and for for conservatives it's good news for those
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people who believe that the obamacare in the the federal government should continue to grow and that the government should take an increasingly more powerful role in our lives it's really horrific to defeat for conservatives who trusted republican leaders want to go to gerald celente what do you think of this when you really look at the world news and you hear what they're saying whether it's coming from the world bank whether the i.m.f. whether the leading bankers of the world or from china with now it's the americanization this was really a spectacle following a series of spectacles that has downgraded america's image worldwide to levels i've never seen so low do you agree with that in london mr keith boy field is the world now going to remember this harry reid this morning saying well that is story it bipartisan agreement has been so he's looking at it as a different way the rest of the world how are they going to see this is this going
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to be a lesson for those of us living outside america it's a wake up call i think particularly for investors you're going to see as a result of this latest piece of political fear a move to review the way in which a lot of countries hold their assets worldwide how or how are the republicans going to pay for this. they are being blamed for the shutdown well first of all i think i don't have a problem with with democracy in action and the way the american system is sort of allowed to work its will figure ok with the fact that the government will exist for this so called it did work there was going to be no default this was just something very reaction to that from some of our other guests anyone who would like please to jump in. here if there wasn't go i'm to be dealt. i don't know i don't miss. a lot of subtle ways that on gresham the accountability i'm not quite sure what the republicans got out of this campaign can i say that i will make the observation in
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a certain way probably in the last year we used to it said that. america let's i didn't think that this was going to have any effect on their economic reputation and i think they're going to be in for a big big surprise particularly when the credit rating agencies start to review the us government credit so basically i just want to say all of their occasion excluding are paying more attention to the facial scores than to the diminishing of credit ratings on the world market but what they see coming out of washington is a clown show by everybody is this going to be another three months of by partisan wrangling are we going to see a solution or we just going to see another shutdown the next time the deadline comes we will be we will be three months closer to the midterm elections and the republican party leadership are going to have to think do they want to remind the american people again of just how disorganized the whole situation in washington is
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when you have congress with an eighty percent disapproval rating i don't think we're going to see a solution to the budget the long term budget problems that we haven't been able to come up with that solution for two years we're not going to get it in three months it was a pleasure to speak to all of you very different opinions very heated debate we're going to continue to keep our eye on the situation in the capitol for now many sonali and washington. currency crisis could change the system the president views or speaking to the goetia you can capitol hill takes a bitter that is so much doctrine to say. the longer this goes on the worse it will be. here when you destroy the american economy and the less they get it.
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the top story everyone may know the name of america's most notorious prison but if you know what really happens behind the barbed wire at guantanamo our t.v. has been given a rare access inside the facility that's been indefinitely detaining terror suspects without charge for more than a decade take a look we've been on a four day trip to america's most controversial detention facility at guantanamo bay prison camp one hundred sixty four so-called enemy combatants remain detained there in the name of the u.s. war on terror up to this day with only six people currently on trial one time always a major steen and america's human rights record for torture allegations failure to close it down or decide the future of those held at the camp faster than just at a mere glacial pace the recent six month mass hunger strike reported to largely be over has continued for years for some detainees the highly criticized for its inhumanity for speeding which for some detainees continues and has been consistent for years as well a daily routine for over
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a dozen people held at the camp today we bring back a series of reports on what it is all really like from the lack of transparency when it comes to closely watching reporters on the ground two facts nobody assumed could be true about this notorious place to what conditions detainees are really being held them and most importantly after years of promises of shutting it down will the guantanamo detention facilities ever really be closed here's our first report on how we got there first impressions and unexpected surprises. after a few months of people work to get cleared to visit the base the trip to get mobile hop and a skip from the big apple to fort lauderdale in florida and from there are short hour and a half flight one largely kept under wraps with no indications of it on departure boards. the minute we land were greeted by escorts who stay with us every step of our trip the special guantanamo joint task force media team. one of them sergeant rebecca wood far from the stereotypical face you might imagine working at
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a place like this controversial military base as we soon learned the first of many surprises this is a really big break for me in my career from a military resume the people i work with every day day they share the same idea like they're all very proud to be here she joined the u.s. military a decade ago with no money for college a twenty eight one ton a most her second deployment you've heard about it like several movies but you don't really it is just a place that people forget about only they don't ever think about it getting to the main part of the base is a slow pace trip we have to wait for a ferry to take us across the bay and are taken to visit a beach first one of a handful of scenic locations you wouldn't really expect here we're going to the logic area now it's about a twenty minute ferry ride one side of the one area where the airport is. several rebadge insists but the main part of the people and the detention camp are over there are having given its reputation guantanamo isn't quite what we anticipated as
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we approach the meeting area it's interesting to note that to be unsuspecting this place looks just like another tropical island with an american flag you would never feel that this is the place policy what a night it states for us presidents the lodging area were taken to is like any typical hotel with palm trees and a marine are right out the window first impression this can't be the place that has been casting a long shot. in america's human rights image for over a decade where torture allegations hunger strikes and force feeding have been making headlines i remember when i moved here i thought i would just see like people in orange jumpsuits and fences everywhere but i mean the families all stay on one side and the rest kind of happens on another the other side as where total of seven hundred seventy nine detainees of america's war on terror have been kept since two thousand and two a total of one hundred sixty four now remaining at a whopping eight hundred thousand taxpayer dollars for
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a detainee per year even though more than half of them have been cleared for release but we are in a remote location that factors into the cost it cost what it cost to do it right what doing it right means to those running america's most infamous detention facility and what lays beyond the picture perfect scenery all the realities of guantanamo and all reports to follow and suture going to r.t. guantanamo bay cuba. we have been keeping a close eye on how the situation is unfolding in and around the guantanamo bay facility on our web site head to our teeth dot com for the full timeline of events and more updates on the story. right see. first street. and i think that you're. on our reporters there. in.
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the the in. you're watching are trapped and terrified migrants in qatar have been speaking about the desperation during their more than eighty million in the country many of whom are working flat out to get the prestigious world cup event ready. has more on how the football focus is showing the world's eyes to migrants suffering we know to organize. detour trended to fifa are both cup is coming. but the initial celebration and prestigious have been overshadowed by ford workers claims of treatment not getting paid and either that not being allowed to leave the country the international trade union confederation claims that about four thousand migrants could die before a football is kicked in twenty twenty two the worker becomes the property of the
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employer. are not allowed to leave the country they're not even allowed to leave to try and lift the employer agrees this means that the workers have no real power no real voice. for crap very very bad working and living conditions zire balloonists knows this all too well a french football player who arrived in qatar in two thousand and seven he says he hadn't been paid for more than two years he filed a lawsuit to claim on paid wages and says his club then refused to give him an exit visa unless he dropped the case. when i went to the tribunals i never imagined that i wouldn't be able to leave the country i didn't think they would block me my wife is depressed and she can't work i thought of going on hunger strike but my lawyers told me not to they already hurts me and a hunger strike would only hurt my wife and kids enough is enough. beluga says high
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profile story isn't the first either. if qatar doesn't change its ways i have the courage to say that in two thousand and twenty two we will have the world cup of shame the world cup of slavery believe this in the meantime it continues to hope his problems will soon be resolved. i'll have to stop playing football they ended my career mentally i don't see myself playing and then i have to see what to do with my life. desiree cilia r.t. . more of the world's main news for you now firefighters in thailand are still trying to battle a massive column of fire at a shopping center in pecan although many of the thousand or so people inside many issues gave up on harm to rescue workers expected to find bodies in the complex was the flames are poured out locals were forced to leave their homes retrieve exploding gas tanks inside the building as well as at a nearby petrol station. a suicide bomber in
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pakistan has shot his way into the residence of a provincial government minister killing bill fishel and at least nine guess who was celebrating the end of a muslim holiday the blast also wounded more than thirty others as the most high profile political assassination by the slimness insurgency the. no one has admitted to the massacre but suspicion is likely to fall on the taliban. now these spanish activists are on hunger strike they're calling for the government to quit for allowing the economy to deteriorate to damagingly they have said bergkamp in a square in central madrid and have been refusing food for five days among them a twenty five year old civil engineering graduate from billable fruitless search for any work led him to raise awareness for spain's four point seven million and employ. iran of the world powers are hailing this week's nuclear talks
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as progress and have agreed to to continue in november the details of the deal are being secret kept secret political commentator any iran expert soraya supper paul richard says it's a true early to celebrate the end of the stalemate. let's hope that that can translate into something substantial but at this point. again from what we hear there's nothing much out there yet. i don't see them lifting the sanctions anytime soon unless they see iran completely give up its rights all the demands it has and basically subjugate its. iran's foreign minister said the results of the negotiations will hopefully begin a new phase in relations between iran and the six powers so i told also told us that to run there is a willingness to make concessions one be bullied by the west would
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be more than jumping to the operating under the right circumstances i don't believe that it would allow us to be bullied into taking actions that are frankly not acknowledge nothing has changed very much from the way i see it other than a display of optimism. dramatic video has emerged from deadly ethnic quake that struck the philippines. church of fumbles as a seven point two magnitude quake hit the country that is claimed hundred and forty lives so we have eyewitness images of the tragedy on our you tube channel. from deep space to deep water this half ton chunk of a major ride has been recovered from a russian lake bed we've got
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a video of the celestial same as rescue comes in motion. up next tough talking with the executive director of greenpeace it's a world in a few moments. some may disagree. but i believe america is exceptional. we're going. to. see the end of.
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the slip. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world has seen from the streets of canada. showing operation to rule the day. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand kilometer.
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in a record setting trip by land air and sea and others face. a limp the torch relay. on r t r t dot com. hi i'm max kaiser this is the economy's a report you know wal-mart and wall street are remarkably similar bad the same sugardaddy all wal-mart relies on cheap goods from china and wall street relies on cheap money from china and they've both been hit by chaos following free lunch glitches to the electronic welfare payments systems at a wal-mart in louisiana a glitch well.


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