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allege that watkins ventured out to i gave earlier this week a cold to us drama continued to play out the soap opera let's talk concentrate on all the facts on the shore you've been inundated with maybe perhaps i was sick of it all so we're going to get a call so until about the process i'm old and that is a course which looks like it's ready to stand in the you. according to you prime minister edna can they i will become the first year as an conti to exit an international bailout mr kenny's said that the era of the bailout will be no more all off to announcing plans to withdraw from the i.m.f. e.u. support by the end of this year although mr kerry did warn that the country's financial troubles on so just turn my view back in twenty ten ireland was forced to take an eighty five billion you're a bad out of the country's biggest banks collapse but falls forward to twenty that eve and it's not just our men's league but is optimistic in july ratings agency
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standard and poor's upgraded islands credit outlook from stable to positive because the country's debts were forming faster than expected so let's get some analysis right now with irish economist david mcwilliams in dublin. so david good news from my bed. well it started too soon arctic the good thing not least because accepting me i am an e.u. troika bailout is regarded by the state or at least i've heard ties and marketed by the state as being the sort of end of the crisis but. we will still be borrowing substantial amounts of money next year the growth rate of the economy hasn't increased in any material way i know to make the exiting the bailout is only you only end up paying hedge funds by borrowing from pension funds because it means in proper english and clear english so my my sense is that what we have is a situation whereby in the last three years the irish government had the
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opportunity to change the growth potential of the country to address some internal problems that we have with respect to get vested interests and trade union movements but ultimately did nothing so you know good tutor repeat the great expression the irish establishment never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity and here's been one and so what we go we go back and issue bonds to. pension phones and to investors in london but it's hardly a sign of success what would you say that about the fact that island on the face of it looks to be in a much better stick to a send in the likes of political site press greece would you say say what's ireland doing i mean it's a very very different economy to portugal or cyprus our greece in the sense that we have some parts of the economy which are probably the most productive in europe if not most of the developed world so i don't think it's fair to compare us to the
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others and say we're doing well we might matrix for doing well i don't know what yours is as employment is income is emigration is the lives of ordinary people and the lives of ordinary people have been. totally affected negatively by the last couple of years but what we find rather bizarre is that the bond market which is largely done saying to mr dirtbags june as long as he promises to do whatever it takes to save the euro bond yields remain low all around the periphery of europe. they are trumpeting their great success we've lived in the country and have children in the country have relations in the country work here see a very very different picture one where domestic demand is uncharted flash one where people's incomes are holding our taxes are rising and one where all sorts of what we would have regarded as normal normal social services are being cut so again
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you know if success is that my job servers teachers who are being forced let's say to work long hours in order to pay somebody in america who's managed to speculate on our bond market yeah but that doesn't seem to me to be success and certainly nothing excited about that oh no no i don't think. coming to live amongst us and then you'll see what it's what the economy is really doing internally as opposed to reading writing reports from investment banks i thank david met william says speaking to us from dublin as someone that knows all about ireland. and it's just crossed say i say hey i had to get you a because of a c i have and so he and i was going on that what is going on to agree with dave that yes i got i do i think david talked a lot of sense there what you see on their own what you read in the newspapers is not does not reflect the reality the grad who are living there let's take public
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transport and i don't for example headlines in the irish times will tell you that fares for dublin commuters are going up ten percent and i think all right well you know that's not terribly bad but what david also said was that there was a huge failure on the. government to rein in some of the unions so the public infrastructure is affected by strikes on the one hand the what you don't know and what you don't see is that the average length of a commuter train is called the darks that brings commuters in and out of them average length has been reduced so commuters being squashed right now in smaller trains right out which they're being asked to pay more yeah so the squeeze is calling for all so yeah this is what you don't see in market reports arise or as i say should because i mean i'm focusing on the data because the data is reasonably optimised secondly like i said about the prime minister's comments this week about coming away from this international bailout package funds to me that seems positive because they are going to stand around the going to be independent no longer
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reliant on international help now i read in this film but i think in the great to use the cliche he would say that wouldn't it and it carries a prime minister who's on the back foot he's just suffered a humiliating defeat in a referendum where he tried to abolish the upper house of the irish parliament this would reduce the number of checks and balances obviously in the political system i think the people have been asked to pick up of a pretty heavy burden ok we'll leave it there i want to chat to you all day about this but i can't but i request it thank you so much that you carry inside back a little bit of irish charm here a venture capital today thank you. switzerland is famous for its claw she is its banking secrecy and while most importantly in my view it's chock of course the walled largest offshore wealth center switzerland it's signed an agreement convention with the organization for economic cooperation and development otherwise known as the o.e.c.d. the agreement means sharing banking information with dozens of other countries so
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i'm now joined by hans our kauffman swiss politician and economist for more information on this particular topic do you think that this is a good thing for the global economy do you think that this is more transparent say . less kind of black market. activities going on do you see this as a positive move. you know i'm still a very brave little frightful see. privacy has no necessary to do we stack salvation because again we introduced a banking secrecy between good to growth wars we immediately also introduced the road hairiest it was holding so for thirty five percent so in switzerland you penalty really cheat taxes on income for all ball moves or shares said
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because thirty five percent. of all these revenues are directly going through to state parks to probably start if you are of foreign instruments from the e.u. from the united states where you do not tire of we told in taxes that step program so one could also have solved the problem by introducing globally substantial be holding taxes do you think it's far as switzerland's economy is concerned it could be a bad thing a negative impacts come hard for an impact because we are quite unclear on. saying goodbye to another hundred thousand to two hundred thousand foreign customers and especially us customers are an old. and accepted a needle murder rates mostly spanx and i fear and terror that we. made the two billion in revenues how's kaufman that thank you for your
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time. live a corporate news now than and it's not as rough as tame that's going to be like it's way to preserve but also i brought some foam since coal company the piece is based fired had a pharmaceutical company will send a forty million dollars facility to produce generic functions of account supplies into all conceivable medicines in the south of brazil. taking advantage of brazil to get spending on medicine the public health program it's. just opened up so we'll hold an ikea in the next three to five years the communications minister made the announcement on his office says in the u.k. . descends on the day of trading on the london stock exchange. legal metals dispute a swiss school which has ordered to tadic movement company tell quite to pay roussel subsidiary investing in them it's
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a two hundred seventy five maybe in the stall that legal see the cool to tell his claim that the tactic company had breached supply agreements made in two thousand and three ok it's that time of the big two mr thomas all in-house investors see what he's been up to and i go and. i'm really impressed with your dedication so i like it your way and hold it that you'll still try eating but i think that's absolutely our business and it's one o'clock in the morning here in arizona but that's not going to stop me i am dedicated to venture capital and you know what i got to make some money i have to break even so i'm going to keep on working until i make ground zero that is the attitude we like it so how you doing that and how you putting that into practice well the good news is i'm up over but let me tell you i would not over let me tell you how this happened last week if you remember three quarters in financials and that's spirit bank specifically going gangbusters it went below one percent again for a third straight week in
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a row and show i made money the bad news is that governments remember sparkly or should i mean that's i mean i don't. know right but they didn't do me any good so i'm going to have to dump a diamond because they traded flash didn't make any money on them so overall my portfolio was. made eighty five dollars this week to a grand total of nine thousand nine hundred seventy five. twenty five dollars shy of the big turn down to break even so i need to keep at it and yes you do well to make a so you made it but you don't quite that yet all you know. well it's not nice to leave ars i know a lot can maybe what if you got right is going to work in fact this is unfortunately the diamondback stage very very very here i'm going to have to dump the diamonds i'm going to go all in financials it may seem boring but three weeks in a row getting one percent i can't deny that logic so i'm going to go all in with spirit
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bang to see if i can at least break that ten thousand mark because if i do if you remember we have a deal we do have a deal i'm going to bring you some profit from the united states if i actually break even but that's that's what's going to have to have ron and i so i get my chocolate if you break. in the business and waiting for you all the way back from inside i've done my part of the tale all right so my best of luck i will say so how i felt about this dumping the diamonds. were going to go with the financials or i have another i mean i reside out what caused that is what we got from venture capital mr tom i saw a house invest right that succeeding this week well my time is up today so it's on and i even to yourself i say they have i really hope you come back next week to buy
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. it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of field detroit has been sentenced to twenty years of prison after being found guilty of committing record tearing conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while the mayor the prosecutor say he funneled millions of dollars to himself and family members all while. moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge who convicted him stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated yes sending a message to see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor is an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's
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just my opinion. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred and twenty three days. through two hundred towns and cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face.
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olympic torch relay. on r t v dot com. when he's done your bush will close action lawsuits filed against still for manufacturers coming up and shores refuse public liability for cell phones. a warning buried deep inside your mobile. and the next casualty catastrophe after tobacco and as best. i would hold my cell phone here and the tumor was right there i was you know that on my right side the industry should have put these warnings on its own
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a long time first that there is the world's leading radiation biologists and brave new phone manufacturers would try to end his career footprints in groundbreaking research proving cell phones do cause biological damage for solutions joins us good to see you how did the industry react so far i think i didn't exist here into any smear campaign during my case it was just industry use their influence to prevent my research project studies like perfect solutions is now a low top bureau surgeons to issue a stall warning it's essentially cooking the brain and it works as husband allen suffered serious memory loss of the years of using a mobile at two am one night he had a massive seizure found a tumor the size of a all right where he held the phone and he thank you so much for joining us why you
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and so many of the suing the industry there's many many others that are already deceased from this that are dying from this younger than my house this. you know it's some as young as twenty eight who are deceased and their narrow surgeons actually told them that it was probably their cell phone yes we had about twenty cities in the states that wanted to legislate as san francisco head and they were all threatened with lawsuits by this industry this is a photo of coke's brain the top courts are responsible for the balance has had to be removed of the surgeons from this vote right where he held the phone us national rowing champion now he can barely move for a good speed to tell us about the close election lawsuit against the phone industry the only way you can really educate the public against big business is through our search that wasn't until the district attorney in the united states sued the guy in
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boulder sued the. cigarette industry it was actual. millions and millions hundreds of millions of dollars for public education as the dangers of smoking that's what's going to have was so far it's just an equivocal categorical these things cause cancer and it's also. they don't want you to know that this is the same trajectory of smoking because it look at smoking in the sixty's they had doctors coming on t.v. . saying hey smoke alarm or smoke just because it's good for your cough and see how well camels are we with your throat when america. more dangerous for children because their schools are a lot better at least you can't buy cigarettes unless you're eighteen you can go at five you're going to buy a phone from manufacturers young children are targeted there are no working cell phones even for babies the glow phone is for kids maybe five to eight and the fly
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phone is for tweens. funeral was on her eighteenth birthday through childhood first gave her headaches reports that the limo than the brain tumor that killed her in the was brain tumors have overtaken leukemia and it's a lyn allison as the number one child killer illness but doctors warn that's the tip of the iceberg clinical studies find young men who keep phones in their pockets have much lower chances of producing offspring while women often store them on the chest i would just talk at right and my. tiffany friends go breast cancer aged just twenty one right where since childhood she stored her phone. the areas of the genes these kinds of doctors call this a new breed of distribution is exactly much use when women keep their own very unusual. harum of these multiple small cancers were confined to the upper inner aspect of the breast so i don't see think what like this and this is. radiation detector in normal surroundings around thirty microvolt meets
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a microwave ovens. reach eight hundred microvolt. worth for roaches use the same radiation technology. loading a film on the top of the piece see breaches two thousand so it was only a small phones registered over a thousand times above normal levels. sure but stop covering cell phone manufacturers for public health shows privately cool so the next public casualty catastrophe of the as best dolls and cigarettes for manufacturers of now quietly inserted a legal disclaimer on i phones you have to go to settings general about the both some scroll down to legal and at the end exposure radio frequency exposure unlike most pages the small print here kolby in loads but it reads carry our phone
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at least ten millimeters away from your body at the same time the industry says all these studies show phones are perfectly safe. radio waves from sailor phones are safe conflict of interest what ethics professor lawrence lessig calls industry paid studies which consistently conclude phone radiation is homeless independent scientists meanwhile overwhelmingly find the most serious problems from d.n.a. damage three times lower sperm counts two hundred ninety percent more brain tumors autism and defects with senior white house advisor and leading epidemiologist dr different davis has testified to senate on the subject she joins us great to see you how do you explain the completely opposite findings between industry and independent studies any time with independent research what industry would you whereas three things first they would go and talk to scientists and studies. they would try to get them fired they tried to get their funding taken away or they
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would fraud then when that didn't work they hired other scientists who knew nothing about the field to do studies that looked like they were replicating. but they really weren't and when all of those things failed they wrote a memo in which they said if the cellular industry. we think we war gamed the science that's a quote war gamed the science now science is not a matter of war not a matter of games we're deadly serious about our health and that of our children wargaming reveals this. industry paid studies purely for reassuring the public. we have sufficiently were given the issue. the sting has exposed how easy it is to get phony studies in print posing as a serious scientist and unscented
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a paper full of schoolboy errors or claimant for publication incredibly more than whole of the journals in these countries all around the world published it even loyal to the public that the study had been peer reviewed. numerous cold scandals good to see you surely big business wouldn't fake studies to put millions of lives at risk do we have documented precedents this is exactly like eli lilly which in the one nine hundred eighty s. knew that prozac was leading to suicides and aggressive behavior the exact opposite effect of what they wanted they knew that in the one nine hundred eighty s. after they conducted the research they hid the research and it wasn't exposed and told two thousand and five from the b.b.c. but then they would have their corporate interests do studies and talk about how great it was now of course they're required to admit yeah that antidepressants do cause suicide aggressive behavior pretty much every shooters on them when these cell phone companies are forced to admit yeah the cell phone radiation does cause brain to. you know it does do all this and they're already saying this in their
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manuals so it's already coming out but once the public is aware of this fact it will be even worse it presses it will be even worse than tobacco we invited the powerful industry lobby c t i a to discuss the issues raised in this report they sent this one line refusal thank you for contacting us but we will not be able to do this interview industry's most respected journalist is dr louis lessin editor of microwave news since nineteen eighty one speak to this seems to be a parallel universe what the industry says and everyone else the whole system is broken people are not being told the truth it's crazy easy to say we made a mistake on tobacco after we know the back goes kill it the point is to take action actions being taken outside the u.s. france is moving schools but from wife five to cable internet countries from germany to israel and finland are moving to stop cell phone sales to kids but it's
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just made industry chief lobbyist thomas wheeler head of the regulates itself the f.c.c. form of ministration official calls it a no there are still missing conflict of interest so the doctors who want terence the least informed of cell phone dangers to their kids say they aren't holding their breath seek truth from facts this is the truth as they go. down.
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you. paint the young girls. all four of the future harder. between two and three hundred million guns the united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the pass' that is they lawyer you know i mean this teaches them a lot of for us both ability to simply come to pay through the eyes of children if we can't do it for our children move for our future. as the country will save. his real journalism a thing of the past and much of the western world in the name of security challenging the official media message of elites is often met with serious threats and reprisals whistleblowers are damned in need to feel superior consequences what we may need is
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a deafening echo chamber warning all to get in line or else. right from the street. first street to you and i were being put. on our reporter's twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on. course outside to an active camp at guantanamo where patients are for spasms this comes after a mouse or strike never turned the world's attention to the place that some gulag of our times.
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couldn't take three. three. three. three stooges free. video for your media project a free media. the
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. last few weeks have inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our u.s. narrowly escapes to fall with congress raising the bar limit and ending the government shutdown but many worry the temporary fix while we need to another debt ceiling crisis around the corner. a new round of austerity imposed by the two thousand and fourteen budget triggers violence on the streets of rome as protesters take on police after massive anti-government rallies across the city. japanese authorities do their best to dispel citizens' fears sparked by the radiation level at the fukushima power plant hitting a record high. part of the evil we have the potential over


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