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this is why you should. only. coming up on our t.v. shocking revelations about the n.s.a. the agency is accused of reading the e-mails of the former president of mexico as they is also accused of looking at millions of french phone records more details on the latest. and some adopted children from overseas are brought to the u.s. with the hopes of better life but that's not always the case some of those children are given up sometimes to total strangers online r t takes a look at the underground adoption network coming up and professor petraeus the former general and head of the cia is joining another college but not everyone is happy he's joining us staff that story later in the show.
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it's monday october twenty first when you're a david in washington d.c. and you're watching r t we begin today with new documents leaked by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden we're now learning that the national security agency has extended its surveillance arman to both france and mexico the u.s. is now coming under intense scrutiny from these countries who say the agency has overstepped its authority and their reaction points to possible fall out in diplomatic relations artie's sam sachs has more. in the world of the n.s.a. there's little difference between friends and enemies the latest leaks from edward snowden reveal a spy agency that's very much interested in the affairs of friendly nations like mexico and france their spiegel reported that in may of two thousand and ten the n.s.a. broke into the mexican presidential network to gain first ever access to former president felipe calderon's public e-mail account that snooping gave the n.s.a. insight into mexico's diplomatic economic and political communications while that
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spying was directed at mexico's former president we also know that in two thousand and twelve the n.s.a. spied on mexico's current president pena nieto scooping up information about his most relevant contacts and intercepting more than eighty five thousand text messages many of which sent by the president himself the mexican government which is a key economic ally of the united states has responded saying such actions by the n.s.a. violate international law also angered over the weekend the government of france also a close ally of the united states and was one of the few countries standing in support of u.s. military strikes in syria a snowden leak showed that in one month from december two thousand and twelve to january two thousand and thirteen the n.s.a. scooped up seventy million communications including phone calls and text messages targeting average french citizens as well as prominent business and political figures within the country the french embassy has some in the u.s.
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ambassador to explain the n.s.a.'s actions and so the white house again finds itself trying to put out diplomatic fires around the planet fire started by the n.s.a. as insatiable appetite for data and your argument that only terrorists are targeted by the n.s.a. surveillance programs is collapsing under new information but here's average citizens business leaders and politicians and allied countries around the world are frequent targets as well when brazil learned that the n.s.a. had surveilled the communications of millions of its citizens its political leaders and. it's largest oil corporation president dilma rousseff canceled a planned meeting at the white house and then used her speech at the united nations to rip into the agency's global spying activities madelene in such a manner in the lives and affairs of other countries is a breach of international law and as such it is an affront ment's to the principles that should otherwise govern relations among countries especially among friendly
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nations its diplomatic ties with allies across the world are strained as n.s.a. spying activities have been exposed in places like germany india china and hong kong and in allegations of spying against the european union other south american nations qatari based news broadcaster al jazeera and the united nations and there really is no limit to the indices global surveillance operations and all of these revelations directly contradict the n.s.a.'s own mission statement which according to their website reads the national security agency leads the u.s. government in cryptology that encompasses both signals intelligence and information assurance products and services in order to gain a decision advantage for the nation and our allies under all circumstances but now as many of our allies find themselves as targets of the n.s.a. should the white house reconsider the role its spy agency is playing around the world after all the n.s.a.'s mission to give the united states and its allies an
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economic and security advantage now seems to have morphed into a mission to give the united states an economic and security advantage against its allies in washington sam sacks our team. and now joining me to discuss the implications of this on mexican-u.s. relations is patricio moran a political analyst and editor of in full americas dot info thank you so much for tracy zero for joining me let's talk about the newest revelation that the u.s. has hacked former mexican president felipe calderon's email last month it was also revealed that the u.s. access text messages sent by president enrique pena nieto we received this official statement in response to these revelations the government of mexico reiterate its categorical condemnation of the violation of the privacy of communications of mexican institutions and private citizens this practice is unacceptable and runs contrary to mexican and international law patricio tell us more about the response
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from the mexican government and that the mexican people to all of this. well mexico in general is extremely extremely sensitive to any kind of if intervention so in this case especially shocking the fact that felipe because there are the former president of the country it was out clause ally of the us made it one of the closest ones in the last decades so for the mexican society this revelation is really. actually shocking the lack of trust that the u.s. has especially under the police because there are policy against the computers so in this case is it was actually owned and necessary to perform these kind of you know that was extremely close and the same case with. police is actually trying to reform the on security issues especially
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immigration very sensitive issues for both mexico and the u.s. so all of these pieces dream of polemic actually of the u.s. in need hugh explained the airplane or the. mexico where it's going on with these extended why why the spread of. spying. system that the n.s.a. has been implemented in the last years sure and you mentioned this briefly but what's interesting is that when calderon was president and you know u.s. security agencies had an unprecedented amount of access to mexican intel as part of the war on drugs so why do you think the n.s.a. felt the need to even monitor his name now because security is not beyond the n.s.a. it's actually performing these kind of activities not crime is not there is some well we have seen in terms of the information being revealed by the media and
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because of this not in documents are sort is that if the u.s. were one. friendships buy in several aspects more and more subjects not only security but for economic reasons trying to find out more of their being there are all a non-issue of what was going on within the. last team the secretary of state the minister is. just not what we what we get to see if we are not ok and i are up for it we are not ok. we are talking about economics we are but we're talking about advantage in terms of policies trying to find out even more and in this case is not only mexico in the u.s. the yankees easy extremely uncomfortable if for the rest you know government because actually. if you who say if it was actually planning to to go up to
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your the u.s. that the first pressing in prison in decades was going to go to the u.s. to be back b.b.c. that britain and all of our market for a couple years ago saw in prison if i actually can sell here and that's that's not the crisis for me and i want to jump in because i want to ask you specifically about that we know the n.s.a. is has also extended its reach to brazil don't receive canceled her trip like you sad how do you really compare the mexican response to the brazilian response do you think the. brazilian government has been. much more angry over this yes yes actually it's actually the friend i think. his position is after all because we are looking at our neighbor country we have a very very important kenyan issue immigration we have to remember that the percentage of undocumented immigrants living in the u.s.
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are from mexico in terms of but there's a rest he'll address it has its own agenda. it's all its own policies is trying to five job because you are an equal partner we will be us on best release not sharing any in the board there will be us and in fact reselect has been a stronger on its answer to the second seizures and the fact that the president dilma rousseff a castle and an official trip an official invitation to the us it shows how serious the us younger men the stake in this position they are not absolutely no willing to provide any anything less space point political space to the us to continue with this spying on on countries that actually cause you know even self allies are no sheriff and number three so i want to ask you a question dovetailing off that all you know what kind of a fact do you think this is really going to have going forward on the relations
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diplomatically do you think this is powerful enough to really turn allies and enemies here not i and the level i think the common agenda and the common sense of history a strong the us needs. the time interests of very key issues energy security it suggests it or. actually is is is a factor of more the ration between the u.s. and the rest of the countries of the america so i think what we have now is is it has a delusion where the government of the states has to be very active if trying to apologize trying to ensure or believe or any gun aware and is that this is not to happen again. actually even thinking about building its own infrastructure based on on on internet. or on a soil so they don't have to pass through the united states when and when an e-mail is sent from
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a wrestle to europe for example so the really trying to make measure of the. i know that it happened but the us has the technology to penetrate maybe any server in the world so what we need now is go. from the us government and especially from president obama that this is going to happen again so what's the relationship with such an important country as the best deal is going to be effective for a long time absolutely will have to wait and see what happens patricio some ronnell political analyst and editor of in full america that involve thank you for joining me my my pleasure. and the now to the revelations that are coming out of a new investigation into america's adoption system a recent report by reuters reveals that parents who are unhappy with their adoption are turning the popular online sites like craigslist facebook and yahoo and attempt to find a new home for their adopted children this privately homing as it's been termed
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means that americans are easily transferring guardianship over to virtual strangers they need on the internet and avoiding the oversight of adoption officials children adopted internationally are particularly vulnerable to this really honing so to talk more about the adoption issue i'm joined by adam pearlman executive director of the donaldson adoption institute dot excuse me thank you so much for joining me first of all what's the process by which adoptees are tracked you know after they come to the united states well the adoptees are not typically tracked once they come to united states once you adopt a child there your child just as surely as in law just as surely as you give birth now that said there are monitoring systems that some countries impose the children almost always come through in the dops an agency and there are check ups on that sort of thing so this homing thing phenomenon as as unnerving is that is is a rare is
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a rare occurrence and is not part of the system per se it's very decidedly something that's disturbing. it's happening outside of the system sure and adam this report has revealed that international adoptees are especially vulnerable to being rehung it seems that more of them are given up versus domestic adoptee is why is that the case this is a little complicated i'll try to boil it down essentially most adoptions in america are from foster care. which means that there's a system in place to get services to get help if adoption does this were up there's a place for the child to go infinite baby adoptions don't occur very often but generally speaking those are children who were abused or neglected and like unlike international adoptees they weren't institutionalized so looking at the population of international adoptees increasingly just in the last several years these are more and more children who are older who have special needs who have reacted
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attachment disorder so what you see in this really honing phenomenon is sort of the worst cases of the worst cases these are people who didn't get the education up front meaning the families they can't find the supports to help their children and there are at wits and this is not defending them they are with and what to do for their children and to integrate them in their families they don't know where to turn and they so so they find drastic measures like this really homey and adam you know legal adoptions are supposed to be handled through the courts and prospect of parents are supposed to be vetted you can you talk about how parents are really able to get around this oversight sure and it's by the way it's not just in the adoption realm i mean you hear of people turning over the custody of their child to their on to their own call to a good friend while they go out of the country for through your three years so there are mechanisms legal mechanisms to turn over custody of your child it's a simple power of attorney it's unfortunately it is easy and it's generally just
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a few paragraphs and you sign on the dotted line the problem is that these kids have problems so when you are turning over the child even if it's for the best motives and i'm not saying that always is but even if it is how do you know that the next parents will have the wherewithal to take care of those issues if you could not write and of course we know that a lot of these re home adoptions are. being mediated if they're being needed through online forums can talk about how problematic that really has been in trying to regulate this kind of activity well we don't this is pretty new these sorts of activities are not commonplace again they're pretty unusual they're happening so we need to address it but they're pretty unusual so what we do know is that the internet per se and i invite people go to our inside to website adoption institute dot org and we've done the the first big report study research on the internet
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impact on adoption it's called untangling the web and it's there and we're going to put out a second year study in about a month but the bottom line is that the internet has transformed adoption practice in many many many ways and it has transformed many other realms in our realm we're talking about vulnerable children vulnerable families and what we see with three homing in a this is not meant to be scary at all is a warning flag is the tip of the iceberg there's lots of stuff going on out there that no one is paying attention to no one is monitoring the one is regulating and this should be the red flag that we say oh my god now we know there's an issue and we need to address it but we need to address it systemically and not just with these few relatively few cases but look at the population because many families are struggling who never would think to jettison their kid right so what are we doing for them and so this should lead to all of us to look at what are we doing for
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children vulnerable children how do we help them and this is the warning flag that tells us that there's something to be done that absolutely seems like the internet is a wild card but i do appreciate you coming on and sharing your insight adam kerman executive director of the donaldson adoption institute thank you so much my pleasure. and the government shutdown has brought polls of american trust in government to new lows look at this pew poll conducted on the eve of the deal to reopen the government says four and five americans distrust the government while less than one in five say they trust the government but the united states isn't the only one facing a population that is discontent with the people running the show artie's laura smith is on the streets of london with more. cash for questions selling access to the prime minister and of course m.p.'s abusing their expense accounts the story
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that just keeps on giving all of these scandals and more have come together to undermine the moral capital of politicians and the amount of trust that able to command with the public a poll done earlier this year said britons think politicians tell the truth less than because all real estate agents don't and nicholas allen co-author of a new book on ethics and politics says this creeping loss of trust goes right to the heart of the legitimacy of all governments and there is a perception i think that politicians have. become less and less onerous less ethical perhaps in the way they can take politics if people perceive politicians to be generally immoral and dishonest the politicians are going to lose a certain amount of moral authority politicians governments need a moral authority if they're going to lead the public lead society down quite difficult policy parts the times we live in dimona difficult policy paul it's
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raising the pension age paying taxes to pay off the deficits everything to do with . they all require a real moral authority something politicians arguably just don't have as i found out outside their offices over there in port house politicians. are going to go there will be there with you for the more i think it's a group of people away from their former rival frostiness the. pain is the pain and suffering on the world i come across or how on or so i say i suspect in general i know very much the government is trying to do something about it focusing on greatest transparency with money how politicians spend misspend cash but dr islands. a falling on stony ground rather touchingly old people in the u.k. really wants is to know that when
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a politician says he or she will do something they'll do it and that could be the hardest thing of all for the political class. that was our tease laura smith reporting. and david petraeus the four star general and former cia director will be joining the faculty of harvard's john f. kennedy school of government currently he's a visiting professor at the city university of new york now you may remember that last month many students gathered protest of the school's decision to hire general petraeus there were about seventy five people at the demonstration which was organized by the ad hoc committee against the militarization of so far there haven't been any similar reactions from harvard students in his new position the trace will be a nonresident senior fellow at the belfer center for science and international affairs there he will participate in a per project taking a look at the technological scientific and economic dynamics that are reinvigorating north american competition the project will also take
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a look at how policy may be spurring that competition the academic position signifies a further break from portrays this former career before taking a position as a cia director petraeus was most known for his role as the commander of u.s. and international forces in afghanistan before that he was stationed in iraq where he was responsible for carrying out the strategy associated with a surge in u.s. troops however petraeus is also known for leaving his cia position mired in scandal in two thousand and twelve he admitted to an extramarital affair with paula broadwell who he who was his biographer at the time. and now the shocking video out of dallas what you're looking at is surveillance video that recently went public showing a mentally ill man being shot four times by a police officer despite the fact that the victim showed no threat of force the incident happened after the mother called police for help in dealing with her mentally ill son fifty nine year old bobby gerald bennett she told the nine one one
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operator that he had been acting erratically and that he had had a knife but she also told him about his men. until disorder asking that they keep that in mind after the incident the rest warrant affidavit listed the officer as the victim of aggravated assault saying that bennett had walked toward him and his partner with quote a knife raised in an aggressive manner however the surveillance video completely contradicted this account since this incident took place the aggravated assault charge has of course been dropped and the police officer who shot him has been placed on administrative leave indefinitely as for the victim he is in serious condition in a dallas area hospital. while the recession here in america has technically ended people are still facing tough economic times while the cost of college mounts and the job market spotters the resident explores how some people have resorted to a new market for cash selling parts of their bodies for more on that residence
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florrie harf an asst. if you listen to economic reports you know it's tough times here in america people are struggling financially across the nation with a lousy job market and college costing a ton of money prospects are slim so to find money to survive more for americans are resorting to creative ways to pay for themselves out and by that i mean they are selling parts of their bodies for body. not their sex parts but their hair breast milk eggs and even kidneys since two thousand and eleven when you
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type i want to sell mine into google carry eggs and kidneys have been among the top autofill results selling kitties is illegal in the u.s. but the others are perfectly legal to buy and sell. shady grove a fertility center nice name said about thirteen thousand women will apply this year to be a donor when they can receive up to ten thousand dollars for their first egg donation and they can receive several thousand more for up to five additional donations you can get a couple thousand for your hair and breast milk goes for up to five bucks an ounce on mine. the fact that selling bodily days is so on the rise during these tough times seems to be no coincidence market strategists say that the fact that people are even exploring that as an option indicates just how worried people are about their financial outlook they also point to the internet as an enabler making the
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buying and selling of things you won't see on the shelves at wal-mart a lot easier. as one analyst noted the economic recovery we're going through right now is unlike every other one we've seen in the past it's slow grinding and very frustrating. we now live in a world where almost half the wealth is in the hands of less than one percent of the people the rest of the population is getting pretty desperate as one woman who sold her hair put selling these parts of yourself is basically profit for very little work anything you can do people are willing to do it. the truth is any job you take is whoring yourself out to some degree right but selling parts of your body just for money is arguably one step closer to the oldest profession in the world tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the resident
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. and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered today go to youtube dot com forward slash r t america and check out our website r t dot com forward slash usa can also follow me on twitter at amir david. we're not likely to look back to camp at guantanamo where our forces that are in the aftermath of our strike never turn world's attention to the point that some. of our time.
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a member the first time i saw fox and i came up pops came into being after i left leave the united states to live abroad when i first saw it i just thought what is this this is opinion t.v. there are no facts at all it's just opinion i personally i was really shocked at what would happen to my country because there's no news in this there's news station you know if you if you click around or you go through all the you know the major news websites i agree i mean it tends to be the same story to a certain to a certain level or degree and not much new information and clearly you know fox is business model and they're you know that it's not a secret is to. carry a conservative or republican agenda and their major goal if you watch their show is to really make sure obama doesn't succeed as a democrat so it's a business model they made a decision. we're
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not psyched to act at camp at guantanamo where patients are forced that is going to . after a man or strike never turns world's attention to the place that some jobs gulag of our times. i am and a society that i think corporation mind to consume can do and the bankers tried all that all about money and i'm actually sick for politicians breaking the laws and with the tax rate. coming out.
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here just to flood threat today for thiat. that. hello there i marinate and this is boom bust here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. thirteen billion dollars that's the latest proposed settlement between j.p. morgan and the justice department to settle mortgage fraud claims criminal fines however they are still on the table so when we stack up j.p. morgan's recent losses and compare them with their two thousand a bailout we don't find much from mr diamond to be crying about no we do not and it billed as the facebook of wall street i talked to the founder of some zero to see who likes his latest social media for a in the investment world and finally is the u.s. finally on the verge of energy independence america two so has a surprising answer in light of a recent report from let's get this show.


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