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think. they would like to do is show that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. well i'm. going to go on i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying and you try to rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america in particular are you ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. of it in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. obamacare is bumpy rollout
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is the latest gristle for the me is scandal mill but who is really to blame for this manufactured pronto hers more on that in just a moment also edward snowden's revelations about the n.s.a. spying program a point literally changed the world but there's snowden himself think of all this stressful erratic visited snowden and russia earlier this month later on in the show and abraham lincoln was wrong so the session isn't that bad an idea i'll tell you why in tonight's daily take. you need to know this obamacare is working fine yes you heard me right obamacare is working fine well at least in the states that are run by the tea party now that the shutdown is over the media has moved into its next manufactured controversy. the
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glitchy rollout of the obamacare health exchanges right after the exchanges open on october first newspapers and t.v. networks started reporting the some users were having problems with health care dot gov stories about health care dot gov fell into the background during the twenty four coverage of the shutdown but since the president signed a bill to reopen the government last thursday cable news cycles have been running nonstop features about this website's problems and let's be honest some of these problems are pretty bad health care dot gov crashes that run slowly it sometimes gives users bad information about obamacare tax credits and things predictably fox news is jumping all over this stuff to make it seem like all health reform is. many actually saying out there that obamacare is a stick fast just look at the dysfunctional website to prove it and look at crashing the federal website for obamacare is once again down for repairs this weekend you know what it's never going to work because the whole obamacare concept
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is impossible to understand simply a giant mess that takes until december yeah. there's going to have to be a delay i would bet on the individual mandate for sure a lot of things are impossible to understand for all riley health care dog obvious problems are embarrassing and the obama administration needs to fix them if they want their health care water work and they're doing it but here's the thing lost in all the very justified talk about how screw the site is is any talk about why the website is so screwy or who made it that way. remember the health care dot gov exchange was meant to be a portal. think portal think google you go to google and you type in whatever you're looking for you know like. dog food and google doesn't keep a giant database of dog food manufacturers and deliver them to you instead it shows you links to all the different it sends you out someplace else well that's how
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health care got dug up was designed it was designed to send you out to each one of the state exchanges it was never designed to bring together a bunch of different insurance policies and put them all in one place instead when the government first set up the federal exchange system of thought that the states would you know cooperate with obamacare and set up their own exchanges even set aside money to help the states fund health care dot gov portal would verify your citizenship your eligibility and make sure that you're not a veteran or if you are over sixty five if you are and then ask after asking a few simple questions basically hand you off here you go to california here you go to colorado here you go to what can you offer the website of the state that you live in the states website would then have its own unique database reflecting all the different state standards and they do vary from state to state for income eligibility medicaid eligibility the different health insurance companies that participate each state and the different plans i mean they really do vary tremendously from state to state thus the states would have borne most of the
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burden in terms of programming and computer and stuff like that for building the exchanges but republican run states. were not going to cooperate tea party republicans convinced thirty six states to not set up their own exchanges and because so many republican governors said no to helping their own states. to helping out excuse me their own state because the help in the because because sabotaging obamacare to in their minds was more important in helping their people get health care. so on fox and republicans talk about how a site is not working how health care dot gov is not working and you hear that on fox news they're not complaining they're bragging ironically obamacare is working pretty well in the states that set up their own exchanges i did three hours on the radio today and open the lines and said you know call up and tell me the experience everybody from a blue state said hey we had a great time and we're saving money the red state people are having all kinds of
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problems the state exchange sites have had some problems every website does what it first comes out but as jonathan cohn pointed out in the new republic consumers are getting opportunities they never had before to shop for insurance was each one with clearly defined benefits one hundred eighty thousand people have completed applications for insurance in the state exchanges and of those fifty thousand over the old question are going to hear that on fox news during a speech at the white house earlier today president obama said that his administration is working hard to fix healthcare dot gobs problems. we are doing everything we can possibly do to get the websites working better faster sooner we got people working overtime twenty four seven to boost capacity and address the problems. let's hope the administration can get their republican caused obamacare mess sorted out quick and let's also hope that they start calling out the tea partiers and screwed everything up to begin with for more on this i'm joined
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now from our new york studios by joshua holland senior digital editor of bill moyers dot com joshua great to have you back tom thanks for having me and congratulations on the new gig that is that is so cool. you heard my rant about how health care dot gov was really designed to be basically google you know push people out of the states and now it's having to manage thirty six different and very disparate databases why do you think the media is calling out the tea party in the governors who essentially sabotaged the exchange site. well i think that you know they they wanted to be like a corporate rollout and we've heard a lot about i phones and things like that in addition to the problems that you're talking about. in the private sector if you have complex product and this is a very complex product and your engineers tell you well this isn't really ready for prime time what you do is you delay it by three months or six months and you give them a chance to work out the bugs when congress passes
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a law and says that this exchange goes online on you know october first two thousand and fourteen there's no wiggle room there's no way to accommodate the inevitable glitches that that happened and you know i'd also point out that this is this is really a result of a lot of loosening of the contracting rules of procurement rules under both clinton and george w. bush they they had this whole idea about streamlining outsourcing and making it easier to give contracts left and right and the senate is really the product of multiple layers this kind of nest this network of contractors and subcontractors apparently with insufficient oversight and you know i don't think it should be that surprising that there's all these problems so part of this is private. zation gone wild i think so yeah i've written about that this week to bill moyers dot com and you know you have to look at the roots of this you know we really did loose in the
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oversight requirements in and this is the inevitable result they've thrown an awful lot of money at this site and to be fair it really is a complex endeavor it has to connect state and federal government with insurers with private insurers their systems aren't all compatible it needs to have an extremely high degree of security it was never an easy task it was always inherently complex so the republicans just shut down the government for sixteen days it cost us twenty over twenty billion dollars twenty two to twenty four billion dollars by some it's a costly tantrum yeah and it may end up costing actually two or three times that when you look at the impact over the next year in terms of diminished g.d.p. and all those kind of things in fact it might even be as much as ten times that but let's just go with twenty billion dollars so far they've spent about two hundred thirty news report i read i think was the new york times two hundred thirty million dollars on this website so that's a quarter to
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a third of one billion dollars. why didn't the republicans instead of charging us all twenty two billion dollars for their tantrum about obamacare take one fifth of that one tenth of that and say ok here's two billion dollars that's you know ten times your budget here's two billion dollars get the damn website right you've got a week. well this gets down to the overarching narrative on the right about dependency they fear that if obamacare is implemented successfully it will be popular and it will be an illustration of the fact that you know activist government can actually improve people's lives and i think that they see that as a huge existential threat to their whole ideological worldview and they you know there was a study of tea party focus groups of tea partiers released by democracy corps the week before last and what they found was that they thought that this was going to create this so-called dependency class that would always vote democratic and and
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they really see it in apocalyptic terms as the kind of end of the world of you know harboring in the socialism i mean it's not the rhetoric on the right is completely detached from any objective reality of what this rather modest health care reform no i get that they've been they've been doing this ever since social security in fact they were doing it about every other program back before that although i don't recall the federalists freaking out when george washington signed legislation to establish a poor house here in d.c. with free health care free food but that said the flip side of being dependent upon government i mean you've got to get health care someplace right is being defended on corporations why in the minute we have left here joshua why are the democrats not calling out the republicans in similar language why aren't they saying oh yeah you don't want people to be dependent on government because you want people to be dependent on the banks which the health insurance companies are i mean they don't they don't they don't you know given vaccinations they just move money in their
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banks. why aren't the democrats calling out the republicans well we'd have to do a whole other segment on the problems with democratic messaging but i think that there is a certain confidence on the democratic side that once this thing is implemented and people see that there are no death panels people see that there's nobody no government agents that are going to come to their doctor's office when people see that the apocalyptic hard. things that they've been hearing about it from fox news and right wing blogs don't actually exist they're going to you know they're going to view the law popularly favorably and they're going to get coverage for reasonable prices and that's really what it's all about and it's going to be social security medicare and medicaid and part d. all over again as there are joshua holland brilliant insightful as always thank you so much for being with us today thanks for having me john. coming up j.p. morgan's jamie diamond has made a killing by ripping off homeowners and investors but could a new settlement and a record fine be just the thing to teach him
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a lot of some more of that after the break. it was a. very hard take. to get along here. live happy ever had sex with her rick perry. was.
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to picture. from a student. in screw news it has now been four months since the guardian published the first of the edward snowden documents and his leaks are still having an impact all over the world over the last few days european newspapers reported on two new sets of snowden documents one covering the n.s.a. spying programs in mexico and the other covering the agency's activities in france the new documents show that the n.s.a. is acting to the personal e-mail of the mexican president and snooped on the phone calls and text messages of millions of french citizens laurent fabius the french foreign minister has called the n.s.a.'s activities unacceptable and has requested a meeting with the u.s. ambassador in france to discuss the controversy for more on this i'm joined by
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jesselyn radack national security and human rights director at the government accountability project just welcome back thanks for having me that have you with us you just met with edward snowden in russia and i think you know most people by now have figured out how horrified he was by what he saw you know he pulled back the curtain there and why he blew the whistle on domestic spying one hundred eighty four georgia where he we are but why foreign spies well i think foreign spying because they can it was a shell f. and you know look there is a certain amount of obviously national to foreign intelligence. spying but the incredible overkill of mass dragnet surveillance not only on a government but on the populace of another country innocent people who done absolutely nothing wrong and i mean you just can't tell me that there are seventy point three million terrorists in france. so it is it is pretty strange yeah if he
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wants to see the global reach of i'm wondering if what were seen. and your opinion on what we're if what we're seeing is the result of what's really referred to as a perverse incentive for example when we privatized prisons all of a sudden there was money in the prison business all of a sudden the prison companies were lobbying states to pass through structural laws and harsher sentencing guidelines and things like that they want to customers seventy percent of the n.s.a.'s budget from some numbers i've seen is privatized and snowden was working for a private contractor he was working for booz allen which used to be part which is part of the carlyle group which used to be in part owned by the bin laden family talk about ironies of arnie's. are we looking with this explosion of international spying that seems to go way beyond what might be necessary is this just you know privatization on steroids is the profit motive driving much and so sure absolutely i mean profit mood of and the privatization has a lot to do with the surveillance state and the expansion of that. the fact that
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it's being outsourced to private contractors is a problem but it's also the incentive reverse incentive like it n.s.a. the motto had been keep the problem going to keep the money flowing and there was a row balding door between people who were directors at n.s.a. and people who worked at the contractor s.a.i.c. for example in and out in and out and so i think it's a huge problem that they didn't keep this in house and that they were outsource a surveillance state we did snowden say the same thing i think you would i mean i think he has a huge problem with the contract. and of this also in that he could make himself it said that he could make so much more money as a contractor than actually working in the agency but i think more globally he's concerned about the worldwide impact of what we're doing that it's not only human rights and privacy rights here in the u.s. but this is so expansive it's a whole planet and this really has
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a far greater reach than just domestically total information awareness was the old original logo you know yes and it sounds very much like the stasi logo of know everything about all information awareness sounds very similar nowhere within the stasis model that was their modern reality and he would have loved these tools so you just met with ed snowden how is he settling in how's he doing. you know any any thoughts on his future plans and is it true that. that's that's you're getting too much credibility what are your thoughts on the idea that he might be being controlled by the russians or was controlled by the chinese when he was in hong kong all of the stuff. i mean first of all he's doing remarkably well considering there really. draconian circumstances sees been under during the last four months but in terms of him being controlled by the russians at that not true at all in
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terms of him giving information to the russians or the chinese i mean that's a narrative that the u.s. would like to push to support its espionage act charges against him but he actually did the opposite and made sure that that information was handed off to other people and with school police inaccessible to either himself or to foreign foreign governments where he happened to be geographically located where he was just handed off to journalists that's correct. a reasonable thing the fourth amendment here in the united states does not protect foreigners but we have a right to privacy with french citizens don't have a right to privacy from loss at least by our law. should we be. concerned about the fact that we're spying on all these french people but i think the fourth amendment right to i mean it it's meant for search and seizure is here in the u.s. but there are a number of international treaties that do govern monitoring of other countries and computer targeting of other countries and while we're in really violation of our
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wars yeah we are i mean we're not supposed to be spying on wholly innocent civilians in mass where there is absolutely no suspicion much so ever that they're trying to harm them to harm the u.s. or u.s. interests and it's just and thank you so much for bank you so much really she said and. in the best of the rest of the news the government is making the banks pay the justice department is preparing to hit wall street monster bank j.p. morgan chase with a fine to the tune of thirteen billion dollars for its mortgage lending practices about four billion of that thirteen billion will go to the federal housing finance authority to help struggling homeowners many of whom or screwed over by j.p. morgan a pair of banks that purchased back in two thousand and eight this is the largest
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fine placed on any u.s. bank ever but while j.p. morgan faces the music other big banks continue to get their way the new york federal reserve bank is now in the middle of a lawsuit filed by a former employee carmen sahara who claims that the new york fed fired her after she refused to falsify documents that if left untouched would have exposed illegal practices at goldman sachs some of the new york fed's most powerful executives are former goldman employees and in many people's severe as case looks like yet another example of regulators looking out for banks toure's instead of looking out for the american people. break all this down i'm joined now from our los angeles studios by richard aska senior fellow at the campaign for america's future rich or welcome back it's always good to be here tom thanks thanks for joining us richard let me let me by the way i meant to mention in the set up that you guys have this big gala dinner coming up here and in washington d.c.
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in november and it's really really worth checking out get over to to. the web site our future dot org right right there thank you so let's start off with j.p. morgan this is the largest fine ever placed on a bank do you think jamie dimon cares at all i mean he's now facing jail time if i walk into a seven eleven with a gun and said give me thirteen billion dollars assuming that they had the ability to do so there's little doubt in my mind i'd spend at least a night in jail. well i think the other side of it is that if you did that i don't think you'd get to call up the attorney general of the united states on the phone and work out what the fine is going to be i think there are a couple things people need to remember one good for the government for imposing this fine but it was a negotiation it was not a unilateral fi and there was a will there's been a lot of back and forth jamie diamond somehow knew that the government was going announce a new investigation and called up eric holder and said he wanted to negotiate
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a deal so that's the second piece of this this is a negotiated deal and not something that was imposed from above what's also good is that we're told the criminal investigations will continue and those criminal investigations the biggest one we know about so far here in california has to do with j.p. morgan chase now jamie diamond will tell you most of these frauds fraudulent activities were conducted by the banks they purchased bear stearns and washington mutual the institutions they purchased but actually the major criminal investigation underway now is of j.p. morgan chase itself and not of these subsidiaries so they still have a lot of explaining to do and is. it possible that we're going to see something i mean you know after the s. and l. meltdown reagan you know investigated over a thousand people sent several hundred to jail. any possibility of anything like that happening i mean that was peanuts compared to this well in terms of scale you have the say the savings and loan crisis was much smaller more than
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a thousand people were prosecuted in that case so yes there's very little been done we're up against the statute of limitations now because there have been so many years of inactivity so what we're left with there are scrambling to find you know the much fewer incidents that happened after the financial crisis trying to get in under the window of the statute of limitations on the financial crisis and then these fines but remember these fines a don't send anybody to jail and b. they are paid by the people who perpetrated the wrongdoing they're paid by investors shareholders in the banks who in many cases were defrauded themselves about what the bank was actually doing so. first of all i don't think that anybody is operating under the illusion that j.p. morgan chase is the only bank that was committing criminal activity do you expect this investigation to migrate or are there parallel investigations to it happening
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right now. and i'm curious your thoughts on the securities used to work out as to which the sahara case where she's only ok we'll get to that in a second yes there are other investigations taking place i think bank of america is a good place to speculate about whether they'll be a similar deal like this being constructed for their wrongdoing which was massive massive they've tried to point to their own acquisition of countrywide but there was one regulator who said he's looked into it and as horrible as countrywide was bank of america's fraud was even worse in the mortgage area so i think you can look to the bank of america on that on the sahara case which is. the the investigator who says she was asked to correct documents or all or falsified documents to protect goldman sachs and then fired when she wouldn't do it i think a couple things there one is we know that regular there's something called regulatory capture where regulators find themselves serving the banks they're
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supposed to be monitoring and the higher up you go in the process let's say if you're carmen safaris boss the more likely you are to be offered a very lucrative job with a bank and many times your current salary so we don't know but that certainly could be affecting that case and the other takeaway of that is that the new york fed was created by public law it's a public creature and yet it's able to avoid the freedom of information act and operate in extraordinary secrecy even though it is a creature of the government and it claims a loophole in a technicality to do that it needs much more transparency and by the way until fairly recently jamie diamond was the head of the most powerful committee in the new york fed and the federal reserve in general the one that set compensation for the leaders of that bank so it all ties together the fed and the bankers are much too close much too cozy and much too secretive amazing fox meat chicken house richard thanks so much for being with us you bet my pleasure coming up in fewer
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than fifty years that is record temperatures will be the new normal so what can we do to stop runaway global warming in its tracks all last night maggie fox president and c.e.o. of the climate reality project right after the break. n o c n n the. box moves have taken some nuts lately but it's i desired my other commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because one fall attention in the mainstream. we'll work side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teenagers we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how.
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you guys talk to the jokes well handled it makes sense that. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. you
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. it's the good the bad of the very very economically ugly the good. pope francis the bishop of rome is making headlines again and for all the right reasons and thursday mass last week the pope called out religious extremists calling them a serious illness in the church he said and when a christian becomes a disciple of the ideology he has lost the faith is no longer a disciple of jesus is disciple of this attitude of thought the faith becomes ideology an ideology frightens it is a.


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