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what. crazy news to report guys obama's got a coke problem now i have been reading the national enquirer i'm talking about as unwillingness to make a final decision on keystone x.l. pipeline that could rake in one hundred billion dollars from vulture capitalism brothers charles and david koch that's understandable why obama hasn't officially signed off on the pipeline yet considering how much he's already pissed off his democratic base but given his close ties to oil and gas executives many environmentalists aren't holding their breath so with the democratic party
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continually selling out to big oil what options does the modern and environmental movement have earlier i spoke to environmentalist and author derrick johnson i first asked him how the current industrial system plays into the environmental destruction of the planet. right there are or i'm a country i ask you so do you think that the government take better care of individual human beings or human community it's a need to take better care of corporations and nobody nobody ever thought experiment would be. you know do we want to talk about the b.p. oil well or. right now. chevron of suing. people in the amazon why is that story true or extraction i mean we have a big million and how. about the. those in power. system is set up to facilitate commerce. at the expense.
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of living beings human and otherwise. living communities can technology be harnessed for good and be used in a way that's compatible with nature. i think we have to ask more than just i think we have to ask what we mean by technology because i love what. mumford wrote about how there are authoritarian and democratic t.c.h. and i think and what we mean by technic is that a technology does not rise out of or lead to a social vacuum and it takes us you know that i'm living on hollow atlantic all indian land i'm a polyp or at least twelve. and they didn't invent backhoes and it's not because they were too stupid to invent tacos it's because they have a mindset. made it so their technologies invented weren't the sort
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of technology are invented by the dominant culture instead they would have stamina welcome and example that would be a form of their technology would be a song to welcome them and and so back to lewis munford if you it takes a certain mindset to create a chainsaw and once you have a chains are better example of novelty it takes a certain mindset to create an automobile and once you have an automobile that will lead to certain changes in society so that you will do distance differently you know later on today after going to town which is a few miles and that would be an entirely different experience firewalking than if i'm driving i'm driving i can drive into town like oh i forgot to bring one thing that weighs three ounces i can drive two thousand pounds back a couple miles just to pick up this one thing of the bows of i'm walking in to make sure that i have everything for it though this is a small piece and we designed our societies around the technology and most we're exploring was that. some technologies will lead to what we call democratic
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pac-man and some technologies will be more authoritarian and much of that has to do with whether the technology can be locally controlled or whether it is it makes you dependent on outside sources and one really quick example mental process is the difference between say solar photovoltaic and passive solar anybody can arrange their home or can arrange how they are to the sun that's awesome so that's a democratic anybody can do it on the other hand solar photovoltaic require rare earth they require mining they require the entire infrastructure is built around with it so once you get into an authoritarian technic you are. forcing yourself into some sort of authoritarian government. and so the question about can technology be compatible with the earth i think it depends on the technologies i
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think democratic technology. certainly and being compatible with my on the planet i think is the parents and they are compatible my mother with. schumann democratic decision making process nor with life on the earth and i want to move on to one of your articles where you write every morning when i wake i ask myself whether i should write or blow up a dam i keep telling myself to write although i'm not sure that that's right are you suggesting that eco terrorism is at all effective in terms of fighting back against the establishment. what i'm really trying to get out with is. we can have there's a line by karl where he says philosophy but there's no part and i've always kind of like that line to we can fly bys all we want but what's really important is what happens in the real world. is our philosophy. how to bring about certain changes in the real world that can be good or bad depending
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on what those changes are and the truth is that salmon don't need for us to. write books about them what them need is for them to be removed and the need for industrial logging to stop industrial fishing to be stopped and the oceans not be murder. that's. so what i'm really trying to get out of that line is that what happens in the real world is what is what's most important and we can we can you know you and i can have a conversation and that's great and people can listen to this conversation and if it doesn't actually make a change in the real world and so far as i'm concerned it's not really important but what's really important is how things change in the real world well let's talk about the real world people are fighting back in places such as russia canada are facing extreme penalties for doing so decades long prison sentence for piracy and russia's snipers unleashed on occasion its activists in canada for hands on
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fracking i mean is this the only way to fight now is to become a martyr. i don't think that the only way to buy become a martyr i think. there are casualties in anding war and right now the primary counsel to the courts are. you know non human and also the primary counsel to the monks humans are members of the press classes and so there's a sense in which i mean this is all in many ways this is simply the old line about those who make nonviolent revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable and we need to be down and we need to change things and you know every cell in my body wants for us to have a voluntary transformation numbering nice we want to we want to awful ams and you
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know sort of move into the future i think that we need to. try everything we can but if something doesn't work then we need to figure out something else that may work and so i don't think that we need to be martyrs i think that we need to start thinking of ourselves as a serious resistance movement and we need to start thinking of ourselves as a serious. revolutionary movement i think we need to start thinking very seriously i mean here's one of the ways i've brought this up with this forever it was that. space aliens came down from outer space and they were back in the oceans and they were changing the climate they were causing the greatest math extinction is through the planet and they were putting dotson's in every mother's breast milk and they were causing people to buy a cancer and they were polluting the world so that everybody is inhaling secondhand smoke you know we would know what to do we would know how to we would know that we need to break identity with and we need to. bring down their entire system and
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yet with the current when it has to do with when this when. when it is the government to which we pledged allegiance we were children and suddenly we get really really not very smart about it so what we need to do we need to break our identity. and we need to move our loyalty to our community and to the natural world and then we need to start thinking like a really serious resistance and we need to start thinking we need start thinking very seriously about what we're going to do derek i couldn't agree more and i want to sum this up because you're talking about breaking out of this establishment mindset and i think that the really big problem is environmental across the environmental movement they're catering to the democratic party and you've talked often about the lesser of two evils when it comes to the two party system why are so many environmental organizations caving to the democratic party instead of throwing their full weight behind other parties that could actually do something in
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terms of policy changing about a two minute slot. well i think part of it has to do with the question of what their loyalty is to or to to what to what or to whom is their loyalty and a great example of this is what do all the so-called solution to global warming have in common but are prevented by the mainstream of our mentally ill what they all have in common is a conductor accomplishment a given and the natural world as something which must conform from dr topless and that's not in terms of thing out of touch as if only out of my point here is that once again once you switch your loyalty then you can make conscious decisions as to whether you want to in this case sacrifice some ideal to or sacrifice some loyalty for approx the purpose make a temporary alliance but if your primary loyalty is to maintain the system all you're going to be at the loyal opposition which is the best we can hope for from
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the democrats you know the democrats are far as i'm concerned the democrats and republicans are just good cop bad cop you know that the bad cop comes in and beats you up and then they come and and feels your pain while they do the same thing thank you so much for your insight gary johnson author environmentalist appreciate your time. thank you so much. still ahead we'll take a look at iraq and how life after the war is what the country completely devastated . most everyone in my life and i care about their own. skin. i was a national champion in track and field and also was able to go and qualify for the
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olympic games. you know nine hundred eighty eight i started to experiment with other drugs i had lost all the financial means that i. was really on the street. black market. great. germany's finance ministry as the night reports and as preparing a third bell after a break up of course not you know there will be no third ballot for grains ballots and so last decade this is the age of the ballot by the time this is over the bandits bankers and brokers all that you've got no dollar euro yen
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a drop will be left behind and inflation deflation a compass nation will take every last nickel and does. the interview. feel good.
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despite the media's complete disregard for the state of post occupation in iraq a terrifying trend of violence continues to plague the country week after week there is a new wave of car bombings and suicide blasts that have come to characterize modern iraq. perhaps the worst crime of all is a history of being revised right in front of our eyes case in point as newly released study by the journal p.l.o.s. medicine which alleges that the total death toll of iraqis during the war amounted to four hundred sixty one thousand people and while nearly half a million is horrific it's far from accurate see a comprehensive study was conducted in two thousand and seven by the british polling group opinion research business that showed a body count of over one million iraqis this survey was conducted at the height of the violence but far before the war even ended and all the provinces are an even included but that's not the only research concluding the mass misrepresentation of casualty numbers the journal lancet as demanded one hundred thousand deaths in just
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the first year of the war and another six hundred thousand by two hundred two thousand and six but the government media's efforts at whitewashing the controversial legacy of the iraq war isn't limited to body counts there's also the nuclear legacy to grapple with the us military depended on the plate of uranium or . its artillery shells d.-u. is a byproduct of nuclear waste and it's also very good at creating explosions but when these radioactive particles are scattered they're carried by the wind seep into the ground and are consumed by living things in the area since two thousand and three it's estimated that occupation forces fired one thousand metric tons of iraq according to the united nations environment program the effects of this radioactive contamination are devastating in fact one hundred fifty five countries have already voted to ban they used to be do you accept america because america is exceptional and no one seems to question this country's use of chemical weapons
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even when they result in widespread birth defects multiple news outlets reported that the rate of child deformities and for lucia now surpassed that of nagasaki after the dropping of two atomic bombs. some of the serious malformations recording of a loser range from a girl born with two heads to partial paralysis not to mention the cancer which is a growing epidemic especially among children and will be for decades to come to the most disturbing part of all is that d'you contamination never goes away these growing concerns prompted a long awaited report by the world health organization the report's conclusion it was expected to mirror the findings of multiple medical doctors throughout iraq but instead the investigation made a startling claim that some report says the study provides no clear evidence to suggest an unusually high rate of congenital birth defects in iraq wow now these
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ahmed of the institute for policy research on the guardian points out there is reason to believe this study is deeply flawed ahmed alleges that people within w.h.o. have been compromised by political pressure to support this claim he highlights the comments of dr keith bob a stock a former w.h.o. expert on radiation who said quote the extent to which scientific principles are being bent to fit politically convenient conclusions is alarming a lot of mean indeed only adding to the claims of this corruption is former u.n. assistant secretary general hong's von sponeck spoke to expose previous w.h.o. cover ups during the first gulf war also attested that the report's findings were defective he said quote it seems that someone somewhere clumsily decided that they would not release these damning finances and instead obscured them now the list of experts who have denounced this report is too long to mention but it includes the international coalition to ban depleted uranium the organization has repeatedly
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called upon the w.h.o. to release the data set they used from the study but unsurprisingly they've refused so really it doesn't matter what papers or official reports are published attempting to. revise history the reality remains the same iraq is living a nuclear nightmare because of what the us did so even though government officials might sleep better because of a lie on a piece of paper many won't be until do you is banned completely and justice awarded. the american webster dictionary defines a conspiracy as a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal now usually when the topic of conspiracy theories approached there's a few eye rolls an undeniable fact that conspiracies are real and no i'm not
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talking about the unfounded claims that reptilian shapeshifters are projecting illuminati symbolism into our brains i'm talking about real historical events that have been proven to be government conspiracies yes believe it or not this government has conspired against its own people on more than one occasion so that over just a few of the most shocking declassified government conspiracies i'm joined by because producer manual of the. what is up man we're not talking about the chilean illuminati ship that i give you there i get it right like going to do with the one on the lizard i know we're going to talk about real conspiracies that have been classified there are so many to count many i know that we only picked out of the five craziest ones let's start with my favorite operation northwoods start with the craziest life the plan presented from robert mcnamara the joint chiefs of staff under president kennedy obviously we know at that time we were really irking for a reason to get into cuba so what was this all about so that's you know the united
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states was really keen on going to war with cuba they needed the public support to do this and really this is far as conspiracy theories that have later on been revealed through discussed by. information is really one of the scariest because it details what the united states is capable of just coming up with in terms of ideas the need of the public support for a war with cuba this of course never happened thank god because of what they were doing was what they were planning to do was really really scary they were talking about staged bombings in cuba fake the landings by cuban troops. and us soil exactly they were planning to blow up an american ship there was there was plans to hijack and crash an airliner so on. i mean this is this is all things to declassified information that we found out thanks to none other than all of the stone of all people who you know through his film j.f.k. re galvanise that idea that we need to get the truth out about the j.f.k. assassination conspiracy one thousand nine hundred seven comes around thirty years
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after the assassination and you've got you know thousands and thousands of declassified documents titled operations northwoods what is that and come to find out that this was this huge conspiracy this is that is unable to carry out all flag attack that never happened but the scariest part about this is that false flags are real and that is almost happened and it was presented all the way up in the chain of command up to the president yeah i mean they played kennedy rejected it i mean the false flags we talk about these are there are so often dismissed as conspiracy theories you know you can choose to buy into some or not more recent ones but you can look back in the historical thread remember the maine and its own government and read the spanish-american war that the mexican american more these were all these are all started by false flag attack right exactly so it's not too crazy to talk about false flags this is storable fact. this is something kind of searching for the perfect truth. thinking it out as a possibility and they just love to people with acid and killed her as one of the craziest ones in fact i've heard references to weather i don't know if if the
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sixty's counterculture influence they did not alter or or visa ve but they were they were experimenting with all kinds of psychotropic drugs l.s.d. what barbiturates as well they were. finding prostitutes prisoners the mentally ill they were experimenting with all kinds of crazy drugs on people and i mean you don't find out about this until. much later on when when it's when it's found out that it was actually the cia that was involved and now the cia has i think half of the world's assets supply or else the i think at least in this country and you know it is it actually did spawn into the sixty's because it's funny to see that this actually started in the fifty's so you just have picture f.b.i. agents from the fifty's dose each other i mean it turned to the whole thing and it was in the movie the men who stare at goats that's actually a pretty good example of that's kind of film adaptation and there was one of the jobs act of where is called operation midnight climax where they actually drugged kind of your average joes and putting them in rooms with prostitutes and doing crazy stuff into a mirrors and really twisted stuff they're doing and it goes back to what you were
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saying you know that trying to develop that perfect truth i don't know if they've gotten prostitutes let's talk about the craziest one prohibition alcohol poisoning i hadn't even i hadn't even heard about it heard about prohibition i know that what was going on so prohibition going on in one thousand twenties thanks to the eighteenth amendment of course of banning the whole sale of alcohol in the united states i had no idea until i started researching what the f.b.i. was doing under directions of the u.s. department of treasury which was to poison alcohol and that was actually the new york city medical examiner at the time in one thousand nine hundred six charles norris i wonder if they call them chuck norris they were government charles norris actually said practically all the liquor that is sold in new york today is toxic so it was known even at the time that the f.b.i. the government was actually poisoning people to look prohibition was absolutely on in force at the time so the fact that we just kill that exactly is going to kill
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her. ill. will it's crazy the stuff that they were putting in because methane from elder hide ammonia arsenic kerosene acetone let's paint thinner believable let's move on to. the experiment on poor black citizens of the united states they were calling them simpletons at the time they were picking an edge with poor black citizens at the time it was basically infecting them with syphilis that's exactly they were doing this was going on between one nine hundred thirty to one thousand nine hundred seventy two they were infected upwards of four hundred individuals many of them women twenty eight people died directly from the disease several children were born with with right the disease of course and it was horrible what they were doing to them they were telling these to these people that you know were looking into with this mysterious new disease many of them didn't even know what was going on they were told that they were being administered in an a job but really they were just given aspirin and they were conducting all sorts of
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experiments to find out how syphilis affects the black population really really long whole awful things and even and keep in mind this when this kept going into the seventy's one nine hundred seventy two until it was discontinued and it wasn't until one thousand nine hundred seven under president clinton was the first american i don't know let's stop actually administering the you know what lessons are you that we're not sorry that we're sorry yeah that's pretty terrible and of course operation mockingbird you know this was a program that the cia f.b.i. was inserting operatives within all the major media networks i mean we're talking about all of them publications and they think that my my whole question is is this still going on today because that they've really permeated throughout the culture of the establishment media thousand media today they just parrot is that an ad like wait this gone full circle or do you guys do a really good job set in the no better nation here it's absolutely right because i mean this is cold war mentality and yes we know cold war mentality is permeated well into today but what they were doing they were bribing heads of major
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publications and mainstream even for the time during the cold war the new york times associated press reuters they were they were really getting getting through this and you ask is this still going on today well we can look at the last national defense authors. n.d.a. twenty thirteen has a provision in there that legalized this propaganda we found out last year that the . central command was giving these what are they. up to ten accounts for per servicemen to kind of promote this pro-american propaganda for all sally and i mean do we really even need that we have like you said we have the corporate media there are those that already have what we have and we really need to you know it shows you how far reaching this really is and you know i think it's really important to acknowledge these conspiracies and they're all proven fact and really when we talk about conspiracy theories we don't differentiate and nothing between the really unfounded ones and the real one because i think it's really hindering the dialogue and debate as a country of history and also just current event you say you say conspiracy theory
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immediately people go with the brazilian illuminati and it's dangerous there is a lot more thank you so much for breaking some of this down man well thanks. guys thanks so much for tuning in tonight remember join me tomorrow same place same time . speak your language. program some documentaries in arabic it's we'll hear. from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. troy arabic for a visit arabic don't call. it one time i save money to hire a hit man to shoot me from the next building through the open window. i
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six people. out on the. korea. also in the program. these people have. casualties that's nothing short of war. in one of the richest countries of the world.


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