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russia mourns the victims of the suicide bombers bombing another time that belies of six people with witnesses describing a scene of carnage or report from volgograd on the aftermath on the career of jihad it's at the center of this whole. also on the program death from the sky. the u.s. must explain why these people have been killed. mr international slams america's drawing board in pakistan condemning the regular civilian casualties as nothing short of war crimes. one of the richest countries of the world are living in a type of war zone the u.k.'s most vulnerable are in danger of being left out and
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because of the charges protecting them are threatened with closure. international news and comment live from moscow this is with me. hello and welcome to the program. three days of mourning have been declared in the russian city of volgograd after monday's suicide bombing aboard a parked bus witnesses described a nightmarish scene of body parts and blood it survivors left in shock and able to comprehend what had just happened the blast killed six and injured some fifty people there and in the last hour rushes on to terrorism agencies said and attack was thwarted in russia's volatile southern republic of dagestan according to authorities they made safe a bomb equivalent to twelve kilograms of explosives and later this
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hour be joined live by our correspondent in volgograd lindsey france who bring us the details. also international alert as teenage sisters from norway head for syria they could soon join the growing number of european muslims fighting alongside the rebels there part of the worrying trend in the e.u. amidst concern over what happens when they come home. amnesty international is accusing the your eyes of committing war crimes a series of drone program in pakistan a report from the human rights organization lists in recent incidents and says there is an almost complete absence of transparency that the action is have challenged the obama administration to prove it has authority investigated cases of unlawful killings and that could be a lot to look at the program began in two thousand and four under the bush
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administration two thousand and six was the deadliest year of his presidency when almost one hundred civilians were killed but since two thousand and eight the use of drones in pakistan has escalated reaching a peak after broke obama was sworn into office in two thousand and nine that's here one hundred and sixty two people not considered to be militants killed the next twelve months of obama's administration saw a record number of strikes one hundred and twenty two in the program continues to take the lives of many innocent people that so we can see the lion's share of drone strikes were carried out by the obama administration around a thousand civilians have been killed including two hundred children that the total number of deaths is more than three thousand people more details from the comfort of. the predator drone or remotely controlled and heavily armed it's the weapon of choice in the cia's under cleared war in pakistan that's where the u.s.
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is believed to have launched more than three hundred strikes since two thousand and four the target suspected taliban and al qaeda militants. the white house says better drones then boots on the ground and justifies the covert program as both affective and legal america does not take strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people not so according to amnesty international in a damning new report the human rights group warns u.s. drone strikes could amount to war crimes documents recent killings in pakistan's northwest tribal areas and the lack of transparency surrounding drones this is a secret program in fact in our case we've found at least in some cases they've clearly killed civilians in some of these cases might be war crimes that really concerns us one such case is that of sixty eight year old man nama bibi killed by a u.s. drone last october she was picking vegetables with her grandchildren when that
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attacks took place a double strike the children miraculously survived. by first it was so then i heard that. the first hit and the second hit my cousin. but her grandmother's body was pulverized these missile fragments are all that remain amnesty documents other such cases but its main point the need for transparency and accountability the u.s. must explain why these people have been killed people who are clearly civilians must provide justice to these people compensation it must investigate those responsible for those killings the u.s. continues to give very little public information about the drone program but it will face more international pressure later this week that is because on friday the u.n. general assembly will be debating the use of remotely piloted aircraft now in a separate report a u.n. investigation looked at thirty three drone strikes around the world not just in
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pakistan that violated international humanitarian law and also resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties that report also calling for more transparency and accountability from the united states reporting from moscow i'm lucy catherine of. underworld source spoke to the head of the south asia program that amnesty international poly trance called about this specifics on the report and whether the u.s. government is aware of it and here's what she had to say. what we have done it's conduct painstaking research into a specific time period in pakistan where u.s. has carried out drone strikes and that's very recent eighteen months in a very particular part of the country in north waziristan this is one of the most neglected remote areas of the world. ordinary residents suffer abuse from armed groups also disappearances and torture obviously detention for the pakistan armed forces on top of that out of the skies. they are being attacked by u.s.
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drone strikes and in some cases it appears that some of those some of the killings have been unlawful that amount to extradition executions or war crimes we contacted the u.s. government in advance of our report being published. they referred us to cia referred us to the white house and the white house referred us to u.s. president barack obama's speech up may twenty third team which made promises of transparency we've seen little change to date. the u.s. world and showed itself in the food or the investigation says phyllis bennis from the institute for policy studies so she wants an international pariah going to america's trying activities. the u.s. has a consistent position in refusing to allow its highest officials whether political or military officials to be held accountable for the consequences of wars that are themselves fundamentally violations of international law international law in the
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united states unfortunately is too often only applied to other countries and not to ourselves one of the big problems with the drone wars that we don't have good information it may be that there are war crimes involved if there are. decisions made to use drone strikes when other options are available if decisions are made to use drone strikes against settings where there are known civilians they may well be work rhymes there needs to be a thorough investigation and what we've seen is that the u.s. government is not prepared to investigate itself so the question of international investigations whether it's in the context of the international criminal court to which of course the united states is not a member or whether it's in the context of amnesty international the united nations other agencies all of these need to be explored and used us homeless shelters are struggling to accommodate the growing number of poor americans the face of the
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average tenant has been changing in the past few years and sometimes even a full time job doesn't mean you can afford a place to live. and now reports. the working poor have become among america's fastest growing demographic. charmaine works full time as a telephone data collector i make about two fifty a week depending on the hours that i work and many days the thirty year old eats a free dinner at the new york city rescue mission before heading to the place she's called home for the past five years i come here to eat at the mission then jump on the train get back to the shelter for curfew at eight o'clock if you don't make it back to the shelter at eight o'clock they've already packed up your clothes a record high of fifty thousand people currently occupying new york city's shelters of those living in them city figures show twenty eight percent of families and sixteen percent of adults are employed the jobs are not paying you what they should
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be paying you first of all and everything is the prices are just up on everything. you know it's just not affordable at all in two thousand and eleven forty six percent of new yorkers were considered either poor or almost poor the income gap in america's richest city is comparable to those of some sub-saharan african countries we see people come in someone may be embarrassed or ashamed or hardworking they didn't have to ask for him now but now do have a day to put food on the table for your family where you can be in an effort to how supply meet demand the new york city rescue mission recently began a run of the nations to expand its space from three floors to six next year twice the amount of people that and twice the amount of beds will be provided to the hungry and homeless many of whom are working americans former u.s. president jimmy carter has spent three decades promoting and building affordable
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homes he says america's income inequality is causing members of to be a nice middle class to resemble those who lived in poverty when he was in office in the late seventy's compared to when i left the white house the difference is twice as great as there was between the richest people and poor charmaine was once a freelance makeup artist for revlon and vantage to cosmetics store life changed following the financial crisis of two thousand and eight when she lost her job so when she hears today u.s. officials brag about an economic recovery they're saying it but they don't really take a look at it because it's not true i see more people struggling out here and they're working and they're on welfare and it still can't make it leaving millions struggling to find opportunity in the land that always promised it marina port ny r.t. new york. washington for old age old ally frons the historic friendship
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undermined by the latest n.s.a. spying scandal suggesting millions of french had the photos stopped that stopped of our show. break stay with us. we'll go to the. show thirty four countries bend over fifteen billion euros on culture she says to reach one hundred fifty million degrees with one token mark still to sell from st petersburg to france we travel in search of the song. knowledge on the day we've got the future covered. if you're. going to take three months for charges three. three. three. three.
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move freeboard video for your media project read medio gogarty dot com. this is all she welcomed by three days of mourning have been declared in the russian city of volgograd after a suicide bombing aboard a public bus witnesses described a nightmarish scene of body parts and blood it survivors left in shock unable to comprehend what had just happened and the promise is in volgograd for us and joins us now live hello there is a so apparently we have information that. this at stock was intended for most
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haven't heard anything about that. yeah absolutely investigators are pointing to thirty year old now you see all of us from dagestan a career jihad just in fact as the female suicide bomber in this case who who detonated the bike on the bus twenty nine just yesterday afternoon three other men are implicated in this well at this point two men. were apparently waiting for her in moscow to help carry out an attack there these two men are wanted in dagestan for twin terrorist attacks that took place. in two thousand and twelve a third man who was reportedly her husband an ethnic russian who's a muslim convert dimitri sokol off whose family reported him missing back in two thousand and twelve is also being searched for a by police and we've also just learned that a large bomb was located near
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a shopping center in dagestan by anti terror police so that's obviously being investigated very heavily a lot of questions in people's minds right now but one of the biggest is why did all see all of us get off a bus headed to moscow and get on a bus in volgograd and detonate her device so that's something we're all waiting to hear with bated breath because it's it's a very odd thing not to carry out the attack in the capital of the country and instead detour to volgograd. and of course relatives praying for the in lives of the loved ones and of course that demanding ounces what actually happened on that bus. well it's been reported that around two pm local time is when the call the emergency came into the call came into emergency services that. the explosion taking place on bus twenty
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nine it was initially thought that it was a fuel malfunction that was a gas explosion but first responders noticed there was no fire there and shortly after the device fragments were found apparently a c. all of us had boarded the bus and shortly after at the back of the bus is when the explosion took place and witnesses say the. scene was very shocking when they happened upon it just a short while later we have spoken with one of the eyewitnesses let's hear what he's got to say. there were many ambulances and. surround people getting out from the coast to help they were pulling people out of the bus giving them water sharing their first aid kits what shocks me is that there was one woman still inside the bus satchel covered in blood and i couldn't tell whether she was dead or life the bus route starts at the city's heart center pulses
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near the university so the bus was full of hot patients and students. under reports from the scene and from hospitals tracing the injured are frankly horrific but how are those good coping. with many of the most severely injured have been taken to moscow for more intensive treatment . as we've said six people lost their lives and over forty were injured many of them very critically which means the local hospitals were inundated with very unexpected and graphic injuries such a severed limbs and very severe burns and many people at the hospitals reported just looking as if it was a war zone so it was it was very traumatic experience for a lot of people and many of the people who escaped the bus were bleeding out of their ears. and just horrific injuries all around now also aside from
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the people be treated there's a lot of heightened alert going on right now with security here in volgograd infact last night and islamic prayer center in the city was firebombed and security squads are on heightened alert for the next several days in fact and certainly as the next several days of mourning carry on so there's a lot of pieces of this puzzle to put together to get a clear picture of why it was done here and not in moscow yet and to get that trail completed so they can figure out why why this took place is a horrible tragedy so we'll of course speak in a very close eye on everything as it develops here called the drug company seasonings a promise to. live from volga grad thank you very much indeed for that. of course our web site was collecting and publishing all the latest for you on the terror attack in volgograd read about how the suicide bomber had previously faked
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chronic illness to get cash donations on the internet. norway's security forces have issued an international alert for two teenage girls they are thought to have joined the ranks of the european muslims going off to fight in syria and he's on he's peta on of the hour with more. the two sisters age sixteen and nineteen left a message for their family saying that they were going to syria because they believed that muslims in the country were being attacked from all directions now the family who haven't been named are cooperating with the authorities to try and track these two young women down now they've been it's reported that they are for all of somali descent that they came to norway in the year two thousand they weren't particularly religious that impacted over the past few weeks that being arguments between the. older sister and the mother of the family over the the older sisters want to wear the niqab so norwegian authorities looking into this to try
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and track down these two women who are believed to be in turkey trying to cross the border into syria they say they have evidence that they've been spotted in that area security offices working with the norwegian security services are saying that we are seeing a growing trend in organized groups trying to to recruit and radicalize muslims muslim people in the in the west in europe across europe we have seen cases where by fighters have turned up with passports from across the european union norway itself believes that around forty of its citizens are currently fighting in the area one of the largest groups from europe that's made their way to fight against assad troops have been from right here in germany it's believed that in the north of syria there's a camp that being labeled the german camp by news magazine around two hundred german citizens most of them from the north rhine-westphalia area believed to be there the numbers well the numbers speak for themselves as believe that or over one
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thousand european fighters currently battling assad forces in syria right now and that's gone up from two hundred fifty from this time last year so if it does seem that if these these organized groups are recruiting that they're certainly getting more and more people to their cause. more than thirty billion pounds are expected to be confidant on the u.k. as well for a bunch and by twenty sixteen and with government child protection agency is struggling with their workload others subsidised companies are left to pick up the slack but as his lower smith reports many of these could be forced to close their doors and leaving the nation's most vulnerable was nowhere to turn. these are the children of kids company one in five has been shot at all stabbed half have witnessed shootings or stabbings in the last year the lucky ones come to camilla batmanglij is charity to be pieced back together these children in one of
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the richest countries of the world are living in a type of war zone that is on estates so they see people stabbed outside their window they're afraid of firearms they go up on the staircase in their estate they don't know who's round the corner who's going to attack them they get trapped in lifts and get raped and so on children like that says camilla without the right help become incredibly violent taking their revenge on themselves or on society by sixteen florence was a homeless drug and alcohol abuse she grew up in turn ignored and casually abused by her mother social services tried to take me away from our parents. i remember mark foley i heard my mom hit me with a tree branch or something outside of school and my teacher saw and obviously called social services. and then i don't know i think i cried i'm sorry in the me
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and when they were like checking me and i said i want to stay at home and never have. a call child line in school force me to call child line expect lice or burns on the inside. and then nothing happened after that conversation only kids company pursued florence texting and phoning to make sure she was ok over a period of nearly a year a continuity of care that traumatized youngsters desperately need and getting from the government child mental health and children's social services hasn't changed since the victorian times we renew our railways we renew our airports we renew our hospitals but actually we haven't bothered to renew you really this structure that deal with almost one rouble kids and make them fit for purpose repeated requests for a government response to that yielded nothing about his company i probably would have five kids. instead twenty four florence is
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a graduate of oxford university articulate intelligent and ready to help the next generation but reckons a million traumatized children from estates like the are going without any kind of help from an overstretched social services and still she has to beg for funding so now kids company can keep its doors open to help more vulnerable young people but for how long in eighteen months the government's again threatening to cut it off without a penny laura smith r.t. . in the international arena sometimes even best friends fall out president obama made an apologetic call to his french counterpart over allegations the n.s.a. has. spied on millions in france an argument which is causing real friction in the historic alliance between paris and washington and here's a look at what exactly made france so angry and just
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a single month the agency automatically intercepted more than seventy million calls while also logging text messages along with the general public businessmen and politicians are also targeted and this prompted our lawns to join the calls of those urging tougher privacy laws in the e.u. and american political cartoonist and columnist ted rall things the you ass will have a very hard time rebuilding its reputation. it's pretty hard to on do listening to tens of millions of phone calls isn't it at this point i think what shocking the french is there not just the extent to which the united states is spying on their people but also the fact that they consider themselves to be u.s. allies and if this is the way the u.s. treats its friends well what's the point of being a friend this creates tension between two countries that like to think of themselves as allies and it's it's difficult for for the french to know exactly to
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what extent what they're doing is being listened to watched spied upon so you know it it's hard to be friends with people you don't trust. if you want to know how countries are now trying to protect themselves from america's global data harvesting go to ulti dot com to find out. also that star wars becomes a reality for japan and it's in a galaxy not very far away talk here i was planning to send its first cannon into orbit to shut down some asteroids all in the name of science. and the russians something else santa claus me the olympic flame on the lot is the latest state page of the torch relay read more on the sporting symbols of knowledge at all t. dot com. and up next stay with us for the latest edition of breaking the set with i've been out.
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it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of failed detroit has been sentenced to twenty years in prison after being found guilty of committing record tiering conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while the mayor the prosecutor say he funneled millions of dollars to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge you convicted him stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream
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media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor is an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's just my opinion. germany's finance ministry has the nie report it is preparing a third bailout for greece. of course not you know there will be no third ballot for greece bailouts and so last this is the age of the ballot by the time this is over the bandit's banks and brokers will take in all that you've got no dollar euro yen or truck will be left behind and inflation the place of the compass nation will take every last nickel and dime. have you ever felt. of prats have you ever written a song lyric or posted
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a frowny face as your status update well if you've ever expressed any sort of feelings of melancholy on social media then you're a prime candidate for a new product called government surveillance c.n.n. new program funded by the national institutes of health is using twitter to spy on the mentally ill for quote population level depression monitoring yes that's right computerized algorithms alone will be separating the crazy from the same if you don't want to take part this exciting new study too bad you don't have a choice a two thousand of your tax dollars have already been spent on it so keep up that treating and i'll see you in the padded room side effects include overwhelming chilling effects such as read write the prosecution being the mentally ill is a way to never have standing in a court room gross paranoia never been able to make sarcastic remarks or jokes or gigantically bloated surveillance state let's go break the set. of the really. it was
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a really very hard to take. lightly that he ever had sex with her but there are those. that believe. the. little. crazy news to report guys obama's got a coke problem now i have been reading the national enquirer i'm talking about as unwillingness to make a final decision on key.


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