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bloodshed death and t. is sick scared and dozens injured as a peaceful also monday in russia's longer grad is shattered by a suicide at times on a passenger bus. we report from a city in mourning in the aftermath of a blast caused by a career jihad is. also in today's headlines demanding answers. the u.s. must explain why these people have. civilian casualties a lack of transparency and no justice for the victims international lashes out at washington boys drawn war in pakistan saying some of the killings amounted to war crimes. and washington falls out with its age old ally
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frons their historic front undermined by the latest n.s.a. spying scandal so justin millions of french people had topped or be discussing this in detail with the country's former foreign minister live on r.c. in just a few minutes. and you saw in russia and around the world this is aussie with me you know our thanks for joining us. is mourning the victims of a suicide bomb attack on a passenger bus that claimed the lives of six and injured dozens witnesses described a war zone like scene of scattered body parts and blotted survivors unable to comprehend what had just happened linsey france is in this southern russian city for us. at this point investigators according to four people involved in this case
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they point to thirty year old guy you see all of us from dagestan a career jihad it as the suicide bomber in the case and then three men also involved one dimitri sokol love who is her reported husband was on his way to moscow and then two men waiting for them there from dagestan both of them wanted for twin terrorist attacks in dagestan back in two thousand and twelve so police are on the hunt for those three men at this point reports say that she got on the bus shortly after that is when the explosion took place shop will t.n.t. and a grenade remnants were found at the site which six dead and more than forty injured many of them very severely local hospital inundated with very graphic wounds witnesses say that there were severed limbs and severe birds many of those cases were said to moscow for further treatment i we've got an eyewitness we spoke to who came upon the situation just moments after here's what he's got to say about what
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happened to her and from there were many ambulances and police around people getting out from the coast to help they were pulling people out of the bus giving them water sharing their first aid kits what shocks me is that there was one woman still inside the bus satchel covered in blood and i couldn't tell whether she was dead or like the bus route starts at the city's heart center also pulses near the university so the bus was full of hope patients and students also a large bomb was found near a shopping mall in dagestan by anti terror police and what they're really trying to piece together right now is why this bombing took place here involve the grad but not as it was originally planned in bosco also last night and islamic prayer center was firebombed here in volgograd so investigators are looking at that as well so there are many pieces to this puzzle that finally need to come together before we get a clear picture of how. this was carried out and why it was done. and also discuss
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the issue of terror threats with alexander don't worry and i heard the dr low and a visiting lecturer at several u.s. universities and he told us terrorism is no longer a regional matter but an international concern. i can tell you that you know we are dealing with this kind of a terrorist international we cannot divide what's happening in america in boston or in a global masoud in then you know to five well we cannot separate it from what has just happened in volgograd or from what happened in they'd all be just several weeks ago we were seen boat and this is where unfortunate and we need to deal with it this is something you know about happens on the kind of irregular basis this is not the first time this is not the last time but once again we're in the same boat and unlike just several years that you had with school and you know with expression one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter i can see now that no matter
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what if somebody had to do it to russia and the russian government would have a terrorist attacks in russia this is a terrorist attack not just against the russian people it's against this is a terrorist attack against everybody and our website in ways collating all the latest for you on the terror attack involve the bride extensive fund ground information eyewitness reports pictures and footage go to our home. and our parole in front of the revelations the n.s.a. has spied on millions of its citizens has forced washington to make one with strongest admissions yet regarding its surveillance practices after a further conversation between barack obama and president francois hollande. latest claims raise legitimate questions and just a single month the agency automatically intercepted more than seventy million calls while also logging text messages along with the general public
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a businessman and politicians were also targeted this prompted president or line to join the calls of those urging tougher previously laws in the european union lawmakers have already new legislation to protect online information which would outlaw most data transfers to third countries including the u.s. and to discuss this further we can now go live to paris to talk to the re now and french politician dominique de who serve the country as prime prime interior and foreign minister of. the sun welcome to r.t. it's an honor to have you with us let's start with the fallout from the n.s.a. scandal that affected france french ministers have called the revelations shocking how surprised were you personally to find out of the u.s. government was snooping on millions of french citizens. well we knew that. some practices were existed but the search
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and overall system this came as a surprise for everybody the importance of the spying into the private lives seems so big that it really looks something acceptable between friends between allies and i think that it is very important now to find a way to change the system because there is no argument no reason that can be given to explain to the thing of course fighting against terrorism is very important and we should try to find corporation financial corporation intelligence cooperation but spying on the private life of citizens this is something we cannot accept but does france really have the right to complain here when the limo and claimed in july that big government the french government has amassed spying program oh and
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and the obama administration said everyone is up to it. well i believe we should not mix the subject that every country might use intelligence in order to counter terrorism that's of course something that one can explain but to have such an extensive program going into private lives going into using internet using a program like prism program which is the one that the u.s. had been using this is something which is of so great importance that it cannot be accepted in fact what we are seeing today is the incredible privileges of the u.s. administration over the control of the world system we knew that the u.s. were controlling the financial system through the banking dominance of some big banks through the dollar currency reserve currency through the control of risk
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for example the three most important rating agencies in the world but controlling internet controlling the information you know well this is a privilege a monopoly that cannot be accepted and i think it's very important while the power is changing hands we are seeing today that the hyper power of the u.s. is no longer any more reality we must go from a spirit of confrontation and spying that the world the one we have seen to corporation and i think it's very important that the whole world community comes together and put things. on the table and soothe discussions through cooperation we find a way to control the system in a cooperative way in the interest of the whole world for example the internet should be control not only by the us by by the whole world community the same for
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culture we see them on a police to day of a country like hollywood. by the us such model. police are not acceptable in the world because we know that if we are going to follow up in the same direction then confrontation might be the we need cooperation and we need to look at all the areas where we have such privileges in order to create a spirit of cooperation from so long says he will now push for new e.u. data protection legislation why did we not hear similar calls earlier when other e.u. countries like germany for example fell victim to surveillance while our eyes think there is a lot of surprise coming out of all this i do remember when this story came out in july. i was in china and i came out very strongly against this
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information saying that we could not accept such a thing i think france and the french government the french president where we need to have more information and now we are really seeing big spent of the spying on the world on spying on private lives spying on france and many other countries and now that we know the extent we really all realize the necessity for taking a strong corporative action and changing this overall system of course we cannot accept again the reasonable reason that can be put forward to justify such techniques terrorism cannot just be five search techniques we see that the system goes far belong far beyond the directive of fighting against terrorism and bronco bamma has now of course said the u.s. will review its intelligence gathering practices why did it have to take damning exposé use and the outrage of
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a close washington ally like france to start reconsidering its methods. i believe that for many people in the u.s. this was normal and they keep saying that all this is legal that the u.s. has the right abroad to utilize such techniques and i think that's part of the exception that the u.s. do feel but power doesn't all who or only give. the possibility of using power of course the u.s. because of their power they have a real responsibility in the world governance but they have to take this responsibility for good in the interest general interest of the world when we see that they are using such responsibilities in their all national interest then we can see that there is a competition between world interests and national interest and that's why i believe it's very important to change the world governance we need
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a security council in the u.n. that can't go much further in implementing the world into us we need an economy security council that can change the financial and economic order we see that giving to just one country the capacity to control and to monitor world information world culture world financial regulation this is not in the interest of many of the humanity and we should correct this and it's very important now that corporations through dialogue all the countries of the world get together and try to find ways to monitor to control because we see that this excesses these are practices are not acceptable for democracies and for the world interest. domenic pant france's former prime minister foreign and interior minister live from
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paris this year double pan thank you very much indeed for your time and your insight we appreciate it. thank you so much. are many of the deaths in the u.s. drone strikes in pakistan are unlawful and amounts to war crimes claims amnesty international and new damning report released today looks at recent incidents and five examples of the killing of children and their elderly the human rights organization wants justice for the victims of unlawful strikes and calls for greater transparency and a thorough investigation and that could be a lot to look at right now and it all began in two thousand and four when president bush was in office two thousand and six was the deadliest year in his presidency one almost a hundred civilians were killed just by two strikes two years later drones became
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much more frequently used and then barack obama became president in two thousand and nine and that was the year which saw the biggest number of killings that was one hundred and sixty two in the next twelve months these strikes almost doubled and there were more than one hundred of them and the program goes on as we can see here the latest attack in pakistan happened just over a month ago so the lion's share of drone strikes were carried out by the obama administration around a thousand people have been killed most of them civilians including two hundred children a big total number of deaths is more than three thousand people more details now from account. the predator drone remotely controlled and heavily armed it's the weapon of choice in the cia's undeclared war in pakistan that's where the u.s. is believed to have launched more than three hundred strikes since two thousand and four the target suspected taliban and al qaeda militants the white house says
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better drones then boots on the ground and justifies the covert program as both affective and legal america does not take strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people not so according to amnesty international in a damning new report the human rights group warns u.s. drone strikes could amount to war crimes documents recent killings in pakistan's northwest tribal areas and the lack of transparency surrounding drones this is a secret program in fact in our case we've found at least in some cases they've clearly killed civilians in some of these cases might be war crimes that really concerns us one such case is that of sixty eight year old man nama bibi killed by a u.s. drone last october she was picking vegetables with her grandchildren when that attacks took place a double strike the children miraculously survived. first it was so then i heard
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that. the first hit and the second hit my cousin. but her grandmother's body was pulverized these missile fragments are all that remain of amnesty documents other such cases but its main point the need for transparency and accountability the u.s. must explain why these people have been killed people who are clearly civilians must provide justice to these people compensation it must investigate those responsible for those killings the u.s. continues to give very little public information about the drone program but it will face more international pressure later this week that is because on friday the u.n. general assembly will be done. bating the use of remotely piloted aircraft now in a separate report a un investigation looked at thirty three drone strikes around the world not just in pakistan that violated international humanitarian law and also resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties that report also calling for more transparency and
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accountability from the united states reporting from moscow i am lucy catherine of . you're watching l.c. would bank off to a very short break was more news including. his children in one of the richest countries of the world living in a type of war zone. the u.k.'s most vulnerable are in danger of being left out in the quarter as they try. a threatened with closure. no way becomes the latest e.u. country to sound along over its citizens joining they see when jihad as always loathed a global hunt for two teenage girls still to have gone to syria to fight alongside the islam is that the full details in just a few minutes. one
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of the new will come in a lot of these new policies i describe you. a pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i release you should. write the street. first street. and i were being put. on a reporter's. instrument. to be a. little. this
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is a move on the number of european rosen's joining the ranks of militants in syria is growing every month now norway has launched a hunt for two teenage sisters have already allegedly gone to the wall torn country to find the regime alongside rebel forces peter all of the looks now and the dangerous trend which is spurring fears such people would return to their home countries well trained and ready to carry out terrorist acts there. the two sisters age sixteen and nineteen left a message for their family saying that they were going to syria because they believe that muslims in the country were being attacked from all directions now the family who haven't been named are cooperating with the authorities to try and track these two young women down now they've been it's reported that they are somali
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descent that they came to norway in the year two thousand they weren't particularly religious that in fact it over the last few weeks they've been arguments between the the older sister and the mother of the family over the older sisters want to wear the niqab so norwegian authorities looking into this to try and track down these two women who are believed to be in turkey trying to cross the border into syria they say they have evidence that they've been spotted in that area security offices working with the norwegian security services are saying that we are seeing a growing trend in organized groups trying to to recruit and radicalize muslims muslim people in the in the west in europe and across europe we have seen cases where by anti assad fighters have turned up with with passports from across the european union norway itself believes that around forty of its citizens are currently fighting in the area one of the largest groups from europe that's made their way to fight against assad troops have been from right here in germany it's
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believed that in the north of syria there's a camp that's been labeled the german camp by newsmagazine around two hundred german citizens most of them from the north rhine-westphalia area believed to be there the numbers well the numbers speak for themselves as believe that or over one thousand european fighters currently battling assad forces in syria right now and that's gone up from two hundred fifty from this time last year so if it does seem that if these these organized groups are recruiting that they're certainly getting more and more people to their cause. and as always we've got more stories for you including journalists united hierarchy u.k. media representatives team up for a petition demanding the release of a british come on line detained in russia over the greenpeace oil rig protests in the arctic. and also that the russians sibling of santa clause made the olympic flame
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a later stage of the torch relay read more on these sporting symbols voyage as our . tens of thousands of youngsters are subjected to domestic violence in the u.k. with the government's child protection agency is struggling with their workload in times of biting budget cuts r.t. has visited an organization that is trying to take up the slack where their doors could also soon be closed leaving the nation's most vulnerable with nowhere to turn lower smith reports. these are the children of kids company one in five has been shot at all stabbed hot have witnessed shootings or stabbings in the last year the lucky ones come to camilla batmanglij is charity to be pieced back together these children in one of the richest countries of the world are living in a type of war zone that is on estates they see people stabbed outside their window
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they're afraid of firearms they go up on the staircase in their estate they don't know who's around the corner who's going to attack them they get trapped in lifts and get raped and so on children like that says camilla without the right help become incredibly violent taking their revenge on themselves or on society by sixteen florence a homeless drug and alcohol abuse she grew up in turn ignored and casually abused by her mother. i remember mark foley my mom hit me with a tree branch or something outside of school and my teacher saw an office and called social services. and then i don't know i think i cried i'm sorry in the me and when they were like checking me and i said i want to stay at home and never have. a cool child line in school forced me as a call child line expect lice or burns on the inside. and then nothing happened
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after that conversation only kids company pursued florence texting and phoning to make sure she was ok over a period of nearly a year a continuity of care that traumatized youngsters desperately need and getting from the government child mental health and children's social services hasn't changed since the victorian times we renew our railways we renew our airports we renew our hospitals but actually we haven't bothered to renew you really this structure that deal with almost one rouble kids and make them fit for purpose repeated requests for a government response to that yielded nothing about his company i probably would have five kids in a council flat right now instead of twenty four florence is a graduate of oxford university articulate intelligent and ready to help the next generation. reckons
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a million traumatized children from the states like the going without any kind of help from an overstretched social services and still she has to beg for funding so now kids company can keep its doors open to help more vulnerable young people but for how long in eighteen months the government's again threatening to cut it off without a penny laura smith. let's now take a look at some other world news and corey a spanish court has ordered militants to be freed after the european court of human rights of ruled against detention in rio was captured in the late nineteen eighties and jailed for her role in twenty three murders and a series of explosions carried out by the separatist group the european courts decided the spanish judges were violating the rights of the fifty five year old spanish authorities accept as their ruling but warned that more than one hundred terrorists and killers could be released following today's precedent. until trading
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now will find. massive bushfires in the state of new south wales out of the hole to september on record officials have already issued a state of emergency and say that high winds and soaring temperatures will make matters worse in the coming days so the blazes have killed at least one person and damaged more than two hundred homes. and now finding love against the odds coming up next it sound documentary about two very different individuals whose love is simply unbreakable. it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of field detroit has been sentenced to twenty years of prison after being found guilty of committing rocketeer conspiracy fraud extortion and tax
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crimes while the mayor the prosecutor say he funneled millions of dollars to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge who could fix them stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sense will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated. yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor as an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's just my opinion. to the. bend over. that says so each one
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hundred people become talk among. themselves to france we travel in search of the song. knowledge we've got the future covered. for us how do you. and what's your name. since i was born i haven't been able to walk at all my body was slowly changing my spine was curving my ribs were tightening well i guess you can see for yourselves. at first the doctors told my parents i wouldn't make it to five years when we went to hospital they'd say what if you're still alive. but despite my body deep inside i'm a worrier and i always wanted to die a different way not in a hospital ward no not because of this illness. at one time
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i saved money to hire a hitman to shoot me dead from the next building where the open window you. know even told my parents and my brother about it they were shocked at first of course but then somehow resigned. i told them that if i saved enough money there but and then changed my mind i give them all the money to renovate the apartment. i can't think what you could possibly do to make my hair beautiful. just that one poster and i was always the last girl to catch him and so i and the ones who didn't notice me were mostly drunk of men just do.


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