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slash usa and follow me on twitter at megan underscore lopez so you're right back here at eight. germany's finance ministry as tonight reports it is preparing its third bailout for great. of course not no there will be no third bailout for greece balance or so last decade this is the age of the bailiff by the john this is over the bed it's banks as a broker to get all that you've got no dollar euro you are drunk will be left behind and inflation deflation the composition will take a realistic look does. i have. a site that i think. kind of can. do and the banks. all of them all about my. end of the valley that for politicians
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right the last. ten. years just to flood threat today by. cop. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max keiser you know germany's finance ministry as deny reports that is preparing a third bailout for grazed up of course not no there will be no third bailout for greece bailouts or so last decade this is the age of the belin by the time this is
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over the bandits bankers and brokers will have taken all that you've got no dollar euro yen or truck will be left behind and inflation deflation a complication we'll take every last nickel and dime. that's right max i believe it will and in fact the bank of england did an online hash tag tweet operation where you were allowed to send them questions and apparently somebody something a question about quantitative easing and called it evil well here is the bank of england tweet hash tag ask b. o.e. q e not evil they told me cry man one zero one has helped to support economy and protect jobs so they of course receive some responses to this huey is evil and you are the devil says grumpy old dude and then after that we see life master said no it's helped to support a corrupt banking system and push people further into poverty so there you have at the bank of england says q.e. quantitative easing is not evil when. they say over there the bank of england that
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their timing their monetary policy to jobs but there is no connection really between these two other than the fact that the quantitative easing is forcing wages down as part of a deflationary crash that the u.k. now finds itself in and by the deflation i mean that the bond market in the u.k. is imploding home from within we see this in the banking sector h.s.b.c. barclays royal bank of scotland and lloyds remember they imploded in a deflationary implosion in two thousand and eight just because the bank of england now they say they're saving their economy their misstating the facts are they are keeping zombie banks afloat even though the rail economy is experiencing a deflation and savings rate of deflation and wages and a crew crunch and purchasing power so the bank of england is lying you could say
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that they're evil and that they support financial terrorism as i've said before of course we've seen that electric and gas prices are skyrocketing here and last week david cameron the prime minister of the cape told. citizens and well subjects of the u.k. but he's told them to switch from british gas because they raise their prices by nine point two percent well n. power another big energy provider here just raise their gas prices by eleven point one percent and their energy prices by nine point three percent so if you had switched into n. power you'd be shocked to learn that you're about to get an even bigger rise somewhat british gas is offering but also this headline today frenzied london property market sees house prices jump ten percent in just a month this is up from two percent per month throughout the summer so that per month that's two percent ten percent per month remember wages in the u.k. are increasing at less than two percent per year so here you see the effects of inflation this is we have inflation deflation and confiscation this is inflation
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robbing the poor robbing those on the having to work for a living of course if you can extract equity from your home you're doing very well because apparently the average house price in london made about fifty thousand pounds just this past month well these prices particularly in energy are not the result of inflation per se but the collapse of competition in the u.k. yeah so you have an oligarch bully or duopoly and they're colluding the energy companies in this country are colluding to jack prices higher and they're not allowing for free market competition in the case of house prices moving up here yeah those for too big to fail banks colluding to channel money from the bank of england into speculation thirty to forty to forty five percent of ukase economy is real estate speculation another forty percent is financial speculation only thirteen percent is actually small to medium enterprises and if you talk about inflation that would mean wages would be going up that's what inflation includes
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but wages are going down so it's not inflation in the sense of the classic sense of what inflation means you've got deflation you've got money printing which is fueling. an entrenched kleptocracy an old gompa li which is stealing money from the public in several ways through monopoly pricing on energy and food by confiscating wealth through balan's and other sorts of government imposed schemes like the help to buy scheme and then you have loss of wages due to the fact that the government is over in china doing deals with the chinese after having stripped all the jobs here and giving all the jobs to china well of course the energy companies are being sold off to china as well so of course what happened was margaret thatcher privatized british gas and now it's all those sort of companies are being sold to national companies whether it's in germany france or china state owned companies that are now by this is the really the ironic bit of it is that the royal mail was
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sold off there was privatized a huge buyer of royal mail stock or the public pension funds in germany and other countries from the public welfare sector that will be getting the money that britain spend on mail and higher and higher and higher and then the public pension funds of these countries will get the benefit of having a utility like royal mail sure a few people made a few private pops on the stock it was up a few percentage points and they made a few quick bucks but within two years the turn over the float will be such with these the british people of vomit out their profits on the street within a year or so having a whoop de do party time but that huge income producing acid will be in the hands of a foreign government who will then be charging british people extra for the luxury of having their mail sorted and delivered at the expense of themselves well actually another big buyer was the sovereign wealth funds of the gulf nations of cutter of kuwait of all the region they were buying up the royal mail so but you
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know here that tweeter responded to the bank of england and said that they were pushing people further into poverty so i went to look at what quantitative easing has done around the world body. parts for sale by desperate u.s. workers the bloomberg article about this the same headline in business week they say bodies double as cash machines so this is what's happening in the united states thanks to quantitative easing where they're also saying we're targeting jobs and giving people jobs well in all but two quarter since the beginning of two thousand and eleven hair eggs and kidney have been among the top four autofill results for the google search query i want to sell my dot dot dot so the sale of kidneys however is illegal in the united states that people even explore indicates that there are still a lot of people worried about their financial outlook says nicholas colas a chief market strategist at new york based convert x. who tracks off the grid economic indicators this is very much unlike he says every
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other recovery we've ever had because it's not an economic recovery where people are getting jobs and wages are going higher and they're a symbiotic relationship between bankers and workers in other parts of the economy that aggregate themselves into working whole you've got one predatory monopolist the banking sector in the energy sector forcing the bank of england to flood the market with cash to the point where individuals to make ends meet have to sell their kidneys i'm sure that they'll be formal kidney exchanges i'm sure that the nymex in new york will have a up and running kidney exchange and you can buy and sell kidneys on that exchange will be kidney futures be kidding to rivet it will be a huge market for body parts but that's not a healthy sign that's not a good economy if people are selling their body parts to afford heat that's being priced by a monopolist that's being fed by a predatory psychopath mark carney over at the bank of england of course osborne was in china this past week he called the brits secretary and that they should be
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more like china but of course in china there's a huge body parts market mostly from you know prisoners that have been executed in the u.s. they said if they did have a formal kidney market and they're suggesting they should. do that it would be the average kid would go for fifteen thousand two hundred but they said that people most likely to accept payment for a kidney tend to be younger and healthy coming from modest means which of course is who is being penalized in every sector of the economy whether they're being all these top up fees that became huge fees for college all the ten percent rise in house prices here in one month the london is forcing out the young it's benefiting the old as wealth transfer from the young who could who now to sell their kidneys to even get on the property ladder but if you're under twenty five years old you're being bred for body parts i mean let's be honest that's your view to society get yourself into so much debt by buying consumer garbage from high tech companies until the you have to use your organs to be transplanted some geriatrics
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who are making out like bandits having. done deals. oh my god i just saw a vision well i was just thinking that we used to have these films back in the seventy's about like logan's run where we we we took the body parts of all the people not the young people now is there why that makes no sense why would you want an old crusty dusty liver of course judge of war to try to sell a brain in china you couldn't even get a pork bun for it i think five bucks is all anybody wanted for george osborne's brain this scheme of inflation deflation confiscation now we're seeing confiscation here channel four news reports r.b.s. accused of seizing small business assets and selling them at knockdown prices to an r.b.s. subsidiary so because of the misselling of swaps remember r.b.s. is paying for those misselling swaps right now well during that time they also seized the property of customers business customers at knockdown prices they said
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it was an auction but it was actually to their own subsidiary so they used the case our channel four news found this case of a man who owned a property they bought it for five hundred thousand pound the subsidiary it sold it within a few weeks for a million pounds on the open market r.v.'s. banks that are marauding the landscape they're out of control but there's on the terrorists and the state funds them so again the youth are being raised for body parts and consumption and to get in over their head with loans they can't possibly for when this real estate market crashes within eighteen months then everyone who is getting on the so-called property ladder they'll be forced to sell it not down prices the subsidiary is called west register but i want to move on to this final headline here about bitcoin because of course between is an confiscated will
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essentially because unless they can crack your brain wallet which they can't then they can't take it so john the tone is looking at the dread pirate roberts story of the silk road confiscation he says if you're online wealth cannot be robbed by common bandits or government officials then the world really has additional money worth paying attention to now the reason why i bring this up is why it's so important that it can't be confiscated is we saw in china that announced that by do the largest internet company would be accepting bitcoin and we also saw on friday world's third largest chinese bitcoin exchange hit by one hundred gigabyte perception attack and experts looked at it and said whoever did this was using didn't care how much money they were losing because they were spending a lot of money to do this attack and it reminds me of the attacks on gold and silver that somebody who doesn't care about losing money somebody who could drop six hundred fifty million dollars on gold. yes well there's all the big going because it's on confiscated ball as you point out the price now is being set in
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china where the price of big coin has doubled in the last few few weeks post silk road and it's going to as i say my interim target is three hundred fifty dollars now my longer term target of course is one hundred thousand dollars per bitcoin stay here with thanks much ray other guys report thank you max stay tuned for the second half all hold our. world. series technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future of coverage. please it was a. very hard to take a. while to get along here. that you never had sex with her make her look.
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look. look. look. look look look look look look look look look look. look look look look look look at the polls. welcome back to the kaiser report imax cadger time now to go to dublin and speak with professor constantine good b.m. welcome back to the kaiser report constantine delighted to be with you mox all
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right person to you tweeted that greece is on the verge of bell out three point zero the german finance minister denies this who is right well i mean unfortunately it's all german finance minister course right and it's not me who is right reality is troika has left greece and currently is sitting back waiting for the greek authorities to come back with a credible plan to plug the deficit the deficit is estimated between three point eight b.n. to four point four billion for the next year eleven point to get in over the next two years that depends from your trust will you trust them after who is usually a bit more on the mind or you trust the european authorities i do way there's certainly it got there and it has to be like is it more likely that what we're seeing grace will be ballons like we saw in cyprus and what would a bail in look like in the context of grace from the very beginning of the great crisis it was very clear that either the country will have to go through financial repression both include include the balance of the depositors and the bondholders
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and the likes of the private sector or they're always being a bit in march easier weight cheaper solution which would have involved some sort of the what is known as official sector participation what are the words other lenders such as the e.c.b. i.m.f. and the rest of them taken here but of course we know that the official sector is that if you isn't the participate in bailing out greece and there's a lot of doubt where hurt that erupted there was a station where the ordinary depositors let alone large scale depositors will be bailed then most likely i suspect that in the next few years we're going to see that anyways materialize and greece whether this bailout is going to be on bail don't know it because it's quite clear that the country faces one time. that seventy five percent that would be in terms of government debt alone when the private sector that's a must when the banks are reliant on government boards in terms of this is this is they know on balance sheets when the banks are going to the e.c.b. all of the time to bordeaux it's very clear that sooner or later they bail
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insubordinate because theirs will come in i mean you talk about the official sector and how they are never asked to take any kind of a haircut or any kind of a lot lost but constantine isn't it the case where the official sector has more alas caused the problem as a way to fund themselves in other words five or six years ago the i.m.f. was almost bankrupt it wasn't until the greece problem came around an irish problem came around that suddenly the i.m.f. found itself back in play but the i.m.f. fund itself on the wholesale debt market in ways that are not available to greece so you have a very asymmetric relationship where the i.m.f. and the official sector as you call it is basically picking andre's picking on ireland picking off assets in a predatory nature they're not there to help these countries they're here to ransack these countries or am i wrong to some extent you are right in the sense that the i.m.f. or certain expanded dramatically it's monday and its lending in the in recent years
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part of this is driven by the crisis part of that is driven by the fact that there america has already pushed before the crisis for expansion with lending money if and when the capacity so what daryn you of i did is that happened three years ago is that i.m.f. expanded the base of which they can lend by increasing the country's contributions through the i.m.f. fun and there's that arland which was going into the bailout was obliged to pay in several billion euros into the bit into the i.m.f. fund to fund it the same with greece so we have the big build out countries which actually contribute into a capital buffers if you want but yes in general it's less so prevailing in the case of the i.m.f. more prevail in the case of the european authorities whereby the beilein so. have fun for the quantum is themselves like very for the economies of ireland portugal spain greece and to some extent italy where the billions on top on it through the lens and through this over and in order to recover if you want some of the assets in the private sector most pronounced case was of course in cyprus and in ireland
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and in our in the united case with literally paid off the bondholders in ideas banks using the money borrowed by the exchequer from the troika so in a sense you know and now we are trying to exit the bailout so that the same lenders whom we bailed out in the first place are going to lend us again so they've really inflated all the. the moral hazard as it's called has been re financed for another round of predatory behavior so let's talk about ireland for a second we're told is going to as you mentioned are going to exit the battle out soon when and how and well where will they regain their economic sovereignty will they regain their economic sovereignty as the government is claiming can speak on this a bit of course yes let's let's take it in stages first of all that a government has promised that by december fifteenth ireland will so-called exit the bailout what they mean by exit from the bailout is entirely different from the
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exit from the bailout that iceland has achieved when arnold exits the bailout comes me december this year it basically means that we have run out of their old warrant from the troika there isn't any money left the borel in the troika port and as it is out of that are the simply exit and by not asking for another bailout not going from that right the way you can see the problem with a deal with this is that will that again our independence is going dependence first of all are and as a part of the fiscal compact region we're not defied the treaty would pass that g. is that of the referendum and there's also that arlen is on the what's known those that packages of legislation the u.s. just lation which effects the that is significant and strange an oversight. right of the budget that is not nixon fiscal dynamics in the member states and this is the so-called pocket and six part legislation in particular under the talkback legislation any country that still owes money to the troika and has not paid at least seventy five percent of the boring strumpet troika will be
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a subject to that in the hounds oversight by the by not troika anymore but by european authorities so in a sense ireland has regained its independence from troika by going what the russians would call void in other words instead of three parties oversee and its performance there will be a part is overseeing the reform of the european union and the c b i when you look at the composition of the troika throughout the whole crisis since the beginning of the bailout and dong words or even before the bailout during the beginning of the banking crisis in ireland the i.m.f. played the most benign role in the entire combination of lenders in the sense of them have for example was willing to delay some of the justice and give irish authorities some breathing space to sustain some growth and they want to me i am have also was focusing more on longer term structural reforms while the e.c.b. and the european commission a focus on that it will make the peaks the deficit problems alone without the structural reforms that such so as a result of in
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a sense arlan going out of the bailout will do throw it overboard the only support it has in troika all right quick question what percentage of able body view over the past five years in ireland has left. well we have a name of gratian i would don't know exactly the breakdown in terms of the youth themselves who do know is that the immigration has accelerated throsby in net he seep in of immigrants into arlan in two thousand and six two thousand and seven and before that so before the crisis we will bring in people in at a higher rate than we were shipped in the mouth system set of the crisis will have dramatic rise in terms of net immigration there was eighty thousand people who emigrated last year out of the country with four point that need a book relation that's a significant amount what's more troubling now is that even the early years of the crisis majority of immigrants would he turn in migrants from the sessions they such as poland for example slovakia baltic states and so forth who who lost their jobs
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in ireland were returning back to their home countries or moving somewhere else in europe about thirty years ago this which occurred whereby a now the dominant share of people emigrate and on the net other people themselves in addition put in the last two years were trying to convey significant outflows of younger people who are highly educated and sometimes even have jobs who live in ireland simply because they see no opportunity for their future the bronfman their future careers their future growth i dish authorities saying that this is a lifestyle choice in a sense yes it is as we usually joke here in ireland the lifestyle choice they choose they'll have a lifestyle rather than not with whatsoever in the future all right cousin while on a train visit to china the chancellor here george osborne called the u.k. a second rate nation where the people have to start working like the chinese do you agree no i disagree if you look at what's happening in china as majority of china
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is more towards work and like that once the quantum is are but out and cry volatile they're out i haven't skills and a lot of skills and then the vacation chinese accord to me is changing dramatically right now internally it's not visible to us from the outside as much. well what's happening there as you can see the economy is the breaks of course is the general shift in the way from this commode it dies a lot of what we call an economics widgets genetic stock basically cheap they do bears for the western markets and into production of the indigenous they designed it up high value out of goods they come out of factures like leno for example in china that's a great example of that look at out the motive sector in china which has gone over the nest in that they kate from being able to produce only at substandard quality cars higher and higher quality cars and so forth so it is very. ironic that the chancellor is talking about starting to resemble china has what he is a reference and more so is the youth us or ethics of war or place and in some ways
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yes in social democracies around the world we have these learnt quite often how to work hard would have very high expectations but that is very much or generalization as well because if you look at for example the quantum is like they can't really tell an economy effectively slipped into three parts you have an administrative center in a center with a leader on their own lots of region you have a kind of more i get it. out of the great cultural and wants the market culture on the ground inside out in the south but when you look at the northern italy it is as efficient. as efficient as southern germany and austria so there's a bit higher level of productivity high level about it high up to two high quality aptitude and very significant human capital accumulated there the same the u.k. if you look at the areas of southern england for example areas around lager and so forth which sustain the u.k. cornmeal are all they contrast to by the what we would call welfare dependent art
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of england such as for example northern ireland and wales where there is a bit high level of transfers from the rest of the u.k. into the budget that is then i mix into the fiscal side in order to sustain some sort of growth right so i was born if you want to date. the value added sector to expand he would try to improve the education standards by not having things like top up fees to get the education quotient higher and therefore increase that higher up on the food chain in terms of value added so it's got a completely backwards as one would expect from george osborne now we've got about thirty seconds left i want to ask you about a new phrase that's been introduced to the world by china americanization what does that mean what are your thoughts on this we've got about thirty seconds it has been a very long standing dream around the wall to have some sort of an alternative emergent to the us dominance in terms of investment flows and in terms of the trade flows as well as the human capital flows around the wall i think this is unlikely
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to develop on the side of the china for expulsion for but sooner or later american influence around the world is going to continue to decline and will decline to the point where america's going to be if you want not the second power as such but there are there are local share in the power without the centers around the world most likely regional centers such as asia pacific. thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you mark and that's all the time we have for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser i'd like to thank our guest constantine go again if you'd like to get in touch with us tweet us at kaiser report intellects on ice cover saying by off. by. i think corp mind.
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and. all that. money and other families make for politicians write the laws. to lead. by. cop. that was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. the end. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of joy and a great thing rather that there has to be adequate red dark at the core of what is around online there's a story made sort of movies playing out in real life. what's
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going on guys i'm out a month and this is breaking the set of guys it's almost all the way in so i decided to open the show with the good old fashioned ghost story this one's about a senate bill called the cyber intelligence sharing and protection act or since. it is bill essentially makes tech companies illegally immune from sharing private user data with the u.s. government and the house passed this and it's a wet dream of the bill earlier this summer and the senate was all ready to give it the go ahead but then edward van helsing snowden started disclosing one surveillance program of the other and celebs to spot once and for all the gas was at its best and who's leading the charge to pass in the senate none.


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