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what's outside to active camps have on and where patients are more so that the outer and inner strength never turn the world's attention to the police and that some. of our time. i'll be your take by take it live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion or comment ask a question live on the air give us a call at two and two nine zero four twenty one thirty four if you're outside the united states the country code for the us is one let's go to a message received on our rant line from a viewer in illinois. hi. why would you feed your character or dog anything that came from china i certainly would not nor would i eat anything that came from china nor would i use plate or silverware that came from china they have
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a lot of history. making. inferior products i just don't understand why you would do that or anybody would do that. what the caller is referring to is that. one of our cats is quite sickened and lining up the timelines we had bought some cat treats. six months ago or so and the cat started getting sick after that and there's a bunch of. quite a few cats and six hundred dogs so far that have died as a consequence of eating these treats that apparently came from china here's the problem they were sold under american brand names and there's not a big sign on the package that says made in china i mean the might be a little tiny letters i don't recall saying but they were sold as american brands number one number two ever been in a restaurant and even to labia odds are it came from china in fact a lot of the fish that we eat is farm. in china in some pretty and not just china
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throughout southeast asia in some pretty dicey circumstances check it out but you may the next time you're going to a restaurant you're going to get seriously concerned about that ass in fact living here on the east coast where we don't have to worry about fukushima radiation in our fish i would suggest you know i don't much eat fish but i would say if i was going to a restaurant or if i was going to be buying it i would want to make it at a lot of cotton a civic and just the fact that there's a concern about that in my opinion the u.s.d.a. should be doing radiation monitoring on pacific fish and to the best of my knowledge they're not doing a particular good job of that here's a message we received on our rant line about obamacare. i this is kevin from florida that's a progressive liberal i'm concerned with obamacare in order for it to be successful it requires young healthy adults to sign up with only about a dozen students changes in twenty plus states refusing to expand medicaid those
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young adults will end up paying more for simple insurance without a public option or medicare for all those affected young americans will blame the democratic party so how can we fix this well i personally you're mixing things up medicare and young people signing up for obamacare are two completely different things medicare. medicaid which is was being expanded on medicare medicaid is a program for poor people and the states that are not expanding it the problem is going to be the poor people are not going to have access to it but that's the that sweet spot star target that you're talking about is you know mostly middle class younger people and they will qualify for obamacare even in the states that are turning down the medicaid expansion i would guess. that in fact i would predict that if we just saw in ohio day before yesterday john kacie hard core right ring
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republican you know deep in the pockets of the koch brothers the whole thing we just saw him say ok i'm going to go against my own republican party in my own state and we're going to take the medicaid money. the reason why is because people in indiana are going to hire other are going to be looking around go on hey why is it that people in other states in tennessee can get you know good in fact free health care through the medicaid expansion but we can't low income people working class people. low income working class people who might be working two or three jobs who are working minimum wage jobs who are typically the undecided or independent voters . so i predict within two years you're going to see pretty much every state taking that medicaid expansion money and young people need health insurance just like everybody else does they're less likely to die of old age diseases but they're far more likely to have accidents. you know to be involved in a car accident or
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a skateboarding axe or anything else and people need insurance people know that young people know that they're there they're not they're not dumb and so you know i would suggest that your concern. is something that you're not a troll caller who's trying to put out doubt which is what the republicans are not only doing but paying people to do assuming that you were actually genuinely asking us if you know chill out don't worry this is going to work out fine jeff in los angeles say jeff what's on your mind. john you know i love the stuff to read talking about gerrymandering i don't think people really understand how that works because juries shouldn't be strictly used government by the minority you can have twenty six percent of the borders decide who's going to run for congress. districts and this is it. actually went to church just an insert pope you know you're going to watch his judgment but a minority in germany don't it and i don't think the people in the country and the
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student asked because i don't keep it you go to members. interesting point you raise you raise a couple of interesting points first of all gerrymandering is a practice that jeff in california doesn't have to worry about because california has gone to district drawing political districts now by a nonpartisan commission the consequence of that has been that california is one of the least politicized states right now and they're actually getting things done they've got a balanced budget they've got a surplus there and it's amazing what's happening california since jerry brown came in and since the state adopted this nonpartisan approach to drawing congressional districts but here's how it works the constitution says that every ten years we take a census and based on that census political districts congressional districts are redrawn so that basically every congressperson represents roughly the same number of people all across the united states and what they have done as you can see in this map of pennsylvania for example is they have figured out ok if we get
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a bunch of people from the spot over here at a bunch of people who spot over here and we can basically organize districts in ways that are predictably are all republican or all democratic in the pennsylvania map the blue are the democratic districts and the red are the republican districts even though pennsylvania is actually a fifty fifty state these districts show that you're going to have a lot more republican members of congress coming out of pennsylvania than would be reflected if instead each congressional district was a you know geometrically similar you know a polygon roughly same on all sides shape so gerrymandering is a problem number one but number two the other problem is you say they're for people getting selected to go after congress it's actually the precinct committee chair person the precinct people if you go to your local democratic or republican party and volunteer and say i want to be a precinct committeemen. those are the people who decide not only what the what the party line is going to be what the platform is going to be they also decide who
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gets to run in the primary and the tea party got a really aggressive about this in the two thousand and ten election and you can see the these you tube line where they're telling people go. join the republican party and volunteer because usually these are not paid positions so there's there's a shortage of people and they and they got it and then and then for the next election you pick three or four people for the primary make sure every single one is a tea partier and that way you are guaranteed you're going to end up with a tea party or doesn't matter which one who's going to be the republican who's going to run against a democrat in a gerrymander district that's always going to elect a republican. democrats need to be doing the same thing democrats people who are a good mind a good faith and committed to present causes need to be showing up at the democratic party and saying i want to join i'll volunteer i want to be a precinct committee person i want to be the one who selects who's going to be in the primary and then you get a bunch of progress is in the primary and guess what you're going to have a progressive candidate you and then and then we will have you know more good
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candidates more more jan schakowsky and more peter de fazio and more alan grayson's out there in congress so we should be doing the same thing john in toronto ontario hey john what's on your much. i'm a little nervous here is just the right. way to build with the climate change is concerning for everybody and it is very concerning my goodness down in the united states those poor people the government is going to keep being able to keep doing this with the. insurance companies they're going to start running out of their cash why is it the oil companies just want to burn natural gas they say it's eighty percent cleaner they want to burn natural gas to make energy why can't they burn the gas that we every single day stop signs to important here in ontario in canada or even going through mcdonald's if they bring the gasoline in the container atmosphere could it stop having the emissions to the atmosphere maybe in twenty
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years thanks for the call what we need to do is not i mean yes cars are becoming more efficient and. i don't know if you've ever written driven one i used to own a toyota prius but. these new cars the hybrid cars when you come to a stop light the motor turns off they actually stop and they start back up when you go so you know there is no idling in the tim hortons or whatever maybe but what we really need do is we need to jump over the fossil fuel carbon cycle altogether we need to go directly to what plants are doing right now which is taking some land. ronnie in philadelphia a ronnie what's up. you know it seems to me like their republican party tried to pretend it's a god you know. a couple years ago i didn't have the money and went to a local clinic and it is because there's like upset. and serious dying of cancer but he couldn't get any help because he didn't have any
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money and the hospital system and the country were going to let him die and not only happen but he finally died this is ronnie this is the bizarre question that if the democrats are good at messaging they would have turned it into a bumper sticker with the republican logo who would jesus deny health care to. who would jesus let die who would jesus deny food stamps to who would jesus deny housing assistance to. the republican party in their in their zeal in their ted cruz zeal for the evangelical vote have been doing things that i think every major religion in the world and the leaders of those religions you know whether it was buddha or jesus or moses or whatever if they come back or come again and look around they go wait a minute the republican party not so much you know they're trying to cut people off from food stamps from food i mean this should be a basic human right there at the eat the right to have
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a place to live the the right to have medical care these should be rights franklin roosevelt in the year before he died proposed actually amending the constitution and making these things right so if you got a minute check out franklin roosevelt's his speech on the on the on the four freedoms and that's it for your take my take alive thanks for all your calls we didn't get your call tonight tris back next week and keep the video questions coming it's easy just grab your phone pointed at yourself hit the record button ask a question and then e-mail it to us. your take my take at g.-mail dot com your questions always go first coming up. no not everybody is not happy the list of the world's happiest countries is out and america doesn't even make the top ten who are the happiest people in the world and what can we do to be more like them i'll tell you in tonight's to tell.
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dramas the truth be ignored to the. stories of others who refused to notice. food since changing the world writes next. to pictures of today's ease. from around the globe. joking. big bucks but. we're going to do it. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which albums. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and oppressive ago we've been a hydrogen right hand full of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers but once sold to us by job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. i would bet that. a society that i think corporation kind of can. do and the banks are trying to get all that money all about money and i'm a vastly fit for a politician writing the laws and regulations tax break. somebody's head up.
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there is just too much rat in today's society. that. the city of chicago is making it easier to go green at a solar energy event this week mayor rahm emanuel announced that the windy city is cutting the red tape for people who want solar panels used to go out a month for you to get a permit to install solar panels in chicago but that's been cut down to one day and the price of the permits being cut by a quarter of all those and more is being done thanks to a grant from the u.s. department of energy emanuel said that the program will encourage more and more people to have solar here in the city of chicago on a residential commercial level and he said it will be cheaper quicker and more efficient for people to put solar in or more cities around our nation are encouraging the use of renewable energy by making it easier and more affordable for
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local residents little by little programs like this are transforming our nation and helping us kick the habit of toxic fossil fuels this is great news for chicago now let's make it happen in cities and towns all across america. it's thursday let's get geeky glucose parents always tell our children that sugar makes their teeth rotten fall but according to new research sweets might need a way your intelligence two researchers at cherry university met is seen in berlin germany studied one hundred forty healthy adults ranging from fifty to eighty years old who had no history of diabetes the researchers scanned the brains of each of the study participants and connected the other test to explore the relationship between blood sugar levels and brain activity the brain scans showed that people
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with higher blood sugar levels also have less space in the hippocampus that part of the brain that's responsible for short term memory these findings suggest that lowering your blood sugar in help with cognitive and memory issues and potentially prevent future loss of memory in the future so if you want to keep your teeth white and your brain working to the best of its ability be time to cut back on the sugary sweets. thank. you. crazy alert stick it to the man and check artist has created a giant statue of a middle finger and the floating it on a pontoon in the river in prague artist david cerny is flipping the bird in protest to the czech republic's growing communist party which could capture seats in that
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country's upcoming parliamentary elections the giant obscene gesture is on the vault of a river as the famed charles bridge is visible from prague castle home of the czech president no word yet on how the not so friendly loving figure is affecting tourism or for that matter air traffic a rumor has it that the figure has already turned away at least one visitor a giant rubber duck that's been crisscrossing the globe was supposed to load up to prague but it turned away in disgust when the. the giants think. each team. is the good the bad in the very very panel a little and really ugly good. and this miami dade police officer stopped a local woman jessica robles for shoplifting from a publix grocery store she could have arrested her but then thomas found out that
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robles was struggling to make ends meet so she held back on the arrest and instead bought her one hundred dollars worth of groceries and yes v.n. t.v. covered the story for a local told. she came out and asked do you even have food at the house and i think. you know her face and i told him i don't know i made the decision to buy her some groceries because arresting her left me going to the problem with their children to come to. me in any. one hundred dollars or at the grocery the one hundred six. well done officer thomas the bad chris mcdaniel mississippi state senator is your classic tea party insurgent he's running against veteran senator thad cochran because he thinks cochran surrendered democrat spy voting to reopen the government last week well it turns out the mcdaniel might be an actual insurgent as in the rebel yell and dixieland kind of insurgent you know an article
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in mother jones when daniel has spoken to nail confederate conferences as recently as august one of the groups that organized the conference the jones county rosen warned in august newsletter that we are living in a time the jefferson davis predicted would come one time when the civil war flares up again. so much for that whole party of lincoln. and the very very ugly sonoma county police northern california police department is fire under. today for killing thirteen year old andy lopez it's officers shot lopez pictured here to death on tuesday when they mistook his elec gun for an a k forty seven sonoma county law enforcement officials are now trying to explain their actions by saying that lopez turned and pointed his pellet gun toward the cops but let's be honest this certainly looks like another example of shoot first think later policing somewhere along the line our country filled out the first duty of a police officers to protect and serve not to act as judge jury and executioner and
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that is very very. happy as a country in the world. is not us. that mark that's according to the one hundred fifty six nations survey published by the united nations sustainable development solutions network the survey ranks countries on aspects like healthy life expectancy freedom to make life choices freedom and social support i saw denmark's happiness firsthand back in two thousand and eight summer two thousand and eight louise and i travelled to denmark where i broadcast my radio show live from copenhagen for a week on one of the shows i spoke with peter morgan son of incentives an economist
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by training is the chief political editor of denmark's largest or second largest newspaper polity can i ask mogen how many danes experience financial distress or lose their homes or even a clear bankruptcy because getting sick of relations and he was sitting right across to me in the studio he gives me this in puzzle look at he goes why of course not. why would you ask i mean he was genuinely baffled why i would ask such a stupid question so i explain to him that every year here in the united states in the country i came from literally millions of people lose their jobs their homes have to sell off their most beloved possessions to their creditors because they can't afford to pay the co-pays the deductibles and the expenses associated with getting sick i mean seriously half of all bankruptcies in the united states
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are caused by people getting sick. and so i pointed that out to him and he just he he looked at me shook his head he said here in denmark we could not imagine living like this. and then he asked me again he said you know seriously half of your bankruptcies are because people got sick you know how could how can you americans. how surprised. he was by the way i did it during that week that we broadcast our show live from the studios of danish radio three i was a dave for five days i interviewed as many conservative politicians as i could get i got there the top five at least conservative politicians members of the of the danish parliament on the show and i said oh you're conservative you must want to do away with your health care right and every single one of us what are you crazy instead the danes live their lives filled with happiness so why are the danes happy
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all the time as the huffington post points out there are a variety of factors contributing to their happiness first unlike here in the united states denmark supports parents. when they have kids while american women only receive an average maternity leave of ten point three weeks danish families receive a total of fifty two weeks of parental leave mothers are able to take up to eighteen weeks off and fathers get two weeks off and up to one hundred percent of their salary and the rest of the paid time off is up to the family to use as they choose danish kids also have access to low cost or free childcare making it a lot easier for parents to go back to work and resume their careers the danes are also happy because of their outstanding health care system health care is considered a basic right in denmark and the danes take full advantage of it unlike here in the us where many people are reluctant to go to the doctor because they can't they don't either don't have insurance or they can't afford the copays danes are in touch with their primary care doctor an average of almost seven times
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a year according to a two thousand and twelve survey of family medicine in denmark gender equality also contributes to happiness in that arctic circle nation denmark consistently ranks in the top ten countries in the world economic forum's yearly report that measures gender equality by the way we consistently don't the country introduced voluntary gender quotas in its political parties in the one nine hundred seventy s. which is resulted in very high lot numbers of female lawmakers over the years and the gender pay gap is substantially less in denmark than here that it is here in the us but the overall driving force between happiness in denmark is it's low levels of inequality the average middle class dane pays between forty five and fifty three percent in taxes while the wealthiest danes pay over sixty percent. the poorest of danes that's income under thirty one thousand a year pay around thirty percent in taxes well americans might consider these tax
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rates high they help to put all the danes on a level playing field as richard wilkinson and kate pickett note in their brilliant book the spirit level health and social problems are worse in countries with greater inequality that's why the united states is nearly off the charts while denmark ranks very low in health and social programs problems similarly levels of social trust are higher in countries with lower inequality while denmark ranks very high in social trust the united states is at the bottom of the list in fact the rates of just about every measurable statistic from infant mortality and teenage pregnancy to the prevalence of mental illness and almost sides are lower in countries with lower inequality so if we here in the united states want to climb of the charts the world's happiest countries we need to do it by fighting income inequality and that starts with rolling back the reagan tax cuts it's ridiculous that americans who are struggling to survive day to day are paying more in taxes
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than the wealthiest one percent of americans similarly we need to start making corporations pay their fair share in taxes to help support the economy and to take the burden off hardworking americans we can't continue letting giant trans national corporations like apple and g.e. make astronomical profits while paying next to nothing in taxes. back in denmark they have something called who go who is what the danes use to survive the darkness in that country the experiencer in the winter the sun shines for less than seven hours each day during the height a winter in denmark i mean it could be a very dark dreary endure has in place with who got a feeling of being content comfortable and cozy danes are able to make it through the dark winters with happiness and joy that we create a little who gave our own here in the united states and that starts with giving all americans an equal opportunity to succeed. and that's the way it is tonight thursday october twenty fourth twenty thirty and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active over the last hours doubt or tag your it.
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is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. i will see motion security play your part of the physical. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might think. it's because one full attention and the
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mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on you. coming up. at our teen years we have a different thread. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing damnit i'm not. good. at. you guys stick to the jokes i will hand over the stuff that i've got to. i'm. i'm sick. mind. you. i'm. all about money and i'm the family's pick for politics right.
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here just two. days. coming up on our t.v. n.s.a. leaks firestorm keeps spreading worldwide germany is now demanding answers from washington over its controversial spying program coming up next former presidential candidate and former new mexico governor gary johnson discusses the latest revelations and more. then speaking of secrets revealed cia documents indicate that for years the pakistani government has known and endorsed u.s. drone strikes so why is pakistan's prime minister jean president obama at the white house this week to stop these attacks. and it's october that means breast cancer awareness month is in full swing before you go out by those pink products to help fight cancer and you'll want to miss our report.


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