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tv   Headline News  RT  October 25, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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that sums up jobs go a lot of our time. a breach of trust leaders expressed frustration with their longtime ally after reports that u.s. intelligence has been eavesdropping on dozens of world leaders also. that's not i mean we don't we. there's migrants from africa and the middle east struggle to rebuild their lives across the mediterranean we report from a refugee camp in the heart of europe. and the u.s. policeman who pepper sprayed a group of peaceful protesters is awarded compensation for psychological damage a ruling that slightly to fuel anger over police brutality.
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thirty coming to live in moscow with me marina joshie welcome to the program now the e.u. is growing increasingly frustrated with its ally across the atlantic and is demanding explanations over the u.s. government's intrusive surveillance practices at a european summit in brussels all eyes are now on the n.s.a.'s fresh revelations of spying on european leaders force them to reconsider their partnerships with washington while france and germany are demanding talks with the u.s. on this issue by the and this year now and that follows reports that the n.s.a. has been monitoring chancellor merkel's mobile phone and tracking calls made by the french administration the latest n.s.a. leak has shown down the agency encouraged u.s. government officials to hand over their contact list and use that data to eavesdrop
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on the conversations of thirty. five world leaders their opinion council has issued a statement warning that a lack of trust with washington could damage cooperation and intelligence gathering on top of that germany has decided to team up with brazil which was also targeted by the n.s.a. to push for a u.n. resolution restraining u.s. surveillance are just as are so he has more on the story now the latest document that edward snowden that provided the guardian we do see some some more insight into the process of how this global surveillance was actually working and the fact that it had spied on the thirty five world leaders is one side of the matter on the other hand it would also encourage a senior officials belonging to departments such as the white house the state department or the pentagon to share their contacts with them encouraging them to give the phone numbers of these people that they wanted to spy on and put them on this surveillance list and also what's interesting that came out of this document
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is also the fact that it was a knowledge that the eavesdropping the listening in on the hundreds of people of thirty five world leaders actually did not produce much it produced quote unquote little reportable intelligence and also it's had some very real consequences already going up to the legislative level in the e.u. for example with the a parliament backing the new rules to restrict the flow of data to the united states and also any piece now calling for a suspension of a u.s. bank deal talks chancellor merkel has said that spying on france cannot be tolerated after reports of u.s. eavesdropping on her phone calls and done to editor of politics says he's expecting a major backlash from. responding to some very very tough rhetoric from the e.u. commission which is not prone to issue a tough rhetoric or things considered usually it speaks of the sort of. much more
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robust language which does suggest that action is coming. and while that commotion heats up british prime minister david cameron is staying conspicuously silent and down says this isn't surprising. the u.k. is essentially indistinguishable from the u.s. and certainly g c h q works in partnership with the n.s.a. perhaps more of the sort of subservience incorporated partner. but nevertheless there's really no point trying to distinguish them while the reason that london is being very quiet is because london has its own secrets which will probably come out in the laundry over the next few weeks. the spy the e.u. expressing growing discontent with washington skeptics say these concerns are unlikely to go beyond formal statements u.n. diplomat earlier explained why. germany and a few weeks after the media down the big issues it will just go on and business as
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usual that it's my expectations there will not any real measure it will remain states who have mental problems. are we are closely following the n.s.a. spying fallout over on our website that's r.t. dot com and with a detailed update and analysis of course. now immigration is another issue raring it's had at the e.u. summit and brussels hundreds of africans drowned in the mid to rainy and see earlier this month trying to reach european shores a crowd out in our crowd of boats governments in southern europe are demanding more help from the rest of europe to cope with the inflow of migrants are to spread all over a met some of the people who fled their homelands. we have feed we are not anymore we have feeling we all want to be jobless were homeless and thousands of kilometers from home this is the reality for refugees who were forced to flee violence in libya and twenty eleven there is no option not even allowed to work in germany
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since i've been to germany i just slip and it's not what i do they arrived in europe through its early however the italian authorities told them they couldn't stay and sent them packing with five hundred euros and give me some money i should go bank and collect the money i have the right to go anywhere what i want to go in soy just to leave it to livy to leave because it truly is a disaster and the european law it's really shouldn't of done less it's the responsibility of the member state where refugees arrive to look after them by sending these refugees away it's left them in a difficult legal predicament my document is getting expert and the five hundred year is finished can't go back i can't i can't even go back to italy to renew even my documents. fall far for over a year more than five hundred from all over sub-saharan africa being packed into this camp in the german capital i don't. know how ukraine they'd been working in
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libya when colonel gadhafi was toppled in the nato backed war the documents these people have gives them access to basic medical care nothing else mentions it in now in berlin and it's up to germany to find a solution to their problems we're trying to get them residents grammont so for now there is no long term solution they have no right to work no right to social housing and are forced to live on handouts there's a feeling in the camp that e.u. members who took part in the twenty eleven action against libya have a responsibility to help i see this is the problem of order to appear you do discuss this but it's i live alone. that you did you. are distributing we. have to go do what you do as jimmy decides what to do they get ready for a second winter in a city park these people came here because they were fleeing violence but in
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running for their lives they found themselves stuck in limbo here in the e.u. peter all of a see. coming up a role reversal in south africa some are fearing a return of apartheid but this time it's the white population that could be on the receiving end of racist policies take a closer look there shortly here in our t.v. . broadcasters have taken to the streets across the u.s. this week to demonstrate against what they call an epidemic of police brutality anger over excessive use of force an alleged racial profiling has sparked unrest in dozens of cities meanwhile a security official has been awarded janner as compensation for psychiatric damage after he pamper sprayed a group of peaceful protesters are just plain apart now reports. the next u.s. law enforcement official to face off against unarmed peaceful protesters may easily
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get away with brutalizing them and even be rewarded afterwards remember that horrifying video of a university police officer spraying pepper spray into the faces of students who were seated on the ground well that man has been awarded nearly forty thousand dollars in workman's compensation john pike sued the university of california davis claiming he suffered from depression and anxiety was brought on by death threats against him and his family following the two thousand and eleven incident last week a judge approved the thirty eight thousand and fifty nine dollar worker's compensation award settlement between pike and u.c. davis now initially pike was placed on paid administrative leave after pepper spraying u.c. davis students during a protest in support of occupy wall street he was fired eight months later however an internal university investigation concluded that he acted appropriately a u.c.
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davis student we spoke with expressed shock over the lucrative ward doled out for police brutality that's what the pepper spray led to was not following orders and they wanted us to be an example for what you shouldn't do as a student and they wanted to put fear into people and it pretty much worked i remember after the pepper spray happened i went home and was deeply afraid of ever protesting again the police a slap on the wrist maybe for a moment awarded later if people are like we got money in a way that was a good thing when really he would go putting like trauma and fear and weapon on other incidents of police brutality extend from the west all the way to the east coast of the united states last month here in. new york city police officers attacks students who were protesting visiting professor position given to axial age
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erector david petraeus at cuny the city's official university her testers were punched slammed on the ground and six students were arrested jailed and arraigned on charges of obstruction of governmental administration riot resisting arrest and disorderly conduct however there's been no reports of the officers involved to being penalized or charged with misconduct according to the latest confirmed figures there are close to one thousand four hundred federal civil rights cases pending against the new york city police department reporting from new york. r.t. . tough police tactics are in the spotlight in today's breaking the sad and can watch the full show at six thirty pm g.m.t. john pike the policeman in the video who was merely watering is hippies has been awarded a much deserved thirty eight thousand dollars and workers' compensation from u.c.
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davis you see back in june pipe filed a claim with the university saying that he suffered from quote unspecified psychiatric and nervous system damage i can totally relate releasing an entire can of mace on a group of students can really give you a case of pretty bad p.t.s.d. in fact maybe we should start giving all the cops who participated in occupies a brutal crackdown on protesters comp money watching old ladies cry and dirty hippies bleed from their head as a result of your actions can really take a toll on one's mental health so make sure to give a shed a tear for john pike today and let's go break the. now from convicted thief to political prisoner coming out we take a closer look at the world's sting attitudes towards russia's most high profile detainee and that's just a couple of minutes here on r.t. .
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the media leave us so we leave the media. see bush and see your. play your party there's a big. issues that no one is as good with the guests that you deserve answers from . politics. our t.v. . critic a should treat. or charge three. three. three. three. three blog video for your media project a freebie deodato r.t.e. dot com.
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welcome back this is our team after all living through the dark days of apartheid some south africans are now worried that history could be about to repeat itself but this time it's the white population who have the most to fear they believe a new racial divide is starting to emerge as our teams policy or no reports. cooney movie is preparing for genocide against his people his plans are in place his community is ready to flee but we've been planning for eight years it started simple the idea was to give people an option we've divided the country into twenty seven provinces and divided those further into groups each group has its own plans
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. since one thousand nine hundred four when south africa elected its first black government with nelson mandela to home into power more than three thousand white farmers are said to have been murdered relatives claim finding and prosecuting the culprits has never become a priority of the south african police. when south africa's president jacob zuma sang the song last year many off the condo so it is another nail in the coffin sealing their fate there are some three million off economists who live across south africa descendants of primarily northern europeans who arrived in the country three to four centuries ago genocide watch. right now where the stage or level six. level seven is when the actual killings stalls gustav mahler and his team are afraid they've all seven could start any moment of form intelligence office in the south african army it was easy for gustav
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to read the warning signs. we have believers and in our bible it says if you notice warning signs you must convey it if you don't you will have blood on your hands. as head of the movement gustav has established a countrywide operation with more than one hundred safe areas the idea is that when the alert is given people will be notified by islamists each will drive to a meeting point from where they will travel in convoy to pre-designated safe areas one of the main centers is here in south africa's fourth oldest town half an it the death of nelson mandela is a risk scenario he's a political icon and his passing could see violence flaring up again from a legally sanctioned economic discrimination against whites to the farm murders targeting afrikaner as the problems are only getting worse according to the safe lenders as many as eight hundred thousand white mostly off the const beacon south africans support the movement many have already begun collecting blankets and other
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emergency provisions wendy macfarlane is a mother who was for her son's future she joined us eight hundred because it gives her some control of a situation she'd otherwise feel powerless about on the breaks are there is a place i can go where i can be safe i joined to give my son and myself a place to go likely for fathers the satan and his vow to fight for their country and while the south african government is aware of the efforts it hasn't commented policy or r.t. half when it eastern cape south africa and a very serene. spokesperson for the south african economic freedom fighters party says the country is simply trying to overcome the deep inequalities left by the coal oil era. at the moment so that because one of the most politically stable countries in the entire world take into consideration that we are able to maintain the. photos the beauty with the things that cause wars in other countries so i
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don't think that there are any tensions except in the economic sense the commission the congress government is just me and we appreciate it every show lies forms of only sheep and. inequalities and unemployment and so the idea is to break the type of colonial modes of economic planning and redistribution that privilege white people. and our web team has lined up plenty of stories for you today including japan's africa to minimise the damage to its reputation in the wake of the fukushima disaster the government's about to introduce a law imposing jail terms for those will blow the whistle on matters of national importance for all the details had to r.t. dot com. plus million surveillance backfires on police in the us as an officer is caught opening fire on a man to leave here in the cap man showing no signs of aggression you can find a full shocking video and more details on the story just
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a click away on our website r t don't. write the same. search tree. and i think you're. gonna reply like. i. am. now it's been a decade since the name of ski grabbed the global media's attention in two thousand and three this day the oil tycoon was arrested over a rout of state charges and never regained his freedom since then public remains divided over his fate which some see as that of a martyr and others as that of a crew are using orifice going off reports. he was the richest man in russia and one of the wealthiest in the world while his or company you guys at one point was
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the waters in the currency suddenly in two thousand and three make of that of course he was arrested and then found guilty of fraud and sentenced to nine years then in a separate criminal case against him along with his former business partner but only a bit of what it was he was found guilty of embezzlement and money laundering worth millions and now is expected to be free from jail in two thousand and fourteen to lose the because of it of course he remains one of the most controversial figures in russia's fierce criticism of the kremlin given him both supporters and critics here in the country but in the west despite the serious crimes he was found guilty of he's mainly presented as a victim of political repression for more in the western image of russia's former altar i call him here is that this reform by my colleague could be in there today major media outlets in the west portray me. as a victim of politics but back in the one nine hundred ninety s. the same albums presented a different picture of the former oil tycoon or. that of
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a man who used dodgy and elaborate schemes designed to evade taxes and stripped his companies minority shareholders of their profits be used every trick in the book in one thousand nine hundred nine u.s. outlets were writing about how low russia fell letting the yukos oil company operate the way they did about yukos his actions being a major affront to foreign investors they were asking why isn't the russian government stepping in to her because he's played this game i mean at the moment he's crying about the rule of law but in the ninety's when it suited him. he noted it or. manipulated the system to his advantage but around the year two thousand cut off his started working to repair his tainted image abroad he invited international auditors started pouring millions of dollars into lobbying in london and washington former secretary. state henry kissinger of became an honorable trustee of the open
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russia foundation set up and financed by. and from the bad boy of russia's bandit capitalism in the eyes of the west transformed quickly into a man who the world could do business with around the time of his arrest in two thousand and three the tycoon was in the process of selling a quarter oil fields to american fuel giants either exxon or chevron sensually all of the wealth of russia's oil and grow materials resources would have been transferred to western shareholders of which khodorkovsky was a major shareholder. russia could not afford this. and here in the us the attitude of the media towards mikhail for the post he seems to have changed with the realisation that the west benefited or could have benefited from his actions in washington i'm going to go. and on to some other stories now from around the world an explosion at
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a candy jury in mexico has killed at least one person and left dozens more injured with several still unaccounted for a boiler is believed to have caught fire in the facility you know far from texas border causing the ceiling to collapse three hundred people were inside the building at the time rescue teams are still searching for survivors. clashes broke out overnight in the spanish capital madrid between police and students as a day of nationwide demonstrations descended into violence education spending cuts and rising tuition fees have sparked a wave of strikes at schools and universities across the country the reforms are just the latest in a raft of government steering measures and calm at a time of record unemployment was nearly fifty seven percent of young people out of work. about twenty thousand opposition supporters have taken to the streets of a combo capital in
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a show of outrage against prime minister who owns them the rally is now in its third day with protesters demanding an independent probe into alleged vote rigging and the july election demonstrators also delivering petition to the united nations and several foreign embassies of two million some friends backing a plea for intervention. and top of the world the olympic flame reaches the north pole for the first time as part of a sochi twenty four team relay it to a new clear ice breaker exactly ninety one hours and twelve minutes to reach the world summit which is in twenty four hour darkness during the pour a night team of torchbearers included representatives from each of the arctic nations in the fall very way of course by logging on to our team. in bahrain a documents been leaked by a human rights group on veiling the government's plans to ship huge amounts of tear gas into the country according to the document the ministry of the fans has ordered
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one point six million tear gas canisters that figure is higher than the country's entire population the government has used the gas extensively in its attempts to suppress the opposition with reports of people's homes or even places of worship being targeted since the start of the uprising two years ago tear gas has caused around forty deaths according to human rights activists it's also been blamed for a miscarriages blindness and serious breathing problems human rights activist ahmed ali talk to us about the worrying numbers. bahrain's been leading a campaign of spiral spiraling repression since two thousand and eleven and the number one technique or weapon that they've been using for the repression is the use of tear gas and i'm not surprised it's starting to run out because they've been firing an estimated one hundred shots a night on villages civilians and civilians on protesters men women children under
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disabled like he said we've recorded over thirty nine deaths from the excessive use of tear gas and paul of these deaths direct body shots on the head and neck. and coming up after the break it's politicking with larry king here on our team. new zealand is boldly going where no government has gone before and according to reuters has decided to create a regulatory body to oversee recreational drugs that is their opening pandora's box it have at least temporarily given approval to fifty substances for sale at special stores which are banned in most other countries the body is trying to take
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a more scientific approach and determine which substances are actually harmful to the user you know i've heard the argument that the war on drugs just wastes massive sums of money effort and lives and you need turn a futile battle which is true it does but the only option people give is just legalize all drugs there are a few problems with this when something is legal that tends to make it ok is it really ok for you to spend your whole life in a trance to avoid reality is it really ok for everyone in town on friday night after work to go on an ice crystal meth rampage the other problem is that the war on drugs fails because it's fighting the drugs and not the reason why people take them which is to escape reality why do people want to escape reality because in modern times or post modern times we live a soulless pointless isolated consumeristic existence of working in a pointless office job just to get poor so we can scrape by and get some cheap plastic junk at wal-mart when people's lives are empty they will fill them with something through a needle but that's just my opinion. she
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is a spiritual leader and activists and a friend of oprah she's now running but congress for ten or believe in miracles helpful even to the us. capitol marianne williamson will tell us why and ben stein america's a columnist and political body man says the turmoil and dysfunction in washington from both sides of the alley is no laughing matter it is all next politicking with larry king's. i knowledge again i'm larry king and joining me is the spiritual activist lecturer a bestselling author and now a candidate for the u.s. house of representatives marianne williamson she made her announcement in beverly
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hills this past sunday running as an independent she'll run against a lifelong congressman henry waxman he's been there for thirty eight years why mariam well i think there's a new conversation that americans are having about our country and about life and about the world and this conversation is saturating so many corners of our society but it hasn't been able to crash through the ramparts of the of the political system and so the thoughts that dominate our our politics today are calcified thought forms they don't allow in the kind of thinking that is necessary to move us forward and so what we have is a diminishing democratic french fries and i think that it's going to be people coming from outside the two parties the two parties certainly have their role to play but i think what we need now is the voices of the american people unfiltered by the kind of chuckle that the two parties have so i so what what what is your platform when my platform has to do with what i say.


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