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welcome to serbian chaos sophie shevardnadze migration has always been seen as a way to find a better. sunny cleaner from the troubles of your homeland conflicts and economic shake ups have brought millions of migrants to europe stirred up strong anti libre . the new neighbors leave in peace and what should be done for that. time. an unprecedented population wave exposing fortress europe's policy failures immigration is changing and challenging europe polarizing its politics and on settling its societies. to extremism be sidelined that's the fear factor eliminated from the european frontlines. our guest today is tony
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robinson who used to be the face and leader of the english defense league street protest movement known for its strong anti islam stance tony it's great to have you on this program today now your recent departure from the english defense league surprised if not shocked both your supporters and opponents looking back are you proud of the a.d.l. leadership or disillusioned with it. on friday to form an english family completely . for too many years in this country working class people been ignored and no one to listen to their voice and within four years were up so much so that people around the world have heard what we're saying they've heard how we feel how we live in down at the bottom there's a massive gap between how people live in and what politicians dare speak about no politicians or none of our political elected leaders will dare to criticize and say the things they need to be said so we form this organization it was it was created for the right reasons it was born out of passion in defense of our armed forces and
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we progress report many if you look back at all the things we've been highlighting whether it be muslim paedophile grooming gangs which are now being tackled and smash one into the country to the other they were ignored accommodated on facilitated in a conspiracy of silence religious leaders to place leaders political leaders for twenty years only now are they being tackled many issues whether it be s.g.m. . topic with ports or fall from which has been affecting us in our communities has now been proven right and proven correct and i believe we've created a platform and a voice and by leave in order to make the decision of really how we get to our going goal which is we don't want conflict in this country but we're heading there and that's really really is a nice fear and terror is terrifying to think of what the next twenty years might hold for the next generation of youth in our country with complete polaroids communities and complete non integration and complete segregation and now i want to leave and work our way if we can solve that we've made a noise about it and that's what we're doing for years said to me are you going to
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town to feature a d l march. i will not be attending future english defense league marches not. if i thought that was the right way to continue go in i would still be leader of the english tensely so here's what we have right now many in the a.d.l. think you're a coward and a traitor and you appear in no closer to those that have longer post you have longer post so you're threatening kind of from both sides which way will you go next are you going to maybe get to know the muslim community better. know what i want to do is take it take this may take an opportunity to take this mainstream basically what we've been saying has been criticized or been ignored and pushed to the margin because of the far right extremists they've managed to give us. more nor eve elements that come to our demonstrations and these matters are too serious to be dismissed so what i want to do is put it in the mainstream and make sure people listen to what we're saying rather than ignoring and dismissing and i think already we're getting there since leaving the defense legal believe people are listening
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now to what we've been saying rather than dismissing us after two minutes here we're starting to sound are they racist or the far right wing hooligans which is what the monastery i tried many members of the organization with which is not true a true reflection of the people in the movement that we have had our problems we didn't plan this we started a movement that went sour so quick we've learned along the way we've made mistakes along the way. but we want to do now is work on the best way to use it and yet the we will need to work we have to work with reformist and true moderate muslims in this country what we see in this country is our government seem to be swayed by saudi petrol money we see the representatives that we see on t.v. representing the muslim community are usually extreme or have links to the muslim brotherhood is the missed organizations which we don't want or believe as many muslims in this country that don't want to evolve and we want to bridge the gap now and have a united front against extremism can i ask you something i see it while still tucked in the real core issues of why we formed we're going to stay true to ourselves. today i see you have a little bruise on your nose did it appear there this has anything to do with you
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leaving the d l. i've always got proof of my. over the last four and a half years every time i got my house to get confrontation i live in a live in luton town. has been named as the heartland of militant islam in britain in europe actually where the seven seven seven seven suicide bombers left from it's the fertilizer bomb plot the stock market will be rather close in my hometown so yes all you have been attacked since leaving. her is i'm here mostly. i will get people out of the problem we have. if it was hostile or hostile muslim youth the different put me on which which one is an islamist ideology but at the same time as having an islamist ideology we have a very hostile attitude by general muslim youth against on the slim says that it's breeding the hostilities we have to get to the bottom a lot of what why we have that in our country and and it's causing big problems up and down the country in many communities which is why this is resentment going on. but of course there have been for him by people from the genuine far right what
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would what we're doing in this country is anyone who's critical of islam we're calling far right which is dangerous which we should be doing because there are genuine fears and concerns there is a legitimate far right they represent five percent for this country with a ninety five percent for this country from islamist terrorists or divergent. the genuine far right are outraged with me because they were outraged at me for last four and a half years they've been on the fringes of the english to foot defense league trying to hijack it trying to get their sway in direct in a way that they want to go which is not what i've been wanting to do from day one i believe in an all inclusive society they haven't been happy that they hate me had attacked from the far right for four and a half years i believe in my race traitor and as you just said now are people saying i'm i'm a coward or a trailer. or i'm going to move forward in attacking and defeat in the islamist ideology in this country is not cowardice what was the decision we made was the hardest decision what would be more cowardice it's just a leaf which would've made my family a lot happier but by doing the move we made. it in with quilliam it sends
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a strong message. of what we see is the way forward in uniting communities to tackle the extremist elements within all communities. now your stance on. the ology has suffered somewhat from what i understand what do you think of it now what do you make of islam as of now. actually. more stance hasn't actually dampened or softened at all if people listen to us say what i've been saying for half years which may have been distorted or lost in translation due to actions at demonstrations is what i'm saying now is the fact that i don't hate muslims or believe muslims are the first victims of islamist ideology they're also victims of terrorism. and there's a big struggle going on not just in this country it's going on across europe it's going to cost the world between decent moderate muslims and salafist be extremely sexy islam and it's a struggle that i believe the moderates made use as they've lost in many many
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countries but then we've seen upwards in the in egypt in some places now to succeed in this country we have to support and stand with the limbs that wish to take on this extremist ideology and political islam which is what we've done by making this move. so my stance is the same a stance is that there are great muslims but there is a serious problem imbedded within the ideology which is being used to be manipulated which saudi money and it needs tackling and we should charge way from tackling these issues and we've got most politicians brave enough to even criticize or point out the problem long please identify the problem if you can identify i'm not going to solve it but i didn't tell no one that we're a multicultural love nest and everything's everything's working just great just out into the problem i was going to ask you have you read the koran yourself. i've read the koran yes i've read the koran. i was quite surprised with many things i found the koran for in times it says you can tell in
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the numbers when a sexual slave with a muslim greenpeace rings in this country we have muslim men take enormous can when a sexual slave so maybe it's got nothing to do with that scripture maybe but maybe it's being manipulated in a way to justify the way these men occur and so there's there's many things alarmed me. obviously it's all down to interpretation because there's many other muslims in this country who for the same crime who don't want to talk people's heads off for murder and kill it has to be interpretation because you know what took place in the syringe accords they did in the middle ages wasn't propagated in bible either so it has to be a question of interpretation think the right way but anyway as you say both anti and pro ways love movements are adding to the problem no what if the whole thing right so what is the problem do you have a solution. to have a solution yeah if someone wants to be an islamist in this country we need to make it very very difficult for them we do not we do we do not need to be setting up and legitimize you know allowing one hundred one hundred in this country we do we need
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to take a tough stance against all of it right now we have immigrants coming to this country who we don't know if even samantha braithwaite could have walked into this country we're just adding to the problem we don't know most cannot regulate or moderate in any way in this country so every time we see an undercover documentary every single time i think last week we saw that eighteen out of fifty six mosques agreed to marry children muslim young fourteen year old girls to me so every time we see it we see hatred we see homophobia we see all these problems and no one's got a solution to even tackling the problems and not only from which to hold or try to stop them they just want to keep building allowing saudi arabia qatar and iran to fund millions and millions of pounds worth of building of mosques in this country where then they have them addresses where current we have one hundred thousand four to sixteen year old children who have been schooled in these madrassas which is encouraging complete non integration within the society is not going to work so to at least tackle the problem we have to establish how we can attempt to solve it and
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that's more whole in the influx of foreign money coming into this country to build religious institutions are so religious into tommy i'm going to ask it to be more precise and i'll tell you why because in other european countries for instance in france it's not just a case of mosques being monitored right but when men aren't being allowed to wear headscarves in the universities so are you just against the extreme forms of islam or and would you just me happy to see british muslims assimilated be more aggressive. yeah of course that's what we want not what we want and never be just seeing goal we want integration but we haven't got it so we have to find out why we haven't got it and try and bring it about what you say about women not being allowed to wear headscarves in france often that's completely wrong i have no problem with a hit job i do have a problem the burka i believe in certain institutions in schools in banks and in airports in places like this so when he says security they should be banned when
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you say in france i believe that that's in schools that they have no religious wear i don't believe that six and seven year old children should be when he jobs if another lady wish to wear one then so be it but no no i'm not going in this country actually cares of muslims want to practice their religion in their own faith in their own way is what it's not dominate in arms and we refer to our culture and our belief and we have the sheer zones where people are violently enforcing it and this in the indoctrination of young children so how great britain which is what we're saying. we're going to take a short break now we'll be back with tommy robinson the founder and former leader of the english defense league to find out whether muslims could become the target for a new breed of fascism stay with us. realities
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speaking of small engine threatening to pursue a number of policy departures regarding its relationship with washington refraining from a coveted seat on the united nations security council the saudis are furious over washington stance on syria and the failure to support a meaningful peace process for the palestinians the kingdom of saudi is going out on its own but where. i think that. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which albums. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked like handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us
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about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix rational debate and a real discussion on the critical issues facing america by the book ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. one hundred days remaining. in. the leather days of flame. destroy the archie. place right on the scene playing the first string. and i think butcher.
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on our reporters twitter. and instagram play. play. to me in the cold. on mom. welcome back i'm talking to tony robinson founder of the notorious english defense league which he recently has left good to have you back now the e.t.a. out is labeled as a neo nazi movement could the way they're going to zation operates right now be fueling new unders brave ix. the a.d.l. is not actually labeled as a neo nazi organization media and far left organizations may wish to do that but the metropolitan police force have
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a extremism unit which classifies organizations far right far left we have scripts like national front who are extreme far right the me of the british national party who are far and smack bang in the center so it's not it's not a nazi organization yes it's had its problems where we thought from within to keep nazis out of the organization britain doesn't really have the same similar problems across europe with neo nazis being as poor as powerful as strong as they are in other countries. blessed for that really but we do have a growing problem which will grow with islamist threat because when we take away any platform for a healthy center for a debate by labeling anyone who says anything as far right we actually drive and push people to the far right which is what we're hoping to do is open up a healthy platform and when you when you talk about hundreds brevik if you talk if you take his manifesto i think it's page sixteen hundred eighty three he described to fence leaders noisy force he said of what the two ideologies can never be
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reconciled and we believe democracy can solve the problems and that we also welcome people from africa and different continents to be leaders within the organization which he was completely opposed to so really trying to liken it. to quote pay very high risk with multiple i am not trying to equal it under brevik i'm just saying do you think a movement such as e.t.l. could breed someone like him i'm not saying it's a fascist movement but it has been labelled by many as you know what yeah. but how it related yeah but at any rate. if we look what brits what what great what brett anderson. was a silence from anyone to tackle the issue he said that he actually drain the media people in the media. for his reasoning for why he done it now do i believe that if we continue down the path here we will create monsters in this country as well as in europe monsters like under the brevik so what you're saying is that brave
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exactly bred by government's ignorance to attend to immigration issues are you on your calls being heard by the ruling elite what i'm saying is that that's what he said no i'm saying that's what he said his or his reasoning for doing it we've been hoping for half years that by getting elm street we we saw label as a cry for help so that people listen to how we're living because that the government are not living in towns and cities like where i come from they're miles apart and there's sorrow touch with what it's like and what i found i was really got to think on the pulse of the amount of resentment and anger when i look around more country and i see what's happening to it it hurts me emotional when i see what's becoming of our great country and we don't want no other woman and as far as every farmer in this country should have a duty to hunt down a safe and prosperous bridge to the next generation and we're failing miserably in judy unlike what our forefathers died and so forth and so for we are failing due to
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this era of this being created of political correctness and cultural sensitivity where people are too scared to even speak about these issues because we don't want conflict and inevitably the way things are going the heading towards conflict and everything we want to do is to avoid that but to avoid it we need to really get it to get to the root cause of the problems and at least be able to discuss them and try to work out solutions to not just bury them under the carpet and keep hoping that they'll go away because they won't care what go away and as demographics in this country or increase in islamic communities increase in within that community the problems are with increase in the resentment from the norm in communities increase in this is not heard in a good path in your hometown that white britons are actually an ethnic minority could that be soon the same for here as a whole. it will be the same it's not it's not pretty if it will be demographic statistics is not scaremongering this is facts on average an hour in britain a muslim community has five point six children the muslims are one point three that
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wouldn't really be a problem if we didn't have all these problems associated with it now yet in luton an ethnic minority that does not actually doesn't bother me in the hometown of growing up in is a multicultural town our believe and if benefit from that but. a culture within the islamic community what we have is when we see the growth of islam across europe within that culture the negative things are coming with it and it is change in the whole area a change in the rose a change in law a change in the food a lot of things to change and they're so different. and the issues that people need to be express a lot of people are fearful you see the you talk a lot people are worried and they would be worried if when we look to islamic leaders such as when we saw different islamic leaders the iranian president say in the islamic europe for the through the woman's womb is that this is not things that we are sane we can just go online and you can listen to even shelly malik in this country who is a like who is the second in charge of gordon brown in a speech he says in two thousand and one we had one most men pay in two thousand.
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and two thousand and five with six of them in peace and. he says within twenty years every m.p. in this country will be muslim and in between saying each thing he says inshallah which is our will in so it certainly is a. parliament government and then he said. prime minister of this country would share our faith now that's what he's saying is no we're saying that's what they're saying now should we be fearful that well we don't vote based on religion we keep religion and politics need to be completely separate but with the islamic community that's not what's happening so what we will see is people vote in purely because he's a muslim and that's what charlene malik is telling us so we can look to any country in europe and we find muslim leaders and community leaders saying these sort of things and if if muslim leaders spend they spend ninety five percent of time attacking people who are criticizing islam whereas if they spent ninety five percent of their time attacking the problems within the ideology within their communities the big no need for people like ourselves organizations are formed
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because we can solve the problems so i think that is to be a revolution within muslims within europe see that the road we're going down and only one. if they want freedom they want democracy and they want to live in they want all these great things that come to the west and well for then they need to stand up to me do you think. a european country in any time in a feature could actually elect president. yes of course it will it will it's not if what we've seen in belgium recently if it is we've seen the creation of a shari'a party extremist islamist section similar to what we have in this country of anjem choudary we've seen them form form a political party and they've been voted in by muslims so in a way certain sections of the islamic community will wish to use all democracies end of the moxi because we've seen on the cover documentaries in tower hamlets which is being called the islamic islamic bar of time it's where the men live to rahman was kicked out of the labor party for its extremist ties and links his spiritual leader describes all non muslims of. all these problems so he's an
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extremist with all these links to our fee or these organizations who wish to get a caliphate state and in the introduction of shariah law in britain he's the mayor in charge of a billion pound budget because he has been elected to that position and then since he got into his position he started site in the fund in a way for many moderate islamic organizations any real moderates which are in uproar and if they're not they're upset by what's going on there but the money taxpayers' money has been sort of the way to islamist groups to my dresses this is and that needs to be seen as a blueprint for towns and cities across this country and europe so when we look towards going on. well if you look at his but here in this country who are political organization they have a conference in two thousand and seven to ten thousand people at their conference of a population of just three percent of the country now the labor party can even get ten thousand people so when it comes to politics and the political sway you have in the islamic community if you know here by the way of imagining
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a coronation which abound in many european countries but given the freedom to brain drain in our country many critics like yourself also say that hero is changing greatly because of immigration and they have believed they believe the culture lifestyle general behavior is changing around the major cities in europe so you don't believe there could be a peaceful make over of europe. there could be a pay for make over if we tackle it now if we leave it at current imo in this country we have five percent of the population are muslim if we wait until those twenty to twenty five percent and then we start transacted these hard core issues of outlawing shari'a but in the burka all these sort of issues that need addressing we want every level to so we need to get to grips with it now we need to remove islamist voices from communities we need to stop empowering them by supporting them and working with them in a government level and council local council levels and we need to empower there's many muslim voices in this country who are opposed to all the things on the poster
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we need to empower them we need to call them muslims to stand up because if they wish to live in britain and we wish to have a harmonious society in a cohesive society we need to change the direction we're going down. and obviously to bring about change people's feelings going and this is why we're at the minute it's not time for to turn around people's feet this is time to stand on their feet and so these are the hard core issues that we have to solve if we wish to avoid massive massive civil disorder or big problems in the future and that's when it's time to get to now is to solve these problems do i believe that they can be solved i hope so you know i mean you have a time you know you know you know the the other side of this story and it is the major concern from the other side is of course the return of fascism but this time with muslims that's the target and i'm not talking about britain in particular but in europe. there were if you look across europe what you see is the fastest growing political parties and every single country in the un is a misplay who buys now why why is that and why is that because everyone in all
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these countries across europe feel the same they feel like we haven't been asked anything we feel like we've been treated as second class citizens and that's how we feel and that there's a two tier system going on across the board you seem very dependent predicted to be the next leader leader in france is across the country and that's because there's a problem so unless they tackle the problem people get pushed further and further so i think. and in europe yes what surprised me is when a forming english defense league aside then talking to other european groups and looking into what was happening i was appalled and scrapes and shock of what's happened in sweden in momo you notice differences in france i was shocked to see when asked about my eyes to the problems of being a kurd and what we have to ask yourself is without immigration into britain without the sikh community the hindu community within the community always community we haven't had the same problems and the same issues so we have the the issues are coming from the islamist ideology which has been allowed to flourish and spread
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across europe unchallenged and it's not just been allowed it's been facilitated and supported by a hard left far left agenda which many of these far list communists or marxist organizations which are very prominent in europe as well are siding with the islamists because they hate democracy they hate the rule of law they see it as the biggest way of bringing down all the all of the things that we cherish our freedoms that we enjoy there's like a very loose coalition from organizations you would think would have a coalition across europe and that what that is out into is the voice of the far right politics. thank you so much for the center of you and that said for today fans are gets worse time robinson founder and former head of even yell thanks for watching all three an exhibition of so be in rome.
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so. a breach of trust leaders expressed frustration with long time ally to reports that u.s. intelligence has been eavesdropping on dozens of world leaders also. as migrants from africa and the middle east struggle to rebuild their lives on the other side of the mediterranean report from a refugee camp in the heart of europe. and the u.s. policeman who pepper sprayed a group of peaceful protesters is awarded compensation for psychiatric damage routing that's likely to fuel anger over police brutality top stories this hour.


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