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look at the global financial headlines. coming up on r t the chancellor of germany is asking can you hear me now in light of revelations about n.s.a. surveillance possibly being used on thirty five world leaders the e.u. is demanding answers they want to rewrite the rules of the spy game that story straight ahead and in american politics you have elephants donkeys and then there are the dark horses but given the latest three ring circus with the shutdown showdown will there be a resurgence of third party candidates that story coming your way. and they say you can't buy love but one app is trying to change all of that but the man offering incentives like jewelry dinner and even plastic surgery or a date coming up we'll tell you how the labor of love just got a price tag. it's
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friday october twenty fifth five pm in washington d.c. i'm mary david and you're watching our t.v. we begin today with more european reaction from the latest n.s.a. revelations that the u.s. government has been spying on its european allies this week we learned that the spy agency had been following the communications of more than seventy million french citizens tracking the personal cell phone of german chancellor merkel and tapping the phones of at least thirty five world leaders as a meeting of european leaders winds up in brussels today germany and france are moving to take action in the e.u. artie's test arcilla has more. thirty five world leaders are being spied on by the national security agency or the n.s.a. they were actually encouraging senior officials in various government departments like the white house made appointment to share those contacts of important or individuals in the world in order to be added to the list surveillance list and
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also what's interesting to note in the latest leaked by edward snowden is that the acknowledgment in that document that all of this extensive spying has produced very little quote unquote very little reportable intelligence and that really is where the debate is whether all of this could be justified and judging from the uproar coming from leaders here in europe but they don't seem to be very convinced issued a statement that they said that this distrust of the u.s. could jeopardize or prejudice any necessary call for ration needed in intelligence gathering we already know they're being called by any piece to suspend the terrorist finance tracking program we know this is very important for both for both parties and also france and germany having a called a for talks with the united states in fact asking for a new rules new surveillance rules and no spying agreement by the end of the year and asking other members even worse to join the initiative if they wanted to was well and senior german officials will be on their way to the white house very shortly to discuss this as the german chancellor angela merkel is very upset with via suspicion but her phone was being monitored it's going up another level as well
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this is an issue and this should have by a germany and brazil of so they want to oppose a draft u.n. resolution to restrain foreign spying activities basically it doesn't directly touch on the n.s.a.'s activities nor will it necessarily curb directly the activities of the n.s.a. but it does call for an expansion of international privacy rights it must be noted that this crap had already existed before the internet but this time germany and brazil want it to be specifically applied to all communications and there is no question about why they're pushing this initiative it is certainly the displeasure that they've have towards the u.s. over at the n.s.a. spying activities. that was artie's tests are still reporting. and aside from what leaders are doing abroad americans here at home are also beginning to take action on this issue in fact tomorrow october twenty sixth thousands of civil liberty advocates are expected to take to the streets of washington d.c. to tell the u.s.
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government to stop infringing on their right to privacy a rally is called stop watching us with the name as simple as the demand in addition to calling for a halt to the extensive monitoring of american communications demonstrators will be calling on the government to quote reveal the full extent of the n.s.a.'s spying programs it's garnered a lot of support both from former whistleblowers and celebrities who are taking the opportunity to call attention to the issue take a look. st joseph smith was. in the surveillance state to see it so. it makes a mockery of our system which is based on the notion of independent branches of government including the fourth estate the press release is. secret it doesn't help to present this false tradeoff between security privacy we need to bring in and i say activity from the shadows into the light and we need to.
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suspicion the surveillance. and all the way from russia a former government contractor edward snowden has weighed in on the gathering in a rare statement started said today no telephone in america makes a call without leaving the record of the n.s.a. our representatives in congress tell us this is not surveillance they're wrong now it's time for the government to learn from us on saturday join us in sending the message stop watching us to talk about what to expect from this rally and the potential for passport i was joined earlier by shah had which our executive director of the bill of rights defense committee i first asked him given that this is the largest anti n.s.a. rally to date if this could be the turning point and what kind of change is going to come from it. i certainly think it can be and among the changes that the stop watching us coalition is looking for are legislative measures to rein in the n.s.a. restore constitutional rights and to change the statutory landscape enabled by the patriot act in the two thousand and five amendments sure speaking of the patriot
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act october twenty sixth is actually the twelfth anniversary of the signing and the act for people that don't understand how are the powers that were granted during the patriot act different from what we're seeing now thorny the n.s.a. now has so section two fifteen of the patriot act has proven particularly controversial it was the section at work in the first of the court orders that glenn greenwald released from the snowden documents and the author of the patriot act james sensenbrenner is a republican from wisconsin and he talked about how he engineer that authority to be an investigative authority that the n.s.a. could particularly zoom in on people who they had suspicion of wrongdoing what he's particularly concerned about as are the rest of us is it's emergence and transformation into a bulk collection authority that in a single order has been used to justify the surveillance of millions of americans at once wow well in response to the release of all of this information and it's a director keith alexander actually called out the role of journalist let's take a listen to what he said. the reporters who got this. data and quickly run to the
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wrong conclusion i think it's wrong that that. newspaper reporters have all these documents fifty thousand whatever they have and are selling them and giving them out. as if these doesn't make sense we had to come up with a way of stopping so he's suggesting that journalists are selling these documents and that the publication of course is harmful to the united states what's your response to that i've certainly heard confirmations of journalists selling information and snowden himself is repudiated claims that he has released information that he obtained to foreign governments and i would just say it's preposterous to think that transparency has hurt anyone here if there's anything hurting anyone that is the n.s.a. its activities and to hide behind the secrecy that's enabled those abuses to continue themselves is cowardly quite frankly in a democracy and if these programs are as important to national security as they claim and are in fact compliant with the constitution which they are not they
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should survive the light of day and it's hmong overdue for congress to have a transparent debate about whether or not we want to live in a country with prevailing pervasive surveillance or instead we actually mean it when we sing anthems at baseball games about living in the land of the free indeed well this past july we saw me a martian men men really take root congressman from both sides of the aisle really came together came to a consensus on this this issue and even though the amendment lost you could argue that it definitely started to build some momentum not kind of coalition would you say is building on how would you describe how politicians are rising up to really work across the aisle there's a dramatic realignment here actually just published an article about this today where the partisan division that we saw at work in the government shutdown is really being eclipsed by a different line of division between establishment and populist across both of the parties the emotion members of the house defense appropriations bill is a perfect example that vote split each of the major parties and you know the speaker of the. house the house minority leader in the president were arrayed
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against the combined forces of the progressive left anti-war democrats and the libertarian right tea party influenced republicans and together those two forces came within seven votes of defunding the n.s.a.'s domestic bulk collection operations and if we had that vote again today we would win it because there's been sustained outcry since and i think many of the members of congress particularly democrats who were carrying the bush administration's water here because the obama administration told them to i think they've been hearing it from their constituents and so i think that trans partisan residents of a constitutional perspective against what i would describe as the corrupt interests of an establishment in bed with the national security establishment that's ultimately the fault line that we're seeing emerge and to see for instance senators ron wyden a democrat from oregon and rand paul the republican from kentucky or senator patrick leahy democrat from vermont standing with james sensenbrenner the republican from wisconsin who i mentioned those are great indications of the residents of these values across the partisan spectrum it's nice to find an issue
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that's finally nonpartisan. well of course we know the latest news france and germany. the n.s.a. is spying on foreign leaders abroad do you think that americans. have to care about this as well just as much as they have to care about you know that infringement of rights here absolutely i mean the habit of our country on turning our allies into enemies is much a concern to americans i think as the abuses of our own individual privacy rights separate from either of those two things i think is a concern for democracy because what the n.s.a. is abuse is ultimately threaten our not just the rights of hundreds of millions of americans and our diplomatic relationships with other countries but also the future of democracy in america itself with this kind of pervasive surveillance the right to dissent withers and the relationship between dissent and democracy is crucial to remember and i think that's ultimately what is driving a lot of the resistance to these authoritarian programs. absolutely and lastly i
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want to ask you what's next after the rally what are the next steps that are going to continue this momentum and there will be movements and coalitions emerging across the country to do everything from trying to deny the n.s.a. access to essential facilities like water and electricity to pulling state governments out of complicity with suspicion with surveillance by putting in place controls on local and state police agencies which are following the n.s.a.'s lead. measures for instance like restricting the use of domestic surveillance drones or other military technology used for surveillance purposes and that's just going to be in itself a tip of the iceberg will be sustained lobbying i think of members of congress and i think we'll continue to see these issues be very visible to the president i think they'll be issues in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election in the run up to it and i hope very much that members of congress continue to heed the ongoing controversy that's imploring them to finally please pay respect and and honor their oaths of office to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and like the n.s.a. domestic absolutely well i really appreciate you coming on to share your insight
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shotted butare executive director of the bill of rights defense committee thank you thanks for having and washington d.c. is in a political deadlock those are the words americans often hear emanating from the nation's capital and that just two weeks ago that's all we heard is both democrats and republicans played the blame game while trying to find a solution to america's trillion dollar debt it's the kind of intransigence that's deeply frustrated some americans not to consider alternatives to the two party system but does this mean americans are more likely to elect third party candidates in two thousand and sixteen artie's perry and boring spoke with a few prominent voices to find out look these four people. have the chance to be present a united states which one are you going to vote for when they hear gary johnson who the hell is gary jones this m. gary johnson and he did run for president haven't heard of him maybe that's because he ran third party as the libertarian nominee he said he only got one one
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thousandth of the media coverage republican nominee mitt romney and democratic president barack obama did however in two thousand and twelve he did get one point three million votes which he did not discounting we are about half the way to the next presidential election and there is widespread frustration within our two party system a recent poll from gallup shows that sixty percent of americans say the democratic and republican parties do such a poor job of representing the american people that a third major party is needed and as americans watched the two party run government clash to the point of paralysis earlier this month some are speculating a third party candidate could rise in two thousand and sixteen i asked gary johnson what this would take a billion dollars he also said it would take someone who has celebrity status to win the popular vote so i asked a few celebrities what they think of this there is a split in the republican party and that's not a good thing do you think this is going to lead to a third party emerging into twenty sixteen no i don't think so i think the republican party will ultimately get together they'll unify behind somebody or are
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there any third party candidates that are popping up on your radar no i don't see any ok send donald trump the environment two party system but what a third party when ben stein's about if i may say so the whole idea of a third party candidate winning or being in any way meaningful is so far fetched i just. i just can't see it but what about republican senators rand paul and ted cruz who are they have a national attention and anger at their party the stablish event what is being banned third party when paul is a good looking guy he has a cute head of hair that he's now calmed down a little bit i don't think he can win because he's doing to israel that's. and. ted cruz is a likable intelligent guy a supreme court clerk a smart guy but i don't think it was a charisma when my crew might have the stamina he gave a twenty one hour for a speech against the affordable care act and since this partisan speech many have
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blamed him for the partial government shutdown and many of his republican colleagues have distanced themselves from him so the big question is is ted cruz planning to run third party in two thousand and sixteen you know i am not a believer in third parties i think we need to get the republican party back to our core principles back to the principles just party was founded on when it was the party of lincoln when it was the party of reagan and that's our path to victory but the former libertarian present the wise republicans protect. people that have money that's their notion of free enterprise and democrats like to say they're just they're just horrible on the issues of civil liberties third party candidates new milestones and twenties well when they held their first ever presidential national debate come two thousand and sixteen third party candidates might be heard in this time they might be a little louder. and washington d.c.
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perry and boring. since welcoming agro giant month santo into the country in one thousand nine hundred six argentina has become the world's largest soybean producer today nearly one hundred percent of its oil crop is genetically altered with monsanto providing much of the pesticides you used in the country but we're now learning that this over abundance of chemicals isn't just confined to argentina's soft new a.p. report shows that they're having enormous of facts on the twelve million people who live in the countries farm belt the a.p. has documented dozens of cases around the country where poisons are applied in ways that are contrary to existing laws pesticides are showing up in the soil and drinking water and a government report found eighty percent of children surveyed had traces of pesticide in their blood as a result people are becoming very sick in santa fe argentina cancer rates are two times to four times higher than the national average and in another province called
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chako birth defects have quadrupled but monsanto denies that health problems in the country are caused by its pesticides a spokesman tells the a.p. quote the absence of reliable data makes it very difficult to establish trends in disease incidence and even more difficult to establish causal relationships to our knowledge there are no established causal relationships however many in argentina are calling on monsanto to take responsibility for their products which more and more people are protesting to discuss this along with the latest news on the g.m.o. front i was joined earlier by elizabeth cohen its director of policy at the center for food safety i started by asking her why she and most require the use of such strong chemicals. they're actually developed by chemical companies not necessarily as a as you would be led to believe to increase you to increase nutrition but really to be able to withstand and resist chemicals so there are there are plants that are
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pesticide resistant crops such as roundup ready crops that you hear about and there are also those that actually produce pesticides themselves so it's a chemical companies really that have made this wonderful business model for themselves and that they create a seed that is resistant to the types of chemicals that they want to apply to them so for example roundup ready corn it's resistant to round up which the chemical that goes on in life to say which is actually called so we see that it's just a short partnering of the two technologies and wow what kind of the facts are these pesticides having on human health and you know what i mean why are we really learning about them now sort of fifteen years after they were initially put into use in argentina well actually all across the world we've known about pesticide poisoning is an everyday occurrence very sadly among farm workers and people who live in rural communities that are neighboring fields and plantations that are being sprayed with pesticides so we've known about it for a long time it is a big issue in the united states as well as in countries like argentina that you've
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just brought up but i'm very glad that people are actually listening to it and actually becoming more aware of it now absolutely and of course on santo is rejecting this claim outright saying that the pesticides are not causing this that there's no causal link they say the absence of reliable data means it's difficult to establish that link so what do you make of that argument we need more data i mean there clearly is an issue with data collection on so many different levels and when we look at the united states regulation is that many of the companies just have to submit their own data there is an independent data called for no legal requirement for it so we need to make sure that this is something that we really push for as a community of people that are very concerned about environmental health and. so obviously public health so interesting we regardless of that in may of this year the u.s. environmental protection agency actually raised the amount of chemical residue that's going to be allowed ensued and they concluded this based on studies done by
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monsanto and only by month and so do you find it concerning at all that the u.s. is really you know making regulation and making these guidelines based off of the folks guarding the hen house is a person with a financial incentive that actually saying whether something is safe or not safe that's that's not what regulation is all about and we need to make sure that f.d.a. really stands up and that we actually have regulations with teeth in them to make sure that public health environmental health are protected sure let's switch gears to another country mexico which is making waves for banning genetically modified foods outright how big of a win is this and do you think this decision really could have implications for the anti g.m.o. movement within the united states considering the country's border each other you know there are many countries that have different levels of bans of different g.m.o. crops and the mexico suspension is obviously a move in a good direction in that it will cause for a lot of more conversation just like you and i having but in reality there have
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been bands that are being put in place that have been overturned relatively quickly much as. that are being put in place through judicial responses and we need to make sure that industry doesn't pressure governments that we make sure that actually public dialogue goes to the point that we really do have regulation as i said before that has some kind of teeth to make sure that public health is protected and we look as well at trade rules such as nafta to put it in c. i had a ban put in place but it was overturned because one center was threatening that they would sue for damages of potential future losses as. ruled in nafta so we have to make sure that trade agreements also don't undermine a future protections absolutely and we'll talk about the united states because it seems like more and more states are really taking the initiative to ban g m o's or at least label them can you talk about what specifically going on in the state of
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washington and how that really compares to what we saw happen in california what kind of outcome do you think we'll see there so washington state right now has an initiative i five twenty two that's on the ballot the ballots have all gone out so obviously people are mailing them back and saying yes we want g.m.o. labeling there's an enormous amount of money that the i'm pumped in by industry and grocery manufacturers' association which represents big food. trying to stop people from being able to know what is in their food in the processes that have gone into growing their food we need to stand up for everybody's right to know because we don't know the long term effects of these things but we do have the right to know the ways in which our food is produced and the levels of pesticides that we may be exposed to and when we look at the kinds of foods that there are just general labeling that we see organic we see in supermarkets conventional we don't see g.m.o. foods that we can understand that if we're looking at a corn or soy products particularly that it will generally be genetically modified
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unless it says no on g.m.o. or organic and when we look at these three systems of agriculture we can say that g.m.o. is really because of the partnering of kit the chemical applications with say development that they would be extremely contaminated with pesticides conventional would be mud or any contaminated and organic would be minimally contaminated and is about as pure as we can get in the united states so just as a general guide for people we need to make sure that we're a film where possible you buy at a really where there's certainly huge momentum right now that we're seeing all over the world and so hopefully that momentum continues i do appreciate you coming on and hearing your insight elizabeth consented to director of policy at the center for food safety thank you you thank. you're looking for a hot date this friday night if not maybe the promise of a pre-pay day at the spa will make you more inclined r t correspondent ana stasia churkin now reports on a new dating application for cell phones that uses bribery to win hearts. what
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would inspire one human to date another even if they aren't really feeling it there's a handful of online dating websites out there that promise the attention of the opposite sex at a click of a button but one service says it's really time to shake things up by trying a new approach they want to go out welcome to the world of a carrot that's right carrot take back the the character turns your food into a personal match make a cell phone app that has those who sign up dangle so-called carrots in front of other members they're interested in when i get a carrot or something carrot like thing on my face. or spawn. yeah i like the imagery of the dangling carrot in the face very subtle there's an undertone of phallic imagery the carrots actually mean gifts or bribes to tempt the object of your affection into going on a date will it be dinner or dessert flower chocolate truffle or shopping the
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choice is your i want the new i pad air so you know i'll go on a date with someone who will give me an i pad air i'll do anything while the idea behind this app is more convincing to some than others this is like the aquittal and when you see a guy in a fancy car drive by or huge motorcycle and say sorry about your penis this dating application promises that a bribe is actually the best way to make anyone. male or female do exactly what you want dangle the right carrot and you've got a date while the mastermind behind the idea says women look presents light bulbs love this kind of thinking has been causing a stir if you're meeting someone on the basis of you're only going out with me because i'm giving you something then guess what buddy you're year from then if that's really what she's into she's going to find a gift from someone else all right this is not a long lasting thing so again it's just tools meeting tools for now there are twenty preconfigured gifts that members can approach each other with you look at
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all for a long draining. out at the spa shopping for a tank of gas or even plastic so. this list will eventually become limitless allowing users to offer up anything to get a date and in addition to paying for a meal or surgery members offering carrots must purchase credits on the app in order to communicate with people who accept their bribes downloading the app is free well if it's helping you know do spraggs rapid tanning more on women and they're getting together and they're loving the juggler them five it's you know it's a do there's a sainz in there. and just make of that and its first week of existence the app has already been downloaded forty thousand times and a staggering twenty five thousand bribes have already been offered and stacy churkin are. many people think that p.t.a. public displays of affection are tacky or annoying but doesn't government really
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need to write legislation about it was while looks at some of the stranger laws on the books regarding love and romance. well the united states is known for many things but romance isn't one of them in some states showing signs of affection is against the law we put together a few examples for you all mustaches are back and for hipsters but in your recent california sporting the facial hair style while kissing a woman is against the law the same rule applies in iowa and in some states sunday is still considered a holy day at least on the books and roswell georgia writes dancing is not permitted on sundays and in hartford connecticut a man cannot kiss his wife if it's sunday a watching your significant other sleep is either considered sweet or creepy in colorado if your girlfriend is sleeping whatever you do don't kiss her it's against the law to smooch a woman if she's fast asleep. and in the state of wisconsin commuting on
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a train is serious business not a time for romance and fact kissing on the train is illegal so this form of p.v.a. is definitely not ok and holding hands is a universal sign of intimacy but in tennessee walking hand in hand in public schools is a violation of the rules the senate passed the bill in the volunteer state last year these are just a few of the heartless laws that we found so the next time you hear someone say that chivalry is dead in the u.s. check out your local laws prince charming is trying to sweep you off your feet you may be pushing the law kerry washington losable are today. thanks to the marvels of modern science we've sent people into outer space we've created medicine that can fight the most deadliest of diseases but with this new invention innovators have really done themselves these are ready and its creators describe them as quote
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flatulence filtering underwear that's right this underwear will totally neutralize the odor of the gas you pass how will shreddies use the fabric called zoar flax which is more commonly used in chemical warfare suits the material is porous so it's designed to trap any smells that could otherwise embarrass you but i imagine they're still working on something that has the power to cancel out that awful sound and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered today go to youtube dot com slash r t america check out our website r t dot com says she was say you can follow me on twitter and i'm your david. we're not psyched to adopt a camp at guantanamo where patients are forced back to the outer amount hunger strike never turned the world's attention to the place that summed up jobs gulag of our times.
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rio is speaking its mind and threatening to pursue a number of policy departures regarding its relationship with washington refraining from a coveted seat on the united nations security council the sodas are furious over washington stance on syria and the failure to support a meaningful peace process in the town for the palestinians the kingdom of saudi is going out on its own but where. more news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today.


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