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tv   Headline News  RT  October 26, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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well handled in the sense that i've got. another day and yet more damaging revelations in the u.k. for communications had cooled his documents reveal the lengths that he thinks he went to to keep them both of valence programs. also the u.k. prime minister failed to convince european partners to cut back on business red tape following reports that you were delicious are costing british taxpayers over twenty seven billion pounds a year. now to tan so winds turkey angers nato with his decision to get chinese help in building a new missile defense system. this
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is already coming to life in moscow with me wearing the joshing british intelligence has been trying desperately to keep its surveillance practices secret wary of public anger and legal challenges that's emerged from internal documents leaked by edward snowden and obtained by the guardian newspaper. reports the spy agency's worst fears are already coming true. these latest documents reveal the long fight the g. c. h. had against making insists that evidence admissible in criminal trials now one of these memos detailing that. main concerns with reference to agency practices in the extension scape of the would lead to a damaging public debate now ironically of course that public debate already taking place in the at the moment on the back of those with stated revelations and for the
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first time in a few weeks we're going to see the head of m i five and six and he giving evidence in public now that will be broadcast by our fast like link although there will be assured still a now perhaps you'll see as this public debate unfolds wheeling out some of the media friendly people of the documents also revealing that they had a list of people they could rely on for press handling but the guardian newspaper really pulling no punches in their piece today saying that the revelations once again calling into question the lack of effective legal protections when it comes to infection of our communications in calling this a breach of trust by the u.k. government on the grandest scale. and this all follows a storm in brussels triggered by revelations the u.s. has been spying on its european allies france and germany voiced their anger over
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reports that the n.s.a. has been tracking the phone calls of thirty five world leaders and he is stable werne lack of trust could harm transatlantic cooperation germany's also teaming up with brazil to push for a u.n. resolution restraining u.s. surveillance former cia analyst ray mcgovern sings the icy slid out of control. i don't know what they would learn from under the medical cellphone that they wouldn't what they wouldn't learn from other more traditional or other technical sources so for them to admit that front but nothing of much value voice again that's an indictment of how they allow this kind of thing to run amok without any adult consideration of the consequences now american internet service providers are also feeling the pressure crypto seal which allows users to browse the internet anonymously as close down following the same path as lavabit the email encryption service used by atwood snowden lavabit closed in august after refusing to cooperate
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with the n.s.c. crypto seal co-founder ryan lackey told us what was behind his decision they would require a search warrant to extract keys. under the new. law bit case they can use a pen or issue order a suit their id order which is a much lower standard to compel a provider to turn over keys so we can't really operate in that environment so we preemptively shut the service down it was too risky to operate being threatened with jail or prison for running a computer service for people is a very very scary proposition and i personally have no interest in you going for meanwhile activists in washington d.c. are gearing up for what they say will be the largest probe privacy rally in u.s. history thousands are expected to show up and deliver a petition to congress calling for surveillance laws to be reformed r.t. talked to one of the people behind the initiative. if there is anything hurting anyone it is the n.s.a.'s activities and hide behind the secrecy that's enabled
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those abuses to continue themselves is as cowardly quite frankly in a democracy and if these programs are poured into national security as they claim and are in fact compliant with the constitution which they are not they should survive the light of day and it's small and overdue for congress to have a transparent debate about whether or not we want to live in a country with prevailing pervasive surveillance or instead we actually mean it when we sing anthems at baseball games about living in the land of the free the more. the n.s.a. spying fallout you can head to our website our full coverage on the journalists activists or to stop watching us campaigning against surveillance. at friday's summit and brussels break sail to persuade the e.u. leaders to curb what it sees as pointless regulations and that's after a new report detailed the heavy cost of red tape on british taxpayers laura smith
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reports from london. david cameron's in brussels this week to demolish the return of powers from the u. and he's got a new weapon in his all marie a report by think tank. fall from being a net beneficiary of all of brussels rules and regulations that should be costing the u.k. taxpayer a staggering twenty seven billion pounds a year in europe the hundred most expensive regulations stuff like rules on working hours g.m. food and a range of other diktats and found that in at least twenty four cases the cost outweigh the benefit even according to the government. meaning that it's knowingly spending taxpayer money. in other cases the report found the benefits of the regulations have been involved with states to europe reckon that in the case of
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climate change regulations around ninety five percent of the expected benefits totally failed to materialize but this study only covers the. of those have shown it's just the take of the odds so. estimates that it's at least ninety billion pounds and regulation which doesn't include the. doesn't include. it is just red tape so obviously if britain left the e.u. tomorrow those costs wouldn't just disappear but at least say critics it would be british regulation and the british people are sitting down and many see cameron's proposals for reform to this european summit as his birth step in trying to change the balance of power with brothels ahead of the referendum he promised to grab the british people. ice and fire the olympic torch has reached the north pole for the
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first time ever a spark of the ambition is so cheap twenty fourteen really artie's james brown took a breath taking trip on board of a nuclear icebreaker to the top of the world. just in case you didn't actually believe we were going to the north pole i think that eliminates any down doesn't it you might think it's just before the dawn or just before the sun sets but actually we're right smack bang in the middle of the day in fact it's just going twelve thirty in the afternoon but of course the further north we go the less daylight we're getting that polar nights are coming into full effect and as you can see our ice breaker is really having to prove our worth now. the think that you can see everything is getting rather busy and excited up here and we're all on the bridge for the final approach. sorry lympics flame away from to make its way onto the north
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pole. her wasn't top of the world. was. well it's not often you get to witness a moment of real history but this is the first time to be in a big flame and ever been made of the north pole exactly right. and i'm here to see . who cashes in on america's expanding waistline. the chemical concoctions that are very sweet very fatty and very salty and they call it
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a point coming up we take a closer look into why people become addicted to high fat high sugar foods and why as the tray and are so far sailing. on the money with the business over russia. his lover in. my dreams. but he couldn't hold on there is such a thing. now she runs her own amazon factory. down a challenge to. smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the
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earth. will he ever be able to win. his woman.
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welcome back this is art. nato member turkey is coming under fire from its allies for considering a multi-billion dollar military contract with china ankara is holding talks with a chinese firm to co-produce a missile defense system however as u.s. insists the deal is incompatible was a nato defense framework dr who same bochy explain what's in it for turkey the
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american. system for all of it so that the americans control the entire fifth them if it is deployed whereas china offering turkey to produce together. to control. together and provide turkey along control of the entire system the sides agree the possible deal is a purely commercial decision however the us is still holding discussions with turkey over the matter professor botching told r.t. that ankara once more leverage and its relationship with washington. the turkish government. of course negotiate this situation with the americans but the americans have to make this point station that turkey is taking part in the production mechanism process until now it was already all said fairly.
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in turkey therefore their new way of thinking their new set of confidence that turkey wants to be part of the entire process and while tensions are running high within nato turkey is bad for membership in another block the european union is not seeing any progress and as are reports anger is growing increasingly frustrated. always the bridesmaid but never the bride progress over turkey's accession to european union could be best described as. this is like a. platonic love affair the europeans doesn't want turkey to go away totally but doesn't want them in the house the talks started in two thousand and five but brussels still says turkey is not yet ready with the eurozone debt crisis raging turkey's membership plans look far less tempting everybody's
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concert. in new further enlargement of the european union whether it's on the balkans or in turkey. because much more travel and more problems for the european union turkish authorities say they are still keen on joining the e.u. family but there has been conflicting signals from an impatient and current prime minister erdogan recently threatened to turn away from e.u. if the country doesn't become a member before two thousand and twenty three many greet with that sentiment believe in a fast growing economic and strategic power will not profit from joining a political and economic zone in deep trouble it's very clear that brics countries have the future of the world the usa and the european union the don't know when and how they will overcome this economic crisis they are not going well and they did everything and they don't have any strategy to do now but the turkish
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opposition believes it cannot make prosperity is not the main issue they say membership might help improve the domestic situation in the country where spiritual groups can't operate freely and last year turkey was accused of jailing more journalists than any other country in the world and the turkish policy at the moment. no policy i mean the europeans. i don't really want turkey discomfits wrote a comfortable with that because they don't want to you we think this is wrong because we feel your accession is a strategic goal for turkey and for democracy for that secular democracy approach it being a member of kyoto tried to community of nations and while the political see saw between brussels and and current goes up and down more and more people are becoming disenchanted with the idea as turkey is europe minister one says membership is like
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a pregnancy you either are or you are not where they go she continued for eight years turkey is definitely not still it seems to want it less and less reflection ati from turkey. japan's crippled fukushima nuclear plant is getting more unwelcome attention a former cleanup worker has pointed to major blunders in the plant's operations and accuse the management of exploitation and even mafia connections we've got all the details for you on our website r.t. dot com. also from high hopes to bitter disappointment a long anticipated biopic about wiki leaks founder julian assange gets a hostile reception to find out why it says the state is being panned by the critics head to our website. right on the scene. first for you and i think that you're.
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on our reporters were there. in. the the in. the u.s. obesity rate has become a key health concern affecting one in three adults some say the phenomenon is a direct result of the tricks food companies use to get consumers addicted to their products or to investigate. it's the richest country on earth where banks can't fail and waistlines can't stop expanding waistlines in america are growing alarming new study showing half of all americans could be obese in less than twenty years sugary drinks and wider waistlines go hand in hand with one out of every three adults clinically obese and forty percent of children officially overweight
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experts say food has become a drug and. cooked and marketed by an industry banking on addiction is what science has done and the lab and they've created these chemical concoctions that are very sickly very fatty and very salty and they caught up with point scientists and food industry whistleblowers say big food companies engineer processed foods and beverages with ingredients that pique the taste buds while tricking the brain to think you're still hungry causing you to eat more but in a country where diabetes high cholesterol high blood pressure and heart disease are becoming all too common among millions of children and adolescents why don't food corporations create healthier recipes when one word would say great. we are doing mommy. kill. another major profit generating ingredient for big food is marketing in the u.s. there's virtually no regulation of food and drink advertising even when it's hard
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it's children. last year entertainer beyond say a fifty million dollar endorsement deal with pepsi this came as the american heart association released a report finding that twenty five thousand obesity related deaths in the u.s. back in two thousand and ten were linked to the over consumption of soda and other sugary drinks in france they have a warning label on it much like we have warning labels here in this country on cigarettes a warning label on processed foods it says warning this food may be harmful to your health while europe. and countries require genetically modified foods to be labeled in the u.s. the biotech industry and corporations like pepsi co and coca-cola spent millions last year to defeat a california ballot initiative for g.m.o. labeling it's very difficult to get the right labeling stand on to the packaging pushback with. producers who do not want to label what really is going into
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a food supply whole foods market or grocery chain with three hundred thirty nine stores recently announced that it will begin labeling on all g.m.o. foods within the next five years it will be the first and only u.s. retail store to require the food labeling on the other hand when it comes to soda regulation is off limits new york city mayor michael bloomberg recently lost his fight to limits the extra large serving sizes of sweet beverages in an effort to fight obesity. i. say and soda lovers like v.p. want to be sarah pailin have celebrated the fact that americans can continue consuming and alarming amount of high fructose corn syrup and empty calories in one giant cup not sure if miss palin knows about the medical warnings indicating that if the country's health trend continues at its current pace nearly half of all
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americans will be obese by twenty thirty marina port i.r.t. new york. now a brief glimpse at some other international news. a greenpeace activist has taken his campaign to new heights in france by suspending himself from the eiffel tower in protest against russia's attention of thirty members of his organization the man how are they managing your intent from the second story and for all the banner for firefighters taken down two hours later last month a greenpeace team attempted to board an arctic oil drilling platform and they're still being held by russian prosecutors this week reduced the charges against them . to hooliganism. hundreds of us have attacked a bus station and brazil's largest city of some after a peaceful march against high ticket prices turned ugly police tear gassed the
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crowd which vandalized turnstiles and cash machines and that vehicles ally up to seventy eight arrests were made brazilians have been railing against mismanagement of public services in cities throughout the country since june and there's also been fuelled by the government's massive spending on preparations for the twenty fourteen world cup. or who. and when cheryl hundred people have taken part in an authorized demonstration near the brandenburg gate a rally against police brutality and germany's persecution of asylum seekers was organized online at the same time thousands of people in hamburg marched in support of african refugees around three hundred migrants from africa are now living in the city seeking residency and the right to work. iranian media say the authorities have hanged sixteen rebels in retaliation against the
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recent killings of border troops earlier the state news agency reported that seventeen soldiers had died in clashes near pakistan and they were reportedly ambushed in the mountains outside the town of seven on iran southeastern border the area known for its interethnic tensions also lies in a major drug routes to europe. well if you know how to hack into computer networks my be a good idea to stay quiet about your skills breaking the host abby martin explains why. it turns out that not only the active can do you know legal trouble but now just labeling yourself as a hacker can get you into hot water last week a u.s. district court ruled that if you simply call yourself a hacker you can apparently legally have all your equipment taken without warning in this particular case engineering laboratory but tell energy alliance is doing x. employ over claims that he stole software coding from the company and the idaho
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court decided that the employees computer could be confiscated without notice simply because his website stated we like hacking things and don't want to stop yes that's right despite fourth amendment language that protects individuals from a reasonable search and seizure hackers are apparently not included. russian security services have discovered a large cache of suicide belts and other explosives in a house in a southern republican as believed to side workshop and have quarters for terrorist operations are these ridiculous the reports we're talking about almost hundred of kilos in the team to equivalent or very have to amount of explosives matter of fact on top of that there were also women's wigs found as well as the car license plates this was found in a house which of course is now basically is remaining is smoldering rubble is of this point and the authorities are sifting through to trying to find more clues as
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to who this house might have belonged to and of course all of this is happening just days after a massive terrorist attack in the russian city of volgograd in which six people were killed more than fifty how been injured over a short regions are now on alert for possible signs of terrorist plots taking place and just ahead here in the latest from the world of business and finance our values on the money in just a couple of minutes. it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of failed detroit has been sentenced to twenty years in prison after
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being found guilty of committing record tearing conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while mayor the prosecutors say he funneled millions of dollars to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge who could fix them stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of. and a cool not be tolerated yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor as an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's just my opinion. drama's the truth be ignored. stories others refuse
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to notice. faces change the world right now. to picture today's news. on to from around the globe. look to. me. look at this i understand it's go back to libya because for all the criticism that you have about russia and syria russia doesn't want to see syria explode everyone thinks it's russia trying to protect its friends by geopolitical interests no it's about a region that could explode and explode in a really vicious fashion say way for me over the islands of the summer because we're not doing killed in a civil war is that your position no matter who is it is your son issues wasn't your people that doing something the civil war in nothing and only one hundred and
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the logic of the arabs richey to your policy is ok or those around my ears even across the hall i'm to be sure you handle it down the road ok you go ahead and finish the russian line with my mom to the line of peter lavelle to my line. alone welcome to on the money where the business of russia is business i'm peter lavelle in the aftermath of washington's going school showdown where does the global economy stand particularly russia's all the more so since russia's poor third quarter results almost completely across the board have disappointing even the most conservative forecasts what does the government need to do to return the economy grow.


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