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because i'm not going to. do. it. thousands of protesters converge on the u.s. congress demanding new laws too and now spying by the national security agency. another day and yet most damaging revelations of the case communications head cool says the documents revealed the lengths that he went to to keep the mass surveillance programs. an epic moment as the olympic torch reaches the top of the world. would still open in the whistleblower the real history but this is the first story the big moment every little bit north pole is exactly right. join our teams crew as it follows the
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sawtooth twenty four team torch relay into the polar night. live from our studios in moscow you're watching our team thank you for joining us crowds have flooded capitol hill in washington d.c. venting their fury against the n.s.a. sweeping surveillance practices the organizers say it's the largest pro privacy rally in u.s. history artie's guyana chicha cohen is in the american capital. thousands of people gathered here on the anniversary of the signing of the patriot act twelve years ago they believe that was the day when in the name of fighting terror their rights have been taken away from them they believe that the tradeoff between security and
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privacy is a false one people here say that they're tired of lies that the government has been telling to cover up their mass spying after all just a year ago the director of national intelligence james clapper said no when asked whether the n.s.a. was collecting data on millions of americans edward snowden's revelations of course confirmed that was a lie is the latest i've heard was that just within a month the n.s.a. spied on more than one hundred and twenty four billion phone calls worldwide that means that every single person on earth is facing the risk of being caught up in the n.s.a. dragnet and the person edward snowden thanks to whom this protest is happening is now holed up in russia because here in the states he would sure be in jail by now people at this rally of people in fact demand a meaningful surveillance a long way for him they came with a petition signed by more than five hundred thousand people demanding congress investigate the n.s.a.
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spying programs the senate judiciary and intelligence committees planned hearings on those programs so they want to make sure that their voices are heard actually one of the main messages of this rally is watch the watchers but the question is is it really possible because so far any light that's been shed on the watchers was through whistleblowers in washington i'm going to check on. now the n.s.a. has been under fire over its overseas activities as well revelations that it's been eavesdropping on key allies including german chancellor angela merkel has sparked outrage in europe however we're now getting reports that president obama told markell in a phone conversation he had no knowledge this was going on let's talk to charlie mcgrath from wide awake news a little bit more about this hey there charlie thanks for joining us thanks what do you make of this denial how much does he not know that's taking place within the n.s.a. . great question it could be a lot i mean you know our n.s.a.
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our security induction complex our security state our alphabet agencies that are watching the people of this country in the world they seem to taken on a life of their of their own i find it hard to believe that the president states doesn't understand who it's terrifying if it is true that our president and our congress has no idea who the n.s.a. and all these other alphabet spy agencies are listening to tracking monitoring including the american people let alone you know scores of leaders around the world so the president coming out to say he didn't understand well that's terrifying in and of itself the statement alone was our correspondent reporting you know people out on the streets they're outraged about what's going on there and they want to get their voices heard do you actually think that they will be heard on capitol hill or will their voices be ignored. well if the patriot act this twelve year anniversary and the implementation of it has taught us anything it's that the people will not be heard we had a complete destruction of
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a constitutional republic in this country just like benjamin franklin all those years ago warned the people of the united states if you're going to train your freedom for safety you're going to end up with needed god bless the people of stop stop watching is us or stop watching us rally i'm glad they're out there doing it i'm glad they got five hundred thousand signatures but we need one hundred million two hundred three hundred million people to wake up and realize that we've turned into a stasi style police state and congress congress is seems to be interested in nothing more than collecting the revenue that they need in order to maintain their position of power by the same military and security industrial complex that is watching the people this country in the world illegally so essentially what you're saying is for this movement to actually be heard it's got to at least gain a momentum minimally of an occupy wall street to actually gain ground and make significant changes is that right i believe that i believe that's one hundred percent correct i don't think a five hundred thirty five member body of congress is looking out for the american
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people we need to wake up and realize that we're losing our freedom at a rapid pace every day with legislation like the patriot act and everything that has come since our well as as you know you mentioned earlier this really coincides with the signing of the patriot act how has post nine eleven security really benefited the united states and what you've seen and in your time as a journalist since since nine eleven it's not benefit of the american people it's not been for benefited freedom or sovereign nations on this planet one bit you know the placate us with platitudes from washington d.c. that we're safer world but we're not we destabilized the world hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have died in the name of prosecuting a war on terror and we've lost our freedom in this country we've lost our freedom you can't as it were snowden statement said today it was read it this way. there's not an e-mail that you can see and there's not a telephone call that you can make there is nothing that you can be done electronically that isn't being filtered through through some billion dollar in a safe fusion center so you know the results of the patriot act i believe
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personally and i think a lot of people in this community and independent media believe the same thing isn't resulting in a freer world in the spreading of democracy around this world it's resulting in the result has been a global effort to put the hands and the power of surveillance in the hands of very very few and it's terrifying we need to wake up to it all right we'll leave it there for now charlie cross founder of wide awake news thank you very much for joining us sir thank you british intelligence has been trying desperately to keep its surveillance practices secret wary of public anger and legal challenges that's emerged from internal documents leaked by edward snowden obtained by the guardian newspaper but as artists are first reports the spy agencies worst fears are already coming true. these latest documents reveal the long fight the g c h had against making insists that evidence admissible in criminal trials now one of these
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memos detailing that g c h t's main concerns with reference to agency practices in the extension scope of them would lead to a damaging public debate now ironically of course that public debate already taking place in the at the moment on the back of those edward snowden revelations and for the first time in a few weeks we're going to see the heads of m i five and six and t.c.h. he giving evidence in public now that will be broadcast virus satellite link although there will be assured still a now perhaps we'll see as this public debate unfolds wheeling out some of their media friendly people the documents also revealing that they had a list of people they could rely on for press handling but the guardian newspaper really pulling no punches in their piece today saying that the revelations once again calling into question the lack of effective legal protections when it comes
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to inception of all communications in calling this a breach of trust by the u.k. government on the grandest scale now while the d.c. h.q. story broke david cameron signed the e.u. memo against u.s. spying former m i five agent and he told us how the prime minister was essentially backed into a corner. well you would have to do that to be like and i'm going to merkel has to say that she is outraged about the fact that her but personal phones have been intercepted by the and say when the unit will disclose just came up with snowden saying that we will all be data mined and surveyed our politicians with slightly less indignant should we say i think cameron has to do this he asked to show that he is concerned about the issues of surveillance but we have to also acknowledge that g c h q and the german v.n.d. intelligence agency have been reportedly very close allies and have been doing the dirty work for the n.s.a.
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so let's not lose sight of american internet service providers are also feeling the pressure. from. jail or prison or running to get a service for people did a very very scary proposition and i personally have no interest in. crypto seal allowed users to browse the web anonymously but it's closed following the likes of lava bit the email encryption service used by edward snowden that closed in august after refusing to cooperate with the n.s.a. on line watch our full interview with crypto seal co-founder brian lackey. for the first time in its history the olympic torch has been lit on the north pole as part of the embellishes such a twenty fourteen relay for months the flame will travel thousands of kilometers across russia before it reaches the host city of the winter games such as in february artie's james brown witness its epic journey to the top of the world.
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just in case you didn't actually believe we were going to the north pole i think that eliminates any doubt that. you might think it's just before the dawn just before the sun sets but actually we're right smack bang in the middle of the day in fact it's just in the afternoon but of course the further north we go the less daylight we're getting the polar nights coming in. and as you can see. is really having to prove our worth now. you can see everything is getting rather busy and excited and we're all on the bridge for the final approach. sorry lympics flame. make its way to the north pole. her to tell the world.
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what it's not often you get to witness a moment of real history but this is the first time to be in a big claim it's ever been made of the north pole exactly that. and i'm here to say that. torch is on its journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip. here to see numbers face. a list the torch relay. m r t r t. a membership fee of twenty seven billion pounds
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a year is enough to. make anyone wince for britain that's the price of being in the e.u. club the prime minister says it's too much of it is just spent on red tape but he's failed to convince the others in the group that they should drop some of the stifling overreaching regulations artie's laura smith reports. david cameron's in brussels this week to demand the return of powers from the u. and he's got a new weapon in his all marie a report by think tank. fall from being a net beneficiary of all of brussels rules and regulations that. the u.k. tax a staggering twenty seven billion pounds a year in europe has the hundred most expensive regulations stuff like rules on working hours g.m. food and a range of other addicts and found in at least twenty four cases the costs outweigh the benefits even according to the government. meaning that it's knowingly spending
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taxpayer money to know. in other cases the report the benefits of the regulations have been involved. in that in the case of climate change regulation around ninety five percent of the expected benefits totally failed to materialize but this study only covers the top one hundred of the it's just the take of the arts. and regulation which doesn't include. it is just red tape obviously if britain left the e.u. tomorrow those costs wouldn't just disappear but at least say critics it would be british regulation british people are and many see cameron's proposals for reform to this european summit as his first step in trying to change the balance of
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power with brothels ahead of the referendum he's promised the british people. there's a reason americans are losing the battle of the bulge. in one word office like green. where the obvious leader of the money of public health. from the lab to the flab looks at who's benefiting from the lip smacking concoctions that are piling on the pounds after the break. for. great hopes for freedom and democracy. substituted by great disenchantment. what was expected to be
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a blessing to the country. turned out to be its curse. georgia the story of a disappointment. dramas that can't be ignored to the. stories others refused to notice. faces change the world lights never. grow. old picture of today's lives life on demand for drugs to blow. up to. fifty.
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welcome back you're watching are to live from moscow with me lindsey france thanks for joining me a new green on blue attack at a military base outside kabul has left one afghan privates dead and at least one nato soldier injured it's the fourth such incident this month involving afghan servicemen turning their guns on the international troops there working alongside middle east history expert deepak trip believes that nato forces are more concerned right now about protecting themselves rather than afghan civilians it's first of all there is a lot. of. over the last ten years twenty years or book you know most of the fighting is being done by afghans was about one hundred thousand foreign troops protected by contractors so there is a feeling in afghanistan bold in the army and the police and in the civilian
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population that the americans and other nato troops are truly protecting themselves and getting ready to get out now nato member turkey is coming under fire from its allies over its talks with a chinese farm on building billiam multibillion dollar anti-missile system the u.s. has voice its concern warning the deal could undermine allied air defenses analyst dr hussein bugg to explain what's motivating turkey american. system it's all these are that the americans control the entire system if it is deployed whereas china is offering turkey to produce together. to control. together and provide turkey and all the control of the five systems. even though washington's a bit upset the deal is hardly likely to threaten turkey's membership of nato both
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agree it would be a purely commercial matter presser bochy told r.t. that china seems to be storing up its international clout many. in circles through the turkish nato if such a decision is going to be realized but i don't think so that turkey is leaving nato because of this decision the question is. china of course is. a truck the conference like turkey or maybe some other. little girl also. influenced by this decision we will see it online for you right now there's a new government ministry in venezuela created purely to make sure everyone is feeling more cheery. and more on how the deputy ministry of supreme social happiness and how it's supposed to put a smile on people's faces through social programs. also think this is
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a rock think again read about the technology that's far from being in stone age complete with camera alarm system and online access. one in three americans are carrying way more weight than they should but how much is there obesity down to clever chemical conjuring by the major food companies artie's moreno portnoy has been finding out. it's the richest country on earth where banks can't fail and waistlines can't stop expanding waistlines in america are growing alarming new study showing half of all americans could be obese and less than twenty years sugary drinks and wider waistlines go hand in hand with one out of every three adults clinically obese and forty percent of children officially overweight experts say food has become a drug engineered cooked and marketed by an industry banking on addiction what
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these scientists. lab and they've created the chemical concoctions that are very sickly very fatty and very salty and they caught up with point scientists and food industry whistleblowers say big food companies engineer processed foods and beverages with ingredients that pique the taste buds while tricking the brain to think you're still hungry causing you to eat more but in a country where diabetes high cholesterol high blood pressure and heart disease are becoming all too common among millions of children and adolescents why don't food corporations create healthier recipes when one word. we are doing mommy will kill. another major profit generating ingredient for big food is marketing in the u.s. there is virtually no regulation of food and drink advertising even when it's hard
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it's children. last year entertainer beyond say in a fifty million dollar indorsement deal with pepsi this came as the american heart association released a report finding that twenty five thousand obesity related deaths in the u.s. back in two thousand and ten were linked to the over consumption of soda and other sugary drinks in france they have a warning label on it much like we have warning labels here in this country on cigarettes they put a warning label on processed foods it says warning this food may be harmful to your health while europe. and countries require genetically modified foods to be labeled in the u.s. the biotech industry and corporations like pepsi co and coca-cola spent millions last year to defeat a california ballot initiative for g.m.o. labeling it's very difficult to get the right labeling standards on to the packaging is big pushback with the industrial food producers who do not want to label what really is going into our food supply whole foods market our grocery chain with three hundred thirty nine stores recently announced that he will begin
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labeling on all g.m.o. foods within the next five years it will be the first and only u.s. retail store to require the food labeling on the other hand when it comes to soda regulation is off limits new york city mayor michael bloomberg recently lost his fight to limits the extra large serving sizes of sweet beverages in an effort to fight obesity. i. am a and soda lovers like v.p. want to be sarah pailin have celebrated the fact that americans can continue consuming and alarming amount of high fructose corn syrup and empty calories in one giant cup not sure if miss palin knows about the medical warnings indicating that if the country's health trend continues at its current pace nearly half of all americans will be obese by twenty thirty marina portnoy r.t.
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new york. yikes and a look now at some other international news stories a green peace activist taking his campaign to new heights in france suspending himself from the eiffel tower in protest against russia's detention of thirty members of his organization hanging from the second story he unfurled a banner before firefighters brought him down two hours later last month a greenpeace team attempted to board an arctic oil drilling platform they're still being held but russian prosecutors this week reduce the charges against them from piracy to hooliganism. the saudi women have got behind the wheel and are breaking the law with an online protest to get the right to drive in the islamic country over sixty of them posted videos on you tube in their third major stand for their rights in twenty years this time they attracted a record number of activists earlier this year thousands of saudis signed an online petition calling the prohibition of of women drivers outdated.
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zillah you peaceful rally against the high cost of public transport turned violent and hundreds of protesters attacked a bus station in sao paulo rioters destroyed cash machines and set fire to a bus police responded with tear gas hundreds of people have been detained and have been protests in brazil since june over what's seen as the mismanagement of public services and massive spending on the twenty fourteen world cup. the dangers of literally throwing money at a problem are looked at next hour when max and stays here here for another kaiser report. it's an interesting tweet to us from trolling for good he said his mind quantitative easing underpins wall street such that any signs of a weak economy push the market higher the markets get bloated as soon as there's any bad signs any is the refined bread the process foods are put into the system
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people are like yes this is great because now the fed's going to feed us more hot air of quantitative easing you know we've talked about collateralized for obligations bonds on the show before that that ben bernanke you know mark carney are trying to monetize their flatulence that's the that's the economic growth in the u.k. they talk about g.d.p. annualizing at three percent growth but debts and you allowed to get nine percent growth and higher if you put the bits that are off the balance sheet like on the bank of england back into the mix and debts compound at twenty percent a year so three percent a year in g.d.p. growth even though it doesn't even discount for the actual inflation number the fact is you can economies in negative territory they're living on carny farts they're living on cordie far to where that's their tirade going to mc so-called growth. never dill they're on the kaiser report that's for sure in
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a few short hours georgia will be going to choose its next president and up next r t we profile the country's turbulent ten years under mikhail saakashvili. it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of failed detroit has been sentenced to twenty years in prison after being found guilty of committing record tiering conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while mayor yeah the prosecutors say he funneled millions of dollars to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes
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but because he got punished the judge who could fix him stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor is an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's just my opinion. it's. such a good. fellow
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. november two thousand and three were still very avenue in tbilisi people are protesting against and wish him a nod say demanding he step down as president thirty five year old mikhail saakashvili storms the parliament is wearing a bulletproof vest under his coat his supporters are holding brosius the revolution needed a symbol really challenge the man who'd supported and defended him this happens in politics a new page in history often starts with betrayal. and yes hello.


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