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tv   Headline News  RT  October 27, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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i remember flying out of the window and suddenly i was on the street and planning. terror in volgograd are teammates survivors of monday's horrific suicide attack on a crowded bus in southern russia. caught out again america's ten years top level phone tapping. such an overall. game was a surprise for everybody conflicting reports in europe about how much president obama really knew about the n.s.a. listening in on the german chancellor cell phone we've got the developments. and drone deaths and war crimes amnesty international says the u.s. must answer for the many civilian deaths inflicted by unmanned ops in pakistan and
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yemen. good morning from moscow where it's just six am on lindsey france thanks for joining me. we began with tragedy in russia when a suicide bomber killed six people she blew herself up in a bus packed with at least forty passengers in volgograd the terrifying moment of the attack was caught on video take a look. police suspect the killer stalked the city waiting for an awful moment to wreak the most deadly damage i want to volgograd to report and to retrace the events of that day. october twenty first started just like any other monday here in boulder people woke up with places to go and things to get done heavily using bus stations just like this but for
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several people needing bus number twenty nine they could never have foreseen how quickly their lives would change when they took that ride. the route ran without incident from morning till afternoon until one person got on board thirty year old lie you see all of that is when things took a tragic turn and a stop to the veronica was on her way home from classes at the university laughing and talking with the other students crucially it was in the middle of the class which saved her life. when the blast hit everything around me went to lying and then i don't remember anything but i remember flying out of the window and suddenly i was honest. i understood that something happened with my hands i was covered in blood it was right here at about two pm local time that a blast ripped through bus twenty nine the same truck what they do that everybody in the blast was touching their faces and heads asking what happened what happened
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there was a lot of blood on them and a lot of flesh everywhere i was very afraid i got out of my car and i saw a headline there my friend took a young boy and his father to the hospital the remnants of an explosive device told the tale shrapnel t.n.t. and a grenade the accident site became a frenzy while i see oliver agee hardest from republic of dagestan became the central focus of the investigation authorities will be keen to find her husband teach her silken love and ethnic russian convert to islam missing since two thousand and twelve in the hope he may have the answers when different parties in both the core of. international terrorism expert alexander dahmer and told us it's a worldwide problem that needs a global answer. i can tell you that you know we're dealing with this kind of a terrorist international gender divide what's happening in america in boston or in a global masoud in a demented five well we cannot separate it from what has just happened in the mall
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to get out from what happened in there all the just several weeks ago we are in the scene boat and this is very unfortunate and we need to deal with it. reports in german media suggest president obama was aware of the n.s.a. tapping chancellor merkel's phone even though he reassured her he knew nothing during a personal conversation in a phone call merkel said the monitoring would in fact be a breach of trust if confirmed and that spying among friends just doesn't work obama of course apologized and reportedly claimed to have had no prior knowledge that that was even going on but germany's build newspaper goes as far as suggesting that not only did he know but actually encourage the bugging of merkel's phone a claim denied by washington as a last leak documents now show that her number was on the n.s.a.'s watch list from two thousand to three years before she became chancellor but she wasn't alone more
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than thirty other leaders were targeted artie's been gauging reaction as developments unfold it. we knew that to some practices what existed but the search and overall system this came as a surprise for everybody controlling internet controlling deformation you know well this is a privilege a monopoly that cannot to be accepted because we know that if we are going to follow up in the same direction then confrontation might be the book when it's a case of ordinary citizens and that's what the real scandal is the real scandal is the true extent of mass surveillance in the e.u. and of course beyond what's happening it's there's a whipping of hysteria and attempt to use that hysteria to undermine the rights of people to privet see this has. created a massive reputational crisis for the united states the entire populace is now in
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essence on edge about what is the united states government doing what is the n.s.a. doing certainly we've lost a lot of credibility as an ethical internet steward. as fresh thinking about the n.s.a. surveillance keep rolling out our t's twitter is on top of the story for you to follow us to get real time updates and reaction. right. first right. and i think you're. going to. amnesty international is on the attack saying america's ongoing drone attacks in pakistan and yemen have violated international human rights law and should be
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regarded as war crimes the group released a report this week revealing the thrower of civilian casualties is actually much higher than what the u.s. repeatedly claims let's take a look at some of these numbers now it was in two thousand and four when the bush administration started widely using unmanned craft in its pursuit of al qaeda and the taliban the number of deaths soared dramatically in two thousand and six when almost one hundred civilians were killed most of them children another escalation came in two thousand and eight with seventy five lives lost and a year later the fatalities reached one hundred sixty two the air broke obama took office in record number of strikes from remote controlled jets was recorded over the next twelve months and the drone war continues the obama administration is responsible for about ninety percent of all the strikes carried out since two thousand and four almost a thousand civilians have been killed including up to two hundred children according to some estimates the total number of drone deaths in the region tops
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three and a half thousand lucy capital of looks into the latest for. the predator drone remotely controlled and heavily armed it's the weapon of choice in the cia's undeclared war in pakistan that's where the u.s. is believed to have launched more than three hundred strikes since two thousand and four the target suspected taliban and al qaeda militants the white house says better drones then boots on the ground and justifies the covert program as both affective and legal america does not take strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing and imminent threat to the american people not so according to amnesty international in a damning new report the human rights group warns u.s. drone strikes could amount to war crimes documents recent killings in pakistan's northwest tribal areas and the lack of transparency surrounding drones this is a secret program in fact in our case we've found at least in some cases they've
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clearly killed civilians and some of these cases might be war crimes that really concerns us one such case is that of sixty eight year old be killed by a u.s. drone last october she was picking vegetables with her grandchildren when that attacks took place a double strike the children miraculously survived. most of them i heard that. the first hit and the second hit my cousin. but her grandmother's body was pulverized these missile fragments are all that remain amnesty documents other such cases but its main point the need for transparency and accountability the u.s. must explain why these people have been killed people who are clearly civilians must provide justice to these people compensation it must investigate those responsible for those killings now in a separate report a un investigation looked at thirty three drone strikes around the world not just
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in pakistan that violated international humanitarian law and also resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties that report also calling for more transparency and accountability from the united states reporting from moscow i'm lucy catherine of. artie's been given rare access to the guantanamo bay prison. only people who knows what goes on get his ass and get him. later this hour we ask staff at the facility like conditions and incidents there so wrapped mystery. and shooting the messenger the syrian journalist working for state media who are being terrorized by the rebels more on that in a few months. now spain has been ordered to release a basque terrorists guilty of killing twenty three people in the late eighty's thousands protested in madrid over the european human rights court's decision you
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know still reel in member of the separatist movement she was given a maximum thirty year sentence but strasbourg judges say spain denied her the right to reduce her tariff to work in prison something which is afforded to other inmates in the country john laughland from the institute of democratic denmark recy and cooperation says the strasbourg court is doing the opposite of what it was created to do but it's incredible isn't it that a european court of human rights should intervene in this way to alleviate the sentence of the woman who has been convicted of the due process of the murder of more than twenty three people this woman is a mass murderer and the idea that the european court of human rights which was set up to safeguard citizens against the abuses that could be committed by states against room citizens that such a body should now be as it were to beaning in favor of people who have themselves
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grossly abused the rights of citizens by murdering the. the u.s. claims a long running hunger strike at guantanamo bay has mostly ended but fifteen prisoners are still being force fed amid their six month protest against their detention and of course their conditions there are t. was given rare access to the facility to find out what's what it's like like in the on the inside but the wall of secrecy surrounding what happens there proved difficult to get through as a necessity reports. transparency is a word repeated by u.s. officials working at guantanamo like a mantra by those few who are comfortable speaking on camera you see the conditions under which the detainees live you get to talk to the people who are responsible for garnham we make it is transparent as possible and those preferring to remain on identifiable like the majority of officials we were permitted to speak to every week we get media like yourself international media local media whatever and
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they're welcome to come you know we tell them what we have any journalists workflow at guantanamo starts with a mandatory introduction to media rules the so-called operation security briefing or the material that you guys are gathering to make sure that it advised by our policy here even though transparency is a word brought up by all the personnel we talked to on the ground we as journalists access to detainees aside are asked to be very careful about the shots we filmed all the backdrops and at the end of each day videos are reviewed and any shots deemed unacceptable are deleted this one will be ok because palm trees are not too controversial remind you of any frowned upon seaward like censorship it's in this series the program established to her car program accomplished with her regularly sorry old video and audio recordings and even sketches are carefully studied cell phones are banned from camps we're not supposed put anything on facebook or anything like that or you know even worry about talking about it over
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the you know anything over the phone the said purpose of these ground rules to protect the safety and security of getting the operations the detainees you have made it their mission so we try to photograph them to take down we are warned violations of media ground rules may result in restricted access denial of future visits and or removal from guantanamo bay. people just kind of mislabeled it and have called it a call for be just not leading. giving the true picture i mean the only people who knows what goes on get more is os and detainees and getting the detainees side of what goes on and get most apparently just couldn't be done after an extensive explanation of how exactly we are to film the prisoners the amount of detainee face time we get a total of one minute and five seconds through a dark glass window the reason we're given out of respect for them and and not using them is as you know. you know. making
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them some kind of curiosity you know on film a thing like that we don't want to do that despite our requests to not even film but at least witness more real prison or life a high ranking guantanamo admiral convinces us that we actually have a lot more access than we think you're seeing what there is to to see you know. given the amount of time that you have here to to see if we are as transparent as possible after one minute glimpse at one detainee our schedule is in fact all booked up like they come and they pay were taken to the detention camp kitchen to witness how well things run their will since we're not really being allowed to close to the detainees this might be the closest glimpse of their life we might be getting today we're being told the that these are the meals that they're offered on a daily basis. we're also taken to the only local radio station all made up like zombies in the audience military personnel serving at the base do you do anything related to the time and attention can look like. that to the public media
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because you know there's enough journalists over there covering their music sports and talk radio pure infotainment rains here. and so we learn there we're not the only ones simply being treated to a show and party one tunnel bay cuba. the digital currency bit coins battle for mainstream acceptance is gaining momentum first ever a.t.m. allowing customers to turn this point the hard cash it's got to be launched in canada the details have to r.t. dot com. plus japan is showing off its military muscle but tensions over the biggest territorial flare up in years aren't receding in east asia invision section takes a look at that. the tide of refugees trying to reach
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europe and the disturbing number killed doing so is proving deeply troubling for the scores of people have drowned this month alone as they try to cross the mediterranean in overcrowded boats here are the main routes which refugees are using in their efforts to get to europe some of them are fleeing conflict torn countries of course like syria and libya those who manage to reach the shores of europe's south then try and move on to other countries like spain france germany and then on of course to the united kingdom but it's italy and greece which shoulder the heaviest burden and that's because the e.u. laws state that asylum seekers must stay in the country where they first arrive until it's decided what to do with them igor piskun off takes up the story. they want to buy the food from the opiate of saddam then traveled to libya and finally reach sicily after what must have been the most nerve wrecking ball right of their lives these three women are hiding their faces from the camera since now they're risking being sent back when we were at sea now the boat with refugees sank into
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a three hundred people died but we were lucky and in sicily we manage to avoid getting registered it's illegal between need to go further north there is nothing for us here under e.u. regulation all newcomers must seek asylum in the country where they are right and under italian law anyone of voting registration is sent home but nowadays more and more newcomers are ready to take their chances don't register to try to go to northern states where there are more opportunities with you probably when you arrive here they give you the very minimum there is no jobs no school and you sleep in the street for six months italy is one of the worst european states in this regard youth unemployment has exceeded forty percent while the economy is in the worst recession since the second world war international obligations and plain human principles can't allow italy to turn away a refugee since for many is the only chance for survival but the situation is now which to a point when this duty has become too heavy for it to handle on its own the e.u.
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has pledged italy would receive an additional thirty million euro or just over forty million dollars to deal with the refugee crisis but how will this help to distribute the more evenly throughout the union and integrate them into the economy is not clear they have been so on ideas of the cherry they may be some positive development and i see embodies a lot of. good hope but no concrete ideas and as governments and international organizations brainstorm the solution one thing is certain the flow of refugees is only going to continue you've got this going on r.t. italy. thousands of opposition activists have marched through central moscow in support of those who they consider to be political. prisoners the protesters were demanding the release of around two dozen people arrested on may the sixth last year when a mass protest on the eve of president putin's inauguration turned violent there was also a call for the release of greenpeace activists detained for trying to storm an
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arctic oil platform and for the freedom of jailed oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky m r twenty off peacefully organizers initially claimed up to twenty thousand people were to turn up police say just five thousand turned out in other news around the world. britain is getting the first taste of its worst storm in years which threatens to be the most destructive since the late eighty's southern england and southern and eastern england rather are already being lashed by heavy rain and ferocious winds gusts of around one hundred thirty kilometers an hour are expected by many monday morning trains have been cancelled as have over one hundred thirty flights at heathrow meanwhile the search has been called off for a teenager who was swept out to sea as the weather worsened. in india at least five people have been killed and more than eighty injured in bomb attacks on crowds who gathered for a political rally the blast went off just before the speech of opposition
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politician narrandera modi who was a candidate for prime minister in next year's election it's not immediately clear who was behind the violence. syria has submitted its plan on chemical arms destruction meeting and internationally imposed deadline but the peace talks spurred by russia and the u.s. are struggling to get all on board nineteen opposition groups are refusing to participate and amid the bloodshed within syria the rebels have published hit lists singling out state media employees covering the war paula slayer has a story. these pictures were a long time coming syria's state t.v. headquarters in flames but the attack occurred just hours after rebel groups were and they'd showered damascus with mortars. and young will return call for i think their main goal is to intimidate people to stop us from working they want us to think twice about working for syrian t.v. like other employees of syrian state t.v.
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this woman is afraid to show her face she is one of the names listed in this website set up by the rebels and each a name and photograph is the word one tid those with crosses through them are people who have already been killed. the irony is that those who make t.v. are now too afraid to appear on it this video editor was given an ultimatum either come work for us the rebels threatened or we'll kill you he managed to escape but a few weeks ago he came home to the message wherever you are you dog of the regime we will find you painted on his front door in this business i've lost the feeling of fear after i saw a man beheaded in front of me and mortar shells falling all around you forget what fear is but the pain and heartbreak remain idea bust his brother ali carmel was an editor in chief of the syrian news agency he was killed by four bullets shot at
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close range after masked gunmen broke into his home and got a victory rally the strange thing is that we were never afraid for him we were afraid for my other brothers quine the army without at least a severe in you'll be safe but they kill him because they don't want anybody to tell the truth even just those appearing on t.v. are being threatened they call a couple of time to adjust to say that your body will be shot off from the hand they said we know who you are we not the location. we cannot kill you we cannot cut your head from the body you are. this is what they say exactly the fear for many is that this list is long there were many names on it look at it and scenes like this could well be repeated until every last one of them is to be shared policy r.t. damascus syria the caucasus republic of georgia has voted for
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a new president drawing mikhail saakashvili is decade in power to a close and looks like his bitter rival is heading for victory signaling that people want a clear break from the past as briffa national reports. they are among the maze determined detractors of georgia's outgoing president. they follow me house occasionally everywhere to leave him in no doubt of where they stand. circus really was the once popular leader of the rose revolution the first color evolution which saw power change in post soviet republics. in the last days of his near ten year presidency even former allies on the attack. after his successes started building an authoritarian regime the media was attacked one million people fled one quarter of the population went through the penal system
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they were either arrested or interrogated in two thousand and seven police used tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters wanting such a shrillest government to resign. in two thousand and eleven they did it again. boudin i'm ugly well people were afraid to express or even have their opinion if they faced injustice they failed to report it as good a fact their families. told me his brother used to run the state audit office and claims he was tortured in jail when he took his case to the human rights cotton strasberg told nikki says he too was arrested over fabricated case becoming another recognised political prisoner. i got eight and a half years if it wasn't for new premier vanish villi i wouldn't have got out and just one week i saw they took out four dead bodies from jail they said those young men died from diseases but that's nonsense days before last october's parliamentary
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election videos showing young inmates being humiliated and beaten became the last straw for the georgian people selfishness party lost but this. georgian media veteran says the public euphoria with his defeat is tempered by how much the people had already lost the video. promoted georgian people astelin said and they should with history and we started to live in it we started moving away from us albeit past p.r. he was a p.r. genius he managed to convince the entire world and under the flag of democracy we got fascists as george's and after it votes for many here it's nessa both welcome in the future but say goodbye to their past the law prevents me from running for president again now he's a mission is life far away from politics in the one business but the public seems in no mood to simply let him fade into the background there is
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a strong desire georgia for such a shrill to be broad justice and it seems his detractors won't stop until that thirst is quite just. tbilisi georgia up next a former u.s. envoy to saudi arabia explains whether the two allies relationship is about to crack today with r.t. . sigrid laboratory tim curry was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care watch only on the r.-g. dot com.
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two years out of the force ouster of gadhafi by nato forces libya stands at the abyss the lack of a strong central government weak rule of law and the endless violence in a country awash with weapons has resulted in libya facing a failed state status add to this the presence of islamic militants can things get any worse in libya. hello and welcome to well the part that.


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