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the. now there are day and other tragedy iraq and you are is a series of blasts that kills more than sixty people as a merciless campaign by the nations all kind of self shows no sign of easing. the more that we attack terrorists the way that we're doing the war terrorism appears we explore how the brainchild of asylum bin ladin has spread its wings from central asia all the way to the atlantic since washington launched its war on terror. and president obama has reportedly known for years the out of state was spying on the german chancellor yet chose not to stop and claimed that the agency strongly denies .
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this is r.t. coming to live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program a series of bombings has ripped through iraq killing at least sixty six people such coordinated attacks have become the hallmark of the country's al qaeda cell its bloody efforts to undermine the authority of the iraqi government have already made this year the deadliest in the country since two thousand and eight let's look now at the roots of the crisis from ninety ninety six to two thousand and one that was based in afghanistan where it enjoyed the protection of the taliban and it was also present in pakistan its expansion gathered steam after washington launched its war on terror in response to the nine eleven attacks the us invasion of iraq prompted radical islamists there to declare their allegiance to osama bin laden's network in two thousand and four two thousand and seven saw a powerful jihad as group in north africa unite under the name in the islamic
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magreb and spread its operations across the region two years later the yemeni and so. saudi branches merged to formal qaida in the arabian peninsula since then the terror network's been gaining ground with new cells emerging in the region as the arab spring unfolded including some powerful groups waging a war against president assad in syria i just got to investigate. u.s. intelligence officials speaking anonymously of course say they're not concerned that al qaeda affiliated groups in syria are shifting some of their focus from toppling bashar al sought to launching extra law for ations against the west one u.s. lawmaker pointed out that's exactly what happened even ghana sent which led to nine eleven they are now focused on fighting assad but very soon they'll be focused on something else we have michael here former pentagon official with me mr maloof where are the groups headed in your opinion the. through our.
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forces that are there. are now attempting to look at syria in the long term to be under a caliphate and their spring throughout the entire region when you look at a map of the whole area stream from the arabian peninsula to all the way across north africa and into the magreb right. at the foot of southern europe and that is where here the strategy is to ultimately move into europe according to various estimates more than ten thousand committed members are operating just along syria's eastern border with iraq it's reported to be more than the number of jihad is in iraq during the u.s. led occupation worth mentioning it was the u.s. invasion that brought terror into iraq this graph from the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism shows the spike of terrorist attacks in iraq following the u.s. invasion the u.s.
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now shrugs at all these terror that iraq has to deal with every day calling it well pains of democracy libya and similar attitudes the u.s. helped to kill qaddafi now the country is involved in chaos and terror again you hear pains of democracy but as these extremist groups in different countries become more and more organized as a network it's difficult to ignore them. that spreading through the region the u.s. things drones are the perfect tool to deal with terrorists they say drones are the solution but on the receiving end those drone strikes are seen as acts of terror when they kill innocent people and they help terrorists recruit more terrorists most recently to report came out by amnesty international and human rights watch they looked into u.s. strikes in pakistan and yemen human rights watch found that in the strikes that they had investigated seven percent of those who died were civilians washington says they decimated al qaeda solution but it seems al-qaeda has metastasized and
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continue spreading with drone strikes and brewing civil wars in washington i'm going to check on. george kenney who's a former diplomat of the u.s. foreign service as washington keeps showing its war on terror as full of inconsistency is we should reasonably assume that within the u.s. government they have exactly the same data they know that the more that we attack terrorists the way that we're doing the more terrorism appears and so then the question is well if we're creating more terrorists through our end of terrorism activities why are we doing it there's no sensible strategy there's no consistent logical strategy behind us actions we're taking things one piece at a time so here we support one group there we suppress the same group here we talk about terrorists and their we support terrorists in syria there's there's no real consistency in that that shows that that's very strong proof that there is no
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thought behind what we're doing. and as all qaeda linked militants push on with their offensive against the government in syria more civilians are stepping forward a civil war of volunteers. my family one is unknown but nothing is more precious than our country homeland when i was raised and coming up we'll meet a syrian woman who is putting her alive on the line to the fan our country and children.
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and german news outlets suggest president obama has been aware of the n.s.a. tapping chancellor merkel's phone and to let it go on for years this comes after reports stated that he confirmed to angle merkel over the phone that he knew nothing of the practice and a phone call margot said the monitoring would be a breach of trust if confirmed and that spying on friends does not work obama apologized and reportedly claimed to have had no prior knowledge that it was going on but germany's build newspaper suggest he knew about the spying in germany and encouraged it a claim denied by the n.s.a. called mob and from the international action center says that if the roles were reversed the u.s. wouldn't leave a single stone unturned to punish the spice. say you say cuba had been tapping the united states or iran had been tapping the united states there would be actually be sanctions and retaliation but in this instance that they are you know what's going
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to what's going to happen who's going to hold the united states accountable you know it's the same goes to the civilians who've been killed by drones what are they going to do it you know the u.s. is the force of economic power in the world and military power and they're the ones who get to punish people it's it doesn't seem to be the other way around it really kind of kind of blows away many illusions people have about you know international order and international law also an historian gerald horne believes the american spying in germany is driven by economic reasons and potential financial gains more than anything. is in the position where he has to deny what is painfully obvious you should recognize that one of the many reasons why the united states spies when chancellor merkel is economic espionage it is to see us corporations like ford or in competition with folks wagon with software manufacturers in competition with a.p. for example and siemens of germany is in competition with g.e.
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by booking telephones at a high level in berlin united states can get information that can be very helpful to the competitor words of these german corporations i would like to know what do you think about the developing scandal around the u.s. spying practices and we are asking you how well the revelations that the n.s.a. bugged angle merkel's phone affect america ties so deal log on to our t dot com that's our web site to vote on our latest weapon. well let's now take a look though at what's happening and the figures that we have there at the moment in the popular opinion as you can see seems to be that the e.u. will introduce highly encrypted communications for all top officials to protect countries against us snooping over at quarter of those who participated in the poll believe that president obama will apologize for angle merkel and offer to spy on david cameron instead or slightly fewer think european governments will restrict access to private data raising the cost for u.s.
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businesses in the you and the minority of this point in vision steer many offering snowden a solid asylum in return for launching a cyber counterattack against the u.s. to do it what do you think while you go into r.t. dot com and leave your say there well while you are online get the latest updates on the story and many others. such as for example reports that tens of millions of phone calls in spain were intercepted and stored by the n.s.a. last year read up on the spread of the american spy web and our web site also mined for you today. the boy from canada pleads guilty to hacking government a website and passing the data to anonymous in exchange for games learn more about the twelve year old prodigy r t dot com. your charity live from moscow and more news just ahead for you don't go away.
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wealthy british style it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports. we speak your language of the war not a. news program says documentary some spanish matters to you. a little turn to angles to the stories. you hear.
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the spanish find out more visit. the fact that the military practiced at any given moment in palestinian towns on palestinian people you know doing false arrests which is basically like like a normal arrest that you actually drag somebody out of his house in the middle of the night don't know difference is that the person that you are arresting is not really wanted for anything this is just for practice for training the soldiers now obviously one of the reasons that it's being done is in order to actually train the soldiers which is problematic by itself but i would say that if you look at the whole of the testimonies of hundreds of soldiers you will see that the main mission around is. there the palestinian society as a whole not just the gunmen men women and children everybody needs to be afraid of
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you because they. create effective control over the palestinian population. is immediately so we leave that maybe. i will see bush and see your. party is it. seems that no one is asking with the gas that you deserve answers from. politic. welcome back this is r.t. as a human cost of the spiraling syrian conflict mounts civilians are being increasingly caught up in the fighting some are now facing no other choice and to enlist in the military and had to the front line artist falls leader i'm at once here your mother has taken the safety of her children and her own hands miriam is getting ready for
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work like women around the world she enjoys putting on makeup before heading to the office but miriam's job is a little different to most the twenty three year old is heading to the syrian frontline it gives me great satisfaction being able to defend my country against terrorists who want to destroy it. it's strange to find women here in the line of fire even more so because marion is a mother her sons are just four and six years old. and i signed up because of them i'm not afraid any move because i've stopped wanting rather an estate to rule. but every day miriam sees the reality of war more than one hundred thousand people most of them civilians killed the people who lived in these homes will have friends and family all of them have fled most of them will never return i. am most afraid when the water bombs fall in our posts and there is shrapnel if you days ago the terrorists launched rockets at our checkpoint their rockets are not
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accurate sadly they had a civilian building and many people died were rescued a few and carried them to hospital this used to be a school playground but children's laughter has long been drowned out by the whistling of bullets. and i was kidnapped twice the last time for two months they arrested me when i was in civilian clothes this is back to doug was cooperating with the army i did i did and luckily they eventually let me go but the risks facing a woman in uniform are often far greater than for her male counterparts several of miriam's female colleagues have been killed while held hostage often it's nothing more than luck that separates the living from the did my family worries a lot but nothing is more precious than our country homeland where i was raised it's true my children are very precious very important but my country is a move to say. and despite the price it's a job she's proud to wake up to each day and events when have been in the syrian
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army since the seventy's there's even a special military college for them but usually their jobs are administrative and logistic desperate times however cord for desperate measures pointlessly r.t. damascus. coming up on the program sinking outside the box. with predictions of the looming housing crisis and with rents at an all time high in the u.k. right now we're going to be telling you why some people it's turning away from bricks and mortar and instead turning to the. shipping container of the city's.
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you're watching our no exit poll suggests an ally of georgia's billionaire prime minister has won a landslide victory in the country's presidential election this marks an end to a decade in power by a house akaash villi his allies suffered a blistering defeat at the polls are just more even ocean reports from the country's capital tbilisi. dream car lation of the country's prime minister billionaire regina even ishmael is celebrating the victory now as exit polls say a man a forty four year old philosopher gogin marvellous really ahead of twenty two other candidates including but crowds endorsed by the country's outgoing president mikheil saakashvili and his united national movement the former parliamentary speaker has only confirmed his defeat and congratulated his rival upon the good results but another favorite of this phrase noble john was
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a veteran politician here in georgia one of the leaders of the two thousand and three rose revolution here in the country the first color revolution that so regime change in the former soviet republics has claimed that it's too early now for anybody to open champagne because official results will only come out in two weeks and she has claimed for everybody to wait till that moment all those we have been able to speak to him believes and told us this is a vote is less about welcome in the future but may or and rather about saying goodbye to the country's past and personally make house he's known in the west as the man who brought democratic changes here to georgia and there are many people here in the country who share this opinion saying that he was the man who made the country turn away from the soviet past and move towards civilized world but his legacy is very controversial he was once very popular leader of the rose revolution but those who started this revolution with him accuse him of boodle for
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a terrine regime with repressions and oppression of the opposition million people who fled the country in fear of this repression the country has many of those who are specially recognized as political prisoners and to be doing revealed last year showing inmates in the toting joe's basement related the last straw for georgian public to reject mikhail saakashvili and his policy and the process of the legacy of make us circus really is something that many people now question move and who is going to run this country for the next two years. now take a look at some other stories from around the world argentina's president for the last and mid-term elections after an opposition candidate clinched victory in the country's key province this means cristina fernandez won't be able to push through a constitutional change to allow her a third term in office she's been out of action during the campaign degree murder
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and brain surgery in october argentina which is one of the world's top grain exporters struggles to keep up with rising food demand and attracting investment to exploit its oil reserves. police use baton and tear gas on around seven hundred animal rights activists in southern france clashes erupted during a protest against an upcoming bullfighting best style career this album in many towns in the south of france and dozens of schools offer toreador training. in madrid thousands have been protesting against the court ruling in favor of the separatist movement at last week the european court of human rights ordered spain to release a notorious member of the armed group still rio he had been jailed for her role in multiple bombings in the 1980's from the institute of democracy and cooperation says the strasburg court is doing exactly the opposite of what it's supposed to.
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it's incredible isn't it that a european court of human rights should intervene in this way to alleviate the sentence of the woman who has been convicted of the due process of the murder of more than twenty three people this woman is a mass murderer and the idea that a body the european court of human rights which was set up to safeguard citizens against the abuses that could be committed by states against their own citizens that such a body should now be as it were to feeling in favor of people who have themselves grossly abused the rights of citizens by murdering them as a high cost of living puts a strain on more and more people in the u.k. manning brace the idea that less is more and some get creative with what could and should be considered a home or two sarah for of takes us to an open house when adjusting the issue of
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the thought of all housing that one learns in charities being thinking outside the box but when it comes to their solution it's inside that counts meet them i pads the shipping container doubles as a low cost. renting in london is particularly expensive and once again we've seen rents hit record highs so we're going to go take a look inside and see what this is all about. you know how. they feel very much for having us yes this is my palace yeah this is the my. desk here inside the my pads been designed to provide these who need it most with the food of all independent living and just seventy five pounds a week the my pad certainly cheap by london standards i think it's difficult for anybody right now to get. comfortable accommodation and
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a good price about you know paying extortionate amounts of the projects the brainchild of timothy paying. for this is essentially this is a shipping container from china this is a shipping charge. this cover over a great big boat the projects already received planning permission and funding is expected to come from the greater london authority initially this project will be soley for the young people the charity works with society just takes the. place to call for months of them because the moment they get into work they can't afford to live in a hostel and they can't afford to move anywhere else because doesn't make any moral or any economic sense. as an idea is brilliantly innovative it's been designed as a quick fix now there's planning permission for thirty more things to be built next year but predictions say that if bracing continues at its current rate of building
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them by twenty twenty and we face a shortfall of two million homes in the u.k. so you can see the scale of the problem and it's why what started out as a local temporary solution could end up becoming a more permanent fixture so of. london. well as the occupation of palestinian territories continues to spark dabbling clashes and international controversy some israelis are stepping forward with revelations and eyewitness accounts coming out r.t. sophie shevardnadze speaks with an israeli military whistleblower who explains why he's against keeping the palestinians penned in. and nineteen year olds eighteen year olds to court to control millions of people through the barrel of the gun most of us untrained i have to say that for example i was trying for eight months before i was sent to active duty for the first time out of the eight months seven months seven months and three weeks had nothing to do with what i was doing in my in my in
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the remaining of my service i was trained as an infantry soldier to fight another army and this is the case for most soldiers so you get there to the west bank or to you know around the gaza strip unprepared to deal with civilians unprepared to control civilians the only thing that you are fed with fear and hate and you know you are constantly told be be careful of the palestinians if you turn your back to them they will stab you in the back your told when i got to the west bank i was told that we need to show the ship but its theme is that there is a new sheriff in town and i'm quoting here. and next in our city how the world's appetite for fish is literally stealing.
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technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future avar. play. and. play. the game leaves the. economic ups and downs in the final months day the london new york sang i and the rest because i was going the take it will be everything we can all pay.
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