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on march. the mother was killed my children were injured we have no idea what village in my house was targeted a pakistani family is on the doorstep of the u.s. congress demanding answers to why their peaceful household was put through hell find american drone strike. also we report on here of small the trillion shadow economy a black market so massive it's costing some states a third of their revenues in a few minutes here in r t would tell you why ordinary europeans and businesses are turning to the financial underworld for refuge. and russia's olympic countdown clock strikes hundred days until the games the olympic committee says it's happy with the preparations of president goodluck sure the world everyone is welcome regardless of race or sexual orientation.
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this is r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina josh welcome to the program now for the first time in its history the u.s. congress is to hear directly from the family of survivors of an american drone strike in pakistan the main question is why their grandmother was blown to pieces while looking after her garden are going to spoke to the family. why do you think you queer mother was killed. manya that shit. i don't know but one of the reason why we came here i have no idea why my grandmother was killed. what did you do we need blew up do you run the boat what were you doing. when the drone hit i was outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to run
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and i noticed my hand was bleeding so i tried to clean my hand but not kept coming out but i was very scared so i just kept running and. my deepest condolences to the mothers but the for your loss isn't their fault i am starting more and much of it is. that my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story that's why we came to america we have no idea why our village in my house was targeted and this is going to be the first time when the u.s. congress that generally approves of drone strikes will hear from innocent victims of those strikes that or rayman family from pakistan are going to tell their story and they hope to hear answers where this is all going why do they have to live in fear every day and why was their grandmother killed in washington r.t. i'm going to check on earlier my colleague lindsey france dr anti-war activist brian bagger and he says this family's case is just the tip of the iceberg of
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civilian deaths brought by the u.s. drone war. if nothing shocks the conscience of the congress like this nothing ever will we see that this is a criminal action by the u.s. government those drone pilots who carried out the direct violent death of this sixty seven year old grandmother they should be arrested and so should their superiors but the whole program has killed hundreds perhaps thousands of civilians many of them older people many of them their grandchildren so last week amnesty international published a report released a news report saying that drug casualties in pakistan and yemen were higher than a lot of what has been reported by the government and here's what the researcher said about the survey take a lesson the u.s. must explain why these people have been killed people who are clearly civilians must provide justice to these people compensation it must investigate those
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responsible for those killings now what are your opinion can victims and survivors expect in terms of getting any justice in a case like this from the government well well compensation is critical of course people have to have just as they have to be compensated but we have to look at also the big picture it's not acceptable for a lawless program like the drone attacks to targeted killings of people all over the world by the united states government unilaterally deciding who wins and who lives and who dies it's not acceptable to have a series of endless a partial apologies or compensations for the people they call collateral damage the program is inherently criminal it's outside the laws of the international community it's outside the un charter the united states' government era gates to itself and it is the only government in the world that dares to arrogated to itself the right to carry out targeted assassinations of whoever it decides should be killed so while compensation is important the most important
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thing is to end this program as a us keeps its guns. parts of pakistan it's also funneling billions of dollars to neighboring afghanistan coming up later this hour here on our t.v. serious questions are raised over whether the u.s. will be able to keep tabs on where are the money is going as it takes troops out of the country. the spirit hatter of latin america's anti-u.s. cam comes to russia and the growing outrage against america's spying methods on the continent and elsewhere. the countdown to sochi winter olympics is about to hit the one hundred day mark the game's official clock in the russian capital is keeping exact track of the timing scott is watching the preparations in sochi. the final preparations are well and truly underway in sochi the five olympic rings have been installed at sochi train station and later on
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she's day the president of russia's an impact committee is going to give a lesson to schoolchildren in the city about the benefits of hosting the olympics but on monday president vladimir putin was in the town and of course the games are of matter of personal pride to the president whose closely followed the development of the redevelopment of such a over the last six years or so now he greeted the new president of the international olympic committee thomas but he's visiting the region for the very first time since being elected as the new president of the i say now they open a new transport hub now that you are agree that all sporting venues will be ready on time they're pretty much near completion right now is just the finishing touches that it being applied in thomas park even said that the final one hundred days that is the busiest in the build up to the games so that's probably bad news for the organizes meanwhile the president also took the opportunity to try to lay thing is over russia's so-called anti-gay of course that bans are the pro promotion of non
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traditional sexual relations to mine is you will do everything to ensure that all competitors and guests at the winter olympics in sochi too comfortable regardless of race or sexual orientation while it's estimated that these games are going to cost fifty billion u.s. dollars making them the most expensive in the history of the games movement every venue was built from scratch of course and despite the vast undertaking the message from the organizers is clear that sochi will be ready. and as the countdown hits the hundred days mark the olympic torch relay still hass quite a way to go the torch is overall route is sixty five thousand kilometers long reaching more than two thousand nine hundred towns and cities as traveling by car plane train and helicopter as well as somewhat less usual means like reindeer sleigh and hot air balloons and at the moment the torch is in russia's western most region approaching the city of kaliningrad our designer far is there for us with
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one hundred days to go kaliningrad is the latest port of call for the lympics torch and it's also the most westerly point on the relay route and that's because for those of you who need reminding the kaliningrad region is on the both sixteen which between poland and lithuania now the flame itself has been flown in from simply just bird that's where the relay has been taking place over the last couple of days and it will be used to reignite the relay in a time just north of here will start to cool off the relay will then see the torch wind its way back into the city and it will end here victory square just behind me this evening amid some fireworks it is pretty hard to imagine that said this flame only arrived in russia twenty three days ago from grace but during that time it has traveled thousands of kilometers it's also been up to the north pole and even next month it's booked in to do a space walk up at the international space station before it comes back down to earth to continue this amazing sixty five thousand kilometer journey which will end
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in sochi in time for the opening ceremony on february the seventh next year. one hundred days remaining. one hundred days of flying. too short you. chief. as if a stair in iraq is in poverty and joblessness weren't enough facing another crisis from its own shadow economy in spain alone up to thirty percent of business is now hidden from government and tax inspectors as are just as our affiliate found out across the block it's getting worse. for millions of europeans who find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place in times of the spirit staying in the shadow is increasingly seen as a viable option to making ends meet far from the tax man and the grip of government
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the shadow economy is a blurry area of cash only economic activity deliberately hidden from will forty's such as undeclared work in a way just or under reported business transactions it's not the international organization the only cd predicts that by two thousand and twenty the shadow economy will employ up to two thirds of the world's workers that sounds rather pocalypse let's just look at the use data for two thousand and twelve there's about one trillion euros in potential tax revenues lost in the total budget deficit for the entire block amounts to about five hundred fourteen billion euros and this shadow economy makes up to a fifth of the g.d.p. of the block and in times of crises the shadow looms larger in fact most of that activity takes place in some of the largest economies in europe such as france germany italy spain and the u.k. and spain is known to have a very robust underground economy amounting to about twenty nine percent of its g.d.p. the chief has taken money out of the economy state to the going of taxis and the
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cost in the public expenditure there's an increasingly high number of people who having to work in the black market because the cost of living goes up and living standards go down as a result. i was so related the rise of this phenomenon to crises and it's like calls that governments in turn are trying to play catch up some of tried to limit the circulation of five hundred two hundred the euro notes or encourage the use of electronic payments but unless the official economy significantly rises from the doldrums the effects may view limited as more and more europeans get dissolution then all becoming distrusting of the governments believe or an appeal of the shadow economy may just be too appealing to turn down. reporting from paris on tests or cilia. taxes and cuts to benefits are believed to be the predominant causes for the growth of the shadow economy and the problem is getting drastic says professional trader fellow. given just how oppressively some of europe's workers are taxed.
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punish workers i'm not talking rich work is i'm talking about minimum wage workers are paying almost fifty percent of the total remuneration almost a third goes in social security payments and almost another twenty percent goes in different income taxes so work is a paying almost half the salary to the government and they're not getting much in return and they're having to pay more with the tax increases and getting less from all the cutbacks so obviously the very angry annoyed and they're looking for alternatives and they don't trust the politicians anymore because we can see that the politicians are the first ones to cook the books mr miranda a cove also explain why in this case spaniards have so little trust in their government and as its ability to put their taxes to good use spain's popular party is now in the news in a major corruption scandal in which politicians are accused of having received underground economy payments cash payments. the socialist party is also involved in
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a very similar scandal and the receipt and confidence in your own cattle and regional party is also involved in a similar scandal that he says scandal so all the main spanish parties right now called top in major illegal financing scandals in which they've been receiving cash payments how can they expect people on the street in spain who are suffering have been suffering this crisis for over five years not to do the same and preventing this type of corruption that seems to da governments worldwide is the theme of today's kaiser report. russell brand you say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world you say you've got no solution well you know there's already a plan that takes money and power from those who hate and gives it those who will no longer wait for you to cogitate agitate debate whether or not response and
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hashtags oh so quaint can stop the plunder and pillage by the con man hucksters and banks to back by the state it's called bitcoin. there's a revolution. selling off the family silver way down by massive down the time government put some prime pieces of real estate on the market putting a council fit for the home also. in just a few minutes we hear how hardline a turkish government has become and protests and how its new found intolerance sits with the public. in the meantime the man who stoked a brand new wave of anti-americanism in south america over u.s. spying revelations is a mosque dorrian president rafael correa will be meeting lot of republicans and there's a chance the fate of american whistleblower edward snowden will be mentioned here
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chefs he has the details. certainly the timing of this visit a little more spice to what could have been just another trip of a latin american president to. korea has arrived in moscow the very same place where edward snowden now resides on his political asylum and if we go back five months we remember that ecuador was one of the countries which offered edward snowden the political asylum that is despite the us being the strategic partner of ecuador and you know despite the fact that the economy of ecuador largely depends on the us this is by no means an obstacle for korea to be openly critical of washington statics i remember standing in this very same studio in central moscow in july when the visit of another led american president to moscow ever marlice the president believe resulted in a major international scandal when he's playing with a denied airspace and forced to stay for twelve hours in vienna when i remember standing here and citing some explosive quotes coming from the foreign ministry of
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ecuador well obviously we are expecting the trade and military cooperation cards to be laid on the table today during the talks between now and korea but there's absolutely no chance that the snowden fact will be evaded from this conversation our spanish channel r.t.s. manual is expected to interview and a career and probably by midday will have some interesting quotes from the ecuadorian president. well reacting to the flood of questions over n.s.a. spying the white house etc will review the security agency's programs a may narrow its reach but the revelations from edward snowden continue to pile up and here is what's emerged in only at the last few days well just take a look at the level of n.s.a. tapped phone calls from people like for example you and me in spain it's around sixty million a month the u.s. ambassador has been summoned to explain that but the fury of sprott by the furious prime minister analysts fareed little better forty six million that were monitored
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there and then there's also france where the agency reportedly scoured seventy million phone calls over the same time period and of course not content with eavesdropping on the public at the n.s.a. had an ear across the phones of thirty five world leaders including german chancellor angela merkel well we spoke to a german m.p. who believes that the e.u. should be more careful when it comes to relations with the u.s. the only thing that does affect that the united states of america they are violating human rights they are violating diplomatic relation relations with the member states and this is has to be stopped and. we do not not need any new agreements on the security issues or security cooperation with the yes we have to stop and all these dirty ugly security corporations with us and
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us has to close their military bases in europe and especially in germany i think. more stories aligned for you including presidential post obama's facebook and twitter accounts get hacked by syrian rebels the post changed and used in a violent video find out more on this story on our website. and the worst in a decade storm st jude blasts across northern europe leaving more than a dozen people dead in its wake all the food and reports of the extreme conditions on our t.v. dot com. afghanistan gets about four billion dollars an eighty cheer from the u.s. and its allies as a huge job to make sure it doesn't fall straight into the hands of warlords or corrupt officials as u.s. troops stand down it looks as though the civilian inspectors will only be able to check twenty percent of the projects kept a float by the money now journalist and afghanistan specialist eric margolis says
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the vast sums have achieved very little so far but we've seen so for approximately nine billion u.s. dollars of so-called reconstruction made poor going to have ganesan and most of this is just vanished with not much to the show forward and i can say that the situation room will be getting worse not better a lot of this money money if not most will go to supporting afghan warlords many of whom are war criminals human rights violators and more important who are running in this the hands of industry. of nerve goods that are going to get involved in this if they don't back off on it. now is to look at some other stories from around the world egyptian security forces have are the words to have resorted to tear gas to disperse supporters of the muslim brotherhood at the campus of a university in cairo protesters have been defending legitimacy of the ousted
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mohamed morsi within the institution the rally came a week before the trial of former leader on charges of inciting murder. around three hundred protesters marched through the city of a straw in the czech republic on monday attempting to answer a roma neighborhood a counter and. demonstration was organized by the community police managed to keep the groups apart from the day and there has been an increase in tensions in this drama with nationalist accusing roma communities of failing to assimilate into czech society. students in new york have rallied against the closure of a community center used as a protest headquarters against a former cia director shouted slogans calling for the building to stay open as a place for students to organize themselves politically demonstrations held last month called for new york university not to take on general petraeus as part of its
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teaching staff. a scene of chaos erupted outside a turkish courthouse when police charged down a protest rally demonstrators in ankara are unhappy with an ongoing case that a policeman accused of killing a protester during the summer you know sonar from the turkish labor party says the rallies against the government will continue. the actual government is during a part of the republic as it was founded it's tearing apart its bases and secular bases its unified bases the nation it is the state constructed upon the so-called judicial cases against opposition parties against journalists against the army. changing of media for some parts direct pressure for the other parts change of ownership the read changing of the eye view
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a logical base of the state from a nation state towards a more religious community. and this all led. to politics and to assume feeling in the. public in this society which culminated in the gives it part protest and that will continue until the. fall of the government and more people are out of work in italy than it any time since records began thirty five years ago and with state coffers running a lot the government is pulling out all the stops to get out of the red and into the black or going off reports that includes selling off buildings steeped in history it was built in the thirteenth century and was even the summer residence of the third for hundreds of years the orsini castle has been and still is the jewel of this italian town a jewel which is now getting a price tag. of the worst economic recession since the second world war and
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a massive debt the government is in desperate need of catch myself least fifty historical sites it hopes to reason only five hundred million euros but not all the villages around the r.c.d. castle seem to be very happy with the idea. for us this castle is actually a symbol of citizenship it's a part of our history it's unique that's what it is for us these buildings are symbolic. but local authorities assure private investment will only hope strengthen the gas also story grewal no matter who ends up losing it then. it's not only the castle which is being revaluated it's going to be transformed into an ancient style hotel with all of its territory as well this will enhance its cultural touristic and gastronomical. the government doesn't plan to stop there more sales and leases will follow real estate specialist see if you're an investor it's time to strike
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while the iron is hot it's a very good moment because there are some new assets on the market and you could buy them for a good price and then make them like resorts or at best change their destination to a luxury resort hotels or cultural places and then sell them again for a very high value. the government is already under fire from the public with youth unemployment over forty percent and next year's budget on likely to improve that or increase the salaries of those who do have work it appears now when it comes to raising capital anything goes even if it means selling the family silver. italy and acts the second part of our report about pirate fishing off the west african coast which has turned into an official industry robbing locals of their only source of sustenance.
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russell brand new. say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world you say you've got no solution well you know there's already a plan that takes money and power from the hate and gives it those who will no longer wait for you to cogitate agitate debate whether or not risk bans and hashtags oh so quaint can stop the plunder and pillage by the con man hucksters and banks to back by the state it's called big going make there's a revolution. did
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you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crusted like we've been a hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers but once i'm job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america five ready to join the movement then welcome good to.
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see good lumber tour to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the. the pledge play was terrible to say the i'm very hard to take out a letter again a little longer there's a lot lot that never had sex with others make their lives let alone. listen to the i'm
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listening. when it has to do with illegal immigration the immediately send frontex to us see borders for the next day they control us in our waters as if a new colonization were taking place there experiencing a military occupation of the oceans when they want to combat drugs in america or asia they find the means to do it and. if they really want to combat illegal fishing they have the means to do read they have the airplanes to
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photograph the they have the patrols to stop them from fishing in our seas. because they are shrinking our country and what is more serious. they are destroying our fishing resources and marine wealth. regulation. which is slowly acquiring a global day bench and a worldwide effect has been implemented only for here now the regulation seeks the source of the profit if we manage to put a stop to profit making then the legal fishing will stop and the only way to do that is to seize all.


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