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to the place that some gulag of our minds. mother was killed my children were injured we have no idea what village in my house was talkative a pakistani family is on the doorstep album the us congress demanding answers to why their peaceful household was put through hell why an american drone strike. also we report on europe's multi-trillion shadow economy black market so massive it's costing some states s third of their revenues and in just a few minutes we tell you why ordinary europeans and businesses are turning to financial underworld for refuge. and russia's olympic countdown clock strikes one hundred days until the games and the olympic committee says it's happy with the preparations and president putin assures the world everyone is welcome regardless of race or sexual orientation.
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this is r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina joshie now for the first time and it's his sure u.s. congress is to hear directly from a family of survivors of an american drone strike in pakistan the main question is why their grandmother was blown to pieces while looking after her garden parties gone as she can spoke to the family. why do you think your grandmother was killed. that money or that it being go away i don't know that's one of the reason why we came here i have no idea why my grandmother was killed. what did you do when it blew up did you run the boat what were you doing in mind that when the turn hit i was outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to
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run yet when i noticed my hand was bleeding i tried to clean my house not kept coming out but i was very scared so i just kept running and. my deepest condolences for your mother's for the for your loss is a very tough up i am start their worship with the. news that my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story that's why we came to america we have no idea why our village and my house was targeted and this is going to be the first time when the u.s. congress that generally approves of drone strikes will hear from innocent victims of those strikes the raman family from pakistan are going to tell their story and they hope to hear answers where this is all going why do they have to live in fear every day and why was their grandmother killed in washington r.t. i'm going to check on now there are four by amnesty international has can damn us drone warfare going as far as saying some strikes may be classified as crimes
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against humanity are just going to count also caught up was the documentary filmmaker robert greenwald who took the story of their realm on family as inspiration for his latest movie. people want to believe in santa claus and they also want to believe that there's a simple solution to these incredibly complicated problems when we started reading that the drones were killing only high value targets represented an imminent threat it doesn't make sense it's just not possible so i think there was a kind of hopefulness yes finally we found a magic pill which was part of it some of it is the fact that american soldiers warrant there so people said it doesn't matter as important is that you know the families became to all kinds of americans people who have a mother or have a father and who look at them and can't justify the killing that we've done and then you have this extraordinary militarily industrial electoral complex bipartisan
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that agrees that the way to solve problems is by invading occupying a drone and we have to change all of that. as the u.s. keeps its guns trained on parts of pakistan it's also funneling billions of dollars to neighboring afghanistan coming up later this hour here in our serious questions are raised over whether the u.s. will be able to keep tabs on where the money's going and as it takes troops out of the country. as spearhead or a latin america's own tell us camp comes to russia and the growing outrage against america's spy methods on the continent and elsewhere. and the countdown to sochi winter olympics is about to hit the one hundred day mark the games official clock and the russian capital is keeping exact track of the timing artie's paul scott is watching the preparations in sochi. the final
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preparations are well and truly underway in such a now they're going to be no lavish celebrations to mark one hundred days until the start of the games but the five limping rings have been installed at such a train station and the president of russia is limpid committees also giving a lesson to schoolchildren in the city to promote the benefits of the area hosting the games now on monday president vladimir putin was also in such a and of course the games are a matter of personal pride for him he's over seen and played close close interest to the redevelopment of sochi over the last six years or so and he greeted the new president of the international olympic committee thomas back who's visiting sochi for the very first time in his new capacity the past opened a new transport hub in the city before going for a meeting at the president's country residence now that you agreed. that many of the sporting venues will be ready on time they're in fact very near completion is just the final finishing touches that are being made out the momentum back even
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said that it's the final one hundred days in the build up to the games that are the busiest which is perhaps not good news for the organizers now president putin also moved to allay fears concerning russia's so-called anti gay nor of course banning the promotion of nontraditional sexual relations to minus we'll do everything to ensure that all competitors and guests at the winter olympics in sochi too comfortable regardless of race or sexual orientation while the games are estimated to cost around fifty billion u.s. dollars which makes them the most expensive games ever and every sports venue has been built from scratch but despite the vast undertaking the message from organizes is clear that come february so she will be ready to welcome the sporting world. and as the countdown approaches the hundred days mark the olympic torch relay still has quiet a way to go the torch is overall route is sixty five thousand kilometers long reaching more than two thousand nine hundred towns and cities and it's traveling by car
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plane train and helicopter as well as some less usual means like reindeer sleigh and hot air balloon and at the moment the torch is in russia's western most region approaching the city of kaliningrad or it is under farmer is there for us. with one hundred days to go clinton grabs the latest port of call for this elim pick torch is also the most westley point in the relay route and that's because for those of you who need reminding the training ground region is a russian exclave in the baltic sea sandwiched between poland and lithuania where the flame itself is flown in from st petersburg where the relay has been over the last couple of days and it will be used to reignite the relay in a tank. which is just north of kaliningrad the relay will then wind its way back into the city this evening and will end up here it's amazing to think that this torch has been on the road in russia for just twenty three days during that time has been up at the north pole is being carried by father frost and i think in just
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over a week's time it will be up at the international space station for a space walk before coming back down to earth to continue that amazing sixty five thousand kilometer journey around russia before it ends in sochi in time for the opening ceremony on february the seventh in exactly one hundred days time but for the moment at least eyes are also on cleaning ground because that is today's name on the flame and i'll be doing my best to keep up with the relay and to keep you updated. one hundred days remaining. days of flame. to short you. as a ceratin rising poverty and joblessness weren't n.l. for eight years facing another crisis from its own shadow economy in spain alone up
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to thirty percent of business is now hidden from government and tax and specters as artist has are selling it finds out across the blog it's getting worse. for millions of europeans who find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place in times of the spirit staying in the shadow is increasingly seen as a viable option to making ends meet far from the tax man and the grip of government the shadow economy is a blurry area of cash only economic activity deliberately hidden from will forty's such as undeclared work in a way just or under reported business transactions it's like the international organization the only cd predicts that by two thousand and twenty the shadow economy will employ up to two thirds of the world's workers that sounds rather pocalypse just look at the use data for twenty two well there's about one trillion a year rose in potential tax revenues lost the total budget deficit for the entire block amounts to about five hundred fourteen billion euros and this shadow economy
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makes up to a fifth of the g.d.p. of the bloc now in times of crises the shadow looms larger in fact most of that activity takes place in some of the largest economies in europe such as france germany italy spain and the u.k. spain is known to have a very robust underground economy amounting to about twenty nine percent of its g.d.p. the chief has taken money out of the economy state to the voicing of turkeys and the concept of big expenditure is an increasingly numb number of people who are having to work in the black market because the coast of living goes up and living standards go down as a result. i was so related the rise of this phenomenon to crises and its like goals that governments in turn are trying to play catch up some of tried to limit the circulation of five hundred two hundred the euro notes or encourage the use of electronic payments but unless the official economy significantly rises from the doldrums the effects need to limit it as more and more europeans get dissolution then all becoming distrusting of their governments believe or an appeal of the
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shadow economy may just be too appealing to turn down. taxes and cuts to benefits are believed to be the predominant causes for the growth of the shadow economy and the problem is getting drastic says professional trader feliks moran given just how a press away some of europe's workers are taxed. punish workers i'm not talking about rich work is i'm talking about minimum wage workers are paying almost fifty percent of the total remuneration almost a third goes on social security payments and almost another twenty percent goes in different income taxes to work as a paying almost half the salary to the government and they're not getting much in return and they're having to pay more with the tax increases and getting less from all the cutbacks so obviously the very angry annoyed and they're looking for alternatives and they don't trust the politicians anymore because we can see that the politicians of the first ones to cook the books mr moran until
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a couple also explain why in this case spaniards have so little trust in their government and its ability to put their taxes to good use spain's popular party is now in the news in a major corruption scandal in which politicians are accused of having received underground economy payments cash payments. the socialist party is also involved in a very similar scandal and the receipt and confidence in young cattle and regional party is also involved in a similar scandal that he says scandal so all the main spanish parties right now caught up in major illegal financing scandals in which they've been receiving cash payments how can they expect people on the street in spain who are suffering have been suffering this crisis for over five years not to do the same. selling off the family silver away down by massive dad the government puts some prime pieces of
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real estate on the market including a castle fit for a pope. also few minutes we hear how hardline the turkish government has become a protest and how its new found intolerance sits where the public. some of the sixty percent imports came from movie goofy shit. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. but the territorial waters the fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for europe. to do illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths.
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the. economic down to find out. the love. and the rest because i. believe if we. welcome back this is our team now the man who's still got a brand new wave of anti-americanism and sells america over u.s. spying revelations as in moscow ecuadorian president rafael correa will be meeting . and there is a chance the fate of american a whistleblower edward snowden will be mentioned. has details. the timing of
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visit to moscow certainly adds a lot of spice to what could have been just another visit of a latin american president to the russian capital itself well korea arrives in moscow which is the very same city where edward snowden the famous whistleblower now resides with his political asylum and if we go back five months ago we remember that ecuador was one of the countries which offered a political asylum to the former n.s.a. contractor and that is despite ecuador having strategic partnership with the united states you know the fact that the economy of ecuador largely depends on the united states is by no means an obstacle for the ecuadorian authorities to come out with open criticism of washington's actions i remember standing in the very same studio in downtown moscow and quoting the ecuadorian authorities when another visit off another latin american president to moscow ever medallists of believe resulted in a major international scandal when his airplane was denied airspace in europe and
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had to spend twelve hours at the airport so i remember back then ecuador's foreign minister saying that if the same thing happened to a president of the united states then it would have been a good reason to declare war so obviously we understand the trade and cooperation our main subjects on the table one meets korea but obviously the snowden subject and the snowden factor will not escape their attention especially in the light of the recent statements by high profile politicians in europe who have also been very unhappy with the revelations by edward snowden that many politicians in europe were were wiretapped by the say. reacting to the flood of questions over an essay spying the white house is said to will review the security agency's programs and may narrow its reach by the revelations from edward snowden continued to pile up and here's what's emerged in only the last few days well just
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a look at the level of n.s.a. tapped phone calls from people like you and me in spain for example it's sixty million a month and the u.s. ambassador has been summoned to explain that it was fair a little better with forty six million were monitored there and then there is france where the agency reportedly scoured seventy million phone calls over the same time period and of course not content with eavesdropping on the public the u.s. national security agency had an ear across the phones of thirty five world leaders among them chancellor angela merkel well joining me live in the fall is hands on spot a former u.n. assistant secretary general thank you so much mr responded for talking to us here on r.t. well as we know the wiretapping scandal broke a while ago the question now is why has it taken so long for the e.u. officials and germany in particular to react. well first of all that had to be a joint position to be developed and that is gradually happening but i think the
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noose rests all well meaning and then the various government has to really understand what moves they should carry out and i think we all read on the way all that thing and we are joined in position on the grounds that. you are going to geisha and washing day all of that is that in the right direction what is absolutely not come don't have that we just lean back and say well buying this part of our lives. out of muslim i we have to accept that. if i'm going well we will talk about the delegation and the rains in washington a little later but also you know obama says that he claims in fact he didn't know that the n.s.a. spied or monitor the anglo merkel's phone call how likely is that. for the
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story isn't that it's a head of state doesn't know that there is some wire tapping going on. had some state and that in turn they're seized me as you know with the international relations between people who are pledged when they see each other that they are small phrasing that they sort of trust into each other and all that is not a big question mark well you mentioned briefly the european delegation going to washington i mean some of the people already there and german officials will be present there as well and they will be specifically addressing this issue of spying and the phone monitoring wiretapping and cetera so how effective do you think they are mission will be what will they achieve there. very little in the beginning bob when you european problem and start making demands and individual governments do
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as the german government knows. i think the u.s. can no longer do this idea here that we have stronger. as a spokesperson of the state department repeatedly has done an arrogance that is unacceptable to start going to us here in central europe they would have to come out with. reassurance and gradually begin to rebuild a very rock wall with them that is a road towards trucks. i would argue that the europeans should not all be very severe and very tough. on you you said they should come up with some reassurance for european leaders they are in fact the u.s. is saying that it will be reviewing the n.s.a. programs and to expand to do you actually agree that spying
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will be reduced or is a just war it's was no action that is likely to fall. i'm trying to argue and that is that the rhetoric is. not enough that i have to be very clear i'm friends. plans to repress that generation and of always a development of this kind otherwise. and i think the public if you were to offer people in germany are in central europe today what they would like to see i think you would invariably a majority to say we are not surprised but this is not acceptable and if you put a face to the issue it becomes much more powerful that if you just hold a thirty five million messages have been intercepted of. they use mean loss of a muscle privacy if you. raise the great. acquired
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from a more serious problem. for our green leaders. that we're going to many areas. cooperation across absolutely improving including trending trade agreements including financial data. sure and it will bring a lot of implications there as you rightly mansion thank you so much hands of on spawn a former u.n. assistant secretary general for sharing your views of us here on our force we're running out of time. well more stories online for you including presidential post. obama's facebook and twitter accounts get had by syrian rebels the post changed and they used in a violent video find out more on a story on our website. down the worst in a decade storm st jude blasts across northern europe leaving more than
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a dozen people dead in its wake all the food and reports of extreme conditions on r.t. dot com. afghanistan gets about four billion dollars in aid each year from the u.s. and its allies and it's a huge job to make sure it doesn't fall straight into the hands of warlords or corrupt officials as u.s. troops stand down it looks as though the civilian inspectors will only be able to check twenty percent of the projects kept afloat by the money journalists and afghanistan specialist eric margolis says the vast sums have achieved very little so far. but we've seen so for approximately ninety billion u.s. dollars of so-called reconstruction aid poured into afghanistan most of this is just vanished with not much to the to show for it and i can say that the situation will probably get worse not better
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a lot of this money if not most will go to supporting afghan warlords many of whom are war criminals human rights violators and more important who are running afghanistan's booming boby of industry and the americans are going to get involved in this if they don't back off on a. scene of chaos erupted outside a turkish court house when police charged down a protest rally the demonstrators in anger are unhappy with an ongoing case that out of a policeman accused of killing a protester during the summer you know sonar from the turkish labor party says the rallies against the government will continue the actual government is during a part the republic as it was founded it's tearing apart its bases and secular bases its unified bases the nation it is the state constructed upon the so-called judicial cases against opposition parties against journalists against the
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army. changing of media for some parts direct pressure for the other parts change of ownership the rechange of the i view a logical base of the state from a nation state towards a more religious community. and this all led. to politics and to assume feeling in the in the. public in the society which culminated in the give the park protest and that will continue until the. fall of this government . italy's state coffers are running low the government is pulling out all the stops to get out of the red and into the black going off reports that include selling off buildings steeped in history it was built in the thirteenth century and was even the summer residence of the third for hundreds of years the orsini castle has been
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and still is the jewel of this italian town a jaw which is now getting a price tag. amid the worst economic recession since the second world war in a massive debt the government is in desperate need of cash my sewing will ease in the east fifty historical sites it hopes to reason nearly five hundred million euro but not all locals of the village around the r.c.d. castle seem to be very happy with the idea. for us this castle is actually a symbol of citizenship it's a part of our history it's unique that's what it is for us these buildings are symbolic but we'll go authorities assure private investment will only hope to strengthen the castle sturrock rule no matter who ends up losing it. it's not only the castle which is being revaluated it's going to be transformed into an ancient style hotel with all of its territory as well this will enhance its cultural touristic and gastronomical you. the government doesn't plan to stop there more
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sales and leases will follow real estate specialist see if you're an investor it's time to strike while the iron is hot it's a very good moment because there are some new assets on the market and you could buy them for a good price and then make them like resorts or best change their destination to luxury resorts hotels or cultural places and then sell them again for a very high value. the government is already under fire from the public with youth unemployment at over forty percent and next year's budget own likely to improve that or increase the salaries of those who do have work it appears now when it comes to raising capital anything goes even if it means selling the family silver. you're going to school off italy. or his documentaries up next and go away.
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a spanish language teacher in texas has been fired for posing nude in playboy before she became a teacher parents and found out about this demand that she be fired because her past was inappropriate and that it was a distraction the classroom well this was something she did in the past which was legal so this i mean if you pose for playboy you are forbidden to work in the normal world also as a former teenage boy i can tell you that any young attractive teacher will cause a distraction with the boys and wolf you can fire people for being distracting that when they have to fire every teacher with a handicap or abnormal parents on the other hand though teachers are supposed to be people for children to respect and to look up to and when your spanish teacher is willing to sell the good stuff for money to playboy it is a lot harder respect that sort of person and it sure isn't a good example for my daughter this is actually a very complex issue but all i can say is that you should really try to fight the temptation to make quick money with some nude photos it could come back to haunt
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you but that's just my opinion. emissions free cretaceous free. butcher free range month free. three stooges free. download free bonus clothing videos for your media projects and free video done to our t.v. dot com.


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