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tv   Prime Interest  RT  October 29, 2013 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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if we look at the history of the o.p.c. w.n. it's in danger man say in the past with the united states day there is a history all let's say intimidation on many collation whatever you call it if indeed though we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i i'm doubtful that he'll do that because his life is really on the line in the probably life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. the people. the people. the the people.
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where i come from i'm the only man of fifty seven still working to cravats crime and because i have no income to stay home and i have small kids. i clean the use of. them on my own would be the i must feed my children i'm a black i have no other way to make a living only fishing. i can't stay at home. the
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money when i don't have the means i would have all the strength to work alone. that's why they come along and help me. take care of the net and the engine. room or the movies that's why i'm forced to bring them to the pirogue when we're going to. look at their age they should be studying and not working but we have no other income. because he has three more brothers at home and i have to feed them. down and in the past grandfathers would catch fish near the shoal. to get it now the fish are far from shore more than we can't catch them good woman.
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want to restrict. the number. of. poor. we depended on fishing nets to live. underwater. cranio a man who could move they have big ships. we want to run while. we can't stand up to the king they destroy everything and there's nothing we can do moms that it doesn't. need. many people read fish. and don't know where it comes from industry or
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whatever if it is a product of traditional or industrial fishing. he didn't care how the fish is cold . it's not. what to do with if it's fish to properly and legally in gag order.
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q when they enter territorial waters they fish because they load this fish on to the ships and leave for china asia spain in europe. here's a bottom trawl which destroys the ecosystem. they only choose the noble fish for which they have orders and they threw the rest back into the sea dead on that man. they throw away tons of dead fish all the time. don't so they kill the resources in that city even though there are not accessible to small fisherman to. get a loot the sea bottom and destroy the oceans no. good reason is that the young.
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where you once saw life complete where you once saw the gorgons this beautiful marine plant. no you see only garbage. the statistics the facts and figures. speak for themselves if we do not act today to combat are you fishing and we will have no fish some of the estimates are that you know within fifty to one hundred years our season will be devoid of commercial fish stocks so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. before we would see very big fish thirty kilo groupers. him on huge guard fish
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versus sharks we would see many big fish. on today if we see a group of this size we're surprised people for the threats are getting smaller and smaller and we have reached the point where they don't even have the time to reproduce. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth to meet their own demand for fish so they have destroyed their own fish stocks and now they are increasingly fishing in west africa and taking the fish out of the mouths of people that depend on the most here in west africa. a very great way cannot say that the year was a saint would leave you look down other way and we didn't important for addicts of illegal fishing and we thought we estimate that until two thousand and ten drugs
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and at least sixteen percent of imports came from illegal cinching. so in one way or the other i wouldn't say we favor to legal fishing but let's say we elaborated to some of the better according to our own data and to u.n. data it was illegal fishing was officially the second producer of fish stocks globally that was the second to producer do you understand part of the grand we're told. in an industry that is approximately ten below their year pretty poor pick the sick up to maybe if.
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it's a day that illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. maybe douglas not billion dollars is a lot of hundred billion francs if we could channel five hundred billion each year to one of our small states iraq. mauritania senegal over the guinea bissau gambia that would allow those states to develop very quickly. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred two cities of russia. relayed by
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fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp dick torch relay. on r t r two dot com. the media leave us so we leave the baby. by the sea potions to cure. all your party visible. where shoes that no one is asking with the guests you deserve answers from it's all politics. are to. if we look at the history of the lp c.w. and its impeachment in the past with the united states there is a history of let's say intimidation on many collation of well whatever you call it if indeed though we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i i'm
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doubtful that he'll do that because his life is really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. even given more fish to find compared to the past. as many types of fish have disappeared under this. bench for the past
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six to eighty is you know we can't find them here anymore. and. you know kind of fish is the only cell dean's. befall we wouldn't eat these danes. wouldn't we use them as bait for fishing. so if we look no one of you about one of them we would it group has a red mullet a tigress and so on they're going to yeah well the saudi and has become a group. maybe god will provide another way of living. but fishing is no longer profitable. for good when i would go fishing alone.
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i'd catch a fish to ten group has. made a profit and had no troubles. but now he was i get a headache. and i need some aspirin which costs a hundred francs. that's not going to. ask for help will borrow the money. but when the ships are here we're going to get everyone in the business us problems
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but as you say molest us when we share the same area in the sea and they destroy our nets. you know how many boxes of fish if you call four boxes of fifty kilo as each family nothing you know much will you sell them for a moment i want fourteen thousand francs about twenty one euro's for each box. but it's barely enough for the fuel. they know no limits. they do get whatever they want at sea we see the fish there. but we can't catch them because of the foreign ships.
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but the reports say the percent of our needs and animal protein is provided by fish . the day the fish disappear. food safety of the senegalese will be endangered. boats and fishing are going to have always been at the heart of the life of the towns and habitants. you see here we are born among fishermen and become fisherman to do with. our whole lives revolve around fishing but. even babies from the cradle their first toy is
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a boat you can go. a lot of the age of four to five they have a boat and go swimming with. nine or ten they go out to see. all our lives from the cradle to the grave we fish. on the graves you will see fishing nets pieces of wood from boats which shows. charles thing. when they take away the boats and the fishing from us they take away our lives only about. her.
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did not put money in the bank for the future. move to be competitive. as we live day by day we spend whatever money we have been for one hundred to solve our problems. one to me good when you when i come back from fishing you might give away the first piece. there's employment in my list second one is for my family and the rest is for selling. one of only one. that. you love but you may not have a single koinonia if you come to the shore with nothing but your basket you would
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not met the other lady b. when the boats arrive will give you fish all to go to waffle with but it looks like it's a social tax if you're an old fisherman and can't go out fishing anymore but since there is no organized social security well you don't but they will always give you fish for you to sell this is that is your pension. you need fuel told in a ticket lender says sure live the merchant buy it and the we. if we put the rest of the fish which would otherwise be thrown back into the seat they preserve it so that the people would be able to eat decision of some day the fishermen can go out to the sea also give to other areas and that is very important to end there is no. thief. who can.
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think of a little. bit about a quarter. of a. super . busy monitoring fishing by citing the last two days in reading found by fishing a legal aid called in playing a recent ad for
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a fishing illegally in the past now we have fisheries inspectors on board from guinea and will continue to patrol the area and race to any fights that a court fishing illegally. if the. fix. well you know what with their health care to talk. about how they got off got out of it no. one trying to make a living it's not of them when you look at you know it's not all you don't like is not on board and he's not on the list. tell him. if you
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will be good for him now to the i was to do whatever we want now if not we're going to stay here and to call back will come to this you've got. to take him you know actually we've got we've got him and this you can follow up. and there aren't we seeing it out alive we need a new c.n.n. orc and then that meant that if the top civilians are killed that's up i'm sure that they know that you know so if you don't have the means to them that's our no one said let us down and arrested that's not what they're doing exactly the same and never get. old. raps. and the gist of that is going to go sometimes i can see
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a foreign ships here that doesn't get up but there's nothing i can do apart from reporting them to dhaka. play there but the mere fact that it's not like it is. going to run out of here that if we. cole deca. but the ship would have left before they have time to arrive . the same even when we had a small ship here they had time to escape it. means they have watchman here and in dhaka.
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to confuse what we do now is not important in this important small. piece we are unable to fight those ships. superglue but they are big ships armed ships faster than our patrol says would put to you with a bit and was that we have made an appeal to our friends our friends will move but they won't move down good morning as long as we don't have to ask the trolls out as well armed as those ships there's nothing we can do against illegal fishing.
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you know we have even caught european and american friends. but until now there is absolutely nothing in for they only say they are informed and that they're sorry but until now none of these states have provided ships with you in order to pursue those pirate ships. russell brand new say you want a revolution well you know we all. i want to change the world you say you've got no solution well you know there's already a plan that takes money and power from the hate and gives it those who will no longer wait for you to cogitate agitate debate whether or not risk bans and hashtags oh so quaint can stop the plunder pillage by the con man hucksters and banks backed by the state it's called going maybe there's a revolution. his
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lover in. my dreams. but he couldn't hold on to their race such a thing and. now she runs her own factory. there's no alcohol no smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the sun. will he be able to win. his woman. one hundred days remaining. days of flee.
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react to situations i have read the reports. and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your. no more weasel words. when you need a direct question be prepared for a change when you run should be ready for a. pretty speeches. down to to freedom. force outside to active cams walked on a mode where patients are forced to monitor amounts of their strike that turned the world's attention to the point that some. of our minds.
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britain's prime minister us russians are legal action to stop newspapers from publishing edward snowden's leaks exposing the extent of spying by u.s. and u.k. intelligence agencies. outraged by washington says snooping at president rafael correa gives an exclusive interview to r.t. joining his visit to moscow plus. a mother killed my children were injured we have no idea why. this was targeted. but last grandmother speaks to the family preparing to testify before members of congress in the first of a hearing of its kind. and coming up on r.j. with just a few dollars to go before the one hundred day countdown to the sludgy winter olympics we bring you the latest on the preparations in.


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