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mark mark. britain's prime minister threatens a legal action to stop newspapers from publishing edward snowden's leaks exposing the extent of spying by u.s. and u.k. intelligence agencies. outraged by washington's a snooping at president rafael correa gives an exclusive interview to r.t. joining his visit to moscow plus. a mother killed my children were injured we have no idea why our village and my house was targeted they survived a us jerry strike in pakistan but lost their grandmother she speaks to the family preparing to testify before members of congress in the first of a hearing of its kind. and coming up here on r.j. with just a few hours to go before the one hundred day countdown to the soldier winter olympics we bring the latest from other preparations in the free city and follow
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the record breaking. hello and welcome to our team of you with me on the day it's good to have you with us to our top story this hour the british government has warned it could resort to legal action to silence newspapers seeking to publish edward snowden's n.s.a. revelations it's the latest in a string of attempts to block the release of embarrassing documents archly surface has more from london. well it's reported that he said on monday that if newspapers don't demonstrate some social responsibility then it will be difficult for the government to stand back and not to act now he also made reference to injunctions and dina atheists these are measures that the government has to prevent the disclosure of certain types of information by the media particularly if it would
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impact u.k. military or intelligence operations now he did go on to say that his preference was not for heavy handed tactics but it will be worth reminding viewers that back in july we saw u.k. government officials enter the guardian newspaper offices that's the newspaper that's being at the forefront of publishing the edward snowden leaks and destroy hard drives containing some of that sensitive information the u.k. government has also detained journalist and partner of claim greenwald david miranda under terrorist legislation many people would say those are extremely heavy handed tactics indeed responding to the reports of the prime minister's statement glenn greenwald the journalist it's been primarily reporting these leaks said that this was shocking that this happens in a country that tells itself it has press freedom and investigative journalist or
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twenty goslings says cameras claims that people's reporting on snowden's leaks are damaging national security and groundless. think we've got something rotten in the state of england david cameron is threatening journalists at the same time as he's calling for press freedom and of course what that really means is it's press freedom for his story really i don't think he really wants independent journalism in this country i think if he could close down the guardian he would he really hates these revelations many people may have noticed that his former communications man andy corson is in court in britain today facing the same sorts of phone hacking charges as actually being accused of the g.c. h.q. in the n.s.a. all of these mass data trawls are extremely dangerous and criminal acts has been no evidence whatsoever that any of this is a threat to national security as the guardian and glenn greenwald point out time and time again this is really the last refuge of
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a scoundrel this accusation of threatening national security we need some arrests of senior people who've been doing criminal acts within the secret services otherwise we are going down that police state pinochet route. but that's not just the god and of course that has been working on making data from edward snowden's leaks available to the world and online and the secrecy website to crypt has put together a map showing the extraordinary reach of u.s. surveillance now according to the website every country in the world has phone calls intercepted from tens of thousands up to tens of billions central asia as well as the middle east appear to have been the chief talk it's been a fall from the only once in a euro but it's also been talk of this is america's closest allies they also found themselves up to be under intense of aliens with three hundred sixty one million conversations intercepted in germany now united states monitored one hundred twenty four billion calls globally in just one month glenn greenwald
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a former guardian journalist who first published edward snowden sneeze told our video agency ruptly that america's snooping will not be scaled back any time soon. brazil germany france. and spain course states is going to repeat itself continuously for the next several weeks or months almost every country around the world very clear objective of the n.s.a. is to not just throw this but to keep it for as long as they can until the big time . if you're a citizen of spain or anyone else or never doing in terms of. the flood of global indignation over n.s.a. spying has prompted washington to promise a review of the agency's controversial practices is even expected that president obama might order a ban on spying on videos of allied states but not everyone is happy about the idea of limiting intelligence gathering and as
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a director general keith alexander he says has challenged the pending review saying he believes a mess of spying has been entirely justified by the security gains that starts is shared by several washington hawks with former vice president dick cheney saying that actual knowledge is always an advantage when it comes to security now for now washington has been getting an easy ride over the scandal at least that the view of ecuador's president rafael correa the socialism leader who's an outspoken critic of the u.s. is on an official visit to moscow artist. following the talks. korea is now in moscow the very same city where edward snowden they whistleblower now resides on his political asylum the breaking revelations of who infuriated the leader of ecuador back this summer and he is still pretty much angry especially in the light of the latest revelations on high profile politicians in europe being wiretapped by
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the n.s.a. . but they said it was necessary for fighting against terrorism i don't know if i'm going to merkel is a terrorist i think it's clear the use of agents programs for economic reasons for helping the transnational companies can you imagine what could happen if the program was carried out by been cuba russia it could or argentina they would have cooties dictators and criminals and we could be judged in the international court has not. even the fact that. the economy of ecuador largely depends on the united states it's not by no means an obstacle for mr korea to come with open criticism of washington's actions i remember when i covered the huge international scandal involving the visit to moscow of another latin american leader the president believe you ever more or less want to explain was denied airspace in europe and had to spend twelve hours at vienna's airport so back then i quoted a very explosive words from the ecuadorian foreign ministry which said that if
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something like this happens to us president then it would have been a good reason to declare war so of course the economic and military cooperation will be on the table at the talks between putin and korea but there's no chance that the fate of mr snowden will escape their attention in this conversation. online away all skiing what impact do you think if a the n.s.a. spying revelations sick could have us all you've been waiting a say fall most of all of us believe that the new n.s.a. leaks all will merely prompt more familiar speeches about presidency but no action in a court of you think we're going to see a rise in social resistance and massive. ations against n.s.a. surveillance now thirteen percent of people are getting used to the scandals and won't react to further revelation and just a small minority of you at three percent be really that general steps to protect the previous you go ahead head to our to dot com to cause your vote if you haven't done so already. survivors of a u.s.
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drone strike will appear before members of congress today for the first time in history a family whose grandmother was killed when a missile hit the garden in pakistan a year ago say they have no idea why they were targeted artie's guy and she can speak with them. why do you think your grandmother was killed. i don't know but one of the reason why we came here i have no idea why my grandmother was killed. what did you do when it blew up did you run with what were you doing. when the drone hit i was outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to run and i noticed my hand was bleeding so i tried to clean my hand but not kept coming out but i was very scared so i just kept running in. my deepest condolences for your mother's good for your loss is
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a very tough up i am very much of it. my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story that's why we came to america we have no idea why our village in my house was targeted. this is going to be the first time when the u.s. congress that generally approves of drone strikes will hear from innocent victims of those strikes the raman family from pakistan are going to tell their story and they hope to hear answers where this is all going why do they have to live in fear every day and why was their grandmother killed in washington r.t. i'm going to check and. i'm listening to national recently lashed out at washington considering and condemning some of its journey strikes as war crimes the rights group called for greater transparency and justice for victims like the remount family this story became the inspiration for documentary filmmaker robert greenwald's latest movie you can speak with him as well. people want to believe in
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santa claus and they also want to believe that there's a simple solution to these incredibly complicated problem when we started reading that the drones were killing only high value targets are represented an imminent threat it doesn't make sense it's just not possible so i think there was a kind of hopefulness yes finally we found a magic pill which is part of it some of it is the fact that american soldiers warrant there so people said it doesn't matter as important is that you know the family is speaking to all kinds of americans people who have a mother will have a father and who look at them and can't justify the killing that we've done and then you have this extraordinary militarily industrial electoral complex bipartisan that agrees that the way to solve problems is by invading occupying and droning we have to change all over. the street and rest has resurfaced in turn came
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on corrupt police used tear gas and water cannon to break up a demonstration over the trial of a policeman accused of murder later in the program we ask where the wave of public anger could be leading. us crushing tax burdens and stifling red tape from to e.u. businesses to slip into the shadow economy a vicious circle that could spark a new downturn that plenty more stories coming up after the break. why but for us in just a few hours the countdown to sochi winter olympics will hit the one hundred day mark these are live pictures of from the center of moscow you can see the clock that's counted on to our was one minute and twenty six seconds meanwhile the olympic torch is continuing its globe spanning relay in russia's west and most region. arches and salma is there for us. f. one hundred days to go the children's making its way across the kaliningrad region
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the first leg of that has just started his time. which is just forty kilometers away from kaliningrad enjoying the day when mike is why into the city where it's due to arrive later this evening if you can see there's a lot of commotion here this is actually the most wesley point of the relay that's because this russian exit life sandwiched between part of the time when you're around about a million people and you can say hundreds have turned out to die trying to cheer on the told through dozens of tools berries and gold one of those those include russia . which is now so you can all imagine that this store turn iraq to mush twenty three days a guy from grace joining that time is going along with this thing up to the no zero thing on the road i mean just over a month week santore to go up to the international space station first by school so there's an awful lot to happen but the moments and things the spotlight is on
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living. region of living on the just left a tiny speck of course and he's heading towards the city to ride this evening we'll be doing our best to keep you updated with the rain like. there is just one leg of the sochi olympics flames a record breaking journey which still has quite a way to go the torch is glory route sixty five thousand kilometers long passing through thousands of towns and cities it's been carried by cars trains and planes as well as helicopters and much more unusual means of transport as a radius of a hot air balloon as well as a nuclear icebreaker and i wonder if farmer has mentioned the torch will even be taken on a space walk in russia the relay has so far covered almost forty cities with more than two thousand barrels involved in this part of the journey and are not for every the seventh the torch will end up in the olympic host city of sochi where the final preparation for the games are now being made artie's postcard reports from
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the black sea resort. as the countdown continues in the final preparations are being made ahead of searching twenty fourteen and although there's going to be no lavish ceremony to celebrate one hundred days until the start of the games you can see the iconic olympic rings how been installed at the equally as iconic sochi train station and it's all been about public transport really over the last twenty four hours or cyber monday president putin was in town where he greeted the new president of the international olympic committee thomas back in the open the new transport in adelaide just further down the coast from now the g.o.p. confirms that the sporting venues all of them will be or should be ready on time they're almost complete now which is the finishing touches that are being made on thomas back also said that these one hundred days of going to be the busiest for the organizers and president putin also took the opportunity to try to lay some fears concerning russia's so-called antigay law of course banning the promotion of
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nontraditional sexual relations to minus you will do everything to ensure that all competitors and guests at the winter olympics in sochi too comfortable regardless of race or sexual orientation at every sporting venue has been built from scratch but despite the scale of the undertaking the message from the organizers is clear the sochi will be ready. one hundred days remaining. days of flame. and a couple of minutes so we take a look at the part of the economy that's slipping into the shadows.
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if we look at the history of the o.p.c. w. and its engagement say in the past with the united states' best there is a history of let's say intimidation or money collation whatever you call it if indeed though we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i and doubtful if you'll do that because his life was really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. the faces changing the world writes next. to pictures of today's news. from around the globe.
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look to. welcome back this is our team as your obama drags a self out of recession for the first time in two years a new crisis could be just around the corner tough austerity measures and rising taxes are prompting businesses to hide below the government's reda reports. for millions of europeans who find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place in times of the staircase staying in the shadow is increasingly seen as a viable option to making ends meet far from the tax man and the grip of governments the shadow economy is a blurry area of cash only economic activity deliberately hidden for well forty's such as undeclared work in a way just or under reported business transactions it's not the international organization the over the cd predicts that by twenty twenty the shadow economy will
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employ up to two thirds of the world's workers that sounds rather pocalypse let's just look at the use data for twenty two well there's about one trillion euros in potential tax revenues lost in the total budget deficit for the entire block amount so about five hundred fourteen billion euros and this shadow economy makes up to a fifth of the g.d.p. of the bloc now in times of crises the shadow looms larger in fact most of that activity takes place in some of the largest economies in europe such as france germany italy spain and the u.k. and spain is known to have a very robust underground economy amounting to about twenty nine percent of its g.d.p. the chief has taken money and should be calling the state to the voicing of time she's in the consciousness of big expenditure is an increasingly number of people who are having to work in the black market because the coast of living goes up and living standards go down as a result. analysts have related the rise of this phenomenon to crises and it's like
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goals that governments in turn are trying to play catch up some of tried to limit the circulation of five hundred two hundred the euro notes or encourage the use of electronic payments but unless the official economy significantly rises from the doldrums the effects need to limit it as more and more europeans get dissolution then all becoming distrusting of their governments the lure and appeal of india's shadow economy may just be too appealing to turn down. financial trader felix moreno. says governments of fame and to accept the reality that people want to agree to pay more for less punish workers i'm not talking about rich work is i'm talking about minimum wage workers are paying almost fifty percent of the total remuneration almost a third person social security payments and almost another twenty percent. in different income taxes to work as a paying almost half the salary to the government and they're not getting much in
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return and they're having to pay more with the tax increases and getting less from all the cutbacks so obviously the very angry annoyed they're looking for alternatives. he also told us that all these tax dodging methods are nothing new and that officials themselves are saving as bad role models we can see that the politicians of the first ones to cook the books things popular party is now in the news in a major corruption scandal in which politicians are accused of having received underground economy payments cash payments. the socialist party is also involved in a very similar scandal and the receipt and confidence in your own cattle and regional party is also involved in a similar scandal that he says scandal so all the main spanish parties right now caught up in major illegal financing scandals in which they've been receiving cash payments how can they expect people on the street in spain who are suffering have
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been suffering this crisis for over five years not to do the same. and over at our website two pilots have had a narrow escape on the outskirts of moscow they managed to bail out the same time as an experimental military helicopter came crashing down in a forest on our website r.t. dot com we've got footage of the incident and all the details. all the while you're there is one of the world's a lot of sources of fresh water is under threat as officials plan a nuclear waste facility near lake huron on that the u.s. canadian border. turkish police have resorted to brutal methods to disperse the protests outside a courthouse in the capital ankara the demonstrations it was sponsored by the court's refusal to detain a policeman accused of killing a protester during the summer you know so not from the turkish labor party says the unrest is only likely to escalate the actual government is during
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a part the turkish republic as it was founded it's tearing apart its bases and secular bases it's a unified basis the nation comes to the state constructed upon the so-called judicial cases against the opposition parties against journalists against the army . the reach changing of media for some parts direct pressure for the other parts change of ownership the rechange ing of the i view a logical basis of the state from a nation state towards a more religious community. and this all led. to politics and to a feeling in the. public in the society which culminated in the give support protest and that will continue until the. fall of this government. and more protests in egypt security forces they have you see
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a guest to break up the students rally in support of the muslim brotherhood and a university campus in cairo protesters have been defending the legitimacy of the acids as done mohamed morsi the rally came a week before the trial of a former leader on charges of inciting murder meanwhile several judges servicing the trial of other top muslim brotherhood officials have withdrawn from the hearings. and in the other world news chinese police are looking for two suspects linked to monday's tragedy on t n a month square in beijing when a bus crashed into pedestrians officials who believe the incident was a suicide attack say those involved come from the rest of the region in a country where it was an operator by muslims a questionnaire five people dead and thirty eight injured. the same huge storm that's been ravaging northern europa leaving at least thirteen people dead has reached russia hurricane force winds have course massive power outages and left
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thousands without electricity in the country's northwest in some petersburg the storm has caused water levels to rise but officials say there's no danger of flooding it is resorting to drastic measures to revive its economy and grain in the budget deficit that could mean are selling some of the nation's most prized historical acids and as it is you've got to skim off reports for maybe this is a step too far it was built in the thirteenth century and was even the summer residence of the third for hundreds of years the or soon a castle has been and still is the jewel of this italian town a jewel which is now getting a price tag. i mean the worst economic recession since the second world war and a massive debt the italian government is in desperate need of catch myself i'm leaving at least fifty historical sites it hope stories nearly five hundred million euro but not all girls village around the r.c.t.
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castle seemed to be very happy with the idea. for us this castle is actually a symbol of citizenship it's a part of our history it's unique that's what it is for us these buildings are symbolic but will go authorities assure private investment will only help strengthen the gas also story no matter who ends up losing it then. it's not only the castle which is being revaluated it's going to be transformed into an ancient style hotel with all of its territory as well this will enhance its cultural touristic and gastronomical you. the government doesn't plan to stop there more sales and leases will follow real estate specialist see if you're an investor it's time to strike while the iron is hot it's a very good moment because there are some new assets on the market and you could buy them for a good price and then make them like resorts or change their destination to luxury
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resorts hotels or cultural places and then sell them again for a very high value. the government is already under fire from the public with youth unemployment at over forty percent and next year's budget own link between prudent or increased the salaries of those who do have work it appears now when it comes to raising capital anything goes even if it means selling the family super. italy. up ahead our report continues on the destruction caused by illegal fishing off the west african coast. a spanish language teacher in texas has been fired for posing nude in playboy before she became a teacher parents of found out about this demand that she be fired because her past
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was inappropriate and that it was a distraction the classroom well this was something she did in the past which was legal so this i mean if you pose for playboy you are forbidden to work in the normal world also as a former teenage boy i can tell you that any young attractive teacher will cause a distraction with the boys and wolf you can fire people for being distracting that when they have to fire every teacher with a handicap or abnormal appearance on the other hand though teachers are supposed to be people for children to respect and to look up to and when your spiritual teachers warned us so the good stuff for money to play boy it is a lot harder respect that's. of person and it sure isn't a good example for my daughter this is actually a very complex issue but i can say is that you should really try to fight the temptation to make quick money with some nude photos it could come back to haunt you but that's just my opinion. russell brand you say you want
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a revolution well you know we all want to change the world. no solution well you know there's already a plan that takes money and power from the heat and gives it those who will no longer wait for you to agitate debate whether or not risk bands and house tags oh so can stop the plunder and pillage by the con man hucksters and banks there is backed by the state. it's called bitcoin maybe there is a revolution. when it has to do with illegal immigration the immediately send frontex to us. today they control us in our waters as if a new colonization were taking place through a mere experiencing a military called the patient of the oceans when they want to combat drugs in america.


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