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little. little live . crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. a little. the the the. what is going on guys i'm having martin and this is breaking the set so last week the daily caller broke a story that pretty much a pit in my eyes is this administration's war on journalism the details of the part of homeland security raid back in august on the house of washington times reporter audrey hudson according to the warrant the da just raided hudson's home to search
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for illegal guns up longer a husband but naturally agents can pass up that golden opportunity to seize hudson confidential files files related to a series of stories she had written critical of the federal air marshal program and wouldn't you know it the air marshal program falls into the administration of the d.h.s.s. what a coincidence according to hudson the confiscated documents included the names of multiple sources that had blown the whistle on the ineptitude of this program when describing the home invasion hudson said quote this guy basically came in here and took my anonymous sources and turned them over to the agency they were blowing the whistle on and these guys still work there yes that's right whistleblowers that are currently employed by the d.h.s.s. listen good journalists are willing to go to jail in order to protect their sources but hudson wasn't even given that choice this d.h.s.s. raid was meant to send a message anonymous whistleblowing no longer exists. it
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was very. very hard to take. that had sex with her right there. just over four months ago investigative journalist michael hastings died in
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a tragic car accident after his mercedes crashed into a tree and exploded at least that's the official story coming from the los angeles police department but unanswered questions still surrounding hastings' untimely death the most pertinent being why a brand new mercedes exploded upon impact while one journalist is raising new questions about the incident after speaking with a computer science professor studying how to remotely hack a car in a new article carl gibson reports how it's impossible i'm sorry it's possible remotely manipulated vehicles from up to a thousand miles away and speculates that private contractors may have played a role in hastings death while carl joined me earlier to discuss his findings and i first asked him what evidence he has to show that private contractors may indeed be behind this fatal car crash. i can't really see for sure that there is direction in gun evidence that there were private contractors who you know had to migrate the car children but there are a lot of doubt that there are that can be connected and you know so one of the
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things that. was most interesting about about this story is that. you know most modern cars from all manufactures from years two thousand and eight. all have the same computerized systems that can be hacked through the same components and compromised from over a thousand miles away and i talked to u.c. san diego professor who did just that with multiple model cars and so he said if you wanted to you to take over a car and break it you know it took it took a minimal amount of resources and time and if you want to take it over and you don't have arbitrary control of someone's car through hacking a computer system that took a little longer to do but could also be done so i can't say for sure whether it was government agencies or private contractors but i can say that the l.a. weekly reported that michael hastings was afraid his car was hacked and actually tried to borrow his neighbor's car the night crash sure but just because all modern
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cars have the ability to be hacked doesn't mean that it was i mean is there any other evidence that points to that this might be the case or the most likely scenario. you know the point likely scenario richard clarke who was counterterrorism chief under both bill clinton and george w. bush as an aside at the end of an interview with helping him post he said that it looked like a car cyberattack and i thought a lot of d.c. insider types who you know when they say it looks like something then you know that's a good way of knowing that that's what they think happened but richard clarke said it looked like a car cyberattack based on how the car suddenly exhilarated after crossing the intersection and you know in the manner in which it crashed and immediately exploded on impact you know i talked to the mercedes benz dealer who said you know one of our cities then would that make and model year crash and a full throttle crashed the car olds in on itself and the engine actually drops down the strange thing about michael hastings crash was when he when he crashes the palm tree the engine actually ejected from under the hood and went about two
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hundred feet down the street which is unheard of for a brand new model receiving. a lot of interesting things surrounding how the car crashed carl you know my question is if there is truly phelps play at hand here why haven't more of his friends and family spoken out i mean even his wife hastings wife went on c.n.n. and said that the incident was nothing more than a tragic accident i mean why do you think that not more people than putting pressure to reopen the case. you know i think when i'm talking to other of the youngsters about this he was a friend of these he said that in any bureaucracy such as the l.a.p.d. the onus is on them to close it up try and wrap it up because if it was a homicide of the really messy investigation and they never know who did it that would be on them for the rest of their careers and so everything in a bureaucracy tends to lean towards wrapping it up now far as as far as other people like like his wife and family who said that you know it's just a tragic accident people should read about it you know if you do some digging. on
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michael hastings she has a history of ties with the national security council and in for a. and some people have raised questions about i can't verify whether there's a jew or not but i think it's definitely clear that the official narrative has a lot of holes in it and when you just when you look a little closer there's a lot of things that don't add up and are just are just outrageous strange and so i know that what comes out of this investigation is that people start asking these questions and you know try to get a clear answer on what happened how the how did the car exploded like you know what was what was michael hastings reporting on just before he died you know why was he so scared of being surveilled i mean these are questions that that are important for all journalists who are you know future reporting well let's talk about what he was reporting on we've learned that he was working on an article about the cia director john brennan and his role and track investigative journalists and their sources do you think that this piece of information plays into the larger puzzle
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yeah i think it does you know he was reporting on john brennan he'd been the newly mentioned cia director brennan was also the architect of president obama's controversial drone program i think the most damning piece of evidence was that you know there's an e-mail from stressful work that i make to you in the article. by wiki leaks of this private security firm that has cia connection. within you know within the firm and it was an e-mail with the subject mind please don't leak and it said you know john brennan you know is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists. and for this to be going down a private security firm. you know and i can see why michael hastings might have been paranoid when you heard about the wiretapping and the department of justice even a.p. phone records and all of the revelations and edward snowden leaks you know he clearly thought that something was amiss and so he tried to go off the radar as he
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was working on the story and unfortunately we never got to hear his side of that. we know that through a foyer request that hastings was in fact been investigated that is confirmed but of course i was a contradiction are there any other for the filings that could possibly shed more light on the incident showed that actually officials have been lying you know that's a really good question i think al jazeera exposed the f.b.i. to be weighed by directly contradicting statements saying he was not injured. i think i think some boys could could also be made into our military the pentagon's dealings with private contractors you know from the mcchrystal era and onward at least whether it was a just defense systems who's in trouble for posting the truth which i think it's since been pulled offline blackwater and xenu committed multiple atrocities these are companies who committed grave offenses you know while waving our flag overseas
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and they haven't had to suffer any accountability and in fact offer operate with impunity i think some boy requests since you know maybe the joint special operations command part of the pentagon that the crisper were commanding i think you could find a lot of interesting things were somebody to reach you know some of those communications with those private firms and that does happen every day right i mean you have a right to have these these private contractors act with total impunity i mean they are given immunity for actual outright murder i mean it is really shocking so i guess the question is how far are they willing to go and where they operate within the confines of this country let's talk about the car because the car was burned beyond recognition i mean i guess how are we supposed to gather evidence and really conclude that this story if most of it's destroyed. that's a great question that you know if if a car's computer system were to be hacked i mean given that the car exploded through should be so quickly i mean you're not going to be able to find any evidence of that kind of but i think what what what can be learned from this is
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that you know you look at most recent events making models that you know have a fall from a crash you get paid big score and what happened is that one of the witnesses who is on the street the guy who. lived right across the street from where the crash happened there's a recall and he told the young church that you know from the beginning when a car crashed into the tree almost before it crashed into the trees. and the fire burned pretty hot and in fact he said nobody could approach the car for a while because it kept exploding. gasoline is flammable and you know certainly there's moving parts of the car and those can be subject to blow up but that's a really well made car and that's really out of character for to you know explode and catch fire so quickly. you know i don't know what could be gleaned from investigating that crash but i do i do know the the l.a.p.d. has ruled that there's no foul play but clearly some more questions need to be asked and just you know what carla and the thing that pissed me off the most the
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scene out rights and station was headlines that came out of course after the autopsy was released hastings reportedly had traces of methamphetamine marijuana in his system of course it was confirmed also that these drugs had nothing to do with the crash they were and jested hours before totally confirmed has nothing to do with a crash of course you saw that in every single headline and of course people just took away from that saying oh he was on drugs and that's why you crash and died i mean it's almost like so predictable that they did that why do you think the media chose to focus on that aspect of the case. i think they were eager to brand this as you know just another. careless mistake made by a passionate young journalist and you know he had relapsed and it was so sad his family was really pulling for him and kind of to distract from what he was talking about the circumstances surrounding him and what was happening in his life right before i think to dismiss him as a judge is the most convenient tool for the media who by the way came out of the
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woodwork to criticize hastings for his report that got general mcchrystal fired you know the media at least on the corporate side has made it clear whose side they represent now i think michael hastings journalism you know threatened and offended him because he told the truth and he told the truth about the people who were signing the paychecks essentially so they had a lot of grudges against anything now i think as far as that particular angle you know michael hastings was an embedded work order he was prescribed medical marijuana because medical marijuana can do your p.t.s.d. i think the conversation could have also been about all the veterans who come home you know who witnessed the things overseas michael hastings saw his work order any of these are really real issues that people need to talk about dismissing people like michael hastings who was you know trying to deal with a medical condition and dismissing them as junkies you know trying to understand what they were going through and maybe how it led to led to their death right it's just such a pathetic way to kind of say case closed shut up about it you know nothing more to
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say really we know there's a lot more to say a lot more questions to be asked and answered thanks for keeping on the pressure karl gibson editor of occupy dot com thank you ed. coming up next i'll talk to my producer mental rob lowe but everything n.s.a. and stop watching over the weekend. good lumbered sure kirby was able to build a new. which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. if we look at the history of the lp c.w. and its engagements in the past with the united states there is a history of let's say intimidation on money collation whatever you call it if
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indeed we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i. will do that because his life is really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. mission . critical three years for charges three. months three. three stooges free. download free books videos for your media project a free media. tom. you
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know there are some stories out there that are so powerful they linger in the public discourse for decades and some of these groundbreaking headlines of completely shape the world we live in today. no i'm not talking about nine eleven the moon landing or the sinking of the paid cannick i'm talking about jon benet. was a revelation today in the seventeen year old unsolved murder of jon benet ramsey sources confirm that in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine a grand jury after meeting over a year believed there was enough evidence to indict john and patsy ramsey on charges of child abuse resulting in death we just now got a look at these documents learning that the grand jury did indeed believe john and patsy ramsey had some responsibility in their daughter's death since then the d.n.a. analysis that's come out shows that there is blood on john john but no panties from a third party that nobody's ever been able to identify wow we've got to fox to be
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speculating about a six year old panties back to the story of jon benet ramsey the toddler beauty queen who was tragically found strangled to death in one thousand ninety six has been occupying the corporate media headlines since last week after a harrowing update on the case was made except there is no update in fact the only news that a grand jury implicated benet's parents and nineteen ninety nine but not for her murder only for the circumstances that allowed her murder to take place oh amazing that this breaking news story is simply that jon benet's mom and dad might not have been all star parents are you kidding me how is this news look i'm sorry for this tiny child and my heart goes out to her surviving family but seriously children are kidnapped and killed every day i get why the case made headlines are regionally seventeen years ago cute blonde all-american beauty pageant star found that it's insatiable it's easy fodder but now there's absolutely no reason to be talking
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about this absolutely nothing about jon benet's life and death affects our our lives. unities and our country but there is another grand jury case from that exact same year that does have enormous implications over our lives and interestingly enough its findings have been completely censored by the media and political establishment the murder trial of martin luther king jr c in one thousand nine hundred ninety a grand jury in memphis tennessee unanimously found local state and federal government agencies guilty of conspiring to assassinate dr king the civil trial consisted over seventy testimonies from witnesses who one after the other called into question the original narrative and concluded that james earl ray was nothing more than a patsy king's wife coretta scott even stated that the jury confirmed what was already suspected by king's family she said it provided their family with
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a long sought sense of closure and peace which had been denied by official dissent from ation and coverups the verdict didn't come as a shock to him ok surviving family who knew that he was subject to years of intimidation harassment and even death threats on behalf of the us government in fact he had once received a letter from the f.b.i. attempting to co worst him and it taking his own life and just this year operation minaret was declassified confirming that he was in fact the victim of cointelpro mass surveillance at the height of his activism yet even now over a decade since that civil case questioning james earl ray's guilt as the lone man who killed m.l.k. is received as nothing more than a ludicrous conspiracy theory. so what's more newsworthy in the us a government being implicated for facilitating and covering up the assassination of the greatest civil rights leader that ever lived or the fact that they ramsey had
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a lousy parents you tell me. first of all the choice. she is lucky enough to go. right on the heels of learning that at least thirty five world leaders have had their phones tapped by the n.s.a. spain's government has just made an interesting announcement prime minister mariano rajoy has summoned the u.s. ambassador to explain a newly big document that reveals n.s.a. spying on more than sixty million phone calls in his country this latest leak only reinforces why thousands took the streets to demonstrate in d.c. over the weekend on saturday privacy civil liberties activists joined with whistleblowers artists and journalists at a massive rally called stop watching us in d.c. to protest the n.s.a.'s sweeping surveillance of u.s. citizens check out. i was very.
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close to the. i'm going to you know one thing where are our usual right place to be really. critical that back with some of the it was somehow a one day i didn't think of indecision or does everybody. just be like yeah you are was our job and i was playing this situation with my children. that. i may need to what are you doing here if you only got to let their own future is at stake never never forsake like liberty and.
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yes it was inspiring event to help me break down some of the highlights from the protests i'm drawn by breaking the separators are unknown. as a go hey so before we get into the protests let's talk about this newest revelation of spain sixty million phone calls tapped you know this whole thing it goes beyond just kind of knowing the players next moves your global allies it almost goes to blackmail no that's exactly what it is words and you nailed it right on the head it's sixty million phone records over the course of one month and when you say whether or not this this is blackmail i think that's exactly why we're seeing a less of a reaction from world leaders. to see that some aren't acting with the will the people who we saw dilma rousseff and in brazil come out and protest saying you know i'm not going to meet with obama she's not you know very very vocal against the n.s.a. spying but you know contrast that to angela merkel who's saying you know oh it's going to be tough but we're going to restore ties with the united states i think
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it's a lesson response because of how much dirt the u.s. really has on these countries so we're talking about n.s.a. n.s.a. spying isn't something that just started last month or just started this year this is something that been going on it's an ongoing issue ever since the two thousand and one with the signing of the patriot act as surveillance of foreign countries and i think that you're absolutely right when it comes to whether or not a world leader is going to speak out against this the more the u.s. knows the less you can expect them to speak and exactly what was really interesting about this you say that angela merkel and some other world leaders are kind of less you know the brics nation of course is starting their own internet to counter the n.s.a. but michael hayden former n.s.a. director actually came out and said this is all political theater i'm part of the world leaders he says espionage is an accepted international practice that all the states i know conduct as this is a this is a give and take thing of course we're going to us the u.s. is kind of on big giving and we're being mean and we're talking about the former cia director former head of the n.s.a. michael hayden who has said that i mean he's still you know goes out and says my
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edward snowden you know not a hero not a whistleblower a leaker a traitor just admitting that he's saying this is this is something everyone does it seems like this is really just kind of slander one nation yeah it's very it's very one sided i'd like to hear. him talk about who's spying on him i would love to hear that and one other thing before me one of the rally is that the citizens of these countries i can't help but think you know here we are we're protesting n.s.a. surveillance in a country that at least we have some sort of semblance of mirage of civil liberties safeguards that we really do these citizens and others i don't know because spanier and let's move on to the rally anniversary of the patriot act the twelve year anniversary the media reported that thousands were there was a little bit hard for us to tell it felt like a good solid thousand people marching it was very encouraging and we're watching the footage right now this is it was actually a march that moved from union station to capitol hill when people were in motion you could obviously gauge there were hundreds and hundreds of people maybe even over a thousand people but i mean i don't know how many people were there but it is encouraging to know that people are actually taking to the streets that people are moving away from the online form and into the streets to say look we don't like surveillance we
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think that this is a this is an obvious egregious violation of first and fourth amendment rights and it's it is encouraging and i think that this is a sort of thing that we're going to see move forward especially when you take into account how many different groups participated in this you have the bill of rights defense committee a.c.l.u. had a huge turnout activists journalists whistleblowers was out there it was it was so many different diverse groups of people one of the speakers actually said you know this is not a left and right issue this is a right and wrong issue and i think that that really embodies the demographic of people that showed up to this route and that's what's so amazing about this issue of civil liberties is something that you can really unify the left or right the occupy movement the libertarian movement the tea party on this issue and we really need to start doing and start stop bickering with each other because really this is what it's all about it was beautiful to see all these people there i have to shout out to c.n.n. didn't give a short blurb in between the jon benet ramsey coverage we did see them cover that having lunch after the after the protests and i was you know but now wonder what's
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going on in the little bit of a rally by the seconds and yeah but yes i mean i think that you know we never would have seen this many people out for the patriot act i think that the time is is ripe i think that. we see a thousand people although there was counter protest in germany as well so it's amazing to see people all the world waking up because of this issue and really you know even though there wasn't that many people there it was incredible to see this many people on the streets for civil liberties an issue that really doesn't galvanize people in activism and on the streets and the folks that showed up that were there that were giving speeches that you know it did get some coverage and it's very important to have the regulars that are there on civil liberties speaking out once again you had dennis kucinich gary johnson was speaking at the event thomas drake oji n.s.a. whistleblower saying you know the only way that we can fix the patriot act is to repeal the patriot act that's something that really needs to get back into the forefront because this is a bill that continues to have to have effect some people and just keeps getting past it it's getting worse and worse and one thing i really loved is the signs they
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are rick was absolutely incredible the amount of effort that was put into this march and also the art and music that was integrated in the rally i want to play a little clip from the spoken word. malaki byrd performing malpractise let's hear from him. would be to be felt evident that all men are created equal whenever any form of government becomes destructive and it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it so we put a civil disobedience through the play of the hypocritical kind of and expect us to assimilate and so this republic which barely pay is is one nation under many individuals keep up their liberties made me just because of all superpowerful to see just a lot of our in music integrated which is really what we need to get this going again unfortunate we're almost out of time i know but there were five hundred seventy five thousand signatures for a petition to actually change the policies of the n.s.a. they were handed over to justin amash and that's one of the best and you know biggest moving things about this rally yeah absolutely all the petitions that were
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put on the doorstep of congress hopefully the president listens to repeal the patriot act to repeal the n.s.a. on warrantless blanket spying on americans and the. world of thanks for going out there many it was great to see you and everyone else thanks for her participated and thanks for watching our show you guys today everyone join us again tomorrow as we start a break in the set. some of the sixteen percent imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. but they are territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and
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leave for. illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. right on the sea. first trip. and i think the true. on our reporters. to be on the. on. his lover into an amazon. that had been my dream. but he couldn't hold on to their race such a thing as
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a teacher and now she runs her own factory throw down a challenge to man there's no alcohol smoking under even coffee is forbidden they worship the sun. will he be able to win. one of. these. people. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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the. mother was killed my children were injured we have no idea why our village and my house was talkative survivors of a u.s. drone strike testified before members of congress for the first time home in pakistan was hit last year a correspondent was briefing reporting live from washington d.c. . britain's prime minister threatens legal action to stop newspapers from publishing edward snowden's leaks exposing the extent of spying by u.s. and u.k. . while not outraged by washington snooping president rafael correa gives an exclusive interview to us a. visit to moscow for us.


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