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tv   Headline News  RT  October 29, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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mother was killed my children were injured we have no idea why our village and my house was targeted survivors of the u.s. drone strike testified before members of congress for the first time their home in pakistan was hit last year a correspondent was at that briefing will be reporting live from washington d.c. this. britain's prime minister threatens legal action to stop newspapers from publishing edward snowden's leaks exposing the extent of spying by u.s. and u.k. teligent agencies. while man outraged by washington snooping ecuador's president rafael correa gives an exclusive interview to us and our teacher in his visit to moscow plus. with just one hour to go now
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before the one hundred day countdown to the saatchi winter olympics we'll bring the latest from the preparations in the host city and follow the record breaking torch relay. for it even if you just joined us my name is kevin now in this is our t. international just after eight pm here now the top story the developing news tonight survivors of a u.s. drone strike testified to members of congress today the families grandmother was killed when a missile hit their guard in pakistan a year ago say they've got no idea why they were targeted our correspondent got a teacher can we'll be talking to a bit later as she was meeting them and she was at the hearing a little bit earlier on we cross into her in a few minutes time so you can stay with us for that meantime though the british government's warn it could resort to legal action to silence newspapers seeking to
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publish edward snowden's n.s.a. revelations is the latest in a string of attempts than to block the release of embarrassing documents r.t. sarah firth is in london for more on that story. well it's reported that he said on monday that if newspapers don't demonstrate some social responsibility then it will be difficult for the government to stand back and not act now he also made reference to injunctions and dean atheists these are measures that the government has to prevent the disclosure of certain types of information by the media particularly if it would impact u.k. military or intelligence operations now he did go on to say that his preference was not for heavy handed tactics but it will be worth reminding viewers that. government officials enter the guardian newspaper offices that's the newspaper that's being at the forefront of publishing the edward snowden leaks and destroy hard drives containing some of that sensitive information the u.k.
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government has also detained journalists and partner of claim greenwald david miranda under terrorist legislation many people would say those are extremely heavy handed tactics indeed responding to the reports of the prime minister's statement glenn greenwald's the journalist it's been primarily reporting these leaks said that this was shocking that this happens in a country that tells itself it has press freedom for reverse to be reduced to only goes where you says come close the reporting on snowden's leaks of damaging national security you've grown. think we've got something rotten in the state of england david cameron is threatening journalists at the same time as he's calling for press freedom and of course what that really means is it's press freedom for his story really i don't think he really wants independent journalism in this country i think if he could close down the guardian he would he really hates these revelations many people may have noticed that his former communications man andy
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corson is in court in britain today facing the same sorts of phone hacking charges as actually being accused of the g.c. h.q. in the n.s.a. all of these mass data trawls are extremely dangerous and criminal acts has been no evidence whatsoever that any of this is a threat to national security as the guardian and glenn greenwald pointed out time and time again this is really the last refuge of a scoundrel this accusation of threatening national security we need some arrests of senior people who've been doing criminal acts within the secret services otherwise we are going down that police state pinochet route well it's not just the guardian of course it's been working to make data of mobile snowden's leaks available to the world nonaligned anti secrecy website cryptome put together a map showing the extraordinary reach of u.s. surveillance as they look at it going to the website every country the world has phone calls intercepted you see there from tens of thousands of the tens of billions central asia in the middle east appear to have been the chief targets but
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by no means the only ones in europe america's closest allies of find themselves under intense of ellen's with three hundred sixty one million conversations intercepted in germany alone in total the united states monitored one hundred twenty four billion calls globally in the space of just one month earlier this year glenn greenwald the former guardian journalist who first published edward snowden's leaks told us video agency ruptly that america's snooping will not be scaled back any time soon either. you brazil germany firearms india and now speed of course the united states is going to repeat it solved continuously for the next several weeks or months almost every country around the world to be very clear objective review is to not just go out drovers but to keep it for as long as they can so the big time target here is if you're a citizen of spirit you are asking for everything be doing in terms of giving you
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the right. well the flood of global indignation over n.s.a. spying has prompted washington to promise a review of the agency's controversial practices the obama administration's even considering whether to ban all spying on leaders of allied states but not everyone is happy about the idea of limiting intelligence gathering and i say director general keith alexander is challenge the pending review saying he believes most spying has been entirely justified by the security gains that come out from it some congressmen see the shares opinion to peter king is the chairman of the house subcommittee on counterterrorism said the president should stop apologizing as the n.s.a. has saved thousands of lives not just in the us but also throughout europe and the rest of the world too that stance is shared by several washington hawks with former vice president dick cheney saying that extra knowledge is always an advantage when it comes to security for now though washington's been getting an easy ride over the scandal at least that's the view of ecuador's president rafael correa of the
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socialist leader is an outspoken critic of the u.s. is an unofficial visit here to moscow and he's alexia as you have skis following those talks. korea is now in moscow the very same city where edward snowden they whistleblower now resides on his political asylum the breaking revelations of who infuriated the leader of ecuador back this summer and he's still pretty much angry especially in the light of the latest revelations on high profile politicians in europe being wiretapped by the n.s.a. . it loose they said it was necessary for fighting against terrorism prevention i don't know if angela merkel is a terrorist i think it's clear the use of agents programs for economic reasons for helping the transnational companies can you imagine what could happen if the program was carried out by cuba russia or the it could or argentina they would have called as dictators and criminals and we could be judged in the international court has not. even the fact that. the economy of ecuador largely depends on
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the united states it's not by no means an obstacle for mr korea to come with open criticism of washington's actions i remember when i covered the huge international scandal involving the visit to moscow of another latin american leader the president believes ever morales want to explain was denied airspace in europe and had to spend twelve hours at vienna's airport so back then i quoted a very explosive words from the ecuadorian foreign ministry which said that if something like this happens to us president then it would have been a good reason to declare war so of course the economic and military cooperation will be on the table at the talks between putin and korea but there's no chance that the fate of mr snowden will escape their attention in this conversation next year just given what do you think about this big story we're asking what impact you think further to say spying revelations could have let's take a look the pie chart at it comes in the votes are shaping up so far thanks for voting by the way if you have fifty nine percent of most of you believe that new
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n.s.a. leaks will many more familiar speeches about privacy but will be no real action unless quarter of you twenty five. sent exactly this think we're going to see a rise in social resistance and massive demonstrations against n.s.a. surveillance thirteen percent say people are getting used to these scandals over become kind of blank to it almost and they'll be all the be further revelations that will be most reaction to it and just a small minority anticipate genuine steps to protect privacy we want you to head to our website r.t. dot com you can make that change throughout the course of the evening so it's good to hear from you. all right as promised never to our top story the first ever congressional briefing with victims of a u.s. drone strike our correspondent gunships you can spoke to the family who survived a missile strike a year ago this is what she's filed. why do you think you queer mother was killed. i don't know but one of the reason why we came here i have no idea why my
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grandmother was killed. what did you do we need blew up did you run the boat what were you doing in the mind when a turn here outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to run yet i noticed my hand was bleeding so i tried to clean my house not to keep coming out but i was very scared so i just kept running and. my deepest condolences for your mother's but for your loss is it their fault i am standing there watching with the. news that my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story that's why we came to america we have no idea why our village in my house was targeted. this is going to be the first time when the u.s. congress that generally approves of drone strikes will hear from innocent victims of those strikes the rayman family from pakistan are going to tell their story and they hope to hear answers where this is all going why do they have to live in fear
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every day and why was their grandmother killed in washington r.t. i'm going to check out well amnesty international recently lashed out at washington condemning some of his drone strikes as war crimes the rights group called for greater transparency and just as victims like the roman family that the story became the inspiration for documentary filmmaker robert greenwald latest movie accounts but with him with well. people want to believe in santa claus and they also want to believe that there's a simple solution to these incredibly complicated problems when we started reading that the drones were killing only high value targets of represented an imminent threat it doesn't make sense it's just not possible so i think there was a kind of hopefulness yes finally we found a magic pill which is part of it some of it is the fact that american soldiers war and fair so people said it doesn't matter as important is that you know the family
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is making to all kinds of americans people who have a mother or have a father and who look at them and can't justify the killing that we've done and then you have this extraordinary militarily industrial electoral complex bipartisan that agrees that the way to solve problems is by invading occupying a drone and we have to change all of our. busy news not to know how you stay with us off the break we got live coverage of the olympic hundred day countdown lined up for you to. well. technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future covered.
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all the. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. again welcome back the countdown to the sochi winter olympics opening ceremonies just about to hit the one hundred day mark these are live pictures you're seeing
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here from the center of moscow as the clock ticks down just five seconds to go now until the one hundred day mark of the opening ceremony starts there we go good stuff for hi tom as well let me cross to pull scott in the host city of the games for his son andrew following the olympic torch relay as well it's reached rushes west of most kaliningrad. hopefully we can talk to one of them hang on gallery who can we talk to as. all right we can see you guys we can hear that's a good start paul first of all one hundred days to go that we've just been watching around the clock in moscow already is the city for the olympics down there in sochi . well the message. is ready in fact it's all actually rather located here in sochi to mark one hundred days until the start of the games is a real sense around the place for the hard work is going to continue over the next few months in the new president of the international olympic committee thomas says
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that the one hundred days in the lead up to the games are undoubtedly going to be the busiest for the organizers now back has been on a tour of some of the venues over the last twenty four hours or so he's been to the main media center he's been to the athletes' village and he's been to the fixed olympic stadium which is going to host the opening and closing ceremony and tomorrow the i.o.c. are hosting a conference on sports in the environment here in the hotel behind me inside the olympic park now but says that the venues are impressive and that he's confident that the venues will be ready and that the athletes will be delighted with them they're going to be one hundred seventeen different test events over the next three months or so from conferences to sporting contest to lectures to ensure that all the venues are up to operational standards but as the clock ticks down the feeling here in sochi is that the hard work needs to continue to ensure that come february the seventh this city is ready to welcome the sporting world public just talked about in just
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a minute just. how ready this is the venue for no further insult she thanks for that let's go to kaliningrad russia's most western outpost andrew farm is there now we can see you but i think we can certainly hear you. limping flames now in the kaliningrad region as the said it's now the hundred day countdown officially begun as the celebration coming along where you are. just building as you say the toll has been making its way around this pocket of russia on the baltic sea and in the next few minutes we do expect it to arrive here in the center. i'm actually stood on victory square where the celebrations have already started to mark the one hundred day came down and it is the finale to what has been i have to say quite a memorable day and it also started with some excitement see this morning as i found. here. well we did go to we're going to try and go to getting
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a second date for some reason is going back oh forget it let's have a little listen to get to it again hang on a second to me and. blue to go to the pool she's making its way across the living. word of god it's just started here the time. which is just forty kilometers away from kaliningrad enjoying the day will make his way into the city where his teams were all i like to receive and if you can see there's a lot of commotion here this is actually the most wesley point of the relay that's because this russian spy sandwiched between part of the time when you're around about a million people and you can say hundreds have turned out today to try and cheer on the toast through dozens of troops barry's involved in one of the cases include russia. with me which is not so you can all know it's hard to imagine that this story turn iraq and russia twenty three days a guy from grace joining that time is called up guys is a pillow much as it's been up to the north pole is being carried by far the frost i mean just stand up to the international space station.
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so that gives you an idea a taste of what's been happening today incidentally the very last torch bearer this evening will be the governor of clearing brad saying he will be a proud man tonight and then we'll get plenty of fireworks and also a performance from a law in boy band brainstorm who no doubt will do their best to send the flame on its way along with thousands of people gathered here today before the flying exactly pulled back inside that tiny lantern i'm flying to moments in the arctic circle where this amazing relay around russia will continue. their much appreciated but welcome back to the studio now to discuss the upcoming winter olympics and what to expect from the host city i'm joined in the studio by russian sports. like you're leaving to you also as well from london by john goodbody sunday times sports correspondent carol if you don't one hundred first come back to you
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from a. nice to see you covered the previous olympics in various places twelve times several of them of course heavily politicized with problems as well just think about london of course the big security. let's focus now though on what's going to come in sochi do you think it's had too much of a bad press if you think any of it justify what are your thoughts on it. amount of bad press over great if you go right but i think that problem has gone away now i don't expect any serious problems there i mean after all one does recall from the 1980's the the attempts of boycotts then and how they were unsuccessful and i don't think there's any real impetus behind it so as far as such is concerned you know everything seems to be going well i think the one thing that concerns me about the games is if you look back to the world athletics championships which took
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place in august in moscow the the lack of spectators for many of the event was rather disappointing and i just hope that such which is only you know says here of five hundred thousand people all. respond to the going in in the way it was a big problem you think it was the ticket prices wasn't it i mean we thinking back now that the initial flurry for tickets was more than a flier it was a stampede for tickets in london very very expensive at the time but towards the end of the games we did see quite a few empty stands i mean you obviously saw itself carol are they going to address that kind of problem to to stop it happening in sochi. look it's i don't think it's an issue that's related to the upcoming olympics as it is it's an issue that comes up every year as more and more every two years every olympics we see like you said
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a stampede of people wanting to buy tickets and then they see the prices and they get a reality check. to go into the olympics so far as addressing it you know you know we country we live in things can be addressed in different ways and if. be realistic if if we need to see people in the stands we will. as far as how many of those will be real spectators i think. there's a lot of realisation right now that. it's not an issue that needs to be addressed on an organizational level it's an it's an issue that needs to be addressed as to how to get real fans in there and the good thing is they they see the problem and i think they will be they my they might even lower ticket prices. we have the spectator passport as they call it and or however you translate into english. which may make things more complicated when you talk about getting tickets and actually
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getting to the events on the other hand it is security risk as every olympics is and they're trying to address it that way so i don't know if there's a single answer to your question of whether we're going to see full stadiums everywhere or not but you know the hockey finals are sold out and all the big events are already sold out and i think there will be people there will just buy the product that we're hearing has got into it i'm sure they've thought about that jonah what are your thoughts but the readiness of the event again from what you've seen so far we had yesterday in sochi saying that everything was well on track i mean obviously he's taken this on these belt from the very start when it was announced back in two thousand and seven but what do you think truly. well all the indications seem to be that everything is going very smoothly you have to realize that the the the main problem may be the lack
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of snow i know that. there has been a huge amount seven hundred thousand i think tons of snow is being stored so that it can be used should the. not be what to expect for the winter games and after all sorts. is the city which is hosting the olympics. the winter olympics and it's the city which has got the highest temperature of any city which is the winter olympics. from the start i get a sense of whether we're going to get snow yet of story to tell here or here and this is you're missing one thing here is that just like every olympics we've seen in the past there's not going to be just the city as you know there are several skiing resorts that have been built and i've myself as it had a couple of them was in the past winters and they do get natural snow and there's
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actually pretty good skiing there so it is not only a it's a summer resort and a winter resort it may sound the worry is i never really planned for the weather no matter how much money you put into something obviously you could have a plan for the weather seven hundred thousand cubic meters of snow all the way. to you and how many how many olympics have you covered john. must have been a few and have you ever seen covering the. i've been covering the olympics since the one nine hundred sixty lympics in mexico city have you ever seen one that hasn't gone without a glitch. no no absolutely and there you are almost all of them do for one reason or another i mean some of been more successful than the others and there's always a panic towards the end but you know i'm not particularly worried about sochi i think that this is the decade for russian sport another stage your world athletics championships successfully got the world cup in two thousand and eighteen and
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obviously it's a very prestigious event and russia has got huge resources to put behind it so i'm not worried about it i'm just making the point that you know that the question of snow is something that naturally years must be worrying them if only because they've got these big reserve in place in case there are any problems and from what you know about what they've got in reserve that i was telling you this seven hundred thousand cubic meters of snow in reserve which was talked about from the very start why wasn't it is that going to be enough. job. yes i would have thought that would have been amply sufficient i'm sure they'd made proper. provision for exactly the amount of snow that might be needed should there be no snow next february oh well no no in this country they made a double provision in this case knowing how big the event is so i doubt that snow
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is going to be an issue you know there is obviously an issue of. which john has addressed already of everything being built from scratch pretty much at this event and that i mean ok i mean ever was going to put a good spin on this we had put in there yesterday saying everything's absolutely on track is it. well the truth i think is in the middle as usual you know you've got people saying nothing's going to be ready all the money is a stolen and you're done you're not going to get the olympics then you have the officials who are responsible for this saying everything's going to be on track or ahead of schedule the truth is in the in the middle somewhere and i like i said i think it's going to be something that we've seen every year or every two years from the olympics some things are going to be done on the fly there but the main things are going to be ready. to join actually a final because you've witnessed so many of these final thoughts it's going to be one of the best. yes. well i
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don't know if i'll have to tell you that after the guy yes i mean quite obviously you know. it's going to be. there are so many great guy by summer and winter that is very difficult to say which have been the best but you know i should be free to go to leave it we've got to go to a break guys i'm so sorry guys so sorry john thank you so much carol thank you so much and you really appreciate it thanks ever so much this all right thank you. but a big cohen revolution be about to shake up global banking with. this is of course this is the international. a spanish language teacher in texas has been fired for posing nude in playboy before she became a teacher parents of found out about this demand that she be fired because her past
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was inappropriate and that it was a distraction the classroom well this was something she did in the past which was legal so this i mean if you pose for playboy you are forbidden to work in the normal world also as a former teenage boy i can tell you that any young attractive teacher will cause a distraction with the boys and wolf you can fire people for being distracting that when they have to fire every teacher with a handicap or abnormal appearance on the other hand though teachers are supposed to be people for children to respect and to look up to and when you're spares teachers when the so of the good stuff for money to play boy it is a lot harder respect that sort of person and it sure isn't a good example for my daughter this is actually very complex issue but all i could say is that you should really try to fight the temptation to make quick money with some nude photos it could come back to haunt you but that's just my opinion. if we look at the history of the l.p.c. w.n.
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it's endangered say in the past with the united states yet there is a history of let's say intimidation on many collation of whatever you call it if indeed that we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i doubtful that he will do that because his life is really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser you know russell brand you say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world you say you've got no solution well you know.


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