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for grazing. it's not fly when the skies are gray they survive us drone strike in pakistan lost their grandmother the family testified before members of congress the first ever hearing of its. british prime minister threatens legal action to stop newspapers from publishing snowden's leaks exposing the extent of spying by the u.s. and u.k. government. outraged by washington. president. gives an exclusive interview to a teacher in his visit here to moscow. and the one hundred day. we bring the latest from the preparations in the city and follow the breaking.
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news kevin owen here good to have your company the main story for us tonight survivors of a u.s. drone strike testified to members of congress a few hours ago the families grandmother was killed in a missile hit the guard in pakistan a year ago say they have no idea why they were targeted. this was the first time the actual victims of the us storm strikes were in congress and there were only maybe four of members of congress present in the briefing room apart from the congressman who initiated this meeting it's no secret the u.s. congress generally approves of prose right so it's very difficult to expect the sudden change of heart even though her heart was what these drone victims were appealing to and up to over twenty fourth of last year a u.s.
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drone strike left one this one pakistani family devastated a nine year old girl and first thirteen year old brother merely a state of death there sixty seven year old grandmother was killed while picking vegetables in her garden here's what the boy said today at the briefing as i no longer love blue skies i prefer the gray skies the drones do not fly when the skies agree and for a short period of time the mental time ssion and fear eases but when this kind of brightens the drones return and so does the fear you know the family has that has been brought out of their home in north waziristan and the father is said to look at the life around here in d.c. in the short time that he's been here and i met with a lively restaurant after the screening of a documentary on thrones where they were invited and the father said he wished this for children to could walk the streets and not afraid of being bombed at any moment
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so the family came to washington hoping to get answers to why they live in fear every day and i had the chance to talk to the little girl to the nine year old girl why do you think you grandmother was killed. that. i don't know that's one of the reasons why we came here i have no idea why my grandmother was killed when a drone hit i was outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to run then i noticed my hand was bleeding so i tried to clean my hand but not kept coming out but i was very scared so i just. to remain independent reports say u.s. drone strikes kill one hundred seventy four children those are stunning sure numbers if you put too many things to them and the purpose of this briefing was to put one face to the drone strikes and there is a sure chance that in congress the tragedy of this family will fall on deaf ears but there is hope that the public will take notice. when i was international recently lashed out at washington condemning some of these drone strikes as war
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crimes rights group call for greater transparency and justice for victims like the roman family the story was the inspiration for the documentary filmmaker robert greenwald's like his movie going to come spoke to him as well. people want to believe in santa claus and they also want to believe that there's a simple solution to these incredibly complicated problems when we started reading that the drones were killing only high value targets are represented an imminent threat it doesn't make sense it's just not possible so i think there was a kind of hopefulness yes finally we found a magic pill which is part of it some of it is the fact that american soldiers warrant there so people said doesn't matter as important is that you know the family is making to all kinds of americans people who have a mother or have a father and who look at them and can't justify the killing that we've done and then you have this extraordinary militarily industrial electoral complex bipartisan
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that agrees that the way to solve problems is by invading occupying and droning we have to change all over. the family's lawyer and also plan to speak to lawmakers at that meeting in washington but was denied a u.s. visa and i told me earlier about a pakistani region is living in constant fear of drone strikes north was there a stern. the area has been completely cordoned off no one can go in and come out of the restaurant easily the people of the restaurant are just left to be to be living under drugs and there's nothing. which can get them out and they're living under. drones which are hoovering all they had all the time and then there's a huge presence of pakistani military so four hundred fifty thousand population of all north waziristan is actually living in a concentration camp where they're being picked on the basis of what kind of
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clothes if someone has long or someone is driving. s.u.v.s and this is how they're being targeted and at the same time they're not really in a position to leave the area. just let you know on a website if you're full breakdown of the harrowing statistics of the deaths caused by u.s. drone strikes as well as first hand accounts from survivors who want to check it out starting dot com. the british government as well they could resort to legal action the silence newspaper seeking to publish edward snowden's n.s.a. revelations it's the latest in a string of attempts to block the release of embarrassing documents artists are referred to as more from lunde. well it's reported that he said on monday that if newspapers don't demonstrate some social responsibility then it will be difficult for the government to stand back and not to act now he also made reference to injunctions and dino atheists these are measures that the government has to prevent the disclosure of certain types of information by the media particularly if it
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would impact u.k. military or intelligence operations now he did go on to say that his preference was not for heavy handed tactics but it will be worth reminding viewers that back in july we saw u.k. government officials enter the guardian newspaper offices that's the newspaper that's being at the forefront of publishing the edward snowden leaks and destroy hard drives containing some of that sensitive information the u.k. government has also detained journalist and partner of claim greenwald david miranda under terrorist legislation many people would say those are extremely heavy handed tactics indeed responding to the reports of the prime minister's statement glenn greenwald's the journalist it's been primarily reporting these leaks said that this was shocking that this happens in a country that tells itself it has press freedom. goes riggs has promised to come
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ruth claims that papers reporting on snowden's leaks damaged national security you grow. i think we've got something rotten in the state of england david cameron is threatening journalists at the same time as he's calling for press freedom and of course what that really means is it's press freedom for his story really i don't think he really wants independent journalism in this country i think if he could close down the guardian he would he really hates these revelations many people may have noticed that his former communications man andy corson is in court in britain today facing the same sorts of phone hacking charges as actually being accused of the g.c. h.q. in the n.s.a. all of these mass data trawls are extremely dangerous and criminal acts has been no evidence whatsoever that any of this is a threat to national security as the guardian and glenn greenwald pointed out time and time again this is really the last refuge of a scoundrel this accusation of threatening national security we need some arrests
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of senior people who've been doing criminal acts within the secret services otherwise we are going down that police state pinochet route well it's not just the guardian of course that's been working to make snowden's leaks available to the world non-align and the secrecy website cryptome has put together a map showing the extraordinary reach of u.s. surveillance let's take a look at on the news wall according to the website every country in the world has had phone calls intercepted from tens of thousands to tens of billions central asia or in the middle east appear to have been achieved targets but by no means the only ones in europe america's closest allies found themselves under intense surveillance with three hundred sixty one million conversations intercepted germany alone in total the united states monitored one hundred twenty four billion calls globally in the space of just a month earlier this year glenn greenwald the former guardian journalist who first published edward snowden's leaks told artie's video agency ruptly that america's snooping will not be scaled back any time soon either. brazil
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the violence in india in our speech. is going to repeat it's all continuously for the next several weeks or months almost every country around the world be very clear objective view is to not just go out droves but to keep it for as long as they can so the big at the time. if you're a citizen of spirit you are asking for a really big doing in terms of giving you. the flood of global indignation over and say spies prompted washington to promise a review of the agency's controversial practices the obama administration's even considering whether to ban all spying on leaders of our states but not everyone's happy about the idea of limiting intelligence gathering and is a director general keith alexander to challenge the pending review saying he believes mass spying been entirely justified by the security gains from it some congressman as well seem to share his opinion peter king who's chairman of the
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house subcommittee on counterterrorism said the president should stop apologizing he says the n.s.a. save thousands of lives not only in the u.s. but also throughout europe and the rest of the world to that stance is shared by several washington hawks with former vice president dick cheney as well saying that extra knowledge is always an advantage when it comes to security. for now though washington's been getting an easy ride over the scandal at least that's the view of ecuador's president rafael correa or maybe not surprisingly the socialist leader who is an outspoken critic of the u.s. is an if on of an official visit here to moscow we caught up with mr career he spoke to us. it was they said it was necessary for fighting against terrorism and i don't know if angle merkel is a terrorist i think it's clear they use civilians programs for economic reasons for helping the transnational companies can you imagine what could happen if the program was carried out by been as we look at cuba or russia or it could or argentina they would have called us dictators criminals and we could be judged in
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the international court of this online we're asking tonight what impact you think further and say spying revelations are going to have well here's how you've been voting so far thanks if you have most if you believe the n.s.a. leaks more familiar speak to the privacy but not much will come from it fifty nine percent this is a quarter of you just less than a quarter think we're going to see a rise in social resistance and massive demonstrations against an estate surveillance thirteen percent say people are getting used to these scandals we're all becoming kind of numb to it if you like and you're not expecting further great big reactions as more news comes out just a small minority anticipate genuine steps to protect privacy pretty grim there is not only four percent of you there had to r.t. dot com to cast your vote if you haven't done so already. in a couple of minutes we'll be taking a look at the celebrations marking the start of a hundred day care and those saatchi winter olympics.
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if we look at the history of the lp c.w. and its engagements in the past with the united states there is a history of let's say intimidation on mining collation of whatever you call it if indeed we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i i'm doubtful that he will do that because his life is really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face.
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a living torch relay. on r t r two dot com. it's twenty three forty moscow time here now the one hundred day countdown to the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi started earlier on celebrations to mark the big milestone held here in moscow as well as russia's westernmost region of kaliningrad which is the current stop instantly two of the olympic torch relay route but in the host city sochi itself it's all about making the final touches to the facilities full scots in sochi and in kaliningrad. the message from the organizers is that. we'll be ready but it's actually been a rather low key affair to mark one hundred days until the start of the games the feeling in the city is that the hard work needs to continue the new president of the international olympic committee thomas bach saying that the one hundred days in
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the build up to the games the start of the games are undoubtedly going to be the busiest for the organizers no park has been on a school of some of the venue's over the last twenty four hours or so says that he thinks the venues are impressive and that he's confident that the athletes are going to be delighted with them over the course of the next three months they're going to be one hundred seventeen different. sporting contest to make sure that. operational standards but the feeling in sochi is right now. the hard work needs to continue to ensure that come february the seventh the city is ready to welcome the sporting world. she's pretty like a lot of people celebrating the hundred day. because
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the. touring this year on the baltic sea has just arrived. on the. one hundred day down and it really is. a very memorable day. to be plenty of excitement as i found. only days to go the soldiers making its way across the living gradually to the first wave that has just started here and the time. which is just forty kilometers away from kaliningrad enjoying the day will make is why i came to this city where it's due to arrive later this evening if you can see there's a lot of commotion here but this is. the most wesley point of the relay that's because this russian flags fly by sandwiched between piling up around about a million people live and you can see hundreds have turned out today to try and cheer on the torch through also dozens of troops berets involved one of those that
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included russia's gold trampy like me which is so you can all know it's hard to imagine that this store tourney arrived in russia twenty three days ago from grace joining the time it's called uprisings of kilometers has been up to the north pole is being carried by far the frost i mean just over a week stand face to to go up to the international space station first by small taste of what's been happening today the last torch bearer incidentally with the governor living gradually he'll be a very proud man tonight and in a moment we are due to get a lot of. the brain still need to do their best to give the. people that are gathered here today before that plane was put back inside that tiny lantern and float off to the arctic circle to. continue. to follow him a bit earlier on the lunar discussed as well the upcoming winter olympics and what to expect from the host city with russian sports. ski and sunday times sports
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correspondent joe good body this is what they're saying to me. as far as. you know everything seems to be going well i think the one thing that concerns me about the games is if you look back to the world athletics championships which took place in organized in moscow the the lack of spectators for many of the events was rather disappointing thinking back now that the initial flurry for tickets was more the flyer it was a stampede for tickets in london very very expensive at the time but towards the end of the game she did see quite a few empty stands i mean you obviously saw itself carol are they going to address that kind of problem to to stop it happening in sochi and i don't know if there's a single answer to your question of whether we're going to see full stadiums everywhere or not but you know the hockey finals are sold out and all the big events are already sold out and i think there will be people there what are your
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thoughts but the readiness of the event again from what you've seen so far we had yesterday in sochi saying that everything was well on track i mean obviously he's taken this on these bell from the very start all the indications seem to be that everything is going very smoothly you have to realize that the the main problem may be the lack of snow off through all sorts she. is the city which is hosting the olympics. the winter olympics and it's the city which has got the highest temperature of any city which has ever staged the winter olympics but it was from the start i get a sense of whether we're going to get snow yeah absolutely did i hear or you're missing or you're you're missing one thing here is that just like every olympics we've seen in the past there's not going to be just the city as you know there are several skiing resorts that have been built and i myself was it had
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a couple of them was in the past winters and they. we do get natural snow and what i which model you put into something obviously could have a plan for the weather seven hundred thousand cubic meters of snow all the way around what you do and how many how many olympics have you covered john. must've been a few and have you ever seen one that hasn't gone without a glitch. no no absolutely where you are almost all of them do for one reason or another no i'm not particularly worried about sochi i think that this is the for russian sport you know the world athletics championships successfully got the world cup in two thousand and eighteen and obviously it's a very prestigious event and russia has got huge resources to put behind it. one hundred days remaining. days of playing.
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more of the day's news now the russian investigative committee has brought new charges against opposition figurehead alexina valmy along with his brother they're accused of defrauding a cosmetics company to the tune of nearly two million dollars but the case is nothing new for the ridiculous crew explains why this is the second time that it's in a valley is accused of embezzlement as a matter of fact he has a five year jail sentence which he has received after being found guilty of a fraud while serving as an aide to regional governor some years ago some of the more ironic considering the fact that the man has made a name for himself at least in russia positioning himself as this crusade against corruption or violent nevertheless managed to run for the post on the moscow mayor and the elections that took place just earlier at this fall and he actually placed second rate in just over a quarter of votes not bad at all considering this scandals that do surround the
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name of alex you know by any. in followup case online we've got a lot there about it over the last year or two also so you can follow this two pilots about a narrow scope and scale from moscow that managed to bail out just in time as their experimental military aircraft came down crashing in a forest real mess there a website got more footage of what happened more footage of the instead try to piece together what went so badly wrong also to one of the world's largest sources of fresh water is under threat as officials plan a nuclear waste facility near lake huron on the u.s. canadian border that's causing real fuss as you can imagine r.t. dot com you can track its progress. as europe drags itself into recession for the first time in years a new crisis could be just around the corner tough austerity measures and rising taxes are prompting businesses to hide below government radar to sara sidner reports. for millions of europeans who find themselves stuck between a rock and
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a hard place in times of the spirity staying in the shadow is increasingly seen as a viable option to making ends meet far from the tax man and the grip of governments the shadow economy is a blurry area of cash only economic activity deliberately hidden for wealth or such as undeclared work in a way just or under reported business transactions it's not the international organization the o.e.c.d. predicts that by two thousand and twenty the shadow economy will employ up to two thirds of the world's workers that sounds rather pocalypse let's just look at the use data for twenty two well there's about one trillion euros in potential tax revenues lost in the total budget deficit for the entire block amount so about five hundred fourteen billion euros and this shadow economy makes up to a fifth of the g.d.p. of the bloc and in times of crises the shadow looms larger in fact most of that activity takes place in some of the largest economies in europe such as france germany italy spain and the u.k. and spain is known to have a very robust underground economy amounting to about twenty nine percent of its
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g.d.p. the chief has taken money out of the economy straight to the going to sing of taxis and the cost in the expenditure that is increasingly high number of people who having to work in the black market because the coast of living goes up and living standards go down as a result. i was so related the rise of this phenomenon to crises and it's like all city governments in turn are trying to play catch up some of tried to limit the circulation of five hundred two hundred the euro notes or encourage the use of electronic payments but unless the official economy significantly rises from the doldrums the effects may view limited as more and more europeans get dissolution then all becoming distrusting of their governments believe or an appeal of the shadow economy may just be too appealing to turn down. but there are ways citizens can fight back against government overreach apparently much closer explains.
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russell brand you say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world you say you've got no solution well you know there's already a plan that takes money and power from the hate and gives it that those who will no longer wait for you to cogitate agitate debate whether or not responds and hashtags oh so quick can stop the plunder and pillage by the con man hucksters and banks through his back by the state. it's garbage going mate there's a revolution. more wise words from the man about six minutes time to some world news before that there were twenty five of us eleven moscow time cuban forces used tear gas to break up a student rally in support of the muslim brotherhood a university campus in cairo attests is a big defending legitimacy of the ousted president mohammed morsi rally came a week before the trial of a former leader on charges of inciting murder meantime several judges oversee the
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trial of other top muslim brotherhood officials withdrawn from the hearings. the army of the democratic republic of congo storm several key strongholds of the militant network m twenty three a little police call the one that local civilians who live in fear of the rebels both could be the leader since the breakthrough of the congolese but it truce forced to retreat some of the year ago following a surge by insurgents who are fighting for control of their. chinese police looking for two suspects linked to monday's tragedy in tallinn square in beijing when an s.u.v. crashed into pedestrians officials believe mr it was a suicide attack saying those involved come from the rest of the region the country's northwest mostly populated by muslims crush left five people dead and thirty eight injured. the sig jude storm the ravaging northern europe says left at least thirteen dead snow reached russia american force winds of cause massive power outages and their thousands that exist in the country's northwest in some papers
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bird the storms caused water levels to rise but officials say there's no danger of any imminent flooding exactly twenty seven minutes past eleven i think for a company news continues in thirty three minutes between now and then we saw him just now are about to see him again after the break mexico is max keiser on the bitcoin revolution. a spanish language teacher in texas has been fired for posing nude in playboy before she became a teacher parents and found out about this demand that she be fired because her past was inappropriate and that it was a distraction the classroom well this was something she did in the past which was legal so this i mean if you pose for playboy you are forbidden to work in the normal world also as
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a former teenage boy i can tell you that any young attractive teacher will cause a distraction with the boys and wolf you can fire people for being distracting that when they have to fire every teacher with a handicap or abnormal parents on the other hand though teachers are supposed to be people for children to respect and to look up to and when you're spares teachers the good stuff for money to playboy it is a lot harder respect that sort of person and it sure isn't a good example for my daughter this is actually a very complex issue but i can say is that you should really try to fight the temptation to make quick money with some nude photos that could come back to haunt you but that's just my opinion. his lover into an amazon. that's been my dream for so long. but he couldn't hold onto their essential thing you. know she runs her own factory.
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down a challenge to me. smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship. will he be able to win a. man versus woman. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser you know russell brand you say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world you say you've got no solution well you know there's already a plan that takes money and power from the hate and gives it those who will no longer wait for you to cogitate agitate debate whether or not responds and hashtags oh.


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