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giant corporations are ruled today. when it has to do with illegal immigration. mediately send frontex to us c. borders. they control us in our waters as if a new colonization were taking place there experiencing a military occupation of the oceans when they want to combat drugs in america or asia they find the means to do it and. if they really want to combat illegal fishing they have the means to do read they have the airplanes to photograph the they have the patrols to stop them from fishing in our cities. because they are shrinking our country and what is more serious. they are destroying our fishing resources and marine wealth.
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regulation. which is slowly acquiring a global day bench and a worldwide effect has been implemented only for a year now to be regulation seeks the source of the profit if we manage to put a stop to profit making the legal fishing will stop and the only way to do that is to seize all. imports to europe. also has deposits in marine life deposits in january imported to europe must be a certificate which credible to certify people that they are not the product of illegal fishing and that they have been caught according to the regulations.
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if the. voting illegal fishing certificate is. those who official legally have networks that bypass all. allow them to sell in the european asian and north american market fish that has been caught illegally in the consumer from north america or asia or europe will not distinguish in the market stalls. knows the fish is good but if it is been fished illegally or not that does not concern the consumer but of course this is not easy and the european union is doing all it's get but don't forget that this is just another player on the global chess board and let's not forget there is great resistance and huge interests right now in our effort to form a new policy which will respect all that you mention the sustainability of this is
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meant by a lot of opposition. these are all words. at the same time the ships are in the ocean every day today we are trying to establish an economy of subsistence through the. states of west africa from guinea bissau descent. so if we are in such a state of poverty. they have been flooded by drug dealers going to ship is arrested here not by chance but. it is carrying two tons of cocaine wanted to kill us but to turn. that means the drug smugglers of these states because they are in misery air we are governed by puppet presidents who do not care for the development of society either for education nor health of the forces they care about nothing when we build
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a statue worth thirty five billion we can't be saying we can't afford to buy two ships to patrol the seas when the year. going to zation of the islamic summit has cost hundreds of billions we cannot say we do not have the means we could say we channel our resources elsewhere. in the.
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long run out of the arab. world a god will do all the. other. conditions typically on these vessels that engage in you fishing our. or her bendis there's there's there's no way to describe to how horrible and how completely unacceptable the conditions are on board of these vessels sometimes the crew have not been off the ship for four for months even years at a time the ships were only being supplied every couple of months in terms of being
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given food and clean water etc there's no medical care on board the ships the ships look like a ghost ships and rust bucket. and that's if if any european were to see. how the fish is now ended on in what type of conditions the fish landed with the same platform where fish will be landed will be the platform where the fishermen will actually. defra katoey when you're in a tour that. it's it's her endless. workers from senegal i've been in ghana togo all nationalities. the working conditions on the ships. not the least other senegalese fish about. twenty four hours nonstop but it's very. good fun because if you buy the teams you don't work for twelve hours or more then the other for twelve hours or
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more. there are days when their feet swell up inside their boots. and you need a knife to take them off people probably could go out of the pope but some fall asleep on the working table. and that causes labor accidents. and they are abnormal conditions. while we stay for three months and then we go out to shore are you well paid no we are not sure. what you know in africa we suffer. when we do not get paid well and there are also some restrictions you are not well here but there is nothing we can do this is how we live you know there is poverty in
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africa to find a job. they offer you a two hundred dollars salary. from to help your family were born it's not good but we can live with that we'll be able to make. there is nothing but misery here and of misery. there was. no. no no. ensued you can my husband is at sea. when we see biologists he used to be a fisherman too much you could not make an in the top many more than a month so he left to become a sailor my dear because fishing is not stable in st louis so he went to the ship's
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. wrote i'm not of this to have. this. kind of growth when he returns. flora depp's first everything has born in the winter to feed the family here to play with and so the minute runs out to decision. you know what it was. and i have two boys and a girl but i have also lost two girls in reality t.v. . and i don't presume to hear what did your children die from last night you got me. this is fair weather they were ill. or did you have money to buy their medicine. it was too expensive for us. one costs fifteen euros and the other twenty two here or
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there what are going to be you can organize labor without what you know going to different.
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you know who wants to come here if you would nobody wants to come here. because. we're going to when we fish time would go by quickly. now we have nothing to do i play poker with the other cyclists.
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mission is three cretaceous three kinds for charges free. range month free risk free stew type free. download free broadcast plug in video for your media projects and free media oh don the hard teton tom. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of
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our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us i'm job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america five ready to join the movement then welcome the. police on your full strong arm an ally should be making news all the face time to time you know mona. lisa.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher. please. please please please. please please. i am pleased. immediately. leap.
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lead. the lead. and. lead the lead. live. live. lead the fishing boat that we raced said this morning that there shall be one based on the over the last. travels to consumers here and.
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this is big this stolen and if it means that it will be a tree that it was a part. british mr blair will try we are aware of the problem with truly are of course the other forts with the same repeat patient to be said to favor the december cation and clearing through customs of illegal fishing pride in there has been complaints and we're trying to work together with the corresponding countries but with ministers however as far as the european union countries are concerned we are responsible and all they can say is that we intend to force controls we really must look into these issues.
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of this in a while from soon ago as soon as the fishes caught on the one hand it is caught immediately and on the other it gets here within twelve hours packed in styrofoam with a proper ice at nine to twelve degrees celsius and it gets here right away within twelve hours. yes of course they buy it but it's also cheaper there's not a lot of difference from domestic fish. to these people should think if you do that when they eat fish that comes from him to legal fishing they eat the life of a fisherman to go three d.
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if the consumers think of that and realise the cost of the money follows what the. they'll see that them money does not benefit the fisherman. now or the fishing communities. that. say they are foreign companies and very often chinese or spanish if they are the two states that operate like that in west africa and they found to the company
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which is supposedly senegalese they arrive with the fifteen big industrial scale fishing vessels that supposedly being low into the company and so they fish freely . how do they escape the controls but when the ship comes to dhaka. he seeks a senegalese pot not that it's in italy to senegalese cotton it becomes the fictitious president. put it there big boom in order to deal with the public opinion and the regulations. to get the best of stamps and everything but it won't fit. however it's the europeans who exploits the business.
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when the product arrives the european is here he checks it loads in the container is a big. and sends it off. he sells it in his cities become find this product here. to learn to fish is exported to europe. where you can see the container us. all fish goes to europe the white man is here and controls everything all the loads the months the containers and sends them off to europe.
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so by having a flag sometimes as far removed as mongolia when you are on your ship you are basically exempt from a lot of fishing rules because mongolia hasn't ratified certain treaties or as and is not member of certain fisheries management organizations so this way you avoid many rules and regulations to is a clear loophole that needs to be addressed by the international community. the fishermen live day by day and what they earn isn't enough for them to make a living anymore. and that is why there are waves of migration towards spain with
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even if we get us all the list but to be also. before when fishing when good and it fed the people. fishermen had no need to leave for europe ever they had opportunities possibilities and they were not interested in migrating. to the root of europe as the one that organizes the flight of africans europe organizes illegal migration to the e.u. had helped us out in combating illegal fishing all the young fisherman who are abandoning africa instead of going to europe would fish here for there would be a fish and they would make a profit. they would be able to feed their families but when they have nothing to eat when they lack protein when they have no money they will go where they can find to go to europe america canada. so if the
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e.u. wants our fish each should accept our children and it's country so it can't be that it takes our fish are causing misery and then tells our children to stay in their country the main public health issue in the e.u. is obesity. in our countries the main public health issue is famine so this injustice is not sustainable either we live together in a fair and it gala tarion world or we share a world of terror because you would do if i can't tell you how many are in the ocean with the sea bottom is full of pirogue with the dead bodies of our children young people who left in search of adventure. when i was a child i would come to see because i loved it a credit boom more for you because the son of
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a fisherman is proud to go out to see. his dream is to become a captain one day after going to. i want to know what it got but i had no money to support my parents so i decided to take the perogue and emigrate. i didn't care about the danger or if i would live or die my dream was europe so that i could help my parents out. with it. i took eighty seven people with me. the woman and what we called one or more captain to help with the embarkation don't want but he was unlucky you know a wave overturned his ship. and nine people died in the sea of bora. never
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to million so he tried to save them. with the sea was cold and they all died to give them but if we left without them. we said we're now all heading to spain you know what would be all one family with the same dream brothers and sisters if the perot gets there we will be saved if it sinks we will all die even those who know the sea well we must show solidarity of water starts getting into the pirogue we all take it out immediately we don't wait for the fisherman. legs to be a god given day after two days at sea and if someone fell ill if ever i know what i left in the water and then he wouldn't eat or drink he was vomiting we forced him to eat and drink but he kept on vomiting we don't know what to. throw out he died on the third day of the journey that he would get we through his body to see because he started to decompose. never operated when we when
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we threw his body into the sea. we all prayed to god that he would go to heaven i mean you have got to know many were crying and saying we're all going to die. on the fourth day big waves broke the battle of the. the mobile dog but. what about him but at that moment everyone was out of control no one did know how many because those people who had more experience know how dangerous it is. i'm middle going to get i will have a god who was about on the lookout i'm think i'm evidence more of the eldest of a soul a very experienced fisherman he told us not to fear about the pira advised just to take a rope. and use it to tie the broken pieces. that would be a little bit of work in the book because. we did i thought yeah and we used our
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bags to close the hole up with. some lay down and sealed the hole with their backs so that water wouldn't get into the pirogue. journey was one of the hardest ever made.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images grown world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter all day. look . for the annual strong arming a lot of these new policies either surprise you know about. lee's. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher.
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please. please just i was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. even if there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news even the alexander family cry tears of joy at your grave things out there that had read dark and a quart of water found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. please. look. look. look. look.
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look. big thanks for. the reply so to do the job did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioning the coasters and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy should correct all books. that are going on i'm sorry. and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing america by the book go ready to join the movement and welcome to the big. ball on tell harvard in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. it didn't take wall.


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