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tv   Headline News  RT  October 30, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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a canadian cafe is set up the world's first digital currency a.t.m. doling out cash for bitcoins the cryptocurrency taking the online world by storm. as the victims of a cia drone strike travelled to america with a representative behind the visit called on congress to acknowledge that islam a bad can handle security issues by itself. and a red light to green energy in the u.k. the majority of the population votes it down believing the benefits failed to outweigh the aggravating tax burden.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at r.t. moscow i'm rule receive your top world headlines for this hour bitcoin the experimental online currency is now a global one complete with its own and so far only. the first machine has been set up in a cafe in vancouver it's where people can exchange digital money for physical cash but you are probably asking yourself what exactly are bitcoins in the simplest terms is just the currency but an online one a bit coins are stored in web wallets that are completely anonymous even your name although the transactions are public a bit coins can be sent from one wallet to another just a click of a button and in most cases with no fees or delays now the system bypasses banks middlemen and government what's more it can be easily sold for any currency available whether it be dollars or euros the. inside being though that exchange
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rates can be rather volatile finally where do they come from the process is called bitcoin mining it consists of computers running special programs to generate a steady flow of currency geoffrey albert tucker from the foundation for economic education he calls the currencies rise simply spectacular a year ago this time i thought it was insane i mean i thought well this is just another student technology you know they come along every few days and they flame out so i'm a fairly recent convert the more i look into it the more confident i get in the future or monetary system is crude cryptography and this kind of crypto market based currency it's quite spectacular and i tell you it only use it only takes a few times in brooklyn to realize this is incredibly easy it's much much easier than credit cards and there's no danger of fraud or identity theft or all these other things that come with the old fashioned credit card system it's just pure
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technology and bitcoin exchanges and brokers and while they've been popping up all over the world even china's largest search engine now accepts payments in this digital currency we're also told it could well become that of a major player. really it's funny that it to be an alternative currency and there's no reason why it can't itself become a means of a cabinet calculation so you can do your accounting then and so people do this all the time and you can enter into the be creative because fear and live a wonderful life meaning that you can bypass government currency entirely which the us is now restricting what's called money exchange businesses so there's so much high costs associated with it it doesn't surprise me that it started in canada or the us the us would lose out if it continues this trend towards regulating cryptocurrency. so it may be popular and in demand but coin has had more than its fair share of controversy and. money laundering concerns shady online activities
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all sending its price soaring then collapsing then recovering the latest incident by seeing an f.b.i. raid on silk road it's an online narcotics marketplace that did deal in bitcoins and mitchell demeter from the chief bitcoin officer at a bit of carney x. he spoke to my colleague kevin. we've got money laundering policy in place where we limit users to three thousand dollars per day every transaction you make is recorded on a public ledger your name isn't it but if somebody wants to find out who is making the transaction it can be done the silk road is a perfect example of the shutting down the silk road. the black market and actually shut down which is actually a very good thing for the currency as a whole as a lot of people associate it associated big going just directly with the silk road and so since it's been shut down the currency did dip about ten percent for both twelve hours and since then people realize that it's not just about the black
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market and it's actually a legitimate currency and it's actually gone up one hundred percent since then. and you can find out much more on how bitcoin naturally walks on why it's become such a magnet for controversy website. and still to come on the program here on our team . big brother the bricks group of emerging economies say they don't want to be spied on by the u.s. they plan to build a new secure cyberspace hidden from america's on. an associate countdown entering the home stretch readiness boxes are being ticked off in the olympic city blocks past the one hundred day mark until the winter games opening ceremony. here on the program a justice seeking journey of thousands of miles for one pakistani family which survived a cia drone attack it's all culminated in that testimony in front of u.s. congressman the strike that killed
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a grandmother but failed to hit any militants so the victims of the bombing are asking lawmakers why their home was targeted in the first place. it was at the briefing. this was the first time actual victims of u.s. drone strikes were in congress and apart from the congressman who initiated this briefing i saw only four other members of congress it's no secret the u.s. congress generally approves of drone strikes so it's very difficult to expect a sudden change of heart even the heart was what these drone victims were appealing through on a par with twenty fourth of last year a u.s. drone strike left this pakistani family devastated a nine year old girl and her thirteen year old brother nearly escaped death that day their sixty seven year old grandmother was killed that's the boat pardon me i no longer love blue skies i prefer the gray skies the drones do not fly when this kinds agree and for a short period of time the mental time and fear eases but when this kind of run the
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drones return and so does the fear you know this family has never been abroad out of their home in north waziristan and the father of this family said he looked at the life around here. he wished his children too would be able to walk the streets not afraid of being bombed that any moment. my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story that's why we came to america i have no idea why our village in my house is talking to. the family came to washington of course hoping to get answers for why they have to live in fear every day i have no idea why my grandmother was killed when the drone hate i was outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to run then i noticed my hand was bleeding so i tried to clean my hand but not kept coming out but i was very scared so i just kept running. we also learned that the u.s. government did not grant to the lawyer of this family prominent practice any lawyer
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who has sued the cia in the past on behalf of the victims of drone strikes in pakistan four hundred fifty thousand vocalisation of. music. looing in a concentration camp they're being picked on this is off what kind of to be shown how long before someone driving. s.u.v.s and this is how the being targeted and at the same time do not really in a position to leave the area the purpose of this briefing was to put a human face to drone strikes there is therefore a chance that in congress the tragedy of this family will fall on deaf ears but there is hope that the public will take notice in washington i'm going to check out . and being one of the toughest opponents of america's drone warfare u.s. representative alan grayson is the man behind the visit of the rockman family to his country speaking directly to r.t. he said he believes the pakistani army is now completely capable of handling
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militant issues itself. pakistan is the third largest recipient of military aid from the united states and year after year receives approximately a billion dollars in aid why you ask yourself why are we doing this when there are alternative means that come nowhere close to doing this kind of harm to innocents and inflaming foreign public opinion for instance given the fact that we are giving a billion dollars to pakistan when we have the pakistani army arrest the one hundred or two hundred or even five hundred built ins that we believe could possibly one day pose some kind of threat to united states. but what's good for america's foreign wars is also i want its crime fighting wish list. known for its. said that he also wants. to get the lowdown on the crime scenes locally and to stop the flow of drugs from coming into a state story online for you right now. also. even from friends
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a lesson from september's g twenty are infected memory sticks could have been given out to pry into the secrets of top politicians that story also on the website right now. for the meantime here on the program may have a rethink on green energy. claims two thirds of its citizens are against propping up the noncompetitive industry the so-called green levies make up a hefty part of average energy bills and are running predicted to snowball if indeed the u.k. proceeds with its pro green policies reporting from london. joking about the weather may be a british foible but nowadays it can make or break a household budget when terry assessing it as our announcement that energy prices of things are running yes again never be ten percent of the u.k.'s average household energy bill is made up of so-called green taxes and the prime minister david cameron has pledged to do away with them in order to help out struggling
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brits now the ideas proved popular for a country battling with all stare at each according to recent poll by savation some sixty percent of brits object to having to shell out for the green levies because. for the first real world you know more about what it is costing we've seen over each way things cheaper things to go to a prefer the profits enough surely reduce to terms that noise very well spun a legacy of let's see bills come down to here us with our shadow of a doubt opposition leader ed miliband says that green levy's aunt to blame for persons high energy prices but the government figures show that green taxes adds one hundred twelve pounds to the average household energy bill in the u.k. now roughly half that money goes toward supporting collina green energy such as solar panels like the ones like kate on the roof of london's blackfriars train
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station but is the latest survey shows for the brits counting the pennies to keep warm this winter and concern for the environment is going to have to come in second for now polly boy arty london. meanwhile germany's energy giant warned that the country's swift switch to green power could end up backfiring due to the high prospect of blackouts and there are fears that in the worst case scenario one hour blackout across the country could cost almost six hundred million euros professor dr frank n. dress from the university of technology he believes that energy security comes at a very high cost of the one principle problem if you rely on wind and or dollar energy you have to be a real thank you for all the energy if when the wind blows or if the sun shines if this is not a case of more energy so if you have industry country which needs a base lot of energy you need a backup power plant so we haven't germany you know it has to ration. that we build
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more and more moves more and more solar panels but they will never deliver you a stable energy and so we have coal power called fire power plants and this will increase the cost. in germany i'm as mentioned we have a situation that in principle nuclear power plants are forbidden so there are no longer accepted by the people and therefore this renewable energy is oregon or called renewable energies are regarded as without any alternative. it's old. and we. see what happened. once again.
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to build a new. mission to teach. only. technology innovation. from russia. with the economic downturn the find. the old saying i and the rest
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i meet every. thank you joining us here on our tuesday just a moment crosstalk for now though the head of u.s. intelligence james clapper has defended america's spying policy right in front of a senate panel he said that collecting and analyzing the intentions of foreign leaders is indeed a major focus that's been his response to the flood of international outrage after the scope of u.s. surveillance activities worldwide it was revealed meanwhile one of america's spine targets out of brazil has been calling for a new secure cyberspace to be created to prevent u.s. wiretapping and ideas receive the backing of the other brics nations russia india china and south africa who are now considering laying a well of vast network of data cables immune to n.s.a.
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snooping and this could be a great solution according to jeremy zimmerman from the internet liberties and digital rights advocacy group. when the cable ends up in the us then n.a.s.a.'s full access if the cable ends up somewhere else then it's yours to try to secure that access then of course there are the questions of those cables are used to make information transit the websites are set such as google or facebook all the web sites in which n.s.a. has full access it won't solve per se the question of privacy invasion on a massive scale by the n.s.a. i hope those governments along with laying down those new. cables will for instance put back in the hands of their citizens ways of gaining back control of the technology with all the new cables in the world if people keep believing that they can trust google facebook apple and microsoft then they will send all their lives to to the n.s.a.
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so of course it has to be a broader set of technological solutions and political solutions and also social solutions where those the us president even have control over the n.s.a.'s activities in fact who is even behind america's vast global spying network some of the questions right there being posed in fort over during people avails crosstalk that's coming your way at seven thirty g.m.t. for now preview. what carney the president spokesman said is you know the president knew nothing about it however the n.s.a. is doing a great job what they're doing anyway so it really does raise some very troubling issues does the president have control over the n.s.a. does seem though i mean even more seriously was this an operation approved under president george w. bush that's gone on and they've not bothered to inform the president the united states is being run by remote control by a group of corrupt companies and these companies want the n.s.a.
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to find out secrets trade secrets from all the companies in the world this is this is what they're doing this is unacceptable the american people deserve a better government than this. insanity live from moscow and the wait for the start of the twenty fourteen sort she winter olympics has now crossed the one hundred day mark and the games clocks in the russian capital and the host city have both switched to counting down the home stretch artie's paul scott is in sochi for us. the preparations are continuing we are the poor building here in sochi for the unveiling of the uniform that is going to be worn by the volunteers during the games now it's a multi-faceted multi-colored designed set to represent the eighty three regions of russia now there are going to be twenty five thousand volunteers to help with the smooth running of the games selected from one hundred eighty thousand applicants and over the last twelve months or so twenty six training centers have cropped up
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in and around the country in the round russia to help train those volunteers to ensure that come the start of the games they are fully trained and also later on wednesday the international olympic committee begin a two day conference apply on the conference on sports on the environment is designed to raise awareness of green issues and sustainability so that the damage to the environment in the build up to the games during the games and after the games is kept to a minimum that begins on wednesday and finally early on tuesday the i.o.c. president of course tuesday the day that marks one hundred days until the start of the games had a tour of some of the venues in and around sochi to see how the preparations are coming along he visited the athletes' village the main media center on the fixed olympic stadium which is going to host the opening and closing ceremony and he says the venues are impressive and that he's confident that the athletes will be delighted with there. are no limits of course and start with the traditional flame
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and we're bringing you some of. the. some of the olympic torch flame from the start of the relay and through its most spectacular points we have put all the updates on the flames long journey join us on air and online for the. deliberate george is on a big journey to show you. one hundred twenty three days. through to. the cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people. or six. you know record setting trip. here. olympic torch relay. are key to. our let's get to some good news out of the u.k. now where the g.d.p. that's a measure of the annual economic output has now risen by almost one percent some
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areas are getting back on their feet all those are particularly in the north of england have shouted to a halt. when to find out what it takes to breathe life back into the struggling. ones presiding the lifeblood of the british economy now much of britain's industrial infrastructure lies in ruins. real hubs like leeds in manchester have risen from the ashes many smaller northern towns and cities have had a harder time reinventing themselves and a recent article in the economist magazine ticket one step further suggesting that rather than further investment in places like middlesbrough or burnley and whole decaying towns and cities should be left behind it's true that economically britain remains a deeply divided country but with all this talk of failing towns and cities we thought we'd come and speak to some of the people who actually live in and find out
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what they have to say about settle and say we've come to the market town of burnley in lancashire in the northwest of the country. so. people. and go to football star i need help i'm going to leeds out for being here way. because i don't want to be your only my. local opinion might be divided but burnley which was recently named the most enterprising place in britain deserves that accolade says n.p. called in but this is the university college the ten million program will. transform the. mill into a purse of learning for future your people here it's there are stored in
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engineering and construction. there will be the young people of our future in the money from. the old. days there's a lot a lot of all bills along here they're all being renovated as a company are moving in there when it's finished it would bring in all the fortunes of the burley which will be a telecoms company out of the deal through the economist has publicly defended his article and despite millions in government spending for regeneration projects and bernie's evident successes in across the northwest of the country unemployment has continued to rise despite falling marginally across the u.k. on paper to look at the banding some of these towns may carry some weight but try telling that to the people he's livelihoods and indeed lives percentage around such towns can you have a tyrant die real people who are connected to a turd i mean i'm connected to this in my life my heart beats here throughout my
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heart di will fight back. r.t. reporting from burnley in the north west of england. well into the artsy world update now here on the program to ankara we go on a program to erupted against the conservative government on the country's republic day abroad police fired tear gas as they clash with demonstrators day marking the nation's ninetieth anniversary and commemorates its founder opposition parties claiming the government has gone against the country's ancestors. a second set of palestinian prisoners has been released by israel as part of a peace deal the group of twenty six if we could by the palestinian president in the west bank in a ceremony attended by around two thousand people for a final agreement to be reached one hundred four convicts are said to be released in the next few months. for french hostages kidnapped in twenty ten have now been
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released in need and the men were captured by an al-qaeda group during an attack on two french uranium operating funds and they were freed without a military assault overruns and being paid to be getting home. and a bus traveling from bangalore in the south of india to hyderabad burst into flames killing forty four people on board the vehicle was carrying fifty passengers when it was said to have hit a highway barrier by a culvert and the impact ruptured the fuel tank in ingolf the vehicle in flames india has the highest annual road death toll in the world according to the world health organization. or as promised the next thoughts let's step aside here for people of el crosstalk n.s.a. surveillance so hot topic coming your way in just assuming that.
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if we look at the history of the o.p.c. w.n. it's impeachment say in the past with the united states' best and there is a history all let's say intimidation or mining collation whatever you call it if indeed though we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i doubtful that he will do that because his life was really on the line in the probably life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. it was a. very hard to take out. once again there was a lot that we ever had sex with her rick there are no plans. when.
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it was. one of the political. some of the sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action.
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on the territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. hello and welcome the crop top for all things considered i'm peter lobo taming the national security agency that's now appears to be the intention of the u.s. president but how likely is this it has taken months of scandal embarrassing lies to get obama and his administration to this point what is clear is the following are the obama is on aware of the extent of n.s.a. surveillance or he remains untruthful with the american people and the world in the
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end it's all about trust. to cross-talk the n.s.a. scandal i'm joined by my guests in washington karen who is she is a former senior counselor at the world bank and a whistleblower and we cross to daniel mcadams he is the executive director of the braun paul institute. and if that means you can jump in anytime you want daniel if i go to you first i mean obama says he wants free form of the into intelligence agencies but we still don't know what he knew when when he knew it. and i always get nervous when a politician says that's classified so i mean what is his words mean about reform or does he just want this thing to go away and i'd like to point out to our viewers is that as congress sits down and talks about this we're probably going to get some more scandal more stories and more lives.


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