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tv   Headline News  RT  October 30, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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this is why you should care only. calls for reform grow louder among washington's political elite but intelligence chiefs remain defiant warning of drastic consequences if the spying program is. with officials in washington to demand an explanation of any n.s.a. sweeping spy program. that local intelligence services actually helped these surveillance. independence or security in london threatens to deny access to intelligence. votes yes the separation from the. canadians get to the first of a bit to coin a.t.m. digital codes for cash global uses a turning to the unstable side the currency. studio
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center here in moscow this is r.t. with twenty four hours a day in the us political opinion towards the spying practices that cause a storm of global criticism looks to be shifting both republicans and democrats have called for reform of the n.s.a. with lawmakers proposing a ban on the agency collecting data in bulk well the intelligence community is however strongly opposed it is much more important for this country. we defend this nation and take the beating. there it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked. testifying before the house intelligence committee n.s.a. director general keith alexander forcefully warned against limiting the
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surveillance program this view was echoed by the u.s. intelligence chief he said reforms would lead to greater risks and this is all happening against the backdrop of a growing diplomatic row with america's e.u. allies demanding answers over allegations their citizens and leaders were spied on by european correspond to syria brings the details. there is a delegation of the e.u. officials and separately a delegation of german officials who are in washington to speak with the members of the u.s. administration as well as intelligence chiefs to discuss this latest revelation in this case of national security agency's a spy operations on up to thirty five world leaders including german chancellor angela merkel as well as allegedly tens of millions of the french and spanish citizens as well now the out wave in europe has been palpable we have on the liverpool have said that the confidence of our country towards the u.s. has been quote unquote that we also remember the recent to e.u. official statement talking highlighting the distrust that this these allegations
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have actually created and all of this anger spilling over not just in terms of diplomacy but also in the transatlantic deal so many he's calling for the stalling of that so we see a direct impact of consequences of these allegations but the frustration right now is not just going one way because there are also frustrated reactions coming from the u.s. the n.s.a. chief having said that the nato allies have willingly that information with the u.s. and that he said that these allegations of widespread spying were in fact completely falls and misunderstood by the courts as well as reporters that regardless of their still a very strong impetus from the e.u. to push the u.s. to adopt a new overseas a surveillance guidelines you know the e.u. already back stricter new guidelines on the data sharing with third parties especially the united states and europeans in the past few weeks they really have it out of meant that they need a rethink of the intelligence process this is what they're hoping to get out of
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this and need to give the u.s. at this visit to washington seems to be a step towards that direction. and as he claims that intelligence agencies willingly. latest leaks published in. the paper that. sixty million calls were trying on the n.s.a. within a month. this was done in collaboration with spanish intelligence services well this document shows the u.s. distinguishes four different levels of cooperation with foreign agencies the first group is made up of those which share the most intelligence with washington the likes of u.k. australia canada and new zealand together they're known as five eyes the second group includes more than a dozen european countries spain being among them plus japan south korea and turkey and the third shares only limited data and includes france israel india and pakistan and the fourth group is made up of countries washington sees as hostile to its interests or the journalist behind the el mundo report coming out and told me
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earlier more countries are about to discover how closely their agencies worked with the n.s.a. . european services they share some information with united states services i mean with with the a while the documents say is that the space on all the concrete is european mostly countries they helped the n.s.a. to get the axis to the truth this information how they share some kind of information or for the maybe even the doubters the the volume the. make up of really these this is what the documents say they don't say exactly how much information or exactly the all the information they share but they share that they say that there is a real operation between both countries with. people is going to see. more phenomenon the way the spanish war on other countries.
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the white house has already made steps to can tell the n.s.a. in particular ordering eavesdropping on the u.n. headquarters in new york to be reduced but to what extent does the u.s. president actually control the agencies activities and where was he of spying on europe's leaders and citizens but these are some of the questions raised in peter lavelle's latest edition across talk coming up a little later today is a quick preview for you. what jay carney the president spokesman said is you know the president knew nothing about it however the n.s.a. is doing a great job what they're doing anyway so it really does raise some very troubling issues does the president have control over the n.s.a. does seem though i mean even more seriously was this an operation approved under president george w. bush that's gone on and they've not bothered to inform the president the united states is being run by remote control by a group of corrupt companies and these companies want the n.s.a.
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to find out secrets trade secrets from all the companies in the world this is this is what they're doing this is unacceptable the american people deserve a better government than this. when it's not just america's spying that's been the focus of media attention lately to attend in newspapers have published claims over russia's activities as host of the recent g. twenty summit and he said in english has taken a look. during the g twenty summit which took place in st petersburg this year guests including political leaders world leaders have received a gift box which contained flash cards as well as phone chargers which according to the newspapers are essentially spy ware now these allegations have already been denied by the presidential spokesman a russian presidential spokesman who said that as a matter of fact it looks like. just an attempt to sway the attention away from real problems towards imaginary ones and because the newspapers didn't particularly
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cite to any of their sources specifically is it a fact italian government itself is already starting to look into these allegations in order to find out where exactly they're stemming from. the british government is pushing hard to persuade scots that independence is not the way to go the home secretary is now warning that by going it alone scotland may lose access to intelligence services leaving it great to risk. the claims. she says that any scottish independence words undermine the fight against organized crime cyber attacks terrorism and things like that because scotland would have to build up its own security infrastructure as it would no longer necessarily have access to intelligence that comes from the u.k. or indeed from other countries that currently. information the scottish national party has said that it's ok declaring independence for scotland would reduce the risk of terrorist attacks because it says that part of its independence party would
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get rid of the nuclear arsenal on its submarines and it would also not take part in any more what it calls illegal wars it's really the latest in a series of kind of threats and speculations both sides of this the scottish national party in scotland in the parliament here in westminster have been tapping into these kind of emotive issues so the s.n.p. uses these age old rivalries between between scotland between england and scotland and also taps into this nationalist sentiment meanwhile in westminster parliament which obviously wants the u.k. to stay together for stuff like this in the past it's said or if scotland declares independence you won't necessarily be able to use the pound anymore you might have to apply to join the euro you probably wouldn't be automatically in the european union in nato so this is just another one of those things if you do if scotland declares independence it will be worse off as
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a westminster parliament scotland has already called this irresponsible it says it's politicizing security and antiterrorism and scottish national party member has called this project fear we ought to talk to meal from the scottish national party the one that stands for independence from the u.k. and he brushed away the claims from london saying it's just a scaremongering campaign. mrs mason but as yourself is a very bad helloween character of course we are hunkered in my side of the argument by the need to make sense and to use logic but this is me is not constrained by any of these. parameters the toll it is basically protect your stuff again from mrs majors and balance yourself badly in the way philip hammond the defense defense minister did a few weeks ago when he was instructed to me nobody believes this is just another of a long series of nonsense basically from the u.k. government or u.k. government that has no positive out of it nothing sensible to say it all and coming up with frankly laughable skews to even the right wing commentators and people who
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are not could be voting for independence and mocking misses me and scotland into into different for the nonce such as come up with. something positive to say but on the serious note you know when scotland's independent we will cooperate with london and we will look to maximize benefits for them for london and we just hope that the u.k. government who will do the same it will wake up to this reality sooner rather than later and act in a grown up fashion. way for disciplinary committee has ordered moscow sysco football team to close a part of that stadium after claims a black player was racially abused for details on this i'm not joined live by the. tennis about your weight his decision and what's behind it. all after carefully reviewing all the audio and video how that is brought from to manage the u.a.e. for just over a committee has acknowledged the racist incident did take place and now he was also
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following the listen to the entreaties top. racism in the committee could not let go the charges however at this decision made many of moscow's fans here is what the president of the russian fans association had to say . it's a no win situation nobody no one heard it and it's fan club to noid the allegations everything's based on want to single player how to say. the moscow has never been punished for acts of racism and that is why the club is getting just a couple of its steady stature shots and not the whole holy ground but still this decision will lift the. whole game east and now champions by your new name. dana thanks very much indeed for that live update from central
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moscow artie's meeting a question over there. with the twenty four hours a day we've got more news free after this short break stay with us. his lover into an amazon. dream. but he couldn't hold on to their. teacher now she runs her own factory. smoking and even as. they worship the.
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woman. he continues. to jets military helicopters iraq's prime minister is traveling to washington with a hefty shopping list of equipment he wants to help fight the sectarian violence engulfing his country but some u.s. senators are warning that it is the iraqi leader himself pushing the country into civil war just today twelve people were killed in twin suicide attacks targeting soldiers and al-qaeda militants let's now talk to jeremy corbin he's chairman of the stop the war coalition and a british m.p.
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live in london surely the governments all the help they can get here weapons and money they all the solution. pouring more weapons and more money into iraq on top of the seven thousand people have already died in the past year is not a solution and is not the way forward the some kind of irony in all this that malarkey who's quite close to us in general goes to washington wanting more arms to fight what he terms to be interned insurgents surely the way forward is some kind of cohesion and comprehensive government in iraq that actually seeks to represent all of the people of iraq rather than pursuing this and it seems to me that if the u.s. decides to heavily arm the iraqi government it can only be used for relations with iran it can only be bad news for relations with syria what we need surely is a comprehensive peace process across the whole region and yet there is the prime minister writing in the new york times asking the american people for help it's
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a desperate situation in the country it's a humanitarian disaster unfolding doesn't the u.s. have a moral obligation to do something. obviously there is a moral obligation to do something about the humanitarian problems faced by the people of iraq and clearly that ought to be the priority but i don't see how providing helicopter gunships f. sixteen fighters and all the other war machines that the president wants are actually going to bring about any kind of peace in iraq surely there has to be an understanding that you have to include sonny and cher people in the gulf and you have to recognize the rights of kurdish and other people as in iraq and recognize that every country in the middle east is a mosaic of people of different political national linguistic and religious outlooks the only way forward is a government that includes all of us not a government does xclusive of others and how going to help people how can
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washington how can washington promote that when you say they have a close relationship with the current prime minister there well how can they make sure there is some sort of political process change that put some because some of the saying in america that he is the problem he should go the prime minister there in iraq. well it's not up to america to choose the prime minister of any country for that matter but if they decide to give him the arms that he wants then they will have probably made the situation a lot worse there is also of course the subtext of the relationship with saudi arabia and the future of the conflict in syria so surely there should be no supply of weapons to iraq and instead they should put all their efforts into a geneva two peace conference that can bring about a cease fire and then hopefully some kind of a longer peace certain and in syria as part of a cascading effect of bringing pace across the region if they pour more arms and
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give more arms to the opposition in syria that will just deepen the conflict in both countries and inevitably lead to some kind of conflict with iran because both saudi arabia and the u.s. essentially blame iran for an awful lot of what's going on in the region unfairly perhaps but this is what they're doing and it's where the agenda is leading and of course washington is supporting the rebels in syria and the iraqi authorities are saying it's exactly those groups that are now terrorizing its own people it is a big dilemma that washington isn't. well there's a huge dilemma here and this is the whole contradiction of american policy going back to afghanistan in one nine hundred seventy nine you are the people that are opposing the people that you are opposing on the basis that they want they will become your friends those arms they delivered to afghanistan nine hundred seventy nine eventually turned into taliban and al qaida and now have this curious situation where they're arming people on both sides for conflict who are only going to use american weapons to fight each other surely an equality of killing power is
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not the way forward surely the way forward is not to supply arms to reach but to seriously get around the table to try and promote a ceasefire in syria which can eventually lead to a settlement all wars end up around a table all wars end up with a peace conference all wars end up with some kind of settlement let's do it now not wait for another seven to die in iraq another hundred thousand to die in syria. jeremy called in live in london a member of the u.k. parliament and chairman of the stop the war coalition really interesting to talk to you thank you for your time here naughty. bitcoins first ever a.t.m. has gone life clients in vancouver canal swap their digital currency for real cash so what is big coin and how can you turn a computer code into physical money well basically it's a currency used for online transactions to use it clients set up web wallets hiding the names behind a digital code the payment can still be traced then
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a transfer is done in a few clicks of a mouse banks middlemen and tax agencies are left out reducing fees and next you choose whether to shop online using big coins or sell them for any official currency such as the dollar or euro coins are collected through a process called mining nothing to do with manual labor but a chain of computers cracking codes and getting coins in exchange well jeffrey albert tucker from the foundation for economic aid to cation explains why he finds all this technology so impressive as your goal at this time i thought it was. all of this is just another technology you know that come along every few days and there are so i'm a fairly recent convert the more i look into it the more carpet and i would get in the future. cryptography and this kind of market based currency it's quite spectacular but i tell you it only takes a few times you simply realize this is really easy it's much much easier. and
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there's no need for a road in it is that all these other things that come with. criticism it's just pure technology while the u.s. has its reasons to hinder the bitcoin expansion it's been labeled a currency for online activities like gambling and even gunrunning and the exchange rate is volatile the low point came in generally this year when the valley was just thirteen dollars two hundred sixty six dollars as being the highest point and it took just a few months to get there before falling just a little while despite the ups and downs if we talk about leaves it's here to stay . really it's funny that it to be a lot of terms of currency and there's no reason why it can't itself become a means of ok so you can do your account you know and so people do this all the time and you can enter into the. little wonderful life meaning that you can bypass government currency entirely which the u.s. is now restricted in what's called money exchange businesses so there's so much
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high costs associated with it doesn't surprise me that the start of canada or the u.s. the u.s. will lose out and it's this trend where it's very very. or big call and maybe only four years old but it's already had more than its fair share of control the sea the currency appeared back in two thousand and nine created by students researches and hobbyists a year on there was a famous sale when surely the world's most expensive pizza was bought for ten thousand big coins that's no worth about two million dollars would you believe by two thousand and eleven its value had gone up a feller's and fold a single piece was selling for more than the british pound the euro and the american dollar at this point more than a thousand online merchants and organizations such as we could pedia were accepting big coins as payment and for donations and earlier this year its market topped the billion dollar mark and is believed to grow another five hundred million since then the net wide adoption of the big coin was picked up by financial authorities eager to tax and regulate this new phenomenon money laundering concerns and shady online
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activities last month saw the online black market silk road raided now shut down by the f.b.i. up to thirty million dollars worth of big coins were seized during that operation but mitchell demeter the chief big corner office or a big says the current is only getting stronger as a result. we've got any money laundering policy in place where we limit users to three thousand dollars per day every transaction you make is recorded on a public ledger your name is attached to it but if somebody wants to find out who is making that transaction it can be done the silk road is a perfect example of the they ended up shutting down the silk road beastly and the black market e.-bay and they actually shut that down which is actually a very good thing for the currency as a whole as a lot of people associated it associated because one just directly with the silk road and so since it's been shut down the currency did dip about ten percent for
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both twelve dollars and since then people realize that it's not just about the black market and it's actually a legitimate currency and it's actually gone up one hundred percent since then. the city in russia's dagestan region has been targeted by twin bomb attack latest reports two people were killed and up to fifteen injured including three policeman from the blast took place near the entrance to shops with one building bursting into flames security forces are searching for other possible explosive devices close to the scene. time now for some other world news this hour here in r.t. police have clashed with supporters of the ousted president morsi at the campus of the university in cairo the scuffles follow yesterday's rally with protesters insisting the deposed president is still a legitimate leader this comes as the deputy leader of the pro morsi muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party was arrested he is likely to stand trial alongside morsi and some of these other key supporters next monday the. protests
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have erupted in ankara against turkey's conservative government on the country's republic day police used tear gas to stop people marching towards tax and square as part of celebrations day marks the ninetieth anniversary of the turkish republic which was founded by the stuff to turn the riots following yesterday's clashes with police over the government's refusal to detain a policeman accused of killing a protester. the start of the twenty fourteen sochi winter olympics is now just one hundred days away the head of the international olympic committee paid a visit to the host city to see for himself our preparations are going paul scott has more from sochi. the new president of the international olympic committee thomas back has been in all week so mark one hundred days until the start of the games and he's just given one of his first interview since being appointed in the new role he gave it to r.t. now we sat down and discussed a whole host of issues surrounding the sochi games notably of course the so-called gay propaganda law here in russia the planning of nontraditional sexual relations
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to minors now on monday president putin said that everyone is welcome in sochi regardless of sexual orientation and this is the message has for spectators and athletes who are concerned about the law they can be. the. olympic games in sochi will be free of any kind of. discrimination. olympic charter will apply so the president putin. in sochi to celebrate excellent olympic winter games altogether but also in our chat back told me that the i.o.c. have complete confidence that all of venues will be completed come the opening ceremony on the february the seventh but he did reiterate his earlier point for the organizers the final one hundred days in the lead up to the games are set to be the busiest. ortiz paul scott there up next here man versus woman we look at combat
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schools in ukraine in just a minute from now on i'll be back with a news team with more for you in just over half an hour from now. world. science technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. if we look at the history of the o.p.c. w. and its engagements in the past with the united states best there is the history all let's say intimidation on many collation of whatever you call it if indeed we find that president assad is lying or cheating and i doubtful that he'll do that because
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his life is really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. taming the national security agency has taken months of scandal embarrassing lies to get obama and his administration to this point what is clear is the following are the obama is unaware of the extent of n.s.a. surveillance or he remains untruthful with the american people and the world in the end it's all about trust. she turned his lover into an amazon. that was in my dream for so long. but he couldn't hold on to. the research team as a teacher. now she runs her own muslim factory where they strode down a challenge to man there's no alcohol
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a little smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the earth. and learn martial arts. in the hollisters not the floor i don't want to be a man i still want to be a beautiful and talented woman to me was to block just on i can see. kook and clean.


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