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there's no alcohol or smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the earth. and water. and learn martial arts. i don't want to be a man i still want to be a beautiful and talented woman. i can see. kook and clean. but i do all dad love but i also love my martial arts i would have. been born i'm on amazon i don't call myself an amazon to associate myself with those women who are rooted in ancient times. i can sense of
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the spirit inside myself. which. appealed to seen by some as the supremest or others say he just creates legends he founded a combat version of gopac a traditional ukrainian. live ukrainian. who leave his. claims of the secrets of his natural heritage. from his grandfather was chosen from a thousand to join the austro hungary an emperor as god. he could easily lift a horse he packs a really heavy punch but he never hit anyone in the face why kill him you say.
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after studying the legend for almost thirty years. to a conclusion. martial art is concealed within. the johnson just seems the enemy. has a huge number of complex jumping elements that are unique. twenty years of karate i realised that all movement dynamics are much higher. karate is more difficult go back is more dynamic and. one day it can throw in a ton of scare into a term to combat go back across. that man get me there
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to take a stand for. me just doing martial arts is what i've been looking for he gave me that knowledge. dreamy of creating a woman style i was looking for a girl who would understand you with a just arena not to be someone who believed in me. a lot of glory to amazon those. residents lived on this land around the house of c. . there was a country here called amazonia where women ruled. this is where the matriarchal system survived for the longest on this planet we see nothing bad in that. if a woman is studying most laws to protect herself her children and her family you can only praise her for the.
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catherine the thought of sky i found the name for her emerson school in the old scandinavian sagas which speak of a city of gods called as guard martial arts center is called as god. the heart of i like the hood as guard at once it is made up of three parts os guard. us is a professional who knows his trade perfectly. guard released to the sanskrit word for hire and dog ties in with donna the goddess of water fire is more about manhood one and water is too many. in his gotta the mescaline and i mean are you not one watching the message. as god i grew out of combat gopac from which it took its seven levels of mastery and its basic movements though some adaptation to women's hands and feet when
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needed. she works a lot on the history part. of her as a teacher i wrote two books with a cancer. the first is about the first level of the woman's martial arts as god. this one story building was the birthplace of blood to be a pillar of combat gopac school. this is my old i've always adored weapons. into this sort of like all ancient moreas i cherish those traditions. discos of alms was awarded to my great grandfather and this is my shrine. some sort of symbols that my friends gave me and wolf the sign of all our warriors. this is a photo of us when we were very young.
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those first we had a teacher student relationship. and then we decided to start a family. but she was always asking the same question. the next technique. she wanted to develop her skills more and more. it's possible that my teaching could have been detrimental to women's martial arts . but i have a man's mind. so i left it. in his garden like in a martial art that's close to street flooding he'll strike allowed you do like this . says in boston he had his own vision of how this. point. i wanted to develop more towards
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actual fighting. coming in the. body and i didn't. realize that i needed to immerse myself in the subject to this knowledge. to me. so i thought i should work with all the martial arts federations. against which. i wanted to understand the school is much bigger than the school. has made. it develops a person in all directions. when
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you wish and she has a spirit very like the old amazons for me she's a warrior. or a woman perhaps does live inside i don't know spirits are neutral when they migrate between people i can say for sure that she has a warrior spirit i believe in she believes it too the only thing that i don't like is that i'm not really in favor of martial arts for women although they're popular now. to. fight with your arms arms there are no toys books sing simply came out of thailand and kickboxing and they're all stripped
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of their philosophy morals ethics and faith is this no no no this is just scrapping the boy. i didn't know why did you to me was mandatory maybe you would often see girls with championship titles like this. why this movie because when you watch it for school without fighting just for the sake of fighting with all that screaming i was. sure. you call hell but august the war. is that really what a man was born for. to live like a sadist or a masochist i guess which was. full of those problems when you were getting divorced he was very strong in the reason for that was that we had such different he's about my development. but you know
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what it is. he. lives. will you.
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play. imports came from. the european union ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and leave.
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the. illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. with. the consent you. choose. to. choose the stories get him. off to. the supreme muster of. stayed with his mother his name is. self donna has to go to the water and the go to
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war. so you can find but i'm too old for exercises on the bar. just so that his mother is very strong he can fight with her i always remind him that he should help his mother because she's a woman who often forgets because to him i'm a warrior for. cards i told you. there is some historic evidence that amazons meet men to have children but don't have families. they had a girl they released her only to boy they raised him to a certain age. gave him to a society of men all up with the will of. my
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father was very harsh when he raised me he's a baby music. i'm grateful to my father fanaa king that nonsense out of my head. if you're my son you have to be a warrior that's what i want my son to be. i know it's not an easy. injuries along the way i look a little but that's normal. it's worth living for. in recent years about girls who finished the school modern amazons classes take place regardless of whether it. can conduct them or not while she prepares for
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another fight be trained by her assistant. for now you could join a zoo the only person to have chosen at least she's a person i can rely on. only the one she had to choose between goldbach and as guard dogs that she chose me. i think of her as my follower and disciple. which. i. think i was before we go any where dress the watch and ask her to give us strength. to make her bodies fast and beautiful just like water. i come on do they. know. what.
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i. just been in the eyes of these aggie trousers they help console where the strike comes from their coffee will to work and they don't restrict your movements from any centrists the ballot was a sign of the lawyers level. boy i am a warrior by nature such as you put out these are the rules behavior and lifestyle if you're a warrior it doesn't mean you get to dictate your own rules all the time. why it's more of a means to get to the principles of on s.t. and truth.
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as soon as there's a break between the cursor in a tunnel brings to narrate to the amazon camp. this. understanding can be crossed from your mom but not so much as to sless her to death. so. if there is one thing about a boy that's different with a girl song. i'd keep a distance from my boy. to be independent from the very beginning my able to be searchable she should spend more time among. the young ten myself away from him from an early age which out who you are worth
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a woman's love can destroy. was a dream so much. boys should grow up separately. little in the same boys and similar to how you are but it's immoral to have a child at all out of wedlock to mean there is the concept of subjugate if you have each have the person you love and who you want as the father feel child but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave with him in the same apartment. what i was hoping to create as. i was trying to think. first of all. the highest possible moral character in a woman. says. a man of real ukrainian why he must know how to stand up for himself first how to protect her family and the mind of all and always to be faithful to her husband to support him
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in as many thanks. so. the ukrainian word for marriage comes from the word for friendship we just become friends friendship is at the heart of everything. your wife is your friend and your wife that's why we traditionally refer to family our troops is a union of two essential values that's why it hit so hard when i saw feminist tendencies and i was to be shocks. the fire of war between men and women.
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has created for many. a series of studies of combat between brutal man warrior women. and thinks of ukraine as the whole. the main thing is improvised. and there oksana is very particular about how her work is displayed using easels and fabric in a cosy courtyard. suckled. his series began as a game between a man and a woman. the man makes the first. woman surrender. this sensitive. concept only appears when the relationship between a man and a woman is destroyed. created for many with her husband. however instead of uniting the couple. now live in
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separate countries. lives. in ukraine. i think every woman who aspires to achieve something is an amazon inside. i mean my freedom is always inside me but there's always someone wanting to take it away. the city of the west of ukraine with its long history is a treasure chest of myths some. cultures. they play with the muscles and feel. they're so seductive
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and at any moment you might become just like them. there's a very distinct line between myth and reality even in the words of an ancient historian who claims that there was once an amazon state somewhere in what is now modern ukraine. it will go a blue funk i heard of this was an awful dream what did he actually collected all the misery together and combine them from the legendary amazones len he never sold them in a cell phone would be just copied someone else's words but now we're grateful to hear they can teach us about him he's all of a perhaps that was true for almost the only thing we do know for sure is that the syrian army's had women come out for example in the battle with all the exams of the great of the city an army under the command of a female warrior to crush the failings formation that had never before been defeated in europe and was their will perhaps it was in these facts that led to the
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amazon myth on the. horse he feels avarice thing. system like the following lines in ranks hold the reins and then slowly pull them to yourself it's important to hold them back straight. times carried. the old economy a few years. john did not need to. get out he
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also thought. oh yeah that's a. good job not. just close just not just. the kickboxing world cup i took first prize on my third attempt. at the best singing. was in. when i won it was like an emotional it's closing. those. third. eye.
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is not a supreme ouster of combat go back today he's just a sunday doubt he doesn't get to see his own son often enough. in the only one here on the ole back don't go for too long he's got his homework to do we don't see each other all small town for the weekend more often the. night my.
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so when you close the brandish a saber like this to. i like dad because we can go home walks he can take me to them his mind parekh buy me things. that. i'd like my son to live like me. jim. school. jim oh. no no no come on more go like this. i like came to be surrounded by men who are devoted most of last. resort to.
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the like as goal is to eventually overcome the stereotypes of women. who use men like personal slaves. fortunately it seems i failed. she said we do you see i'll give you time. you can achieve some results and then see that you canada anything more without me rob the. time passed and i was satisfied with my performance there was no point in going bet but when i'm up with it i was about this.
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well if you're going to like these policies i think you know. the pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. we were told that the spying was necessary and it's captured dozens of terrorist plots disrupted you know they throw everything into the box and say we've stopped this we've stopped that in the other but when it comes down to it there's very
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little to show for this because again they say it's the n.s.a. for it it's a sake it sounds like to me the united states is being run by remote control by a group of corrupt companies and these companies want the n.s.a. to find out secrets trade secrets from all the companies in the world except of all the american people deserve a better government than the. press and media freedom nothing. when it comes to the interests of multinationals we have a media that is corrupted by power mostly by corporate power who have corporate ownership from the top corporate advertising coming in from the side. we have
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a media. advertising. and. a documentary filmmaker is being sued. for the truth has been told. people buy and sell. hundreds of million dollar industry to protect its reputation a few million being spent on the campaign to. spend. so what will be the verdict. was outside the camp. where patients are. world's attention to the point that some. of our.
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calls for n.s.a. reform grow among washington's political elite but intelligence chiefs remain defiant warning of drastic consequences if the spying program is. the u.s. officials in washington to demand an explanation over the n.s.a. sweeping spy program a spanish paper reports that local intelligence actually helped the surveillance. independent security london threatens to deny access to its intelligence services if scotland votes yes to separation from the united kingdom. canadians get the first of a bitcoin a.t.m. digital codes for cash. global users of turning to the stable side accounts.


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