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tv   Headline News  RT  October 30, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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a reform group among washington's political elite but in terms. of drastic consequences if the spying program. you officials in washington. actually helped the surveillance we go live to washington very shortly. independence. yes the separation of the. allegations of racial abuse. is being punished for the bad behavior of a few individuals we get reaction.
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from our studio this is. a day in the u.s. political opinion towards the spying practices that cause a stall of global criticism looks to be shifting both republicans and democrats have called for reform of the n.s.a. with lawmakers proposing a ban on the agency collecting data the intelligence community is however strongly opposed it is much more important for this country. we defend this nation and take the beating. it is to give up a program that would result in this nation being attacked testifying before the house intelligence committee and its a director general keith alexander forcefully warned against limiting the
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surveillance program. by the u.s. intelligence chief you said reforms would lead to greater risks this is all happening against the backdrop of a growing diplomatic row with america's allies demanding answers over allegations that citizens and leaders were spied on when i was shooting correspondent has spoken to some european officials who are already a fact finding mission and joins us live now from washington how about european delegation got the it's been looking for a visit to the u.s. . well they certainly asked the questions i asked members of the delegation about keith alexander march in congress where he said there was no mass collection of data on whatever sharing that was european intelligence agencies themselves handed out the information to the n.s.a. now on camera members of the e.u. delegation would say you alexander made a statement just yesterday and they didn't have time to process those allegations
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but they did say they had been trying to get answers from washington and massive bailouts of european citizens for months and there was silence and one of these days they finally did get the chance to meet the director of the n.s.a. himself keith alexander and ask him about the spying programs the answers that he gave not satisfied that delegation. going to get from information. on the question of games or to reduce and of course not to have information about. medical cannot be just to fight against. well the chair of european parliament's foreign affairs committee whom i also had the chance to speak with said alexander talked to them about
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european agencies sharing information with the u.s. intelligence agencies from war zones but not talk about. the u.s. spying on european citizens citizens that include german chancellor angela merkel. what can you say about the allegations that the intelligence services of european countries have helped the n.s.a. collect intelligence on europeans that is not true at all what we've had the figures we have seen the europeans have helped and to collect informations about as a regions of afghanistan yemen and so on not overall. figures. in terms in german need to get into the french german authorities to observe it would have done them. yet. well basically from what i have heard from these members of delegation
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keith alexander had indeed brushed out their main questions. thanks very much indeed for that live update there from washington r.t. is going to check on. well n.s.a. claims that e.u. intelligence agencies willingly share data reportedly backed by the latest leaks published in spain the paper that early revealed more than sixty million calls were tracked by the n.s.a. within a month now says this was done in collaboration with spanish intelligence services now this document shows the u.s. distinguishes four different levels of cooperation with foreign agencies the first group is made up of those which share the most intelligence with washington including the u.k. canada australia and new zealand to give a known as the five the second group includes more than a dozen european countries spain being among them including japan south korea and turkey the third shares only limited data and that includes france israel india and pakistan and the fourth group is made up of countries washington sees as hostile to
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its interests another journalist behind the elmendorf report come out and told me earlier more countries are about to discover how closely their agencies worked with the n.s.a. . european services they share some information with united states services i mean with with the a while the documents say is that the space on all the concrete is european laws we call interest they helped the n.s.a. to get the axis to be true this information how they share some kind of information or for the maybe even the doubters the the volume the. make up of really these this is what the documents say they don't say exactly how much information or exactly the all the information is that they share but they share a bond they say that there is a real operation between both countries with. people is
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going to see. more phenomenon the way the spanish war on other countries. the white house has already made steps to curtail the n.s.a. in particular ordering eavesdropping on the u.n. headquarters in new york to be reduced but to what extent does the u.s. president actually control the agencies activities and how where was he of spying on europe's leaders citizens well these are some of the questions raised in peter lavelle's latest edition of crosstalk and here's a quick preview of what's coming up later for this hour. what jay carney the president spokesman said is you know the president knew nothing about it however the n.s.a. is doing a great job what they're doing anyway so it really does raise some very troubling issues does the president have control over the n.s.a. does seem though i mean even more seriously was this an operation approved under president george w. bush that's gone on and they've not bothered to inform the president the united states is being run by remote control by
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a group of corrupt companies and these companies want the n.s.a. to find out secrets trade secrets from all the companies in the world this is this is what they're doing this is unacceptable the american people deserve a better government than this. when it's not just america's spying that's been the focus of media attention lately to attend a newspaper that published claims over russia's activities as host of the recent g. twenty summit and he said in english is taken in the. during the g twenty summit which took place in st petersburg this year guests including political leaders world leaders have received a gift box which contained flash cards as well as phone chargers which according to the newspapers are essentially spyware now these allegations have already been denied by the presidential spokesman a russian presidential spokesman who said that as a matter of fact it looks like. just an attempt to sway the attention away from the
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real problems towards imaginary ones and because the newspapers didn't particularly sites in any of their sources specifically is it a fact italian government itself is already starting to look into these allegations in order to find out where exactly they're stemming from. well the e.u. has already responded to those media claims that russia planted spyware in gifts to g twenty delegates and off to check some u.s.b. sticks that were given away commissions spokesman and to begin to really told off nothing suspicious was found. such as problems. for concern. you're watching. still plenty more to come for you later including
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rhydian time the new president of the olympic committee. he is confident the sochi games will be a success during one of his first interviews and says the games will be free of discrimination we report on later in the program. and iraq's prime minister travels to washington to ask for military support of the country deals with a deadly wave of the sectarian violence with over seven thousand people killed so far this year. all that still to come but first the way for a disciplinary committee has ordered moscow cisco a football team to close a part of its stadium after claims a black player was racially abused midfielder touré of manchester city reported offensive monkey chanting reported the incident to the referee ortiz medina question over has more on the decision. after carefully reviewing all the audio and video of the bench brought from the match the. committee has acknowledged that the
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racist incident did take place now it was also announced that following the rescind entry abuse atop the rules against racism in football the committee could not let go these charges whatever of this decision made a maybe up moscow's fan stunt and here is what the president of russian fans association had to say. it's an odd situation nobody no one heard it and it's fan club to noid the allegations everything's based on want to single player how to say this but has never been punished for acts of racism and that is why the club is getting just a couple of good steady young sector shots and nods the whole home but still this decision will be the next home game against now champions byron munich. where we're now joined live by me called start of the. of the russia base
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supporters group the moscow reds joining us live in moscow now russian fans and officials still deny the incident do you think it's fair then that part of the stadium should be shut down as a measure of punishment. just a short period of time when they have made a decision and i think you for ten years behind if you want to fight the problem there are ten years behind as somebody say something from the crowd from the stand you can come to here on another stand and hope to see yet you're a football professional should be consensual and playing football and or listening to what people say besides it's obviously been done in english as she does and watch it because otherwise he's a legend saying that he speaks fluent russian and that you could something from something are dull i don't believe that something was really that all right so of course auntie racism measures have really been enforced over the last few years
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getting tough why do you think it is that the team should be forced to pay for what the fans allegedly do wrong. can't get it pete basic and can suck up to hear that your traffic mccullough just to say why do you think the team should be punished for what the fans allegedly threw wrong it seems the players and the team suffer. the thinking and that's exactly i mean if the club sells tickets openly not to cheat the k.t. supporters then how can you blame the club for eight then you a fish should introduce a rule same like you should only sell to even so on the super well supervision only controlled finds in the funds we know or don't i owe the fans we can control it it's absolutely stupid russia just was holding a limb. if we keep her championship at luzhniki it was multinational event and none
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of the athletes have claimed that they have racial abuse and all of a sudden yet to refute it and nancy to go there and it's a big hint of surprise that a cd she left over angel who lost the back of the two thousand and eighteen world cup because this is the first. and to allege racism in european football indeed countries like italy and greece really have suffered very serious outbreaks in the past it's a problem throughout european football isn't it can it be stopped. what well the thing is i think you a phrase the last one to be actually concentrating on it because they have to concentrate on food both on how bad their referees us how bad their system is at the call they destroyed football and then talk to police and the other former chiefs who can probably fight this professionally and do the goulds invest more money and search through this until it's a race but not you
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a four by doing their slogans dinah's and say and would stay only saying they would stay not actually do you know anything do you think you were able to prove that none of them because each elite group should just finally do you think you a few can learn anything from what's happened in english football which of course sonny ten years ago racism was rife and it seems to be dealing with that now just briefly. while they deal in it because lots of teams who have been involved i really get it thrown from a ship and love seeing widely on t.v. but obviously so close to august when he was abusing thought to be several up and if a just ban him and then what happened was he just went playing and invite another class he should be banned from football for life if they want to show for show an example if they spot the fun doing it but in full live don't let you into the ground again but every goal we've got and the fans would say look it's so obvious professional football or my hero can do that why can't i do it because why would you even bother
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so our us ok thanks so much mcallister thanks very much indeed for battling against the noise of the street as well great to talk to you live here on our team a caliph start of head of the russia by supporters group moscow reds great to talk to you thank you. and i'll be back with more news for you after a very short break including a look at the surge of violence in iraq we'll get live analysis on that in just a few minutes from now. if we look at the history of the lp c.w. and its impeachment in the past with the united states there is a history of let's say intimidation on many collation of well whatever you call it if indeed we find president assad is lying or cheating and i. will do that because his life was really on the line in the life of the whole regime then of course then i think a military strike could take place. wealthy
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british style. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kinds of reports. news continues here on r t drones forty jets and military helicopters iraq's prime minister is traveling to washington with a hefty shopping list of equipment he wants to help fight the sectarian violence engulfing his country but some u.s. senators are warning that it is the iraqi leader himself pushing the country into
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civil war just today twelve people were killed in twin suicide attacks targeting soldiers and anti al-qaeda militants carroll joins me live now she's a retired u.s. air force lieutenant colonel karen do you believe the violence in iraq can be quelled by. and i don't. attempting to deal with that violence through the state in forcing its own security with the limited ability that it has it's not going to get to the root of the problem and i i normally don't agree with senator mccain and his friends in the congress but they are right it's a political problem the problem is is political it is a resource related in iraq there are groups of people who want power and money and there are groups of people that have been deprived of their nation's wealth and they're very concerned about the future and they're fighting. for bashar in their
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own children surely there are extremist groups there who are taking advantage of the lab security in the country and they need to be dealt with severely don't they and isn't the only way hoarders to to attack them. well if that's one way forward if you're looking at solving the problem that may not do it in all of these cases whether it's in iraq or elsewhere when you have violent groups or violent subgroups alqaeda in this case other groups other ethnic groups when you have these groups that are behaving violently that is a sign also that they are being supported by the much larger society at hand and when that societal support is pulled away those guys buying whatever groups they are whatever they're fighting for find that they cannot succeed they cannot prevail so if moloch he and the iraqi government in baghdad tamps down and fights harder well they'll have some success for a short period of time but if they do not have the face of the people the people
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will continue to provide you know refuge support all kinds of things to the same violent actors and the cycle will continue you say success could be achieved a short amount of time for a new air force experience just how effective or ineffective is power power and and of course the dangers of collateral damage. airpower is not the solution to the kind of security and strife that you're seeing in the urban areas all it's going to do is what it's done for twenty years it's going to destroy buildings and people pollute the environment you know drive people further away from moving forward and to do so will society. it doesn't work very well and you mention collateral damage well that's the rule that's kind of the rule when we use air power we expect and we get plenty of collateral damage and you can't you can't really make up for that by saying i'm sorry you said earlier and did i said in the introduction that many
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pointed the finger of blame at the political system that the prime minister there but just how much is the u.s. responsible for the situation now in the wrong oh my goodness i mean you know twenty years you know nine hundred ninety one thousand nine hundred. we binned the bombing the dozen years of vinyl between then a second invasion then we put in place puppets who molecule amazingly is still there one of the guys we've been working with for a decade these people do not have the credibility that they would need to be true leaders political leaders of a unified iraq and they're facing problems that are well beyond their capabilities i mean you've got your go for does not justify some sort of interference a political interference pressure to change the government system there is that the u.s. is obligation now just briefly well i don't think you can change political systems from the outside to suppress certain things but you can't really change it we are we already changed it ok we changed it when we supported saddam hussein many many
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years ago we changed it then and then we changed it when we got rid of saddam hussein. what we do from the air from the external part of it doesn't have a good track record of success and i doubt anybody in washington d.c. today has the slightest clue as to what to do in iraq to improve their political system i would suggest that we follow the money there is you know the oil exports have dropped interact money is short the competing groups that rule a lot rule iraq today are fighting over limited resources and one thing that might be good is to help iraq increase its economic output so there's a little more for everyone we're not doing that we're also telling molokai that he has to work with the kurdistan side when they're seceding and taking the oil profits to some extent with them or at least ticked attempting to do that with the united states support in some ways so we're speaking out of both sides of our mouth
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the united states is not the ones that should be in any position even though we have the responsibility we've we've put iraq in the place that it's in but we don't . have the answers and how to fix it i would take in this is reflects my own political views a hands off approach an honest approach and a fair and even relationship approach we can't support the kurds and maliki at the same time karen great to hear your perspective on this thanks so much for joining us live character ascii we're told us returning colonel on r.t. thank you. the british government is pushing hard to persuade scots that independence is not the way to go home secretary is now warning that by going it alone scotland may lose access to intelligence services leaving it at a greater risk or he's lost with the start of the claims. she says that any scottish independence words undermine the fight against organized crime cyber attacks terrorism and things like that because scotland would have to build up its
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own security infrastructures it would no longer necessarily have access to intelligence that comes from the u.k. or indeed from other countries that currently. information the scottish national party has said that it's ok declaring independence for scotland would reduce the risk of terrorist attacks because it says that part of its independence party would get rid of the nuclear arsenal on its submarines and it would also not take part in any more what it calls in legal wars it's really the latest in a series of kind of threats and speculations both sides of this the scottish national party and scotland in the parliament here in westminster have been tapping into these kind of emotive issues so the s.n.p. uses these age old rivalries between between scotland between england and scotland and also taps into this nationalist sentiment meanwhile the westminster parliament
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which obviously wants the u.k. to stay together thought stuff like this in the past it said or if scotland declares independence you won't necessarily be able to use the pound anymore you might have to apply to join the euro you probably wouldn't be automatically in the european union in nato so this is just another one of those things if you do if scotland declares independence it will be worse off as a westminster parliament scotland has already called this irresponsible it says it's politicizing security and antiterrorism and scottish national party member has called this project fear. in london we've got more stories waiting online for you right now including who is the most influential of them all russia's president putin tops forbes' annual list of the most powerful people in the world pushing barack obama down to second what put him on top find out right now at r.t. dot com. also their families and friends reunited after israel releases twenty six
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palestinian prisoners we got the touching pictures in vision section. of the city of russia's dagestan region has been targeted by a twin bomb attack two people killed and up to fifteen injured including three policeman at the blast took place near the entrance to shops with one building bursting into flames security forces are searching for other possible explosive devices close to the scene. and some other world news in brief we now know world update police have clashed with supporters of the else to president morsi and the campus of the university scuffle for yesterday's rally with protesters insisting the deposed president is still the legitimate leader this comes as the deputy leader of the crowd morsi muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party was arrested is likely to stand trial alongside morsi and other key supporters next monday. also what update the protests erupted in ankara against turkey's conservative government on the country's republic day police used tear gas to stop people
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marching towards some square as part of celebrations today marks the ninety five burst through the turkish republic which was founded by the stuff at the top the rights for yesterday's clashes with police over the government's refusal to detain a policeman accused of killing a protester. the start of the twenty fourth the winter olympics is now just one hundred days away the head of the international olympic committee paid a visit to the host city to see for myself our preparations are going and for scots has more now from sochi. the new president of the international olympic committee thomas back has been in sochi all week so mark one hundred days until the start of the games and he's just given one of his first interview since being appointed in the new role he gave it to r.t. now we sat down and discussed a whole host of issues surrounding the sochi games notably of course the so-called gay propaganda law here in russia the planning of nontraditional sexual relations to minors now on monday president putin said that everyone is welcome in sochi
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regardless of sexual orientation and this is the message has for spectators and they're concerned about the law they can be. the. olympic games in sochi will be free of any kind of. discrimination the olympic charter will apply so the president putin. in sochi to celebrate excellent olympic winter games altogether but also in our shot back told me that the i.o.c. have complete confidence that all of venues will be completed come the opening ceremony on february the seventh but he did reiterate his earlier point before the the organizers. the games are set to be the busiest. reporting that up next to an hour to use we promised talks look at the n.s.a. surveillance that's out of the break. while.
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