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coming up on our t.v. it seems the catholic church and the pope have caught the eye of the n.s.a. and italian magazine reports that the n.s.a. was spying on the vatican and the papal more on the holy spying revelations ahead and in syria an important deadline on chemical weapons was reached weapon inspectors say that the syrian government's chemical weapons have now been destroyed or rendered inoperable coming up we'll look at the latest coming out of syria. and on the internet there was a video of a marine calling out senator john mccain marine criticized mccain for supporting us intervention in syria calling for the politician to be arrested and tried for treason we'll speak with a marine about his actions later in the show. it's
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thursday october thirty first five pm in washington d.c. i'm on your i david and you're watching our t.v. . we begin today with the latest revelation to leak regarding the national security agency and italian magazine called is now reporting that the spy agency has targeted the internal communications at the vatican along with the in going and outgoing phone calls of future pope francis according to the reports the n.s.a. was intercepting calls from in and out of the rome residence where the cardinals stayed during the papal conclave additionally the magazine details how the n.s.a. has been categorizing those phone calls into everything from foreign policy objectives to threats to the financial system that it can spokesman father federico lombardi quickly dismissed these allegations and said quote we don't know anything about this and in any case we don't have any concerns about it the n.s.a. has also responded to the allegations by saying that quote the national security
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agency does not target the vatican assertions that the n.s.a. has targeted the vatican published in italy's panorama magazine are not true however this article comes in the wake of a damning report based on documents released by former government contractor edward snowden of course we now know that the spy agency has monitored the communications of thirty five different world leaders along with many of the citizens in their respective countries so here to give us a little more insight on how the church is responding to these allegations i was joined earlier by ginny akin he's a senior apologist at catholic dot com i started by asking him how detrimental this was to u.s. relations with the vatican. i don't think they're particularly detrimental the attitude that father lombardi displayed in his statement i think is pretty typical of what you'd expect in terms of whether the allegations are true the vatican should say the italian press is pretty rumor fed and without citing sources you can't really place a lot of confidence in what it says normally but in this case we know that all the
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major world powers spy on all the other major world powers all the time so i don't think the report is particularly in doubt i would assume that the u.s. is spying on the vatican just like it does every other country and like you mentioned the vatican is saying that they're not at all concerned about this of course it is a very different reaction than that of other countries who have found out that they are being spied on i mean what do you really make of that response i think it's because i think the difference is because of what the vatican is if you're a normal country like germany or england or france you know the u.s. is spying on you but when that comes to the attention of the press you want to act outraged to reassure your population that you're taking steps to deal with the problem on the other hand the holy see is not a normal nation it's not concerned with national politicking the way france or germany or or or or england would be instead to jesus christ out to the world
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and so it's native instinct is going to be to try to rise above that kind of national politicking outrage share and jimmy you know we've long heard popes rail against war and come inequality not quite the most controversial of issues so why do you think the n.s.a. even cares about what's going on at the vatican well the the holy see. is the head of the catholic church i mean it's the organization that heads the catholic church and one in six human beings is a catholic there are a billion catholics in the world that means that the pope and the people around him have a lot of influence in the world and it would only be natural that the u.s. would be interested in what they're planning on doing and indeed the holy see has cooperated with the u.s. significantly in the past it had a role for example in ending the cold war and bringing down the soviet bloc pope john paul the second cooperated with margaret thatcher and ronald reagan to do that
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he did it in a behind the scenes way but that was an important incident cooperation the holy see has also taken positions that have influenced american policy in other ways most recently when president obama seemed intent on going to war with syria the current pope pope francis organized a world day of prayer to stop that and guess what and we're not at war with syria. absolutely well according to the magazine the n.s.a. has been categorizing the vatican's communication into four different categories i want to take a look at them at you know there's leadership intentions with a colleague or ship intentions foreign policy objectives human rights and then threats of the financial system now i find the last one the most interesting what threats to the financial system does the vatican post or might might oppose well that one's a bit of a head scratcher for me because the holy see doesn't have a particularly large amount of economic clout kasia only the holy see will make
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statements about policy suggestions for maybe how to help the world economy and how to help people grow and develop particularly in the developing world but it's not it doesn't wield a lot of financial power it it isn't that big financially it does have an institute known as the institute for the works of religion which is kind of a bank that set up to help coordinate charitable activities and could. lee the pope both pope francis and his predecessor pope benedict had been working to kind of clean up some of the activity there and put the vatican bank on a more rigorous footing and integrated into the european banking system but it's a small bank in the scale of things and so i don't i don't really know what kind of threats they would imagine the holy see would. hold all very very interesting i really appreciate you coming on and giving us some insight on that jimmy aiken senior apologist at catholic dot com thank you thank you president obama will host
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iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki at the white house tomorrow white house said in a statement that the discussion between the leaders will focus on the long term post-war partnership between iraq and the united states that post-war partnership is something the prime minister is extremely concerned about as the security and stability of iraq unravels prime minister al maliki made that message very clear today while speaking publicly at the united states institute of peace r.t. arabic correspondent rym of one dia has more there is one message iraq's prime minister nouri maliki has been pushing during his visit to washington d.c. this week help me fight terrorism in my country because maliki says will not only help iraq but the reason here's what he said during his speech this morning in washington d.c. fought by order countries and societies was wise we want an international war a global war against terror if we have to
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a world war we won the surge woodward again still has a lot of killing people getting the police and who are calling for let's said for ignorance and do not dwell on. logic. to govern our daily lives the main challenge iraq faces remains the same a rise of attacks that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians arise now he says as a result of violence in syria but maliki was in washington d.c. to try to convince both the administration and the lawmakers to step up their support to help him fight terrorism in iraq is having trouble convincing them to go with who experts say take a harder line on iraq that obama sent a letter to the u.s. president asking him to be software on maliki and it they say they blame the maliki government for the rise of violence in iraq the letter says that maliki pursues
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a sixty ariane and authoritarian agenda which strengthens al qaida in iraq senator mccain one of the six republicans and democrats who signed the letter saying that washington's assistance to iraq should be tied to a new more developed strategy and real changes in iraq so experts know that maliki will face many challenges in trying to convince both the administration and the congress to as he has said in his speech make a fresh start in a complicated relationship with the u.s. and his meeting with president obama at the white house tomorrow is only one step forward on a very bumpy road the mohammed the. questions in d.c. . and the international chemical weapons watchdog group responsible for overseeing the destruction of syria's chemical weapons now says the country has met its deadline meaning all chemical weapons have been destroyed or rendered inoperable
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the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says its teams inspected twenty one out of twenty three chemical weapon sites across the country the other two were too dangerous to inspect but the group says the chemical quitman had already been transferred over to secure sites it's something that was discussed today as congressional leaders met to talk about the state of syria at a special senate foreign relations committee hearing artie's sam sachs brings us more from capitol hill nearly two months ago the senate foreign relations committee approved using military force in syria to respond to alleged chemical weapons use it was a close vote in the committee ten senators supporting using force seven senators against but ultimately u.s. military strikes were averted after the russian stepped in and negotiated a deal approved by the assad government in syria and the un security council to turn over chemical weapons to the international body for destruction war was averted well today that same senate foreign relations committee met again to be
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updated on the situation in syria at this hearing comes just as the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons announced that syria will meet the imposed november first deadline to have all chemical weapon production and mixing facilities destroyed given the progress made over the intervening months using diplomacy instead of committee approved military strikes some senators question the ability of the u.s. military to solve problems around the world who are senators and markey in tim kaine both democrats we have to approach all of this with a lot of humility given what we've learned after we into beamed in iraq in libya in afghanistan. after what we've seen go on in egypt so we should just have a little humility in the united states terms of our ability to control events on the ground in these countries there's a fatigue that the american public are feeling now about the limits of our efforts in this part of the world as senator mark you mentioned the kind of we've we we've
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had you burst and now we have you know what about the effects of our outcomes ultimately though disarming syria of chemical weapons is just one issue the other is the civil war that has claimed the lives of more than one hundred thousand people and created a humanitarian crisis while raging for more than two years with another round of talks in geneva slated for next month the american ambassador to syria robert ford argued that the u.s. must continue its support to the syrian opposition to strengthen their hand heading into negotiations with the u.s. and the opposition will demand assad step down from power but ultimately this is a problem that needs to be solved by syrians not by u.s. missiles ultimately senator syrians must fix this problem and ultimately senator it's going to require them to sit down at a table the sooner they start the better but in the meantime we will keep helping the opposition senator in response senators bob corker and john mccain one of the
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fiercest war hawks in the senate expressed regret that the u.s. hasn't done more militarily to help the opposition i think our help to the opposition has been an embarrassment and i find it appalling that you had said here and act as if. we're done the things we said we would do i am now at a position tragically where i now will have to rely on the saudis to provide them with the weapons that they need because it is patently obvious that the united states of america is not going to do so so there's still a lot of varying opinions on the senate foreign relations committee but for now most senators seem ready to let the promise to keep working which is a big change from just two months ago when the same senators stepped to the precipice of war on capitol hill in washington d.c. same socks are to. and a new video is now surfacing that shows a u.s.
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marine sternly addressing senator john mccain at a town hall meeting in his home state of arizona the young marine named blaine cooper read an impassioned letter to the senator where he called him treasonous for encouraging the obama administration to intervene in syria take a look your actions against this country are treasonous all of you against the will of the american people have aided and abetted the enemy you and the rest of congress including the president of the united states have went against the will of your people and syria in syria regardless of your position in vote whether it is a yes or no is still a political smokescreen you swore an oath to protect us and part protect from all enemies both foreign and domestic the simple irony is the domestic enemy now in this country is the people in government of the united states and mccain and you and the rest of our leaders are accountable for their actions. i was joined earlier
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by marine blaine cooper himself to talk a little bit more about what happened that day i first asked him what pushed him to accuse senator mccain of treason in such a bold fashion while with the destabilize the destabilization in syria i felt that as a so said and what's going on in government that a lot of these people that i talk to throughout the internet. who are very good close friends of mine throughout the middle east and here in the states wanted this the be able to tell this to their leaders but nobody is going to their leaders in colonie of these things and asking these questions you know why are we finding an al qaeda civil war in syria the u.s. policies in the middle east and in syria are destabilizing the region in creating chaos and countless christians are being killed because of it and i felt i had to say something because nobody else was indeed it was a very bold one and just said to get your opinion specifically on syria why do you
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think the u.s. government was so intent on pushing to intervene militarily. it's funny how they use the children as a a weapon to try to get military intervention in syria. i believe it's all over and loyal gasline that's run through syria seems that all of our wars we've pushed have a deeper agenda and we run america tries to run there are the guys that were trying to fight terrorism but really it's about resources i believe sir and you are of course a marine would you say that there are others in the marine corps that have similar concerns or beliefs. oh yes definitely thousands and that's why i had to go confront them the way i did because a lot of them want to ask these questions and ask the politicians why are you doing this. and you seemed pretty sure in your speech that the u.s. is aiding terrorists some of these elected officials have defended their actions by
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saying that they are only working off of the evidence they've been provided by intelligence agencies so where's the discrepancy do you think officials are getting all of the information they need to make the right decisions for the country. i think what the politicians are doing are lying to the american people i think they know darn well what they're doing specifically in egypt where you had thirty eight million people rise up against muhammad morosi which you know the u.s. united states government gave them one point three billion dollars bomb was a big supporter of moslem morosi which is a sponsor of terrorism and he's a part of the muslim brotherhood the people egypt these stood up thirty percent of those people were christians and said we're just not going to do it anymore and they threw out the hama morosely lindsey graham and john mccain both went over there to try to get him back in the power after people threw him out sure and blame i do want to take a look at what senator mccain had to say in response to your statement i'm going to
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play that now but also i look forward to you running for office. nobody's preventing it from that even in this treasonous country i understand that there's a great deal of controversy about some issues but honestly sir when you say that we are guilty of treason that is something that frankly i can't dignify with a response. so mccain said that responding would be beneath him he couldn't dignify it with a response i'll give you the opportunity to respond to that since you didn't at the town hall what are your thoughts. well my father would be was why does he feel it's a new thing the people elected him to do a job to represent people and clearly the politicians are representing themselves so i think that heals all the american people an x x x. a response of why he's why the. politicians are doing this in the middle east and in
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syria that was blind cooper u.s. marine and activist. and more than a thousand people gathered this week in santa rosa california to protest the failed shooting of thirteen year old andy lopez it was just a week ago that the teenager was shot and killed by a county sheriff who saw lopez holding a pellet gun that resembled an a k forty seven rifle according to the police account to sonoma county sheriff's deputies saw lopez carrying what appeared to be a rifle and immediately called for backup the officers then allegedly repeatedly asked lopez to drop the weapon and when lopez turned to face the officers one of them deputy erik gal house opened fire shooting the young boy seven times the parents and the community of andy lopez are frustrated over the shooting they say didn't have to happen and they brought that frustration to a rally this week where they carried signs that read quote we are all anti lopez the whole damn system is guilty and andy lopez didn't have to die to talk
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a little bit more about the controversies surrounding this incident i spoke earlier with our tease ramon glenda i first asked him what protesters think sees me could or should have been done to prevent this is incident. well this community in santa rosa in northern california is still in a state of shock and mourning after the shooting of thirteen year old andy lopez know houses that he thought he was in danger and they can he was in danger when he saw the lopez's gun he did knows it's going to the time because they remember it resembles in a case so much but so much so many people in the community are still wondering why it is that somebody that is so highly trained could not use less lethal way of confronting the lopez from from the sounds of the eyewitness reports and even the testimony of the deputies themselves this all happened very quickly and as you as
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we've seen over the past week thousands of people have come out to show their support and love for the family and at this point is there any investigation open as to whether this deputy even acted appropriately in the way he used his weapon while on duty. right well. who's involved in the shooting has been placed on administratively veteran over two decades of in law enforcement now the f.b.i. has launched their own independent investigation i called the f.b.i. office in the bay area this morning still waiting for response from them the santa rosa police and the petaluma p.d. are also investigating the sonoma county sheriff because in sonoma county there is a protocol that's been in place for a couple decades now that police agency involved an officer involved shooting cannot investigate itself in this actually comes from a string of officer involved shootings back in the one nine hundred ninety s. from back in the ninety's there in sonoma county but still despite all these
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investigations happening there are many in the community who fear that there's not enough transparency in this in that this case will unfortunately turn out like so many other police shootings where the shooting is ruled justified. and interestingly remonde when manny well has was shot he was wearing a hoodie which is a pretty big symbol there were others at the rally wearing hoodies in solidarity as they protested do you think this incident reminded people at all of what happened in the case of trayvon martin and did you see the issue of race or racial profiling discussed at all. the problem of racial profiling and police brutality has been a big issue in the bay area even before trayvon martin i mean the exit police brutality movement has gained a lot of steam in recent years especially after the shooting of oscar grant which has gone viral on you tube yeah and the lopez was wearing a hoodie at the time that he wished he wasn't wearing the hoodie was not of at the
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time of the shooting but really in this community there does seem to be a lot of. a lot of animosity between the latino community and police in fact sonoma county sheriff has a. division within its apartment which really. shows that this animosity goes way back in and from the looks of the response that we've seen following the shooting that on the mosque is still quite strong and around as i understand during this rally there was definitely a police presence can you talk a little bit about the rationale why why were there so many were there arrests made or were the were the protests peaceful while the family of andy lopez has pleaded with the public and demonstrators to remain peaceful and and they've heeded those calls yes we've seen pictures and videos of police in riot gear. trying to protect certain property from protesters they've told the local media that they
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expect outside agitators and vandalism however has happened in and things have remained peaceful and from the looks of it there will continue to be vigils and rallies throughout the next several days in order to lend support to the lopez's family and to hopefully keep this case in the public light hoping that just will be served either way absolutely well we'll have to follow this for sure we'll have you back on again our teaser mungle endo thanks. and to email encryption services silent mail and love of that are making headlines again but this time it's not because they've shut down their operations but rather because they're starting a new one the two companies are now joining forces to create easy to use new proof email for everyone the service is called the dark mail alliance and it's expected to launch in two thousand and fourteen the project involves creating an open source protocol that will give control of can encrypt ssion to individual users meaning e-mail services couldn't possibly be compelled to provide an encrypted user data to
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the government now you may remember that that's exactly what happened in the case of lava bit the company which was the email provider used by edward snowden shut down its operation in a bid to resist surveillance silent circle which was providing a similar service then followed suit for fear that it would be required to do the same now mike janki the c.e.o. of silent circle had this to say about the new joint venture we believe e-mail is fundamentally broken and its current architecture this is an opportunity to create a new email service where the keys are created on the device and only the user can decrypt it so here to break down how this will work and what kind of precedent it might set i'm joined by r t web producer andrew blake andrew thanks for being here only a little bit more about this new venture dark male alliance how is it going to work ok we'd see much hit the nail on the head and we solve a lot of stuff to learn it's going to be a few weeks before they release a white paper and people actually just finding out about it literally this week but
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essentially what it would do in theory was create a whole new sort of protocol like email we've been using that for decades there's been minor changes here and there over the course of several years and it has become more secure as the technology to encrypt and eclipses allow that to happen at the same time however as you just heard from mr cheney that a lot of people who are very involved in the industry including representatives from lava bit and silence circle believes that it is no longer a. form of communication that can be trusted and so what dark mail would do with it would install a new sort of protocol pretty much think of it as e-mail three point zero they're saying let's let's have a whole new structure of being able to transmit and receive messages you know just like emailed same in boxes same folders and stuff like that but everything is going to be encrypted in multiple ways and multiple levels and the key here is something called perfect forward secrecy so right now the way things are transmitted over the internet securely is through a standard called h.t.t.p. s.
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when you log onto like huge e-mail your bank or something you have little lock icon at the top of your screen that means that everything there is being security something called m s l and this is really long and boring so i'm just going to cut myself off there but i'll tell you that. that's really secure but once that single key is compromised all of the data itself is compromised what this would do was be it would allow the individual user the individual person on a smartphone or on their laptop to decode the messages using something that only they are aware of in the information will never be stored on servers unless it's fully encrypted and even in that case e-mail administrators that the dark mail people or whomever they've licensed or whomever is is taking care of the open source code they can't even access this information it's going to be just nothing but a mess and it would really be the most secure way possible of sending receiving so it would definitely give the user you know more control over their information but doesn't it depend on companies signing on as well now how does that work well in
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theory companies like google and yahoo and microsoft will adopt the the dark mail protocol and the people behind this company say well in three or four years maybe some of the bigger names will actually sign on it will be using our our infrastructure and their users will be able to send emails to one another that's the most secure it's ever been but are those companies necessarily going to sign on and that's a really difficult question because those companies right now are making all. their money off of their users now she mail is also for sending e-mails but if you're concerned about privacy it's absolutely horrible the reason these services are free is because syria able to cruise your content in target you with ads and sell it to third parties and make a book invading your privacy and that's exactly why it's free so are people going to actually pay for a service that's going to be maybe not as convenient as well i'm curious i mean how much should we expect something like that to be i mean price wise yeah there's actually a study from i think two thousand and eleven that's just initiating perfect forward
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secrecy just that extra step of being able to get information decoding encoded one more x. or time over cost something like an extra fifteen per cent over the cost of sending a traditional message over the internet so that may not seem like much but think about when you have billions and billions of messages going back and forth every single day especially if you're conduits like apple you know who you know i don't have a whole lot of time left but i want to ask you as c.e.o. of silent circle my janky said that he said our vision is three or four years from now that this will become email three point zero the way the majority of internet users use e-mail do you think is that a long shot or with it might have been a long shot three or four months ago but now especially the revelations we've seen just this week about how the n.s.a. isn't cooperating just with companies by having a front door access to their information we've heard of all about prism and upstream a few months ago what we saw with the latest revelations is that the n.s.a. that you see if you are actually illegally without authorization tapping into
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private communications it is more more people become aware than to realize nothing is secure and we might see that absolutely well thanks for breaking that down for you guys ride hard to read producer andrew play thanks and that does it for now i'm here today that. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser you know it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place said the red queen to alice it takes all the printing you can do to keep in the same place said the banks are too bernanke it takes all the working you can do to keep in the same place said the neo feudal fax to the chumps who have to work for a living but i say not only does it take all the running printing working but it also takes all the bombing stealing and the fraud.


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