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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  October 31, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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gulag of our time. the suspect. the replace the if you. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. go on. to make your own i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. though i'm tom hartman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight the big picture the japanese government is what the privately owned tokyo electric power company handle but cleanup of the
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fukushima nuclear power plant and tepco has failed miserably but things have been different if the japanese government was running the pushing a plan also global warming has been greatest threat to our planet has ever faced so what are some concrete steps we can take now to stop a runaway climate change before it's too late i'll ask climate reality project c.e.o. maggie fox later in the show and according to forbes magazine president obama is no longer the most powerful person in the world yet another sign that america is in a rapid state of decline so what can be done to restore the values that our founding fathers fought and died i'll tell you tonight it's deleted. you need to know this privatized. power is crazy and you only need to look at
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what's going on in japan right now to understand why on wednesday japanese regulators gave the privately owned tokyo electric power company tepco the go ahead to begin taking over thirteen hundred fuel rods out of a damaged reactor unit at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant the reactor in question was reactor number four and was badly damaged in earthquake in march of two thousand and eleven it's actually sinking into the ground right now by removing the radioactive fuel rods tepco is beginning to decommission reactor for a process that could take decades all of this is supposed to make everything safer for the sheema many nuclear experts say that taking fuel rods out of the damaged reactor four could be even more dangerous than the leaks that have plagued that plant over the past few months in a recent piece for common dreams harvey wasserman warned that should the attempt failed the rods could be exposed to air and catch fire releasing horrific quantities of radiation into the atmosphere the pool could come crashing to the
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ground dumping the rods together in a pile that could fission and possibly explode resulting radioactive cloud would threaten the safety and health of all of us if such a fire breaks out radiation could continue to pump into our atmosphere for centuries this kind of end of the world scenario has the japanese and some of the media seriously thinking about changing who is in charge of the fukushima power plant privately owned tepco has made some boneheaded mistakes over the past two years just a few weeks ago for example plant workers overfilled a storage tank and then toxic radioactive water into the surrounding area is a very real risk that tepco could screw up the fuel rod removal as well it should be a wake up call to everyone here in the united states the whole idea of privatizing power plants is crazy especially when you're talking about privatizing nuclear power plants let me explain energy is a natural monopoly and it's therefore an essential. part of the commons just like
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you can only have one water wind coming into your house you can only have one power line coming into your house that's a natural monopoly and when one private company controls a resource like water or power a company can charge whatever it wants for people to use that resource and that's a pretty dangerous power for any private company it's only answerable to its shareholders and not to we the people to. remember society doesn't just need power plants because they create power society needs power plants because electricity actually improves people's lives it allows businesses to run schools to stay open the government to function ospital modern life would be impossible without it with this in mind the whole idea behind privatization of essential natural monopolies like this looks ridiculous the role of power plants as part of a commons is to serve the community the role of a private company like tepco for example is to make money is
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a fundamental contradiction here private companies have a built in incentive it's called the profit motive to charge as much as possible providing the service the people need to survive the profit motive also incentivizes private companies like tepco to cut corners and throw safety out the window all in the name of making a buck that's only half the issue when we decide to make energy a public good as opposed to something a company can make a profit off of that changes the type of decisions we make about power in society when we start to think of energy is something we use to improve people's lives rather than just electricity when it becomes obvious that something is dangerous and threatening to public health as nuclear power is just stupid if we really want to make sure the kind of disaster that's going on in japan right now never happens here in the u.s. and the best thing we can do is let local and state governments who are answerable to the local people rather than a far off stockholder. new york city take over energy production. for more on this
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actually for more on what's going on at fukushima the whole nuclear issue i'm joined now by paul gunter director of reactor oversight project at nuclear hey paul thank you tom i want to drag you into a public private discussion that's the political arena and more my thing but you're the expert on nuclear power rad cast is reporting that we're seeing radiations levels spiking around the country just today they say one hundred is the point at which you the issue an alert you freak out or not freak out you can really seriously consider frederick wisconsin fifty nine counts per minute spiking a seventy for three different cities in arizona chino valley prescott tucson all average in sixty counts per minute east coast has seen a high level state sixty three per minute in charleston north carolina seventy one in salisbury mass and they issued a warning in salisbury saying that you know the background count was seventy one but if you went out into the rain it was at one twenty is this the radiation from
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fukushima starting to show up in the united states it's really hard to say you know we fully support the idea of independent radiological monitoring put radiation monitors into citizens hands and we're seeing this done across the united states the source oriented on nuclear power plants like seabrook or three mile island but the red caste network i think is a very important development that can bring early warning to citizens here in the united states potentially from the fallout from. fukushima but you know i think that. as we don't know a good it would have been some progress you know you ask just you've outlined a very big area you know if the japanese let me just say it's certainly suspect yeah ok that's a really that's entirely reasonable particularly since they are still dumping what right now well there are certainly. four hundred tonnes
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a day of radioactive water going into the ocean but this plant very well is off gassing radioactivity into the atmosphere as well and issuing steam. the problem is that we don't trust the monitoring that's going on in japan well and also fukushima is on the east coast and the prevailing winds are west to east so even the monitoring that's in japan might not be measuring what's heading our way to it's it seems but anyhow this fuel this fuel rod removal i've read several pieces helen helen caldicott was fairly outspoken about this and while she's been talking about nuclear power for a long time she's not you know really a hair on fire person and she says she and others are suggesting you heard my quote from harvey wasserman earlier that if they pull this thing off badly it could be an order of magnitude worse than chernobyl do i have there right. there's
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a lot of radioactive material there's four hundred tons of high level nuclear waste in that pool on in the attic of what's left of the attic if you know for it's human beaches ten stories above the bottom of the fuel pool a six story is in the top is ten stories so you've got a. quite a bit of fuel sitting up in the upper portions of the reactor that's now. reactor building that's now open to the atmosphere in the crane for heavy movement of that material has been was destroyed in the explosion that left the building leaning. tokyo electric power company has been shoring up unit four but you know our basic concern is that tokyo electric power company is now a symbol for corruption cronyism you know misrepresentation.
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falsified reports got busted for having the japanese mafia supply them with workers this is the same company that when they built fukushima daiichi they leveled the construction site by they they took the construction site down eighty feet they literally removed the natural tsunami barrier that was there at the site in order to provide easier access quicker access for machinery to build the fukushima plant as well as to cut costs for pumping cooling water so this whole fukushima site was essentially leveling the natural. tsunami wall and they did it on bogus predictions that the highest tsunami that would be predicted there was for ten feet and you know on march eleventh we saw
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a tsunami that was forty five to fifty feet but you know it was a construct that essentially set in motion a history of false for cation including safety reports this is the same company that also falls got caught falsifying two hundred different reports on cracked reactor internals from one thousand nine hundred seventy seven to one thousand nine hundred seventy seven to two thousand and two that you know were false reports to the government on conditions at this plant that risk public health and safety and it was all part of a cover up that they didn't want to shut those plants down to that would result in both a cut in production and added cost so they say they chose to deliberately falsify reports to the government in order to save money now they're the ones that are chiefly in charge of. moving over thirteen hundred fuel rods four hundred tons of
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high level nuclear waste in an unprecedented action that could cascade into a much larger catastrophe to reignite this whole scene on a hemispheric scale. paul gunter thanks so much for thank you so much appreciate the new great work you're doing indeed. coming up if you watch the n.f.l. any time in the past month you've probably seen players like calvin johnson or the age of the detroit lions rocking pink gear for breast cancer awareness but it's all for a good cause the question is or is asking as breast cancer awareness month to come to commercial ones i'll ask actress suzanne somers after the break.
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well. it's technology innovation all the lives developments from around russia we've got the future covered. there's the media leave us so we leave that maybe. i will see motion security for your part of the musical. shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . prison media freedom was nothing. when it comes to the interests of multinationals we have a media that is corrupted by power mostly by corporate power you have corporate ownership from the top corporate advertising coming in from the side we have a media that is where advertising and money and corporate influence is really the
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mother's milk a documentary filmmaker is being sued. for the truth is being told a private investigator something. even the reading it happens people buy and sell those kind of services all of the world. hundreds of million dollar industry needs to protect its reputation a few million being spent on the only campaign to do just that usefully goods money wells will spend. so what will be the verdict. big boy is going bananas.
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in the best of the rest of the news the american cancer society estimates the by the end of two thousand and thirteen about two hundred thirty two thousand three hundred forty women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer the disease is behind only lung cancer as the second leading cause of death for american women and cuts across all race and class boundaries there are an estimated two point eight million breast cancer survivors in the united states right now and for one of them october is a special month that's because october is national breast cancer awareness month the national breast. answer me a time when people affected by the disease join together and fundraise for a cure or in breast cancer awareness month many people choose to wear pink ribbons to honor family and friends who have or have had the disease for more on this i'm joined now by suzanne somers actors breast cancer survivor and author of the new
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book i'm too young for this suzanne walking back from the program hi how are you nice to talk to you again nice to see you again too as someone who has had breast cancer what is press council where this month mean to you. well. i think they might be barking up the wrong tree to find a cure because i think we have to really look at what has changed on the planet in the last fifty years and we are under the greatest environmentalist solved in the history of mankind and and commensurate with that is a rise in so many diseases so i often think why don't we look at the effect of chemicals not only on our food but on the skin care we use what we clean our houses with what's in our watter we can't do much about the air but how can we protect our own little environments so it's another way of looking at it they haven't had much success with traditional cancer treatment. i think that's an absolutely brilliant
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response and i think you're absolutely right why do you think it is that breast cancer awareness groups of breast cancer groups are not talking about the causes of breast cancer and there's all this emphasis on curing is it because there's a big buck to be made of that here. i would i would think so that that's probably a big part of it you know it's about the food and i know that you write about this food is the fuel of the body and i always like in the body to a maza ravi if you're a muslim you would never put inferior huell into it and you would never wait till all the parts broke down before you. took it to a mechanic yet with our body the most magnificent machine way beyond any miles or ruddy we continuously put inferior fuel into it we don't value this machine that we have so at some point the liver goes. i give you know the liver was only meant to
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process a minimal amount of toxins and we are under this great assault so my books have to do a lot with that and then i think there's another thing that nobody ever considers and it goes back into molecular biology and i i like to simplify my explanations for my readers and i will do that for you. because it helps me to understand the brain really has only one job to do and that is to keep an awareness of what's going on in the body because biologically speaking it's about perpetuation of the species sort of bloodlust to say that but when hormones become imbalance what does that signal to the brain that says to the brain this person is either not reproductive are on their way to not being reproductive and of women really started looking at the realities we are getting our cancers during perimenopause which i'm writing about in this book i'm too young for this. because we're surging one day our
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estrogen sky high one day it plummets one day the protests are on is all over the place than a plummets and that it's sending signals to the brain has to be saying this person is on their way out biologically as being a reproductive person so my books have to do with restoration re story know what is missing either from the aging process or from the effects of stress and toxicity on the human body stress blunts hormone project for production toxins lots of hormone production and if you know if you didn't have any hormones. you suddenly lost all your hormones you realize you'd be dead within about ten minutes they're vital to lie and yet they are they are treated as though it's not important all as though it's a passage for women to tough it out and women from thirty five to fifty suddenly
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don't know who they are their families don't know who they are because they aren't in control of their chemicals and but that's what we are as human being is a bunch of chemicals not just cells interacting with one another and they we act out we get moody we cry we we can't sleep we don't feel like sex we've gained weight we bloat there's no reason for gaining weight because we're eating less and exercising more and i hear this all the time from women and when i say well it's probably your hormones they go oh no i'm too young for this so i put that all together and i think that that's where we should really be looking to prevent breast cancer to consider the fuel that we put into our body to consider the toxins we put on our body because it's transdermal you know if you look at our skin under a microscope it's got what we call poor is that under my skin microscope looks like big holes because all the chemicals everybody's running all over themselves all the time without thinking that all that ends up in the system and. the
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organs and glands are under attack the brain's under attack there's so much a.d.d. in a.d.h. stephen i know that you've written about that. i think we're looking at all the wrong places and. i so i that's why i feel this month with breast cancer awareness that there needs to be somebody out there speaking a different message we keep hearing the same message you know we've got to. fight breast cancer yes i agree but is it in research or is it in teaching at the very base level from school chill. don from the family how to eat what to clean your house with what to put on your skin how would you do in that context how would you call for changes in our health care system to make it may perhaps more of a sickness preventive system and i'm also curious if you're interested in walking
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back to your characterization of obamacare as socialism. well i think in our. you know government who is or who are running things i think we need somebody on the panel who gets it from another perspective. sadly so much is bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies so it's hard to get that message out so i do walk alone i find commenting on obamacare just doesn't leave me any point so high stress or not go there but my message is very strong about how we can be in control you know how we have like i don't fear getting cancer again because when i got cancer i did do radiation i did not take the prescribed chemotherapy i did not take the to moxon that was offered to me and i was told by my doctor at that time we were going to die and i said you know we have to go with our beliefs and i believe i will die if i do it the way so i made
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a choice at that time i decided i was going to eat as though my life depended upon it. and i started my own are going to do it and i'm sorry suzanne we're out of time but you have done and great work and written some brilliant books and thanks very much for being with us on the program thank you i appreciate the time very much thank you suzanne somers. we're all paying a steep price for the carbon pollution that's filling our skies and driving global climate change but that price doesn't just include more extreme weather events and above average temperatures in the winter from driving food and water scarcity to eating. our tax dollars carbon pollution is having an effect on just about every aspect of our lives so what can be done to combat carbon pollution and save the fate of our planet earlier i had a chance to sit down with maggie fox president and c.e.o. of the climate reality project for upcoming conversations with great minds and i
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spoke with her about the true cost of carbon and what we can do to fight carbon pollution. comet change is real that's first thing you have to get people to understand it's real and it's happening now it's human caused. and there's something you can do about it but conversation around the country isn't and around the world isn't that clear of the link between the changes people are experiencing caused by carbon pollution and the solution was putting a price on carbon. has actually been established and a lot of our work has been about that getting that into conversation in a simple way of speaking it doesn't take seventeen paragraphs either in science or in policy speech so it actually has been established but it has been established of your old model sadly and that simple link we've known for a long time you and i that carbon pollution is the problem but not everybody else can actually make that simple linkage so this year is twenty four hours of reality cost of carbon was really about establishing the fundamental truth that we're already paying the price of carbon pollution. right after the series that wonderful
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organization run by india looper produced a report that said in the united states we spend one hundred ten billion federal dollars on climate change abouts that's about three hundred dollars a person in tax dollars that doesn't account for all that's done at state and regional misplay level around the country that isn't account for all the costs around the world so during twenty four hours or rather we traveled around the world telling personal stories of people who had been impacted powerfully both financially in terms of their lives their livelihoods their health their entire future based on climate change either extreme weather events or sea level rise or any number of other impacts as we've done that was so exciting and over twenty one million views. and we ended up with two hundred fifty million facebook social media impressions and trending worldwide cost of carbon hash tag cost of course that message reached nearly forty two million people. what that says is that people are
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ready for conversation they were ready to understand. carbon pollution this is actually what's causing this challenge and that there is a simple solution put a price on carbon pollution. first in the fifty's in london based on the industrial revolution there was so much pollution as you see in beijing and around china today that you actually couldn't see six straight feet in front of you it was an extraordinary health hazard they put a price on pollution. and it changed we've done that in the united states with numerous pollutants but somehow based on the fossil fuel industry we haven't done we've been dumping ninety million tons of carbon pollution in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution and. no price well now we're living with that so what is the solution putting a price on carbon what does that mean it's simple vernacular but in terms of his policy approach it's literally feet can be a tax it can be a fee can be
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a combined version of a cap and trade there are suite of policy solutions and they will be and have been hotly debated but at the end of the day what is the solution not just in the united states but around the world put a price on carbon because it generates first of all you the fossil fuel industry actually has to stop dumping carbon into the atmosphere they'll do that they will drive those budgets towards innovation instead of towards advertising to tell us that it's not happening or they've got our back when in fact those advertisements are spending more money on those than they are on their new boy energy r. and d. right so there is a framework for a solution president obama that's a pretty historic coming out of the phone lines are now open for our your take my take a wives segment so if you want a chance to ask a question live here on the big picture give me a call to our two for twenty one thirty four maybe i'll be talking with you after the break.
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wealthy british style. expert on tirelessly. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on r t i and that. site that i think corporation kind of can. do and the bank i think it's all been all about money and i think that's like that for a politician right
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a lot. right. there just to plug. by. that. pleasure to have you with.
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your take my take a live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air has a call at two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four if you're outside the united states had the number one let's go to our first video of the comment video common of the night they always go first so if you want to be first in line send us your video questions frank from philadelphia. i like to talk about patriotism you know being a patriot. does it mean that you worship the star or protect it the country sits on its fifth people that need your protection and your help not the trees not the still will not the leaves fall from the trees the people and when these people root against the president like a scene to love to do their rooting against america and you know it's a question that should be asking why america in your lifetime in my time so i went from number one in everything to now we're only number one and one thing and i know
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you know what that is thanks for listening see you later thanks a lot frank yeah it's exporting weapons that's what we're number one in we used it we used to make the world's everything i mean we used to make the world's washing machines we used to make the world with blue jeans we used to make the world's computers now we make the world's weapons it's really unfortunate frank excellent point and and i would even go beyond that if you. if you look at the incredible republican obstruction during lyndon johnson's six years in office. i was in las vegas a year or so ago so james carville and i keynoted a conference there and harry reid was speaking at it and i had a chance to talk with him and he pointed out that during the lyndon johnson was senate majority leader for six years harry reid was senate majority leader for six years during lyndon johnson six years he had
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a one filibuster during harry reid six years he said over four hundred this is never happened before in the history of america until the rock obama got in the white house until an african-american got in the white house and i think that there's a connection between the two and i think it's a sad commentary on the republican party and on the state of this country gary in seattle that left us a message our rant was. oh i listen you know we need we're. avenue here in seattle a thing about a fifteen a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage we need a repudiation of the laffer curve a repudiation of economic or of reaganomics we need demand side economics let's label it for what it is the supply side of the reaganomics has failed those rich idiots correlate it all the way those the walmart heirs with their over two hundred billion dollars of a lot more and more in the koch brothers with their never enough never enough no
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man we got a d. mine or we got to deal loot the economy give it back to the people who are actually doing the work. gary i think you're absolutely right and that's really well said there's a really simple way to do it too and that's to roll back the reagan tax cuts when the tax when the top tax rate after you made about three million dollars a year hit seventy four percent people said you know i think a live on three million dollars a year and what that did was it left a lot of money left over to pay their workers as we decent wages and to grow their businesses and that's why during the four decades when we had the fifty's the sixty's the seventy's actually the late forty's to the to the mid eighty's for decades we had continuous consecutive. decades of three over three point two percent g.d.p. growth and and the middle class grew as fast as anybody else now the middle class is flat back they're flat on their backs thirty two years of reaganomics is as
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visceral to the middle class and the billionaires are making out like never before max in spokane washington has thoughts max. i wanted to talk about the u.s. china trade deficits ever increasing and that's costing us here in the states. precious manufacturing draw jobs. i think it's a really important topic that could also. bite bipartisan support in the house so i think that's really important so again the u.s. china trade deficit really important topic thanks a lot bye bye. i have to agree and it's not just with china it's with most of the world we are. you know when reagan came into office we were the largest importer in the world of raw materials we brought in iron ore and we were the world's largest exporter of finished goods we shipped out washing machines. now
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it's reversed we are now the largest importer of finished goods everybody else is adding value making things creating wealth we import it and we are the largest exporter of raw materials and a lot of the mines and a lot of the forest lands in this country are not even owned by americans or american companies it's mind boggling and not only that when reagan came into office we are the largest creditor in the world fact the largest part of the world has ever seen today we're the largest debtor in the world the largest debtor the world has ever seen thirty two years of reaganomics as screwed us we need to change that a big piece of that is the trade policies which reagan really started the whole idea of most favored nation trade status and you know these these bilateral trade deals under reagan that became multilateral trade deals under under clinton with nafta caffe the shaft gap deputy you know the whole bit and now president obama wants to put on steroids of the tepee peak it's crazy and i agree with yuri i think that the
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the first or excuse me max i think of the first. party that starts explicitly calling for protectionist trade policies for a national industrial policy let's go back to what we had from the george washington the ministration to the reagan administration going back to protectionism that party will never again lose an election and the proof of that just go back and look at what happened in one thousand night to with ross perot and how mike in honolulu hawaii hey mike what's up. with a great show. i think it's i put on the ek that suzanne somers the woman portrayed as. this company has a completely right about the obamacare which is to intimidate but it is up there with the discussion i mean health care. the cost. i mean why don't people see this. but nobody else does except in
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thanks mike for the color in her op ed the wall street journal she wasn't exactly characterizing it that way but one of the interesting points that you make mike and i think it's a it's an important one to make every single time somebody says well most of more than half of america doesn't like obamacare is that you know when you do those polls of course if you ask about the policies that are obamacare everybody likes those you know well you can't throw me off the policy because because of because i get sick those kind of things but when you ask people do you like obamacare or not just that binary question there's a lot of people like me who would say mat's really not my first choice i would rather have single payer health care i'd like to have like what canada has so you know where your maximum out of pocket is your hundred fifty bucks a month for your premium period end of discussion and andrew in santa clara california handor with. calling from santa clara and you know i watch your show a lot of i'm actually twenty one i'm studying. i'm starting it cannot mix and. and
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you know like the problem the biggest problem i see is that the education like the even if we do if we find methods to help. there's do. you know there's still that the root of all you will is like educating the people wrong you know aristotle said with which if you don't you create the heart there's no education at all you know so i feel like we even if all these reforms happen this to people will still be a myth you know if you keep it right i don't know what you think of it i think you make an excellent point andrew thank you for the call and thanks for being young and studying economics i hope you're you're learning to differentiate between chicago school economics which are nuts and classic economics you know that brought us out of the great depression. with regard to education there's really two pieces and it's really important to to bifurcate that to to identify those two pieces and
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one piece of course is public schools we are we have ever since the reagan administration we've been destroying our public schools first reagan was the first president to put a man in charge as secretary of education bill bennett who i had debated at the heritage foundation he put bill bennett as the head of the department of education right after bill bennett had unsuccessfully run for president on the platform of eliminating the department of education nobody had ever been a secretary of education who hated public education before reagan started that and you can see the results not just look at our schools we used to have really good schools in this country so a we need to do that but the other part of it the be part of it is a lot of people are educated by the media they learn what's going on from the news and that's you know and they and they learn how it's going on came to be from the news and what was the last time on any of the news channels including the so-called liberal news channels that you heard an honest discussion for example about free
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trade policies or the craziness of free you know the fact that there's no such thing as free trade or the idea that even a free market is not possible or. drug decriminalization just done doing the war on drugs or any of these just fairly so simple rational things that americans really support they're just not discussed because there's no money in it for the big corporations anthony in the river am i saying that right ontario anthony. yes you are. i'm great how are you. good to take my call. what's on your mind. well i want to. talk to you an alternative nuclear energy called the story of. it's it was developed by the americans of fifty five in the sixty's. they ran one night in the
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sixty's for five years the proof of design you can't have a milk half plate there's only three hundred years and it's a very very small amount compared to your radio. and it could be and there's lots of it around and it could be the answer as a workhorse for the world in north america veggie. i'm familiar with or am reactors i am skeptical that they will be the answer to everything but you know if you can make a work and you can demonstrate that there's no toxic waste left over go for the that's the big problem in my mind with nuclear power is in in nature you know in the world everything's waste is something else is food we exhale carbon dioxide plants inhale car monoxide you know literally a bear poops in the woods the forests of the pacific northwest require iodine that they can literally only get from bears eating salmon out of the rivers and then put
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it in the what i mean there's this giant cycle. we produce waste in the form of nuclear waste that is food for nothing it's boys so if we're going to be producing energy we should be doing it in ways that are ecologically sound and any time we're talking about any kind of nuclear power we need to consider that that's it for your take my take it live thanks for all your calls we didn't get to your calls and i try to call us back next week and keep the videos coming it's really easy just grab your phone or sit in front of your computer pointed at your own face and record your question or comment and then take that little clip and email it to us your take my take it she mail dot com. coming up republicans are the anti robinhood party tell you about their latest plan to steal from the poor and give to the rich in tonight's deleted.
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live . live. stop rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. plus time of the new alert animation scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of joy and a great thing. that they had read at a court of law. is a story made for
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a movie is playing out in real life. it's thursday let's get geeky some crushed caterpillars with their curry powder or some ragged rat hairs of their rose mary that's the maggots in your mustard seeds you look right well next time you go shopping for spices at the supermarket that might be exactly what you're getting according to a new report on spice imports by the food and drug administration around twelve
10:46 pm
percent of spices imported into the united states are contaminated with insect parts all insects rodent hairs and other very unsavory things the f.d.a. also found almost seven percent of spice imports were so that they studied were contaminated with salmonella a toxic bacteria that causes food poisoning these findings released yesterday mark a combination of a comprehensive and. study and u.s. spice imports spice or imports from mexico and india have the highest rate of contamination which is pretty scary considering that almost a quarter of the spices oil and food coloring we use here in the united states come from india the f.d.a. says the spice contamination is a systemic challenge and the most of the insects found in spices are the kinds that thrive in warehouse in storage facility environments in other words the spice industry's problem comes as much from poor storage practices as from poor harvesting practices maybe even more than the poor storage thanks to some recent
10:47 pm
legislation in washington the f.d.a. now has the power to refuse the importer sale of foods or spices that it thinks might be contaminated so awfully that power will force the global spice industry to clean up its practices until that happens spice might not be so nice. thank. you. crazy alert reptilian realized safe if you're bored of deep tissue massage isn't looking for something a little edgier to help burn off some stress and book your tickets on the next flight to jakarta that's because the indonesian capital is the home of the high crime the yes you heard me right height on the site visitors of the bali heritage reflexology and spot in jakarta and choose among
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a wide array of massage options with a python massage is by far the most intense customers who decide on this treatment allowed two or three snakes to slither across their back for hours at a time or in the spa zone or snake massages help reduce stress by raising a drone a little of it think although it probably sounds counter-intuitive to some people true believers say it helps heal the body and mind you know i. i'm all for alternative medicine something tells me a python doesn't come without it. it's the good the bad of the very very joke a serious oil ability the good. clinton ohio residents of this toledo suburb celebrated christmas earlier than usual this year to help cheer up thirteen
10:49 pm
year old david coleman who is terminally ill with brain cancer on sunday afternoon hundreds of his neighbors and friends welcomed him home from the hospital with a massive christmas party in the town square. t.v. covered the story the local t.v. . he came out and they're reading green all decked out for christmas for devon combe and a thirteen year old porch clinton boy who has been given weeks to live decided ten o'clock this morning that we wanted to decorate those and make some special so that was looking across the street from his window he could see this. within an hour we had probably about fifty sixty people here decorations plus what the city had and it turned into this a winter wonderland all right across the street from his house they sing carols and launch balloons so david can enjoy the holidays this year as well. david coleman
10:50 pm
may now be alive come christmas time but the christmas spirit is definitely alive and well in portland the bad george zimmerman who well scores america's most famous acquitted killer finds himself in more controversy today in the wake of accusations that he threatened his a stranger wife according to a new report zimmerman left a gun the target riddled with bullet holes in the wall of his wife's house in his wife that. only the fighting before and this guy a walking talking advertisement for gun control or what. and the very very ugly raw failed crude is the father ted tea party creature crusader ted cruz was already infamous for calling president obama muslim now it appears that he's a full on truth of the jones has released a video of the elder cruz was an evangelical pastor speaking at a tea party event last september during that video he urges his audience to send
10:51 pm
the president back to kenya to look. so low. we. will be the same for r r r g how right. you are. i don't know what's worse than that. what's worse but ted cruz is dead actually thinks that obama is from kenya where the people applaud him for saying so very true. america is a mess and let's just face facts republicans are black in fact republican policies and actions have tarnished america so badly that the leader of the strongest
10:52 pm
country in the world is no longer the most powerful at least that's according to forbes this newest of the most powerful people in the world president obama has fallen to number two on their list all russian president vladimir putin has taken over the number one spot as for puts it putin has solidified his control over russia all obama's lame duck period has seemingly set in earlier than usual for. two term president that lame duck period that forbes is referring to is thanks in large part to the constant republican obstructionism that we're seeing here in washington d.c. instead of focusing on moving our country forward republicans have voted a staggering forty seven times to defund or repeal obamacare meanwhile republicans in the senate have staged four hundred filibusters to delay votes or stop votes on bills or obama administration judicial judicial confirmations to put that in
10:53 pm
comparison i met with senate majority leader harry reid last year in las vegas and he told me that when lyndon johnson was senate majority leader in the same six year period as he's been the senate majority leader l.b.j. face just a one filibuster one but it's not just republican obstructionism that's causing our nation's monumental decline it's republican policies to thanks to republicans and their money first democracy second mentality wall street executives are making millions of dollars every year while honest hard working americans are struggling to survive day to day giant transnational corporations are making a billion dollar windfalls and paying next to nothing in taxes while working class americans are making less than ever before a terrible symptom of the state of the american economy after thirty two years of reaganomics and it's these policies that are driving america's income inequality epidemic as well today the four hundred wealthiest americans own more wealth in the
10:54 pm
bottom one hundred fifty million americans combined and over the past fifteen years the annual income of the typical american household has fallen nine percent and we can't forget about the conservative justices on the supreme court who made the disastrous citizens united decision that's flooded our political system and our democracy we billions in corporate and billionaire cash is taking power away from we the people. meanwhile republican war hawks lied america into over a decade of unjust wars which claimed the lives of thousands of american soldiers and civilians and cost us six trillion dollars if you need even more proof that our country is a mess and the republicans are to blame look no further than the number of americans who rely on federal food stamps to survive fifty million right now fifty million americans including seven million children rely on food stamps for survival we have the richest country on the planet and you have fifty million americans need
10:55 pm
federal help just eats and tomorrow millions of them could lose access to that vital lifeline that's because the house is expected to vote on a plan that would slash five billion from snap the federal food stamp program as drastic cutting funding would leave nearly forty seven million american children veterans retirees and struggling families with a reduced access to a program that is quite literally helping them to survive. republicans would rather pad the wallets of their billionaire buddies and put food on the table of america's most needy and vulnerable and in their rush to condemn and slash funding to the food stamp program republicans constantly fail to put a human face on the staggering cuts that they're fighting for consume a story of joshua a father of two who works sixty plus hours a week at a bakery to provide for his family his wife used to work full time but was forced
10:56 pm
to leave her job and care for the couple's youngest child was born with a heart condition right now joshua and his wife are relying on food stamps to get by as they care for their ailing son. and then there's the story of judy a disabled grandmother who is the primary caregiver for her grandchildren judy worked for over thirty years but was forced to retire early because of a chronic illness before judy began receiving disability benefits she was forced to use up most of her life savings including burning through her for a one k. so she now has to rely on the snap program to put food on the table for herself and her grandchildren. it's a disgrace that any american veteran child or otherwise doesn't have enough to eat in the richest nation on the planet and now republicans want to take what little access we have to food away from us it's time to put an end to the devastating republican policies that are causing this nation's rapid and historic decline it is
10:57 pm
time to get back to the values that our founders fought and died for the george washington had three horses shot out from under him to help create call congress now and tell them to stop the devastating cuts to food stamps and start looking out for the needs and the well being of all americans. and that's the way it is to night thursday october thirty first two thousand and thirteen and don't forget if you have a question or comment send us your video questions for your take my take segment is grab your phone pointed at your own face hit record and e-mail your video question to your take my take at g. mail dot com and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active tag you're it. happy halloween.
10:58 pm
wealthy british style. time to write for. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. side. i think
10:59 pm
corporation mind. and the bank i think it's all been all about money and fast like that for politicians like the lot and. that. they're just too much at today's society. that.
11:00 pm
is the united states spying on its allies and turmoil continues for obamacare democratic congressman adam schiff and republican congressman alene terry joins us from the hill was the blazes and amy holmes and democratic strategist religion brawler faceoff on u.s. spying obamacare for its all tell it up next on politics with larry king. politicking on larry king and we start today with reaction to the latest revelations about the n.s.a. surveillance activities the agency hasn't just tapped phone calls them.


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