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tv   Headline News  RT  November 1, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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world's attention to the place that some. of our. global radicals gristly record as the world body doubles in just a year it's raising serious questions over just what a decade of war on terror has to show for itself. israel's war planes bomb syria again reports which the israeli military refuses to comment on. but everybody knows all of this in the midst of syria's civil war but the government's trying to keep up the international agreements by finishing the first phase of chemical disarmament. and. clashing with police on the streets of rome at least six people injured also
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to come here on the program from cruising through space to prison so what can the government's new cyber security pump up its muscles with used to fight against many of the rejected morally bankrupt. headlines live from moscow this is he with me from everybody here in the newsroom welcome to the program this year is on course to become the deadliest year of terror in history set to be even two thousand and twelve death toll of fifteen thousand what's worse is the most savage terror groups are now all aligned with al qaeda twelve years after america on a global crusade against it this report goes to. terrorist
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attacks have more thing since two thousand and one when the u.s. began its war on terror the number of attacks and fatalities has reached a record high the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism estimates last year alone there were more than eight thousand five hundred terrorist attacks worldwide they killed more than fifteen thousand five hundred people across africa asia and the middle east you walk faces an incredible surge of violence this year they recorded six thousand civilian deaths here is how terrorists skyrocketed in iraq following the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three. the iraqi prime minister is here in washington he just said his nation is facing quote a war of genocide and that the revolutions in the region have made it worse. was a power vacuum was created another terrorist organizations were able to exploit this in gaining ground they benefited from the fall of state structures terrorists
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now flocked to syria for safe haven and the firth of syria is from a deal between the opposition and the government the closer it is to becoming the failed state where al-qaeda and groups similar to al qaeda rule the day so as all these countries iraq syria libya face growing terror washington says they decimated al qaeda leadership and al qaeda is not as dangerous as before as a result of the enormous pressure we've put on the group we've eliminated all of al qaeda senior leadership in afghanistan and pakistan and because the current leaders about leaders of al qaeda core so worried about their personal safety they're far less able to plan attacks but the words don't match his numbers if anything during the years of washington's war on terror terror only grew in washington i'm going to. do in part two are surging to radicalism in africa the
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number killed globally in terrorist attacks double between twenty one and twenty twelve iraq war veteran michael prysner he believes the first step to stopping all of this is first of all shut down the drone campaign. the first thing that would go a really long way to changing that situation is closing down all of the u.s. military bases that are in over one hundred thirty countries around the world many of them muslim countries with ending the regular drone strikes that take place on these countries and of course kind of a daily terrorism and acted by the united states against other countries through drones you know that there's this term that they use to justify all of this is term american exceptionalism which of course is an offensive term to many people but it's real meaning is that the exception is that the u.s. considers itself having the right to attack anybody in the world at any time to kill anybody in the world at any time to torture anybody in the world at any time
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to arrest anybody in the world at any time that it to spy on anyone in the world at any time that is that their definition of american exceptionalism which is driving this policy and that the waleed far is the director of the future terrorism project he says bullets alone won't solve terror of the world entirely must fight its ideological roots the growth of the hottest production meaning that many ideological schools indoctrinating radicalizing and creating a much wider demography of the hottest and then you have another structure that is al qaida or a variety of other jihadist groups and in many countries who are recruiting so the pool is getting larger problem is that over the past few years the administration policy makers in the united states are not acknowledging the fact that behind that in addition to political issues that are diverse around the world there is one
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common root which is the ideology so if you don't identify the ideology if you don't work with civil society if we don't work with moderates in the arab and muslim world and in other regions as well if you don't have a plan for that in addition to just. sending drones and military operations we're not going to be able to stop recruitment to al qaeda and others and today our teaser debate program cross talk setting its sights on america's use of drones in the lawless areas of pakistan here's a quick preview of what's coming your way very soon. this is ministration and the drone policy is really setting the precedent for other countries and how this evolution of warfare will continue to develop and i think we're setting a very bad precedent we may not be able to change what happens in the tribal areas of pakistan but we can change all you should know more about american policy there and we don't what we have to change u.s. policy because drones are not just in the purview of the u.s. government agencies the drones are being sold to over seventy countries around the
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world by american companies israeli companies chinese companies and so if we allow the u.s. government to continue to use drones violating the sovereignty of other nations refusing to reveal to the american public and the international community what it's doing why it's doing it how it's doing it we will be opening up the pandora's box to a world of total chaos and lawlessness. live from moscow this is r.t. the israeli military is refusing to confirm or deny reports that its warplanes have yet again breached syria sovereignty and bombed the targets there according to u.s. media reports citing a white house official the israeli air force attacked a military base storing a missile arsenal apparently destined for the lebanese group as baller now the incident happened very near to syria's port city of latakia and it's not the first
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time that israel has been blamed for ignoring international laws by launching air strikes in the state similar attacks which the israeli leadership refused to confirm took place in january may and july of this year lawrence freeman from executive intelligence review explained why tel aviv keeps on getting away with it . you do not have the right to it another sovereign nation and israel has done that and if we had a functioning government according to war. function according to war this would be condemned and israel would be reprimanded and force would behave like a sovereign nation it would deny it won't. but everybody knows they did it and that's the way they operate. and should not accept it and the only reason that is except it is because the president united states obama. were to occur otherwise you could not agree. meanwhile syria has met
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the first deadline of a very ambitious plan to get rid of its toxic arsenal by the middle of next year mission of international chemical inspectors has now said that all declared chemical arms production and mixing facilities have now been destroyed and as are his policy now reports from the capital damascus it was a very difficult and dangerous task certainly given the circumstances of the ongoing war. dangerous and dirty that's how the nobel prize committee described the work of chemical weapons inspectors inside syria not to mention a brutally tight deadline october twenty five damascus provides a detailed plan of its chemical weapons stockpiles done october twenty seven foreign inspectors visited all declared sites missed and by today syria finishes destroying all equipment used in the production and mixing of poison gas and nerve agents done yesterday wish i eliminate. whatever we can but
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you know this is a very complicated process complications filled by so called security concerns and that's the reason why one deadline already has been missed one of the biggest problems the clean faces is how to access sites in rebel controlled areas so far the rebels have been unwilling to cooperate foreign inspectors have managed to visit twenty one of twenty three sites and although they haven't verby blame the rebels damascus insists it's doing its share until now. those. sites being visited are under government control and we hope those who are controlling. the group still them to implement what they are expected to implement it's the most difficult mission ever undertaken by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons destroying a country's chemical weapons stockpile in the midst of a civil war so syria actually stopped producing chemical weapons in one thousand
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nine hundred eight as a possessed alternatives that can be a strategic substitution and are not in conflict with international law but none of this answers the reason why foreign inspectors are in damascus in the first place a chemical attack on august twenty first in which hundreds of people were killed off two rockets with sarin gas were fired at damascus as suburbs those responsible are still at large the next deadline in the destruction of syria's chemical weapons program is the middle. of next year by then damascus must have destroyed moved its entire stockpile and ambitious timeline in very difficult circumstances policial damascus on the destruction of the chemical equipment no means the country can no longer produce new toxic weapons though it still has a lot of work to do and has to get rid of more than a thousand tons of chemicals that do already exist and we spoke to a middle east analyst short of money not on the she believes the syrian government will be greatly relieved when all of its chemical weapons are destroyed there is
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that evidence that rebels have some their hands on some chemical weapons we've certainly seen in iraq and turkey rebels being apprehended with chemical agents components of chemical weapons in their possession. really important point and this is something i heard from a syrian government official earlier this year the syrian government has for some time now viewed chemical weapons as a liability and a burden precisely for these reasons because potentially rebels could get their hands on small amounts of these chemical agents and use them across the border in israel or turkey to then justify a military attack against the syrian government so they have been quite pleased that the international community has come together to in fact to rid them of these weapons so that excuse no longer exists. well it's good to have you with us here on r.t. today the best line of defense is a good offer and a tactic that could be adopted by edward snowden there was
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a blow it might get the chance to testify against the n.s.a. in its spying scandal with angela merkel that story is ahead for you in the program . as a search for greener pastures gone sour the european financial crisis hits hard the migrants in italy leaving thousands out in the streets without a job and with no home. but for now here on r.t. to britain we go sometimes being too good at committing crimes can actually secure your future especially if you're a hacker it's after it was revealed the newly formed u.k. cyber defense unit is looking for reinforcements from the ranks of its convicted enemies shedding some light on this story r.t. correspondent laura smith. the life and times of. britain from cruising through cyberspace to banged up in prison to what can for the governments as details of the u.k.'s proposed defense. officials
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admit they're considering hiring convicts it's just all the implications in black and white that it's ok for governments to have people but if people had governments it's a cry must. convey he paid the price and is now studying computer science soon he'll be looking for a job but he will be looking to the government think it's part. of the government doesn't try to hide a conflict. because i feel that people would still be. state sponsored. i think they should be trying to confuse your security for everyone trying to help governments to to reach the full summit presumably based on intelligence from m i six and the plan is to get the h.q. the communications agency to help train up the. volume of the revelations that you know. it doesn't exactly have the best
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reputation at the moment but maybe the woods national security have become tons about just. given all the. stories over the past year it's quite difficult to buy into just. national security especially when national security seems to be so often the basic civil liberties experts say even the name is a misnomer. it's a cyber wars where you just. have attack capabilities to. strike on any foreign power perceived as the threats if the future of walls is in cyberspace. that's. still cooking just taking a government salary for it. right there in the program staying with britain. we were following hong kong again there was a pause and then. you know nobody wanted to do anything with see just how i
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love she now feels lifting the lid on widespread abuse at the nursing home where she worked just around the corner for you. well. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future of coverage. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports . news live from moscow it's r t let's go to rome for now it's where six people including four police officers were injured during a street protest hundreds turned up for a rally to demand better social housing conditions police used tear gas in response to eggs and bottles and smoke bombs being thrown at them journalist he was at the protest he says the people are desperate to be heard and some of them apparently
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think that violence is the best way to get their message across what i saw is that there were some people. will came to the demonstration with the helmets. so i think it was really to start a fight with the police and the peaceful protests well i think the police and the situation correctly they're only hostile. to the small bombs but only because. i think what happened is very symbolic. right now in the nation to go and isn't really much caring about because they think they have bigger issues like. the government itself and you can read our full report from the midst of the unrest in rome via our website all the details are very including the latest best snapshots as well. so the housing problems may have driven hundreds of italians into the streets in protest
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yet for thousands of migrants in the country the street is the only home they have and even at the lucky few who are provided with accommodation often end up regretting they even moved to italy in the first place some of them had a chance to sit down with r.t. . is their story. some call it a city within a city others a refugee ghetto it's like we're still in africa refugees from four african countries over twelve hundred people all crammed inside a former university building in rome now known as dallas'. meeting. here but. we weren't allowed to film inside the rooms but a doctor treating the refugees agreed to describe the conditions they live in but i think. there are thirty five tabs and thirty five showers and eighty percent of them need to be repaired the beds are all seen in very bad condition actually
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a lot of people sleep on cardboard stomach flu is a serious problem as well but the biggest issue is depression thousands of refugees have been flocking to italy mainly across the mediterranean in search of a better life but the country's only economic problems including the worst recession since the second world war provide very little opportunity at the same time just lieschen obliges all refugees to stay in the country where they receive asylum those who manage to avoid registration go further north as illegals but those who don't want local shelters are running out of space for all the newcomers without a job or even a place to sleep where do you go for the majority it's the train stations the meeting point for possible work or some cash during the day and makeshift shelter at night which is on a baseline sometimes immigrants from different countries fight each other like the old man eons and those from bangladesh for example pennies i don't want this area they make it out there there are
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a lot of them here various nationalities at first they came from southern countries now also from eastern once the whole region is full of immigrants. a polish or a dizzying gadget very strong activity but live along well also europe. the. solve this. the e.u. has to give an additional thirty million euros for italy to build more shelters for the refugees. all together. are always plenty more on our website. including for right now that have an explosive announcement as pentagon officials say they'll need billions of dollars to keep america's nuclear arsenal up to date and out of danger. and dressed to impress the world's most beautiful women put. it all about a charity auction here in moscow dazzling photographs right now on the web site
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r.t. dot com. for now here on the program taking good care of senior citizens it's the main duty of nursing homes but one just south of london has fallen far far short of the goal it's manager has been found guilty of overseeing quote institutionalized abuse leading to the death of at least five pensioners. reports there are fears a culture of abuse could be widespread. we're here in west sussex right in front of a care home now up until two years ago it was operating by a private group called southern cross it was called the orchid view care home i wouldn't this quiet part of west sussex it was the center of much controversy what in two thousand and eleven it was shut down after had violated eight essential guidelines of the care quality commission or c q c a recent coroner's report also found that there was institutionalized abuse throughout the whole over here and also with the coroner ruled that neglect had led to the deaths of five elderly
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people there were instances of wrong doses of medicine being given to residents or calls the need more than generally just a low standard of care being given but none of these would have come to light if not for the decision of one of their staff to blow the whistle of what was going on inside it was a very tough decision i didn't come home and do it lightly it is the wrong thing to do and they all ring the place. but and i just thought i couldn't going to work every day. you know we was lying time and time again there was a problem and that in the nobody wanted to do anything lisa martin was working as a vis is administrative manager would always give you she lifted the lid of what was going on in there and her actually led to an inquest and eventually closure of the home she was later made redundant that's something she didn't expect and she's been looking for a job since how do you survive one without. i can drop say this and my father sprang my mortgage and my children.
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are you happy about the fact that what you did is leading to some sort of change in the entire industry yeah of course yeah yeah i think it needs to be tightened up. i think you know and i think they need to pay. something for whistle if you do that you know hey he's your support network not thank you very much you know you get on with it now the chief of the social care services are already laid out to set new guidelines to what spec monitor would regulate care homes and a public consultation is expected to take place sometime in the spring two thousand and fourteen but it may be a tough battle as lisa martin pointed out but what she knew back then and blew the whistle long was just the tip of the iceberg that it may take more whistleblowers to reveal the extent of the problems this is a lie from moscow while the u.s. justice system may be off to edward snowden the former n.s.a. contractor might very well be the first to make a legal strike this through
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a german inquiry let's get details on this. now joining us here live on the program a really good to see you any time edward snowden's name is in the mix you know it's going to be intriguing what do you know at this point we know that a german parliament member has met with mr snowden in moscow on thursday and according to the german. snowden is willing to testify against and they say in a german court but of course he says that he's willing to do that on certain conditions now it's safe to assume that he's really talking about safety since germany was one of those many countries who have refused to students plea for asylum just earlier this year russia however hasn't and edward snowden has been here since the end of june and according to his russian lawyer and. this former n.s.a. contractor has actually gotten a job in russia at a major. computer company as a. specialist at tech technical support specialist whether or not that indeed is
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true and what is that company we do not know as of yet but these are the recent developments in edwards' snowden's case as you said the most recent development edward snowden who could possibly. testify against the n.s.a. with their so-called spying against the german chancellor angela merkel you have to see if you can get a flight out of moscow for that aussies are really good thank you. let's get to the aussie world update for you quickly here to canada we go now human rights activist wanting to be a rest of us vice president dick cheney is visiting to wrong they accuse cheney of war crimes and overseeing torture programs in iraq afghanistan and secret cia locations all over the world as party to a un convention against torture obliged to investigate known instances. hundreds on the streets of rio de janeiro protesting against a recent crackdown on demonstrators at mass rallies the orthodox protest the
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strikers stage performances dressed as a comic book characters and then playing dead activists claim police have been using tactics and resorting to mass arrests brazil has recently been plagued by large scale anti-government. our thanks for joining us here on r.t. up next big boy is gone but not as. stay with us for that. the office of civil rights in the city of seattle washington has told city employees that certain terms may not be used in official emails and discussions scoring to google fox news these terms would be brown bag and citizen ninety nine percent of americans when they hear the expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch you know in a brown paper bag to work with themselves but in politically correct insanity land
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these words are an obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a brown paper bag to determine race well if any were even remotely linked to an incident of racism needs to be banned then we've got to get rid of the word blanket because they gave the native americans disease still blankets to kill them and they bought their land with beads so we've got to get rid of that word to remember the separate drinking fountains and segregated buses based on race in america yes so we can't say those words anymore either only might just possibly remember something bad which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world unpleasant thoughts we see a lot of western countries the term citizen becoming offensive because it makes resident foreigners legal or illegal feel like second class people well compared to actual citizens legally you kind of are if you're offended that you are not treated as a citizen of seattle why not assimilate become a citizen the united states join the team but that's just my opinion.
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it's not to say that you'll story isn't given the fan voice and given thing. coverage from your perspective but it's got better relationships with the press than you do and they'd be stupid not to be using those to their advantage. i now understand that i'm up against the huge machine employing scare tactics media control p.r. spin and dirty tricks these lobbying and public relation firms provide a variety of services among the services that some of these firms provide is to actually plant opinion pieces or.


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