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tv   Headline News  RT  November 1, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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iraq's prime minister asked the world for help in fighting terror in his country is r t looks at the numbers which suggest there's been a rapid rise of insurgency across the whole planet. with fingers being pointed in the u.s. over who is responsible for spying on european leaders edward snowden says he's ready to share his knowledge of the n.s.a.'s activities with germany. bombing a sovereign country and getting away with it israeli warplanes reportedly strike syria yet again. they won't deny it. but everybody knows this in the midst of syria's civil war as the government tries to meet international obligations and complete the first stage of its chemical disarmament plus. for cruising through cyberspace to back it up in prison so what
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could the government's britain looks to reinforce its new cyber defense force with convicted hackers but not all the cyber criminals are keen to sign up. from our studio center here in moscow which just turned eight pm this is. iraq's prime minister is in the us asking for help to fight the al qaeda terror attacks that are ripping his country apart on a daily basis. you know that in the end we want an international war a global war against terror if the situation in iraq is not treated properly it will be disastrous for the whole world what we are saying is that the international community is responsible as well. while he's been in washington
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a series of bombings have rocked his home country at least twenty three lives were claimed by violence in various regions of iraq all this adds to a global wave of attacks which could make twenty thirteen the deadliest year for terrorism in history beating even twenty twelve's death toll of fifteen thousand and as artie's going to come reports the most active terror groups are all aligned with al qaeda even twelve years after the u.s. launched a war against it. terrorist attacks have more thing since two thousand and one when the u.s. began its war on terror the number of attacks on pay television has reached a record high the national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism estimates last year alone there were more than eight thousand five hundred terrorist attacks worldwide they killed more than fifteen thousand five hundred people across africa asia and the middle east you walk faces an incredible surge of violence this year they recorded six thousand civilian deaths here is how
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terrorists skyrocketed in iraq following the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three. the iraqi prime minister is here in washington he just said his nation is facing quote a war of genocide and that the revolutions in the region have made it worse. what a power vacuum was created another terrorist organizations were able to exploit as in gaining ground they benefited from the fall of state structures terrorists now flocked to syria for safe haven and the firth of syria is from a deal between the opposition and the government the closer it is to becoming a failed state where al qaeda and groups similar to al qaeda rule the day so as all these countries iraq syria libya face growing terror washington says they decimated al qaeda leadership and al qaeda is not as dangerous as before as a result of the enormous pressure we've put on the group we've eliminated all of al qaeda senior leadership in afghanistan and pakistan and because the current leaders
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about leaders of al qaeda core so worried about their personal safety they're far less able to plan attacks but the words don't match his numbers if anything during the years of washington's war on terror care only group in washington i'm going to. well to discuss this issue further we're now joined by political analyst soon. well who is in london the leader of iraq is appealing to the international community for help to fight against terrorism in his country what sort of help is he talking about here. thank you for having me the maliki the prime minister of iraq one he made that call i think what he means by it is providing intelligence. and support to because he fears that the spillover from syria is affecting the level of violence in iraq and al qaeda affiliated group
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to have established. very well in syria they filter it in the border and carried out bombings and the level of violence in iraq as a whole has increased because of that and obviously what he's asking the international community or the u.s. i think one of part of his visit is to try to get the u.s. congress and other politicians in the capitol hill to agree to supply in iraq with . sophisticated helicopters helicopters and. weaponry military is a pause looking at u.s. administration has a great show but military support in the presence of foreign troops in other countries in the likes of libyan afghanistan hasn't really worked has it why do you think it'll work in iraq. well it's not i think one of the reasons that's what i was coming to that what's going to happen because maliki. feels that he needs to consolidate his power base and to his army to make him stronger to more centralized
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government within iraq because he feels that way he can counter terrorism but the reality is the politics of iraq is broken and the violence is the result of that is not only because iraqi army is weaker just because the iraqi politics as a whole is dysfunctional and hasn't worked for the last ten years and since the american army have left iraq the violence has been an increase while maliki has moved to consolidate his position within the government and one thing has to be said the elections coming up in iraq within the next six months. obviously the u.s. administration hasn't had have made it clear to maliki that he included the other you. know it's distracting as somebody obviously trying to call on the telephone or somebody hasn't got to the phone but let me just quickly another question thanks for dealing with that. the statistics about terrorism as a whole throughout the world looking pretty grim at the moment but surely the u.s.
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war on terror hasn't that been successful in some ways. well the i think what's going on in syria it's a very good example of how this war on terror doesn't work because obviously in syria what we can see now although we're talking about iraq iraq is a neighbor of syria and it's very much sort of the level of violence in iraq in the past always blamed on syria for jihadists and other groups infiltrate iraqi border before the syrian situation has become like that and now when you have groups from afghanistan or elsewhere we mentioned they squeeze out by u.s. military or other organizations other countries we retreat find these groups they find safe haven in syria where they thrive they can recruit they can be consolidated around the areas where they control and obviously they gain somehow
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they gain support by various sources money i mean issues and weapons and if we talk about. maliki's visit in contrast to that what he's trying what he stole his argument is give me more arms give me more ammunition give me sophisticated weaponry and i can root out these. terrorists in iraq but as i mentioned earlier the problem of iraq is not only only about terrorism terrorism yes it's rice because the politics is not working politics is broken the. government the maliki government all is done is try to search for allies power try to squeeze the others out although that's not the main issue but. i mean there is a lot of talk about you know being able to run next year but very much he seems to be. running for the next iraqi prime minister one next election comes in by law he's not allowed but he's saying the law is illegal so you can see with the dilemma and the problems you know all the. same but there's been talk capitol hill talking
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about whether maliki has been the dividing line between the sunnis and kurds and so on yes he has been but the reality is maliki's. actually compared to some other shiites in iraq are quite moderate ok sure they have been including the share the sunnis and someone or at the course we're talking about also this report about global terrorism on the increase more and more people obviously being susceptible and dying as a result but is it being exaggerated of the likes of you and i a greater risk now just briefly put it in perspective for us. well i think i mean there's always them in terrorism if you compare it with let's say people dying from car accidents the numbers are not much high above obviously because of the way it is and the way the targets civilians and the hype get so we see people worry about a more so. i don't think was going on in iraq is going to be a risk to the global sort of risk but obviously is going to be rich to oil
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markets in the around the world is going to risk the region as middle east iran where you have all these regional players and what's going on in syria i mean this could turn sort of this ball from syria and then to iraq and then it can you never know what is going to stop so ok that's the bigger risk but in terms of somebody sitting in london i don't think there's a immediate risk or actually thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on this one's a little political analyst live in london thank you very much indeed for being with us all here on r.t. . while countering terrorism is still the main argument american politicians use to justify spy programs but some u.s. authorities are more or less admitting it's gone too far at least according to the latest comments made by america's secretary of state now what john kerry said neither he or the president knew everything that was happening because the system ran on automatic pilot simply because the technology and the ability of there but
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the n.s.a. chief keith alexander questioned attempts to plead ignorance after a former u.s. ambassador said spying on foreign leaders did little to protect national security and xander insists it is actually policy makers including ambassadors who decide who is moderate so a rift is growing in washington's political establishment over who is responsible for the spying which has caused a lot of a loss of trust among voters at home and allies abroad well and that breach of trust in germany could see edward snowden go to berlin to testify over the u.s. tapping of chancellor angela merkel's phone in a letter to german authorities the former n.s.a. contractor expressed hope growing support for what he did will prompt washington to abandon what he called harmful behavior. as the details. according to the member of the german parliament edward snowden is a willing to come to germany and testify against n.s.a. of course that is the story that is being told by the opposition member of the german parliament who has met with mr snowden in moscow on thursday and the former
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n.s.a. contractor has actually issued an entire letter address it to the german chancellor angela merkel in which he said that she would be more than willing to come and testify because he knows a lot about the n.s.a. exigencies not just in europe but in the entire world she would be happy just to talk about that but he can only do that have berlin guarantees him a safe passage meaning that takes will not be extracted to the united states on top of that edward snowden of course doubted that she would be more than willing to testify not of berlin but in washington unfortunately that is impossible. the moment of course at this point to stay in germany find himself in sort of hot water considering the fact that it has been revealed that in this day has been listening to the private phone conversations all german chancellor angela merkel regarding edward snowden's life in russia where he has been since june well according to his own russian lawyer that snowden has gotten a job with one of russia's top internet companies as a technical specialist however we do not know which company that it is because of
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course off the security measures we had a chance to speak to edward snowden's lawyer in russia and the trainer and he told us the whistleblower would not necessarily have to travel to germany to testify. of course edward snowden can't leave russia because he's got refugee status here and if he travels to a different country he uses it so if germany has any questions for mr snowden this could be resolved through treaties exist between germany and russia and edward wouldn't have to travel there to testify the level of danger still high we hear comments from the u.s. government almost on a daily basis that edward is still on the wanted list we've done everything possible to ensure the security as far as surveillance and wiretapping goes i wouldn't comment on that because those who have been following the situation around snowden know what u.s. intelligence is capable of the. internet firms are taking matters into their own hands to protect data from the prying n.s.a.
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to companies that used to offer encrypted e-mail services before being forced to shut down and now teaming up to try and make any service secure the president and co-founder of one of them philip zimmerman from silent circle told r.t. what is driving the initiative we're trying to restore the privacy. that we feel that has been lost by a pervasive surveillance email is intercepted by intelligence agencies all around the world and we've discovered through the snowden revelations that. our own government is spying on its own citizens so it's turned all americans into foreigners as if we were. you know intelligence targets we can make everything surveillance proof but what we can do is try to reduce the amount of exposure of e-mail metadata that's the data that says what the man who works from who wants to
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be in time and these days the matter data in the mail header is is really important for being able to surveil a society and see who's talking to who. this is all teen life here must go with the twenty four hours a day more news coming up in just a few minutes. well the. science technology innovation called the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. news continues here in r.t. israel launched another strike inside syria according to us media reports citing an official inside the white house the target was a military base in the west of the country which stored a missile arsenal apparently destined for has been in lebanon well the israeli
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military though has refused to confirm or deny that the attack near the port city of attack it even took place but this is not the first time the country has been accused of breaching syria's sovereignty and bombing targets that have been three similar attacks this year in january may and july the israeli leadership refused to confirm them as well and analysts say that this will continue to happen as long as a powerful ally has israel's back. you do not have the right to it another sovereign nation and israel has done that and if we had a functioning government according to war. function according to war this would be condemned and israel old would be reprimanded and force would behave like a sovereign nation. but everybody knows they did it. and should now. and the only reason it is it's because the president state obama.
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were to occur otherwise it could not occur. syria may now have destroyed all of its equipment used to produce toxic weapons but the job is just beginning this is the first time a nation has gone through a process of chemical disarmament during a time of war and as policy reports from damascus that makes the task far from straightforward. dangerous and dirty that's how the nobel prize committee described the work of chemical weapons inspectors inside syria not to mention a brutally tight deadline october twenty five damascus provides a detailed plan of its chemical weapons stockpiles done october twenty seven foreign inspectors visited all declared sites missed and by today syria finishes destroying all equipment used in the production and mixing of poison gas and nerve agents done yesterday we shall eliminate. whatever we can but
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you know this is a very complicated process complications filled by so called security concerns and that's the reason why one deadline already has been missed one of the biggest problems the train faces is how to access sites in rebel controlled areas so far the rebels have been unwilling to cooperate foreign inspectors have managed to visit twenty one of twenty three sites and although they haven't verbally blamed the rebels damascus insists it's doing its share until now. those. sites being visited are under government control and we hope those who are controlling. the group still them to implement what they are expected to implement it's the most difficult mission if undertaken by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons destroying a country's chemical weapons stockpile in the midst of a civil war. syria actually stopped producing chemical weapons in one thousand nine
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hundred eight as a possessed alternatives that can be a strategic substitution and are not in conflict with international law but none of this answers the reason why foreign inspectors are in damascus in the first place a chemical attack on august twenty first in which hundreds of people were killed off two rockets with sarin gas were fired at damascus as suburbs those responsible are still at large the next deadline in the destruction of syria's chemical weapons program is the middle of next year by then damascus must have destroyed or removed its entire stockpile and ambitious timeline in very difficult circumstances policy r.t. damascus. in britain those who have found themselves on the wrong side of cyber laws are being given the chance for redemption by joining the cyber defense force computer specialists could find themselves working alongside regular armed forces to defend national security but many hackers are less than willing to be a part of it all of these or smith found out why. the life and times of.
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britain from cruising through soluble space to banged up in prison so what can the government's details of the u.k.'s proposed defense pool. officials admit considering hiring convicts it's just all the implications in black and white that it's ok for governments to have people but if people had governments it's a cry most of. it's convinced he paid the price and is now studying computer science soon he'll be looking for a job but he will be looking to the government think it's it's quite. a. few people would still be. state sponsored. i think we should be trying to confuse computers security for everyone trying to help governments to to reach its
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fulfillment presumably based on intelligence fix and the plan is to get here the communications agency to help train up the. volume of the revelations that you know . it doesn't exactly have the best reputation at the moment but maybe the woods national security have become tons about just. given all the. stories. it's quite difficult to buy into just. national security especially when national security seems to so often infringe on basic civil liberties experts say even the name is a misnomer. it's a cyber war just the defense it'll have attack capabilities to. any foreign power perceived as a threat if the future of walls is in. that's. still
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taking a government salary for it. and you're always plenty more waiting for you on our website at the moment including a jet setting life to cut costs we've got the story of how commuting from barcelona to london may save you money compared to life in the british capital the details are in a new section right now. and also the u.s. charge shuts down a doctor's attempt to make the public aware of the health risks of fracking. for the whole story. thirty greenpeace activists arrested in russia are being moved from the northern city of moments to st petersburg so says the organization citing a diplomatic source. closer to europe and where the conditions are much less severe than moments and earlier today france's prime minister asked moscow for a humanitarian gesture towards one activist who is a french citizen there are also reports the netherlands is holding an official negotiations and the greenpeace members were arrested in september trying to board
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a russian oil rig in the arctic ocean in moscow said the protest posed a threat to the crew and all have been charged with leaking this. was some other world news now in brief in egypt thousands of supporters of the muslim brotherhood have started nationwide protests have a trial for ousted president mohamed morsi clashes between locals and islamists have been reported from cairo and alexandria where police arrested ten of the protesters morsy and keep brotherhood figures are due in court on monday on charges of inciting violence. hundreds attended the funeral of a hamas military leader killed in an overnight exchange with israeli troops in the gaza strip five israeli defense force sources were also wounded in a firefight in the attack was followed by an israeli airstrike targeting a smuggling tunnel killing three more hamas fighters the worst violence between palestinians and israel since both sides agreed a cease fire last november. and also the world update. hundreds of people took to
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the streets of redemption area in brazil protesting against the recent crackdown on demonstrators at mass rallies and also those protests will strike a stage performances dresses comic book characters and play dead activists claim police have been using violent tactics and resorting to mass arrests. and to bring us up to date for the moment i'll be back with more with the news team in just about half an hour from now and meantime it is politicking with larry king join us for that after the break. the office of civil rights in the city of seattle washington has told city
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employees that certain terms may not be used in official e-mails and discussions scoring to google fox news these terms would be brown bag and citizen ninety nine percent of americans when they hear the expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch you know in a brown paper bag to work with themselves but a politically correct insanity land these words are obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a brown paper bag to determine race well if any were even remotely linked to an incident of racism needs to be banned then we've got to get rid of the word blanket because they gave the native americans disease still blankets to kill them and they block their land with beads so we've got to get rid of that word to remember the separate drinking fountains and segregated buses based on race in america yes so we can't say those words anymore either or we might just possibly remember something bad which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world unpleasant thoughts we see a lot of western countries the term citizen becoming offensive because it makes resident foreigners legal or illegal feel like second class people. well compared
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to actual citizens legally you kind of are if you're offended that you are not treated as a citizen of seattle why not assimilate become a citizen of the united states join the team but that's just my opinion. is the united states spying on its allies and turmoil continues for obamacare democratic congressman adam schiff and republican caucus with terry joins us from the hill plus the blazes amy holmes and democratic strategist legit brawler faceoff on u.s. spying obamacare or it's all coming up next on politicking with larry king. live
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taking on larry king and we start today with reaction to the latest revelations about the n.s.a. surveillance activities the agency hasn't just tap phone calls of millions of americans but those of top u.s. allies overseas joining us from capitol hill to discuss this is democratic congressman a member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence adam schiff of california oh what do you make of this adam of of tapping in on foreign leaders who are our allies. well larry i'm not able to confirm or deny where those reports are correct but if they are correct obviously this is a good to cause a major disruption and even the perception is causing major disruption with our allies. i think this is something that should be briefed to congress if it's going
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on it's not something that i was briefed on and i know that the senate intelligence committee chair feels exactly the same way because ultimately this is a tough policy decision that should be carefully weighed because of its potential just roughed of impact certainly there is some spying that goes on even among allies and i think that's understood but when you get to the level of the heads of state or a personal telephone i think there's a different expectation and as the president said and i think quite rightly we need to make sure that our intelligence gathering is consistent with our values and it's not going to jeopardize these key relationships and so i'm looking to get to the bottom right now larry of whether the committee was made aware of this if it's going on and to make sure that the intelligence community has the same understanding that we are on the committee do what it means in the intelligence act when it requires that significant intelligence activity.


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