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yes concentrations of waste and moisten the toilet paper better clogging up london's sewers so what you're telling me is that in china they dredged that stuff up and they re cook it and ten percent of what they're eating on the street is made from reprocessed toilet paper read in fact bergs that they put into their pork buns and other street food costs remind me not to book any flights to china any time soon well actually they go on to mention that that woman is just buying a house with all the money she's made over the past ten years pulling out the stat barracks from the sewage so perhaps you could do that here as well that might be a way to build the economy well i think what you're saying is that there is an analogy here between converting the sewer garbage fat slop into reprocessed tidbits available as a method to polls or yes on the street with the slump in the financial system so they take credit they take collateral that's been abused and has been sold down and
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resold hundreds of times and they put it on the balance sheet of the bank of england and the bank of england exchanges fresh slop me in the form of a guilt which is then the collateral upon which the pow's and bubble in london is based if you were to examine the balance sheet of the bank of england you would find reprocess pork slop and gutter slop and oil and all kinds of dog bark bit in the us like you know phil and whatever it is you know trying to cut it get into little mandarin there. you don't hear the mandarin you know it's no no no news i'm saying like the balanchine of the bank of england it is as toxic as that as the reprocessed oil that's being dredged up from the streets in china and the effect is the same it's apology scheme built on crap he yes it is as carcinogenic and toxic as the stuff it does the job it might look like there's liquidity they might look like you're your pork bunnies. cooked in oil but that oil is from the sewage system
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and you bring up the bank of england and that's in our first headline here bank of england's mark carney places a bet big finance so he was speaking to the f.t.'s one hundred twenty fifth birthday party and he said he mentioned that since one nine hundred thirteen u.k. banking sector has their assets have grown from forty percent of g.d.p. to four hundred percent of g.d.p. and he thought this is a good thing but that it could be even better he said by twenty fifty u.k. bank's assets could exceed nine times g.d.p. and that is to say nothing of the potential rapid growth of foreign banking a shadow banking based in london he continued some would react to this prospect with horror he was right says martin wolf of the f.t. since this would turn the u.k. into the iceland of two thousand and seven nine times g.d.p. first of all what wasn't covered the f.t.'s one hundred twenty five your birthday
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party was mervyn king popping out of a cake. and his moves were dangling. you know tony blair was there backup dancer pole dancing in the background with his moves and then david cameron set out the biggest movie of all if you notice that walrus beach waterspout let's get back to this idea that mark carney thinks the way to stimulate the economy in the u.k. is by expanding his balance sheet from roughly two trillion pounds in debt to what he's saying now nine trillion pounds of debt on a one and a half trillion dollar economy you're right it would be like iceland right before a collapses but this is exactly what we're talking about be saying to the world bank's give us your toxic debt give missed the flop the junk the collateral that it's worth paying the zero on the dollar put it on the balance of the bank of england and we'll give you gilts price that one hundred cents of the dollar which then you can use collateral to keep your ponzi schemes going all over the world
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marconi wants to be basically the hawker of the world i mean he wants to be the hooker of the world he wants every single every single to east he's the two pound hooker of the world he wants to get on with everybody and he'll do it for cheap this guy is shameless he's like the type chinese laundromat of the world he wants all of these foreign banks to put their fraud whether it's market rigging of live or now for x. market rigging that is the investigations are going near those increase your assets of course but like with the gutter oil we find out that it's actually all slop and toxic and carcinogenic to our financial system now interestingly they also give some shocking numbers here on what those bank assets are as of august twenty thirty nine loans outstanding to u.k. residents from banks were two point four trillion pounds that's one hundred sixty percent of g.d.p.
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all of this thirty four percent went to financial institutions forty two point seven percent went to households secured on dwellings. and another ten point one percent went to real estate and construction manufacturing received one point four percent of the total u.k. banking is a highly inturn connected machine whose principal activity is leveraging up existing property assets the u.k. economy is essentially a pawn shop next door for house and you've got mark carney who will give you cash to visit the whore house of real estate speculation and he'll take anything in exchange for that cash to go visit the whorehouse of real estate speculation in the city of london so the bank of england if you open it up the vaults you won't see gold you won't see silver you want to even see bitcoin what you'll see are mountains and mountains and mountains of garbage and trash and gutter oil and dead
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bodies and mervyn king's dresses that he has to wear when he was not seen governing the bank of england before and old guys from the old victorian era stacked up like firewood rotting and that's the collateral that is the doctor saying the real estate speculation which has only one inevitable conclusion and that is. last but it's a question of when well as you mentioned he they're willing to expand their balance sheet and this is another thing that the f.t. party conversation turned to he mark carney said the range of assets we will accept in exchange will be a wider must look was something mark carney were honest he'd be wearing a dress but mascara full makeup and parading around in front of the bank of england sashaying around and basically doing his job as a pimp for the real estate speculators here in london that says job carney is
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a full stop and if you open up to the bank of england you'll find nothing but use condoms and a bunch of disgruntled customers who spent all their money on two dollar hookers in the real estate speculation stats pit known as the city of london continue on this quote here because it gets worse so he said we're we're willing to accept a wider range of assets so-called acid used condoms there's one way that's euphemism for use condoms extending to raul loads that's euphemism for or some of the things in the kama sutra which you can't describe on this show because it's a family show. it sounds like the gutter oil the gutter with that either oh yeah they do it in the gutter for sure in fact he then goes on to say any asset of which we are capable of assessing the risk asset. asset as sassing you know since the mare but of course we have this got our global economy
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because nobody could assess the risks of these derivatives this is the key is that when they go to sell these bonds into the market so called tapering. they are making the assumption that the bonds that they have on their balance sheet that they accepted in exchange for the money laundering that they've been doing are worth one hundred cents on the dollar but when they go to sell those bonds they're not worth one hundred times of a dollar they're worth maybe two cents on the dollar so it's just like in any puns the scheme you can't taper a ponzi scheme you can't unwind a ponzi scheme the bodies came only goes one way and when an entire country's economy where there was iceland before blew up or the u.k. today when a big or japan in one thousand know this is it the city of london today reminds me of tokyo circa one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when one square foot of real estate in the downtown tokyo was worth more than the entire rockefeller center or
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some a normal of california some incredible metric like that and then you know the nikkei was a forty thousand and then popped and they went through to last decades similarly there sunk plots of real estate in london that are as big as two stucker table for one hundred fifty thousand pounds that's the equivalent of tokyo one thousand nine hundred eighty nine this sucker is good all below they did measure in an article here that a house where at the size of two through they measure things in terms of titles that's what ronnie o'sullivan the greatest looker player ever in the history of the world is probably the best economist to run the struck out of the rodeo so all of them should be running the bank of england not mark carney if you're going to measure your economic growth in terms of super tables. in charge because they don't bust the other player in the world and not marconi who are not going to have to prove god they're lolol all right stay here we got to go thanks for being on the kaiser report. stay right there
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a lot more coming your way. more than four hundred cities around the globe are hosting mass rallies for fairness justice and freedom. follow million mask march on our g. and r. t. dot com press and media freedom nothing. when it comes to the interest of multinationals we have a media that is corrupted by power mostly by corporate. corporate ownership from the trough of corporate advertising coming in from the side we have a media. where advertising. and corporate influence is really the mother's milk
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a documentary filmmaker is being sued. for the truth has been told a private investigator. happens people buy and sell those kind of services. hundreds of million dollar industry needs to protect its reputation a few million being spent on a campaign to do just that is probably good money well spent. so what will be the verdict. it's. been my dream. but he couldn't hold on there is such a thing as. she runs her own muslim factory. all smoking and even coffee is forbidden they worship the earth.
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will he be able to win. his woman. on r.t. live right on the same place the first trip to live and i think the term. limits live on our reporters linster live live in the live. didn't you to atlanta. welcome back to the kaiser people are nice guys are time now to turn to dim it all slid a sports journalist at the irish examiner but it was also leading a successful campaign for irish debt repudiation as well as managing the blog site
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by watts ireland dot blogspot dot the german welcomed the kaiser report thank you very much max chris to be here all right now you're heading into the one hundred and forty s. this week other protests against a bondholder of bail out in ireland tell us about the campaign we stuck to the sixt two thousand and eleven which was the weekend after the last general election and i see in color with a lot of irish people i had voted for a change of government because they had made all the right noises response in terms of you know sharing to bolton and you know lifting the bank that building on this kind of person and within hours of the direction of the mine days within hours of the election and i had been to kenya on irish radio and talk to both so hard to know who had spoken to. seems as if we're not going to be able to ensure after all and at the time you know across north africa if you look through all kinds of real
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process going on i mean dangerous process people taking delays in their hands you know in iraq and in libya for a long time there and the arabs you know it and they all this is happening around the same services have to go inside yourself to find some common cause what these folks there were seeking in the past because our fact of banks in ireland have occupied the irish people there's an occupation going on well not unlike the british occupation from time immemorial this is a financial occupation is the problem one of problems that people don't understand that when you have a financial occupation like you do with the banks the terrorist banks in ireland that because it's not outright land grabbing but using financial instruments that it's hard to communicate that yes from morris it was just as effective probably far more effective as well because and that seventy billion. is the actually banked at both ends we've been under six and i'm seven billion and people are just not who we are was and you know i think the scale of it is what gets people i mean if you talk about zero to five million or ten million or whatever but i think once you start mentioning billions of homes in people's eyes kind of gives over ok let me ask the
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question how much was the total bail out of these unsecured international bond holders. where so far we have poured like to the to some it was a block for whom it was a brilliant blocks were called namor when your country might have come across a sudden loss on nam or wind it was a narrow one like of course dollars being the slush fund that all the bad debts are being laundered thrale's and it's similar to the wind lake and france where they had subsidies by the government to keep the wine industry going so there's a government subsidy reference to you know market line like exactly all one world but he did say he did it in numbers on this and sixty nine point seven billion that's what we've put into so for some of that money is money just that has been taken from us like we had the pension reserve fund where we had savings you know it was twenty point seven billion dollars actually taken from that pensioners are front and poured into the banks then the rest of it is money this is actually no so between those who would have to go sixty nine point seven billion and you know it
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works or support fifteen toes in your personality if you take an average time you have to have those three kids it's about seventy five thousand euro per family that that debt has just been put on to the shortness of the irish people's home is on presented in skid has never happened like this before so it's worse than than any occupation and the history of ireland he could say and that day it would be more like it have to compare to the salmon because what in fact what you've done here is you've created a manmade famine of credit so that you're starving people to death in a way using financial instruments and sell here you've escaped the whole troubles period and the famine carried only to be visited by another. plague of locusts the banks durst and they look like they could finish the job the irish soul is at stake here because not even your local media and ireland refuses to cover the fact that irish people are being terrorized by tanks what's wrong with this irish media are
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they just are they just corrupt are they stupid well it's actually there's another parallel as well because like you talk about the famine there was no famine in holland i mean this is going into the lexicon this is now going into the jungle except us in december there was no big people talk about the famine in arlington or talk about to be in a circus like it was a talk about the second they're still there was no human life there was a shot that there was a failure of one food and no but it was a staple food of the people a staple food of the people praise or but it was you know it was we were exporting beef and kong and order never hears from ireland at the time of the so-called famine and famine means that there was absolutely no food we were exporting food there was a decision taken by did government at the time which is the british government just let the people die you know know what you have here you talk of debate over and there was no beethoven and there was a baby and we didn't get a cent to best write them but the so called be you know not one cent of best right don't just mean these are secured and secure because you are spaced upon all or
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just all the rest but it was put you under the risk yes but now we have it and his departure was death down deaths we got additional deaths in the so-called battles on his bed elsewhere and like the tries to delete it to teddy to try to come in the member of a memorandum of understanding that if the i.m.f. came into any country one of the first people his but the one told us they took a hit when the i when the i.m.f. came into ireland there were companies by the e.u. and the e.c.b. and the one thing to t.c.b. had in mind when they came in was to bail out the banks and to be able to europe it wasn't a bit over and that's what they got and now we're hearing that we're going to exit this bailout as i said to many times people in the i.m.f. when they're trying to leave they would be leaving with a smile on their faces because every. if they came to achieve they would have achieved everything that they've come to achieve different shaped they believe in here and we have a legacy that we have no debt slaves in and for the next forty years just on the producer notes that wanted to support her focusing on no we have a major move from europe using the technical group and on the technical group and
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it was based on what the technical group to. the end of the aisle it all saying that parliament has actually of these an independent group they go from the extreme left to the extreme right but they come together as a technical group just to get themselves voting rights and speaking rights and everything else because there is no democracy and you know have been so different difficult to get to for the first time ever behind one of the proposed that we have for back this relief and i meant to force which is the ending of the promise or no it's i surely hope that the producer who expects this of to couple things are first of all. leading into this idea that you're having some success here but i wanted before we get into that just point out about the the debt itself and this idea of exiting the ballot which is the one that bell and as you more accurately describe it because this is the headline in the financial times in the financial press and in the german france you're not see overlords have said that oh ireland is exiting
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the belin but this is really just sofa straight said you're playing with words because it just hurts they just transferred the debts over to another creditor it's like the mafia selling the debt to another mafia can tend. to get out of some favors correct without it interesting time like we did to paris or norse for example to stop the one billion you're interested in twenty ten something one billion euro and you think of the scale of the actually kind of the g.n.p. you know she got to be one of the top people in parent something one billion to be you know two insolvent banks using the emergency liquidity assistance fund specifically states that can't be used to be don't insult the banks but they did it because they were afraid of contagion across europe they're afraid of you know and so i did it to see it did moses i know. worse and worse surely to fight really trying to start a retail bank account of the process not just the bank set up your finance speculation is a question for asking it was would have to mean rotten banks and for that i cannot and so it was not done for the benefit of the irish people thought they were in billion euro they had nothing to back their justice task in jail yet they were
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shouting i mean these are soaring irish i was looking at the tower trust through their director here of london and we badly need something like that and i don't know just enough to short people into because the medieval decided simple yet in our china these days if john was in china he would have been beheaded erratic because he's a naturally i would mean for the area but that's just another charge of legal precedence that unfortunately china seems to be more up to speed on the stuff but now you're having success well what we're managed to get this group together i mean you know in a way i suppose it's a microcosm of what we've been trying to do because we've gotten every branch of the of political toss united behind this one thing because for greece that was a very big and here is this is a european problem this is not an irish problem it was forced on us you know it was the launch of europe which was totally incomplete combs it should never have been launched the way it was launched you know it was daft it was mad it was crazy and when the you know the proverbial hit the fan we were the first tonight and we were
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made to take the city you had even the chief economist with city city back up in the city caucasus your bank lately saying islanders all talk to six billion sixty billion euro by europe but it's their combined emotion that we're putting down at the door because enda kenny and michael owen have stated over and over again that they have never asked for a bank that's right up front that never even asked for it next next think about this now they never even asked for it they're going to europe is open negotiations and they haven't even asked so we're putting their own motion of that they detected group on our behalf putting our motion in the door asking to go of this government to ask the c.b. for permission to bring their meaning to mr north barnes doesn't know headed in the oceans or back to permission or has money that we will borrow in your three years will be never a year to destroy. the pay back deuce you know these notes but knew when to put a stroke and fabric noonan knew the news they defined as mysteries the current is still finance minister yet but he put a stroke i mean it was not a four stroke he has put it since it became a position and he put the stroke whereby you know he's told the irish people we've
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paid off the bonds are gone the bombs are you know nothing at all they struck you saying he had lied to media paul you lied the media well good luck i have to hold a string of half truths of how they called him past sure because he hasn't said because this isn't a liar it was just flayed you are on this drug route what he has said is you know the promissory notes are gone that's true but he hasn't told the rest of the truth which is that they're suffering bongs i don't know sitting there since about twenty five billion bucks assumes they are sold on they've been issued as soon as they're sold on to twenty five billion dollars is taken and is also destroyed and almost who seemed like that to promise us we're going to use it to describe what you see in banks a little you see here in the city of london h.s.b.c. barclays lies are bad as they commit same kind of accounting fraud every day citibank j.p. morgan goldman sachs same kind of accounting fraud area have an ireland disguised noon in the finance minister shyster banks are no good next and then enda kenny the current. chain shock. i say that word to shock t shock which is prime minister yeah
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it's a leader it's actually times he has to say she is the leader you know it was the leader russell he said it's translators into leach but what kind of name is end it is that where you say i said this kind of weird thing is called and you know what about what i've sat there and you have no you know what the hash tag and the and and i like what an independent and put it into and then i put it into into place so here's a guy who's supposed to be representing his people yes but he's represents shysters bankers and terrorists financial terrorists oh how did that happen you know. what i think actually you know there is no democracy not to move you have a gang of four who actually make harder decisions they're independent becoming a four would be and the county michael noonan pass represents and him and get more and some of these are very good graphic and to be eighty years of experience in the private sector zero qualifications teaches this like mao's china supposed gang of
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four does well it came as never said you know that was a punk rock group everybody else and that daughter i called the nodding heads that just you know and ideas for guys coming to come into the cabin as possible with their ideas no a lot of those stick to your ideas would have been dictated by the troika but a lot of the internal decisions on how we're going to you know impose on these courts and how they're going to raise all these taxes are decisions taken by themselves and in all of these decisions they favor the banks right all along the line if you have the banks the banks have had your obese four direct line to these four people nothing that got the policy statement in their hands in their school oh yes we're going to be in kilkenny for the kill comics' best of all next week and myself david mcwilliams a constant thinker gas you know our friend plucky those are the top autonomous in the world right now you know a lot of the intell can excel to comics next week maybe we'll see it ever thanks so much for being on the kaiser report jim it also meant thank you very much max. yes
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. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser a par with me max geyser and stacy herbert i'd like to thank our guest there middle flynn if you'd like to get in touch tweet us at kaiser report it's a next time. zack what happened that day i don't know but a woman i killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results you get innocent people to trust the police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men know because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often
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they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said. exactly what happened that day i don't know but a woman killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men know because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could do what they wanted they can say what they wanted and there was no evidence of what they did or what they said.
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the deepest lake in the world. usually then no more than fifteen thousand years old this one dates back twenty five million. spirits and buddhist gods live here. the pure clear water in the lake is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe. i try to see by cal in its entirety. it's not that i have discovered something new here rather that i absorb everything that this place offers. the spirit of.
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god something that is quite simply a mess. was no way oh. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to us and turned over to the us for. the soul that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. into a want to turn me into a terrorist so it is they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda and the taliban and that i fought with them. not about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people all. brave enough to start a fight. something is going to be done that's going to be done by me and it's been
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. short amount of time but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time a tramp. monarchy. we speak your language will not advance. the music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little too much of angles to the story just. so you hear. the spanish. visit i. mean we're not psyched to have active camp at guantanamo where patients are forced to just run after him out of their strike never turned the world's attention to the place that some gulag apartheid.
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official data says was the bloodiest month in iraq since two thousand and eight while the country's prime minister office america to help. the peace process in pakistan gets the u.s. drone treatment as an unmanned strike kills the leader of the pakistani taliban who was apparently prepared to negotiate. it is almost like a symbolic overwatch of the populace that makes your paranoid new n.s.a. complex in utah is perceived by protesters a critic sprang the new senate bill designed. as a way to actually legalize the bulk data collection of of millions .


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