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tv   Headline News  RT  November 2, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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terror tag the partner of the n.s.a. leaks reporter is accused of espionage and terrorism in britain for trying to carry documents from edward snowden with him a few of the airport. digital discontent a big money n.s.a. facility which is set to open in utah drawing the ire of privacy activists. we're never going to be able to reverse this if we don't speak out. just trying to draw attention to privacy concerns in front of the new data center which is said to be able to store enormous amounts of personal information. every single hour of the day people are. feeling unsafe to do anything in iraq a record high death toll over the last five years mark in october this is the country's prime minister pays a visit to washington asking for additional aid to combat insurgent violence.
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and peace in ruins pakistan summons the u.s. ambassador accusing washington of scuttling attempts to get islam as militants to the negotiating table after the u.s. after a u.s. drone killed the leader of the taliban in the country. it's two am in moscow i met très a good to have you with us our top story this hour british authorities have accused the partner of reporter of glenn greenwald of espionage and terrorism scotland yard says david miranda tried to take thousands or tens of thousands of edward snowden's documents through an airport this summer which threaten national security reports from london. now the document was put together it was read pardew's the legal
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action that david miranda has launched against the british government that's calling for the documents that were taken for him to be returned and questioning indeed the legality of his detention if he calls to mind back to the end of august he was detained when he arrived from thailand at heathrow airport question for nine hours and had his documents seized from him sheet that was read in court saying that the intelligence indicated that miranda was likely to be involved in espionage activity and that had the potential to act against the security interests big long green was reportedly responding saying that they are absolutely explicitly now equating terrorism and journalism and of course that is going to be causing huge concern this is part of going to play here in the u.k. surrounding press freedom at the moment and causing a huge amount of concern just earlier this week we reported on the prime minister david cameron seeming to issue
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a bail threats towards newspapers saying that if they didn't show some restraint in publishing information that action would be taken although he said he didn't want to get heavy handed but of course the detention in the first place of david miranda a journalist carrying that information much of which that's being published already having being shown to be in the public's interest they link this information about mass surveillance but consistently we've seen the government try to steer the topic of the debate away from this much the veil is this year and all see the issue of national security it more and is legally challenges are just attention with the key court hearing on it scheduled for next week digital rights activists and jim killer thinks that these new accusations against miranda mean journalism is being equated with terrorism. actually saying that this bloke is a terrorist and that's why they're able to arrest him on the terrorist laws of multiclass just absolutely insane is equating the journalistic practice of
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taking leaks documents and looking at them and potentially telling the public about certain things in it with terrorism but you can't do that british authorities launched a criminal investigation against miranda after his argus detention but didn't say why miranda was never charged after those fifty eight thousand documents in his possession were examined killer things as an example of how u.k. terror laws are being misapplied we've been seeing in the u.k. for many many years terrorist laws being written in ways that could be abused the governments of the day have always said no no they won't possibly abuse of course their lives will only ever be used against terrorists and here we see somebody with leaks material who's been very responsible these part of they were miranda's and the guardian to be extremely responsive handling of this material nobody's been able to say here danger to national security genuinely people are have their lives at risk and nobody's been able to show that there's been accusations but there's
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been nobody actually saying that's happened so instead what we've got is the police abusing their powers in order to intimidate these people germany and brazil meanwhile want to un resolution on n.s.a. surveillance which will call on all countries to protect privacy guaranteed under international law but they were as agency is about to open a new one point five billion dollar facility in utah to collect and store more data artie's marina porton i went to utah to meet some people really need gets done. known for its desert wind. and picturesque mountains utah has long been home to the nation's largest population of mormons j it's also home to america's soon to be biggest spy complex they put it inside of the middle of an army base so you care about be protesting the army to protest the n.s.a. . damn garfield learned his lesson on independence day when police prohibited more than a hundred restore the fourth activists from protesting in front of the n.s.a.'s one
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point five billion dollar data center. shortly thereafter the group thought of a way to claim a two mile long stake right next to the n.s.a. they keep on trying to kick us out for being here why don't we just adopt a highway we think of and we can clean up in the coming weeks a big sign will be placed right here that says restore the poor you tom and for each day that employees report to work at the data center they will pass by this sign reminded of the public distrust of the n.s.a. and its ever expanding surveillance programs r t four members will be required to clean the highway at least three times a year but many activists like lorraine a potter plan on being outside the data center much more often armed with an anti n.s.a. picket sign they believe that it is their place to take in harvest all of our information the fourth amendment to the us constitution guarantees the right to be secure from
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unreasonable search and seizure. r t four was born into a nationwide grassroots movement after whistleblower edward snowden revealed how the n.s.a. spies on its own citizens as well as foreigners world leaders and even the vatican we're never going to be able to reverse this if we don't speak up if we don't say something if we don't get people aware of what's being. so what's being done inside the you type data center according to reports the surveillance complex will be filled with servers routers and computer intelligence experts working to intercept capture and analyze that's trying to seize up the world's communication. or other acts or buildings back there this secrets inside the data center are heavily protected by the national guard and countless warning signs that overlooks the whole valley and kind of is almost like
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a symbolic overwatch of the populace it makes you paranoid. r t you top. the n.s.a. leak accusations been piling up for a half a year now on our website r.t. dot com and what impact you think they'll have so far sixty percent believe they'll be more talk but no action from politicians or leaders nearly a quarter forecast more discontent from the public including protests just over ten percent think nothing will happen at all four percent think real steps will be taken to increase privacy dot com and have your say. october iraq's deadliest month since two thousand and eight the country is seeing surging levels of sectarian violence that forced the prime minister to ask the u.s. for help in fighting terror or he's got the reports. we know that the iraqi leadership has made a request for u.s. assistance in the fight against terror we don't know the details of that quest the leaders wouldn't elaborate on that the iraqi prime minister called al qaeda
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a scourge for iraq and the middle east the iraqi prime minister's arrived in washington in the month that turned out to be the deadliest in the last five years for those who are following the news it's becoming such a repetitive phrase the deadliest among being iraq for this many years said we hear it all the time the fact is that following the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three terrorism has skyrocketed in iraq the secretary of war that broke out as a result of the invasion has created a great environment for terrorists the iraqi prime minister says it's getting worse because he says as a result of the so-called arab revolutions there is a power vacuum in the region which extremist forces take advantage of specifically spoke about syria and the situation there of course even though iraq's nouri al maliki knows what the u.s. invasion has led to in this country he can't be too critical of washington because after all in a way it's thanks to the u.s. that he's now in power is to get a closer look at the numbers now according to iraq's interior defense and health
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ministries the number of deaths in october reached nine hundred sixty four ninety percent of them civilians the government says it's the highest death toll in a single month since april of two thousand and eight when more than a thousand people died however the numbers don't line up with u.n. data suggesting that july of this year was equally bad. kurdish iraqi novelist and former prisoner of saddam hussein's regime says the ongoing bloodshed is forcing people to live in fear. they be life from morning until night every single hour of the day people are feeling unsafe to do anything whoever goes out they don't know i mean doesn't know whether they come back safely or not. distrust of the regime. terrorists attacks mostly targeting innocent people the government is a quiet squabbling among the alliance is formed off. some funny some
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parties most of them got maybe she is so this intense fighting is causing an old over the. horrendous violence against the civilians so to come in the program another country battling insurgency could be losing its chance for peace talks and u.s. drone is still the leader of the pakistani taliban during the government's negotiation plans also. hold fear is over a disease that's potentially deadly to humans may make a comeback europe trying to prevent an outbreak while the u.k. has recently relaxed controls this and more after a short break stay with us. on
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november the fifth more than four hundred cities around the globe are hosting mass rallies for serious justice freedom. followed. million mask march on r t and r t dot com. economic up down in the find out all. the love to do your shanghai and the rest because i was doing the case you will be if we.
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drop some of the sixteen percent imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. give birth to enter our territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. i know c.n.n. the most obviously. slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be. something. that was funny but it's closer to the truth of the might think.
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it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on we're going to be coming back. at our teen years we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. you guys talk to the jokes well handle the serious stuff that i've got to. fourteen minutes past the hour now pakistan's foreign ministry some of the u.s. ambassador following the killing of the pakistani taliban leader by a u.s. drone strike is all about he's washington of sabotaging attempts to hold peace talks with the taliban the group is about to avenge the death of their leader it's
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been several that's been claim rather that several times before that hakimullah masoud had been killed only for him to turn up yet alive he had expressed a willingness to old serious talks with the backers it pakistani government and was waiting to be approached he says mrs apparent death comes as the pakistani government sent a delegation to start negotiations on them holly a journalist and former pakistani air force officer says it's the people of pakistan who may suffer the consequences. the prime minister of pakistan was involved in d.c. only a week back and he had spoken to president obama taken him into confidence regarding the dialogue process and it also made a request for the drone attacks to stop because we. had made it a precondition the drone attacks must come to an end before they come to the dialogue be able but instead of the drone attacks being stop. so i knew what he was going to suffer it is going to be the people of pakistan not the us the united states does not have the right to be judge jury and executive all rolled into one
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without any of thought it be. plenty more news for you online including this getting high at work at least seven hundred cannabis workers who attended marijuana fields at an albanian village have sought medical help after serious intoxication like an r.t. dot com for the details there plus. the world and mustache championships have been held in germany more than three hundred people competing in categories ranging from best daily mustache best freestyle moustache most fashionable beer and among other stories and more a click away on r t. ukraine and the e.u. expected to sign a landmark partnership deal by month's end the agreement will include the creation of a free trade zone being billed as highly beneficial for the eastern european country but it appears that some ukrainian industries may lose rival in profit from it or
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he's alexei reports. entering the association agreement with the e.u. is being sold to the public as a step forward and while indeed the country's farmers might enjoy better export deals with a projected four hundred million euros annual profit the machinery bosses are not so happy the country's factories might simply not be able to afford modernizing standards that would cost almost a staggering one hundred thirty billion euros and that would repeat the fate of the industrial giants who have already been caught in that trap hungary's bus factory it was the leader in public bus production throughout nineteen seventies europe producing more than fourteen thousand buses a year in two thousand and seven is shut down having failed to compete on the european market it's now reopened only to export small shipments of buses to latin american countries and repair older models in the one nine hundred seventy s. poland's lightweight delivery buses were exported to over one hundred countries all over the world but in two thousand new sim motors and f. a c. factories both vanished from the face of the earth after being purchased by dale
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and g.m. respectively lot to be as rough buses were well known in the year in the soviet union those were probably the most widespread public transport vehicles on the country's roads but in the one nine hundred ninety s. the company failed to meet standards and lost the eastern market as well riga was so keen on your integration that it blocked roughs last ditch attempt to save itself through a merger with a russian gas company in one thousand nine hundred the car factory was officially declared bankrupt there are more examples of such failures in central and eastern europe all united by one issue failure to survive in the european market as things stand it's hard to imagine which industrial enterprises in ukraine would be able to avoid the same fate of skies or you can make a metaphor out of it anything this time around he says the british banking system is functioning on a financial slop take a listen. so in a day's work for this woman she opens up a manhole cover and sounds just much slower because she can buy what she finds as
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you see she was pulling the gutter oil straight out of the sewer and then processing in giant vats of toxins and chemicals in order to create the gutter oil there's an analogy here between converting these sewer garbage that slop into reprocess to bits available as the polls are and yes on the street with the slop in the financial system so they take credit they take collateral that's been abused and has been sold down and resold hundreds of times and they put it on the balance sheet of the bank of england and the bank of england exchanges fresh slop me in the form of guilt which is then the collateral upon which the housing bubble in london is based and if you were to examine the balance sheet of the bank of england you would find the process pork slop and gutter slop and oil and all kinds of dog bar bit on the. you know fill in whatever it is it.
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has been of jailed posi riot member in a digital economy says it's been almost two weeks since he's had any information about his wife's whereabouts earlier in the russian prison service says she'd been transferred to a new penal colony officials promised to inform the family about the woman's location within ten days after her arrival in september telecon ago but went on a hunger strike against attention conditions asking to be moved to a different facility she along with another post here i remember are serving a two year jail term for the band's controversial performance in moscow's christ the savior cathedral back in february of two thousand and twelve. turning now to some other world headlines two french radio journalists have been found dead in the northern mali town of key doll they were reportedly seized in broad daylight by four men forced into a truck and driven off into the desert dollars a hotbed of ethnic tensions between toerag separatists and locals duction happened
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shortly after reporters had interviewed a separatist spokesman and despite the presence of around four hundred french and un peacekeepers in the town. two security officers and two inmates have been wounded in a prison fire in northern saudi arabia the blaze broke out as inmates were rioting at the facility causes of the unrest and the fire under investigation authorities have reported that order has been restored and they have brought the flames under control. the french region of britain is seen violent clashes between protesters and security forces over proposed eco tax it was due to come into force in two thousand and fourteen and to be applied to transport vehicles delivering goods around the country but later indefinitely suspended public anger continues though with demonstrators calling for it to be an old similar protest last week saw two people seriously wounded. police have summoned
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shake ali solomon head of the main opposition faction in bahrain for questioning authorities provided no specific reason yet for the move and have been condemned by solomons party the nation has seen an arrest since two thousand and eleven with frequent protests calling for political reforms and establishment of a constitutional monarchy. back to france now the country seen a rabies alert after a kitten died of the disease which can be deadly to humans there is no known treatment to cure the infection once it's taken hold european health officials are working hard to prevent further outbreaks but in the u.k. the government's recently relaxed controls as archy's paul the boy reports. nowadays it's really a man and his dog can travel to the u.k. can you imagine the price of every friendly animal you meet imagine rabies in britain back when this public information video was made westminster's fear of rabies was so high that any animal coming into the country had to enjoy six months in quarantine first rabies is
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a killer we must keep rabies out but the rules were relaxed last year when britain was forced to join the european union's pet travel scheme. it's really like the razor system these drugs have come a lot from brazil them bob way vietnam in thailand they all need to be quarantined upon entry to the u.k. but pets coming in from europe and some other countries are exempt all they need is a pet possible and a microchip. since the same star says there has been seven hundred fifty one cases of rabies in animals or mania in three hundred ninety five in poland the latest case of the disease was in holland and there was no longer the requirement for a blood test on a six month wait which means that doe could be vaccination be within the u.k. within three weeks which bears no resemblance to the integration period easy's actually those who work with animals say that angry at the government's failure to challenge the e.u. directive and safeguard the u.k.
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and saudi. and everything europe that seems to say we seem to have to do we not protecting ourselves who seem to decide in the slot sights and sounds we've put ourselves at risk this pictures owners take her in and out of the u.k. on a regular basis this is what her e.u. pet possible looks like but campaign to say that less so easy to forge the number of dogs being smuggled into the u.k. illegally has increased by food hundred percent since the rules were relaxed. that dog can be brought into the country going to a hot makes in a park with other dogs if that dog was a carrier they mix styles policy known to other animals then you've got it out right traffic. it cools absolute devastation the department for environment through denver left fast says the risk of a dog with babies entering the u.k. is still extremely low but animal charities disagree several have already said that
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that's stocking up on rabies vaccines in order to protect the. us still to come find out what happens when a filmmaker takes on a giant food conglomerate that says after a short break stay with us. a spanish language teacher in texas has been fired for posing nude in playboy before she became a teacher parents and found out about this demand that she be fired because her past was inappropriate and that it was a distraction in the classroom well this was something she did in the past which was legal so this i mean if you pose for playboy you are forbidden to work in the normal world also as a former teenage boy i can tell you that any young attractive teacher will cause
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a distraction with the boys and wolf you can fire people for being distracting that when they have to fire every teacher with a handicap or abnormal appearance on the other hand though teachers are supposed to be people for children to respect and to look up to and when you're spares teachers wound of so of the good stuff for money to playboy it is a lot harder respect that sort of person and it sure isn't a good example for my daughter this is actually a very complex issue but i can say is that you should really try to fight the temptation to make quick money with some nude photos. it could come back to haunt you but that's just my opinion. one of the new washington d.c. banking face i think sometimes people came. in.
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with. the pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. it's not to say that your story isn't given the fans voice coverage from your perspective but it's something that they have got better relationships with the press the need to be stupid is appealing for them not to be using those to their advantage. i know i understand that i'm up against the machine employing scare tactics need to control p.r. spin and dirty tricks these lobbying and public relation firms provide a variety of services among the services that some of these firms provide is to
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actually plant opinion pieces for what we call op ed in american newspapers. they have people on staff who do nothing but sit around all day and write up an opinion piece then they'll go out to a think tank or to a university and recruit someone there with a big name to put their name on the piece and then they will plant the piece in an american newspaper when we got the opposition. and saw this david ginsburg declaration i was personally surprised he's in the l.a. copyright society an organization i was president of one time and i remember when we admitted him into the society and and that's a group of people who are primarily defense oriented you know representing filmmakers defending against these kind of claims so so why did don't bring in. david ginsburg provided a declaration in which he basically summarizes the film and sort of agrees with
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dole's characterizations of certain aspects of the film being false there is a paragraph in here that is sort of startling where he compares he or film to a world war two era propaganda film the classic example i will give here with relevance to the film dramatically and he's talking about your film goes back decades to the nazi era anti-semitic film. the eternal jew so what he's doing here is he's equating your film to a propaganda piece that was trying to essentially justify the massacre of jews to go out in a list somebody and say we'll give you a script of what to say and we'll pay to say it and we want to pay you in particular because you might be somebody known to be on the side of filmmakers so it'll be meaningful that you're turning against one of your own you know is is is really disappointing.


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