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tv   News Weekly  RT  November 3, 2013 12:45am-1:01am EDT

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no one dares to mention. in the best new artist. milli vanilli i use you can destroy the biggest scandal to place this month in nine hundred ninety million was stripped of a grammy for best new artist. their worldwide number one goal you know it's true wasn't true it wasn't real. voices in the studio or on stage the truth came out one concert when the pre recalled john and repeating the chorus again and again. i wanted to. stop good. eighty thousand people good. i couldn't repeat fifteen. companies as it was in whole row the news that the industry knew it all along and most entertainment weekly it was perfectly happy
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with the deception until the public found dealt is real hora was the industry secret had been leaked with anything a today report time magazine you know most probably not hearing the actual voice offering some post from the room voice of britney spears quote here it's released to microphone deal with the pre recorded backing track. loop. on the official album. this is what produces. time let's just say i've had order to see vocals on
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everything from britney spears to bollywood cast albums and to every singer now presumes you just run their voice through the box. as the industry calls all to a tune destroys the voice is natural vibration but puts it in tune with the music its inventor and the hildebrand from the same sound wave vibrations that's. correct the voice he's blunt the technology is being used yes we fixed that so. we invited. into a studio then auto tuned his voice to the music recording. oh and you. can make.
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dubious ripples even those seen those great singers like celine dion today rely on . it it's about music magazine electronics stores heroes and to push christie's great to see you how do you feel about no longer hearing voices and all the stuff i work with and listen to is trying to be sick i think for a single you love the edge right music os is just relying on old to tune in their voices internationally if i'm hearing a new artist and i hear no such it is about the imperfections even wrote groups which traditionally prized rule vocals top producer they know rely also to you
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know using is even become a badge of honor i listened more hostile to printing on their own also tune was used on this record this tool for music journalist good to speak to will to affect is also true in having when it gets so universal it takes away from the the soul of the music actually being to hear the imperfections in people's vocals you know like bob dylan who were praised because their voices weren't great you know i mean he didn't have that traditionally. you know beautiful melodic voice but that's kind of why people like bob dylan. the result this thing is today come sing live notes soul diva justin brown because auto tune means they no longer train their voice when a band members that beyoncé mind the national anthem at the presidential
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inauguration the mainstream reacted with shock although even the singer has said everyone's doing it chris first ones doing it work people shocked and surprised the secret that nobody did speak when the also faces stripped away and people see how the reality of how things are put together the general public are surprised and shocked it isn't the emperor's new clothes. the embrace new going to do just. it to get perfection. separately from the. emperor began to blush just listening all to voice holds as they fall off stage.
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or drop their microphone with no change in so. so obviously it's painful as hell c.b.s. reports with builders lips thinking. i once saw madonna drop her microphone without it affecting her vocal performance one of which then she and her band left the stage all together for an entire track without any change in sound or style elton john is considered one of the few big today who still sings lloyd. he was surprised at the q. awards based life x. prize madonna best can live i call i. since when is lip sinking been a law. sorry about that by thing and want to lip syncs in public on stage
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when you play like seventy five good to see them should be shot this was his a voice for before last year's super bowl performance the c.b.s. reports is painfully obvious miami let's show you lip sync. according to models publicist quote madonna does not lip sync but even the industry thinks is going to fall for the x. factor a show for judging people singing ability of miss contestants are actually all talk to you and when the news went public shamed executives said they would stop the practice legal disclaimers have even been planned on brittany comes to kids warning the show is mind of the fun's it's a recent performance found she wasn't singing fans deserted the pop diva last night just three songs into her first concert in perth and the reason fans say she's lip sinking instead of singing so taylor is one of the industry's most respected journalist chuck it's great to speak to britney seems to be a target because she's taken the game to go for paul's the only thing lloyd in her
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latest offering live in miami is the reaction of the audience during a warning label on britney lip sinking is kind of like saying by the way warning in winter it's cold we'd like to believe that those who become singers have a natural talent that's what it used to be elton john has a point i don't know that i'd pull out a gun on a singer for live sinking but i have to agree if you are paying for the experience of seeing not only a show with entertainment but someone who seems for a living you'd like to think that they're going to saying for real i do believe that when you're on stage you need to give it your best shot it's a demanding gig so my warning britney is don't take on such
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a demanding role if you really can't deliver it night after night and please the fans that are there paying a small fortune to not only see you live but flooded baby and stay in a hotel. and pay for meals and cabs it's expensive so you've got to do more than just dance around with a snake around your neck according to britney spears publicist britney does not lip sync. just get a view from inside the industry for more formerly of milli vanilli really good to speak to how common is also to among all to other tune is the standard in the music industry today whether you're a top singer or whether you. lol ranch low res singer dancer britney spears and do it first since hit me baby one more time and then when they grow up
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and then certainly more aware of the world of entertainment and you realize that since they've been going to the shows she's never saying live on somewhere people are getting tired of it another thing is that when people we call vocals nowadays they seem to first and then a chorus is because it just once a chorus is flown in english part of the wreckage in a daze you know people saying every chorus so that you don't have this flow of things anymore it's very sterile ok five just a few lines of a real voice ok. well people of this song any time so i'll do that one ok oh how mean it sounds good you how many ways can a show. be that can be good evil or who wants. all you've built a while oh really a i'm gonna tear it down take
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a. concerted nothing's gonna get in the way we the way. we. turn in a million for nearly cause the current trends. on their head he's part of a new wave of musicians that always sings live and uses the real voice on studio tracks. the coolness knows lawyers performances of the last big in an industry in crisis that has been crippled by free downloads of music from the internet but this told music critic issued a warning if they keep tricking the public singing life is a high wire act the possibility of something might go wrong not only gives the performance today but drives artists to go to greater heights singers talk about transcendent moments that occur in law and when the holy spirit comes down and they hit notes they didn't even know the how did the boss before you to start to believe
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that not even live his life anymore tangents could find itself plunging down the same black hole as the rest of the music business the emperor agreed. and he learned his lesson. time. what you're dealing with here is that he did a few years' time but there are children who will just be doing commerce on the internet but electronic media that that's the future if you don't have a safe environment to do that. we're going to face big problems.
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troublesome at least sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically. taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. on foot they enter our territorial waters they fish they load this fish on to the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. that's all i want to. pick up something that is quite simply a mess. the place was no way oh. clearly they
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were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the u.s. and turned over to the u.s. for about the soul that could be buried alive. was saved with great ever. going to they wanted to turn me into a terrorist so it was with them they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda and the taliban and that i fought with them. was not about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people all. brave enough to start a fight. something's going to be done that's going to be done by me and it's been our short amount of time to do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's not going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time or trapped. on r.g.p. . my
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mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story a pakistan. after outlining to the u.s. congress the full horror of cia drone strike. e.u. officials head to washington hoping to on earth the truth about america's spying program which millions of europeans have found themselves targeted by but it's worse for obama not to have known who's who's running the show the country's leadership seems to be unclear on what its national security agency is doing we report on a bit later here on. the syrian government dismantle its chemical production facilities for the disarmament process hangs in the balance some rebel groups continue to defy the deal. and water.


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