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tv   Documentary  RT  November 3, 2013 3:29pm-4:01pm EST

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becoming the first country to issue an exam bond outside of the muslim world the u.k. hopes to offer a two hundred million pound islam friendly bond known as a cook as early as next year it will conform to the law which bans interest and gambling now the prime minister is also planning to launch a new index boyko explains exactly why mr cameron is so we go to this part of the world the british muslims contribute at least thirty billion pounds to the economy here while u.k. banks offer more islamic services than in any other western country in fact islamic funding has propped up some of the capital's largest developments including the shot on the olympic village but critics say the welcoming approach doesn't go beyond investment british politicians have in the past rejected proposals to recognise shari'a lower in certain areas with large muslim populations while the recent debate in parliament centered on whether or not to penalize local shari'a
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courts which help british muslims result family issues and when a small group of locals try to impose sharia law in london's east end the response was that of horror but when it comes to the potential goldmine that is muslim money the city of london's lord mayor recently said that islamic finance should be as british suspicion chips and the f.a. cup final reporting from the city of london i'm party boy thank you we're going to stay in london for now and join from capital find out what the finance wells makes of these islamic bombs is it a good idea or will it bring more investment into the city more. sensible longer produce very it's remember a pipeline for some time or a book or given the fact that we have. turmoil in the euro for russian look at the u.k. we could see the portrait tomorrow are you ok policymakers or. back. into the front
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i think it's very encouraging for we do see more investment into the u.k. given the fact that u.k. is not contemplating its membership in two thousand and seventeen it's going to have to look for other avenues in order to induce investment and why not attract a one point two trillion dollar market i what about potential problems that could there be any if their introduction. of finance is a is a whole new beast when it comes to your traditional forms of western banking and there is a slight concern that it may take over the financing system could kind of lies that given the fact that there is an issue with interest when it comes to some finance interest is strictly prohibited there are all certain activities people say oh we don't want these islamic bonds we don't want foreign take this if it comes to things like football club so far it's whatever it might be what would your response
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to that city that. well i think that. is not placed correctly i think a lot of people need to do the diligence on a slow refinance what it actually means it's not something may sound a little scary given the fact that it's quite new and and i've heard of in the western world but really it's going to induce far more investment in the u.k. and we really seen that with the likes of the shot building and in london bridge we also had that with like you said harrods and also at the same time the olympic athletes village and during the two thousand and twelve olympics it's going to create more jobs in the u.k. which is very key when it comes to monetary policy and economic health for the u.k. going forward we know that the bank of england have a target in place for unemployment more jobs there's a better for the u.k. economy i k that d.t. that from have to thank you after your take on the math thank you back on the financial world giving us an inside. this week the very first big coin a.t.m.
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let live in a cafe in vancouver canada so now people can actually exchange the digital currency of the cash while enjoying a cup of coffee so just to recap them but going in an anonymous online web wallet this is tim is totally separate from any bank or government users can buy products and services online or in a handful of stores if they want to and can exchange it into other cars as well so you say the u.s. dollar for example is all we know entering a new virtual currency we're now joined by adults would have wilson here from the scope of all business school to help me understand this so does this mean that the big coin is finally becoming more mainstream with a coin it's far from becoming mainstream factors the most merchants in the west will not accept there are even familiar with it that said the currency was first issued. as recently as two thousand and nine so it's only four years old but in the
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four year period i think it's been very successful because the market value of the big coin against all of the currencies the u.s. dollar the euro the japanese yen has risen enormously so the market during the market the ultimate judge of value over the past four years is said i like it going if we talk about the market has had a role the valar full of and so has now and that's to do with accusations of money laundering drug smuggling it could be doing better than that quietly about sad to say with really i said if there's not much liquidity potentially be a lot of volatility in prices right now there are only eleven million coins in circulation sort of speak so as the big coin becomes more widely used by merchants you'll see the price for oil to really begin to drop over time and can we delve into you how you get hold of of that coin because as under. this a.t.m.
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in fact you still have to already have an account don't you have to clean accounts so how do you get them in the first place i know it's very complex it's a big complex if you want to big coin you need to purchase a digital wallet online and then you go to a coin network and for mary you actually would purchase the coins coins with with foreign currency. so you don't have to be tech savvy that. you don't but i think to understand the concept of the point i'm not an economist it took me a while to really comprehend what a big coin was and i think that most users have to be pretty pretty yeah i couldn't picture my parents using and i thought so i'm thinking of my mom let's take forward and think about the. current says because you got the big one at the moment. for the big client but what about other currencies do you think that this is the future . you know i think in my opinion that there's
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a great financial crisis we've had the past five years has brought about you that calling the fact is you look at the u.s. dollar the world's great reserve currency the us that now is one hundred percent of g.d.p. two weeks ago we came within twelve hours of defaulting on our debt we knew all the problems of the eurozone as having the other major the major reserve currency of course is the japanese yen their debt is over two hundred percent of g.d.p. so the market is saying at some point these governments will. print money to pay for their debts which will cause a depreciation of these currencies and the markets worried about that and so i think as a consequence what you'll see is a lot more of these digital coins coming into the market over the next few years thank you that. on the skolkovo business giving us his take on that the big line it seems everyone's got an opinion on the coin whether it be good old bad and. i spoke
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to. a hayes from the first national innovation broca's and he ok's the illegal practices undertaken using to dish no prizes as well. the number one currency for money laundering is the united states dollar but nobody is blaming the dollar and nobody is thinking about banishing so it's a matter of what people choose to do and where there is a powerful tool such as digital money such as big coin or standpoint. they can be abused just like in the us so that's not an argument it's a double standard against it to currencies by times of corporate news now than in the wild amazing brand consultancy into the ground the fed the dance film trade mart as well strongest brands with an estimated value of thirty nine feet in davos the gas giant accounting for all mice hall of the combine that he hopes he planted
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in a study. on buses and state news kinetic energy corporation also tom has won a contract to build a no fly the finest the power plant in georgia and the ten million dollars we have to project a lot of the wild fun things that is all stuff at japan's fukushima in twenty eight and. stay with us in business center now we're going to do it all mr schoen thomas he plays the russian stock market with company cash my favorite part of the show so a good talk a must guy what have you been up to how trading indeed well the trip was great to the trading that not so much things this week whether it's a technological glitch or something it's just not going the way it should go lewis yeah that's what we were in overall they've been going gangbusters however this week they're down four and a half percent which means i took a thrashing i was taken to the cleaners and i lost four hundred fifty four dollars which brings my grand total down to nine thousand dollars four hundred. seventy six
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oh that's just not good about it after a soul not really is not good at so i know still smiling though i love that you've also maybe a smile of a glow you know you know it's one of those things you've got you've got to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing actually i have an idea since i'm not doing too well on my own and this is a sort of a game that we're playing why don't we do the whole phone a friend or the ask the audience thing i know that we post the show on you tube and also on to our to dot com if anyone out there who's watching has any ideas on russian stocks send them to us in the comments i'll be happy to take a look maybe that can help me get on track for next week but i'm looking you know i know that we're talking about gazprom earlier in the show and how it's kind of this big russian brand i think i'm going to go in and try and get on that brand recognition and do gazprom but for this week to see if i can recoup some of my lost ok that sounds good to me so and you know you say you're an amateur and all of that but you know about three months in now as we look at some results we're ready to and i think that you've been partying and jet setting a lot so
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a little bit more you're right it involves a lot right than say that it's wait take care. the world bank has or held its annual doing business or polls i'm not sure how to devolve to twenty places but there's no need for a party just yet because ninety seconds place is still a long way to die but at least it's in the top one hundred ahead of time as well which came in at ninety six but they also was also named one of the top three countries in terms of having improved its business climate and the last jack. told the top spot for the best place to run a business for the eight in a row. all right that isn't capital intensive for this we see next week thanks for joining the department.
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good luck. to build a new. mission to teach creation why it should. this is why you should. only call. what you're dealing with. the. media that's the future if you have a safe environment. we face big problems. shifting sands and alliances advances and reversals outside military intervention in stalemate these are among some of the descriptions that apply to the middle east
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since the start of the arab spring what are we experiencing in the region the. instability and violence with no end in sight and do you think your argument about turkey. examples of muslim democracy that was able to separate the. qana me still can be applied to these day that's a fair point what i spoke about in the book was how he had done so being accompanied by. so achieved so much economic success and i think that was great but the problem there is of course i do want. to do what has changed he now has become much more. and more bad annoyed.
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the music industry when this threatening its last major source of revenue coming up . milli vanilli front man says lip sinking to jail is rife the technology that transforms terrible singers and the industry secret no one dares to mention. in the best new artist. milli vanilli i use you can destroy its biggest scandal to place this month in nine hundred ninety million nearly was stripped of a grammy for best new artist. their worldwide number one goal you know it's true wasn't true it wasn't real.
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voices in the studio or on stage the truth came out one concert when the pre recalled john and repeating the chorus again and again. i wanted to. stop good mood good even though it's good eighty thousand people good . i couldn't repeat it fifteen times company says it was in whole row the news that the industry knew it all along no it's entertainment weekly it was perfectly happy with the deception until the public found dealt is real hora was the industry secret had been leaked with anything it today reports time magazine you know most probably not hearing the actual voice offering to pose for photos through voice of britney spears quote here it's released a microphone deal with the pre recorded backing track.
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luke. the voice sounds different on the official album. this is what leading record producer told time let's just say i've had auto tuned say vocals on everything from britney spears to bollywood cast albums and to every singer now you just run their voice through the box. as the industry cools all to a tune destroys the voice is natural vibration but puts it in tune with the music it's invent. soundwave vibrations that's used.
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could correct the voice. of the technologies being used yes or sixpences. we invited amateur thing goes into a studio then also true in his voice to the music recording. oh and you. can make. dubious ripples even those seen those great singers like celine dion today rely on
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also to get it's about music magazine electronic sound this crystals heroes on the name push chris is great to see you how do you feel about no longer hearing voices a lot of the stuff i work with and listen to is sick i think facing really a lot of the trite music os is just relying on old to tune in their voices internationally if i'm hearing the nuances and i hear no such it is about the imperfections even wrote groups which traditionally prized rule vocals top producer tom bose will says they know rely also to you know using is even become a badge of honor i listened more hostile to printing on their own also tune was used on this record this tool to music journalist are very good to speak to will to affect is also true in having when it gets so universal it takes away from the the soul of the music actually being to hear the imperfections in people's vocals you
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know singers like bob dylan who were praised because their voices weren't great you know i mean he didn't have that traditionally. you know beautiful melodic voice but that's kind of why people like bob dylan. the result this thing is today come sing live notes soul diva justin brown because auto tune means they no longer train their voice when i. say mine the national anthem of the presidential inauguration the mainstream reacted with shock although even the singer has said everyone's doing it chris first ones doing it work people shocked and surprised the secret that nobody did speak when the also faces stripped away and people see how the reality of how things are put together the general public are surprised and shocked it isn't the emperor's new clothes. be embraced
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new going to do just. perfect. the emperor began to blush just listening all to voice holds as they fall off stage . or drop their microphone with no change in so. so obviously it's painful as hell c.b.s. reports with all those lip sinking. i once saw madonna drop her microphone without it affecting her vocal performance one of which then she and her band left the
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stage all together for an entire track without any change in sound or style elton john is considered one of the few big today who still sings lloyd. he was surprised at the q. awards based life x. prize madonna best can live i call. i. since when is lip sync aim been alive. sorry about that by fate and want to lip syncs in public on stage when you play like seventy five good to see them should be shot this was his a voice for before last year's super bowl performance the c.b.s. reports is painfully obvious my me i show you lip sync. according to models publicist quote madonna does not lip sync but even the industry thinks is going too far the x. factor a show her judging people singing ability of miss contestants are actually also
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tuned when the news went public shamed executives said they would stop the practice legal disclaimers have even been planned on brittany comes to kids warning the show is mind off the funds it's a recent performance found she wasn't singing fans deserted the pop diva last night just three songs into her first concert in perth and the reason fans say she's a lip sinking instead of singing so taylor is one of the industry's most respected journalist it's great to speak to britney seems to be a target because she's taken this to the end game to go for pulls the only thing lloyd in her latest offering live in miami is the reaction of the audience during a warning label on britney lip sinking is kind of like saying by the way warning in winter it's cold we'd like to believe that those who become singers have a natural talent that's what it used to be elton john has a point i don't know that i'd pull out a gun on
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a singer for lip sinking but i have to agree if you are paying for the experience of seeing not only a show with entertainment but someone who scenes for a living you'd like to think that they're going to saying for real i do believe that when you're on stage you need to give your best it's a demanding gig so my warning britney is don't take on such a demanding role if you really can't deliver it night after night and please the fans that are there paying a small fortune and i don't we see you live but flooded vegas and stay in a hotel. and pay for meals and cabs it's expensive so you've got to do more than just dance around with a snake around your neck according to britney spears publicist britney does not lip
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sync. let's get a view from inside the industry for more formerly of milli vanilli really good to speak to how common it is also to among all to other children is the standard in the music industry today whether you're a top singer or whether you. lol ranch low res singer dancer britney spears and do it first since hit me baby one more time and then when they grow up and then certainly more aware of the world of entertainment and you realize that since they've been going to the shows she's never the same life do you understand what people are getting tired of it another thing is that when people we call vocals nowadays they seem diverse and then a chorus is because it just once a chorus is flown in english part of the wreckage in a daze you know people saying every chorus so that you don't have this flow of
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things anymore is a sterile case i've just a few lines of a real voice ok. well people of this song any time so i'll do that one ok oh how mean it sounds you how many ways can show. be that can be good evil or who wants. all you've built a while oh really a i'm gonna tear it down take a. concerted nothing's gonna get in the way we are way. of turning the milli vanilli concept and current trends. on their head he's part of a new wave of musicians that always sings live and uses the real voice on studio tracks. to comb his nose loys performances
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of the last big in an industry in crisis that has been crippled by free downloads of music from the internet but this top music critic issued a stoke warning if they keep tricking the public singing life is a high wire act the possibility something might go wrong not only gives the performance and h. but drives artists to go to greater heights singers talk about transcendent moments that occur life when the holy spirit comes down and they hit notes they didn't even know they had in the books before you to start to believe that not even live his life anymore gig attendance could find itself plunging down the same black hole as the rest of the music business the emperor agreed. and he learned his lesson. time.
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to let the torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred town two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea an outer space. a limp a torch relay. on r t r two dot com. press and media freedom worth nothing. when it comes to the interests of multinationals we have a media that is corrupted by power mostly by corporate power who have corporate
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ownership from the talk of corporate advertising coming in from the side we have the media this is where advertising and money and corporate influence is really the mother's milk a documentary filmmaker is being sued. for the truth has been told a private investigator. emailed reading it happens people buy and sell those kind of services all over the world when you've got hundreds of million dollar industry that needs to protect its reputation a few million being spent on a campaign to do just that is probably good good money well spent. so what will be the verdict. big boys going bananas. on the proximity sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing. in the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth
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so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. on top of that they enter our territorial waters they fish they load this fish into the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. wealthy british style. time. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser
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report on. the deepest lake in the world. usually then no more than fifteen thousand years old this one dates back twenty five. spirits and buddhist gods live here. the pure clear water in the lake is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe. i try to see by cal in its entirety. it's not that i have discovered something new here rather that i absorb everything that this place offers. the spirit of.
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when the drone hate i was outside with my grandmother that everything became dark i was scared pakistani girl who survived a u.s. drone attack travels to washington to tell congress how her home was destroyed and her grandmother was killed. also this week angered by n.s.a. spying an e.u. delegation fails to get explanations from u.s. officials while germany turns to edward snowden to get answers about the tapping of chancellor merkel's phone. who she knew brazil and germany and firearms in india and of course. is going to repeat itself continuously we hear from n.s.a. leaks reporter glenn greenwald who says u.s. intelligence will continue to harvest data despite outrage.


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